Las Vegas Was A Deliberate Anti-White Mass Shooting

The dust has settled on Las Vegas, and yet many questions remain. But this post is not going to be about the discrepancies, of which, I will admit there are many. The cameras, the live streaming, the CIA connections of the girl, the wired money and the official response are all suspect and frankly bizarre.

But one just to take one look at the victims to understand the most important part of what happened here.

The media will trot out token minorities to try to prove that this attack was race-blind, and still find a way to blame White males. The cucks on the right may even say that this was a targeted attack on Republican-voters. Liars, the whole lot of them. Especially those that just shrug and attribute the attack to “just one of those things” or “he just snapped” or “valium” or “guns”.

Investigators on Thursday were still piecing together the life of the gunman who killed 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas, and remained at a loss to explain what drove him to commit the massacre.

Only the Alt-Right will tell you the truth.

A multi-millionaire Boomer with no kids and an Asian girlfriend targeted a gathering of BadWhites.

500+ White people were gunned down not just because they were White, but because they were the wrong kind of White people. They were gunned down by an anti-White, a race-traitor and a self-hating White.

This is the greatest anti-White mass shooting of all time and the start of something new. It has been a soft Genocide of Whites until now. But we are undeniably moving into the guerrilla phase of the war. Isolated attacks on Whites are not uncommon and are not new. Whether it was the “polar bear hunting” phenomenon, or the Islamic terror attacks or the Mexican gang murders- Whites have been targeted for years now.

But now, the last and most powerful member of the Anti-White coalition has decided to join the fight. The massive “GoodWhite” faction of self-hating Whites that have been radicalized by 60 years of media brainwashing, the schools and the hysteria surrounding Trump have finally started flexing their muscles.

We saw them join the war against the White race during the election season, under the banner of Antifa. We see them rampaging on the streets now, tearing down monuments, attacking patriots and now, one of theirs has committed mass murder.

In his mind perhaps, he was fighting Fascism. After all, if the media declares Trump to be literally Hitler, then his supporters must also be literally Hitler. Nevermind that most of those people probably didn’t think much about politics.

They were there for the circus part of the panem et circenses social contract.

This didn’t stop the shooter. Anti-Whites seem to have a special love for targeting concerts in particular. If they were smarter, they would leave the circuses alone…And I believe it will be their undoing.

Perhaps in his mind, he even saw this as part of the greater good.

In other words, shoot 500 to save thousands from gun-related deaths once his act paves the way for anti-gun legislation. That wouldn’t surprise me. Lefties are always for the greater good. Even though they hate their neighbors, their countrymen and their race, they subscribe to the belief that they love humanity – defined abstractly of course- and are do-gooders at heart.

These GoodWhites are willing to kill for the cause, and if you ever doubted that, you have Las Vegas as a stark wake-up call.

Yes, the game has changed once again. It’s been an eventful year, and we’re not even close to the finish line. There was a pre-Trump America, a pre-Charlottesville America and now a pre-Vegas America.

All of them are behind us now.

Sporadic attacks on BadWhites have become a staple of our brave new anti-White paradigm. Richard Spencer being punched was the direct precursor to what happened in Las Vegas. The same animus behind that attack was at work in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas just raised the bar.

And we all have targets on our backs. Because of the election, we learned that the media would cover for them if they attacked us with fists and clubs in the streets. Because of Charlottesville, we learned that 1st Amendment no longer exists in America. Now we know that the media will cover for them if they decide to gun us down as well.

Meanwhile, the police are waffling on this one. And the longer they hold back on releasing the details, the more we can be sure that the details are damning. Call it a corollary to Coulter’s Law. The latest:

Stephen Paddock didn’t just have 23 weapons in his Mandalay Bay hotel suite, which he turned into a sniper’s nest to kill 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas. He also had 50 pounds of explosives material and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in his car in the hotel parking lot, police said…

But what motivated Paddock to kill dozens of strangers — and where he planned to strike next — remain a mystery.

It’s not a mystery to us. It’s all quite clear, and becoming clearer by the day.

Buckle-up, lads.

We are one step closer to that fateful day when this whole thing goes hot. You know it, and I know it. There’s no way this ends peacefully.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • “We spend the prime of our sleepless nights in mentally mangling our enemies, rending their entrails, wringing their veins, trampling each organ to mush and charitably leaving them the skeleton to enjoy. Whereupon we forbear, overcome by fatigue, and drop off to sleep. A well-earned rest after so much scruple, so much zeal. Moreover we must recover our strength in order to begin all over again the next night – resuming a labour which would discourage the most Herculean butcher. No doubts about it: having enemies is no sinecure.

