Kimmel Cries Crocodile Tears To Win Pity Points And Demand Gun Control

Jimmy Kimmel decided to remind us that he was the moral voice of America and not just the media class, by crying on air 3 days ago about the Las Vegas shooting and begging Congress to take away the big bad guns. 

Jimmy Kimmel teared up during an emotional monologue on Monday in which he called for stricter gun laws in the wake of the shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, that left at least 59 dead and over 500 wounded.

During a 10-minute monologue segment usually reserved for topical jokes about the day’s news, Kimmel — a Las Vegas native — repeatedly choked up describing the families torn apart by the deadliest shooting in modern history.

“It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to throw up or give up,” Kimmel said.

“It’s too much to even process all these devastated families who will have to live with this pain forever because one person with a violent and insane voice in his head managed to stockpile a collection of high-powered rifles, and used them to shoot people.”

But the host spent the majority of the segment on the topic of gun control, noting a number of recent federal gun-control bills that have failed.

But a guerrilla artist immediately took him to task soon after the show aired. A right-wing artist called Sabo put up ads calling Kimmel a soy-boy bugman crybaby. 

Sabo confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the work did indeed target Kimmel’s emotional plea for gun control. “Two facts are clear,” Sabo said. “The first is that gun control laws accomplish nothing. Criminals don’t abide by them. The second is that the left’s aim in abolishing the Second Amendment is to have even more control over the people of this country.”

Yea ok, Sabo. But as usual, too basic bitch tier to get at what gun control is really about.

I would wager that any gun control effort would involve lots of White men forced to give up their rifles and not a lot of black men forced to give up their cheap handguns. This, in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, where Whites that were perceived to be “conservative” were deliberately targeted at a country music concert.

Should BadWhites allow themselves to be disarmed now?

Rush Limbaugh had the best mainstream take on the situation:

“None of this is fact-based, none of this is logic-based reasoning,” Mr. Limbaugh said. “In fact, no reasoning at all matters. It will not hold up against the emotional onslaught. Late-night comedians are now practically crying. You know, once Jimmy Kimmel got some fame and notoriety for his expertise in health care, all the other late-night comics are trying to get in on the act. And now last night all became experts on gun control and murder and crying. And it’s just part of the onslaught that we are facing now.”

Yes, all the late night hosts are in lockstep on this one. It’s almost as if there is no variety of opinion allowed by the corporate media.

These are the faces that inform the opinions of people firmly in the 105-120 IQ range in America and the english-speaking world. These people are clever enough to understand that most basic bitch conservative talking points are bullshit, but not clever enough to realize that the edgy contrarian positions they take up to stick it to the rednecks are also bullshit and far more damaging to their people and their race than Cletus’ love for AR-15s.

Their days of moral preening and posturing are over. They don’t care about the constant terror attacks by Muslims, the constant predation by Blacks and browns, or the Genocide of White peoples. They laugh at us as they cry. They tell us to go fuck ourselves as they claim the moral highground.

The media class is scum and should never be taken seriously.

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  • You do not even shed a single tear for the 59 vegas victims because the person who killed them is AltRight supporter

  • I remember when Kimmel got his start with his stupid act on Fox NFL. He was the fat goofball poking fun at
    Terry, Jimmy and the gang. I always wondered why they even needed him? I guess they felt they needed a comedy bit with a nerdy millennial. Not sure why that would be a draw. All the late night shows are hosted by beta cuck nerds , with no real men. A truly pathetic state of affairs.

    • Heh! Ok. Keep telling yourself that. Btw, what was your grandmother’s excuse for crying over the gruesome deaths of 58 innocent people?

  • Reading posts on Social Media calling out for gun control is the opposite of life affirming. How come none of these ultra virtuous celebs are calling out for sensible SSRI psychotropic drug prescription control? How come no one is calling Big Pharma a terrorist organization? Food for thought: How many people died in this attack and other gun violence in the US? How many lives have been destroyed by doctors playing fast and loose with psychotropic drug and pain medication prescriptions? Seems like the opioid epidemic is hands down a bigger killer/life destroyer.

    • We can go one step deeper:
      how many people die yearly due to automobile disasters in USA? Hundreds? Surely thousands you’d say?
      Tens of thousands! 30,000+ !
      Yet if you ask the plutocrats they’ll reply with disdain: IT’S THE PRICE OF TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS, MUH OVERPOPULATION, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST blablabla.

