Alt-Right Politics – October 5, 2017 – What Happens In Vegas

Issue 1: What Happens In Vegas

Fifty-nine have been killed and over 500 wounded. Las Vegas is now the worst shooting incident in US history. Everyone in politics is jostling to score political points, and hoi polloi are rushing put on a show of empathy. But why do we still not know the motive?

Issue 2: Catalonian Conspiracy

Madrid is cracking down. Barcelona’s commies are getting a taste of law and order. Sovereignty is only for the strong. White man, join or die.

Issue 3: Madmen Diplomacy

President Donald J. Trump told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to stop talking to the Norks. North Korea has supposedly developed effective ICBMs, and Bannon thinks he has the answer to America’s East Asian woes.

AltRight Politics
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  • Great show as always. When you hear the fellas laughing while discussing Alex Jones and “potbellies” and “goblins,” they’re making reference to one of the greatest videos/songs ever uploaded to YouTube:


    (hook those two lines up – didn’t want to take up too much comment space. )

    You professional opinionators should read @ThomasWictor, and get in the habit of it. He’s got several ‘threads’ on the shooting, including that the perp is a career criminal, and has scorchmarks on his face, meaning the gun wasn’t in his mouth when ‘he shot himself’. He’s got extremely whitepill news about the war in Syria, too. He thinks Trump did the right thing by giving the military free reign to solve the problem. This guy is an original and well worth keeping track of.

    Also, famously, he thinks the Trump administration is up antifa’s arse, gathering evidence to kill it.
    (long tweet capture:

  • Call them liberal nationalists.

    They’re not ethnonationalists because they want their new country to be full of people who lack Catalan ethnicity / are not members of the Catalan “race”. They have nothing to do with white nationalism, they are in line with the fake nationalist movements of the past that were based on constructing a new phony identity through state propaganda, to bring together disparate peoples.

    If they actually wanted to break away, kick out all people who lacked Catalan ethnicity and become their own self sufficient country, that would be a totally different scenario, one that would be in line with Alt-Right ideas, but that simply would have major practical problems because the resulting country would be too small and weak to stand in the face of the big powers.

  • The pundits said that the Baby Boomers are redefining aging – and it looks like Paddock and Hodgkinson have proved them right!

  • Is he a boomer or is he a Jew? No-one has looked into his family record and his brother is a Woody Allen soundalike.

  • I don’t think it was “just a nihilistic dude”. He clearly targeted a majority white, Christian, conservative audience. Islam and the Left are also in bed with each other. Think of the “Women’s March” with those obscene hats, led by Linda Sarsour.

    • he had booked a hotel room overseeing lollapalooza festival but failed to show up before. Lolla audience is all white? One article says he regularly went to country music venues in Vegas. We don’t know this guy’s motivation, if he did it. We can speculate all we want and that’s alright, but presenting speculation as fact will damage our reputation and converting prestige.

  • kee-rist there is some community college-level philosophizing going on here … doing Something naughty affirms your normalcy blahty blah. good shtuff

  • ~20mins: Spencer> “I’m not in the loop so I can’t tell you anything” — why would anyone think you /were/ in the loop? Are you used to being, ‘in the loop’?

    Spencer confirmed for controlled opposition 😉

  • About the conspiracy theories… I don’t hear many shooters. Just the gun noice, echo and sometimes the bullets are hitting near the camera. But there is one very strange thing. The picture where the man has allegedly shot himself and somehow his revolver is above his head on the floor. It does not seem to make sense if he shot himself. The gun would drop near his hands or legs?

      • Then there’s the suspicious trail of blood dripping from the gun first sparse then more tightly together, whoever was placing it first moved it fast but then slowed down to decide where to put it.

  • Paddock’s brother was involved in methamphetamine trafficking and threatened an associate, Hector Cruz, with death. This is confirmed through court documents within which Cruz claims the brother had a propensity for marijuana and methamphetamine abuse and, after threatening Cruz, damaged his office and place of business. This is consistent with his behaviour in the video performances. The entire family is bizarre.

  • “A language is a dialect with an army and a navy” is actually a quote from Jewish yiddish linguist Max Weinreich. One must wonder about what he would have thought of his (rather correct and to the point) sentence being quoted on an Alt-Right broadcast. Pretty lulzy.

  • The global order almost unanimously opposes both Catalan and Scottish independence. That alone should tell you that these would be good things, even if only to spread chaos and instability in the West. Think about it, Catalonia secedes and some butthurt Spanish nationalists might actually be inspired to do something in order to reconquer the territory. Maintaining the status quo is anything but productive.

  • He is an arms dealer who regularly sells from hotel rooms and then washes the money in the casinos. ‘Gf’ was his handler/contact.

