The Weinstein Scandal Sheds Light On How Degenerate Hollywood Really Is

He has that sort of face, doesn’t he?

I find it hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would trust the man. Perhaps, they all knew and just kept silent. That is what we have all been conditioned to do. Keep silent. Worship the shekels that are tossed at our feet. Grovel and stay with the herd. Live with our eyes wide shut.

Still, he’s not as creepy-looking as this guy.

maybe you’ve heard of him?

I think the most surprising thing about the Weinstein scandal is how tame it is. “Casting couch” gossip and rumors are known even by most normies, probably because they follow celebrity news religiously. And on the Alt-Right, we all know that Hollywood should have echo marks around it. But the fact of the matter is that the stuff Weinstein is accused of seems almost too tame, like a controlled demolition, not a spontaneous scandal that broke out.

It is being handled with kid gloves.

Instead of expressing shock or even dismay, Hollywood insiders acknowledged that Weinstein’s behavior was an “open secret,” the fodder of gossip for decades.

Weinstein’s alleged behavior may have been enabled by Hollywood’s sometimes toxic workplace culture, which often tolerates — and in some cases, glorifies — an array of inappropriate, exploitative conduct. For lowly assistants hungry to get a foot in the door, long hours, demeaning job duties and the occasional cellphone-hurling boss are considered part of the job.

Still, l will give credit where credit is due. The LA Times makes a good point about double standards:

When the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape leaked one year ago, capturing then-candidate, now-President Trump bragging in coarse terms in 2005 about being allowed to grab women because he was a celebrity, Hollywood had a meltdown.

Cher called Trump a “scumbag carny barker” on Twitter. Comedian Patton Oswalt labeled him a “sexist creep.” Actress Emmy Rossum wrote: “misogynistic entitled pig.”

This week, amid revelations that Oscar-winning movie and television producer Harvey Weinstein had a long history of sexually harassing women, Hollywood’s response was largely muted. Film studios on Friday all declined to comment.

“Yup. Hollywood shines light on Catholic Church, sex trafficking — let’s shine it on ourselves a second and what we’ve condoned,” actress-writer-producer Lena Dunham wrote on Twitter, one of the few celebrities who took a public stand.

Yes, well you know what Weinstein did must have been bad if the moral voice of our generation, Lena Dunham, decided to speak out. Lena is also Jewish and has bragged about molesting her sister to turn her gay, so the condemnation does ring a bit hollow.

More than likely, Weinstein pissed off someone and now he is being fed to the wolves. Everyone in Hollywood has dirty laundry. It’s easy now to scapegoat just one degenerate jew in the hopes of the goyim not noticing the massive hive of degenerate jews at the heart of hollywood.

Oh, apologies by the way. Is my rhetoric over the top and anti-semitic? Does it go too far?

Well if anything, it doesn’t go far enough. Check out what fellow co-ethnic, Michael Savage had to say on the topic years ago:

There are almost certainly far worse scandals beneath the surface of Hollywood. It’s well-known enough around the water cooler that films and TV shows occasionally will depict what goes on in those California mansions:

Why should they even hide it at this point? No one will lift a finger to stop them anyway and they know it.

Meanwhile, Trump was surprisingly chipper about Weinstein’s fall from grace.

It does make sense that he would feel smug about it considering that Weinstein had teamed up with Michael Moore to make a film condemning him:

Moore has reportedly been working on the film in secret for months and hopes it will help puncture Trump’s seemingly impenetrable armor. “No matter what you throw at him, it hasn’t worked,” Moore said. “No matter what is revealed, he remains standing. Facts, reality, brains cannot defeat him. Even when he commits a self-inflicted wound, he gets up the next morning and keeps going and tweeting. That all ends with this movie.”

For Fahrenheit 11/9, Moore has reunited with Fahrenheit 9/11 producers, Bob and Harvey Weinstein. The pair are reportedly set to begin shopping the film to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival, which begins tomorrow, May 17th. Moore and the Weinsteins scored a massive hit with Fahrenheit 9/11, which won the Palme D’or at Cannes and went on to become the highest-grossing documentary of all time.

I would actually watch that film. Trump was swimming among these sharks for his entire adult life. I am sure that Moore’s muck-racking would bring up a lot of collatoral damage. 

Weinstein was friends with all the big names.

The question now is whether anyone will bother connecting the dots, or whether this one-off scandal will fade from the public consciousness.

Will silly suburban moms stop sending their kids to be exploited by Hollywood semites for some chump change and 15 minutes of attention?

