Alt-Right Politics – October 5, 2017 – What Happens In Vegas

Issue 1: What Happens In Vegas

Fifty-nine have been killed and over 500 wounded. Las Vegas is now the worst shooting incident in US history. Everyone in politics is jostling to score political points, and hoi polloi are rushing put on a show of empathy. But why do we still not know the motive?

Issue 2: Catalonian Conspiracy

Madrid is cracking down. Barcelona’s commies are getting a taste of law and order. Sovereignty is only for the strong. White man, join or die.

Issue 3: Madmen Diplomacy

President Donald J. Trump told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to stop talking to the Norks. North Korea has supposedly developed effective ICBMs, and Bannon thinks he has the answer to America’s East Asian woes.

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