    >Paddock, milionaire arms dealer.
    >Flip terrorist gf sets up million dollar deal with ISIS in hotel.
    >She books the room and arranges it.
    >Wire her 100k as payment.
    >Actually, it’s a double cross.
    >ISIS agents book room on same floor.
    >No cameras in hallways in vegas (most of their clients are shady fuckers who don’t wanna be filmed)
    >No record of who goes visits who (as long as they are on the same floor).
    >ISIS agents meet paddock on the night.
    >Immediately grab him by the collar and shoot him point-blank through the mouth to look like a suicide.
    >Using Paddock’s weapons + possibly some of their own, commit terrorist act.
    >Security + police shows up.
    >Shoot security through door using cameras Paddock/Mossad set up.
    >Security + police back off.
    >ISIS agents slip out of room and return to their own room and act like
    nothing happened, leaving all weapons in Paddock’s room.
    >20 minutes later SWAT shows up and find Paddock committed suicide after carrying out the shooting.
    >Leave the next day with nobody suspecting a thing.

  • Given that he was regularly comped rooms by the casinos and was a “professional video poker” gambler…it is inevitable that he was deeply in debt and all of his wealth was a mirage. This is exactly like the gambler in the Philippines who shot up a casino.

    • If that were true it would have already been uncovered by now. He owned homes in four different states, transferred 100,000 dollars to his girlfriend before the massacre. This guy was not poor by any stretch of the imagination. The guy didn’t even have much of a need for money considering he was retired and had no kids. This wasn’t about money.

  • My favorite part is how the media is now trying to make this a white problem. Seriously, they’re using a pile of dead white people to push the anti-white agenda. It doesn’t even make sense anymore. Check these links:

  • I figured out the motivation behind the false flag Las Vegas attack.
    The Deep State had the degenerate gambler kill all those people in order to make Alt Right embarrass itself by coming up with ridiculous, infantile, low-IQ conspiracy theories.

    • It’s a few days and there’s still no motive offered by the authorities.

      It’s ripe for conspiracy mongering.

    • Conspiracy theories are like all theories – either zero or one are true, all the rest are false.

      But the instinct to distrust the mass media and the “official story” is a good and healthy instinct that should be cultivated. Taking the “fake news” and government propaganda at face value is infantile, low-IQ, and ridiculous.

      • No, there is a difference between seeing through political spin and entertaining completely implausible theories. The Deep State is – who? People who leak to NYT what’s going on in White House? Those people did not deliberately kill 59 American citizens in order to…um, what? Take away our guns? Give me a break. Spencer should never again appear with these clowns on the same podcast.

        • The fake news does far more than “spin” stories – they routinely manufacture stories, sometimes out of whole cloth. Judith Miller’s “WMD” story wasn’t “spin” – it was fiction. Rumsfeld’s “Al Qaeda underground bases” wasn’t “spin” – it was cartoonish fantasy. The Gulf of Tonkin incident didn’t even happen.

          The fake news routinely: a) interviews their own employees and other actors posing as “eyewitnesses” to events, b) makes up completely non-existent characters such as “Scott Roof, Dylan Roof’s cousin,” c) films props like fake police tape and sirens, and d) uses green screens to pretend to be in a completely different location than where they are actually filming.

          Accepting what you see on TV or read in the newspapers as anything but fiction is not just ridiculous, infantile, and low-IQ, it shows a very poor grasp of basic reality.

          • We have to take a look at criminalizing political fraud. “Material intentional misstatement of fact for political gain.” Any deliberate lie which does end up swinging an election or changing public opinion. Comparable to economic fraud, material intentional misstatement of fact for economic gain. The first amendment does not protect you from the charge of economic fraud.

            A good start would be repealing Sullivan V NY Times.

  • Catalonias referendum and future secession is a great win for real identity. An added benefit is that Spencer et al get the opportunity of showing how out of touch they are with Europe.

    • Spencer’s greatest intellectual weakness is his posturing as pseudo-Nietzschean “fashy” imperialist. His only off-key soundbites in the media are when he, thankfully rarely, talks like that.

      On the other hand, I thought his opposition to Brexit and his support for something like the EU was perfectly intellectually defensible, whether one ultimately agrees or not.

      • He might have several points about the actual people that are driving the independence movement in Catalonia. But to sacrifice identity for policy? Really?

        Actually, it was the last guy, dont know his name, that countersignalled almost all the points about language and origin and such that had erstwhile been made in the podcast, but maintaining the opposition to the Catalonian independence. Sort of gave the game away, these people are instinctively against secession, because reasons.

        • Spain has existed as a state for a good 500 years. It was rudely interrupted by Moorish colonists for 700.

      • His weaknesses are his content-less speeches and commentary.