Or will this all fade to credits again?

I have hopes that there are signs of the changing times all around us now. The circus seems to be falling apart and the fabric holding the great con together is tearing at the seams. The NFL controversy, the concert attack and now the Weinstein scandal are all chipping away at the massive circus act that keeps this empire of lies together and chugging along.

Hollywood needs to be broken and destroyed. The cabal has to be cast down, smashed to pieces and never allowed to rise to such heights again. Future generations will thank us for it.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • what kind of article is this? if a Jew is a bad person it is a rare thing, while the white male is an evil thing and is in need of a bullet in its head, kill a white non-Jewish male and the earth is a better place for everyone

  • Not to down play this serial predator, but at least he ain’t bangin children. That said, being that this is standard operating procedure in Hollyweird (yes the proverbial ‘casting couch’ is real, and its not just in the porn industry), is he some sort of sacrificial lamb with the purpose to distract from the rampant pedophilia in the industry? And either way, will he spill the beans on others?

  • we have been on their tails for ever. They keep feeding us distractions… We are a simple bunch. Cant blame these rats for exploiting us sometimes.When we all decide to stop taking their loans and realize how this tribe doesnt have a heart beat in unison with us others, maybe then we ll stop this descent of mankind. …Why arent we allowed to criticize these serpents? You know why….. Because we would have them hiding in caves where most of them belong…This tribe is rife with heretics and monsters.. The time is NOW ! to rescue this planet from the despicable people that run our entertainment, health care and our finances….. hollywood needs to be jihaded…. If only us Christians had the resolve like other faiths. Were such an easy target for these pharisees….. over and out…peace

  • “Hollywood needs to be broken and destroyed. The cabal has to be cast down, smashed to pieces and never allowed to rise to such heights again. Future generations will thank us for it.”
    and the ground salted after Hollywood is burned to the ground.

  • Quick list of who runs Hollywood guys:

    Current Major U.S. Movie Studios:

    1. Walt Disney: Bob Iger – CEO (Jew)
    2. Sony Pictures: No CEO, Thomas Rothman – Chairman (Jew)
    3. Universal Studios (Comcast): Brian L. Roberts – CEO (Jew)
    4. 20th Century Fox: Stacey Snider – CEO (Jew)
    5. Paramount Pictures: Jim Gianopulos – CEO (Hellene)
    6. Warner Brothers: Kevin Tsujihara – CEO (Jap)

    Current Mini-Major U.S. Movie Studios:

    1. Lions Gate Films: Jon Feltheimer – CEO (Jew)
    2. STX films: Robert Simons – CEO (Jew)
    3. Open Road Films: Tom Ortenberg – CEO (assumed Jew)
    4. The Weinstein’s Company: No CEO, Bob & Harvey Weinstein – Private Owners (Jews)
    5. Amblin Partners: Michael Wright – CEO (Unknown)
    6. CBS Films: Leslie Moonves – CEO (Jew)
    7. MGM: Gary Barber – CEO (Jew)

    (((Hollywood))) promotes every form of degeneracy, such as such recreational drug use, binge drinking, homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, promiscuity and marriage adultery, which has led to the eroding away of Christian culture and ethics in our White Christian society and is ruining our Western society.

  • I agree that Hollywood needs to be destroyed utterly, but as was also mentioned in the article, this will fade away within a few days. Weinstein was taken out by other jews within Hollywood, nobody else could be powerful enough to do this.

    At the risk of somebody saying I am “black pilling”, Hollywood is still so immensely powerful that is will take many decades for it to truly face oblivion, the latent influence it maintains on global culture is so vast that even if it suffered bad revenues for many years it will still be around for many more agonizing decades. There is not much the altright can do to influence this, the best we can do is to build our own as we watch this decaying empire rot from the inside.

    • I really think it is important to deprive them of revenue by refusing to buy their products. Like, if you have a kid don’t let them buy any of that junk or branded merch.

      • Agree with that, but they push into big markets like China and are still finding big chunks of people to brainwash.

        I also partially agree with those that say that if you simply cannot do without your dose of Hollywood movies then pirate it, it deprives them of a bit of money which is better than nothing. But be please be aware that it is absolutely 100% propaganda, so unlike a drug seller not getting money from his junkie, Hollywood still benefits from those that pirate their stuff because it allows them to spread their cultural message (which ultimately is what gives it the most power, not it’s profit margins).