      Why not just dumb the whole motorcar insanity and save the casualties equivalent to a continual civil war in USA? Because ‘progress’, that’s why.
      Then how can these progressivists claim superiority in compassion when it’s a matter of guns, an older, more standalone and more necessary invention that the motorcar?
      They can’t. They’re hiding an ulterior motive, the removal of an obstacle to the new secular world system.

    • yeah. The 90s were great. Jimmy Kimmel watching hot chicks jump on trampolines, and Norm MacDonald mocking the Negro murderer OJ. There’s a reason Jimmy who barked at boobies has a job while the right wing and far funnier Norm is unemployed on network or cable TV.

      Also, right wing comic Tim Allen just lost his job so here are Norm and Tim (I loved Home Improvement growing up). Great Right Wings hat on Norm.

    • Trudeau doesn’t want them in the pozzed shithole known as Canada?

      Canschluß needs to happen now. Appoint Bret the Hitman Hart or Wayne Gretzky as Protector of Canada and Nunavut.

    • The celebs who advocate for gun control are NOT scum. They’re focused on saving lives. What are you focused on? Oh, that’s right – yourself!


    Knife in UK.

    There was a time when Brits had demographic, cultural, and moral power over the non-whites.

    Brits had the freedom to move to non-white colonies whereas non-whites had no such claim on UK itself. Brits felt culturally superior and felt morally justified in spreading British ways to the non-whites.

    But then came the end of British Imperialism. Brits no longer had demographic power over non-whites. Brits lost the ‘right’ to move to Africa, Asia, and Middle East and take over. If anything, non-whites were gaining the license then ‘right’ to move to white nations.
    Even so, Brits still felt a sense of cultural superiority and felt moral pride in having spread Western values and having defeated Nazi Germany. Brits still felt they could impose their moral and cultural views on non-whites.

    But with change of narrative, the Brits lost the moral advantage. The victors over the Nazis came to be labeled as the Other Nazis. So, Brits are in atonement mode.

    And British culture lost out to American culture that is appealing to the masses like sodapop and to black-Afro culture with all that beat and rhythm. British culture is nothing with form and decorum, but all such came to be seen as outdated and repressive.

    So, we have the current UK.

    The demographic power is with non-whites who now have a ‘right’ to invade and colonize UK in the name of ‘diversity’. Since ‘diversity’ is so good, it’s always wrong to say NO to it.

    So, white Brits must accept more and more non-whites.

    That said…

    if, at the very least, white Brits held moral and cultural power over the non-whites, the latter might at least show some respect and try to become properly British. But PC gives all the advantage to the non-whites who can accuse whites of ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege’.

    Also, in this age of Pop Culture, no one cares about Milton, Shakespeare, Hardy, and etc. That stuff is ‘uncool’. Americanism is cool. Black stuff is cool, so much so that British history must be reinvented with blacks to make it seem ‘cool’ on BBC and movies. Even masses of white Brits have getting drunk, soccer, dumb TV shows, and rap music as their mainstay of culture.

    So, all these non-whites arrive with have demographic, cultural, and moral power & advantage over the white natives. And the native elites, as cuckaroo collaborators of the globalists, push this narrative and agenda.

    Horrible formula.

    How fitting that BBC came to know as negro dong.

  • A Plot by the Jews to effectively disarm the United States ?

    FILE – In this May 12, 2016 file photo Beatrice Fihn, left, Executive Director of the International campaign to abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), and Actor and UN Messenger of Peace ( ( (Michael Douglas) ) ) , right, attend a meeting about the Nuclear Disarmament, at the European headquarters of the United Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland. (Martial Trezzini/Keystone via AP)

    FILE – in this Sept. 13, 2017 file photo activists of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) protest against the conflict between North Korea and the USA with masks of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, right, and the US president Donald Trump, left, in front of the US embassy in Berlin, Germany. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins the Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee honored the Geneva-based group “for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons and for its ground-breaking efforts to achieve a treaty-based prohibition of such weapons.” (Britta Pedersen/dpa via AP)

    FILE – in this Sept. 13, 2017 file photo activists of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) protest against the conflict between North Korea and the USA with masks of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, right, and the US president Donald Trump, left, in front of the US embassy in Berlin, Germany. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins the Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee honored the Geneva-based group “for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons and for its ground-breaking efforts to achieve a treaty-based prohibition of such weapons.” (Britta Pedersen/dpa via AP)

