Reverse Dylann Roof-Style Shooting Of White Church Attendees By Black Man Elicits Massive Nationwide Shrug

This piece of news has completely slipped past the radar of the MSM.

A black guy pulled off a reverse Dylann Roof at a White church. Many lives were saved though because of black people’s notoriously bad aim with firearms. 7 were wounded and only 1 was killed.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. White Supremacy has many forms, and any resistance to White Supremacy up to the killing of innocent White church-goers is self-defense because White Supremacy is inherently aggressive, therefore a first-strike is not only acceptable, but some experts conclude that it is even downright necessary.

That is what Antifa would say, for sure. And the MSM, while they haven’t gone that far still certainly aren’t going to decry black racism against Whites and call for BLM or the Kneelers to apologize for triggering this attack.

The double-standards are ridiculous.

Dylann’s attack sparked calls to take down the Confederate flag. Emanuel Kidega Samson’s attack sparked a collective shrug.

“This looks like a nice young man that we should allow into our church to date our daughters” – T. Evangelicuck

He was stopped by a 22 year old usher who was busy getting pistol-whipped when Emanuel shot himself by accident in the leg:

“The gunman was wounded by a self-inflicted shot,” a police spokesman said. “He too has been taken to the hospital. One of the church members, upon seeing the gunman doing this action inside the church, ran up and confronted him. He was pistol-whipped by the gunman,” Aaron told reporters.

Police said the gunman then accidentally shot himself in the leg. The member of the church who confronted him was an usher, according to police. He has a permit to legally carry a handgun, and ran to his car to retrieve his gun after being struck by the shooter. He then went back into the church and held the shooter at gunpoint, police said. Aaron called him an “exceptionally brave individual.”

I don’t think that this was very brave. What was he supposed to do, curl up into a ball and cry? He did the bare minimum. I wonder if they will start calling this usher a ‘hero’ next, further discrediting this already overused word.

In a statement, Caleb Engle, the usher, said, “I do not want to be labeled a hero. The real heroes are the police, first responder and medical staff and doctors who have helped me and everyone affected.”

At least Caleb has the ‘humility’ to admit that he didn’t do much and couch it in overused cliche. Those other people he named aren’t heroes either, by the way. They were just doing their jobs. Still, credit where credit is due. There were 50 White people in that church, Christians that believe in heaven, worship a martyr and therefore shouldn’t fear death. And only Caleb did anything. So fine, well done there. Maybe they’ll make him a Saint.

But there is much much more to this story. Get this:

Police initially said the suspect was African-American. Later, police identified him as Sudanese with legal US residency.
Church members told police that Samson attended the church one to two years ago, Aaron said. But they had not seen him in a while and did not immediately identify him as the shooter because the gunman was masked.

Is it possible that the Church was responsible for bringing him and his family over in the first place? It would explain his attendence perhaps and to be honest that wouldn’t surprise me in the least, knowing what I know about the strange modern-day Christian practice of inviting murderers and rapists into their countries.

But wait, there’s more!

The 25-year-old Sudanese immigrant who shot up a Tennessee church on Sunday left a note in his vehicle referencing white supremacist Dylann Roof’s attack on a black church in Charleston.

The Associated Press reports that Emanuel Kidega Samson left the note in his vehicle before opening fire on members of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, a small church outside of Nashville.

All I can say is that I am frankly amazed that none of these events sparked the civil war between the BadWhites and GoodWhites and their POC auxillaries that seems to be right around the bend.

So many Harper’s Ferry incidents in the last years could have done it, but they haven’t quite triggered anything. That being said, I am certain that it will indeed be a similar John Brown attack that will set history into motion again.


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  • Black disrespect for whites seems natural and obvious in our time.

    I mean, humans are organisms, and organisms fear and respect Power, not weakness.