        • Yeah, it’s weird. Most Chinese stuff is really corny and kinda sweet. The media keeps on anticipating a degenerative breakdown of the Chinese but it doesn’t really seem like the Chinese have the same edge as the Jew-Black combo here does.

  • What I’m especially amused by is the picture of Hillary Clinton with her hands all over Weinstein, whoring herself like the common prostitute that she is.

    Give me money Weinstein ! Give me money ! I’ll whore myself for you and in the process. I’ll pass all kinds of laws when I’m President, which will enable you to make even more money and have more leeway… Isn’t that great !?

  • “Hook Nose” – check!!, “Unshaved Face” – check! , “Arrogant, Smug Know All Look on His Face” – check! …

    All the characteristics are there for the Kings of Hollywood ! What bothers me about Hollywood is the fact that there always either in one of two venues in their moviemaking; either their going on about the Holocaust, or slavery and bashing all white people and saying how evil they are, OR, there into some kind of weird sick degeneracy which in some form or another undermines the morals and character of the country. They always seem to take a look at the seedy side of life and present that as if it is the norm.

  • An older American family friend has informed us of an old TV series that is very good – a father and son western -“The Riflemen ” very, very good.

  • I can tell you how degenerate Hollywood is. I got a first-hand account when I was married to the manager for Barry White in the 1980s. Let’s just say the place is filled with orgies and cocaine. If they weren’t with someone else’s wife, they were at Cedars Sinai dying from liver and kidney failure. I couldn’t sit in a restaurant alone or walk down the streets because men thought I was a hooker and wouldn’t leave me alone. I was wearing a lot more clothes than girls do now. Barry was a hub cap thief and my husband had served time for pimping and pandering. Say it all, doesn’t it? I couldn’t take it.

      • What would you like to know? My ex grew up in foster care in Hollywood. Dropped out of school in the 6th grade. Somehow became a pimp. I found out when my grandfather an ex-cop, did a background check on him. His first wife was a stripper and after their divorce, married Al Pacino’s father. If I were a guy, a stripper and swinger would not be on my list of women to marry. When William Shatner’s wife was found dead in the bottom of his pool, I thought, that’s just like Hollywood. Successful good-looking men marry women that are nuts.. Barry’s arranger was married to someone like that. He’d ask me to take his kids to school because she wouldn’t do it. She’d scream into the phone if you called his house for unknown reasons. They lived in Beverly Hills.
        My spouse would set up these four-ways even though I said no way. I came home one day and an old man and a young girl were sitting on our bed. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I stayed there until they left. He was always groping me, slobbering all over me, making everyone sick. He wrote the song, “You’re the First, The Last, My Everything,” with Barry and received 36 million dollars for his cut of the royalties. He never paid any taxes. He didn’t even have a Social Security card. He was a sex addict who got cheating with a Swedish woman who dated Marvin Gaye. Marvin was into that swinger lifestyle as well.
        My car broke down in BH. A Rolls Royce full of Arabs followed me to Hollywood, trying to get me in the car. And then a Japanese in a Honda followed me all the way home. Men would not believe that a girl could live in Hollywood without being a hooker because it was so expensive.
        Barry hated me. He thought I was a gold digger even though I worked and bought my own food and clothes. The old man didn’t give me a dime. His friends would call and make passes at me. I got an agent and had Barry’s arranger interested in paying my rent while he worked with me. He’d done the same thing for Barry but Dorothy Stratton was shot in the face a few blocks away and I thought, “That’s going to happen to me if I don’t get out of here.” Gene Page and Marvin Gaye were heavily into alcohol and cocaine and I knew they were in trouble. Gene wanted to set me up with Michael Jackson but I couldn’t stand another day of Hollywood as great as it was in some respects. I left and went to college.

          • I heard about this terrible white supremacist named Richard Spencer and I listened to him on youtube. Sticking up for your own race is NOT white supremacy. I was born in 1958 when California was at least 90 percent white. My grandfather’s house in Santa Ana was robbed twice by Central Americans that took over the town. His elderly neighbor was raped by a Mexican in the house she lived in for 40 years. My daughter was tormented by gang members in school. They said she was a “disgrace to her race” and “acting white.” They hit her and the school principle said it never happened. I got her sent to another school in a white neighborhood and found that Mexicans were being bussed in but there was no bus for her. I had to drive her every morning.
            Mexicans have nudged me in stores, had Spanish speakers in line behind me taken out of turn and waited on at Chase “the racist” bank. I have many stories about being relegated to the back of the bus because I’m whit4e. Screw these elitists. My dad didn’t fly 48 missions in Korea so Mexicans could get on food stamps.
            Oh, and I worked my way through college by working at the welfare department where anchor babies are eligible for full benefits. If that doesn’t lead you to the Alt-Right, nothing will.