    The program of our nights would be less crowded if by day we could give our resentment free reign. To achieve not even happiness, merely equilibrium, we need to liquidate a good number of our kind, to inflict a regular hecatomb in the fashion of our remote and relaxed ancestors…”


  • Seems like a rush to judgment to me.

    To blame everything on them is on par with them blaming everything on us.

    Let’s wait & see if there is any concrete evidence to back up your claims.

  • Sorry, but I think you’re jumping the gun here. So he had a Filipina he banged. Huge leap between that and the broad conclusions you’re drawing. Best to wait before more details filter in so you don’t wind up looking like a foolish ideologue.

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  • WHOA !! I felt it from the beginning that something was fishy about this whole shooting .

  • Today on Calch San Diego run by Cox Cable, Joanne Mendelson from the Anti-defamation League had the gall to disparage Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa. She equated them with skinheads and said they shouted nasty things about Jews while marching with their tiki torches. She kept showing photos of white men with tattoos all over their faces. What a joke! I’m fairly sure I could take down Richard Spencer or at least hurt his feelings. He is no skinhead in prison. I emailed the League and told him that they should get out of the country that the white man built. They don’t belong here. I also told them that because they pissed me off, I will be making a donation t9o identity Evropa. On Monday, I will call Cox and demand that I be given equal time on that channel to talk about Jews. How dare they?

  • I still think the Military Industrial Complex had something to do with this. Paddock was reported as waking up yelling “Oh God” by his girlfriend. In my opinion, someone was messing with his head in preparation for this attack, just like Dylan Roof, Eddie Routh, James Holmes, and John Hinckley, along with a host of others involved somehow, some way with the government. It’s one big push to get our guns, I would say, because Trump is upsetting the bad guys big time. Paddock was prescribed Valium last spring. Why didn’t he need it before that? Why was his girlfriend in a country that is filled to the brim with Muslims? Why did he travel to the Middle East and elsewhere with her? Why did he have fertilizer and nitrate in his car just like Timothy McVeigh did, another person with ties to government. He was in the military at one time. Esteban Santiago, the veteran who shot police officers in Dallas. All false flags arranged by the government. The killings in San Bernardino were not done by Muslims, but by government personnel trained in Chris Kyle’s tactical training course. Something to think about.

  • > headline
    That’s Mike Enoch’s position too, but it’s lame. Going to paranoia and persecution for your first explanation just makes you a non-serious thinker. It could very well have been just, that this was the first mass event that was handy since he decided to do a massacre.

    • And this position sucks hard, because all it does is diminish our prestige on the sanity and policy level. It might well be that the shooter was s ecret radicalized antifa-monger, but it’s not by any stretch demonstrable and facts are missing. To go out parading this “antiwhite gunman” motive as truth is to damage the alt right.
      Enoch works with the known jew weev, who promotes and calls for terrorism and “killing babies” regularly. Enoch had his jewish wife on his “antisemitic” radioshow contributing poems “or the goyim”. Then he never explained this. Trusting these circles is kind of naive to say the least.

      • He WAS living with a hard looking, little brown woman. From the turd world. Perhaps she was too jealous of all the pretty White country girls?

        • Yes, perhaps. Perhaps she hypnotized him with philippino spiritism to do it. Yes, that’s it, I got it. She did it out of jealousy. Solved case. How old are you?

  • Yes, there is things lacking explanation with the whole thing. Yes, it’s not clear what went on. Why present wild speculation as if facts concerning the motive? You want to ruin your brand?

  • Paddock started to buy weapons Oct. of last year. His buying escalated after the election. Just a coincidence?

    • I immediately recognized this FACT. Did they send his phillipbeano screw back for being illegal?, (AND ugly)?

  • If necessary Whites will have to start gathering on private property or compounds armed and with adequate security. We cant allow them to deny or infringe on our Constitutional rights to assemble.

  • Open war in whites now. Take our countries back.
    But going forward, not in the open. Let’s operate like we are behind enemy lines, because that is exactly the situation we are in.

  • I have yet to see one photograph of an actually wounded body. (Blood spilled around a crisis actor playing corpse and holding their breath for the brief camera scan — doesn’t count.) Practically everybody has cameras. Even the “bodies” video at LiveLeak features nothing. We would have seen gore and real wounds by now. One!! Two? The “witnesses” almost every one — are absurd (can hardly contain smiles and laughter) and stink of crisis actor. The few interviews of “hospital patients” are fakey as hell. Sayyanim, everywhere in this. A pure media creation that relied on panic creation by the firing of blanks, and a very few crisis actors in place and fed to the (((media))).