    In a way, it may seem counter-intuitive that blacks are SO ANGRY. The bad ole days of ‘white racism’ are now history, a thing of the past. Blacks are big in music and sports. A mulatto , the product of a black guy humping a white woman, became president and was re-elected. Oprah is revered by many. Beyonce and black idols dominate the charts. Sports are blacker than ever. So, blacks should be happier and less hateful. Based on ‘progress’ and ‘justice’, this is true.

    But humans emotions outrun human ideas. And the human organism feels contempt for the weak. It respects what it fears. Even if it hates what it fears, it has respect for it and with respect comes admiration.

    Look how the Japanese acted terribly toward the Chinese, the ‘sick man of Asia’. But when US totally kicked Japanese butt, the Japanese were cucky-sucky to Uncle Sam. They worshiped McCarthur as shogun-god. And Japan has been America’s geisha ever since. Never mind US firebombed the hell out of Tokyo and dropped two big ones. Never mind recent revelations showed US planned to nuke 12 more cities if Japan didn’t surrender. Japanese got beaten so badly that they came to respect the US like something akin to Godzilla. A fearsome badass monster nation.

    And in the past, blacks felt this way. Sure, blacks were filled with hate and resentment against whites who called them ‘ni**er’ and drew funny ‘coon’ faces. But white man seemed fearsome back then. If some negro raped a white woman, these fearsome white men would come in hoods and hang a Negro from a tree and scare the bejeesus out of Negroes. So, the Negro thought, ‘dang, white man aint nothing to mess with. He baaaaaad.’ So, the Negro tried to prove that he’s a credit to his race. He wanted to prove that he is worthy to live along the mighty horrifying-ass white man. He felt toward whitey like a Japanese felt toward Americans after defeat WWII. “You kicked my ass, and I kiss your ass and beg your approval and acceptance.”

    So, even though things were worse for blacks in the past, blacks truly feared white folks and with that fear came not only hate but respect and admiration. It’s like Hindus respected the Brits because a handful of Brits were so masterful in ruling over a bunch of messy disorganized cow-worshipers whose national odor was curry.

    But look how things changed so drastically. Compare 1915, the year that saw the release of THE BIRTH OF A NATION with 2015, the year of Obama and the Cuck.

    Back in 1915, there was the KKK as a real force, a show of white solidarity against blacks. And Woodrow Wilson was approving of the Klan as he felt disdain for the Negroes.
    People like to think that history is moved by ideas, values, and culture. And that would be the case in a more repressed and morally-centered social order. In Muslim societies, natural forces were held in check by Islamic codes and strict morality. So, even blacks in Arab nations had to watch themselves. If they acted funky and stuff in front of Arab women, they’d be whupped and killed on the spot. And US used to be more moral and conservative. But with the rise of popculture and hedonism, animal energies of human nature began to shape history and society more, and this esp exploded with rise of youth culture that was significantly influenced by black music centered around sexual energies. Also, the black success in sports and the rise of celebrity led to narcissism of black savagery. So, there has been an acceleration of history based on natural urges. Francis Fukuyama focused only on ideas, the hegelian struggle between ideologies. And once capitalism and liberalism won, he figured it was end of History with big ‘H’. But he neglected to notice that as the Cold War progressed, ideology mattered less than idology. Western Culture was less and less about philosophy and art than about fun and fever. And the biggest ‘western’ threat to communist nations wasn’t Ayn Rand and Adam Smith but Elvis and Beatles and Hollywood. So, even if History came to an end, there was now Beastory. With idols over ideals, human history is now driven by beast energies. Even spirituality is no longer about religions with depth of tradition and contemplation but about new sensations, like homomania and negromania. Homos are so loud and flamboyant. Negroes are so wild and rambunctious. Homos and Negroes are so into self-worship that they expect all others to worship them. Any refusal is heresy in their eyes. They got idol-god-complex.

    As far as blacks are concerned, history has been replaced by Fistory. Black fist is most mighty. Some even say the Washington Monument is really about the black dong.

