The Sexual Revolution Has Left Broken Men And Women In Its Wake

There are profound differences between men and women. From how we interact together and apart, to the very telos of who we are. In our egalitarian and “liberal” world, these differences are glossed over and the logic of our system pushes us towards an ever-encroaching bland, androgynous uniformity. The “sexual revolution” may be ongoing, but nature will reassert itself with a vengeance.

Fundamentally, men and women differ on the reproductive level. Not just in how children are conceived, but in our capacities to have children. Men produce thousands upon thousands of sperm in comparison to women’s production of eggs. This makes our reproduction strategies very different.

As outlined by F. Roger Devlin in his masterful work Sexual Utopia in Power, this creates different incentives for each sex. Amongst women, there is a drive to “hypergamy” or a striving to find the best mate for her children. Among men, a wide number of women with which to spread his legacy. While this is the biological imperative, our civilization has found ways to contain and express the masculine and feminine urges among our population.

For Europeans, the masculine and feminine have always had a complimentary role. At least ideally. Through monogamy, shaming, and other practices the ur-sexual drives of men and women were contained in order to build long-term “K-selected” reproductive strategies. One needs only look at places like Africa to see an unbounded human sexuality(coupled with a high time preference).

More than in just the scientific literature, sexual differences were incorporated into some of the very archetypes of European man’s myths. Take Helen and Penelope from the Illiad and the Odyssey respectively. Both represent extreme ends of European understanding of femininity.

Helen was the face that launched a thousand ships. She forsook her husband for another prince, Paris of Troy. A prime example of hypergamy. The punishment for such a breach was a war unlike any other. In part, because Helen’s very act struck at the heart of what made civilization function.

Penelope, on the other hand, waited many long years for the return of her husband Odysseus from that very same war. Warding off legions of suitors, and maintaining the domestic economy, Penelope stood as an example of faithfulness and virtue.

Even among men, there are such differences as those of Aeneas of the Aeniad and Odysseus in the Odyssey. With Aeneas, building a new home for his defeated people, and Odysseus struggling to return to his. Both fight against nature, and the gods in order to establish or regain their own legacies and homes.

Aeneas even spurns the love of Carthaginian Queen Dido, who later sets herself on fire on his leaving. Hell hath no fury indeed.

Aeneas goes on to establish a new city, Rome. Which will later be the basis of a great empire. In this, he expresses the primal masculine goal to leave a legacy and to have his name abound centuries after his own passing.

Odysseus strives against gods, monsters, and nature itself to return to his hearth fire and homeland. All the while still expressing the masculine urge to explore and wander.

Of course, these are just archetypes. But they illustrate the essential points Devlin hammered home about the nature of male and female sexuality and civilization. But our differences go much further than that.

Most young people socialized in our age know nothing, or next to nothing about interacting with the opposite sex. This is one of the reasons we see a plethora of blogs, magazines, and other products designed to tell us “what women really want”, or “how to pick up girls” in the case of men, or “how to land that high-status male” in the case of women. But, this is not the full picture either.

Women today are being encouraged in vast numbers to become “career women”. To forgo early marriage and childrearing, to focus on a career and to break the “glass ceiling”. Men, on the other hand, have started to lag behind and turn inwards. We see this reflected in a variety of ways. Whether it is the rather extreme margins of “Men Going Their Own Way”(MGTOW) to the sort of “hikikomori” phenomenon we see in places like Japan (I’m sure a western equivalent is not too far behind).

Many “conservatives” like to complain about the sexual revolution. But their fundamental critiques are usually quite flawed. They like to complain about the “sexualization” of our media etc. In many cases imploring our young men to “man up”, but to what?

The rise in no-fault divorce and other legal ramifications of the sexual revolution have altered how many of our young people relate. An unbounded hypergamy among women and a decreasing chance for a stable family life for many young men have left many of our people adrift.

Indeed, we have seen a rise in “sex substitutes”, especially among our young men that exacerbate the problem. These include pornography and almost anything else that keeps our young men from engaging with women. For the losers in the sexual marketplace, dropping out is usually more attractive than playing a rigged game.

What these trends are moving towards is not a “sexualized” society as many conservatives complain of. But, an increasingly de-sexualized and androgynous future. The feminist push towards careerism and barrenness is essentially an attempt to masculate women, even against their own will (as this latest female draft controversy shows us).

Guillaume Faye in his Sex and Deviance describes the feminist endgame:

Dogmatic Western feminism thus neglects the mere defense of women and their right to their bodily identity on the pretext of their ‘mastery’ of their bodies. It is a sort of ideological bath which aims to abolish feminine specificity. To masculinise women and feminise men, thus constructing the androgyn.

From our armed forces to grrl power television, to even our fashions we can see such a change. Just look at this movement’s current apotheosis, Hillary Clinton. Whose close-cropped hairstyle and pantsuits remind one more of a North Korean strongman than a matron.

The egalitarian, androgynous goals of feminists and others are of course a pipe dream. A Tower of Babel waiting to crumble. Throughout the world, we see the death of the “sexual revolution” just around the corner. Egalitarianism has run up against its own contradictions.

We saw this in Rotherham, where concern about “racism” took precedence over reporting rape. Indeed, we see this all throughout Europe in cases of refugee rape. Instead, we are treated to an ongoing anarcho-tyranny about the “toxic masculinity” of western man.

In its essence, that was all UVa. and other such cases were all about.

Crying screams from a system in doubt. An aged bundle of contradictions that will not be able to understand, let alone cope with the storm on the horizon.

As identitarians, we should acknowledge and be aware of the differences between men and women, as they are fundamental parts of who we are. What the future will bring, if we fight for it, is an understanding of those archaic values that propelled our people from the fields of Troy to the Sea of Tranquility. Only by imbibing and thoroughly understanding our differences, and re-asserting our men as men and women as women will we be able to stand as a complimentary erotic whole of the European ethos.



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  • We need to push the traditional nuclear family hard. I don’t believe pushing the gender differences will be successful at the moment, I think we need to get the traditional nuclear family stabilized first then pushing proper gender differences and norms should be an easy task.

  • I can’t believe you’ve come to the point where you have to cite myths as a credible source to back up your claims. You do know that in the Odyssey one of the main characters was a cyclops, right?

  • i think women will be the ultimate losers in the faminazi war for ‘equality’….

    men, REAL men, are already fed up with their bullshyte and are rejecting them in droves.

  • It`s very questionable if the gold standard of a woman for every man and vice versa was actually working for the most of history. Hell, there wouldn`t be vikings if it was so. True, modern substitutes like videogames, long-running TV shows and such make the problem deeper, but are not the reason for it, biological differences between the sexes and amount of males being born and killed are. Who knows, maybe the current state of affairs is slowly returning us to the old norm?

    Oh, and western analog for hikki would be a basement-dwelling NEET.

  • The financial success of Hugh Hefner is the reductio ad absurdum of the belief of Sadducees, John Calvin and the Republican Party that wealth is God’s reward for righteousness and virtue.

    The result of the sexual revolution that Hefner promoted and profited from is the growing number of children who grow up without the security of being raised by both biological parents living together in matrimony. Those children tend to have more problems throughout life.

    • Also look at the radio and podcasting personality Tom Leykis, an unattractive guy, who keeps reminding everyone about his financial success and how that enables him to bang hot chicks without having to spend any money on them.

      Leykis encourages his young male listeners to become financially successful like himself so that they too, can enjoy a life of sexual hedonism without the burdens of marriage and family. He combines an advocacy of bourgeois virtues with degeneracy.

        • Hehe! You both sound like ENVIOUS human beings! LOL! That said, Leykis sounds like the typical misogynistic shock jock. Until now, I’ve never heard of him.

          • Donald Trump said pretty much the same thing when he said his wealth induced women to let him grab him by their vaginas.

    • This is an excellent beginning. It’s the start of an addictively interesting line of inquiry that get to the heart of the left’s curltural strategy. It’s begs so many question be entertained like, what is the left’s intended social goal for the sexual revolution (global communism). What is the mechanism by which the sexual revolution supports collectivist objectives? Why is sexuality such a powerful weapon on the left’s revolutionary arsenal? The latest battle is now in force where every male in society is now immediately an enemy of women and guilty of sexual crimes heretofore non-existent. Any thoughts on how to expand in this article?

  • Lots of coping going on here.. girls are always gonna want tall, aesthetic motherfuckers like me, doesnt matter if it’s 2017 or 2000BC.. feminism isn’t the reason girls don’t want to fuck you. Fix your face or stop whining. Maybe it’s nature telling you it’s better not to fuck over your future kids by passing on your nasty genes

  • The painting. Proof positive that the most sensuous images of women are not porn.
    Check out, “pre-Raphaelites,” me hearties, and feast your eyes.

