Colbert Drops Mask And Gloats About End Of White Majority In America

White men like Colbert have simply sold out their race for money, for fame and for feelings of self-righteousness.

Colbert is a self-righteous, smarmy, snarky retard who used to be edgy and counter-culture but is now the cheerleader for anti-White mainstream culture. He is unfunny and condescending, which is why Liberals love him, I suppose. He’s also a man obsessed with Donald Trump and hating White people. He used to be subtle about it, but he’s increasingly becoming unhinged. Throwing out sieg heils, obsessing over how many scoops of ice cream Donald Trump gets, and yelling inanely at the TV are staples of his show.

He’s also a semi-funny meme now.

Recently though, he drops a bombshell when talking to some black guy on his show.

Colbert talks about hope and asks whether hope will increase when the non-white share of the population increases.

The black guy parried the question and wisely decided to not gloat about Whites becoming a minority. Even wiser, he started philosophizing about the meaning of Whiteness, talking about how non-static the term is. Whiteness isn’t really even real, but White people are still bad. That’s the gist of what these “educated” types are telling us now.


Also, he seems to think that the sliding definition of Whiteness will ensure that White supremacy will remain in society, even if White demographic supremacy is eroded.  In the future, other people’s will be considered White and so I suppose, the White problem will stay.

Did you catch that?

Forget about numbers and majorities, these people are not discussing a demographic problem.

The way that they talk about “Whiteness” is religious. Whiteness is like an abstract principle that must be defeated and overcome, like sin of the flesh or like the war on terror.

It seems that even in the minds of our enemies, they are incapable of approaching the issue of demographic replacement rationally. It cannot be about one tribe replacing an other to them, no. It has to be seen in the context of a great moral crusade, and a catharsis of a problem plaguing humanity since the dawn of time.

Otherwise White Genocide loses its mystical appeal to them.

There is another way of approaching the problem. As a people, we are going through a sacrificial crisis. Our secular society is looking for a common enemy, and a common mythos. Belief in the Holocaust, the sins of White people in general and recognizing your sins by apologizing for your Whiteness all bear the hallmark of a new religion or cult.

Of course, all of this is nonsense. White men like Colbert have simply sold out their race for money, for fame and for feelings of self-righteousness.

Deconstructing Whiteness doesn’t hide the fact that Colbert and his ilk are self-serving scum who believe in pseudo-science, a death-cult religion and have no future in the White world.

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  • He is a traitor to his own race. Who is paying this guy to say this? As white America declines so does American society and culture. Let them have America as she is to far gone to be salvaged. Then we can watch them go deeper and deeper into chaos. How is importing third world non whites going to make America better when the non white culture is so despicable back in their homelands. They want what we have because they cannot do what we did on their own…..yet, they don’t want to learn from us but rather change what we have built.

    • They already want to change our constitution and our heritage, so how do they expect to keep America the greatest country?

  • As someone who isn’t apart of the Alt Right, even though I’m an American white male. I was wondering. Do you Alt Right members see yourselves as belonging to this European tribe that’s in a war? I see a lot of dramatic and romantic talks about preserving the white race, and that is the goal, right? My opinion of you guys is that these tribal sentiments you are expressing are very normal from a historical perspective. The more I read history textbooks. The more I see people who share common characteristics of banding together and defeating what they consider to be “the threat.” When I was more ignorant of the Alt Right. I used to think that you guys just hated all minorities, but the more I read your articles, the more I get a broader and more ideologically based hatred, which extends to anyone who idealizes multiculturalism and the universal aspects of Christianity. The words I think that more accurately describe the sentiments you guys have towards minorities is a mix of disrespect and admiration. Each of these sentiments are varied depending on what kinds of minorities are referred. It isn’t a blanket hatred for all minorities like I previously thought. Though the media keeps portraying you guys as a violent and demonic(Huffpost) cult that is hell bent on just hating minorities for just existing. I’ve read many posts by Alt Righters, and some of them are expressing an admiration for the closed borders on Japan’s coasts. Even if the Japanese are Asian, and thus a minority. The Alt Right also seems to be obsessed with IQ, and its relation to groups. They refer to blacks and Hispanics as being low IQ groups, and they refer to whites and Asians as being high IQ groups. So this idea that the Alt Right just hates all minorities isn’t true. Hate just isn’t the most accurate word. However, they do seem to have a hatred for Progressive politicians. A tribal, almost innate hatred. The kind of hatred a bunny has for a fox. I’ve never seen such a passionate hatred directed at anyone before. Sure, the Alt Right will talk about how Hispanics, or Muslims are just pouring into majority white countries, but the hatred always has its roots towards the politicians who made it possible. This hatred sometimes takes the form of Antisemitism, but not always. However, I think you people are bound to fail, and the likelihood that you’ll succeed diminishes with the passing of time. Time’s running out. What are you going to do about it?