    With sports, music, and sex — the only things that matter in our globalist idolized culture — dominated by blacks, and with blacks showing NO INTEREST in anything but themselves in pop culture, why would blacks respect whitey anymore? Sure, blacks justify their contempt and hostility in terms of ‘white racism’ and ‘police brutality’. They make it sound like they are still the underdogs. But if we look past the rhetoric, black hate is not about fear of white power(oppression) but about contempt for white weakness. Here are black athletes dominating the fields with white cheerleaders putting out to them. They see all these soft slow white boys cheer them on like gods and heroes. They see all these lame white boys imitating rappers. They hear about cuck culture, that white men are inviting black men to hump their women. Why would blacks respect this kind of loser wuss?
    If white power today was like it was 100 yrs ago, I guarantee all blacks would be standing for the anthem. Even if they’d hate white power, they would respect it as badass. But they now see whites as so weak. And this hostility isn’t just at white ‘racists’ but white dweeberals. I mean, black guys despise Christopher Hayes and Anderson Cooper just as much. Dorks and dweebs.

    As far as they are concerned, they kick white boys’ ass and hump white women and colonize white wombs…. but white boys are welcoming THIS as ‘american as apple pie’.

    White America is now utterly disgusting, and black athletes and blacks in general have every reason to feel nothing but contempt for such weakness and cuckery.

    But then, it’s the same with Jews. Jews long felt resentment for Wasps. But there was fear and respect too. Anglos seemed so great and awesome in having created much of the modern world in economics and science and politics. And Jews thought it would take a long hard climb to reach the top. But what happened? Jews rose so fast and WAsps fell so fast. Jews began to feel contempt for these cucky-wuck wasps, and now, Jews expect white goys and girls to just cuck out to Jews like servile dogs. And the more whites try to appease Jews, the more contempt Jews feel for these dogs.

    Some say ‘nice guys finish last’. No, the issue isn’t niceness. It is weakness. Weakness is held in contempt. It is, at best, an object of compassion. Otherwise, it is wussy.

    To blacks, past history seems especially insulting since they now realize that they’d been enslaved and oppressed by a bunch of wussies and dorks. If chimps were oppressed by gorillas, they would at least respect superior gorilla strength. But if chimps were to realize that they’d been kicked around by weaker gibbons, they’re gonna feel extra hatred for the gibbons. The oppression would seem even more unjust since it violated not only morality but nature. If whites are bigger and stronger than blacks, blacks today might bitch about slavery as moral injustice but not as natural injustice. After all, nature is about rule of strong over the weak: lions over hyenas, hyenas over jackals, jackals over rabbits, etc. Once blacks realized that whites are the weaker race, they began to see slavery as not just moral wrong but natural wrong. How dare these wussy-ass white boys rule over blacks? It’d be like gorillas discovering they’d been kicked around by a bunch of chimps.

    Indeed, the reason why blacks hate the police so much is because police power goes against their instinctive savage sense of jungle justice. In sports, the only justice that matters is toughness. So, the strongest boxer wins. The toughest football players dominate the field and win the games. And blacks dominate sports because they are tougher. For savage blacks, this seems just and fair as their emotions are of the Rule of the Law of the Jungle. In sports, blacks totally dominate, and white man is a wussy bench-warmer or cucky waterboy.

    Then, how come white cops have power over blacks? Now, sane people would say police arrest black criminals and the like, but that is a matter of legal justice, an idea that makes little sense to savage blacks whose only sense of right or wrong is jungle justice. Blacks think like rappers, and rap logic is Rule of the gangster. So, blacks are less outraged by black thugs killing black thugs. It’s like sports. It’s jungle justice based on who be more ‘badass’. But then, these white police come to mess up that game. With special ‘white powers’, they gain control over blacks and drag them into police stations and even shoot some of them. If blacks met these white police officers in the boxing ring, they would kick the white boy’s ass. That seems just to blacks. But with legal power and badges, white cops have power over stronger and tougher blacks..and that just seems ‘unjust’ to blacks whose idea of justice is ‘who can whup whose ass?’

