Team Of The Saints Tries To Avert Race War

The New Orleans Saints have figured out the perfect centrist position to appease everybody. They are going to kneel before and then stand during the anthem.

This way, they don’t have to confront the problem head-on. Rather they can just continue appeasing and giving ground, inch by inch. And the fans can finally just continue with the business of watching them run around as usual.

Race war averted. Go back to the couch, Sportsball fans…

Brees, the quarterback for the Saints said in a tweet on Friday, “As a way to show respect to all, our #Saints team will kneel in solidarity prior to the national anthem & stand together during the anthem.”

In other words, the Blacks have fired the first salvo and then the White cucks have been running around, doing damage control and trying to put out the fire ever since.

Will it work?

Absolutely not.

These clowns want to go back to the way things were, they don’t realize that there is no going back.

Donald Trump, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Alt-Right have changed things…forever.

We’ve certainly done our part in accelerating the coming schism, but really, most of the hard work has been done by the Left.

They’ve radicalized things. And we were simply the reaction to their non-stop attacks on White people and White identity. It was natural – action, reaction…synthesis.

The Alt-Right is the synthesis of the Right and the Left. Why do I say that? Because unlike the cuckservatives, we took the Left’s tactics, and adopted them for ourselves. We began to push as hard as they did and ignored the calls for restraint and politeness among the low-T big brain nibbas on the Right. We even accepted the Left’s premise that “race matters” and we stopped fighting it head-on. Instead we judo-stepped to the side, used the momentum of the Left in pushing for identity politics for ourselves.

We took what worked from the Left, and we started claiming scalps. We started clawing little victories away, bit by bit. And now we stand poised to inherit the other half of the balkanized pie that the Left has given us on a silver platter.

Ever wonder why we here on the Alt-Right spend so much time attacking and critiquing the Republicans, the Alt-Lite and Conservatism in general?

Simple, it’s because they are speed bumps on the path of balkanization and radicalization. In other words, they give waffling White normies a cop-out, a half-way position to take and hold onto for dear life as they claim that they’re not as bad as da real racists over there two steps to the right of them.

But if these middle positions are eliminated, the White everyman is left with only two positions. Join the pro-White or the anti-White faction…with nothing in between.

This is basic revolutionary political theory. It doesn’t really matter what side turns the gas on and starts advancing their radical agenda. The other end of the radical spectrum stands to gain as well. So long as the soft middle is being eroded, the fringe grows.

(And no this isn’t horseshoe theory.)

And so, I’ve stopped getting mad at the Left. I am instead genuinely grateful to them for pushing so hard and so fast. They’ve left so many people in the lurch, so many recruits to bring over to our side. Meanwhile, it must be said that more and more people are flocking to the Left as well. The radicalization is in full swing.

We’re not quite there yet, but god we are so close. Can’t you feel it? The White Awakening gets closer every single day.

The final showdown between GoodWhites and BadWhites looms closer and closer everyday as civic identity and every other race-blind form of identity is destroyed.

All those precious saints in the middle have to do now is drop the ball, shrug their shoulders and step aside for the real action to start.

This compromise action on the part of the team of the New Orleans Saints was to be expected. They chose a half-way measure, as the middle always does. But the larger camp of the self-sacrificing, moderate White saints gets smaller every day. Race-blindness only works when times are good and everyone decides to pretend along with you that it doesn’t matter what color the emperor is.

But we are done pretending.

Let the New Orleans Saints take their knee, let all the cuck saints proclaim that they are race-blind one last time. The Left will find some way to make them eat their words before they even finish patting themselves on their back this time.

And once all those White saints are gone, only the Alt-Right will remain.


Vincent Law
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  • What initially attracted me to the AR is that we do use the tactics of the left, against them. After years of banging my head against the wall due to cuckservatives cucking I jumped in head first.

  • Interesting thoughts, Vince. I am looking forward to watching and listening as fans boo and jeer as football teams do their pre-anthem solidarity kneeling. I expect to see hostility for the kneelers grow and grow, as the season progresses.

  • Expect more kneeling “Kneegros” after Trump conveniently sent out a tweet demanding that NFL players stand for the Anthem on Saturday night.

