They Have To Go Back

Repatriation is not inhumane, impossible, or undesirable. On the contrary, it is humane, possible, and necessary.

Last year, the administrative agency Statistics Sweden (SCB) published a report describing the demographic composition of the population of Sweden in terms of people born abroad, children of one and two persons born abroad respectively, and the share of the population constituted by these groups.

I will quote the most interesting parts below:

‘In the year 2015, 17% of the population, or close to 1.7 million inhabitants, was born abroad. In the year 1900, the share of people born abroad was less than 1%, and in the year 1960 the share had risen to 4%, with inhabitants born in other Nordic countries constituting the vast majority of those born abroad. Inhabitants born in Nordic countries constituted a majority of the population born abroad until the 1980s, but since then the share born outside of Europe has risen dramatically, and they now constitute half of the population born abroad. In the year 2015, 2% of the population were born in another Nordic country, 6% in another part of Europe, and 9% outside of Europe, while 83% were born in Sweden. […] In 2015, the share of people born in Sweden with one parent born abroad had increased to 7%, while 5% of the population was born in Sweden with two parents born abroad. Those with one parent born in another Nordic country are a large group among those with one parent born abroad, while those with parents born in other Nordic countries conversely constituted the smallest group among those with two parents born abroad, in which those born outside of Europe constituted the largest group.’

In plain words, the report shows that the share of the Swedish population possessing a total or partial immigrant background in 2015 was as large as 29% of the population (17% born abroad + 5% born in Sweden to two parents born abroad + 7% born in Sweden with one parent born abroad). In three decades, almost a third of the Swedish population has been replaced by non-Swedes.

[I]f it was possible to bring the current situation about with political will, it is equally possible to reverse it with political will.

‘But, what if we halt immigration?’ many ask and believe that this would somehow be the magical solution to all our worries. That is not the case. Even if we shut our borders completely, right now, the low birth rate of Swedes in relation to the far higher birth rates of the immigrants would result in Swedes being almost entirely supplanted by non-Swedes within decades.

A humane repatriation programme

A favourite argument of the Left, and even more of the ’conservative‘ liberals, when they oppose criticism of immigration is that it is somehow mystically impossible to do anything about the large numbers of immigrants already within our borders, and that critics of immigration might as well give up and accept multiculturalism and the destruction of their own culture.

I firmly oppose this view and instead propose that the solution is simple: if it was possible to bring the current situation about with political will, it is equally possible to reverse it with political will. A humane, non-violent programme of repatriation could be designed based on the following five points:

  1. Review asylum rights for recent arrivals. The category of immigrants who could be most easily repatriated are the recent arrivals, who have yet to receive citizenship. Their grounds for asylum should be reviewed, and since the vast majority have insufficient grounds, their residence permits can be withdrawn. Those few who have reasonable grounds for asylum will be granted temporary residence permits, subject to regular review and reassessment. At this time, this group consists of well over 500,000 people.
  2. Our entire welfare system must be reformed from the ground up and should be modelled on countries with systems which work better, such as Hungary’s. Through such reforms, one can eliminate most of the pull factors which lure non-European migrants to Sweden, and a significant portion of those already here will find reasons to try their luck elsewhere, since the economic incentives that drew them here, to begin with, will have been removed.
  3. Zero tolerance for crime. Immigrants without citizenship will have their residence permits cancelled and hence be deported for any and all types of crime. Immigrants who have received citizenship should have it revoked in cases of serious crimes. Since many immigrants already have dual citizenship, this would seldom be a problem for them.
  4. Incentive programmes. We will implement a programme which creates positive incentives for those in Sweden who have roots in other countries to return to their homelands, or else to adjacent nations within the same cultural sphere. One such incentive could be a one-off payment – a ’re-establishing subsidy‘ – for those who return while also requiring those who accept it to sign a contract which will require them to never return to Sweden or Europe, following the Danish model. Given the enormous expenses incurred through the process of accepting asylum-seekers, as well as those wrought by the need to support unemployed immigrants for a lifetime, such re-establishing subsidies could be rather generous without any necessary adverse effects on state finances. Considering the catastrophic consequences of immigration on a social level, one could also argue that certain temporary economic hardships would, in fact, be legitimate investments. Furthermore, a generous reestablishment subsidy would be a good incentive for the countries of origin involved which may be reluctant to accept them to take them back in.
  5. Bilateral agreements. The four points above should be combined with agreements and settlements concluded with the immigrants’ home countries, as well as the other nations in their vicinity. The chances of reaching such settlements are high. For one thing, to date, Swedish foreign aid has largely been issued on the terms demanded by the recipients – a deranged idea that the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) even has the gall to brag about in public. It is time to shift the focus so that all foreign aid is offered on our own terms, rather than on those of the recipients. Such terms could and should include the demand that countries receiving aid must be willing to receive their own countrymen back when the time is right, given that those who are currently temporarily residing in Sweden are pressuring our welfare system to the breaking point. Paying these subsidies will be far cheaper than keeping these people in Sweden, particularly if one takes into account the social and civic costs which are difficult to measure in financial terms.