        • You think I don’t know what you’re up to, shlomo? The only Mossad here is you trying to make the Alt-Right look like it’s full of people who wear tin foil hats. I’m about as Anglo Saxon as it gets. I’ve been commenting on AR websites way longer than you with way more upvotes. But if you truly are White then go ahead and make your schizophrenic case for how this tragedy is hoax. This lunacy I gotta hear.

        • They don’t give Valium to lunatics. Valium is for rich, bored housewives to get high on and avant garde types. Lunatics get Thorozine or Prozac.

          • Neuroleptics (antipsychotics) generally. That is, dopamine antagonists. If stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamines are dopamine agonists, you can liken the effects of neuroleptics to withdrawal symptoms from cocaine addiction. Shrinks call neuroleptics informally, “chemical straightjackets” or “reversible lobotomy”…
            Antidepressants like Prozac are serotonin (“the happiness hormone” sic) agonists. Nevertheless, in the brain there is an inverse relationship between serotonin and dopamine, you increase one at the expense of the other. So, for all practical purposes antidepressants are mild neuroleptics. In fact mild (proper) neuroleptics like Abilify (aripiprazole) are prescribed by shrinks as a panacea for ALL metal disorders (depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, etc.) Imagine the profitability and the royalty to the medics that prescribe it… Real “crazy” people are put on older generation neuroleptics like haloperidol administered as long-acting injection… Chemical lobotomy indeed!
            (The irony is that all these drugs are “tested” in real life on idiots like me while real crazy people take them only AFTER they end up in mental institutions… Anyway, it is a very lucrative business manly run by… kikes.)

      • I believe a shooter from cover could kill or wound hundreds of people from a crowd of 22 000, no problem. And I believe there are forces in the world and at home who would do exactly this for perceived gain.

        I’m not sure I believe THIS shooter, from THAT cover, could have done it in the time allotted with the weapons alleged. If he had (at least) 600 hits, he must have had lots of misses. This individual never demonstrated marksmanship skills to achieve 600 hits of aimed fire at that range, so his “hits” were lucky accidents, after a manner of speaking.

        When we have a shell count we can have a more focused discussion.

        • You don’t need to be a marksman to hit a lot of people in a massive crowd, especially when you’re firing on full auto with a bipod, 100 round surefire mags and an optic. He basically turned his AR into a SAW. And the distance was around 320 meters, well within the effective range of 5.56×45 mm, especially from a 20″ barrel. Marines have to qualify by shooting targets at 500 meters with iron sights. You sound like you don’t have much experience with these types of weapons, certainly not military experience.

    • Baseless “no-one-was-killed-actors-for-corpses-hoax” allegations to muddy up the waters of discussion and make other arguments seem unreasonable by association.

      It also makes the audience indignant as to the actual victims of the attacks.

  • If he had shot up some hip hop concert with a lot of black people the media would be calling this an “anti-black hate crime.”

    This was most definitely an anti-white terrorists attack. Everyone in the alt-right should be calling this guy an anti-white terrorists.because that’s what he was. We need to start taking control of the narrative and not allow the leftist media to get away with creating the narrative that serves their agenda.

    • If he were black and had BLM swag, yeah. We saw that happen in Dallas with Micah Johnson. But Paddock didn’t have either.

    • just because the media is bullshitting we better not join them and erase all credibility we initially had. By parading around speculation as truth we will damage our converting prestige. If you want that to happen, you join the media in spinning, propagandizing speculation as facts.

  • The Alt-Right cares……

    Because we in the Alt-Right FULLY understand the Forces that drive White Men to commit Suicide…….

    But, we Alt-Righters don’t commit Suicide……..

    Because the Story of the Human Being has ALWAYS been one of STRUGGLE…….

    And our White Ancestors survived MUCH Worse……..

    But, now we Know too Much………

    We’re Atomized…….

    And we can’t Stop Staring at Ourselves in the Mirror………

    And while our White Ancestors survived MUCH Worse in many ways…………

    The Egoic Burden of a Google Genius Atomized White Man in an Anti-White Male Culture…….

    With Non-White Open Border Replacement happening all around………

    …….is one that our White Ancestors never had to deal with………

    We are Social Animals……..

    We Evolved to Share the Burden as the Survival Strategy……….

    To think that being a Real Man means DENYING your Suffering……….

    Is the Ultimate Self-DELUSION……..

    Thank you, Alt-Right…….

    For this REFUGE……..

    We will SURVIVE…….


  • And if a James Fields Type panics amidst a Violent Leftist Anti-White Antifa Crowd……..

    …….and Car Rams to GTFO………

    Then, that’s Literally Hitler……..

    And there’s Nothing Else……..