  • from europe I say jewish Hollywood needs to be made irrelevant or better yet totally destroyed. Normies are raised by it, get their morals from it, their aesthetics, sense of humour, everything. The normie follows “Stars” religiously, like imbeciles they worship these “actors”. This has to fade.

    I pride myself of having seen my last hollywood made movie more than a decade ago. The last one I saw (except one at a visit to a friend, afterwards which I gave him a red pill dose and he never answered the phone since then…) was one with Ben Stiller. It was abysmal, horrific. I decided to never watch this crass garbage again.
    Someone in a chat forum of our side said it incisively and I quote:
    “When I see a hollywood movie, it feels like a jew shitting in your soul for two hours”

    The idolizing worship for actors makes me sick. It’s like people relish in being lied to by “actors”. “Acting” is seen as some profound or highest art of our society. It’s ridiculous. Acting is essentially lying. What worshipping “acting” does, it works to erode people’s sense of reading real facial expressions. It blurs the line between lies and truth in a face. The worship of acting looks like the worship of those who can lie best and most convincingly. But that’s just a side point.

    The slimy, gluey and filthy, tasteless nature of hollywoodian imagery and content is jamming up the soul of our people. They pump their jewish mud everywhere in the western world and ruin us with their filth.

    I did quit hollywood back then and am very glad about it. It is the worlds most dangerous propaganda force ever, it is a religious cult for many (mostly young) normies (later they simply belong to hollywoodian aesthetic/morality) and infecting our people with jewish filth and slime. The foul stench of hollywood filth is unparalleled in world history.

    • Did you know Jew Hollywood dramas bomb in international markets?

      This is why European and Chinese dramas are still popular in their markets, while Hollywood has increasingly focused on stupid, infantile comic book films for the international audience.

        • Yeah, bomb is box office lingo for a movie that fails to make its budget back.

          American made, Jew influenced dramas do terribly in countries like China. So Hollywood focuses all its efforts now on horrible action films.

          • I did not know this. I had a phase when I watched old classics in my early to mid twenties and the contrast is like night and day to hollywood.

            I don’t know about the budget successes and failures but sure hope they are sinking. Yet, their filth is everywhere.

          • I was watching old european classics. But old hollywood classics to some extent have an acceptable feel from what I’ve seen.

          • Even the Communist films like the East German DEFA films are less subversive than Hollywood films made after the early 60s.

          • Yes and the subversiveness of hollywood lies in how unnatural and toxic the interaction of the characters is. It’s like cancer is in in every scene, in every voice, facial expression. It is living hell.

          • The Soviets made great films tbh. ‘Come and See’ is probably my favourite film about WWII.

          • Come and See is maybe the best WWII movie. Which makes sense, because no one suffered in WWII like the Russians did.

          • The level of Jewish malice and propaganda in those comic book films is astounding.

            We won’t even watch movies for free these days.

    • Like the clip from “Bruno” shows (which is not too far from the truth.) Parents will prostitute themselves if they think that they can get a part for their child in the movies no matter how degrading it may be for the child or themselves.

      The extent that people will go to to get shekels thrown at them is pretty bad these days; money seems to be everything and people are sick over money. How can I get rich? How can I get rich? That’s new mantra in all spheres of our lives these days; it’s literally become a sickness, both in the government and in business and in individuals, private lives. I think that the love of money is going to be the downfall of the entire human race; it’s coming

    • Your comment, and the comment you shared, are both atrocious. Acting isn’t “lying”, you hopeless #deplorable. It’s art, specifically, fiction and re-enactment of real-life events. All kinds of people act, direct, produce, and write. And NOBODY believes that *all* films and plays are “filth”. Not even you. I’m willing to bet you’d both be happy to plop your fat butts in a theatre that played “The Rothschilds” or “I accuse”. That “clog” in your soul is antisemetism, not fine art.

      • You misread me. What I am getting at is the overestimation and over the top worship of acting and specifically the worship and idolizing of “actors” as “stars”. It is sick and empty.
        Acting requires exactly the same skill as lying and uses the same skill of pretense.