  • Speaking of sex differences, “The Poz Button” podcast on the TRS website the other day ran an episode about the awfulness of women’s television.

    Basically the speaker said that women lack much of an inner life and the capacity for personal growth, so that a woman can age from 20 to 50 without becoming wise or or thoughtful. TV series reflect that reality by showing characters season after season who don’t grow or develop. As long as the shows contrive petty dramas for the female characters to resolve and restore their comfort levels without learning anything from the experience, women will continue to watch them.

    And I find this very plausible. We all probably know single women in their 40’s who still “date” and talk about their “boyfriends,” like they haven’t mentally left high school. But you try to talk to them about anything else other than their relationships and what they watched on TV the previous night, like what they might have learned about life from their experiences, and they get bored and annoyed.

    Men, by contrast, tend to talk about real things. Even their interest in sports shows a reality-orientation because athletes have to compete according to objective standards of performance.

    • For all their faults, this has not been my experience, but then I associate mostly with homeschool moms who are generally loaded toward the right side of the female bell curve and also more religious, so there is more depth to them than that.

      I see their problems as more an issue of conformity and cowardice.

      I don’t watch any television, so I wouldn’t know but I don’t doubt what you say is true.

  • And bashing Clinton’s pantsuits is hella petty! It’s not easy to look pretty when you’re active, older, and somewhat heavy. Of course, you’re a man who’s whining about how “hard” it is to relate to women. And, no doubt, you’re unmarried and/or an incel and likely to remain so. But, surely you remember what life was like for your mom or your sister? Or, if you weren’t raised around any women, then you’ve, at least, tried to familiarize yourself with women’s “eternal struggle” for timeless beauty? But, apparently not! Instead, you’ve sought NO facts before spewing your misogynistic complaints about women’s looks.

    Also, how many men do you know who earn enough to *comfortably* support a growing family? Maybe you’re wealthy, and know a lot of thriving one-income families, but I’ll bet most of your readers do not. You should be commending women who make financial contributions to their families!!! They’re both bringing home the bacon AND frying it up. Shame on you for disrespecting their labor and dedication!

  • Well, at least you’re calling these men what they are — LOSERS. As for the game being rigged . . . well, I guess you couldn’t resist punking out there. If the “game” is so rigged, then explain Pence and Obama, who both found lasting love with good women.

  • All I can say is that men need to get it together and start acting manly. If you are afraid to do most any activities that would be considered manly and your woman has to go to other men to get simple things accomplished ( oil changed, brakes done, room painted, locks changed etc) how can you whine for respect? Men today can watch YouTube videos that explain how to do all these things so guys get to it. Women are disgusted by men that have no initiative and act like flipping women or fruitcakes.

    • Thank you for your very original and constructive opinion which we haven’t heard before like a gazillion times. Apparently feminism, divorces and the slut culture are men’s faults.

      By the way, aren’t you late to your pussyhat rally?

      • Shove it where the sun doesn’t shine loser. I am a married woman that takes care of 4 children. The 5th is a male in his early 20’s that owns his own home. What have you accomplished in life aside from being a bum? As I will state once again NOT ONE MALE I KNOW IRL ASIDE FROM MY HUSBAND WANTS OR HAS A STAY AT HOME WIFE IN MY AGE GROUP…Stop being a fake a double s. Lots of crap has to change from both men and women. Either way my line will live on. I have made sure that having white children was a number one priority.

        • Well said and I totally agree! Many men have forgotten how to be masculine and self reliant. This must change!

  • 1. Be a Lefty
    2. Rail against White male patriarchy
    3. Look at one of those UN/whatever studies that lists the best countries to be a woman
    4. Notice that all are White nations

  • Men were broken long before the feminists added insult to injury. It is the capitalist materialost world order that made slaves out of them toiling wage earners whose kids could be thrown out to cold and hunger if they dare to challenge anything or anyone. A new serfdom came out of industrial Revolution. Even the feminist movement rests on the possiblity of two wage earners, it was good for the ruling classes.

  • This is indeed a big problem, but I feel that the people that keep on mentioning hypergamy, alpha/beta/gamma/… males, k selection, etc, are missing the main issue here. Not every man in the past could find a mate, and the same applies to women of the past, and this does not require reading blogs like returnofkings, almost all of us at the instinctive level know exactly how the mating game works.If you cannot find a mate, thats really a bad lot in life, but don’t declare the other gender the enemy. It is the jewish control of academia and mass media/entertainment that shapes the ideas what society must conform to, feminism is approved by them and is probably mostly a creation of the jews, focus on the jews and not the symptoms of the jewish creations.

    I really don’t support these “white sharia” types or those that say women should only be subservient wives, Western history is full of strong women of note, if women want careers then that is not the worst thing ever, society should find a way for them have career and have children.

    • We HAVE found a way for women to “have it all”. We just haven’t *funded* it. It’s called a child care subsidy. Society needs to accept that two-income families are the new normal, and improve its level of support for these families. They are the new backbone of America and their children deserve the best.

        • Maybe not, but they have to work. Ideally, they’ll be able to rely on family. But, that’s not an option for everyone. Families have to use the resources that are available to them.

          • Everyone thank “form” for letting us know that taking care of children isn’t “work.”

            Except “form” wants to pay other people to take care of children – as long as it is not their own mothers …

            So if a mother takes care of her own children – that isn’t “work.” But if strangers take care of other people’s children – that is “work” and has to be paid.

            Their insane babbling makes no sense until you realize what they are actually after:

            1. Destruction of the family and forcing women, especially, into wage slavery.

            2. Cross dressing and transgenderism – women must be forced into male roles and vice-versa.

            Of course this is exactly what the Communists did in Romania – the so called “orphanages” – and the weird cross dressing stuff “just happens” to be what the most radical of the kibbutzes did in the early days of the Zionist movement.

            It’s all based on a hatred of nature – and, apparently, their parents.

          • I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you’re a little slow, rather than completely stupid. WORK IS *WELL-PAID* and *TOTALLY VOLUNTARY*. That’s the difference between a child care worker and a woman or man who’s been guilt-tripped into “sacrificing” her fulfillment for her manipulative and needy “family”. Some women stay home with their kids and enjoy it. Other women may do it because their husbands pay them for their time and sweat, or because they’re not able to work, for some reason. And, then, there are women who do it for some combination of those reasons. As long as nobody is forcing a woman out of work, there’s nothing wrong with her life as a housewife. Get it, now?

          • “a child care worker and a woman or man who’s been guilt-tripped into
            “sacrificing” her fulfillment for her manipulative and needy “family””

            Folks, just imagine how broken is the person that writes such things. One must be “guilt-tripped” into taking care of their own family, their own progeny, their own flesh and blood. This is anti-human, and it’s a profound example of alienation from nature and biology.

            You’ll also notice it’s an either/or – children are always an impediment to “fulfillment.”

            We really can’t make social policy based on the emotionally broken, the mentally unhealthy, and the narcissistic. But we must accept these people exist – let’s face it, some women – some men – have no business reproducing.

            However, we do have reliable birth control, so the issue here is NOT that these people are “forced” into parenthood – the reality is, as the infamous French feminists pointed out, most people will choose the family option, thus leaving the anti-natalists “option” as unpopular.

            Which is why these people are at a war with society – they are not satisfied with being given a choice, they demand that their substandard choices be “celebrated” by society. It’s the narcissism.

          • If someone “can’t” have a career because their “family” claims they’re “needed” more at home, then, yes, their mooching family IS toying with them. There is NOTHING unhealthy about building a life apart from your family. Diversity in one’s life does NOT condemn their children to a crappy childhood, or consign their spouse to a crappy marriage. My parents both worked, they were married until death, and my childhood was decent. I went to a day care that had been run and partially funded by my school district. We all gave care, joy, AND LIBERTY to ourselves and each other. The truly sick families are the ones who won’t do that. I believe they DO understand how people can be oppressed by *too much* domesticity. In the 20th century, we built protections from compulsory domesticity. Our challenge in this century will be the construction of exits from excessive domesticity. We should all have the freedom to do what Richard Spencer did, and “check out” of family life, *on our own terms*. Whatever is good enough for him is good enough for the rest of us.

          • “If someone “can’t” have a career because their “family” claims they’re
            “needed” more at home, then, yes, their mooching family IS toying with

            Yet another example of this person “form” projecting their personal issues with their own family onto society at large. To this person, one’s family is some sort of parasite, a leech.

            This is an uncommon, but real, form of mental illness. There are some women with traumatic pregnancies that feel the baby is a “parasite” growing in them. It’s similar to the mental illness where one feels that an arm or a leg is a “foreign growth” and gains relief when they cut it off. You also see this in those who suffer from gender dysphoria, a man might feel he is “really a woman” and want to cut his penis off.