    Because blacks are so savage and only have pop culture as mainstay of culture, they’ve come to worship themselves as a god-race. This is why data and facts don’t matter and have no effect on racial discourse that, for blacks and cucky whites, is a religious issue of Holy Negroes. Facts are useless against Faith.
    It’s like Mao was a godlike figure in China. So, stats didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that Great Leap Forward killed tens of millions. It didn’t matter that by objective measures, China was worse under Mao. Religion is about faith, not about facts. Once Mao was idolized, it didn’t matter what he did. He was above all that went wrong since he was a sacred icon.
    And blacks, Jews, and homos have such iconic power in the West. So, facts and data make no dent in the black narrative. Even most secular people are emotionally religious and cling to sacred icons. They were raised worshiping MLK, Ali, Oprah, Bob Marley, and rappers as holy icons. So, it doesn’t matter if they are told of black crime stats. They keep worshiping the icons.. like Soviets raised on Stalin-worship just believed and believed in Great Stalin despite the obvious factual evidence of the horrors of Stalinism.

    This is the danger of worshiping people and things. Best reason for worship in God is not that God exists. He doesn’t. It’s that those who don’t worship God will almost always worship something else. The current West now worships the most savage and most destructive of all races.

    The problem is that whites are crazy about certain aspects of blackness that have a dark side to them. It’s like people who love gambling really love gambling.. but overlook its dark side. It’s like people who really love sugary sodas really love it but ignore its negative affects on health.

    Problem is that, paradoxically enough, the very traits that made blacks entertaining and appealing to whites also made them dangerous and repulsive.

    Even though civilization is maintained by work and morality and discipline, humans are still animals seeking thrills, excitement, and pleasure at the animal level. And sports, music, and sex bring main pleasure. And whites go wild about black sports, black thug music, and black twerking booties and black dongs. So, they cuck out to blacks for pleasure like hillbillies ‘cuck’ out to meth. They gotta have that hit. Black is the Crack for White America.

    Even though civilization is maintained by integrity and ideals(such as work ethic, truth, honesty, diligence, responsibility, etc), the animal-sensual side of us is drawn to the idols or idolatry. And Negroes, due to their wilder and tougher traits, have more idol-iconic value. Afrodolatry is much of American Culture which has become ‘Western Culture’(as EU is now just imitation US) and world culture(since all the world follows US soft power).

    But like meth will destroy a hillbilly, the black-as-crack will destroy white civilization because the black soul is savage and will destroy white manhood, and when white males lose manhood, white women will have kids with negroes, and the negro savage genes will spread all around.

    War on white males is a war on the entire white race, just like war on white females would be a war on the entire white race. White women cannot exist without white men, and white men cannot exist without white women. Every white woman is the product of white man and white woman. Every white man is the product of white man and white woman. So, the unity of white man and white woman is crucial. In the end, it isn’t feminism that drove a wedge between white men and white women. It is blacks.

    And as boatloads of black Africans come upon European shores and plant millions upon millions of blacks in white Europe, white wombs will be colonized by blacks. It will be sexual imperialism on a scale to match the Spanish conquest of Meso wombs in the New World. It will be Wombperialism.

    • Blacks are best understood as overgrown children. That’s how they were understood by the Whites who knew them best “back in the day”. I’ve read journals, diary entries ect..from the slaveholders of old and they read like the journals of someone running a Boys & Girls Club. Overindulging Blacks has the same negative consequences as overindulging children. Rather than being appreciative, Blacks come to view the constant attention & goodies as “rights” of theirs, and they’ll pitch a fit if they don’t get them. The carrot & stick approach works best.

    • Read this entire post and I agree with its premise. After reading enough history you see the patterns. We are a weak society, no one really respects whites anymore. This is why I never whine about what the other races are doing to us. If you do that, shut the fuck up because it comes off as weak and pathetic. As with almost everything in life, it applies to racial groups, its not others who are to blame for your problems, almost always yourself. Whites are not down because others are attacking us, its because we have become a pathetic tribe. There is absolutely no way anything close to these problems would be occuring if every white man and woman were good old fashioned white nationalist, prideful, masterful people who didn’t take any shit that we once were. Problem is I’d say 80% of whites are worthless cuckolds

  • From afar, black Africans seem poor and pitiful, victims of these horrible wars.

