Catholic Bishops LARP As Antifa

Submitted by Norman Burgundy.


LARPing is one of the strangest but most unsurprising phenomena of the 21st century where low energy nerds who had typcially been confined to their parents’ basements playing Dungeons and Dragons gained the inspiration to venture out into broad daylight dressed as anime cat girls and medieval knights. This subculture’s legion of costumed permavirgins get a rush from fantasizing about saving elven princesses and ineptly clobbering each other with medieval weaponry in residential parks. It’s a disturbing activity and another sign of our generation’s inability to grow up and focus on adult responsibilities and goals.

Unfortunately, there is a much more dangerous set of LARPers who have emerged recently: many of the world’s Roman Catholic Bishops.

Not to be outdone by the awkward youth who grew up devouring Harry Potter and junk food, Catholic Bishops have decided, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant and to hold off creditors confiscating lawsuited Church property, to LARP as Antifa. And just as fat man-children make very poor medieval knights, so do Catholic bishops make awful social justice warriors.

A typical example of this LARPing can be found in the American Cardinal Dolan who often “forgets” to wear his cross when meeting with Abe Foxman of the ADL — something His Imminence does a lot for some reason. His Lordship Cardinal Dolan has also recently gotten into a spat with Steve Bannon about the Church’s economic motivation for hauling in Latin American migrants. In the bizarro-world of the 21st century, Bannon articulates Catholic theology better than the Archbishop of New York, pointing out that the blueprint for creating an eventual reservation for white people (it might actually be kind of fun there, though) is nowhere to be found in Catholic doctrine.

Then we have the Archbishop of Cologne, Germany, Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, who released a gem on YouTube arguing for the continued population replacement of Germany. According to the Archbishop, Christ’s great commission is not to baptize all nations, but to give a helping hand to rapefugees. It’s little wonder right-wing politicians and conservative journalists and radio hosts have claimed he is the Antichrist, out to “destroy the church.”

In his greatest stunt while LARPing as a SJW, Cardinal Woelki brought an entire migrant boat to mass (yes, literally a boat that had been used by migrants) and compared Christ to gangs of smart phone-wielding migrants eager to enter Deutschland in order to collect benefits, play Xbox (also paid for by welfare benefits), and to kick German women down subway steps.

This constant cheer-leading for the demographic suicide of the West has reaped financial dividends for the Church, and the American State Department and other world governmental agencies provide plenty of benefits for good Christian boys and girls ready to betray their own people. On the other hand, the Catholic Church is continuing to hemorrhage church-attendees as Europeans prefer to sleep in on Sundays instead of going to tasteless hippie masses full of gushing about how great it will be once Whites are a minority in their own countries.

There are many reasons most Catholics no longer wish to go to church, but the fact that the leaders of Christianity in the West care more about virtue-signaling for George Soros and collecting shekels from the American government and the EU to resettle migrants is at the top of the list. No group has perfected this stupidity and evil better than the leaders of the Catholic Church. Everyone knows that when Catholics pretend to be hipster Marxists they are only LARPing.

Catholic bishops are supposed to be lace-adorned, anti-modern, Darth Vader-esque reactionaries vociferously denouncing the degeneracy that is always at risk of creeping back into the world and suffocating the hearts and minds of men and women.

Until the bishops of the world stop acting like fat kids who live in an anime-medieval fantasy world, they will remain boring, irrelevant, and worst of all, instruments in their own self-destruction.

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  • isn’t it ironic that the frock wearing freaks are ‘taking a knee’ to religion, and then expect the rest of us just to accept it?

    This smells to ‘high heaven’ of the NFL effect 2.0

  • Is it just me or do alt-right attacks on Catholicism always seem like infiltration? The media highlights Catholic failings because they’re Jews. Same with’s unnamed “Guest Writer”???

  • Dolan may be wrong about immigrants/refugees, but no one in the Church is under the illusion that immigrants/refugees will somehow make more money for the Church.

  • The level of discourse in the Alt Right concerning Christianity is very low level. It’s rare to find anyone in this movement (including our favorite podcasters) with a modicum of knowledge of the role Christianity played in the development of European civilization, or who have any grasp what-so-ever on basic theological concepts. Many of you atheist/pagans types are ignorant little twats. Instead of shooting off your mouth, start by visiting a museum and reading a decent book. You will then begin to have some appreciation for the immense contribution faith in Christ played in all that’s best in our culture.

    • Except of course the numerous Alt-Right Catholics, and yes, believe it or not, that includes clergy who are Alt-Right (I know some, but they are very careful). One day, none of us will have to be careful, because what we believe will be the norm, as it once was.

  • The Roman Catholic Church was infiltrated by Jews from almost the beginning. It has NEVER been anything but corrupt.

    • It was started by Jews, dumb-ass. But for centuries was considered very anti-semitic. Even it’s old liturgy asked God to convert the perfidious jews. If anything, the Jews took control through a bunch of gay LARPers after Vatican II.

      • Not all the hierarchy is corrupt, but yes, infiltration did happen. See the Alta Vendita and also the interview with Alice Von Hildebrand where she states the Church was purposefully subverted because Catholic dogma has always been redpilled from the beginning.

  • Any religion that worships a Jew is not for Whites. It is bound to harm Whites at some point in history. And, we are at that point now.

    • Interesting that the further away whites get from the Catholic Church the more control the Jews gain over them.