    President Trump must be forced to disavow White People who don’t hate their Skin Color, feel Pride in their Heritage, and don’t want to be Genocided……..

    And if he refuses the Anti-White Jewish Narrative……..

    Then, that’s Literally Hitler………

    A Viral Pandemic has broken out and Martial Law/Quarantining must Happen NOW……

    Antifa are Vigilante Heroes…….

    Freedom of Speech isn’t a Priority………

    Freedom in Itself is Secondary……….

    Whites are Waking Up and the Well Honed Silence Conditioning Pricks and Shocks…..

    …..don’t work anymore……..

    DEFCON 2……..

    To See, Feel, and Understand what is really happening…….

    The GREAT EVIL of our Anti-White Enemies……..

    And not Quit, Surrender, or Give Up………

    That’s what Real Heroes are Made of……….

    Welcome to the Alt-Right………..

  • Do we really need to question (((who))) is behind this?? Or (((9-11)))? Or (((Kennedy Assassination)))?? Or (((Ruby Ridge)))?

    I mean it’s not a huge mystery (((who))) wants bad non-compliant whites dead and bred out of existence. And (((who))) gets away with murder and child trafficking among other crimes against humanity.

    In other news I’ve been banned 4 times from Breitbart comment section for making milk toast normie comments critical of our greatest ally.

    Not meaning to black pill. We all have to fight and this fight will be to the death. Do you want to die of cancer and diabetes watching (((porn))) in a shitty apartment or do you want to die on your feet standing strong against our enemies? See you in Valhalla mates!

        • You Alt-Losers are so ignorant you can’t even tell the difference between an Arab name and a Hispanic one. And you claim to know race? ROFL!!! ;D

          • If we are all losers, why did we build the greatest country on earth and why are your kind here to steal it because all they’ve created is a shithole called Latin America?

          • Nahhhhhhhhhh…just to point out obvious false tropes posted by anti-Semites or just ignoramuses. For example, the false claim that all Jews in the US and in our government are duel US-Israeli citizens.

          • Aryans have built more in a handful of years than you monkeys have in your entire existence. You should be kissing our feet and thanking us for allowing you to live in our advanced societies.

            No matter, ungrateful guests are shown the door in the end or, failing that, slaughtered.

          • YOU didn’t create anything. It’s so funny when Alt-Right beta boys and girls try to take credit for what their Alpha ancestors did. What a bunch of losers.

          • All welfare grubbing Latrinos create is overpopulation. When the war is over, we will mass sterilize you all!

          • If our penises are so small (like you said in an earlier post) then why are we so much more successful at reproducing than you? Strike two, troll.

          • #1 Because you are rapey af.
            #2 Because the (((government))) forces us to subsidize your little cockroach offspring.

            Why do you think the (((government))) wants you here? I’ll give you the answer:

            In general you are only slightly smarter than farm animals which makes you easy to control. Any attempt by your people to fight back against the system will just be a chaotic shit show (as history has shown). They like that you breed bc that means more good obedient little tomato picking slaves for them. If I were you Id get myself back to Tacostan and teach your kids to be traditional Tacostan nationalists.

          • LOL. Don’t you have a toliet to clean Joe? Don’t make me call LA MIGRA!! Mehico one of your burritos is loose!

          • Well, I can honestly say from experience that a 3 inch dick impregnates exactly the same as an 8 inch one. Whites, having on average, 30 more IQ points than your garden variety mestizo, realize the planet is already severely overpopulated, severely stretched for the resources you flock to America to enjoy. You are indeed “successful” at distributing your sperm liberally, as if there was infinite resources and no tomorrow. This is one of the CLEAR differences between the turd world, and WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

          • Its easy to procreate with reckless abandon when Aryans subsidize your child rearing expenses. The sad part is not that Whites are paying for your family, but that you aren’t ashamed to have other men support you! Worse, you think you’re owed because you never figured out that Mexico no longer owns Texas. Never mind that the US paid for it. We have to “geev you” because you’re “Ee-spah-neek”.

          • Funny how you randomly assume I’m on welfare, when in reality I’ve had a job for the past three years. You on the other hand, are probably still begging for dad to write you checks. Strike one, douche nozzle.

          • Tardaron unos pocos cientos de españoles destruir tu civilización inferior y robarnos todo por nosotros mismos. Eres débil, estúpido y cobarde y no nuestro igual y nunca lo seremos. Ganamos estas tierras con fuego y espada y no hay nada que puedas hacer al respecto ahora. Vae Victis.

          • What did your ancestors do besides impale each other on sticks and shit in the jungle? You don’t even have alpha ancestors. Lololololololol 😀

          • The Egyptians were building pyramids while your ancestors were running around naked in the jungle.