    But the victims are also involved in all these conflicts, and these wars rage on because blacks are savage and stupid.

    Anyways, whites look at black Africans and feel pity. But when these ‘poor’ and ‘pitiful’ blacks are let loose in the West, they see white people as weak and easy prey.

    It’s like dogs feeling sorry for struggling wolves in the wild. The wolves seem so powerless compared to the dogs with secure lives. But if the wolves are let loose among dogs, the dogs will suffer under stronger and fiercer canines.

  • There are so many Black Anti-White Hate Crimes going on daily that it is hard to document them all……

    But, here’s another one……

    Impossible to prove but maybe some stimulation from the Anti-White Left ginning up the Anti-White NFL #TaketheKnee Protests…….

    Most likely this White DC Woman voted for Barack and Hillary…….hates Trump and the Alt-Right……..

    …..and supports BLM……..

    Will this wake her up??

    Maybe, but it’s highly unlikely……

    The Massive White Brainwashing in our Society runs DEEP……..DEEP…… DEEP………

    She’ll likely try to feel Sympathy for the Black Teenagers and blame White Privilege/Supremacy/Racism……

    And maybe even herself for not Donating more of her Money to Black Causes……..

    …..while she Internally Eviscerates her SELF for that Little Growing White Voice…..

    …….that just won’t Shut Up……


  • Probably fake. The Dylan Storm Roof shooting was fake. How many times do I have to tell you people this?

  • I don’t like the counter-signaling of the usher. It’s bad taste. In the heat of the moment he stopped a gunman and saved lives. He is a hero.

  • Of course liberals and the MSM are quiet about this. Their goal is white genocide. They want this. They can’t say out loud that they want it. Like with anything, liberals can’t tell the truth; if they did then nobody would like them or vote for them. So as with all black on white crime, they quietly laugh up their sleeve while openly ignoring it. This is just more evidence that they like to see white people killed. When, if ever, have you heard the press criticize black on white crime the same way they go nuts when white people, like George Zimmerman, dare to defend themselves to stop a black person from murdering them. I have never seen that from the press. I recently heard that a black man in the South got out of prison, got on a bus, said “I’m going to kill me a white man,” and proceeded to kill a man in his 60s. Most of the blacks on the bus just watched him. Some laughed; they thought it was funny. You will not hear Chelsea Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, or George Stephanopolous, etc. say a word about this – because it does not bother them. It is what they want. They really do want us dead.

      • Just because the white guy is a better shooter doesn’t make what the black guy did less reprehensible. You never once hear about black on white crime in the press the way you hear about white on black crime. The only logical reason for that is the press favors black on white crime.

        • Me I don’t gave a damn my father is white my mom is black and I caught hell growing but hey killing whatever race is wrong people need to Pray more kill less

          • Do you mean prayers like this?

            1 Samuel 17:46 This day will the LORD deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite
            thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will give the carcases of the
            host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the
            wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a
            God in Israel.

          • So the black gang who beat me up for no reason other than because I’m white was not a crime? I know you liberals believe that it is acceptable for blacks to do that. That doesn’t make it right, and doesn’t stop it from being a crime. Ignoring black on white crimes: this is just more evidence that liberals want a white genocide.

  • Thankfully blacks are incompetent. A small wiry kid was able to take out more people than a full grown bodybuilding dindu.

  • Today’s politics are exceedingly strange. Modern liberalism is basically a bunch of losers with daddy issues hating on local ‘supremacy’ while acting as footsoldiers for globalist supremacists.

  • Why in the pit of hell does a man, who has a carry permit, not carry his gun? Why leave it in the car? Does the car need company? Does the car have enemies that might shoot it up while its owner is in church? Could he not afford two guns? So many questions.

    Protip: If you see a black man with a gun and a mask, shoot first, ask questions maybe. God color coded them for a reason.