            Just a hunch, I bet hormonal birth control can contribute to such mental illness, but I don’t know if it’s ever been studied.

            “I went to a day care”

            Of course this explains why this person feels that children are a burden – their own mother abandoned them to strangers. This loss of family compels them to draft “society” into providing a substitute family, and of course because “form’s” mother felt that form was a burden and it was “low status” to take care of them, “form” also feels caring for children is “low status.”

            Instead of doing the decent thing and seeing a shrink, form wants to disrupt society to make their own abuse seem “normal.” Misery loves company.

          • Wha you don’t understand is that women who love their own culture consider it a great honor to pass their culture on to the next generation. You do realize that children only wear diapers fora few years do you not? After that, you get to start teaching them their heritage, or is that also beneath you?

          • More miserable than a woman whose “family” tanked her rewarding career? Not likely! If self-directed lives were such fonts of “misery”, men would never have lived them.

          • You are utterly delusional. Studies have PROVEN that women who choose their careers over child rearing are less happy than women who live traditional lifestyles and even more children who are in day care suffer immense psychological trauma and studies have proven for a fact that cortisol levels of children in daycare are equivalent to children who’s parents had died or abandoned them, and are even prone to developing borderline personality disorder, abandoned child syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder and even psychopathy. Nothing about your filthy narcissism is psychologically normal or conducive to a healthy and prosperous society. Your ideology has failed, while ours is a proven success, and in the end we will be proven right. National Socialism is the wave of the future. Get used to it.


            “The “Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development,” supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), said that children who spend time in day care may be more aggressive than children who spend no time in day care. According to the study, the number of hours a child spends in day care also affects his aggression levels; the more hours he is there, the more aggressively he behaves. ”

            “In a study conducted by the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota, children under age 3 who spend time in day care may experience more stress than children of the same age who are not in day care. Children in the study exhibited higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, when they were in the middle of full days at day care; the cortisol levels went down when they went back home.”

            “Young children who spend time in day care may bond less with their mothers than children who stay home with their mothers, according to the NICHD study.”

          • You listen here, you freak of nature. Patriarchy is coming back one way or the other. We can live under the thumb of the White man, or under the brutal whiphand of the colored man.

            Scandinavian women already have childcare subsidies, but they still can’t be bothered to have more than one child, or two at the very most. After fifty years of feminism, their men are so beaten down, they can’t even muster the will to stop fend off the rapefugee invasion. Immigrants have three or four children and openly mock the natives for giving away their country.

            Your way has been tried and failed. If we continue in this fashion, our granddaughters will be wearing burkas thinking how foolish we were to turn on the White man.

          • I’m not a “freak of nature”. You’re hostile and breathtakingly unrealistic! Even if a woman is happy as a housewife, *anything* could befall her and/or her family. What if her husband lost his job, or had his career disrupted? What if he became severely and permanently disabled? What if he was killed by a small-junk gun-nut? What if he ditches her for a younger woman? What if one of her children got sick? What if they had costly academic and/or extracurricular activities? What if they have an unplanned pregnancy and don’t want to abort, adopt, or foster that child? What if she *doesn’t* want to warehouse her elders in a nursing home, and needs to pay for home health care? Women’s careers are often a necessity for everybody’s basic survival.

            But,women’s careers are valuable, even when they’re solely for their own quality of life. Worthwhile families DO NOT monopolize a woman’s time, energy, or money. And it’s important for EVERYONE to keep learning, striving, and impacting the outside world. Many women enjoy “peace and plenty” by using their genes AND skills in their professions. They WON’T be “forced out” of the self-sufficient lives they’ve *earned*.

          • Absolutely nothing you have said here is relevant to my point. Let me try explaining this again. Feminism has led to collapsing birth rates throughout the West. The future belongs to those who show up for it. Feminist cultures are not producing children to replace their populations, so they are being replaced by patriarchal cultures that are producing children.

            It doesn’t matter how you or I feel about this. Feminism is an evolutionary dead-end.

      • “It’s called a child care subsidy. Society needs to accept that two-income families are the new normal”

        My god, these people are just stupid. He wants to force women into the capitalist system – THEN, he wants to pay OTHER WOMEN to take care of the children of the women he forced into wage slavery …

        Or, you know, we could just let women take care of their own children …

          • Many men do take care of their children. My dad was wonderful. But, even he didn’t do the grunt work of child rearing – planning the birthday parties or the family vacations, watching cartoons, breaking up fights among the kids. Whether or not a woman works, she’ll always be stuck doing the menial tasks of raising children. Since women are 100% saddled with those tasks, they have 100% of the authority to delegate them to whomever she can get to perform them. Don’t like it? Then, log off your computer and toil away at the thankless and unpaid work of caring for your kids.

          • “he didn’t do the grunt work of child rearing – planning the birthday
            parties or the family vacations, watching cartoons, breaking up fights
            among the kids.”

            The profound disrespect for their own father – who likely sacrificed quite a bit more, and did far more “grunt work,” than throwing birthday parties for little kids – is evident here.

            These people are profoundly alienated from biology and tend toward extreme narcissism.

            But notice that no one is forcing them to reproduce. It is not “choice” they are after – they already have that – they want to make everyone else as miserable as they are. They want their choices to be “celebrated” because they hate to see people who made difference choice happy – because that reminds them of how unhappy they themselves are.

            These are sick and malicious people.

          • I do NOT disrespect my father! He was a role model for me, and a FAR better man than many of the men on this website! If he could read this junk, he’d be floored to see “men” wallowing in misogyny, self-pity, and a hostile pining for a bygone pit of injustice. But despite his high values, he was not faultless. Perhaps, he had no interest or ability to do the low-status work of curating children. I’d really like to assume that was his only aversion to it. Unfortunately, though, I do not. I believe he felt, on some level, an intrinsic unwillingness to “reduce” himself to “female” (“nanny”/“kindergarten teacher”/“babysitter”/“mother”) work. He made his choice, and I don’t really resent him for it. Our male-dominant culture left its mark on him. So, there’s nothing that anyone could have done about his hangups. And, I’m sure you’d agree, that he would have been low on the totem of misogynists. Yet, even that much misogyny could have seriously hurt my family, if there weren’t sufficient controls on it. Because those controls existed, we all got to pursue our dreams. We ALL have a spectrum of choices. We can have spouses or not, have children or not, make them our sole focus or not. Whatever we choose SHOULD be celebrated by society. As long as we all serve society, we should all enjoy our FULL freedoms within it.

          • ” the low-status work of curating children.”

            Please notice the misogyny. “Feminism” has always been a misnomer, because the “feminist” movement has ALWAYS been about denigrating women and women’s contributions to society. It’s all plain as day – “form” considers a mother caring for her own children to be “low status.” This is of course why “form” demands society provide a servant class, because “form” doesn’t want to engage in the “low status” work of motherhood.

            Of course Western/European/White societies have always lauded and idealized motherhood – a central icon of Western culture is the Madonna and Child.

            The relationship between feminism and cross dressing/transgenderism is of course well known – the early feminists were literal cross dressers and that didn’t go unnoticed at the time either. The modern feminist icon, Hillary Clinton, is a literal “drag king.”

            I’ve written about the subject here: Is Feminism a Gender Identity Disorder?

          • You know, it may seem like I’d put my foot in my mouth, and maybe I could have euphemized the reality of family life, but, at bottom, most child care IS low-status work. You can see that everywhere in our society. We pay pediatricians less than general practitioners. We pay elementary school teachers less than college professors. We demand NO training for day care workers, whether they’re licensed or unlicensed. People who work for children are never invited to pontificate on the news or on the floors of Congress. Mothers often give their whole lives for their children, only to be estranged by them, or caged in “nursing homes” to die. It’s dishonest and dangerous to romanticize motherhood, and women have quit buying into that fairy tale. If society wants women to coddle everyone, then it must raise the compensation – both social and financial – that it doles out for their feel-good labor.

          • Notice the conflation of “status” with pay. Money = status, it’s all about money.

            In traditional societies, family life always existed *outside* of the market. Interestingly, among aristocrats certain work was done *without* pay because doing something for money was actually considered low status.

            But not so with the modern progressive. It is of course misogynist to the core, because all women’s work – which often existed outside of capitalism – is to them “low status” because it exists outside of the capitalist system.

            So for “form” – the temporarily embarrassed millionaire whose cash flow problems prevent them from hiring servants to do the low-status drudge work of raising their own children – child care being feminine, is thus low status

            ” Mothers often give their whole lives for their children, only to be estranged by them, or caged in “nursing homes” to die”

            Again, we see the personal damage done to this person because their mother abandoned them to “low status child care workers” – one sees the distrust of family ties.