          • Wait are you saying the Aztecs built the pyramids now or that you are a nig nog? Lolololololo

            Nig Nogs didn’t build the pyramids either. And even if hypothetically they did they sure haven’t built anything but mud huts n slums since. Lol

          • You didn’t either. You represent a stolen place in our society. We’ve kicked your asses before and we’ll do it again.

          • You have no idea what I have created. I’ve got a few dozen years on you and have created a lot and so have my Scots-Irish ancestors.

          • Umm… please back up you claim that America is the greatest. Are we supposed to be the greatest in health? Education? Infrastructure? Overall happiness of it’s people? Because last time I checked we actually aren’t the greatest in any of those ways

          • When I was a kid in the 1960s, people were not unhappy. We have fine health care, education, infrastructure. It has been the crappy liberals and RINOS that have messed everything up. Communists have indoctrinated our kids into Socialism in our schools. I do not hold it against your generation for not having been taught the right thing, but you should be open-minded enough to be willing to read about what you don'[t know. I recommend Utopian Road to Hell by William J. Murray and Who are we? by Samuel P. Huntington for starters. If we are not the greatest, than why aren’t you living in that country, wherever it is? Why are milli8ons of people coming in here even if they have to risk their lives crossing the desert to get here? Further reading: The Problem With Socialism by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, an economics teacher. Read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to History” by Thomas E. Woods Jr. You have to fix the damage that has been done to you by your commie teachers..

          • LOL like I care which variety of brown turd worlder you are.
            Btw Jose, Shitcockistan isn’t a real country in the Middle East. I made it up!!! Lolololololo. I can’t believe I have to explain that joke but most you guacs have like <80 IQ so I get it. No worries mate. Thanks for the laugh. Back to your tacos.

          • Well duh, it was obviously a parody of Pakistan. How does it feel knowing your orange god king is about to sell you out and legalize all the DREAMERS? Did you bawl like Christopher Cantwell when you found out?

          • LOL. Such a hateful little Taco! Tell me Nacho: who shit in your frijoles this morning? Doesn’t matter if the government gives you a piece of paper. You will never be us. No matter what you’ll still be a little Shitcock from Shitcockistan acting like a farm animal and eating your corn. Sucks 2 b u puto.

          • Joe. You really suck at come backs. You think I’m offended by you saying Trump is orange colored when you are sitting around in a body that’s some shade of dog turd brown. ROFL LMAOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

          • P.S. You think I’m offended by that? 😉 The point in mentioning Trump is pointing out that not even he will help you. And if he won’t help you, WHO will? No one. No one likes the Alt-Right. Your movement hit its ceiling and you’re now declining. No one wants to join the Alt-Right after Unite the Right.

          • LOL. Is that what you think Joe? Keep thinking that til our right wing death squads kick in your door. They won’t be as kind as ICE. I guess you’ve never heard of SNEK. Sad.

          • Did you just repeat your original jab? You aren’t even capable of an original thought and you think you are going to take over our country? LMAO!! Stick to making tacos and watching your sister f*ck donkeys for pesos Mexiloaf.

          • “you think you are going to take over our country”

            Well, that certainly is what the Alt-Right fears! 😀

          • No not you. You guys clean toilets. You are being brought here/ allowed in by a cabal of elites who want a dumb malleable population to control. Have a fun life slave.

          • Honestly. I’d rather have Arabs, than mud from down below. Even the long-term Spanish residents of the American Southwest hate you drug dealing, raping slime. I was speaking with an original Spanish land grant holder who told me this in Chama. He said you pigs from South America and Mexico give Spanish people a bad name. He is right. It’s coming….

          • What’s coming? Your orange god already chose Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi over you. Who’s going to help you now?

          • Listen baby, I don’t need any fukkin’ “help” from ANY one. Who the fuck is “Nancy pelosi” & “Chuck Schumer” anyway? Sounds like a couple of crooked kikes. Trump is a Jew lover, too. We will kick your sorry, degenerate asses soon, and those like me. Will NOT be seeking ANY politicians approval or aid! We will NOT be looking for “Big Brother” to “support” or endorse. No, my friend. THIS will be REAL.

          • Trump is a Jew loving, Israel Fister. (Lol). He’s better than the last few clowns in office, but you’re smugly blind to assume everyone against YOU, is FOR Trump. You couldn’t be more fatally incorrect. When all is said and done, Trump is nothing but a stepping stone for those who know what needs to be done. You gonna wish you had Trump, when the hammer falls. Indeed, someone much stronger is waiting in the wings. Stay preoccupied with your hate for Orange Crush, he’s actually even a joke to your worst enemy, a jester sent out to gauge your hatred for White America and the end result is the joke is on U!