In conclusion

Repatriation is not inhumane, impossible, or undesirable. On the contrary, it is humane, possible, and necessary. Furthermore, it is also the natural step to take after the tidal wave of new migrants has been halted. If the post-Brexit European Union has even a slight interest in once more becoming a functioning political entity which is legitimate in the eyes of its citizens, there is no other option: the issue of repatriation must be added to its agenda as soon as possible.

One of the few others in Sweden who has commented on the SCB report is the George Soros associate and erstwhile violent anarchist Tobias Hübinette (known for his multifaceted crime record as well as his outspoken desire to see “the white race perish in blood and suffering”). He finds the report ’horrid’, not because of its conclusions but because it was filed at all. (Possibly also because he feels that the process of replacing the population of Sweden with Third World economic migrants isn’t happening quickly enough.) Solving problems by ignoring and repressing them is a fine Leftist tradition, harking back to the Soviet days, but it will not help with solving the demographic situation in Sweden and Europe. The debate about the debate and discussions about ’racism‘ and ’values‘ must be replaced by concrete political suggestions.

Things will only become truly horrid if Swedish and European politicians keep ignoring the obvious facts. If Europe is to have any future, this childishness must end, and the discussion of a controlled repatriation of most of our ’recent arrivals‘ must begin.

Daniel Friberg
the authorDaniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg is a co-founder and editor of He is furthermore an economist from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University who has conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Arktos, 2015). (Official Facebook page)


  • Nah, let swedistan burn to the ground, and let that serve as a lesson to those whites who still think multiculturalism and diversity is a GOOD thing, instead of the disaster it really is…

  • Repatriation will take generations ; and the will to undo what has to be done will have to be maintained for decades. Only if the peoples mind set can be repaired and set straight ASAP ; does Europe have any hope of survival. All of Europe needs to be reeducated and restructured to meet this enormous challenge ; and it needs to start yesterday.

  • I foresee sometime in future as we become the minority, THE minority in 2066 according to Prof. D. Coleman of Oxford Uni. but his calculations were before the 2011 census, a call for Sharia Law. Do we give in and accept it? It depends if we are still a majority. If we say no, do we see bombs going off until we give in? They are mad enough to bomb us. I listened several years ago to Radio Pakistan for six months and it seemed there was at least one bomb going off every month because somebody didn’t like something.
    Parents now are taking a huge gamble with their children’s future that things will not change and everybody gets on nicely with each other.
    That’s not what I see in every Islamic dominated country in the World, they keep minorities down. I watched a documentary about Coptic Christians in Egypt where they had to carve churches out of rock behind their town because they are not allowed to build churches, they mainly sorted out the refuse from Cairo and can’t get better paid jobs and leave because those jobs are for Muslims.

  • Surely if we ever get in a position to actually apply and carry out these kinds of measures, (ie, be in control of the country and the apparatus of that country), why fanny about with all the technicalities such as just deporting criminals, or taking forever to nit-pick who can stay or go, dragging the whole sorry saga out for years, decades, with continuous pressure and agitation from our opponents and other nations? If the will was there and the power was there, wouldn’t it just be better to just round them all up and get it over with, then mop up the tears later?