            Again, it needs a shrink, not a political movement.

            But for the Alt Right, the lesson is clear – we REALLY need to rebuild and repaid our broken civic society, to prevent tragedies like this from happening in the future.

          • It’s not “all about money”, Racist. I slammed child/family curating for being low-pay AND low-prestige AND low-autonomy AND low-visibility. In every possible way, it’s “work” that nobody can or should be forced into. My mother *did not* abandon me and was never abandoned by her family. Fortunately, she was strong enough to raise her family to respect her. I wish more women had done that during her generation. Unless you’re able to cram us all into an alt-time capsule, the alt-right will NOT railroad women “back into the kitchen”. So, take off the tinfoil and focus on building RECIPROCITY with women. Either that, or go “incel”. Your choice.

          • form,

            ONLY a hard core woman-hating misogynist like yourself thinks that a woman taking care of her own children is “low prestige and low-visiblity.”

            You are so alienated from biology, family, and society you can’t even make the obvious distinction between caring for you own family and paying someone else to do it – a job which you yourself clearly believe is “low prestige” and “low autonomy” and “low visibility.”

            I won’t embarrass you further by yet again pointing out how utterly unfeminine your world view is, and how masculine your sense of status is (low-visibility…)

            The rest of your bluster is really just a sign of your own insecurity and fear – as if anyone here is interested in allowing someone like you into their kitchen – as if anyone is at all interested in “railroading” you into anything.

            I must remind you that it is YOU, not US, that is demanding “society” – i.e., other people – provide you with servants to do the “low status” and “low visibility” job of taking care of your own family.

            I can assure you, the most people on the Alt Right want is to ignore you. We are not part of the “society” you think you can railroad into being your servant class so you can play drag king, dress up in men’s suits, and act out your cross dressing fetish.

          • And, most women *don’t* believe their relatives are “parasites”. The reason for that is simple – they are free to CHOOSE what they’ll do for their relatives, when they’ll do it, how they’ll do it, how they’ll decide who they’ll “do” for, and how they’ll stop “doing”. Every one of my comments has defended women’s right to have as many choices as men have always had.

          • Men have NEVER had the “choices” you are pretending women don’t have. You, being a flat out misogynist, simply believe that women’s role are by nature inferior, and thus project onto male roles some sort of status they don’t actually have. Men, individually as well as collectively, have duties and responsibilities. Men don’t get to “choose” to not take care of their families – we call those men “deadbeat dads” and punish them quite severely.

            You’re a misogynist, you despise femininity, women’s work, women’s roles, and envy the male role – a cross dresser, in other words. A transgender. Odd.

          • Men have always been allowed to work, go to school, serve in the military, own property, vote, travel, speak in public, and the list goes on. Women have not.

            And men’s self-regulating DID NOT result in a hassle-free child support system for women. Even now, a man can pretty much slough off his child support duties. Try reading some women’s publications once in a while. It happens all the time.

            Denial of male privilege is the ULTIMATE misogyny. And, to our misfortune, you are perfectly normal.

          • “Men have always been allowed to work, go to school, serve in the
            military, own property, vote, travel, speak in public, and the list goes

            This hysterical example of privilege is only upstaged by “form’s” own gender bending. As if “work” is a privilege that men “get” to engage in. As if military service – traditionally, *compulsory* often via a *draft* is a privilege that men “get” to engage in. Even voting (traditionally, in return for military service – i.e., literally fighting and dying in battle) or owning property (also traditionally, a responsibility not a “privilege”) are things that men have the “privilege” of doing, as opposed to being coerced, compelled, and forced into …

            “Form” just betrays its status as a middle class striver who believes it is somehow “owed” the life of an upper class aristocrat.

            But the real key here is its gender bending, its lack of femininity, and its cross-dressing – it clearly suffers from envy of male roles and holds women and women’s roles in contempt.

            It’s a transgender.

          • Aristocrat, my ass! Women work themselves ragged to pay for child care! And those activities ARE privileged, or else women would never have been EXCLUDED from participating in them! I am NOT a transgender, and even if I were, I’d still be right! People don’t “envy” their social equals. In this society, *both* of us can advance as far as our talents and resources will take us.

          • “Women work themselves ragged to pay for child care!”

            As opposed to just caring for their own children, directly.

            No, you are not an aristocrat – you just clearly believe you are owed an aristocrat’s lifestyle. Because you wouldn’t want to have to do the “low status, low visibility” work of taking care of your own children – you want other people to be forced to do that for you, so you can wear men’s clothing in an office somewhere and act out your transgender fantasies.

            You are a failure as a woman and you’re even more of a failure as a man.

          • Racist, you don’t know what gender I am, whether or not I have kids, or if I could afford to hire 1 nanny or 20. And child care workers aren’t “forced” to do that work. They can and do bail on it, whenever they want to. Women succeed when they support themselves. It’s MEN who fail, when they try to curtail women’s independence. Men have provoked more divorces by trying to hijack their wives’ educations and careers.

      • Notice too that “form” here thinks they deserve to live like some aristocrat from the feudal era. This person demands servants to do all the icky work of raising their children.

        But “form” apparently can’t actually afford a servant, so demands that “society” (i.e, other people) provide a “child care subsidy” so this person can neglect their own children and pawn off their responsibility to some sort of “servant class” that will do the work for them.

        Again, it’s profound narcissism. We can’t make social policy based on these people’s anti-social and malicious hang-ups.

        Clearly, obviously, the better solution is to liberate mothers from wage-work. Let’s not forget, Europeans for much of the last few centuries thought of wage labor as “slavery” – they even called it “wage slavery” – and counted it as barely a step above agricultural chattel slavery.

          • I’m all for it. Wage slavery is a relic of the past.

            Of course, what you are really after is forcing society into your cross-dressing fetish. You clearly have no interest in giving fathers time to spend with their children – you want to force men into women’s roles – and women into men’s roles – because you yourself are a misogynist that despises femininity and has zero respect for women and traditional feminine roles.

            It’s sick – you are sick. Stop trying to force your fetish onto other people.

  • im 28 years old. last decent looking girl who showed any interest in me was 26, a bartender, in a lesbian relationship, with a percocet habit. last girlfriend before that was a recently divorced (“i just wasn’t haaaaaappppy”) wino who, while open to the JQ and other ideas, soundly rejected anything that would force her to admit sex differences. ex wife, before that was a raging alcoholic, gambling junkie, serial shopper, and yet, all that stayed buried until AFTER the ring went on the finger. i could go on and on. we need white sharia for this generation of women.

      • Haha druggies and drunk losers, out of my league? I think not. You don’t know me, where I live, or my circumstances.

        • Apparently “decent looking” is out of your league. Hey – this is the right wing – there is no such thing as “equality.” You may want to try a chubby girl with a pretty face and a nice disposition. Not everyone gets to bang the hot crazy bartender.

          • I banged all the women I’ve mentioned. Decent looking to me is not hot. Ex wide was hot, ex girl friend was hot. The one I mentioned has a nice race but is lacking in the chest area. And ive probably banged more hot women than you ever will – judging by how much time you spend online starting flamewars all over the internet.

          • The women have no morals these days. They have been jewed. That is the only point I was trying to make with my anecdote.

  • We are Animals……..

    Our Testes are pumping out Millions of Sperm a Day……..

    They want to be Released……..

    And then the Eyes awaken to the Modern World………

    And then the Mind awakens to the Modern World……….

    And then the Body senses Confusion……..

    And relays to the Mind……..

    But, the Mind senses Confusion……….

    And relays to the Eyes again for Verification………

    But, the Eyes are Magnetized………


    So, the Mind has to Humble itself and ask the Heart for Advice………

    And the Heart says…….

    “Let’s all keep Communicating and Protecting this Self”……


      • White Europeans have different Opinions……..

        Think about this Tortured/Blessed White European Soul…….

        …..delving into the Ultimate Deconstructed Depths/Heights of Existence……….

        Lucky……..because of his High IQ/Family Connections……..

        While the Workers/Peasants labored/sweated and BIRTHED Exponentially………….

        And CELEBRATED while this DEEP DIGGER died Childless……..

        And yet…….

        Somehow we Europeans find ourselves in a Position……..

        Where this Divergence has Reemerged into a Necessary Singularity………

        Where this Existential Deconstruction can Remedy……

        ……our Demographic Destruction……….

  • A healthy patriarchal society doesn’t have to conscript women into doing the right thing, like in Margaret Atwood’s preposterous novel and its two (!) film adaptations.