  • Lets not bash the actions of the usher. His actions in the face of death are what we all should aspire to. Who knows, he may have even turned to the awakened side after dealing with this situation firsthand.

    • He may. I can’t let go of the fact that he didn’t have his gun on his person. He COULD have stopped this. I live in Murfreesboro, TN. I have lived in the greater Nashville area for a decade and a half. There are no laws here stopping him from doing so. His church HAS to have asked him, and likely all members, to leave any and all firearms in the car.

      Protip 2: If your church askes you to not protect the flock, leave. Never follow a shepherd who tells his sheep dogs not to protect the sheep. Better yet, remove that “minister”, “pastor”, etc.

  • Despite negroids’ absurd claims that the media or “the system” are against them, it’s pretty easy to bring up cases like this to get people to understand that there’s an anti-White double standard. The Alt-Lite, in particular, loves to point this out and then just leaves it there.

    I think a big key in converting people toward our understanding is to get them to ask themselves why the double standard exists. Even shitlibs might come to accept the double standard, but would probably claim it’s necessary because of so much former negative portrayal of blacks, redlining, blockbusting, slavery, blah blah blah. That can easily be countered by pointing to the roughly six million programs and trillions of wasted money since the Great Society (hell, go back to the Freedman’s Bureau), while blacks’ behavior continues to be as animalistic as ever despite receiving a an artificial boost that is unprecedented in human history for a single race, much less one behaving so poorly. Some might even get angry and wonder how and why they’ve been so greatly misled, and by whom.

    The real key, of course, is that virtually every person in a position of power has bought into this beaners/immigrants/towelheads/women/blacks/criminals/gays/perverts alliance against White men, because they either have a personal stake or understand on some level that White men’s rule is the old way, in which non-White men had little power, thus if they all band together to treat White men’s societies like a grab bag, they win. Pointing out that women are often hysterical, emotional, and easily manipulated, or that blacks are disproportionately savage and worthless, starts a crack in the dam of lies they’ve erected, which they know will threaten to bring the whole shambolic enterprise down if people simply start believing the truth in front of them.

    This “coalition of the ascendant”, of course, is a fallacious narrative that has been promoted by the Jews since time immemorial, using these groups as foederati to loot, plunder, and destroy while they take the lion’s share. This is probably the most difficult thing to persuade anyone on, since the Jews have jumped in to promote “Jew haters” as genocidalists, kooks, and so forth. While some people can accept the reality of how Jews see the world, Jewish power, and how that power influences our society, others will write it off no matter how you present it. I think, in those cases, it might be more fruitful to simply talk about Goldman Sachs, talk about how some article written by a Jew is neurotic and hysterical while simply mentioning their name and not their ethnic status. Talk about the Israel lobby, Goldman Sachs, etc. When you let people start to see what enormous damage is done by people who “just happen” to be named Cohen, Levi, Silverstein, etc., a lot of them will realize it themselves and get around the philosemitic safeguards the Jews put in their heads over the years.

  • Speaking of non-whites killing whites…
    Today in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we had a truck-of-peace driver with an ISIS flag stab a cop and drive through some Canadians.
    The police reportedly have identified the culprit, but refuse to release his name or picture (aka he is an Arab Muslim).

    And what was the response of our great leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau???
    “We cannot – and will not – let violent extremism take root in our communities. We know that Canada’s strength comes from our diversity, and we will not be cowed by those who seek to divide us or promote fear.”

    You can’t make this shit up…

  • This is why I didn’t counter-signal Roof’s attack. Niggers are at war with all Whites, including our women and children. Therefore theirs are fair game as well. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t have fucked with us.

    • I bought my first Rebel Flag immediately after the Roof shooting. I didn’t exactly appreciate how all us white southerners were blamed because of a crazy loser.

    • I highly doubt that Church-Going Blacks at a Mid Week Prayer Meeting are the Enemy of Whites….

      In fact, it’s Complete BS……

      Why didn’t Roof go into the Hood and shoot up a Corner full of Black Drug Dealers/Gang Members??