      • But the Jews now control the Catholic church (see Jewish Daily Forward, Converts Who Changed the Church), so it no longer makes sense to argue that Catholicism will save us from the Jews

        If anything we finally learned the limitations of sprinkling Holy Water on Jews, when Jews got holy water sprinkled on them, pretended to convert, remained Jewish and… changed the Church

        GG NO RE

        • You are right that the Jews, principally through the Soviets, infiltrated the hierarchy of the Church. But many, many laity and clergy see what is going on. There are more Catholic nationalists than you think. You may not see it, but as a Catholic I can assure you there is a civil war going on in the Church. More Catholics than ever before now see it, thanks to the dubious election of the current Pope, who is currently facing multiple accusations of invalid election, violation of canon law, and even heresy.

    • The Jews of biblical times were not the same as the Jews of today, not by a long shot. Christ excoriated the Jews repeatedly because they were at the beginning of forming Talmudic Judaism, which is NOT the Judaism that Catholic Christianity superceded. Talmudic Judaism is what is practiced today by the Jews (who are genetically much different now) the same monstrous Judaism which Christ condemned repeatedly and whose leadership He called “whitewashed sepulchres”, “vipers”, and “liars”.

  • Not all of the Church’s hierarchy has been corrupted, but a lot of rotten clergy finally showed their true colours when it was finally safe— that is, when Pope Francis was elected, despite dubious validity according to Catholic canon law. The bishops of Poland and Hungary, as well as most in Croatia, and in many other places have denounced the invasion of Europe, as well as the abandonment of Europe’s Catholic civilization. It’s amazing to see the rapid dechristianization that occured in Europe after WW2 and after the Second Vatican Council (which amazingly was the first “pastoral” council, as opposed to the dogmatic church councils of the past 2,000 years). The Church is alive, but it’s on life support. God rid us of these termites and heretics in the hierarchy.

      • Yes, and how do you think he got where he is? Most of the other prelates in Poland have aligned themselves with the Law & Justice Party, which is nationalist.

        • Law and Justice (PiS, by the true nationalists called PiSrael) might be nationalist but not from the ethnic Poles’ perspective.

          • And the same problem exists with nationalist Republicans in the United States. PiS is the best thing for now, but it’s not the answer, same as the Trump administration/Republican Party over in USA. But that’s besides my point. The great majority of Polish bishops and priests are anti-invasionists.

  • I am guessing that some of them are hoping that by behaving like globalist SJWs that they will find converts, I doubt this would work. Why would any non Catholic immigrant want to join the Catholic church, despite groveling to Soros and getting their spiritual guidance from The Economist and NYT editors, the Catholic church simply is not going to find converts because there are zero benefits for being in the church now.

  • The jews will always find their way into anything! Old Norse religions are spreading like wildfire & there is already a jew infiltrating, became a leader in Asatru & is speaking out against the religion being for only white European descendants. Of course christianity is a jew religion. Their Jesus came to save them but since their salvation was in the after life & not right now on earth they make him out like he wants to save the gentiles. This way they can tell the pope & all of those under what to do. Even protestants are pro israel. God’s chosen, ya know! They get into heaven no matter what! LOL!

      • From what I read there are a few joining ranks against the Asatru Folk Assembly. I read all of this about 3 weeks or so ago. Asatru Alliance (?) What I read was basically a warning against a leader that is in fact jewish. I have just finished reading the Essential Asatru. I chose that book because I saw it online so much I figured it would be a good start on how to understand which god is which before I read the Eddas. In this book it names many of the different groups or tribes & whether they are inclusive or exclusive to race & sexual orientation.
        I am baffled to why any nonwhite would want to follow the gods of evil whitey. I feel if any of them do it is just to infiltrate & take away from whites having anything of our own.

        • I think it was the Asatru Free Assembly that was back in the 80s, then discontinued. From its ranks arose the Asatru Alliance. Still later, the Asatru Folk Assembly was born. They are both Folkish, restricted to European-descendant membership. I believe that the Troth, another offshoot, is universalist. There are many out there but the AFA and the AA are 2 of the largest. Stephen McNallen, who led the old Asatru Free Assembly, then later formed the Asatru Folk Assembly, has several informative Youtube videos out. There’s a website called Lady of the Labyrinth, run by a Norwegian with a PhD in literature/religions, which has a lot of good articles on Norse culture. I would be suspicious of any non-European who expressed an interest in any of this.

  • Instead of judging people by the title/label (Catholic, Protestant, Episcopal, Mormon, Methodist, Pagan) you have to start looking at the whole picture: their actions and how well they serve the 14 words, their race, their title/label, affiliations, family history, etc.
    Look we know (((they))) infiltrate and attack every institution that is a rallying point for white people. I’ve yet to see a branch or a division that’s safe. They are all full of (((converts))), shabbos goys, sexual deviants, sheeple dipshits, and hippy commie agitators.
    This is why if you go to the wrong Episcopal church a brown faggot will be leading the service and preaching about butt-sex. If you go to the right Episcopal church it’s all elderly people a decade or less away from the afterlife. Its the reason Asatru claims that White people have no greater connection to Odin and Thor than a dindu straight outta Africa. It’s the reason Catholics are more into being SJWs, covering up for pedophiles, enabling baby killers and distributing gibs than they are into Christ. Baptists pro-tearing down monuments. Lutherans importing Somalians to traditional white towns for federal money and feelz. Ditto Methodists. Non-denominational churches focusing on histrionic cat ladies, feminism, and stream lining donations to send gibs to Africa. Notice how the media always really critical of Mormons and the Amish? They are going after those communities too.