  • Only men who have children should go to war. We can’t allow their precious dna to be wasted, and a family will give them more reason to fight. We can prevent too much young population loss too, which is the most important.

  • I am completely ruthless when it comes to getting the job done. I’m all about duality, always has been. Yin and Yang and all that shit. I can supress altruistic empathic side when I need to. I can also suppress my dark psychopathic/socipathic side when needs to. But I can also let anyone of them let loose when I need to. So here we are. The world, the white part of it, that is, needs a psychopathic bastard run amuck and do the job the cucks are too weak to do. Just call me when you’re ready for the total bloodbath. I can deliver.

  • Another Great Alt-Right Leader……

    So many Great Leaders, Thinkers, Writers, Movers, and Doers…..

    And they thought that Charlottesville had Destroyed Us??


  • These are very exciting times indeed and I have no doubt that things will unfold this way. The question is: when will this shift happen?

    • Hopefully, it will be ignited when Mueller possibly tries to Indict President Trump……..

      Or the Democrats gain the House/Senate in ’18 and try to Impeach President Trump………

  • Alt Right and Individualism.

    To better understand this, let’s consider the problem of Russia.

    I’m thinking that the problem with Russians is the lack of individuality.

    Now, some on the Right(esp Alt Right) are skeptical and even hostile to this thing called individualism. They see it as atomizing, selfish, egotistical, narrow, vain, and ahistorical.
    Now, this may be true in cases where individualism is the core of one’s worldview.

    But individuality can serve something bigger than itself. And any agenda, vision, or order is best served by charged-up individuals who are willing to be bold, strong, inspired, ingenious, and innovative. The problem with collectivism is it discourages and dampens individuality. So, even though the collective is for the good of the whole, there is a lack of charged-up individuals willing to make a difference in the world and make contributions.

    There is collectivism where most people think of the common good and try to work as a group. But such mindset leads to passivity. Everyone is waiting around to be told what to do for the common good. He lacks the individual will to put forth his own ideas and plans. He knows how to receive and take orders but not how to assert himself and propose/execute ideas.

    There is individualism where individuals think the only thing that counts is self-satisfaction. The most extreme types of these kind of individuals are found in gangsterism, vice industry, and globalism. Druglords don’t care what drugs to do society. They only care about their own riches. Vice industry lords with their casinos don’t care about the terrible effect gambling has on the culture. They only care about their own individual profits. And globalist entrepreneurs don’t care about the people of the nation. They don’t care about people of the world. They just wanna use the entire world to play the game to rake as much profits for themselves.

    But there is the third option: Individualism for the shared national good. Peter Thiel is partly of this school. He believes in individual enterprise, boldness, risk-taking, and innovation… but he also believes there must be a sense of national purpose and good.

    The problem with Russians is this lack of individuality for the national good. Russian(often Russian-Jewish)individualism has taken the form of self-serving egomania. So, become oligarchs, rake in the profits, and live like a king with tons of yachts all over. (To be sure, Jewish-Russian oligarchs at least have a sense of common shared good for Jews.) This kind of pathologically self-centered individualism is harmful to the nation. The powerful, the privileged, and the connected only care about themselves. And as fish rots from the head, this kind of excessive vanity seeps down to the masses, and people become trashy. This is happening in the US too, with the masses imitating the decadent excesses of the celebrities.

    There has been a sense of communal, collective, and shared good in Russian culture, and this goes back to Christianity… which explains why so many Russians took to communism so fast. This kind of communalism discourages individuality, ego, spark, boldness, adventurousness, and can-do-spirit. It emphasizes conformism to the orthodoxy of what is righteous and just, whether under Christianity, Tsarism, or communism. Or Putinism.

    There is a positive side to such communalism but also a negative side. Without individual spark and boldness, it’s a communalism of passivism and waiting around to be told what to do. A communalism of charged up individuals will do so much more than communalism of passive individuals. In IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, George Bailey works for the good of the town, but he is full of individualism. He takes charge, he is clever and inventive, he’s looking for angles, he like to engage with people. He has individuality and communal spirit.
    In contrast, the lack of individuality in Russia led to too many Russkies just waiting around to be told what they must think and do.