      What he did was Cowardly and Terroristic…….

      Those people did not deserve to die……..

      • At the very worst, you could make the point that a hell of a lot of other people should have died before those came up in the queue.

        • Church-Going Blacks who after work……

          ….take time to go to a Mid-Week Prayer Meeting………

          Are NOT My Enemy……..

          Anyone who thinks they’re Alt-Right and Champions what Roof did to Innocents……

          Is my Enemy…….

          I support Racial Separation……..

          But, I don’t support Terrorism…….

          • Agreed. I want the exact same thing. The problem is that there is less than a 1% chance that we will get there without a bunch of people who are not explicitly our enemies being sent to the Judgement Seat.

          • Well stated young man.
            Question. If every single Black person in America were to leave, and go to Africa. ..
            …Would that make you feel better about yourself? Would a bottle of moonshine give you the co
            Underatand this.
            There are many Nations (and its people) who’d love nothing more than to make you their boyfriend.

      • I agree with you 100%. Great point. I don’t think that old black ladies and blacks trying to be good people are much of a threat.

      • Wrong, that church was a hotbed of political activism and he killed a prominent anti-white politician.

        I don’t condone what he did, but I understand. When young white people are subjected to anti-white oppression, it fuels radicalism and extremism.

        But in the end, White Nationalism is an ideology of peace, and our movement needs more funding and exposure, so that we can catch people like Dylan before they go down the dark path of radicalization, and re-direct them into peaceful pro-white political activism and advocacy.


      • Let me cuck for a sec and profusely disavow Roof and violence.

        Ok, done.

        But if you read his note, he made the point of going after innocents because that would be the equivalent of all the black killings of innocent Whites. So that was his logic.

        Breivik on the other hand targeted the youth cadres of left-wing politicians. And there wasn’t any lasting negative fallout from his attack in Norway.

        Makes for an interesting case study.

    • Dylann Roof did nothing wrong. How many old white people and children are attacked raped and murdered by negroes daily? We are way behind on body count.

      • Good thing you are not Christian. Good thing for the Majority that you boys work overtime for Satan.
        Thank the Lord for Hellfire, because that will be your final unrestingplace .
        Take care, guys. C U!

          • The account was created today and has 7 comments. Now I wish I had simply looked at those numbers before replying at all to it. At best it came here to engage with us. At worst, it came here to troll. Either way it isn’t worth offering offense to your Christian brothers while you insult it.

    • When the Emperor returns, I am going to ask Him to give you your own paradise planet just for being you.

      • Why the snark, son. A little counsel…it is pointless, futile, and self-defeating to mock a fellow WN…because he is PRECISELY what our Fathers and Mothers were at the founding of the Republic – CHRISTIAN. And that to the tune of 100% – 99% Prot., 1% RC. Think about it.

          • With all due respect, I think I recognize snark when I see it. And in this instance, there wasn’t the slightest subtlety to it.

          • Let me offer some clarification. I love my God. Jesus the Christ is the physical manifestation of the Person of God. He IS my God and He IS my Emperor. This all fits very easily into the quasi religious nature of a bit of cheesy sci-fi/fantasy crap that I enjoyed as a kid. I still use the terminology because many of us here get the same references. Hell, even Milo gets it.

            Reward for men being true men in that series was a planet of their own full of whatever the heck they wanted. Tell me exactly why God Himself can’t offer and make good on a promise like that?

            I don’t think anything is too big for Him. Even when the request seems ludicrous to our minds.

            Ephesians 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

          • Racial hatred in one Foul-odor breath, then the next-to-last breath;
            “God is my Emperor”.
            Is He now.
            Those who are in charge of the hen house will be fried much slower than the fowl.. Crispy. Few bones…
            …. Understand son?
            Come outta the basement. and get a hot shower.

          • No basements where I am. I am having a hard time translating your passive-aggressiveness here. What are you trying to convey?

            God is my Emperor. He has yet to tell me to drop into the dust and die. Until He does, expect me to oppose those who hurt my people.