    • You don’t seem to understand the fracturing that has taken place is both Catholicism and Protestantism. There are actual Catholics and there are heretics who pretend to be Catholic (for example, Pelosi who was forbidden to receive Communion, but for some reason not excommunicated) and then in Protestantism you have Protestants that have basic Christian morality, and other Protestants who have women ministers who march in gay pride parade and extol the virtues of butt-sex. This was because of infiltration of alien ideas. The original thing cannot be blamed for the virus that infected it.

      • I agree! All these religions were probably originally fine thriving faith communities that promoted health and family no matter what their differences were in interpretation of doctrine.
        The infiltrators come and start massaging Globohomo Agenda items into the congregation and pretty soon you are no longer a church but a house of degeneracy that’s Christian in name only.

  • E. Michael Jones speaks on this very subject in many of his interviews and his wonderful books.

    “E. Michael Jones: The Church can have unity or she can have good relations with the Jews. But she can’t have both.”

  • Could the christ cucks tell me again how christianity is going to save Western Civilization? I could use a good chuckle.

    • The Church was the one who created a unified European identity— Christendom. When Catholics say “the Church will save western civilization”, we don’t mean the current Church hierarchy riddled with the likes of Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal Marx, Cardinal Dolan, or the current Pontiff. Many of these ideas presented by them are alien and inimical to Catholic dogma. Just one example: Pope Francis “build bridges not just walls” (aka flood your countries with invaders), is a direct contradiction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which states that every nation has a right and duty to protect its own sovereignty and its own population from foreign threat.

      • I am not sure which fallacy to address first, so I will just say that literally nothing you said reflect reality.

      • ok, well, when you fix the Catholic Church get back to us

        but meanwhile, the actual, existing Church is a big threat to whites, fanatically pro-migrant

        • Only partially as it exists now. There are many Catholics, in the laity and hierarchy, who have openly disagreed with their corrupt confreres, and who openly reject multiculturalism. But I agree. We can only “come back” once it’s fixed, and we’re going to have to have a different Pope for that to happen.

          • As I Catholic by tradition (and really all European descended people are) I cannot stomach the idea of sharing the chalice of communion with non-Whites. It becomes a poisoned chalice as soon as it touches the lips of an African.

            I don’t really care what the church thinks on these matters because politics is not their business. Any religious leader who speaks on politics should be arrested and sent to the camps. Take care of people’s serious spiritual needs and shut your f..king mouth.

          • I am fine if they have black priests for blacks in a black land. Same for every other race. Funnily enough, the Catholic Church already does this in some places, not just with race but ethnicity (for example in Belgium where priests are still specifically arranged according to ethnicity, between the white ethnicities of Walloons and Flemish). They used to do it also in the USA, where Catholic churches were separated by ethnicity and race. They did the same in Nigeria until the current Pope, who is trying to force a bishop of a different Black ethnicity on another black ethnicity. I’m sure eventually things will go back to the way it was, and not only there. But probably not for quite awhile.

          • That is correct. The city where I am from has an “historically Black” Catholic church as well as Episcopal Church. But it seems to be going in the wrong direction if you ask me. Also all the priests and nun used to come out of Ireland. Not so anymore and even in Ireland you will see Black and Asian ones.

          • Do you believe that souls don’t reside in Africans, and that therefore salvation by grace through works and rites (as decreed by the Council of Trent) is obviated in the communion to Africans? And if so, what is the scripture and/or tradition that supports this fact? Much scripture references to mankind hailing from Ethiopia and elsewhere in the continent of Africa, where the disciples and apostles went to spread the Gospel. And if the God of the Bible, let alone through Jesus, would have regarded Africans as non-human, wouldn’t this be made clear in scripture and/or tradition?

          • Did Jesus know any Congoloids?

            Are you a Congoloid?

            As you know anything can be made of the Bible. Curse of Ham though…

          • Are you saying that Jesus, as the personhood of the trinity on Earth, didn’t know of the existence of Africans – which by the designation of a term like “congoloid” you’re conferring the aspect of humanhood? And therefore receptive to salvation through Communion? Or are you saying that Jesus and by extension God through Moses, Prophets, etc. (Old Testament) were limited by the biology and dimensional cognition of a human, implicating that God and Jesus – let alone salvation – aren’t divine or real and are mere phantasms of device for the human mind and social harmony?

          • Are you saying that Christ, as the personhood of the trinity on Earth, didn’t know of the existence of Africans – which by the designation of a term like “congoloid” you’re at least conferring the aspect of humanhood? And therefore receptive to salvation through Communion? Or are you saying that Christ and by extension God through Moses, Prophets, etc. (Old Testament) were limited by the biology and dimensional cognition of a hermetic and uncultured human to know of “congoloids” in Africa, implicating that “God” and “Jesus” – let alone salvation – aren’t real and divine, but are mere phantasms of device for the human mind and social harmony? And if that’s the case, how do you explain that to your Catholic and/or Christian peers whom I would assume understand the the necessary acknowledgement of God and attendant divine salvation through Christ to reconcile man’s sinful nature?

          • I already gave you my ethnicity. I’m English/Spanish, dark hair and eyes on both sides, and whom both come from very long pedigrees (i.e.; once very wealthy and/or political families) Are you going to answer that question? Do you actually believe in Christianity and its claims, therefore nullifying that Jesus/God – let alone the Church, Scripture, and Tradition – could have no known about “congoloids”? Or do you merely merely in its form and construct as an afflatus for your own European social harmony and ideals?

          • whaatever the muds want to do is not my business. Voodoo,islam, christianity…as long as they do it far from us in their lands or on their reservations.