    • Time is out already so there is nothing to do but start our own country for whites only and take what we built with us…..

  • Yea that guy is a Jerk. I though the was funny one time. But he can’t be funny anymore. He’s gotta push an agenda. I’d kick his ass if I saw him.

  • Mass 3rd World Migration + Force Integration = Genocide

    Diversity + Force Integration = Genocide

    Diversity is a code word for white/European genocide.

    “Multiculturalism” is really a euphemism for multiracialism

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY!

    Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

    When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

    Genocide against any group is a Crime,

  • Hope? Hope for what exactly. You know for these globalist they seem to only be able to think on a national level. We already know the amount of hope in majority non-white countries is. Non existent. That’s why they come here to our countries because they no oppurtunties in their country right? I guess America is just magical soil or better yet it’s the ideas here that make it great and for some reason ideas can’t cross a border into Mexico. So Mexican have to come to our country. Demographic changes matter, but at the same time don’t matter at all. I wish I could be blue pilled for one day so all these crazy ideas would make sense.

  • “Whiteness isn’t really even real, but White people are still bad. ”
    The same is being said about Catalan independentists: Catalonia has never existed but we are… nazis! Good luck with “just being 50%, because when you are 50%, you have lost already” (Mike Enoch). You know you are a minority when they are already telling you that.

  • Paradoxically, could it be Paddock was an anti-gun Lib who carried out the biggest gun violence to punish and discredit gun culture & lobby?

    Did he decide to give ‘gun-nuts’ a taste of their own medicine?

  • Dude, don’t attribute wisdom to Ta-Nehasi Coates.

    That guy is the single worst writer in America. If there is ever a civil war, he will be why.

    And Colbert was reacting to the vibe that TNC gives off. Don’t be intimidated by black aggressiveness like all the other whites.

  • What do you guys say to creeps like Ta Nuh Hisi Fit who try to portray Whiteness as BS, when he says that the Irish were once not considered White?

  • Only chance we have is the awakening of the whites on mass! I believe this is happening and is inevitable as the anti-white agenda continues through the years to come. However waking up whitey is a problem i have, i know he has been indoctrinated and tricked into his own genocide and it is being hidden in plain sight. Due to my circumstance’s at the moment the best i can do for our movement in my personal realm is to wake up work colleagues and friends but it takes time. I plant seeds and watch them grow and grow they do. I am sure that many many whites already know what is happening and are afraid. But thanks to Alt right and all the people who bravely step forward and bring our issues into the limelight we are growing stronger in our resolve and i feel whites are becoming braver and not so afraid to speak up like they were, even in front of strangers and non whites. Thanks to Spencer Enoch and all the others we have the ammunition to answer questions and point out discrepancy with vibrancy and multiculturalism. This whole movement will take time but i guarantee we will survive and we will prevail.

    • I am a Gay white male who has awakened. I know many won’t accept me, but I just want you to know that even Whites like me can awaken. I used to be the ultimate white liberal.

      • Just stay out of our way and go back to hiding then we’ll find new area to put you in the future so you can live out your lives.

        We don’t want to hurt anyone just to be in our own societies with heterosexuals Whites.