          • So why are you appropriating White culture? Shouldn’t you be shooting monkeys with poison frog darts somewhere? We didn’t invite you into our country, and don’t want you here. Go back.

          • I’m a strong supporter of all forms of cultural appropriation, so your comment rings flat as well as stupid.

          • The number of whites marrying hispanics (and other races) has gone up in the past four years. No rape involved. Of course, to you Alt-Right types, a consensual interracial marriage probably terrifies you even more than a raping.

    • Why don’t you speed up that trip, Adolf, and suck on your 2nd Amendment Rights. Would sure improve the gene pool…

  • The one good thing I can say about all this is that at least one White man has said “Enough!” and is taking the fight back the other way.

  • This is a Hegelian dialectic being played out before everyone’s eyes. The (((globalist communist))) agenda cannot be fully implemented in the United States without first removing all weapons of self defense from the population. Since 2nd amendment legally prevents them from directly confiscating our guns, and they also do not wish to be blatantly obvious either, they most use more covert means. The (((globalist communist))) are very sneaky this way.

    Being that the country & western cowboy and cowgirl are what the leftists consider the stereotypical right-wing “God and guns” Trump, 2nd amendment loving voters, they utilize an event that will have a large concentrated gathering, and therefore, greatest impact on the target at hand.

    So here is the dialectic:

    (((Globalist))) desired goal(s): Immediate division of Trump’s supporters on gun laws, and ultimately, removal of all firearms from mass population, by using a gradual step by step regulatory process.. i.e. make it seem like it is for our own well being.

    So they now create the problem, anticipate the reaction, and then implement a solution that the sheep will overwhelmingly accept.

    1) Create a problem: Mass shooting. White men and women are targeted at a country music concert because they are predominantly gun owning, conservative voters.

    2) Anticipated reaction and response: Public demands answers to how and why this happened. They are told repeatedly by law enforcement and the MSM that it was the actions of a lone wolf lunatic with access to excessive amounts of firepower.

    3) Implemented solution: Public outcry for Congress to act and further legislation is passed against the general population owning automatic weapons, parts that convert guns into automatic weapons, and the amount of guns one can own.

    Desired outcome is achieved, and the sheep are happy. This same situation has been be played out over and over again for over 20 years now. It will continue to be utilized until the ultimate goal of disarming America is achieved.

    • Yup.

      The red flags are large capacity, poorly made, jam prone magazines, bump fire stocks and tannerite.

      Several range toys with no military value, stuff that normies “won’t believe is even legal”, magically brought together for this mass shooting, to create an unstoppable push for some kind of legislation.

      Who knows what else will get into that legislation. They want AR-15s but they may not get them.

      This will also damage Trump, whether he signs or vetos.


  • Frankly, he seems like a right wing guy. Just looking at his photo. I can tell. All the left wing guys just have this look to them. He doesn’t look left wing.

    • Are you kidding? He has an Asian girlfriend and no kids. How is he right wing? He’s clearly a left wing commie guy. He’s a multimillionaire because he figured out (((who))) will pay the most for his soul.

      I feel bad for this guy. He has millions and couldn’t get a better prostitute than an old washed out Southern Asian.

      • Terry Nichols = Asian GF. There are a lot of “right wingers” in the US with Asian GF, sadly.

        I see this guy as some kind of spook though, not a generic Asian GF Patriotard gun nut.

        • The problem is that “right wing” has been purposely perverted to mean libertarians and people who hate government and authority indiscriminately. Not really “conservative” as in traditionalists who love their race and believe strongly in family and biblical morals.

          • yes

            But to be fair, in the United States those who hate the government and identify it as deadly threat… seem to be on to something, even if the rest of their politics is ‘tarded as can be.

        • I generally consider someone a liberal globohomo Republican if they race mix or have same sex sexual relations. Alt-light at best.

        • You know the term LBFM?

          Especially guys with South Asian girlfriends are right wing. Which is also where the us military overlaps.

          Left wing guys with Asian girls tend to be with continental Chinese girls they meet in university.

    • What the hell does that mean? He is most definitely liberal. He’s an old childless boomer who lived in the most degenerate city in America and loved Asian woman, gambling and probably drank a lot too. There was absolutely nothing conservative about the guy. He wasn’t a millennial social justice warrior if that’s what you mean, but he was liberal in the truest sense.

      • A lot of GOP guys are like that you know.

        As I said…I know the look of left-wing people. They have this conscientiousness to them, this curiosity which gets them in trouble. This guy doesn’t have any of that to him. He looks like a Rush Limbaugh listener. Reportedly he treated his Asian gf like sht at the local starbucks too.