          • So would it be safe to say that you prioritize the state, its racial constituency and material prosperity, over the conversion of human souls to Christ – for which scripture says encompasses “every tribe on earth” (Revelation 5:9) and which is the *priority* of every Christian by decree of Jesus himself? And do you understand the Christian conversion is the conversion of the human soul from a state of pride, self-sufficiency, and moral unaccountability, towards one of humility, love, and selflessness, for which Christ’s ministry and self-sacrifice on the Cross is the paradigm? And for which through that act on the Cross, Christ gives us the grace needed to cover our sinful nature *through* our struggle to perfect ourselves?

          • We are not holy rollers on here. You sound like one though and at the same time your mouthiness reeks of jewtalk. We are jewwise on here and if you aren’t one than either you have jew blood or a jew spirit (demonic possession). I see your trap. You want to go blather to diehard Christians that the altright are just “using” their beloved faith.

            But to answer your question, as a lay person, the church, ideally a national church, must submit to rule by the rightful rulers and those rulers are not them. And what is good and healthy for our people they should be forced to adhere to. Holy men and especially holy rollers like you are highly toxic to the organic cohesion of The Nations (let’s appropriate this word from the Indians).

            Most of us here are Christians by traditions not Bible thumpers. You may want to find your people elsewhere.


          • Excuse me? “Holy roller”? Are you saying the conversion of souls to Christ isn’t the priority of every Christian? And that the perfection of the soul by way of removing one’s own futile desire for possession and gain in this world, with the replacement of a desire for humility and selflessness, isn’t the way of Christ?

          • I’m not a Jew, I’m a Catholic – the religion you previously espoused to. And excuse me if my replies are discursive beyond any tabloid boilerplate or children’s book, but I’m trying to understand your position(s) through a socratic process, as it seems at least on face value that they’re contradictory.

            You’re now saying the Church is under a plenary authoritative submission – in doctrine and practice – by the state. This has never been the case and is absolutely contrary to the history of the Church, let alone the substance of its theology. If it was ever the case, the first 30 popes – let alone the *majority* of the apostles and disciples of Christ in the first centuries – wouldn’t have been tortured and killed in martyrdom for their version of the Gospel. Christians wouldn’t have been fed to the lions in the Coliseum and nor would even the concept of heresy exist, as all matters of doctrine wouldn’t have been in the purview of the Church and its body, but its administration under the State. Do you understand this much?

            But more importantly, are you saying the conversion of souls to Christ isn’t the priority of every Christian, like myself? And are you saying that the perfection of the soul by way of removing one’s own futile desire for possession and gain in this world with the replacement of a desire for humility and selflessness isn’t the way of Christ? (i.e., “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where north and rust consume….but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” Mat 6:19-21)

          • Only holy rollers, i.e. poison for our people and The Nations, go around quoting the Bible. Good Catholics don’t even read the Bible. That is a Protestant thing. Clerics read and quote from the Bible.

            How about Hitler’s Concordat of 1933 with the church for an historic example. Again you got a bad case of Jewmouth on you whether you know it or not.

            Religion has it’s place and it is out of politics. If you want a theocracy then there are other websites.

          • Why are you so evasive? I’m only quoting Scripture – which you should honor and respect as a Catholic, and which we recite *every* Mass chapter and verse (or do you even go to Church?) – because you can’t answer my question. Do you believe in the divine claims of Christianity, which prioritize in all mainstream Christian churches, the imperative to convert all souls to Christ? And do you believe that conversion relies on the grace given by Christ by his selfless ministry death on the Cross, for which we need to emulate and copy?

          • I’m a Traditionalist and when religion, in this case Catholicism, serves us and our spiritual needs I support it. If it is anti-Tradition and destroys us then I don’t support it. It’s very simple.

            I don’t debate religious doctrine. That is for priests, monks and scholars. I am not one and I don’t think you are either.

            You sound more like a world revolutionary Bolshevik than a Traditional Catholic.

          • Ok, so your dastardly evasion on this question (something which Jews were once caricatured for in Nazi Germany) has to come rest. You only believe in the form and construct of the Church as a means of social harmony, culture, and spiritual self-help in your ideal and racial state. So you don’t believe your soul is in danger of going to Hell? If all traditional Catholics believe that – which they do – what does that make you? If you don’t believe in the litany of divine claims of Christ and the Bible, that are recited every Mass, what does that make you? Certainly not a Catholic, let alone a Christian.

          • It makes me a Traditionalist. I’m not sure I believe you are who you say, because anyone who has ever lived in a Catholic nation knows that nearly all Catholics don’t go around quoting scripture and shouting about saving souls and so on. Most are Catholics by tradition and will not make some sort of confessional about loving Christ and knowing he is the savior and bla, bla, bla…

            Anyway, it puts me in good company. If you are who you say then you are the exception.

          • What? By definition, you aren’t even a Catholic, as you don’t even believe in the Church’s divine claims and priorities on its laymen. Do you ever go to Church? What does your pastor say? Do you think you’re supposed to just walk right into your pew and mute your ears until its finished? Do you have any idea what is said, let alone goes on, in a Mass? Have you ever been to a Mass?

          • Like most Catholics, I am Catholic by tradition. Kinda like secular Jews. Most of us are like that whether you like it or not. Yes, I go to Mass at Christmas and Easter. And I don’t talk to weirdo priests or go to confession or give them one penny.

            If the church wants to rejoin its people I will be happy to support. It wants world revolution then I will use it for what it is worth.