  • Send them all back to whatever craphole they came from , Muslims and other browns don’t move to have a better life , they just move to live the same life somewhere else

  • There is two problems with peaceful repatriation:
    1: At the moment it is physically and economically possible, but unfortunately the circumstances that will make repatriation politically possible will at the same time make it physically and economically impossible.

    2: As we’ve seen from Havaara agreement significant share of these people will not want to leave under any circumstances. This is going to be even worse with non-jewish non-whites. Majority would rather die or be our slaves than go back.

    Its nice to have these romantic thoughts and I would like nothing more, but this will spiral into a bloody mess. Im particularly worried with role of UN in all this. If they will insist with anti-racism/equality crap, then things will almost certainly escalate to hot global genocide.

  • The establishments’ anti-white system has created laws that marginalize white people, and only white people.

    In other words: White/Europeans the only group you can legally discriminate against.

    Europeans comprise an estimated 7 to 8% of the entire world population.

    Only 2 to 3% of White/European Women are of child bearing age.

    This begs the question…

    How much longer can White/Europeans last?

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

    Genocide against any group is a Crime

  • Iron Will is required. Deport all Muslims. Illegals, over the wall. Third-world criminals should be stripped of citizenship and deported. Pay countries to take them, if necessary. Offer generous repatriation bounties to the rest. This should leave a small, law-abiding, productive, minority.

    Most important, Jews gotta go. It’s the only way you’ll change your political climate enough to get it done. We don’t need their subversive Cult Marx fifth column undermining our every turn.

    Then, deal with our race traitors. Iron Will.

    • In the words of Richard Spencer, Jews can go be Jews in Israel.

      Problem solved. Let World Jewry, all of it, reap the whirlwind of the Iran-Assad-Hezbollah Crescent.

      • Actually, I’m afraid they’d still plague us, even if all World Jewry were confined to Israel, they’d still be up to no good for the goyim. But I guess, I’m willing to give them a chance. Begrudgingly, as the only alternative is unspeakable, and probably, a banning offense, most everywhere.

        • Until they’re all magically wiped off the earth , there still going to cause problems and do their BS

  • Why are people talking about paying people to leave? Surely it’s easy, first of all remove all benefits, then start charging them a tax to stay, invert current “equality” laws so that they’re last in que for jobs, make their children worship Christianity, ban them from forming groups, indoctrinate them with self hatred about their history, report on their crimes mercilessly in the media, accuse anyone who stands up for them of hate speech, deport them for small crimes.

    This would solve the problem in weeks, but would never be possible while your country is run by kikes. That’s a much more complex problem.
    We must expose the holohoax or nothing can be achieved

  • 90% of our problems would be alleviated with the repatriation of one particular group of (((people))). Their presence & persistent anti-White/anti-Western agitation in our own countries is the greatest threat to our survival. They have an ethno-state of their own, make them move to it. They can agitate from there.

  • This:

    “One of the few others in Sweden who has commented on the SCB report is the George Soros associate and erstwhile violent anarchist Tobias Hübinette (known for his multifaceted crime record as well as his outspoken desire to see “the white race perish in blood and suffering”). He finds the report ’horrid’, not because of its conclusions but because it was filed at all. (Possibly also because he feels that the process of replacing the population of Sweden with Third World economic migrants isn’t happening quickly enough.) ”


    “Things will only become truly horrid if Swedish and European politicians keep ignoring the obvious facts. If Europe is to have any future, this childishness must end, and the discussion of a controlled repatriation of most of our ’recent arrivals‘ must begin.”

