The NFL Does Not Actually Believe In Free Speech

Submitted by Emmanuel Sprager


The NFL bungled the anthem protests six ways from Sunday. This is in part because the NFL doesn’t respect free speech and never has. It could have taken a strong stand for free speech long ago, thereby substantially insulating itself from the maelstrom currently enveloping it, but it didn’t of course. Like most major corporations in the Western World, it took a cowardly position on free speech, bending before leftist special interest organizations and racist activist groups which are regularly offended by the color of fictional characters on food packages. Like most corporations, it claimed to be protecting its brand and its bottom-line in its enthusiasm for censorship, but that’s really never true. Corporate censorship in America has a decidedly leftist bent to it. It’s not about pleasing customers or patrons or making money, it is about enforcing left-wing orthodoxy. Corporate America has been dominated by Cultural Marxists since the 1960’s, about the time America perished. Indeed, wholesale acceptance of the ideology of Cultural Marxism is essentially a requirement for entry into the US corporate oligarchy, and the American legal regime helps to ensure this is the case.

This is abundantly clear given that even when players or employees do extremely destructive things to hurt the bottom-line of the businesses they represent, those businesses will often fall over themselves to protect the jobs of those players and employees when the business and its management agree with the message. Remember when Jemele Hill of ESPN said all that false, nasty stuff about President Trump, but the board over at ESPN saved her job anyway? Now, were they really thinking about ESPN’s financial interests and health?

I doubt it.

Indeed, Colin Kaepernick has cost the NFL billions, but he was never fined, he was never fired, he suffered zero repercussions for his actions as far as I know. Steve Clevenger, on the other hand, cost the MLB nothing, and his off-color comments (he referred to rioters as “animals”, he never even used the term “n***er” by the way) were so trivial and little known that they would not likely have led to any measurable market effects anyway. Yet he was promptly fired, well before any market effects could even be assessed. Whereas the only time Kaepernick was ever punished by the NFL was when he actually let slip the N-word during a game, and he was only hit with a fine! How’s that for irony? Kaepernick isn’t employed because his politics were simply considered a liability and a distraction by owners, which when coupled with his mediocre on-field play and gradual regression as a professional quarterback, rendered him an unsound investment. So, the NFL made its own bed and practically begged to be boycotted.

So, the NFL made its own bed and practically begged to be boycotted.

This is a league after all where anti-Whites like Kaepernick get freedom of speech, whereas “racist” fans get banned from their own stadiums. Now does that sound like the National Felons League possesses a robust respect for freedom of expression? And how many rules does the NFL have regarding speech? How many players have been fined for putting stickers on helmets to honor fallen soldiers or for wearing armbands to honor fallen cops? But when Kaepernick wants to dishonor the Flag and fellate the Castro regime suddenly the NFL is all about free speech? Something is terribly amiss here, don’t you think?

Something is terribly amiss here, don’t you think?

Now the NFL boycott is certainly in part about genuine offense taken by many proud, patriotic Americans who have had enough of entitled black crybabies bemoaning their oppression in one of the richest nations on Earth. Especially given the extreme poverty and suffering these players would likely experience daily had their shackled progenitors been left at the dock. Many Americans take seriously the notion that the Flag should be honored and rightly consider the notion that America is a “white supremacist country” a sick joke. After all, many Americans of every color have lost limbs or loved ones fighting for what that flag represents. But the NFL boycott is as much about respect for cops and soldiers and the Flag as it is about the egregious double standards of the Cultural Marxist overclass.

The values, interests, and sensibilities of Middle Americans, white Middle Americans in particular, don’t seem to matter at all to those in power in America (and in the West more generally). Even when particular forms of political expression are deeply offensive and appalling to them, even when such expression is inappropriate and their offense is perfectly justifiable.

But god forbid you offend some protected pet minority!

Their feelings are all that matters to our overlords! Perturbing the fragile egos of perennially underachieving Africans is an outright assault on universal human dignity and “American values”. It’s difficult for me to even write that sentence without chuckling. Should you offend some supposedly “oppressed minority group” you will be cast into the lake of fire or sent to the killing fields in modern America.

Well not yet mind you.

But America is more than well on its way to full-blown Cult Marxist, totalitarian dystopia. Nevertheless, there is some cause for cautious optimism. Americans are finally fighting back against the soft totalitarianism of the political left with their wallets and through their choices in the marketplace, and that development is way past due. Ordinary Americans are awakening at last to the fact that those who lord over them have no regard for them or their ways or their values and arguably want them eradicated completely, like racist weeds.

