Arktos Newsletter #63

Latest Publications

A Global Coup

by Guillaume Faye ($24.90)

For a Positive Critique

by Dominique Venner ($11.50)

Povratak istinske desnice

by Daniel Friberg ($14.95)

World State of Emergency

by Jason Reza Jorani ($20.50)

View from the Right, Volume I

by Alain de Benoist ($29.95)

Titans are in Town

by Tomislav Sunic ($19.50)

Upcoming Titles

  • Political Platonism, Ethnos and Society, and Ethnosociology by Alexander Dugin
  • The Bent Pyramid and Philip by Tito Perdue
  • The Foundations of Characterology by Ludwig Klages
  • Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey by Kerry Bolton
  • Recognitions: Studies on Men and Problems from the Perspective of the Right and The Bow and the Club by Julius Evola

Articles / Reviews

Review: ‘Dissident Dispatches’: The Culturist Review

Dr. John K. Press, Alternative RightPotentially uniting with neo-pagans, Fraser shows that the rise of Christianity in Europe was directly dependent on Indo-European cultures’ division into men of prayer, men of labor and men of war. (177) This helps undermine the globalist narrative wherein Christianity is the same for all peoples.

Review: The Relevance of Russian Tradition

Jerry Salyer, ‘My first exposure to Alexander Dugin came via YouTube, when I discovered Vladimir Pozner’s 2014 interview with the controversial theorist.’

Review: The Geopolitics of Jason Jorjani

James O’Meara, ‘If Dr. Jason Jorjani were an inanimate object, he would be an exploding cigar; or perhaps one of those cartoon guns with a barrel that twists around and delivers a blast to the man behind the trigger. Jorjani, however, is neither a gun nor a cigar, but an author, and with his new book he delivers another kind of unexpected explosion of conventional — albeit alt-Right — expectations. Anyone possessed with the least amount of intellectual curiosity — and courage — needs to read this book; although you should keep well away from windows and beloved china, as you will likely want to hurl it away from time to time..’

Review: Thoughts on Dugin’s ‘Eurasian Mission’

Remi Tremblay, New Alternative Right: ‘In his essay “On White Nationalism and Other Potential Allies in the Global Revolution” (Eurasian Mission p.166-171) Dugin makes it quite clear that he is not an ethnic nationalist, as many people mistakenly presented him. Yet he claims that Western ethnic nationalists can be alliesof Eurasianists in the struggle against American hegemony. His concept is that we must first overcome the Atlantist enemy, and then solve our own disputes.’

Review: ‘The Real Right Returns’ by Daniel Friberg

Graham H. Seibert, San Fransisco Review of Books: ‘The Real Right Returns by Daniel Friberg is an outstanding read.’

Review: ‘Smart and SeXy’ by Roderick Kaine

Brett Stevens, ‘The carefully balanced arguments, and Kaine’s habit of internally testing his thesis by incorporating and explaining contrary data, ensure that for any idea he offers, the precepts lead to the conclusion but are not identical to it as is the case in propaganda writing. Instead, the book takes us on a lively journey through genetics and sex, making a solid case for the advancement of male intelligence through traditional mating and reproductive patterns.’

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Richard Casimir

Nice to see so many new books at once. Which, if any, of these books will be published as actual book-books as opposed e-books?

The title of Alain de Benoist’s book is amusing, as it was the long running name of the blog of the self-styled ‘Traditionalist’ writer and philosopher Lawrence Auster, who was certainly as much a force in the previous decade of the dissident right in America as Benoist is.

Perhaps the title is a direct translation, and the editors were unaware of this connection.

Johnny Fascismo

Looking forward to the Evola books and glad to see more Venner in English.

Yehudah Finkelstein

Publish some Schmitt and Heidegger.

The Reactionary Tree

Which Schmitt and Heidegger? Most of their important works are already translated into English.

Yehudah Finkelstein

I know their works are translated. But how about annotation and notes from someone like Dick Spencer or Andrew Joyce for Heidegger’s Die Frage nach der Technik? Heidegger is famously dense.