  • The cultural and racial genocide we are experiencing is unprecedented in the history of the world. Only Native Americans have suffered a similar fate but they were conquered and colonized while we are openly embracing what is happening to us.

  • He’s talking to Ta-Nehisi Coates (aka Ta-Genius Coates), the most overrated ‘Soupe du jour’ in current lib cocktail circles. Because he’s semi-literate, he’s been awarded the National Book Award and a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, among other accolades. So, he *must* be smart, right? Sailer has written some good take-downs of this clown.

  • The way that they talk about “Whiteness” is religious. Whiteness is like an abstract principle that must be defeated and overcome, like sin of the flesh or like the war on terror.

    Look at what “whiteness” really means, then: Success, competence, practical intelligence, foresight, the ability to understand cause and effect, the ability to plan for the future and so forth. These all look like, well, like “spiritual” characteristics, to use an archaic term, rather than characteristics of having white skin as such.

    When dumbass black kids mock the smarter ones for “acting white,” they really mean acting competent, intelligent, goal-oriented, successful, etc. That reveals the real grievance right there.

  • Now, why would a white guy rejoice about end of White America?

    Self-hating whitey? Not so much. It’s about being part of the Elysium Club.

    His main loyalty is to Elitism. Nationalism means he has to care for all whites. Elitism means the successful of all races created their own global gated community.

    Diversity gives the likes of Colbert moral cover with its pretense to care about all of humanity. But Diversity means the elites of each group no longer have to care about their own people. They just join the Elite Club of the rich, successful, and connected and rule over all of humanity. Also, as it is impossible to care about ALL the people in the world, the responsibility turns merely rhetorical than real and responsible.

    The real danger is POP or People of Privilege. Even among non-whites, there is PROC, or Privilege of Color.

    Privilege of Color and White POP all join forces. Just as white elites snub their own kind, Muslim PROC will side with globalism in its wars on Muslim nations. East Asians will serve globalism and try to spread Diversity and Homomania to Asia.

    The ONLY People who stick to their ethnic power are the Jews.

    • I was unfriended several years ago by a Muslim woman, with whom I thought I was on good terms,w hen I objected to Gaddafi’s overthrow at the hands of NATO, She said I was speaking with White privilege. maddening

    • I hope people don’t take this as condoning murder, because it is not. Murder is a vile and mortal sin.

      Treason is worse because a murderer only destroys his life, his victim, and a few people around them. Treason has the potential to cause murders that will chain react through the ages.

  • Do you think anyone in the audience skipped a beat when they heard Colbert say “when whites become a minority in America…”?

  • I hate people like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and so many other white traitors. These people would sell out their own fucking mothers for 30 pieces of silver (and Christ too, to boot). If somebody offered it to them. These people have totally and completely sold their very souls to the Jewish Masters over us, and they will lick their ass anytime there asked to if that is what is ever asked of them.

    I have to condemn Trump too; where’s the wall that he promised? Where’s his promise to deport all the illegals from the country and now he’s waffling on gun control. In addition, he’s just asked that the data Puerto Rico be completely forgiven. The taxpayers are on the hook for everything and we get nothing back from these lying, two-faced politicians who do nothing but line their own pockets. Yet every body who is anybody once white America to disappear and die away!

    Were good enough to go and die in their stupid wars, and pay for it to boot, but anything that we ask for, they ignore and do whatever they want.

    • (((Jimmy Kimmel))) is not a traitor. Colbert is your typical goofy looking left wing white. He didn’t fit in with the “cool” kids in school so he now has an “axe to grind” towards all of those white kids who made him feel like an “other” while growing up. I’ve seen this over and over again with these white anti-whites.

  • Darkness = > enlightenment => nature sciences => industrialization => proletarism => democracy / communism = > men role underminded => fascism => men role tabooed => feminism => relativism => desorientation => defenselessness => hostile/smart take-over => darkness

    • As if the DACA recipients had a choice in coming here. Look, they’ve lived their entire lives here. Learning the language and they have become American. They aren’t that bad. Many of them are fine people.

