Alt-Right Politics — September 29, 2017

Issue 1: Moore in

Roy Moore wins in ‘Bama. Trump’s has left his right flank exposed. Is this an opening for the us?

Issue 2: Puerto Rico Wrecked

Hurricane Maria devastated America’s most uppity colony. Will Congress allocate billions to rebuild, invite the natives to the mainland, or both?

Join Richard Spencer, Greg Ritter, Evan McLaren, Hannibal Bateman and Don Camillo in America’s most hate-filled political roundtable.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • You guys really need to work on the audio levels with these podcasts. At times I couldn’t hear what Richard was saying, but I didn’t want to turn up the volume because someone else was talking in an ear-spitting way. I find these podcasts very difficult to listen to.

    • Respectfully disagree. I’ve been listening for a long time now, and I don’t find it annoying at all, especially considering the alternative (everyone has their own microphone). They use one microphone, which prevents one person from dominating the podcast and keeps people from talking over one another.

  • Nice to have a Frenchman on this podcast for once, it adds a new angle to the usual Anglo/Nordic views expressed on Alt-Right Politics. And it also reminds our Anglo-Americans that France is not only about cuckery and has been a backbone of European civilisation since it was founded 1500 years ago.
    The Don Camillo nickname of the French gentleman is great for lulz too, if not for seriousness or credibility. For those who dont know it, Don Camillo was a popular Italian book series that got turned into a highly successful franco-italian movie franchise in the 1950’s and 60’s. Comedy plots revolved around the rivalry between Don Camillo, a local Catholic priest, and Peponne, a communist mayor, in a small village. Popular super-goofy French comedian Fernandel starred as Don Camillo. Not sure if that’s the image we want to be associated with the Alt-Right and European identitarians, lol :

  • > Getting the Puerto Ricans to pay for rebuilding Puerto Rico
    Maybe we don’t want them to pay taxes, because then we’d have to give them representation, after our own history.

    Positively great show. The next time you get this much brainpower in a single room, I hope you’ll cover whether / how we’re going to win!

  • CBS was just shamed into firing an actual Jew for opening her big mouth and spouting hate at the goyim. When these mass shootings happen like just happened in Vegas, it’s noteworthy that it’s typically a place the victims will be mostly White people. It’s never a rap concert. It’s never a beat poetry reading by a bunch of Jews. It’s often this sort of a musical gathering that appeals to mostly young White people.

    Anyway this Jewess got a little too mouthy:

    Wow what a Jewish pedigree. Columbia, there’s that school again, it’s like they rubber stamp degrees en masse for rootless cosmopolitans or something.

    Here’s what she said:

    “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing. I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

    How many other anti-White Jewish propagandists and vituperous merchants does CBS have working for them? Could this have been the only one?

    • I’d like to ask that wretched Jew douchebag how gun control is doing in shiithole Israel. If it’s good for them it can’t be good for anyone else. One thing they always do is push too hard to the point of arrogant exposure and we are seeing them more every day.

      The guy, whoever it was that did this, is a Communist turd.

  • The last 3 episodes of Alt-right politics have been excellent: as good or better than any Shoahs or FTNs over the same time. I don’ know if y’all have just found your groove or are prepping more or what, but congratulations, and thank you.

  • Fash the nation is 10x better political analysis than Richard. Daily shoah is better regarding cultural stuff. Daily stormer is much funnier. I like the panel tho. Vincent law is the smartest guy on the website, have him on more.

  • “most hate-filled political roundtable”

    Since when does the AR adopt the language of its foes? Most newbies don’t understand the ironical tone. This language just serves to alienate people.

    • Anyone too stupid to get such an absurdist joke is not really worth the effort, no one calls themselves hate filled

      • Would you dine in a restaurant which says of itself that its food is terrible, even though you suspect it is a joke?

        • Do you think any ‘normie’ coming to try out an alt-right podcast is turned off by that? Maybe an old person. But I think most ‘hip’ people would enjoy the playful vigor. And you’d have to be a bit ‘hip’ to dip your toe into alt-right waters. Enh, maybe you’re right. But we are exclusionary, so there is a bit of ‘hate’ in us. Truth in advertising!

  • What in God’s name does it take for the people of the United States to wake up and realize there in the biggest Ponzi scheme that the Jews have ever created ??!!

    What in hell does it take – at the 53 minute mark of this broadcast. They said what needed to be said that we are under a ZOG system that is completely draining astride like the parasites that the Jews are and we have people who are in cahoots with this scum (think of the jiggers, and the white liberals) and all the other communist that are hell-bent on destroying the country.

    Europe and the United States MUST overthrow their respective governments and install governments that are responsive to the white majority and ONLY the white majority. If you do that we will be able to achieve some degree of stability

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