    Instead we just have to stop creating escape routes that women can use to avoid their responsibility.

    So, for example, if most white women couldn’t go to college to get useless degrees in the liberal arts and the social “sciences,” they would more likely stay in their communities, find productive local men of good character to marry and form families with them at their peak fertility.

    This system has worked for countless generations to keep white communities in business, and I don’t see why we can’t restore it as we rebuild a civilization which functions with man’s nature and makes sense.

    • You don’t see why that oppressive system can’t be resurrected? Women make up half the population and a slight majority of the vote. Even p*ssy-grabbing Cheeto needed women in order to win. And, women ARE forced into servitude to men, when they’re discriminated against in employment and education. Their jobs and degrees are NOT “useless”. They’ve provided good lives for many women from all walks of life. In those lives, some women have cared for family and friends, at *their* discretion. Unlike in your sexist dystopia, the real world *doesn’t* doom certain groups to hell on earth. That’s why NO patriarchal society is healthy OR strong. If a society does nothing else, it should preserve the gamut of human potential. Your “ideal” system failed because women’s potential was preempted by men’s aggression and insecurities. So, give it up, snowflake. Women don’t owe you a damn thing! If you want a sustainable system, then try to build one that makes YOU accountable for YOU.

      • The idea of feminism started late in Enlightenment, a little over 200 years ago, and proximately from the writings of an Englishwoman named Mary Wollstonecraft. (Despite what some Alt Right people claim, the Jews didn’t invent a lot of the bad ideas damaging our society; white people in the 18th Century came up with these notions that the Jews later appropriated and repurposed towards their own ends.)

        So, basically, we have upended a patriarchal system that worked for thousands of years to keep the human species in business in a harsh and dangerous world, in favor of a radical social experiment based on 18th Century pseudoscience.

        • Horses and wagons worked for thousands of years, too. So did duels. And bloodletting. But, progress made those “essentials” obsolete, just like it made legalized misogyny obsolete. Human evolution IS science. Humanity can’t survive without women, and women WON’T serve it, unless *their* humanity survives, too. It’s YOUR responsibility to adjust in the social system that’s working *today*. The past is gone forever, and you’ll lose your present and future, if you don’t accept a world where women are your equal.

          • “Progress” implies motion toward something – what is it you are “progressing” toward? Your utopia is a dystopia for the vast majority of men and women. The last time your types were in power you unleashed the worst genocide in history and police states on half the world – a dystopia we are only now recovering from.

            Like all religious fanatics you have no connection to reality whatsoever.

          • What “last time” are you babbling about? And did you actually *read* my comments, or just scan them for sound bytes? I’ve said nothing about religion. It’s you who’s detached from reality!

          • Next time, try thinking before you post. Your movement spent the 20th century engaged in mass murder and setting up police states around the world. Everything you posted was religious nutjobbery – just because your insane ideology is non-theistic doesn’t make it non religious.

            And btw – “evolution” is NOT “human science” – you are thinking of “eugenics.” You leftists are like the perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, it’s astonishing.

      • “oppressive system” … “women ARE forced into servitude to men”

        Leftism is a hell of a drug …

        “That’s why NO patriarchal society is healthy OR strong.”

        ONLY patriarchal societies are healthy and strong. Matriarchal societies never got past the stone age.

        “We could make an epic catalog of male achievements, from paved roads, indoor plumbing, and washing machine to eyeglasses, antibiotics and disposable diapers. We enjoy safe, fresh milk and meat, and vegetables and tropical fruits heaped in snowbound cities. When I cross the George Washington Bridge or any of America’s great bridges, I think: men have done this. Construction is a sublime male poetry. When I see a see a giant crane passing on a flatbed truck, I pause in awe and reverence as would for a church processions. … If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts. — Camilla Paglia

        • Nobody is saying that men aren’t important or that they haven’t made big achievements. Instead, some of us are reminding you that women could have done those things, if only they’d had the chance. Groups that hoard opportunities for achievement CANNOT grab all the credit for those achievements. In a fair society, many of those men would NOT have been the first to invent, compose, and discover. They would not ALL have done the best work. GENUINE competition would have left some of them in a woman’s dust, as we’re witnessing today. You’re living well in a world where women can distinguish themselves. And women on the right and on the left perform leadership roles every day. So, just simmer down on the misogyny, m’kay?

          • You are essentially a misogynist – you hate women so much you want to FORCE them into male roles – that is how little you value women and their contributions to society.

            What caused you to be so full of hate anyway? Did your mom abandon you to daycare? It shows.

  • I know a woman who tried to make a career as an indifferent scientist, then in her 30’s she married and had a daughter. Now she realizes she has found a purpose which works with her nature as a woman.

  • Guys we got new info about the shooter in Las Vegas –
    Prepper Mountain
    16 hours ago
    PAY ATTENTION – I have been posting on twitter since 8 am that this is ANTIFA. His girl friend IS Antifa, They ANTIFA got suddenly quiet, went sorta underground and they have planted this clown Paddock in that room after funding his gambling with payoffs to him for straw gun purchases then the day of this shooting he had met them in that room with but loads of guns and ammo. They busted out the windows and started shooting the crowd with him in their. Cameras were set up to see the cops coming, they ran, leaving him to get all blame. SURE AS THE DAY IS LONG, its going to happen again real soon.”

    Prepper Mountain
    16 hours ago
    Weeks ago Speaking to a guy on the CB who trucks through Vegas said they were spending weeks trying to get straw buyers to kick off a big party in Vegas. They approached him 2 times in 3 days in the TA Truck stop and others and offered him big money to buy lots of guns then claim they were stolen, to deliver them in vegas. ( truckers warn other drivers about things)
    Random CB talk with a OTR driver yes, but now apparently not some kook when seeing this all happen. rest is common sense.

    Prepper Mountain
    16 hours ago
    $100 bet you get the TA on IH-15 on the edge of Vegas to roll beck their lot cameras you will see these crazy leftist fuks in their vans or bus nearby. They sorta home base a bunch near there, you see them staging for runs there in Henderson behind the Autozone, its common.

  • I don’t believe in the red bill or black pill.

    I believe only in the Bitter Pill as the path to truth and redemption.

  • The roots of the issue are much deeper than you’d think. It started with the abolition of the castes. In the highest age, a man would marry within his caste and his wife would be almost completely identical to all the other women in the caste. Under these conditions there is no room for lust of other flesh. Possessing one woman in your caste was the same as possessing all of them. The same was true for the female.

    The Western monogamous pairing is a pale echo of that golden age.

    The issue is exacerbated even further when you add in loss of racial homogeneity to the mix but it is foolish to think that if it were not for Jews, there would be no sexual degeneration. Jews act as agents of Kali Yuga and not the other way around.

  • Hmmmmm, men and women have always had trouble communicating. Our brains are wired differently for different purposes.
    Modernity sucks but the gender war is nothing new.

  • I believe that the presence of African slaves went a long way towards destroying this norm. Think Strom Thurmond’s black daughter.

    Yet another aspect where slavery was awful.

  • I have lived enough to know that casual sexual encounters though thrilling and empowering at that moment are not worth it in the long run. Monogamy with a good woman is best. Finding a good woman is the hard part when most of our women are sexually promiscuous and ruined.

      • This. The majority of women will sway with the social breeze. However, get them in private, show you are strong willed and not deterred easily and you’ll find the vast majority are winnable. I honestly believe that many women ‘adopt’ feminism purely as a way of filter out weak men. The ‘shit test/bitch shield’ as the manosphere calls it.

        • I was not referring to them being feminists; I was referring to them being untrustworthy, sexually promiscuous, self entitled, neurotic, and so forth; all results of feminism. Thus many if not most do not make good wives.

          Good luck passing the shit test with a dedicated feminist by showing her how many you are. You will live in absolute misery and torture with said woman even if you do win her over.

          There is always Eastern Europe. Or if you can find some of the decent (where they are is the mystery) Western women.

        • You have just described female hypergamy at its finest…

          The ‘weak men’ or so called ‘beta males’ are the vast majority of the male population. The only people who are impervious to shit tests (e.g. “honey I think I am pregnant, but I don’t want to take a pregnancy test…So…I don’t know… lets wait and see!”) are people who are either certified sociopaths or have so many options (due to money, status or appearance) that they don’t really care.

          Sadly for women, sociopaths and ‘alpha males’ are not in abundance and when every mediocre looking girl out there thinks she deserves one and she constantly shit tests every male she encounters, then she is bound to end up in a house full of cats.

          All this hullabaloo about been strong and determined will might get you laid, it won’t get you a family which will not end in divorce. Women today can have their cake and eat it too and it is ludicrous to believe that they will sacrifice that for the good of society or the good of the race.