          • You’re Catholic because you go to Christmas Mass? What? Atheists, Jews, etc. in New York City go to Christmas Mass just for the spectacle. And why is Christmas Mass important to you at all? If nothing else in Catholic doctrine is? Do you have any friends or family who are faithful Catholics, and whom attend Church regularly? Let alone pray for their souls and others and ask for forgiveness – as we’re all imperfect in sin? If you don’t, what “traditions” are you talking about? Let alone were raised in and/or still live in?

          • So you’re Catholic because your family was and you go to Christmas Mass and Easter? Am I right? Not because of your own belief in God and the legacy of the Church’s claims for God’s truth in this world? Well unfortunately, just being in the pews (which seems to be the only tradition you’re referring to), doesn’t make anyone a Catholic – let alone a Christian. Atheists, agnostics, jews, muslims, buddhists, are all occasionally in a Church during service – especially on big holidays like Christmas and Easter. Do you believe in God?

          • well you are not Spanish because most Spanish are just like me. Not sure what is so hard to understand. You sound like an American who never left the states. If you are baptized as a Catholic and confirmed you are Catholic.

            Sometimes I believe in God or a God and sometimes not. Like everyone except liars and hypocrites.

          • Well most Europeans are now atheists if you’ve been paying any attention (which is also why the continent in nearly all liberal and suffering from a Muslim invasion), so it isn’t a surprise to me that you’ve come across Spanish that call themselves Catholic as a token of nostalgia for their heritage – without any belief in the religion. Poland’s actions are actions due to their *faith* – not because of racism. After all, most white Poles were slaughtered by Hitler as subhuman. Poles are literally praying along their borders against Islam. Most Europeans – and certainly Americans – that attend Church regularly have a minimum of faith in the Christian doctrine of salvation, which you don’t. Why were you baptized and why were you confirmed? Just so you can be labeled with the word “Catholic”? Do you have any idea why baptism and confirmation exist?

          • Only liars and hypocrites say they never doubt god or church doctrine. My friend’s father was a monk and said most of them did not believe most of it.

            Babptized as a newborn, confirmed as a child, what dumb question. Obviously you have no respect for Tradition and Nation.

            Sound like an Evangelical looney bird.

          • Only liars and hypocrites don’t doubt God’s existence? So you’re saying Jesus, let alone the better majority of persons in the Bible and Church history, were rank liars at heart? And if the reinforced doubt of God comes from something else other than an escapism from a moral accountability, are you saying the wonder, order, and laws of the Universe have a better explanation apart from a Creator?

          • There simply is no use in having a religious debate on here. I’m sure there are church websites where you can do that. As a Traditionalist I will leave those debates up to scholars and won’t be engaging in that with you.

            I’m sure you are a liar if you say you have never doubted God. No doubt, pun intended. Myself, when I have a severe hangover is when I believe in God the most as I pray for him to help me make it through the day.

            I think you are overthinking everything.

          • What debate is there to have if you don’t have any positions or knowledge of Church doctrine? From what you’ve told me, you think you’re Catholic because you step into a pew, were baptised/confirmed, and you pray to overcome a hangover? Have you ever prayed for your own soul? Let alone your own sins? Let alone the souls of others?

          • I forgot the other times I pray; every time I bring out a girl I pray that first I don’t get too drunk, and second that I can seduce her. Afterwards I pray that she did not give me a disease. I also pray every time I buy a lottery ticket and for God to smite my enemies.

            I’ll let Saint Peter worry about my soul.

          • So you believe fornication isn’t a sin according to the Catholic church? That marriage isn’t a cherished rite and that God in fact wishes to bless upon the prayerful the powers of seduction to use persons for sex and not the responsibility of procreation and marriage? And do you believe that God, let alone Catholic doctrine, wants the prayerful to make as much money as possible, after their own selfishness? And to avenge their enemies? Are you aware that Christ taught the flock to “turn the other cheek”?

          • You’re too easy to rile up. But smiting your enemies is actually a part of Christianity. Turn the other cheek is taken out of context.

            Besides, I’m sure you know, you can make anything you want out of the Bible. Even the homos say the Bible tells them to plug each other in the ass.

            Like I said, no use in a Biblical debate here.

          • I’m riled up? Or am I just asking you questions? I don’t think a single priest in the Church considers fornication permissible, let alone any authority on the matter for 2000 years – as evidenced in Scripture and Tradition. And no, not even among Catholic SJW’s inside the church – including those bad ones conducting gay and fornicating lifestyles privately – consider homosexuality permissible according to the Church. Do you not believe that your soul is in danger of Hell when you fornicate or pray for money and revenge? Where in Christianity is personal revenge permissible? Are these not actions of selfishness, opposite in character to what Jesus did? And if not, why so?

          • Yes you are because you are taking my word too seriously. I was joking. Calm down. God forgives anyway.

          • It’s time for you to take God seriously and realize that his mission is not to separate tribes of mankind in division. The tower of Babel came down not because society was uniting in harmony, but because they were uniting in hate towards God. For you to consider than an African is unworthy of Commmunion, let alone one who has given more to mankind than you can ever imagine (i.e., Dr. Ben Carson), is anathema to very soul of the Church. And don’t forget, civilization began with a people called the Sumerians and whom described themselves as “the black-headed”. They weren’t Europeans.

          • Haha. Now you show your colors. I knew you had to be a Congoloid. But you can write well for one. I give you that.

            Right the Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, dey wuz kangs in dem flying pyramids.

          • Chrisitianity was created by White men for White men. That is the end of that story. You think Congoloids are going to be content with their White man masters as idols? Nah, it descends into their natural religion, Voodoo as soon as they kill Whitey. Just like in Haiti.