        • There was no snark. Read it again. If I want to insult someone I do it bluntly. Don’t read things into what I say. When I see my God, I will ask him for exactly what I said I would.

          • I have to tell you, your initial “Emperor/planet” remarks were so, if not snarky, odd then, shall we say, that I can only further remark myself that I am curious as to your Christian background. And I suppose I should admit to misunderstanding and apologize for the same.

          • Don’t you dare apologize. To the best of your knowledge, you were defending a Christian brother and offering a correction to another. You did nothing wrong.

          • Rex. You’re a good man. People such as yourself will find God’s Arms open wide for you sir.

            Those boy’s are just scared.
            Those who sleeps with weapons bands a wife from a good-night smooch.
            You folk take it easy…

          • I am most certainly not a good man. That is why I am Christian. I belong in hell. Christ is the only one who offered me a way out. I took it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t need to eat, sleep, and breathe like a mortal man with mortal concerns. It is true that I am being a bombastic SOB here but I am throwing a lot of ideas at my intellectual and moral wall and I am seeing what sticks. I have so many identities competing for my allegiance and I am trying to find out which ones form a cohesive Rex and which ones don’t.

            Yes, in one breath I will praise the Lord and in another, I will condemn my enemies. I wish the American ideal of democracy and unity could work out. I was a basic bitch conservative for most of my life. The reality is the exact opposite and I am having to piece myself back together after my worldview was totally shattered.

            The government is not my friend. Blacks want me and my lineage to die. Jews are working as a nomadic tribe to weaken everyone around them as they pass through the world. Asians are poised to dominate the world when my people are at their weakest. The latinos smell blood and want Whites gone too but don’t have the capacity to realize that they, and blacks, will be the cattle of the Asian ascendant.

            Pardon me if I examine every idea possible to deal with those problems WHILE trying to get my own race to wake up and stop cutting their own throats.

  • Yes, but Mr. Samson option came “leeegally” via the refugee program at 4yrs old, so per cuck theory he is a “good black” and overall good person since he “went through the process” and this should not have happened. After all, he ate American food, attended American schools, watched America sitcoms and apparently attended an American church for a while.

    I don’t know who many white people have to die at the hands of people like Congoid Samson before white Christian lemmings finally realize that race matters.

    • As a White Christian, I can tell you that WE already know that. The “white christian lemmings” will never know that because they are neither White nor Christian. They are just lemmings and their religion is leftism, it is bolshevik judaism. They abideth not in the vine.

  • Not a good piece, unfortunately. This is church of christ denomination. They do not hold to traditional Christian doctrine or practices. Cofcc is controlled by freemasons, and do not worship any martyr. The leadership is mostly faggots and lesbians. These people are despised by evangelicals. These people do tend to bring nIggers over here when they can, so perhaps there is some poetic justice in this shooting. Too bad about its poor aim, however.

    • huh? I grew up CoC and do not recognize any part of what you just claimed. The CoC prides itself on following the literal word of God. Too literal for me, but you can’t accuse them of adopting non Christian doctrine. And I never EVER heard about Freemasons controlling the decidedly decentralized CoC. And as a Gay man, I can assure you that it is not run by Gays.

  • I can’t judge the individual victims, but their doctrine says, essentially, that the best thing in life is to suffer, and even experience martyrdom, in order to end racism and social injustice.

    So, they don’t care about their own deaths. And neither do their fellows. In fact, nobody cares, except some internet racists who want to hijack those deaths and use them for a completely opposite end (preserving life)

    Unfortunately, there is also a secular version of this death seeking doctrine, and together they hold sway over a pretty large segment of the population.

    In contrast, other groups do care about their martyrs, and they will force everyone else to care. Or at least, force them act like they care, which is almost as good.

  • The MSM are only colorblind when Whites are the victim, they will never let a race war start on something like this. The victim card is a huge part of their narrative and there’s no way they will allow Whites to be seen as anything else than cruel oppressors.

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