        A brilliant actor is a brilliant chameleon, a pretender, a brilliant jew in a sense. Technically. To present roles with facial expression as if it were real, requires the same skill as lying, that is a simple observation. But that comparison was made to highlight the sickness of the worship. I know actors do not lie as it’s film and not real life. But the worship of them fits into a culture wherein acting has become a way of life, the jewmarican way of life. Pretense reigns supreme.
        And it fits well into a society where authenticity is fading by the day because the thought police penalises and the prevalent hollywood filth culture is seeding sick cultural forms.

        And no I have not seen a hollywood film since longer than a decade, except the one I mentioned. I have seen some snippets though, trailers. Disgusting.
        You want me to recognise that some hollywood films are not filth? Well they all feel like it to me. There is an underlying sick feeling of illness to every hollywood film I ever saw. Even if they promote let’s say love, they do it in a slimy, sticky, fundamentally disgusting way. And as we now know thanks to Corey Feldman and other actors etc, that hollywood is a centre of pedophiles and sick jews, I know how my senses told me right. The foul stench of ill intentions permeates hollywood films. They’re indecent on a sublime level, the impression of sham, false pretense and disconnect with higher ideals is what makes them unwatchable.

          • What’s your point? You like hollywood films and go at parties to chat about it, since it’s the all pervasive and standard “culture” the jews implanted into your and your peers soul?

          • You need to chill out a bit, you’re so angry. Also I don’t believe you don’t watch some movies/TV shows

          • Anger is important, if you are not angry at your enemies, you may stop caring. Watch old films or older european films and contrast it to hollywood. Maybe you might get it then. And no, I don’t watch them since more than a decade, if you believe it or not. I watched Duke compilations, trailers and read articles about it though.

      • “re-enactment of real-life events”

        You mean how they keep on depicting black people as not only equal to whites but superior to them?

    • Money wise, the music industry is a shadow of its former self. In the 1970s is was a major cultural and financial force, now it’s a fraction of what it was in both senses.

      The movie business is already in the beginning of the decline. Oversupply, competition with other entertainment like video games – they complain about piracy but that’s a small problem comparatively.

      The sexual exploitation in Hollywood has been an open secret for generations. Few will name names because everyone involved wants to be a star. What is acting/entertainment anyway? Is anyone really surprised when a model in NYC dates rich men for money? Why is anyone surprised that an actor – someone who makes their money being attractive and entertaining – is also a part time prostitute? It’s practically part of the job description.

      All seven major Hollywood studios are run by a Jewish male homosexual and they set the expectations for those further down the food chain. Back in the 90s there was a mini-scandal when the convicted pedophile, movie director Victor Salva, got out of jail and Disney hired him to make a new film, “Powder,” which was practically a pedophile rights propaganda piece. Even Jeff Goldblum had to distance himself saying he “didn’t realize” the character he was playing.

      The only way to beat such a system is to provide an alternative.

  • Weinstein literally looks like the guy on the cover of the “Der Untermensch” pamphlet. He has the same asymmetrical facial features. Thousands of years of inbreeding is a bitch.

  • Good God! This hit piece is written and read by “men” who call women “sluts”, “landwhales”, “stupid”, “gold diggers”, and “unworthy” of the right to vote, go to school, work, etc. . You CAN’T lumber onto a moral perch, and criticize Mr. Weinstein. That ascent cannot withstand the nasty load of your hypocrisy!!!

    Weinstein is a PIG, but so are all of you!!!

    • “sluts”, “landwhales”, “stupid”, “gold diggers”, and “unworthy”

      Stop describing yourself!

      • We don’t know if Weinstein is a rapist. Maybe he is, and if so, you STILL have no right to criticize him. ANY amount of misogyny is intolerable. A man does NOT qualify as “safe” or “progressive”, merely because their misogyny is less felonious than that of Mr. Weinstein. You have a duty to treat EVERYONE well, no matter what anyone else is doing.

        • Your feels are not that precious. Calling you a mean name is less immoral than stepping on a cockroach. Grow up and quit being a baby, you troll.

          • Joe, no woman deserves to be emotionally eviscerated by a man. It’s wrong for anyone to emotionally eviscerate anyone else. And, I doubt that many of you have limited yourselves to ONLY legal forms of misogyny. That’s probably one reason why many of you are divorced, and ALL of you are hiding behind screen names.

          • In countries like Mexico…….

            If a Woman disrespects a Man she gets Hit……..

            And that’s the same in a Plethora of Countries who are now Invading our Borders…..

          • Every Jewish person does not treat Palestinians like animals. You can’t blame Jews/Israeli citizens for the actions of their leaders. Lord knows Americans need the world to remember that, since we’ll be trapped in a Cheetocracy for the foreseeable future.