    These two things say everything that needs to be said, unless you’re willing to break the neck of the Jew and to overthrow the governments of Western Europe that will never ever listen to anything that you have to say regarding the way your country is run; you will be lost forever…

  • The time for repatriation is closing rapidly. Conflict will break out one way or another and by then you’re going to have a hard time getting Europeans to shed more blood, sweat, and tears to slave away to dispose of a problem that they’ve already slaved away to for so long already. The wealth transfer is already dramatic as it is and other than to save face I would never take it seriously because we have no power and likely wont until some massive event changes that, which seems to be what the group conscious wants with their apathetic laziness to address the problem for 5 decades. It’s a great superficial argument to make, but one that I don’t think will be realistic. That may or may not change once you assume total power over the situation depending on how long it takes and the situation on the ground when it’s received.

    I try to be as realistic as possible and repatriation sounds extremely unlikely any time soon. It would be more like a final peace offering than an initial step IMO.

  • I also would like to add that this must be done throughout all of Europe, not just Sweden. You can’t clean out one past hole and expect it to be kept clean, if another past hole has not been also cleaned out

    • When one country does it, others will follow. That is the power of the good example.

      Right now repatriation is “unthinkable”, “unspeakable” and “undoable”. But if more and more people make it thinkable in their minds, they will speak out and make it speakable in public discourse. Finally when the public taboo has been broken it can be made doable. There are no unsurmountable physical or financial obstacles involved. It is all a matter of psychology.

      • That’s all fine and well what you said, but the situation is that it’s becoming intolerable right now. Are we going to wait till the entire system becomes so untenable that nothing but absolute open warfare will be the only solution? We must try to do something RIGHT NOW, are I’m afraid that we will be lost forever

  • I COMPLETELY and TOTALLY support this move to send all these sand jiggers and their associated African cousins right back to the pit that they all came from !!

    In fact, we have GOT TO send all these clowns back from the place they came from. Otherwise, it will totally and completely destroy the cultures that they have ended up being a parasite on !

    The question is how do you ACTUALLY accomplish this ? What can possibly be done against all the Jewish power that has allied and brainwashed the world into believing that multiculturalism is some kind of panacea far the world ?

    If somehow we could drive all the Jews out of white countries everywhere and send them back to Israel. We might stand chance, but Jewish power is very powerful. The Jews have managed to label everything as racist and they have brainwash so many people into believing there lies and deceptions … White people have a lot of work to do if they are going to save themselves.

  • This I taotally support a 100%. This is the one most important issue that we ned to talk about. We need to let the normies know that it is OK to say this. And that this is the good alternative compared to the evil of doing nothing and just letting Europe go down the drain. Big thank you to Daniel.

    • You have to defeat the Jews if you want to accomplish anything that you’re talking about; the Jews control the governments in the media and that needs to be overthrown

  • Peaceful ethnic cleansing is a fantasy. I’m not opposed to any of the actions listed in this article, but the diversity will not take it lightly, shrug and then go home. Europeans have to be prepared to fight to enforce these measures. Unfortuantly non whites seem to want Europe more than Europeans these days, and I’m not confident that Europeans would win that fight. A small minority would be willing to fight for the racial continuation of their people, but most whites would avoid conflict at all costs. The diversity doesn’t have the problem of the majority of their population acting as a dead weight.

    • Yes we must be willing to fight. As gentlemen we should work for the solution above. Hopefully it will work. But if the 3. worlders make hell we should get tough. Then we are forced to use force. Still as humane as possible but we can and will fight. Even a lot of the normies will fall in to line if it gets hot enough. They also identifie as white if they are forced to.

    • Some well-formulated criticism, but I believe that you might have swallowed too many black pills. The sentiment of the general populace can change very quickly under the right circumstances. I’m certain that this will happen sooner than we think.

  • About the “mystical” impossibility of full repatriation of all of Sweden’s foreigners :

    1)Sweden has 10 million inhabitants. With 29% of its population being of foreign descent, that means that 2,900,000 people need to be repatriated. A Jumbo Jet (Boeing 747-400) can transport 660 passengers at most. (Wikipedia Boeing 747 : “The 747-400 passenger version can accommodate
    416 passengers in a typical three-class layout, 524 passengers in a typical two-class layout, or 660 passengers in a high density one-class configuration.”). Assuming that the average flight to and fro the country of destination takes one day, to transport 2,900,000 people you would need 4394 flights. With only one Boeing 747 that would be 4394 days or 12 years. With 2 Boeing 747 that would be 6 years. With 4 Boeing 747 only 3 years, and so on. So physically such repatriation is entirely possible.