    FILE – In this Sept. 13, 2017 file photo activists of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) protest against the conflict between North Korea and the USA with masks of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, left, and the US president Donald Trump, right, in front of the US embassy in Berlin, Germany. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins the Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee honored the Geneva-based group “for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons and for its ground-breaking efforts to achieve a treaty-based prohibition of such weapons.” (Britta Pedersen/dpa via AP)

    Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of Norwegian Nobel Committee, announces that 2017 Nobel Peace Prize goes to ICAN, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons in Oslo Friday Oct. 6, 2017. The Nobel committee secretary, Olav Njoelstad stands at right.. ( Heiko Junge/NTB scanpix via AP)

    OSLO, Norway (AP) — The Latest on the Nobel Peace Prize (all times local):

    9:35 p.m.

    The United States has issued a statement saying that “no state possessing nuclear weapons or which depends upon such weapons for its security supports” a U.N. treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons.

    The statement came after the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded Friday to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

    In its statement, the U.S. said “today’s announcement does not change the U.S. position on the treaty: the United States does not support and will not sign the treaty.”

    The U.S. said it is “seeing a deterioration in the overall security environment and growing nuclear capabilities of certain states. This treaty will not make the world more peaceful, will not result in the elimination of a single nuclear weapon, and will not enhance any state’s security.”

    It said the treaty “risks undermining existing efforts to address global proliferation and security challenges.” It promised to work with other nations to improve international security, counter nuclear proliferation and reduce nuclear dangers.

  • Late night comedy shows, nightly network news, and cable news channels will die out with the Boomers.

    Just like how shows such as Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, and Murder She Wrote died out with the Greatests and Silents.

      • I actually prefer Boomers to Xers, at least professionally. Millenials and Gen Zyklon aren’t in charge of much yet (although my fellow borderline Xer/Millenial Robby Mook managed to help drive Hillary’s campaign right into an iceberg).

  • There’s just so many indications these days, that the (((The Others))) one so hard to emasculate the United States and a few other countries that they are willing to do anything to achieve their in goals. As the fellow who wrote below stated, this is not a conspiracy, but it must be looked at as being a reasonable and logical possibility just based upon how many institutions are controlled by them (the Jews, of course).

    All my life I heard that at Adolph Hitler was supposed to be a madman who unleashed a world war and cleansed Europe of the Jews. But after seeing all the machinations and the fact that so many Jews occupy positions of money and power. How can anyone think that Hitler was not on to something ?

    You’ve really got to ask yourself what are the Jews doing. If they’re not attempting to dominate ?

  • When will everybody understand the truth behind recent current events. The (((leftist))) faction of this world have an ultimate objective, and that is complete global control. This is not a conspiracy, but a fact to be discovered by anyone willing to do some objective research.

    Any person who is a part of, or benefits from their influence, is to do his or her part in advancing (((their))) agenda. The MSM, entertainment industry, and ZOG care not for intelligent debate, logical reasoning, or intellectual honesty because they are incapable of doing so. They are participants in the foregoing plot, and they have been compromised by their (((masters))) for complete control in every aspect of their lives. They are given a script that they must follow, and any deviation from the predetermined narrative will not be tolerated. (((Weinstein))) is a current example of how (((they))) will eat their own when angered.

  • He gives not one tear for the 800 pre-born children massacred by Planned Parenthood on a daily basis. The American taxpayers are forced to subsidize it. Where’s the condemnation and outcry ? Wheres the dignity? We all have blood on our hands.

  • Shit-libs like Kimmel are irrelevant and have zero credibility. No one cares about his loser Hillary ass kissing, his wussie tears or ignorant opinions.

    • Such a fantasy , to bad we won’t ever have it. We just have to accept diversity , crime , welfare fraud , and BLM terrorism

  • And yet, cuckservatives never stand their ground. The conversation about what happened in Vegas should be centered around the explicit targeting of Whites who have a certain outlook on the world, not the method in which they were slaughtered.

    • exactly. its just as easy to claim if more people had guns it wouldn’t have happened or been as bad. plus people are doing just as much damage with half ass truck attacks that aren’t even compounded with explosives or flames

  • Cletus was Alexander’s best general wasn’t he? Or at least his most brave general. For that he got killed by Alexander when he recommended Alexander stop invading India.