      • They can blame the stupid parents that ILLEGALLY brought them here. Laws were broken, unconstitutional orders were made, and they need to return to the land from whence they came. If you can’t do it the right way, you can’t do it. Don’t set the precedent, or it will never stop. Thanks obama.

  • The West, including Canada and America, is not and never was intended to be, a place for “all races and nations”. To claim that it is, or was, is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people.

    White Genocide: Its a crime, not a ‘policy option’. Say it over and over

  • before the last white becomes extinct there will be a 12 monkeys-type wreckoning. i’m too old to exact such retribution, however, awake white nationalist youth can easily exact it; challenge our youth to study biochemistry, genetic engineering, microbiology, etc.

    if we are to be erased from the annuls of history we should take as many of our persecutors with us as humanely possible. the time for fighting with bullets is over.

  • We will overcome. They wouldnt have such a large apparatus against us if they didnt know what we are CAPABLE of!!

  • Excellent point about the sliding scale of “whiteness”… this proves that those misguided whites who believe the eternal excuse of “white supremacy” will go away as soon as whites become a demographic minority are very much mistaken.

    Continued “whiteness” and “white supremacy” will only become, like “counter-revolutionary” in the old Soviet system, a catch-all phrase to condemn and dehumanize any white person who resists. For example, when white environmentalists of the future protest the clearing of forests and parks to accommodate more sprawling slums for the endless hordes of third world “refugees,” they will be denounced for their “white privilege” and “white supremacy”… the same when tax rates go up, when white homes and land are forcibly expropriated, etc.

    I think the only true white “privilege” that exists is the status of privileged whites like Colbert to live so disconnected from their people that they are able to serve as mouthpieces to the Jews. Traitors always enjoy a privileged status in an occupied country.

    • His entire act is dissimulation.

      He can’t possibly wish to live among blacks and brown Muslims at least personally.

      • Certainly not the types of Blacks and brown Muslims who constitute the majority of what normal people live amongst. A random Black and Muslim professor or doctor in his leafy neighborhood doesn’t count.
        Dirty little traitor cuck.

    • There wont be any sprawling slums but concrete hives for brown slaves. (White) plutocracy are all environmentalist overpopulationalarmist death sect members.

    • I find it curious how quickly these rich liberals lose their white privilege when they lose all their money.

  • This isn’t Colbert per se.

    It is his fukking writing staff. Samantha Bee if put in a different environment wouldn’t have these issues either.

    The writing staff on all of these shows are all the same. They’re all (((white))).

    Even the Dave Chappelle Show was half written by a (((white))) guy. It is like Dave himself was a puppet for the (((white))) guy’s agenda which might be why he had that breakdown.

    Even (((Jon Liebowtiz))) got tired of his (((white))) writing staff and quit. Then that (((comedy empire))) fractured and colonized the rest of late night tv.

    It happens to everyone in the biz. Even Bill Nye. The (((poz))) is really insane.

  • “…no future in the White world.”

    It is very hard…to imagine a “White world”…in the future. But if there should ever arise a White (mono-racial) State, the Question…of VENGENCE must be addressed. It is purely UNJUST to let traitors and mortal enemies go unpunished. And it is a fundamental of the concept of justice that the punishment must fit the crime(s). And the CRIMES have been many decades in the commission. IOW, the crimes are very, very…great.

  • The author very aptly describes the situation. Western whites have replaced worship of Christ with the worship of Social Justice, which in essence is their own eradication. This is mass hysteria no different than Indian braid-cutting or Tanzanian laughter epidemic. I think the hysteria is derived from the fact that many whites recognize on a subconscious level that A.these people are not as intelligent B. they are more aggressive C. they don’t like us and D. they will ruin us. Many whites experience a moment of clarity when these subconscious understandings enter the conscious mind. And then they have the choice of confronting what needs to be done, or continue to deny. And the ongoing denial that the entire experiment of the last 50 years is a dismal failure creates the psychological disorder in millions, incding Colbert. And rather than fixing the mistake of the last 50 years, which would require a radical change in lifestyle (and likely social ostracization, loss of comfort, injuries, incarceration or death), they decide to deny their own observations and embrace the genocide because it’s the easier, more comfortable thing to do. And they hate those of us who have chosen to fight because we demonstrate those qualities they lack: strength, courage, dignity and determination.