          • “You can’t blame Israeli citizens for the actions of their leaders.”

            Yet this hasn’t stopped you people from calling Every White Advocate a “Nazi” for the past 70 years…

          • Jews don’t call “Every White Advocate” a Nazi, just as long as they aren’t sporting swastikas or spewing Nazi propaganda. Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he was raised by and around Nazis.

          • I really am. Weinstein’s dangerous and disgraceful misogyny was a horrible shock and disappointment. As of now, I’ll never watch his work again.

          • I think random normies are typing “alt right” into Google and finding this site and making a couple of posts.. it’s good I guess but it does lead to some hilarious juxtaposition of values especially in such an insular movement

          • True. But, then that’s what you wanted. The name of this website is very Google-friendly, much more so than its alt-predecessors. Spencer is desperate enough for attention, that he’ll let “random normies” write their anti-alt comments here. For professional trolls, I guess there’s no such thing as unwanted attention.

          • I think it’s more cause of the new right’s fondness for free speech… it is a counter culture movement after all

            Anyway, why should Spencer bury his site on page 7 of the search results? Do you expect the Left to do that?

          • Our legal system doesn’t work that way. One thing that makes it great is its refusal to immediately assume the worst about people. You hate it when Gentiles are treated unfairly, but you love it when Jews are! What a double-standard!

          • You got that right baby. I believe in collective punishment for collective peoples/religions/races whether that be jews, blacks, gypsies or whatever. They all are in on it. If a gypsy steals from you, his community protects him. Just an example. 100% pure ethnic/racial homelands will solve that problem in a heartbeat.

          • Well we have had that since 1861 so that wouldn’t be anything new. Once we have complete and total separation that will not be an issue. I’m sure even a feeble minded woman like you can understand that.

      • Women get abused by men of all faiths and ethnicities. I ended my comment by calling Weinstein a pig, so I’m sure I’ve made it clear that his “work” no longer interests me. If he were a Gentile, I would judge him no less harshly.

          • No I wouldn’t!!! It’s infuriating that Weinstein’s VICTIMS have already been forgotten in the “gotcha” media’s feeding frenzy over his boorish and felonious actions. We need to start talking about how he hurt them, what his actions cost them, and what we can do to stop him from reoffending. Women’s time, careers, and safety were all jeopardized and destroyed by Weinstein, and that issue deserves our first and full focus.

          • They were jeopardized by not having a healthy Anti-Semitic sense of the world.

  • Why do feminists turn a blind eye to Liberal Men sexually harassing or exploiting women?

    Because, on some level, feminist women who use their minds hate and resent bimbos who get by on their looks. So, even though feminists talk of sisterhood, feminism is really the alliance of brains, dogmatism, and envy against hot bimbos who seem to have it so easy with men just by shaking their tits &
    So, as long as men like Clinton and Weinstein serve the ideological agenda of feminism, feminists don’t care if those men abuse bimbos, the objects of envy and resentment among brainy but generally unappealing feminists.

  • We have to talk about Hollywood as the new (((church))), the globo-catholic temple. It’s amusing that Hollywood makes movies about pedophile Catholic priests as if the Church still has much power and influence. Hollywood people surely giggle in private because their perversions go far beyond what happens with some Catholic pervert priests. Some may argue that abuse of power is more egregious among the clergy because they stand for spirituality and salvation. In contrast, Hollywood is Tinsel Town and Sin City, not a spiritual center.
    But such outlook misses the point of what Hollywood has become. It has become the new church, the new center of globo-catholicism of Holocaust Worship, Magic Negro, and Homomania, the holy trinity of globalism. Hollywood is NOT content to be a purveyor of entertainment. It pretends to be the Moral Conscience and neo-spiritual iconographer of the World. So, if Hollywood says Homomania is holy, all the world must wave the homo flag and concur. If Hollywood promotes Magic Negro movies all over, then the whole world must share in ‘white guilt’ and love the Magic Negro. Also, the Holocaust Movie is now bigger than the Christmas Movie or Biblical themed movies. Holocaust Movie is a quasi-spiritual genre. Indeed, if Christmas movies are still made, it’s to mock it as something totally materialistic and crass. And Biblical epics about Jesus are hardly made anymore. The only truly somber movies made by Hollywood are about the Shoah. So, given Hollywood’s moral and even neo-spiritual pretensions as a global cultural power, its people have to judged with the same moral standards that we judge he Catholic Church. Catholic priests acting sanctimonious but abusing boys or buggering teens is NOT okay. As Hollywood is the new church, it is totally hypocritical for its denizens to bitch about oppression, corruption, collusion, abuse, exploitation, and etc while wallowing shamelessly in such abuses themselves. (And if the Holocaust excuses Polanski, would it be okay if some survivor of Nanking Massacre sexually abused young Jewish girls?)