            Don’t fool yourself.

          • Um, are you aware that Christianity and Islam have divided Africa pretty much in half, with Christianity edging out Islam by more than 5 percentage points? And are you aware that Christianity is a middle-eastern religion? And that Mohammed himself was described with white skin?

          • So you doubt the existence of Jesus and the Apostles in Jerusalem? Let alone the Early Church and Fathers? The first major episcopal sees of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, and Rome, where only two were in the continent of Europe? Let alone the entire Biblical history of the Middle East? What about the entire Church of the East, that stretched all the way into Persia, which was destroyed mostly through the advent of Islam?

          • You can’t be that uneducated. You’re just spreading poc talking points. You know that that was part of first Greece then Rome and White. Even today the Christians of Syria/Lebanon are much Whiter than the Muslim invaders.

          • Can you prove to me that the Christians in the Middle East and South Asia are whiter than their Muslim counterparts? Let alone the 400 million Christians in Africa? Have you seen pictures of the Coptic Church under siege in Egypt? They look like the brownest people on Earth, and certainly not different in type from the contemporary depictions of Ancient Egyptian, Minoan, Greek, royalty in historical murals and art.

          • Again, just your Mudnority talking points. You know how the internet works. If you want the truth go find it. I already know. Ask a Syrian Christian he will tell you. And I know from personal experience that Chrisitans from the Near East are more White and European than mudslims. When the sandnaggars came out of Arabia raping and pillaging they muddied the gene pool of the MidEast and other places they conquered such as Southern Spain. The ancient peoples of the Near East were White. Just because some mulattoes like the Copts coped onto Christianity doesn’t change that. The current congoloid situation you mentioned have nothing to do with ancient Chrisitinity, it’s origin or spread.

          • Go ahead. Type “Syrian Christians” into Google. Or any middle-eastern nation’s Christians. I’m sorry to burst your bubble. They aren’t any “whiter” than the rest of Syria. Assad is clearly white himself and he isn’t Christian – nor was Steve Jobs’ father. Mohammed was also definitively referred to as having white skin in an Islamic hadith in the context of man’s identification of him amongst a group. Many “whiter” tribes are much more Islamic than others. After all, Christianity is the leading religion in Africa and in many areas of S. East Asia – let alone Latin America.

          • I’m talking about real life experience not google images. Yes some Whites or almost Whites survived the Mudslime onslaught. Arabs also have some congoloid admixture. Fact. Anyway, these days Whites are Europeans. Unfortunately the Near East and North Africa were lost to the Muds.

          • You’re living in a fantasy… One or two people – let alone a group of people you know – aren’t as good as pictures of entire Christian churches, neighborhoods, communities, etc. whom are systematically persecuted in the Middle East. And if you want a personal experience that is better than yours, my entire step family are wealthy Syrian Christian doctors who’ve lived in the U.S. for more than several generations – and they all have *dark skin and black hair*.

          • How do you explain wealthy Indian-Americans? Let alone al ofl the ancient “mud” murals of royalty from Egypt to India? And considering your language use, I assume you believe they’re only two actual “races” in the world? White and black? I’m not biologically related to my *step* family, do you know the English language that well? I would recommend you study harder. Try emulating my step relations, they’re very rich doctors, whom I’m assuming are a lot more successful than you are!

          • For one thing they have enough White/Aryan blood to rise above their animal nature. Two, what kind of a university did they study at in mudville? Three, just corrupt mud people whose “wealth” is all stolen from us. Here’s to hoping you go down with them on the Day of the Rope. Traitor!

          • Watch this interview with an Indian-Brit, you would have no idea that he was Indian if it wasn’t for the video. And concerning their education, I’m not even aware of their alma maters, which is a very un-American question – as America was built by boot-strappers. Are you implying non-white people don’t get into a higher universities without affirmative action? Are you aware that a man like Dr. Ben Carson has made revolutionary innovations in neurosurgery*beyond* his white peers?

          • Did you have the studied patience to listen to that interview? Or did you ignore it like much of your own education? If you’re not aware, Dr. Ben Carson revolutionized neurosurgery and in various sub-disciplines of the field. Where were the white guys for that?

          • Irish and Scottish? Eek.. I’m sorry pal, I’m of English and Spanish descent – my ancestors probably enslaved poor whites like yourself. Both sides come from old political families. Now it makes sense why you hate blacks. Aren’t you just a reverse negro? You must hate yourself…

          • So you went from being a concerned Christian with all this Christian morality to bragging about being from a slave trading family.

            I smell a yid.

          • Yes, the Judaized New England followers of John Cohen did not accept the Catholic Irish or even the Protestant Scottish. Which is why they went South. For the non-Puritan America the Irish were as American as can be and along with the Scottish were the founding people of my Nation (not yours, you half breed yid).

            Then of course just like you are instructed to do in your Torah you “set Nation against Nation, Egyptian against Egyptian” so you could “suck the milk of the Nations”…I see you Satanists are still up to your same old tricks. May the Day of the Rope come sooner rather than later.

          • Lol, you’re talking to a descendent of a very old Scots-Irish family on my father’s side. And you’re wrong about your history. Scots-Irish immigrants – whom come from a very particular demographic origin of Scottish/English that lived in Ireland – were the largest and most influential ethnic group after the English in the first century of colonization. They weren’t stigmatized or ostracized considering my own family derives from New England, a bastion of Puritanism – of which incidentally most Scottish Presbyterians were in harmony with. And the only reason why many Scots-Irish families do derive from once hitherto frontier regions is because most cities and coastal regions of early-colonial America were occupied and over-developed. Catholicism didn’t develop into a social and religious bugbear until the arrival of the Catholic Irish, a group of people whom were caricatured relentlessly as an inferior racial caste of knaves and crooks.