        I can already hear the same tired cliches in his upcoming speech at the University of Florida.

        “You need to become who you are.”
        “There has been an awakening.”
        “Have an identity.”

        • Spencer’s metaphor about the “black cloud” is excellent and not very subtle.

          I prefer Spencer’s speeches to Jared Taylor citing stats about how Jews and Asians are smarter than Huwhites. Facts are lame.

          • the chines inflate their iq stats by only testing the better subsets of their population.

          • Asians and Jews aren’t smarter than Whites. No one believed this before Rushton claimed it.

            I used to like Spencer’s speeches but he’s been giving the same one for like 3 years now, everywhere he goes. He needs to shake things up and he especially needs more content in what he’s saying.

  • Richard, I would not so quickly dismiss the Deep State’s role in this shooting…this was clearly some type of false flag, similar to Sandy Hook in that GUN CONTROL is the major motive behind it…

    • You need to start calling it “Anti-White Gun Control” as they aren’t taking cheap handguns from blacks.

    • it can be but it doesn’t help anything unless you can prove it without doubt. till then we just have to spin it better than they do

  • stop counter-signaling Catalonia plz they aren’t commies in fact they are the richest province in Spain and the only financially solvent province, they control most of the industry agriculture tourism and ports and pay way more in tax than they get back. They are seceding because they did the math and found out that they would be better off independent while Spain won’t be getting the gibs anymore and the Spanish government chimped out and refused to negotiate btw it’s not only Catalonia the Basques and Navarra will also secede soon and likely join Catalonia. Under Franco they had a system set up where Catalonia and the Basques had regional autonomy and mandatory cabinet positions but the socialists changed all that. Also reminder that Spain is bankrupt cuck state subject to the dictat of Germany it can’t do shit it can try to send in the army but it would lead to dead babbies and probably civil resistance so they are fucked either way. Spain and the EU are not strong it’s a weak degenerate institution that deserves to collapse, 500+ million people that get pushed around by 330+ million in the US and 150 million in Russia the EU aspires to nothing and does nothing except experience mass rape, secession and economic decline fucking Iran is more relevant on the international arena than the entire EU.

      • They said they would rejoin if they would accept them. The EU didn’t recognize them so they want nothing to do with the EU either

    • The truth of the matter is that Altright reps do not know squat about the Catalan affairs and are embarrassing themselves. They do not teach the history of Catalunya in Dallas private schools. Altright degeneracy on Catalunya is a huge turn off for me.

      • Are you the Ex-Pat on Catalonia?

        Have you considered the possibility that you’re getting only one side of the story?

      • You light weight. Brexit was a nation state of long standing and illustrious history pulling away from a new and novel supranational Franco-German imperium. Catalan independence would implode a state of longstanding and illustrious history. See the difference?

        • So what the Russian Austrian and Ottoman empires had a longstanding and illustrious histories as well. I agree with Spencer in that you can only hold onto something if you have the strength to do it. Spain is too cucked to hold Catalonia, it’s too cucked to send tanks to crush muh peaceful protesters it is already backpedaling and apologizing to Catalonia. Spain isn’t the nation of conquistadors anymore it has become a weak and degenerate vassal of Germany which is a Vassal of America so it’s like a double cuck and it gave it all away for the promise of cheap shekel and protection from the American empire.

          • The Empire might but Spain is about as small as it gets for a viable economic area.

        • Wait, we are supposed to feel bad for an anti-White EU puppet so inefficient and corrupt it would collapse without these gibs? Seriously? -D

          Nope, the world would be better off if they collectively dropped dead.

    • and watching videos of Africans just landing on the beach and running right up it uncontested would make me do the same. we need more of this till the fighting starts

    • “They’re not commies”.
      They are. Last Monday a general strike (not backed by the unions) was imposed upon the region by the radical left with the “assistance” of the centre-right, which has lost control of the region. The Catalan police was told to stand down and they actually even helped to close some businesses. The Spanish police were nowhere to be seen. The communists run the streets at this point, if Catalonia became independent they would just take over, they very much know what they’re doing.
      Yes Catalonia is among the richest regions in Spain. And yet a huge amount of middle class Catalan (and not so Catalan) kids just vote for communist parties. Most of my friends do, actually.
      Spain is cucked, I agree. But Catalonia is game over at this point, they have no distinct ethnicity anymore, only a language and contempt for Spain. If you’ve ever been in Catalonia in the past, you MUST have heard the “Catalonia is a land of race-mixing” moniker pushed by every fucking institution here. It’s been everywhere for the last 15 years.

      • < Actually taking action, on a national level, and getting the ZOG apes scared is communism.
        < They are not a separate nation anymore, I swear!
        < California must remain in the Union cuz they all vote Democrat!

        F**k ZOG Madrid.

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