    • Since when has the West worshiped Christ? Money has always been the principal driving force of Western civilization.

      • Doesn’t that really depend on what “financial level” you actually exist on? For example, if you are rich and spend money at your leisure with no worry that you will ever be poor, would you feel that you needed God? Or… If you live in regular reality, maybe paycheck to paycheck or possibly a little better if you are lucky, are you more likely to look to God for help when money is short or there is an emergency that puts you in the hole? Your child is sick and you can’t afford their medicine because you don’t qualify for Medicaid, or can’t put food on the table in a given week… I can see these “normal” folks looking to God for hope. What else do they have? Most likely not rich relatives… There are more of the latter, I’m afraid.

        • Whether they turn to god or not is irrelevant. They typically have a deep-seated envy and resentment towards the rich and middle-class, and above all, abhor poverty. That poverty would be the greatest nightmare of both rich and poor shows that money is the world’s idol.

  • Even if you don’t share some great admiration for your fellow White man, even if you hate a good number of Whites, even if you don’t care about the Whites overseas or down the street suffering some injustice, this anti-White agenda is an assault on YOU personally. They want you dead, gone and out of the way. This is an attack on you as a biological creature. They want your genes gone. I mean, how much more personal can it get?
    How Whites can watch that Colbert interview and not have their almonds activated is stunning…

    • Colbert is a total POS…who else keeps bringing Hillary on TV a year after her election debacle; as if the public is clamoring to see her or gives a fuck. Who on earth watches this show? I can’t believe it hasn’t been cancelled.

    • If I were a religious person – though I am not — I would say God has blinded the West. I personally cannot see any logic or rationale in the self-destructive behavior of the Euro-Europeans and Euro-Americans. They are literally laying the foundations for the destruction of their race, their culture, and their civilization, and doing it openly and willingly. And they are very hostile to those who wish to save them. It makes no sense. When things make no sense, it is not uncommon for people to attribute them to the gods. Thus, If I were a religious person – though I am not — I would say God has blinded the West.

    • Do they not realize that they and their own will be next? I can tell from his Irish background he has particular disdain for the Scotch-Irish who bullied his ancestors and the Englishmen Who facilitated it.

      It’s pure revenge with people like him.

  • These white Anti-Aryan scumbags are morons. What makes them think these savages won’t go full mugabe on them once we are a minority? These ‘people’, if such a word could be used to describe them, do not carry about you being a ‘white ally’, they only care about what they can use you for and take from you.

    • I’ve always marveled at the way shitlibs pine for a world where whites are outnumbered by non-whites, and the way they honestly seem to believe that it will be some just conclusion and a peaceful heaven-on-earth. Yeah…sure…we’ll all just get along then, in peaceful harmony with a Coke and a smile!! But wait…according to the shitlibs, we whites are EVIL, right? And the shitlibs’ preaching this mantra of white evil for decades now has only sewn more hatred and resentment for us among their darkie pets. So…when the darkies become a majority….they will suddenly be nice to us?? This, after decades of being told that WE are evil and that WE are responsible for their “oppression” and whatnot? Bullshit…you’re raising the right question: why WOULDN’T they go full-Mugabe on all of us? Of course they will…or at least try to.

  • “Whiteness” (as in “whiteness studies”_ and “white supremacy” are used by different people in different ways for different ends.

    Whites tend to process these concepts as something they DO (and, in theory, could do differently). POC and their allies like Colbert mean them to stand for something white people ARE, something which will, eventually, require a final solution.

    • Colbert gets lacrimose about the English treatment of the Irish. Saw one of those “Who do you think you are” episodes where he goes back to Ireland and Feelz about the Potato Famine. He’s got a chip on both shoulders about the Anglo.

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