Unconscious Cinema — 2 — “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

Mark Brahmin and Richard Spencer discuss the films Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) and Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017). Are they merely spy spoofs with bum jokes or the reactionary, Alt-Right franchise we’ve been hoping for?

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Unconscious Cinema


  • Nature (and the movie industry) abhors a vacuum, and post Roger Moore, the increasingly feminized Bond franchise vacated a large area which the Kingsman people are now exploiting.

  • Are the alt right Roundheads or Cavaliers? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy pretty traditional entertainment, along the lines of Brideshead or Downton, but I thought Kingsman was great fun.

  • To be honest, I don’t and will never understand the fascination of Altright ‘figureheads’ with mainstream movies. There is not a single recent movie without political poison aimed to brainwash gullible -and not so gullible, like Spencer- people.

    Get it over people, if you want to watch ‘Altright’ movie, go watch Triumph des Willens, not some (((hollywood))) crap.

  • I went to see the first movie with my wife (we both were still willing to see (((movies))) at the time). It was the most repugnant and disturbing moving I have ever seen in my life and I have seen “7”. That church massacre scene was so vile and revolting (and I am a former Christian), that I can not fully express it in words.

    Anyone who watches the sequel should rethink their life choices or possible DIAF for the good of humanity.

    Neither one of us will give a bloody penny to support hollywood or allow those jews to poison out minds, these days.

    I have had it with Jews flaunting their hatred for us, and nobody calling them out. Cowardice is a hanging offense.

    • Agree on Se7en. Disgusting movie.

      Agree on the church shoot-em-up fantasy scene in Kingsman. Disgusting. And it didn’t cause even the slightest ripple of controversy.

    • I don’t care about whites vs Jews (in this), that scene was just ooover the top – too fast for reality, too much. I even kind of like violence, as long as it’s plausible, or A-team-like (no-one really gets hurt) but that s’ was just a souffle of stylized killing and iirc, gore. Couldn’t take it.

    • Yes, Hymiewood is totally anti-Aryan. When we take back what is rightfully ours we need to replace the Jews and their filthy trash with pro-Aryan movies and TV shows. There is plenty of good stories about great Aryans that we could use for propaganda.

      A few good examples from my own nation’s history would the great warrior and first king of Asturias Pelayo, who launched the reconquista with only 200-300 men and defeated an army of Jews and Moslems over 10 times the size of his own, and the hero El Cid and his fight against the negrification of Spain and freed countless Aryans from the tyranny of the Jews, and Don Juan de Austria, who led the Holy League when they smashed the Turkroaches at Lepanto and broke their ability to threaten sacred Mother Europe forever.

      These are the stories that should be made into movies, not the filthy and depraved degenerate ‘art’ we see today.

    • That was unforgivable, no matter what your religion or politics. Only the Jew would be so bold as to make such a scene and only the Jews control politics and media to such an extent they could get away with it.

      • The more I read speeches from Goebbel’s days the more it mirrors what I see from them. When you find out the truth behind why pogroms started and the havoc these stateless vampires cause is unfathomable.

      • Kingsman was nothing more than Jewish and liberal propoganda designed to convince young white men to help in the destruction of the Jew’s enemies: Muslims and traditional white Christians. The more I listen to Spencer the more disenchanted I become with the Alt. Right. And the more convinced I become that a thoroughly debauched secularist like Spencer, despite his elan, is not going to provide whites and the West with the remedy to our problems.

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