Amber Rose Slutwalk Is A New Low For Western Women

Submitted by Thomas Logan


The Amber Rose slutwalk is an event where sluts gather together to try and give meaning to their self-indulgent hedonistic lifestyles. It serves as a glorious example that sluts instead of being happy, seek to draw others into their misery.

The devil loves company, I suppose.

It all started when things that degenerates hate the most came together in a perfect storm. Authority common sense and natural law. A police officer from Canada told a group of young girls that:

Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized

Apparently mentioning that being half naked in the streets at night would increase the chances of being sexually assaulted summons the wails of a million infected pussies.

Now the slutwalk wants you to believe they are walking for justice of poorly treated strippers who earn $5000 a night fleecing old lonely men for a bit of attention.

They fight for the whores who sleep around, with so many guys they lost count and all that remains from the carnal bliss of a few moments with a stranger is life-long herpes.

They advocate that girls walking down the street, in booty shorts, and cleavage so deep, you need a dive team to scope it out, deserve the same respect as a woman in a business skirt.

In other words, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

And the low-T numales, bend over and meet their demands. They take the slutwalk at face value and make the mistake of believing what a slut says.

The men of the Alt-Right know better. They know to judge someone by their actions and not their words. The sluts feel bitter, and guilt-ridden that they actually believed the lies, that their masters and their puppets have told them would bring some happiness and satisfaction to their lives.

They are subconsciously aware that something is wrong. That they gave up something worthwhile, for pennies or at times even nothing. They remain consciously confused and seeking to find why the promises of the false idols, did not deliver.

They walk with tits in the air, heads shaved or died green and blue. They are deracinated from their natural divine beauty they wear so well. A self-inflicted punishment, a signal of distress, a call for help.

Even if this is the degeneracy du jour, and easy to laugh at. We as strong men need to ask ourselves what the current dynamic is that creates such a desperate call for help.

What are they actually saying?

They are begging for healthy and strong men, to come into their lives and take care of them. Men who have pride and strength. Who need not grovel and ask permission, like scorned little boys. Men who have answers for them, who can offer security and clarity into how they are supposed to act in accordance with their maternal nature. They now are stuck in the doublethink loop. Muh independent strong woman feels a need for a stronger more independent man.

Well, how can a man be strong, if he can’t be proud?

Europeans have had that right taken from us. We are not allowed to be proud without being punished, while all other peoples have that right.

And who is to blame for us being weak now?

Well, among others, the Boomers who except for a handful that kept the fire burning sold us out to for a life of comfort and conformity. The sportsball fans. They stay silent even now, complacent, domesticated lions tamed by light beer and TV.

There are others of course, but I think you know who they are at this point.

Meanwhile, these women are lost, and we cannot save them. But we can prevent future degradation of our womenfolk by not backing down, not cucking out and by actually holding the line, not passing the buck on to future generations.

Footage from the Amber Rose Slut Walk will go down in history books as a warning for future generations.

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  • Also note that while she is actually on the walk she’s flanked by two hulking male bodyguards. Largely undermining the entire premise.

    This and the speech are both from 2015, not the most recent 2017 event. FYI.

  • White Sharia THOT Patrols NOW!!!!!
    These whores need round-the-clock beatings, spankings, pussy poundings, throat-fuckings and humiliation to be put in their place and deprogram them from Kike-mindfucking.

  • People make bad decisions that contribute to their victimization.

    A white guy drunk as all hell stumbling through a black / brown neighborhood at 1 AM getting mugged is a victim. Nothing can justify what happened to him. However, he is certainly a fool for engaging in that kind of behavior — everybody knows that and calls him out on it.

    We offer similar criticism to women who are drunk as hell and dressed like hookers at 3 AM in the frat house and suddenly we are victim blaming and not making an observation that poor choices contribute to victimization.

  • Women need strong boundaries and structure. Everyone knows in general what a woman raised without a father is like. Now even girls who have Fathers reach adulthood and there is no guarantee that she will find a strong man to continue to give her structure; thus she engages in an epic shit test of an imaginary alpha male who she LARPs is oppressing her and chaining her in a kitchen between sex marathons and laundry duty. Instead of enticing a man to come get her and set her straight, she scares everyone (men and women) away with her crazy, erratic, crass and destructive behavior.

    Like this poetry slam girl I’d say is way way way too young to be this angry, bitter, crazed and resentful. She sounds like a 45 year old divorcée. She’s shit testing an imaginary Chad. It’s both hilarious and tragic at the same time.

  • Good article. I have a twist. Consider Brooke Baldwin’s recent tirade about somebody saying the word boob. In the 50s and early 60s it was very offensive to say the word boob in front of a women. That was not allowed in society. By the mid to late 60s the liberals were mocking Christians and laughing at them for asking people to stop using filthy language like that in front of women. Now the liberals want it both ways. They still mock Christian morality – they attack it. Yet they turn around and demand they be treated with the same morality they mock when it is advanced by a Christian. The truth is that libs have no morality. They change their values with the tide.