          Females will either be subjugated again or the white race and eventually the whole species is doomed.

    • I have lived enough to know that casual sexual encounters though thrilling and empowering

      Dude, are you sure you’re not a dudess?

      • Ed it could all be a masonic/Illuminati, false flag, O.T.O, reptilian wool over the eyes conspiracy you are onto it. Better start digging Ed.

  • From a dualist perspective making men into women and women into men is pure evil and satanic. Good and evil, black and white, male and female, positive and negative, yin and yang are all part of the natural order (God’s creation if you will) and by attempting to overthrow that order one is serving evil (Satan or however you want to put it).

    Therefore you have to conclude that feminism is satanic (evil). I think it is no coincidence that you will find literal satanists and occultists into androgyny, child molestation, homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexualism. They literally are in rebellion against the natural order (God’s order) and serve the lord of chaos (Satan).

    Whether or not you are religious this can be observed and understood even from an atheistic point of view. Just replace God with Nature.

  • Good article. The alt right has to do more to incorporate the greater anti feminist/pro-traditionalism movement into identitarianism/race realism.

  • The real problem is Negroes.

    Only black men pose a threat to white men.

    I mean white women don’t think Asian men, Mexican men, Arab men, Hindu men, and etc are superior to white man. White Man has more Iconic power than those men. So, even if feminism is anti-family and anti-male, the presence of non-black minority men doesn’t threaten the white man. If anything, even non-white women mostly seek out white men.

    The problem is Negroes who have iconic power as rappers, singers, dancers, athletes, and mandingo studs.
    This is what cuck culture is about. I mean who heard of a white guy inviting a hindu guy, chinese guy, or mexican guy to do his woman? It’s usually black.

    Feminism is anti-family and for slut culture. But why is this esp threatening? After all, even sluts can stick with white men. The problem is slut culture leads white women going to black men since the latter are more muscular and bigger donged and have stronger voices. THAT is why slut culture is so dangerous.
    After all, what do white girls grow up to? Black music that says ‘muh dick’. What do white girls cheer for? Black athletes in their high schools and colleges. Section 8 will send blacks to every high school across America, and white girls will be cheering and putting out to Negroes in every high school. And what is the big cultural trope in US and world culture, esp via internet porn? Negroes got bigger dongs. As white men lose white women to negroes — notice the rise of white women as single mothers with mulatto kids —, more white men will have to marry asian or mexican women and have mixed-race mongrels for their own kids.

    IF white men were top studs, then slut culture would be far less threat to whites. It would mean white women in night clubs dancing to white music and cheering for white heroes in sports. But our culture is about white women dancing to black sex music and cheering for black men as alphas in sports.

    • Only an absolute whore prizes a manly even marginally on his penis size. I say what few there are of those women they can go after the blacks and miscegenate. And we can leave them behind

      • Gubbler is obsessed the subject, posting about it under multiple names for years and years, across many different websites

        • I skimmed his comment and was like “you are either a troll, Jew shill, or you have some serious mental problems”

          Makes sense now

      • Indeed. When (((our teachers))) gush about negro penises (in their endless attacks on Whites), my mind always says, “What? Our women are barnyard animals now?”

        “Women lusting after large penises” is a Jewish meme and signifies the way Jews think about life and the world.

      • True, but we have moving away from culture to nature. Culture puts brakes on natural drives. But the ‘West’ no longer has respect for intellect, culture, history, and heritage. It’s about thrills, thrills, and thrills.

        It’s about videogame highs, blockbuster bang for the buck, porn in every hotel room, Tinder sex, slut culture, and pop idols.

        There is no more culture. Just natural drives in our pop culture.

        Pop Culture is to most people what meth is to hillbillies and crack is to Negroes.

        Now, true nature has its own checks and balances. Just like there is moral hazard, there is natural hazard. We see this play out in Africa where savage natural behavior leads to social collapse.
        But in the West, the naturally destructive tendencies of blacks are subsidized by White Wealth. So, even Baltimore keeps getting freebies from whites. Also, black savagery is glorified and disseminated by sports, music, porn, and narrative.

        Left to its own devices, black savagery will lead to ruin. The law of Natural Hazard will check black power since black excesses will lead to black failure.

        But in the West, black destructiveness is remedied by white wealth that keeps flowing to blacks in the name of ‘white guilt’. Also, black savagery has been commercialized and monetized for the Big Moguls of music, sports, pornography, and fashion. White Technology and Japanese technology amplifies Black Savagery. After all, Africa makes no TV and electronics whereas Japan makes many of those. But do we see Japanese on those gadgets? No, all we see are Negroes as icons of Natural Alpha.

      • It’s men, not women, that have a fetish about penis size. The average woman is physically smaller than the average man and a vagina is a few inches long. It’s girth, not length, that makes a man “well endowed” and increases women’s pleasure, but porn culture (that appeals to men, not women) is all about length. A man with a long penis just bangs against a woman’s cervix – that is not pleasurable, that’s just painful.

        The obsession over black men supposedly having larger penises is an aspect of porn culture – it’s literally cuckold porn – and it’s not factually accurate anyway. The officially largest penis on a living man is some Dutch guy and no woman will have sex with him because he’s a freak and it would just hurt her.

        This particular poster’s obsession with black men and their penises is just a fetish and is simply best ignored. There is zero competition from black men for white women.

    • It’s a question of opposites. White men are seen as the top evolutionary specimens and represent civilization and order even in the liberal unconscious (patriarchy, white privilege). Black men are seen as the lowest form of human life, dumb and physical. Barred bestiality the best way white women can rebel against ‘the patriarchy’ and order in general is to ‘bestow their virtues’ onto a black animal instead of a white man. The penis size thing is a silly yet related deviation from the real reason behind the phenomenon. It’s a fad like punk and goth styles but unlike those, women should be held accountable to it as it goes beyond bashing society, it’s betraying the race.

  • Basic stuff but I don’t think I’ve seen it stated so clearly and succinctly. Very good. And it bears repeating over and over again.

  • I see many angles to human sexuality in America.
    -Tradition has its problems. We need to face these problems before pushing tradition again. If we do not face these problems resistance will take place even unconsciously.
    – Sexual revolution was part of the social upheaval of the 1960’s. Other movements of that time included
    the Counter culture movement
    Feminism and equal rights for women
    Black power and desegregation
    The Hippie generation which meshed with the Counter culture movement
    popularization of Marxism
    The rise of militant liberalism.

    Most of these I personally attribute to the 45 goals of Communist to take over America. Google them and see how most fit a pattern. I am sure there are other reasons outside of Communism.

  • So very true, this is a critical issue.

    I feel the damage, and can see the effect on others profoundly.

    Even in stable families it takes a toll

  • We know the problems, but what are the solutions? It seems only the most powerful government could solve this problem by forcing people back to how they were.

    • The solution is right there, it’s been discussed a million times, it’s common sense, and it’s what traditional societies have always done.

      You control the status system by community building. Online “communities” are like porn – it’s not the real thing. Just like getting upvote internet points are not the same thing as real social status.

      You need a real life social fraternity – i.e., of men – that sets their own rules. Build that and the women will come running and insert themselves into that system. That’s how it always worked.

      If you want to be all academic about it you can use the term “mannerbund” but it’s essentially the same thing.

      The other big issue is the “no fault divorce” issue, but that is as much political as social. So the only way to solve that one (and that’s a big one) is by growing your IRL community large enough you can influence the political system.

      On the other hand, women are far less likely to divorce their husbands and abandon their families when they would alienate their entire social network.

  • Who is setting women against men? Jews? I have seen plenty of nationalist white women saying that feminism is a white woman thing, and that feminism is good and would have existed even if there were no jews.

    • Germanic and Celtic European women were always stronger and more independent than their Asian and Middle Eastern counterparts. This is still true today. First wave “feminism” was, in my opinion, an attempt to correct the excesses of Victorian bourgeois hypocrisy, which was restrictive and unnatural. However, the Jews stepped in and exploited these grievances, just as they did with the troubles between industrial labor and management, and turned a situation which should have been resolved with collaboration into a class war, or a war between the sexes.

      They are a race of parasites. The plastic demon of decomposition.

      • NW European women are no different from their men, susceptible to extreme, self-destructive forms of individualism.

    • Do you really think we should take what women say as absolute fact?
      Especially when their existence depends so much on their ability to be dishonest about their own nature.

    • Second wave feminism was started by the book “The Feminine Mystique” and it was all about consumer culture turning women into decorative housewives. One of the main complaints in the book was that women’s magazines pre-TV were all about “how to prepare food” and “how to sew clothing for your children” and otherwise encouraged women to be useful, productive, and hard working in their own sphere.