Now I could fill a fucking textbook with the names of white men who’ve been terminated, blacklisted, and financially and professionally decimated by the US power structure or the US business community because they used language deemed offensive to some subset of Americans, and not even regularly and deliberately mind you, just carelessly, and once, maybe twice. Yet I don’t remember the NFL standing up for free speech then! I don’t remember the political left or BLM out in the streets protesting censorship then! Back when it was Buchanan’s head on the chopping block, or Sam Francis’s or Jimmy the Greek’s, or Clevenger’s. And that is just the tiniest sample of white people who’ve lost their jobs over words in recent decades!

And these are just some of the prominent white people who’ve lost their jobs over words. I’m not even talking about the corporate left’s reign of terror being waged on a daily basis against ordinary Americans with no power, standing or financial shelter in the inherently totalitarian war against “hate speech” (truth that imbeciles and ideologues don’t approve of). And ask James Damore or Andrew Torba about the new internet front the totalitarian left has opened up in this protracted war against Americans.

These leftist parasites don’t care about free speech any more than the leftists in Berkeley did in the 1960’s.

Like all good proto-Bolsheviks they want free speech for themselves so that they can rise to power or maintain power once they’ve acquired it, but if you should challenge them on the absolute bullshit they believe, and ideas fail them, don’t be surprised when the hammer and sickle suddenly transform into weapons to bash your head in.

But Antifa wouldn’t know anything about that.

And the NFL wouldn’t care, because to the NFL communism is kosher, and racism, or anything that looks like it, is not, and certainly isn’t worth defending, even if that anything is the American Flag.

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  • “Many Americans take seriously the notion that the Flag should be honored
    and rightly consider the notion that America is a “white supremacist
    country” a sick joke.”

    thus the problem.

    America is a White Supremacist country.

    To be American is to be White.

    “Multi-cultural America” is just a bump in the road, and care should be taken that it doesn’t become fetal.

  • Question.

    The race problem in America. Was it slavery or race?

    Imagine the following thought-experiment.

    300 yrs ago, suppose the colonists brought over 300,000 white or Asian slaves and 300,000 free black Africans.

    Suppose, at some time, the white or Asian slaves were freed whereas blacks were never under slavery.

    Today, which group would be causing the most problems? White or Asian descendants of slaves or black descendants of free blacks?

    I think blacks would still be causing the most problem.

    Genocide is worse than slavery, and it’s been said pre-American Indians got ‘genocided’. But they cause far less problems than blacks(and despite their great poverty).

    Blacks were bound to cause more problems because of biological factors. They are more muscular, more aggressive, and less reflective.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Footballs for cucks. Consider watching a white mans sport instead…

  • Noticing diversity behaving badly … rape (whites when they can get ’em), robbing, drugs, flash mobs sans Christmas carols, etc. is racism. Noticing animal cruelty and flag disrespect is the dam breaking! Look out!

  • The NFL has the Twitter problem.
    Gab says if it isn’t illegal, you can say it. So they can say they don’t police users.
    The NFL constantly engages in censorship, then when something which is really offensive to their fans they claim free speech. One sticker honoring Police is too much, but Kapernicks cops-as-pigs socks get a pass.
    Middle America will tolerate actual free speech. But once it is policed, they will demand it be policed right.

  • I know everyone knows this, but it bears repeating, don’t all of you know and understand that everything that’s going on these days is to promote the destruction of our culture and way of life, both here and in Europe ? Everything that’s done is done to bash white ideas and values and twist everything into a racial type of monstrosity. This is the plan by which leftist and the Jews (especially the Jews) are going to bring down our society, both here and in Europe. We’re slated for extinction and doesn’t anyone understand that ?

    That’s in the plan all along to go ahead and so beat us down that our will to resist the encroachment of nonwhite races and the Jews is virtually unstoppable. That’s why we need to overthrow the Jew and his minion so that we can have a government that response to our needs, not the Jew.

    • My buddy Donny Donowitz might have a couple words for you. The first word being Louisville.

  • ‘Free speech’ is an illusion, as is ‘freedom of religion’. It’s an affront to reality and common sense. Error and lies cannot possibly be put on the same footing as truth itself just because:
    >muh I don’t believe in what you say but I’ll fight for your right to say it.
    Masonic conservativism feeds this individualist solipsism, eventually cucks get eaten up by a beast willing to crush its opposition into the ground no matter what, despite its diabolic nature it ends up unopposed. Society must be cohesive in its mission and direction, either you are objectively contributing or you are not! People who’s minds are mush can’t stand that they would be objectively and publicly assessed according to firm doctrine so they rub their hands and shrug their shoulder: “Well let’s just agree to disagree.” This is a rejection of knowable truth.

    You’re right in saying corporate America isn’t about profits, they have all the money they can print and more, money isn’t even a question here what we’re dealing here is diabolical sect. They have demonstrated with the grip they hold on society that they can manufacture demand. All these corporation are required to cut a share of their profits into this ‘big idea’ like Bush said a new secular order.

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