        • What does treating your girlfriend like sht have to do with being right wing? Anyway you present no evidence, you think he’s right-wing simply because of “the way he looks” which is completely stupid. All the evidence on his character suggest otherwise.

          • Feminism is left wing.

            I’m sorry, but casino gambling is not a left liberal thing either. It is like a FoxNews thing actually…

            the meek submissive Asian gf part…is something that guys who don’t respect western women do because they’re easy.

          • I personally do not know any conservatives or right-wingers who are gamblers.
            All the big gamblers I know are either shit-libs or politically moderate childless boomers.
            I realize this is just anecdotal but it is my experience.

      • Btw, I said “right wing” not “conservative.”

        The alt right has done a lot of work reviving a sense of conservatism. When people talk about the virtues of German society, they’re extolling a deeply conservative and rooted society.

        Right wing is different. There is a high degree of assholeness to right wingers.

        Conservatives often drive Priuses because burning oil only helps the Muslims. Right-wingers roll coal out of their jacked trucks to spite other people.

  • A deliberate attack mass murder of a WHITE Christian conservative Americans….59+ dead at the hands of a Antifa related individual…BUT the MSM blames de victims for being white and pro Trump!!?? then after being murdered in cold blood MSM says the problem its the 2th amendment…. One could argue exactly the OPPOSITE if you are WHITE or any other racial background, and if you are a known GOP/libertarian/Conservative/Christian/ American First you MUST ARMED now, take precautionary measures for your own security, your family and your property…to do that you are going to need a GUN…Antifa (zombies) are willing to commit MASS murder to advance their NWO agenda…this is ironic those that oppose guns will have them and those that support the 2th amendment will not…

    • We must take the bull by the horns. Soros 1st. Then media heads. Follow that by multiple political figures. Take OVER the media! Then we will control the narrative that will begin the return to nation states!

  • The net effect is that whites can’t gather in large numbers in Public.

    Very ominous.

  • No it wasn’t, but it was an attempt to scare the bezeezus out of white people and to advance one or more agenda(s). I don’t know what exactly the agenda is. Is it to drum up business for full body scanners? Is it to push gun control? Is it to get the public inured to reports of mass violence so that when the real mass violence starts they will shrug it off? I don’t know.

    Here is an example of how secret elements within our government and deep state use these staged events. The Charlottesville car “attack” was used to justify platform denial for the alt-right. It also provided justification for getting Bannon fired from the Trump administration.

    One conspiracy analyst who has seemed reliable up to now thinks that there was actual gun violence at the latest event. I am not so sure. The “brother” of Paddock appears to be a crisis actor.

  • I guess we don’t really know for certain what the shooters motives were, but it seems as though the attack was meant to terrorize a specific demographic and possibly discourage rightwing White men and women from gathering in large numbers. Of course there can be no racial awakening or solidarity among White’s, they must be deprived of meaningful ties and persist as atomized individuals. Just look at what implicit White identity politics can manifest with the election of Trump (despite his disappointments).

    Also, there was an odd post on 4chan a few weeks before the shooting incident predicting a “High Incident Project” in Las Vegas to make the public think places with already high security were not safe in order to roll out more regulations and security devices in hotels, schools, etc..

    Time stamped 3:25.

      • Join the club. I haven’t been banned from here yet but most normie conservative sites have banned me for arguing with blacks and criticizing our greatest ally.

  • Why can’t one of these guys shoot up a Davos or Bilderberg meeting? That might actually accomplish something to make ordinary white Americans’ lives better.

    • Memri exists to translate Arab craziness and broadcast it to the world to make people side with Israel. Pamela is one of those Israel firsters as well. Not exactly impartial.

      • as the everything knowing goyim that i am, i know that. But i think that this is anyway very interesting.

      • No one knows the motive of the shooter yet. Why risk altright and your reputation by parading a motive you might feel is plausible as if you knew the guy who did it? You want to lose readers who prefer serious articles? Drop this kind of drivel. You’ll end up as laughing stock with wild speculation presented as fact. Alt right going full Alex Jones with this now.

    • It is not surprising that Muslims are memeing him as a Muslim and praising him.

      Is that a real picture of him with the hat though? Where did it come from? I haven’t seen it before.

      It could just be some random old guy though.

  • “Real life detective here.

    Wanna know what happened?

    It was an arms deal gone bad. The stooge who was found dead in the
    room was clearly an undercover arms dealer running guns to domestic
    terrorist groups so the FBI, or CIA, almost certainly the FBI with how
    sloppy this was, could track/leverage/incriminate whatever the hell they
    want to do with that specific buyer.