  • Western women go all the way down, as far as the depths of depravity they will sink to, but only because the men let them get away with it.

    They need us and we need them, that they can be so low is our failing. Man up. If you have low T because environment, fix it with a doctor, or exercise and supplements. It is supremely important to your behavioral characteristics. You can not even behave as a proper man without that hormone. It is just neuro-physiology.

  • These mongroles are exactly what the chosen folk wanted to use to undermine and destroy our society with.

    The sooner we segregate or better yet separate the better off we’ll be.

  • “Perhaps we should remove the word “Lady” from the English language at this point”

    I disagree. We need the word “lady” more than ever before so we can point to the gutter snipes and say ” She is not a lady. She is a a guttersnipe”

  • Her shirt in the top picture is amusing considering that pussy loves war. You might even say that pussy requires war.

  • Are we weak? If we spend our days bemoaning the degenerate then perhaps, yes. As Christ said, “If the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the pit.” Let them fall into the pit, then. I suppose an effort could be made taking these poor, misguided and deceived people by the hand, lifting them up and explaining the errors of their ways. I’d say use them how they want to be used, however.

    But no, we are allowed to be proud; we are not allowed to be loud. Perhaps it’s regarded as rude to raise one’s voice after being told to be silent? I suppose that is the moral position. Wouldn’t want to cause to much of a fuss, ya know?

  • It’s just dirty talk, “I’m your dirty little slut.” It’s a fetish, they are telling the world they’ve been really bad and need a spanking. That’s all, there’s nothing more profound than that.

    In a functional society they would wear nice dresses and go to a community dance – put on by one of the groups like the Elks or the Masons. But since those civic societies have been destroyed, they parade around in the streets, showing off their bodies, desperate to get attention from men.

    The old joke goes that the mating cry of a sorority sister is, “I’m so drunk.” Well, the mating cry of a feminist is, “I’m a naughty naughty slut.” The stereotype that feminists are into hard core BDSM exists for a reason – why do you think they talk so much about “verbal consent” and “yes means yes?” It’s part of that subculture.

    There are a lot of lonely and neglected white women, especially in urban areas, that didn’t find a good man. So this is what they resort to. It’s sad.

    • Do you ever stop projecting your disgusting fetishes on the world?

      They do this because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s liberation from the patriarchy. It’s the result of Jews degrading our women to the point that they are unappealing to any self respecting white man, and thus pushing birth rates down. Its has nothing to do with your degenerate BDSM subculture.

        • Their fathers failed to raise them properly, and the kikes told them they have a right to walk around in public in their underwear and not get whistled at by construction workers. You don’t know shit old man. You’ve dated exactly 0 millenial age whores and your applying irrelevant and outdated (((female psychology))) where it doesn’t belong.

          • The reason you are a failure with women is because you’re bitter, they can smell it on you a mile away. Women’s nature doesn’t change – there is nothing “outdated” here. (There you go with the SJW-speak again.)

            You aren’t a unique and special snowflake, you’re a typical “nu-male” that is afraid of taking charge of a woman – dominating her – and you resent women for even needing that domination. You whine that it’s “degenerate,” which is ironic, because it’s actually traditional.

            Which is why I’ve been far more successful with millenial women than you have. Another fact that makes you bitter – the white women you long for would rather have a slightly older guy with a little “edge” than some young whiner who knows he doesn’t have what it takes to put her in her place.

            Part of being “right wing” is accepting that life ain’t fair and that “all men are not created equal.” Only a minority of men have passed on their genes throughout history, and polygamy is the natural state.

            What sucks for you is that moving to Italy isn’t going to help you, because the problem is you, not Canada, and not White women. If you can’t even get an easy going Canadian gal, you wouldn’t even know what to do with an actual old world traditional Italian woman.

          • A lot of assumption on your part. Whatever though. It’s been a long day and I have better things to do than read your conjecture.

      • Its not ‘just dirty talk’ – its them being horribly, horribly fucked up creatures, in a horribly, horribly fucked up society that will fight tooth and nail to avoid any form of restraint placed back upon these whoring harpies. And yes, the Jew is invariably to blame.

        That said, these women are damaged as hell, and this his how they’ve been effectively trained to respond – they are the consequential outcome of a society wherein it has been made illegal to call women in a shit-test scenario, and so, many women have become nothing but shit-testers: their whole existence is one gigantic shit-test, waiting for a man to put them in line… But no one ever does, because they’re gross skanks, worthless even if put in line, and because the society will actively punish anyone who attempts to impose and call them in the case of a shit-test.