    There was a time when the Catholic Church did indeed hire and control artists, writers, and propagandists. It also controlled much of welfare and charity. It became the Hollywood of its day, something more than a spiritual institution. It offered festivals and entertainment in the form of music and celebration and pageantry. And for most people leading dull lives in a world without magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, and movies, the ritual of gathering every sunday was a big deal not only as spiritual exercise but entertainment with music and singing and story-telling.

    That is no longer. The state took over welfare and charity with impersonal bureaucrats. And Hollywood and entertainment took over pageantry, rituals, festivals. Hollywood isn’t content to be just an entertainment industry though. It command respect as a purveyor of ‘progressive’ values and inspiration for humanity. So, even as it churns out trash all year, it also makes some movies that are oscar-worthy so that Hollywood can pretend it’s about ‘art’ and respectability. At any rate, Hollywood has to be seen as the New Catholic Church ,and that means its abuses must be treated like perverted acts by priests.

  • Jews use hick girls like whores but fool them into thinking they’re ‘liberated’. Slutopia.

    Ashley Judd is a prime example of the weakness of conservative country-music culture. She grew up ‘innocent’ and ‘protected’ with ‘family values’ and stuff about faith in Jesus. Not bad for moral values, but they are soft and earnest. They lack the edge and gristle. So, while such a girl can do well in her own community, once she leaves for the bigger world with splashy signs and colorful cynical characters,she is like fish out of water and easily manipulated and abused. So, savvy Jews can use her like a whore but flatter her that she’s so awesome for being liberated, sophisticated, urbane, and daring. And these low-IQ white girls who are so eager for attention fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Not for nothing did Marilyn Monroe end up the way she did. Ironically, Judd played a young Monroe in a TV movie. Used and abused. Ruby in Paradise became just another whore in Slutopia.

  • Some have speculated about Jewish women being angry with Jewish men but channeling their rage toward Goyim. Since there’s pressure for Jews to stick together, even they are angry at fellow Jews, they prefer to scapegoat others for their hurt sense of pride. We see the same thing with blacks. They are so angry with one another but it’s always Blame Whitey. The Nasty Coates blames whites for being pushed about by the brothas.

    Maybe same thing happens with goy women(aka shikses) in Hollywood. They are used and abused by men like Weinstein. BUT they wanna work in the industry, and that means having to take the cuts and bruises from powerful Jewish men. And it never did much good for them to complain about bad Jewish individuals. After all, Jewish power sticks together like in circle-the-wagons(or peddler-carts)manner. Look at Hollywood’s defense of Roman Polanski and Arnon Milchan, who admitted to having stolen nuclear secrets.

    So these goy girls like Jennifer Lawrence and Ashley Judd have to serve as whores to Jewish moguls and producers… BUT they cannot criticize the bigshots in the industry, esp if they’re Jewish. But their frustrations desperately seek out an outlet to blame someone somewhere.. and it’s the safe and officially approved target of Big Bad White Guy, the PC punching bag.
    But even as these women attack Donald Trump or some icon of Evil White Patriarchy, their personal memories of shame and abuse must involve guys like Weinstein who, btw, surely prefer that the shikse bimbos with hurt feelings take their rage on OTHER men.

    Weiner, Wenner, Weinstein. Who’s next?

    I guess, even as Jews do circle the wagons, things get TOO OUT OF HAND and some of the wilder members of the Tribe must be nixed. It’s like Bernie Madoff couldn’t be protected anymore.

      • Lower than that. Reality. Commercials.

        The same dynamic goes on from top to bottom, and the shekels are hoovered up in almost perfect verticality. It’s actual a pretty impressive model, when you step back for a minute. But then you want to throw up.

        • Where do you think child actors like Feldman and Haim got their start? In commercials. How did they move up to starring in films? Why did Corey Haim turn out so fucked up?

          • No question. Just saying the same dynamic goes on ten thousand times a day out there. Vast majority for gigs behind the camera.

          • When this blows up it will make the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal look like a nothing burger.

          • Which it is. Has anyone ever wondered, if MSM, or fake news as known lately, is so obsessed with catholic pedophiles, are there any at all or is it another smearing campaign against institution that opposes cultural marxism?