    It was probably Mossad, or potentially ISIS, representatives who got
    wind of the setup [from what we see it’s sooner the massacre itself
    was premeditated not an on-the-spot fabrication]. It turned sour [for FBI] and the
    undercover man was killed. The reason for the shooting was the same
    reason the guns were there; The only way they were walking out of that
    hotel without being dragged into a van, or without entering into a
    firefight themselves, was if they made it appear to be a lone wolf mass
    shooting. Because the FBI would have no problem entering into a
    firefight with them, but they’d sure have a difficult time explaining
    why 13 armed agents stormed the lone wolf crazed gunman’s hotel room 5
    minutes after he started shooting.

    The potential for the real shooters to shoot back in their escape
    from the building would be enough to incriminate the FBI as having been

    So they had to let them walk, and pin it on the undercover agent.

    There. Mystery solved. “- anon

    Also you had an LVMPD anon officer saying the FBI was determined to
    seal this up because it would come out that they’re dealing arms to
    Mossad/ISIS in the country but they have footage of this entrapment
    asset/undercover patsy running gun deals back to 2015. The gun deal was
    being filmed, FBI has the footage.

    “Reminder: it was Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence who “found” the
    ISIS social media taking credit for the shootings. Katz is not only
    Jewish, but her dad was killed by the Bathe regime in Iraq for being
    Mossad. Her father has two statues in honor in Israel. Katz always
    claims to have “access” to Islamic radical social media. She’s the one
    who “found” the bin Laden recordings and audio after 9/11. She was
    getting paid by neocons the entire time. I even read her dumbass book
    Terrorist Hunter.

    ISIS is a facade. Anything can be blamed on them anywhere for any
    purpose. I suspect Paddock’s GF has connections to this. Paddock may
    have been dealing arms to deep cover, or even awaiting a middleman. He
    may have had half-knowledge and got [murdered].

    I also read Paddock may have reserved a room in Sept during a
    concert. But point being, don’t believe ISIS ever takes credit for
    things. It’s always Rita Katz. Bookmark her Twitter. It’s insane. She
    gives alphabets plausible deniability. “

      • Of course, Mossad/ISIS had this premeditated but the compartmentalized feds were duped into a Fast and Furious type operation that backfired big time.

        The plan was to have this go off with H. Clinton in power. The massacre was designed in such a way that no ConcealCarry could’ve helped and the target of the massacre were exactly the folk most opposed to gun confiscation so that they would be ‘softened up’ psychologically to these new laws.
        This is the biggest massacre that will set the precedent. You had two windows broken for two shooters. To maximize casualties in the time the victims are most bunched up you have to have a coordinated machinegun duo.

      • That one seems to be getting heavily promoted. Almost as if it’s the officially-endorsed backup explanation, or something. Like the legacy media narrative, it dodges the question of why did he target this group. Instead of “He just felt like it, because he was an ebil White man!”, we have “His motive had nothing to do with the people that he actually shot.” Uh…

        The general info about Rita Katz and ISIS is pretty accurate, but the “arms deal gone bad” thing doesn’t really fit with the known facts so far. And the use of this attack to promote gun control (and likely increased use of metal detectors/ other electronic security measures in public places) is obvious, but is a separate issue from the shooter’s motivation.

        • If this was an orchestrated event the supposed shooter may just be a convenient scapegoat to put the blame on, while the incident still serves multiple purposes.

          • Funny you should mention that:

            “REPORT: ATF Now Believes Hotel Security Guard Helped Paddock Plan Las Vegas Massacre, Staged Cover-Up”


            Fits the timeline. What happens in rapid succession right around 10:15-10:18?

            10:15 Paddock stops shooting. Why? He had multiple magazines and hundreds, if not thousands of rounds left. Already dead? Shot himself, or shot by Campos?

            10:17 First 2 cops arrive on 32nd floor.

            10:18 Jesus Campos (security guard) is already there, wounded in leg, states Paddock shot him.

            The police take their time to set up entry to the room after that, since there was no further shooting; they don’t enter until 11:20. Paddock’s body is found. I don’t recall any reports of police hearing a gunshot after arrival on the 32nd floor. Either they didn’t mention it (forgot?), or he was already dead when they got there (or by amazing timing/ luck, he shot himself at exactly the same time that they blew the door).

            Johnson also claims that an ATF source informs him that Campos had large amounts of gunpowder residue on his hands, which is completely incompatible with his story as reported (supposedly was armed only with a nightstick).

            Fits the known facts pretty well. And it’s a pretty open-and-shut libel suit if he’s wrong, so…
            curiouser and curiouser.

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