        • No he doesn’t. The time to discipline them was when they were growing up. These whores are now in their 30’s and are forever damaged and not even worth “fixing.” The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

          • I stand by what I said. If you are 35 then you should be hunting for something 10 years younger.

          • I do. It is pathetic to see 35 and 40 year old men be unmarried, rich and STILL beta, trying to get sluts with their bling. And then they call them their “girlfriends”. That’s what you call your teenage crush. When will these men grow up and start living up to the 14 words?


            But whatever, they get to date the headache, and younger guys like me get to fuck her on the side as well, so they reap what they sow.

          • That’s hysterical – you complain about “armchair PUAs” then brag that you’re banging the girlfriends of these ostensibly older guys.

            “younger guys like me get to fuck her on the side as well”

            The same guys who posture as being against “degeneracy” are so insecure that they still have to brag about their … degeneracy. In a traditional society, 24 is old enough to marry.

          • Well most 24 year old women aren’t trying to get married anymore. Their career focused at that age. And according to you, fantasizing about being dominated by creepy old gen Xers.

          • Your problem is they don’t consider men like me “creepy” – they consider boys like you “creepy.” Don’t worry, when you grow up you’ll have your turn, if you stop being so needy.

            By the way, your “misogyny” is a blatant and an obvious tell you spend a lot of time compulsively masturbating to internet pornography. This has been heavily studied. Guys who go online and start whining about how chicks “these days” are all “sluts” – that’s not based on your IRL experiences with real life women – that is the attitude you develop by watching prostitutes engaging in sex with other men on video, and jerking off.

            Do the “no fap” thing – it will raise your t levels and you’ll have a much better attitude about women IRL. Pornography is a terrible vice.

          • Lol more assumptions on your part.

            I’m calling them sluts, because their taking part in a slut walk, demanding men stop slut shaming, and trying to reframe their slutty behaviour as virtuous. Men like you are fine with accomodating their shitty behaviour because you approve of it, because your a liberal, a modernist and a degenerate too. Men like me, who actually have values and standards, will not because their amoral thots that I want nothing to do with.

            There are still good women, and I’m not a “white sharia now!” type by any stretch, but these whores are not among them. The city I live in is filled with these types of women and I’ve dated enough of them to know how damaged and beyond repair they are. Your damaged and beyond repair too, so you don’t see a problem where there most definently is one.

            If it was up to me, after finishing high school women would still only have 3 options. Housewife, Nun or Prostitute. Most women would choose housewife and we’d have sustainable birthrates again. When you give people the freedom to be degenerate they inevitably will. When you have a society based on hierarchy, the natural order and the cosmic truth, people fall into the roles that they are meant for, and for women that is bare foot, pregnant and in the kitchen. If you don’t like how healthy societies function then you are free to move to the woods and engage in all the degeneracy that you want to, like the freaks of society used to do.

          • I get the desire for younger women among men who are 35+. Women in this age group are past their prime, wheras men tend to peak in their mid 30’s.

            Yeah , the 45 year old boasting about his sexual exploits to people half his age is still pathetic though.

      • You are both right. Pervertedly, the BDSM angle is actually their mind rebelling against their indoctrination. The subconscious knows what it needs but the conscious mind is a barrier to that need. If only they give in and get a man on their liberated terms, it isn’t a betrayal of feminism.

      • How is it a projection? That is like saying I am projecting my love for opera on the world when I say Italians love opera.

        • Because he’s old as fuck, sexually degenerate and hasn’t dated any millenial age women so doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          • Agreed, I find it amusing when 50 year old armchair PUAs try to tell my generation what its like in the dating trenches.

            And I say this as someone who’s read everything that Roosh, CH, Krauser has written on the subject AND goes out to do approaches everywhere I go.

  • And who is to blame for us being weak now?

    I recommend against thinking in terms of “blame.” Blame has a way of spreading out until everyone and no one is “to blame.” Blaming someone does not solve a problem. A better question is what should be done.

    Here is an example. People sometimes try to get around the JQ by questioning whether Jews are really “to blame.” The answer is “yes and no,” but “blame” is beside the point. We need to realize that we and Jews have different group interests, and so we need to start asserting our group interests as distinct from Jewish group interests.

  • No hope for those, they’re tainted. But the culture does have to change. Problem being the authorities are backing them up. Like Trudeau attending all the gay pride parades in Canada.

  • Posters on /POL/ have found information that supposedly confirms that anti-Aryan terrorist Stephen Paddock is a far left extremist and a possible antifa member due to likes and comments on his facebook page. This anti-Aryan antifa terrorist has killed 50+ innocent Aryans and wounded over 200 others. If this is true then we must spread the word about who is really behind this atrocity and rally our people against them!

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