    2) Sweden’s budget in 2016 was 114 billion in US dollars. If you give on average every emigrant (so that includes little babies) $10,000 and chose for a 3 years period for total repatriation, then that would cost $9,666,670,000 per year, which is 8,5% of the annual budget. This would last only for 3 years. If you chose for a period of 6 years that would cost only 4,25% of the annual budget. So financially full repatriation is entirely possible. Keep in mind that $10,000 is a lot of money in Third World countries and Sweden is not morally obliged to pay unwelcome immigrants any more.

    3) Politically repatriation is possible if the political climate in Sweden changes and if the receiving countries are cajoled by development aid or bribes.

  • Sweden is in a desperate need of people like you, Mr Friberg, as you are equipped with brains and integrity, a rarity among people in the age where political correctness has replaced sense.

    (When I moved in Sweden in 1974, I hardly could imagine that I within a few decades’ time would be upgraded from a “slightly swarthy” Eastern-European to the “white-supremacist/racist” I’m regarded as today.)

  • Western countries should concentrate all their foreign aid to countries that are willing to receive their emigrants back. Some of such countries are so corrupt that it literally takes BRIBING their rulers to take their people back. If that is necessary, so be it. Israel has done that with success with African countries, and so should we.

  • “when they oppose criticism of immigration is that it is somehow mystically impossible to do anything about the large numbers of immigrants already within our borders”

    They have NO problem when the migration is from non-European countries to European countries, why the pretense that migration can’t go in the opposite direction?

    They also complained that when Europeans colonized non-European nations, that was, well, “colonialism” and it was a crime against humanity. Yet now they are FOR colonization of European nations by non-Europeans.

    They say they are “pro-immigrant” but what they really are is anti-European. “Pro-immigrant” is a code word for anti-European.

  • In the end, it must “come to blood.”

    “Immigrants”…are going to tamely watch, wait, and COMPLY with this “humane” process? Not on your life…literally. They know perfectly well that they are being consigned to hell when they are SENT BACK to the hell from whence they emigrated. They are not goint to “agree” to giving up the gibs, the protection of the (White) state, the coddling, the advocacy infrastructure, etc., etc. They’re dumb but not THAT dumb. This “humane” worrying and hand-wringing is OH-SO-VERY-WHITE. And it is self-defeating, craven, and FUTILE. Sure, offer…the humane “opportunity” to return, and SHOW THEM that you’re also ARMED, LOCKED…AND LOADED.

    • In his non-fiction book, “Beyond This Horizon – A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow”, Ward Kendall lays out a “humane” repatriation plan even more ruthless than Friberg’s, one that is backed up by guns and troops and (if necessary) bloodshed.

        • Me too. As Johnny Rebel so elegantly sang, “We got to send em back to Africa, Send em back to Africa, We got to send em back to Africa where they belong.”

    • I am certain that the attitudes amongst the general populace which are becoming increasingly hostile to our non-European invaders will also serve as an important “push”-factor, making the generous options outlined above even more appealing to the migrants.

  • What is never mentioned is the effect the expelled populations would have on their home countries.

    Hypothetically, if Britain expelled all of its Pakis back to Pakistan.

    What would happen would be all of those Paki agitators who are angry about Chav racism would be put in a new Islamic environment. They would miss the freedoms of Britain that they took for granted. They would miss the efficiency and non-corruption. They would become a force for modernization and de-islamization in their new-home countries.

    Which is a win-win.

  • The problem comes when their original country complains it can’t take them. Who cares. Send those bastards a Diverse grab bag of criminal nigrants, and send the nigrant in question to some other country on your shit list.

    • This problem is real, but manageable. Impose sanctions that will target the elites of Third World countries that refuse to accept repatriation of their people. When the dictator’s son can’t matriculate at Oxford, and the dictator can’t jet into NYC for some fun time with his concubine, their tune will change.

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