          • You’re speaking to a descendent of a very old Scots-Irish family on my father’s side. And you’re wrong about your history. Scots-Irish immigrants – whom come from a very particular demographic origin of Scottish/English that lived in Ireland – were the largest and most influential ethnic group after the English in the first century of colonization. They weren’t stigmatized or ostracized considering my own family derives from New England, a bastion of Puritanism – of which incidentally most Scottish Presbyterians were in harmony with. And the only reason why many Scots-Irish families do derive from once hitherto frontier regions was because most cities and coastal regions of early-colonial America were occupied and over-developed. Catholicism didn’t develop into a social and religious bugbear until the arrival of the Catholic Irish, a group of people whom were caricatured relentlessly – by the general American notion – as an inferior racial caste of knaves and crooks. Just look below at a typical Nast cartoon of the late 1800’s… And trust me, Nast was no Puritan…


          • More mudnority talking points. No one on here cares about your “alleged” family history.

            Here a mud, there a mud, everywhere a mud, mud.

          • Don’t forget, God and I love you… And we pray for people like you everyday… If you learn to generate a spiritual curiosity for Christ, you’ll begin to realize your priorities in this world, much less the truths behind the mountain and forest of conceit you use to make up for the lack of self-esteem in your own life. Try doing something other people would admire you after and you won’t have to makeshift your own badge of honor from the legacy and dustbin of other people (in this case, Europeans). Doing so appears to most as a giant, sore thumb of your own lack of pride, as your words and actions imply a mortgage upon your own life. We all love you in the Christian community. Hopefully you’ll come around before it’s too late…

          • Also, what we need is a King/Emperor who will make the Pope kneel at his feet and kiss his ring. Put the church in it’s place!

          • I’m down as long as the Emperor doesn’t intervene in purely spiritual affairs (the Pope of course not intervening in purely political affairs).

    • First off Ike, you are a rude little shit. There are many Christians on the Alt Right and if you want to grow this movement you and your atheist pals will need to work on your manners. The easy pickings at this point in time for the Alt Right are the Christians. I’m seeing in my own Catholic circles how the “conservatives” are increasingly warming to Trump, and beginning to change their minds on certain issues pertaining the old Reagan orthodoxy. I am also seeing a few early adopters in my circles getting woke to the racial issue and the JQ too. So if you’re hoping to keep this little movement small, keep insulting the other good white men who don’t agree with you.

      • I’m a pagan and if you celebrate any of our high festivals such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and New Years, so are you. I don’t want to keep this movement small but propping up this foreign semite religion that’s lorded over by leaders who don’t believe in it anymore is a project for the christians in this movement. Best of luck to you, you’ll need it.

    • Because Christianity is the only religion that whites can actually believe. Artificially reconstructed religions are not believed and might as well be atheism. Whites have two choices: Christianity, or Atheism. And for those who choose Atheism, what’s the point of fighting? Atheism puts no value on anything. The only White people with something to fight for are Christians. They don’t need to be theologically complex or advanced, they just need to believe there is something objectively Good out there worth fighting for.

      • The only one hey, how convenient. My semite religion or bust. False choice. You obviously have reason to not want people turning to our natural organic pagan religion because you’re a christian. I’m sorry I don’t buy the support my religion or we’re all screwed schtick.

        • The point is you don’t believe pagainism is objectively true. Do you think Gravity is a “natural organic cultural artifact” of our people, or do you think it is something true? Because the only religion white people believe with the same rigor and fortitude that they believe in every other fact about the universe is Christianity. You can go have your everyday-is-halloween “pagan” parties, but you don’t believe that paganism is true. You would like people to believe in a religion you can mold all aspects of, but that’s like asking people to believe they can make up their own physics that obeys the laws they want it to obey. Do you want to fly? Go ahead and play Quidditch on the quad but that isn’t going to be “the physics of our people.” Instead, a more healthy approach is accept the reality of the world and work within it, not against it.

    • hey man I hate the power of religion but these people are willing to stand with pagans and we should just leave this subject be

    • That doesn’t tell the whole story. Weimar Germany had its own Catholic Party, Zentrum, led by Franz von Papen. It was von Papen who made the deal that led to Hitler becoming Chancellor.

      The Nazis always did the best in the Protestant, rural areas closest to the Czech and Polish borders, and the worst in big, cosmopolitan cities like Hamburg and Berlin. Hitler even revoked Lubeck’s status as a Freie Hansestadt because it was the city where the Nazis performed the worst in 1932. This remains in effect to this day, Lubeck is not a city state but just a city in Schleswig-Holstein.

    • Hitler failed. Catholic countries have been much better at nationalism: Spain, Portugal, Chile, Poland, Hungary. The Catholicism in these nations have always been the stalwarts of their ethno-nationalist governments. Likewise in France and other Catholic countries the Catholics are always synonymous with the ethno-nationalists.

  • More so than the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests & Nuns, it’s the Roman Catholic politicians who are out to destroy White Americans, and any vestige of the White America founded by White American Protestants.

    Regardless of whether it’s McAuliffe, attempting to kill the AltRight in Virginia, or Jerry Brown declaring California a Sanctuary State these Roman Catholic bastards want to kill us one way or the other. That’s a cruel fact.