          • Just like “white supremacy”? Come on, less MSM propaganda, try to use your own brain for a while.
            From a logical standpoint, celibate priests are lot less prone to blackmail trough everyday economical warfare, no other to care for than God and your own soul. A priest with a family is the easiest thing to break as 1917 showed to the whole world. And celibacy is not unique to the Catholic Church. Buddhist monks follow also celibacy but as they do not interfere with jewish plans, no one accuses them in anything.
            Christianity fundamentally opposes jewish supremacy and Catholic Church is biggest christian denomination, therefore Catholic Church is under constant attack, from outside and inside.

          • It would be interesting to see a statistical study comparing sex crime conviction rates for Catholic Priests, Protestant pastors, Jew Rabbis, and Muslim Imams.

          • but it has no impact if we dont act…. these demons write the laws. We know this is all a sham.. when will we act out? This wont blow up until we all stop playing..
            This is moralities last stand before the tables get turned on us. If these golems skate free… we dont need anymore theater from these people to be convinced of their nature…

  • It is the same thing as the Sportsball, the only way you really get someone’s attention is by fucking with the shekels.

      • Our opposition in CVille is out of central casting. It’s great.

        An obsequious Jew lawyer in Mike Signer who uses Talmudic legalisms to fukk us over, enabling Antifa street violence and anarchy. His half retarded pet Negro Wes Bellamy who spreads anti white garbage on social media while accumulating fake degrees like a “Doctorate in Education” as quickly as blacks collect gold teef grills. A literal Tranny Faggot in Emily Gorcenski who reveals our location and activities while He/She/It??? sits in safety hundreds of miles away.

    • The guys need to plan better chants tbh. “Russia is our friend, the south will rise again” was nonsensical and cringey to listen to.

        • That was funny. I liked “Fuck off Commies, This is our town now!” at Cville 2. I don’t have a problem with Russia is our friend or The South will rise again seperately. But the two things don’t have any connection when put together.

          • Except Russia threatening to intervene in the American Civil war if the agents of the Bank of England (France and England) did, kept all of from being subjugated by Europe (directly).

          • So your saying Russia was on the side of the Confederacy? You got a citation? I’ve never heard about that before.

  • These are surely the small fry. And note that many even after convicted are right back in Hollyweird making kids shows like Nickelodeon programs.

    • Also who were the investors they were sharing their teenage boy victims with? We need to know. Will be interesting to see if it comes out that Weinstein was also raping boys.

    • Hollywood is rapidly losing its status as a cash cow. If anyone were to actually enforce accounting regulations and tax laws, the movie business would be even less of a financial force.

      They used to own the Democratic party, especially in California, based on sheer cash alone. As they weaken, expect more and more people to smell blood in the water. Also, due to the internet, “open secrets” have a way of becoming “open non-secrets” very quickly.

  • Trump looking good with the grey hair, maybe lost some weight as well. I am really liking how he is shaping into a proper president aesthetically, it is easy to get blackpilled on him, but we should remember it is still his first year.

    • And he has quietly accomplished some good things already. He got rid of the TPP trade agreement and various Obama initiatives, illegal immigration is way down, and he opened more people’s eyes to the NFL. We’re not yet where we ought to be, but things have gotten better.

      • Hopefully Anthony Kennedy retires soon and we get a real right wing SCOTUS, ensuring a right wing court for another generation.

    • There are multiple solutions to Making America Great Again and the easiest one would be to have you deported to a desert island where you can’t hurt anyone with your massive, disgusting ignorance.

    • it is better to kill the whites, that guy who shot those people in Vegas is a good person because it was mainly whites, the more white non-Jews who are killed the better the earth is for everyone

    • if a Jew is a bad person it is a rare thing, while a white non Jewish male is an evil thing and is in need of a bullet in its head

  • The Times are a Changin’…….

    Without a Doubt…….

    (((Hollywood))) is slowly losing Power as an Anti-White Social Engineering Force…….

    And the Alt-Right is RISING……..

    This Trend will only continue into the Future……..

    No matter all the Ad Hominems that our Enemies throw at us……

    No matter all the Doxxing Threats…….

    No matter the Physical Attacks……..

    No matter all the Anti-Constitutional Attacks on our Freedom of Speech………

    And even now………the Insane Wes Bellamic Threats of Imprisonment……..

    The Alt-Right will continue RISING………

    Because after Integrating all the Data………..

    The Truth, the Morality, the Justified Purpose………..

    Is our Friend and Ally……

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