      Then came the post-war prosperity, and the media sold the fantasy of the “housewife” which did little useful work, but were instead a decorative addition to the other consumer products like the dishwasher and washing machines.

      Of course plenty of women loved the fantasy of being a “kept woman” of a successful 1950s Ward Cleaver type businessman. But smart women do get bored sitting around the house all day and serving TV dinners in pearls and high heels.

      Women have always “worked” but the economy (and technology) changed. The trick that feminism used was to lure these bored women outside of the sphere of women and into the sphere of men.

      Rebuild the sphere of women; give smart and ambitious women useful and productive work and they would happily stay out of the sphere of men because they were never particularly interested in doing men’s work anyway, in many cases they had few options.

      • There is plenty we can do. We can organize youth sports, concerts, plays, fund-raisers, etc. This is all very interesting work that builds skills and contacts for women in case the need to work outside the home ever arises.

  • And why? Population control, control of people. This is the eugenics the masonic oligarchy has been talking about for 150 years and more.
    Not merely in numbers but in direct control over what it means to be human and live a communal life, no more sin only humanism and rights, no more life-to-virtue but life to pleasure and life to vice.
    They have sexualized the culture and deprived people of their own sexuality in twist of societal anxiety and chaos.

    Only marital monogamy strictly enforced on all levels of society and burning of contraceptives can return sanity to the country. The breaking of the marital vow or sexual promiscuity ought to make the particular individual a pariah.

    The Black race itself used to be better off when they were pressured by norm and law to marry and stay that way.

    • I gave a like to this but I think that the process which promotes these factors are somewhat unconscious and have only become more conscious of what they are doing in more recent decades.

      It is a bit much to believe in a totally organized conspiracy.

    • The result of the sexual revolution is the growing number of children who grow up without the security of being raised by both biological parents living together in matrimony. Those children tend to have more problems throughout life.

        • Alt-right men treat alt-Right women like shit. If a man defends her, he’s a White Knight. If she defends herself, she’s an uppity feminist. The women are coming. They will give this movement a chance, but probably only one. You might consider deferring to cooler heads on this issue. This movement will not get a second chance to get this right.

          • I don’t want any leadership roles, but being able to express a reasoned opinion without being told I need a spanking would be nice.

          • Lexi

            They aren’t trolling you and “treating you like shit” because you are a woman – just look at what they say to other men.

            They act like that because they are trolls. The fact you’re a woman just means they can tailor the troll to you. If you were a man, they’d still “treat you like shit.”

          • That is untrue. We do not treat women ‘like shit’. Most ‘alt-right’ women I have come across are very ‘feminist’ and egalitarian in their mindset and attitude and don’t want to admit it and are not used to having men in charge and not being allowed any leadership roles or marxist style ‘equality’, which upsets many of them and drives them away. If you want to truly be a part of this movement then you must be willing to submit yourself to the natural order and respect the leadership principle and traditional gender roles, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter.

          • This doesn’t mean women should stay in the kitchen and waste their talents for something robots in the near future will do. I agree they shouldn’t be let too free of taking important decisions, or stay in positions of leadership in politics, but we shouldn’t go too far with this. We need women. White women are angels, we have our faults too for letting jews posioning our society.

          • Woman are ‘wasting their talents” by staying at home and making a happy home for the family? What utter tosh.

          • Can you really imagine a world that women wouldn’t be able to express their talents and go to academia to study womyn studies or sociology and then have a career as social workers or HR managers?

            The horror….

          • I actually don’t disagree with any of that. I don’t think women should have leadership roles either. That’s not what I’m talking about. They actually really do often treat us like complete dogshit.

          • I posted a link to TRSVforum topic entitled:

            Tara McCarthy needs to shut her filthy whore mouth

            By Old Gregg from upthread. It was removed but you can go over there and look at it yourself.

          • I come to this site because it has intellectually stimulating articles. I have not yet felt mistreated by any men here.

            I would like to add that sexualization of the media and the breakdown of the family unit belonged to the first phase of the “sexual revolution”, just like there was a “first” and “second” wave of “feminism.” The destruction already started in this first phase.And one of the primary factors was indeed the move away from Christianity and Christian values which taught restraint in sexuality (premarital sex was not the norm as it was already when I was growing up) and the sanctity of marriage which was like the relationship between Christ and the Church. One strain of thought I find here often is the erroneous attempt to divorce (excuse the pun) our Western civilization from Christian morality. Do not make that mistake!

          • Incidentally, I do not even believe in women’s suffrage. My experience as a woman is that there are few truly intelligent women. Most are swayed by tribalistic attitudes (e.g. vote for a woman such as Hillary, because I am a woman) or ultimately make irrational decisions based on emotion and the primeval need to nurture, such as the Chancellor of Germany in her decision to open the floodgates to all of the Middle East and Africa. They vote for things like abortion. Or are persuaded by “women’s issues”, such as the breast cancer scam.

          • I agree with you that women usually vote emotionally and against their own interests and that of their people.
            Better for White interests that the family casts a vote rather than the individual.
            The family is the unit on which White tribes are built and as such are entitled to one vote.
            You don’t have a family, you don’t have a vote.
            The challenge for White Nationalist/AR women is how to embrace their trad roles yet not totally stifle their intelligence.
            I’m heavily invested in political discourse and I also love the trad roles of “children, church and kitchen”.
            If we can ever develop high trust societies again, women can use their skills as guardians of their communities: ensuring that White elderly people, people who are ill or who are falling through the cracks, new moms, etc are cared for while men make the financial and political decisions that affect the White community.
            In what world, these structures can be created is anyone’s guess.
            First we need complete partitions for Whites, we need to send back the savages, and we need to ostracize, jail or execute the political traitors that call for our genocide.
            For now, insist on White goods and services.
            You don’t want a Paki doctor or a Somali policeman.
            It should soon become very obvious to non-whites that White people want nothing to do with them and that we patronize and take care of our own.
            We insist on our own.
            Let the colored people do the best they can without us.
            Shun White traitors.
            Cut them off and make them go live with the poc in the ghettos that they create.
            And finally, remove jews back to Israel, totally ignore them, and leave them to their middle eastern fate.

          • True, we can find meaningful work to do without competing with men in the paid workforce. There are going to be fewer jobs available as automation starts taking off. There’s no sense in one family getting two salaries while another has none.

          • Women longing to be leaders comes from a maternal place that is alien to them. We are leaders of our children & grandchildren. Matriarchy is a big responsibility. Since young girls for many generations have been told motherhood is a negative path & independence is the positive path they don’t know how to deal with this longing to be in charge. Many women don’t understand that when we are in charge we tend to deal with people as if they’re children rather than looking a them as adults. I have worked under women & men & let me tell you, men area lot better to work for! I love making the decisions for my household! Here at home I am in charge. But my husband is the leader of our family. With giving him that space he in turn chooses wisely for us all.

          • Profile public. Account created Aug 16, 2017. Only comments in Altright and Breitbart. Divisive and sex baiting comments.

            You look like a shill or a paid troll.

          • It’s just growing pains. Five years ago there were virtually no “traditional” women, but instead a bunch of shrill harpies who just happened to not like black people. Now? There are all sorts of “traditional” women in the movement – a great development.

            As this new phase of the pro-White movement grows out of the teenage boy troll culture, you’ll see the teenage boys being left behind lash out – as that type always does – because they are losing their “safe space” and more serious people are interrupting their circle jerk.

            Remember, the tick always wiggles the hardest when you start to pull it out. The more they whine they more we know we’re on the right path. White identity *IS* going mainstream and the 4chan troll crowd will just move on to some other stupid subculture – they were never really pro-white anyway, they just wanted to be “edgy” by “breaking taboos” online.

          • Women are not going to call the tune this time. Collectively, their participation in public life has been a disaster. Don’t like it? Tough.

          • Maybe it is because the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ women are virtually indistinguishable from feminists in what they say and what they do and come to Alt-Right pages to tell right-wing men how horrid they are, how blacks have better game, how women can save the Alt-Right and without them men are shit etc etc.

            It is rather interesting that you appear to be a typical example of that type of female.

          • “tell right-wing men… how blacks have better game”

            Can you give a SINGLE example of an Alt Right woman coming to an Alt Right forum and telling people that “blacks have better game?”

            The only people who even use jargon like “game” are manosphere types – women tend to despise that terminology.

          • Do you recall the Jannelle Antas articles about the altright needing more female figures at back in 2009 or 2010? One of the female commenters said exactly that and I remember it vividly. She also said that most white nationalists are losers etc etc

            To avoid misunderstandings, those things were said by a commenter not Antas.

          • Sorry to hear that, you must be new to the Alt-right. She was quite a figure back then until she started spewing feminist bullshit.