    We spend a lot of time grousing about the Jews, and the Jews will always be problematic, but, the Jews would not have the votes, if it were not for the Roman Catholics in Congress, the State Houses, and the cities. That’s another fact.

    White Protestants are going to have to be tougher with the Roman Catholics, and we must attempt to break up the Jew & Roman Catholic alliance in politics. Otherwise White America is over.

      • And Catholicism inevitably spawned Protestantism. Just look at the history of proto-Protestant movements prior to the actual Reformation. You could not suppress them forever.

        Catholicism –> Protestantism –> Progressive Secular Christianity —> the end

        We’ve exhausted all this particular doctrine has to teach us. Let’s move on.

        • Yes, let’s just let Christianity die among Whites and not let its old divisions tear us apart.


        • Ridiculous. Christendom, that is, unified Europa, was created by the confluence of two great things: the Catholic Church and Greco-Roman philosophy. Protestantism, liberalism, modernism, homosexualism, feminism, multiculturalism, secularism, atheism— those are the cancers we fight.

          • you failed to fight protestantism dude

            the cat is out of the bag, spread worldwide, came back and infected the church

            And we all know what protestantism leads to

            Christianity is just 1000x better when people aren’t allowed to read the bible, but we cannot easily return to that as a stable situation

          • The further Europeans get from the Catholic Church, the closer they get to the Jewish synagogue.

        • Not true. Protestantism contained ideas that were directly inimical to Catholicism. However, the liberal ideas born from the Enlightenment were not directly inimical to Protestantism, but rather really a logical extension of Protestant ideas, only instead of being applied theologically, they were applied politically. Protestantism caused the first revolutions in Christendom, and it’s no wonder because Protestantism democratized religion and separated it from the Pope. The enlightenment democratized government and separated it from the king.

          • Sure, protestantism was a reaction to Catholicism, rather than an extension of it.

            But that reaction was always coming. Sooner or later whites were going to actually read the bible and come up with their own ideas about what it said.

            And when they did, it was going to destabilize Catholicism. Again, many proto-Protestant movements were suppressed before the reformation.

            I ended up on the Alt-Right because I have a drive to keep digging and get to the truth of the matter. That same spirit would lead people to wonder what’s actually in this book. And unfortunately, reading it basically destroyed society and drove them mad.

            But that’s kind of proves that the contents of the book are problematic, not that inquiring into the truth is problematic.

            A Christian society based on not letting anyone read or think about the bible is not sustainable in the long term, especially with technology making it easier to read things.

            Next time, maybe we should have a holy book that doesn’t drive people crazy when they read it.

          • I think the blame is misplaced here. The Scriptures themselves don’t cause the Protestant Revolt. The Bible was largely available in the common language long before Luther (the Gutenberg Bible, the first printed Bible, was a German Catholic Bible). In Italian alone there were 22 common-language Bible versions in use before Luther was even born, and Italy never had a Protestant Revolt. It was the heresiarch Luther that caused the Protestant virus with his neurotic, heretical ideas, which he did largely only using the Bible as a prop with applied isogesis; the Scriptures themselves were already widely available.

    • Many, many Alt-Righters, including me, are Catholic and Orthodox. Protestantism was the original virus that led to the Enlightenment, and was the first version of liberalism. Protestantism is cancer, friend.

  • I find it funny that the optic fags threw a hissy fit for 2 months over a single swastika flag at Charlottesville and how it was going to alienate the normies, but are always quiet in the comment section of these church bashing articles.

    • The author of this article is a devout, traditionalist Catholic fanatic who would never publicly bash the Church–just the degenerates who have tried to ruin it from the inside.

      • Sorry for jumping to conclusions. This was published about a week after the “Christianity is for Cucks” podcast and I assumed this was coming from the same place. In that case I’m in agreement that the Church is in serious need of a little housecleaning.

  • >Catholic bishops are supposed to be lace-adorned, anti-modern, Darth
    Vader-esque reactionaries vociferously denouncing the degeneracy that is
    always at risk of creeping back into the world and suffocating the
    hearts and minds of men and women.

    Indeed. What kind of a Bishop ‘forgets’ to wear his Pectoral Cross? More like a masonicjewlackey.

  • It’s good to see someone criticizing the Catholic Bishops’ hoovering of millions of dollars from the federal government in order to re-settle illegal immigrants. Catholic Charities is one of the worst offenders. The Lutheran and Baptist churches have their greasy paws in the till as well.

    • The RCC is a homosexual, Freemasonic, multiculti grand lodge. I left because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes.

      • Not true. However, during the Cold War the Church certainly was infiltrated, as Alice Von Hildebrand said, by subversives planted by Soviets, who have now climbed the hierarchy. The hierarchy is now split between three factions: the actual Catholics, the confused caught in the middle, and the heretical plants. All of this was predicted 100 years ago at Fátima.

          • As long as Black priests and Asian priests administer to blacks and Asians in their own lands, why not? As for the Pope, really he ought to be Italian, because the Roman diocese is Italian.

          • But the College of Cardinals is now majority black/Asian. They will want one of their own. Blacks/Asians must have their own popes.

          • Are you kidding? Blacks/Asians are still vastly outnumbered by Whites in the College of Cardinals. Besides, I am saying what ought to be. There are a lot of “oughts” in history. For example, we ought to have a different Pope, rather than the dubiously elected one we have to deal with now.

          • Yes. I know quite a few in my own circle. But it’s spoken of only quietly. As a matter of fact, more priests than you think opposed desegregation or intermarriage, though of course many in the north cucked easily, to be frank.

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