  • I didn’t see any late night comedians, or any other liberals, crying when Brian Terry was shot and killed. Instead, the libs covered up Obama’s giving guns to the Mexican cartel. So the Mexican cartel can have guns, at the taxpayers’ expense. but not Americans? That is truly what liberals have sought. I am beginning to see how this works. Iran and North Korea can have nukes, but America has to get rid if it’s nukes. The Mexican cartel can have guns, but Americans have to get rid of their guns. Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Yemen, Mexico, Ecuador, and Iran can have border security, but America has to get rid of its border security. China can burn coal for cheap energy, but Americans have to pay for expensive wind and solar power. The list goes on and on. Liberals hate America and will do anything they can to destroy it.

    • That’s a really basic bitch talking point. Obviously operat’n Fast and furious was a law enforcement sting and not an actual program to give guns to the cartels. If they wanted to give guns to a cartel they’d do it the old fashioned way and have some CIA front fly them in without a paper trail, as we learned from Narcos. Deplorables lol

      • Uh, no. Bush stopped the guns at the border. Holder and Obama let the guns go through. That is not a talking point. That is a fact. Fact. Brian Terry is dead. Fact. The killer was a Mexican and used a fast and furious gun. Fact. Libs don’t care. Fact. Libs carried water for Obama and Holder. These are not talking points. These are facts. But hey, if you think Libs love Americans, including white Americans, and want to take our guns to protect us, it’s a free country (not really though).

        • Are you new here?? This is “basic bitch” ie this is what basic, mainstream people care about. If you know whats what you know that the “libs” and Republicans hang out in the same Beltway bars. The D/R divide is American Kabuki theater. In this case the authorities were probably legitimately letting guns through to Mexico to get to the enemy leadership.. it is a “drug war” right? Wars have collateral damage, including Terry and of course who knows how many Mexicans and Latin Americans that died from American rifles. That’s how was goes, right? If it was the Republicans that did it you would cover for them too.

          • Well, Milo also hangs out with Dick. Dick Spencer that is.

            According to Mike Enoch, there is a great story behind this. I want to hear it.

          • Can anyone anywhere in the world think for themselves? You people obviously can’t, and if anyone could I thought it might be you. Maybe humans are nothing more than just a bunch of dogs salivating whenever they hear Pavlov ring his bell.

        • Bush gave the nation over to the Neo-Cons idiot. He sucky suck Richard Pearl long time.

  • We listen to celebrities & reality TV stars, if we don’t…we won’t have a conscience & be able to think for ourselves!

  • This article may be giving too much credit to these talking heads and their audiences. Pride and vanity fuel these talk shows, the audiences feed their own pride vicariously through the talking head. Foolishness and pride go hand in hand.

    Even the background of these shows is an elite high-rise overlooking the most exclusive urban scenery. The rural landscape and its inhabitants are deemed not even worthy of consideration, their own political direction and will-to-life are derided and ‘for their own good’ ought to be crushed. The effeminate ‘enlightened’ urban coastal elite must project total control and eventually submit them to progress or genocide them.

    Consider the wise words of Pope Leo XIII:

    “There are three influences which appear to Us to have the chief place in
    effecting this downgrade movement of society. These are-first,

    ♢ the distaste for a simple and laborious life;

    ♢ secondly, repugnance to suffering of any kind;

    ♢ thirdly, the forgetfulness of the future life.”

  • On one level the gun control crowd are correct. Strict enforcement of a ban would lower the incidents of gun related homicide.

    However, in order to enforce such a ban you’d have to kick down every door in Negrostan to get at the massive number of automatic pistols used in crime and mayhem already.

    You’d have to surround an entire neighborhood cordon it off for a week then sweep through with tracker dogs electronic sniffers metal detectors and probably use tanks to support the guys dumb enough to volunteer for the house to house raids. You’d have a stack of dead cops that would reach to the moon. And that’s just disarming the Nogs.

    Where do we sign up?

  • A few nights ago, Fallon had Hillary on and she literally set there like a queen on her throne while several different young women, including the degenerate Miley Cyrus, took turns handwriting and reading aloud “letters” to Hillary full of compliments and mush…truly disgusting. Somehow, the witch may be loved even more by the liberals since her election defeat!

    • Fallon got to sit on a rubber cock while this occurred. What was his facial expression?

    • these are the shows writers? everyone knows theirs liberal bias in the media but this is absurd. did it not occurs to anyone there that there just exposing themselves as a democrat fan club? did no one think to thank her for destabilising the middle east and creating countless jihadies?

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