            Btw have you noticed that you doubted what I said but you immediately accepted the ludicrous claim by Lexi? That’s what they call bias in favour of females. 😀

            PS You asked for a SINGLE example, I gave it to you;-)

          • Lexi is correct. I’ve spent five years writing “manosphere” type stuff so I’m quite familiar with the typical arguments – and I completely agree with most of them. I’ve pointed out numerous times that five years ago there was a loud and obnoxious “WN feminist” crowd and precious few “traditional” women.

            But that has changed, there are now plenty of “traditional” women and the shrill harpies of the “WN feminist” crowd have moved on. Who is left? Maybe Sinead McCarthy, but she’s as much just a looney-tunes as a feminist anyway.

            Lexi doesn’t come across as a shrill harpy at all, it’s just that too many of the young men are on hair trigger alert and mistake a normal woman for a “feminist.”

          • Unless we are talking about /pol/ or 4chan or hardcore MGTOW pages on reddit I doubt that anywhere else she gets told she needs a spanking everytime she expresses her opinion. That’s a blatant lie and you know it. I mean seriously I might be considered the most ‘misogynist’ person on this thread and I didn’t say anything remotely close to that to her.

            Sorry but “normal women” don’t say such blatant lies or try to shame men with every comment they make. You may conflate “normal women” with “women brainwashed by feminism”.

            As for the abundance of traditional women, I honestly doubt such women exist in plenty outside very religious communities…

            And sorry, but 35+ single moms who rode the cock carousel for 20 years and now they want to find a white provider to take care of them and their child so they pretend to be traditional don’t count…

          • Any person of normal intelligence understands that the “spanking” thing was what we call a “metaphor” not a literal example. But if she did mean it literally she was presumably talking about me – I’ll own it.

            There are LOTS of real traditional women out there – they are invisible to internet trolls and manosphere denizens, of course. They don’t associate with those types, preferring traditional men – of which they are few on the “Alt Right” forums. Pretending you want a “traditional woman” while bragging how often you “bang sluts” doesn’t make you a traditional man, btw.

          • I suggest you don’t interpret her words…That’s mansplaining 😀

            There are traditional women among Russian Old Believers, American Mormons, Polish tradcats etc. None of these groups goes online to alt-right pages. I think we can agree on that.

            But in your previous messages you claimed something different, i.e. that traditional women also exist in the Alt-Right and that the last years they have brushed aside the WN harpies. That is what I doubted and I see no real evidence to support such claim, at least not in the numbers you implied…

            I don’t doubt that some females who hit the wall had an epiphany and now want to marry and have white children (in addition to the ones, coloured or otherwise, who have acquired during their ‘wild years’). But I don’t see such cases as honest. They wore the mask of the ‘traditional woman’ out of necessity.

            I don’t often read comments by Alt-right men bragging about banging sluts tbh…

          • “I don’t often read comments by Alt-right men bragging about banging sluts tbh”

            Then you don’t read the comments on this very site, in which more than one young man, posturing as a “traditionalist,” did exactly that.

            Most of the women on Alt Right sites, by the way, are married. With children. The same cannot be said for the men on Alt Right sites, which tend to be young and single. So your hostility to them is completely misplaced, you are lashing out at the wrong women. Young empowered feminists – the ones you can’t get – they aren’t Alt Right, they are lefty progressives.

            So what we have here is a minority of well meaning, usually married, Alt Right women getting flack from young boys – because those married Alt Right women are the ONLY women who will give these young boys the time of day. The women you are angry about aren’t Alt Right – they are at the pussy hat parade.

            The racially reality manosphere has its place – Heartiste is a great blog – but you boys are literally barking up the wrong tree here.

          • I have not seen traditional anti-feminist women been treated bad, but i have seen feminists and women with feminist tendencies treated bad.

            The Daily Stormer for example was very critical of women and feminism, yet there were plenty of women there. But all of those women supported traditional gender roles, and many of them did not believe in women voting or in politics. Those women felt at home there.

            The femnists got crazy, exploded with rage, and eventually left. The women that remained felt at home, and had their own community, female only threads, etc. But those women were very anti-feminist.

          • I also consider myself anti-feminist, but I do advocate for women within the context of their traditional roles. I once had a debate over on trs forums about White Sharia. I expressed the opinion that women ought to be able to go out by themselves for a jog or grocery shopping and got called a feminist sympathizer.

            A women’s forum is a great idea though. I brought it up myself over at trs.

          • Women are at the mercy of Men no matter what. If you go jogging by yourself it will be a man that attacks you, and you will require Men to protect you.

            The Man that protects you will either be a chaperone or police officer (who is paid by tax revenues which are collectively paid by Men).

            The only way that you ever get to do anything by yourself is with the complicity of Men.

          • I don’t disagree with that in general, and I certainly appreciate the protection of men. Of course, in a White society, it wouldn’t be an issue, because White men are not known for raping joggers like the haji in the article under discussion in that thread.

          • Ok, thank you for being a cool female. I already checked some of your comments and recognized what kind of person you are. I’m sure its not easy to have such positions. Feminists will see you as a traitor and some on the right see you as a feminist in disguise. Obviously you are not and those people lost their minds. I remember the WS stuff, i took part in some debates about it too. I think that the majority on the Alt Right or the Far Right advocates a return to the 50s, nothing more radical than that. The rest is fringe. Please do not allow some men to cause negative feelings in you about all men. I appreciate women like you because they are relatively rare, and so they deserve support. Good luck in far right waters.

          • Ha >>> are we sure Lexi isn’t really Denise?

            Christ, you should include a link to that story every time you post. Years later and I still laugh at that.

          • You certainly should. You are a very talented writer, and while I don’t always agree with you I recognize talent when I see it. Imagine the cultural effect that could have.

            Mommy porn which plants Alt Right seeds is a method of propaganda that should be utilized to the fullest.

            Anything that leads women to our way of thought while allowing them to think they made the decision by themselves is perfect imho.

          • Man, I just reread that for a good laugh. Denise lost her shit over that lmao.

            I haven’t seen her posting anywhere recently, and certainly not at the Stormer.

            Poor Denise 🙂

          • No, they don’t tell me I need a spanking every time I express an opinion. It called hyperbole, exaggeration for rhetorical purposes.

            You have to understand that the tone of a place is set by the most extreme woman-haters. If I say something these types disagree with, I get all sorts of abuse, yes including being told I need a spanking.

    • the conditioning is in everything they have watched since they were kids. they cant help it. as long as it’s understood that their uterus belong to the flag they are ok in my book

    • I said before, over and over, and in multiple sites: women are just overgrown children. They think and act like children, and if you let them do whatever they want you are spoiling them, and a spoiled children is a pain in the butt.

      “Altright women” are not different. You let them running loose and do whatever they want and you will have another spoiled children. You let them participate in politics and they start whining about how oppressed they are and how they should be in charge of the Movement just because they are women, and thus they ‘know better’.

  • Great article. I too think there is a natural correction looming. Most women naturally want to be stay-at-home moms, not career women… and definitely not soldiers! Lol

    • They’ve had to go out of their way to “shame” women into abandoning their natural preferences, then complain bitterly when women purse their actual desires via fiction and romance, etc. The most “politically incorrect” and anti-feminist aspects of culture can be found in romance novels. Women’s sexual desires are so utterly anti-feminist they read “Amish bonnet rippers” about being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen of a bearded fundamentalist Christian husband!

      Not to mention white women’s sexual fantasies tend to be uber-“racist.”

      • Every White women I have asked about their potential attraction to other races have, and I believe they were honest and they were also young leftist brainwashed women, said deep down they have no attraction to them.

        • The data from the dating websites show it quite clearly – when in private and not under social pressure, White women are the most “racist” demographic of all. White men are the second most “racist.”

    • Which for some women has been extremely hard to accomplish. This isn’t just a woman problem. Most men do not want to take care of a wife and children anymore.

      • 50% of marriages end up in divorce, the majority of the divorces are initiated by women. Family courts are heavily biased towards women.

        For a man a divorce means the following:
        a) no or very rare access to his kids
        b) financial slavery through alimony
        c) half his property (and often much more) goes to his ex-wife
        d) living in constant fear that his ex might snap out and claim he raped her while they were married or she abused her…
        e) The man is financially and emotionally ruined and the ex-wife lives happily ever after riding the cock carousel with her ex’s money.

        But I assume that must be men’s fault…After all everything on this planet is the fault of white hetero males…


        • you non-feminist females tolerated, accepted and used when it suited you, against the survival of your race, against the well-being of your sons, husbands and fathers

          Who are you speaking to right now? Not I.. I had my first white child at 18 and have always stayed home at least part time.

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