    The difference between assertive communalism(of individuals) and passive communalism(of collective mindset) is this: Suppose the electricity goes out in a community. In the community of civic-minded individuals, many will try to contact the company to see what’s up. Each person will try to take the initiative. In contrast, in the latter community, everyone will just sit around trusting or hoping that someone ELSE will do something about the power outage. This makes a huge difference. America used to be both individual and communal. It had civic sense and national unity… but it was made up of individuals who rolled up their sleeves with can-do spirit and went about trying to fix things. In contrast, Russian lack of individualism meant that its communalism tended to be lethargic as most people failed to take charge as individuals and just waited around for the order or solution to come from above so that people will be told what to do. And Putinism hasn’t fixed this character flaw in Russian mindset.

    Indeed, what is striking about the ‘Russian Revolution’ was how non-Russian it was. How was it that Jews, Latvians, Poles, and even Georgian Stalin gained so much power while so many Russians became their subjects? Those other cultures had a stronger culture of the assertive individual(though not in the Anglo-libertarian mode). Russian masses had long been inculcated to follow orders and do like others do. In contrast, other cultures produced individuals who were more bandit-like, merchant-like, intellectual-like, or some such. So, it took awhile for the USSR to become a genuine Russian Empire. Up to the 50s, it was largely an order ruled by non-Russians who were more daring than Russians. Indeed, Russians gained power only because the non-Russian elites created a system whereby Russians could be educated and told what to do to rise up the power ladder.

    Another problem is barbarism that wastes energy on childish stuff. When Russians do indulge in individuality, it’s often silly stuff like swilling excessive amounts of vodka, having street fights, driving around like loons, wrestling bears, dancing on tables, and catching fish with penis. Jews don’t waste their individual spirit on such silliness. When you have a gallon of gasoline, it should be poured into an engine. Russians douse things all around and set things on fire just to celebrate and have a good time. Wasted energy. True individuality is a smart use of energy with focus and direction and sense of purpose.

    As Russia looks to the future, the main conflict will be this:

    Russian nationalists and patriots with sounder values and nobler spirit but lacking in individual spark and spirit to take charge and make a difference


    Jewish, Homo, and Cuck Globalists with terrible values and subversive mindset but bursting with individual spark and spirit to take charge and make a difference.

    It’s like what Israel Shamir wrote of the Lucy Stein gang. Awful people but full of spunk and spirit.

    A spirited badger can bring down a passive cow.


    The lesson to be learned from this is that the Alt Right must have a communal sense of identity and purpose… but it must also encourage each individual to be energized, spirited, inspired, and ingenious. Don’t just sit around looking to imitate others or take orders or to be told what to do. Be an Individual for the Common Good.

    Jews gained so much power because they have both strong individuality and strong sense of communal spirit. Even Ayn Rand, ultra-individual that she was, supported Israel to the hilt.

          • Well the guy said that the alt left is making making the alt right stronger? How long will Democrats manipulate you?

          • 1) Anti-White rhetoric and street action by the democrats, antifa, kneelgroes, etc helps wake up White people.

            2) They are attracted to the pro-White Alt-Right.

            3) Therefore the Left is making the Alt-Right stronger.

            What part do you not understand?

          • OK Vince. Thanks. You know the problem as I see it? Extremism on BOTH sides. I will chose to be neither, at least until all you on both sides drag everybody else into your world. Each side fueling the others hate, not this conservative.

  • A while back internet commentator BenKenobi posted the following:

    They wanted evil white men
    Now they shall have them
    Do not lament that we have come
    We are the logical culmination of your progressive ideology
    We are the synthesis.

    Best summary I’ve ever read of what’s happening.

    • The start of every game needs to have the stadium taken over by the tax payers and used as a parade ground for Marshalling armies. Fuck these man babies and their children’s games. Good God I am more pissed about this crap still being a major part of American culture than I thought possible.

  • Enjoying this huge mistake the NFL is engaging in by taking a knee. They thank they are showing solidarity against attacks by Trump, calling out their black’s disrespect of the flag. It’s not about some protest anymore. Funny they can dis America but God forbid they get disrespected. They are too arrogant or stupid to realize that all the fans see is them saying fuck you to America.

    • The blacks, like the Illegal aliens, are used to being coddled by Obama. Now that that’s not happening anymore, they are throwing their little fit. They are perfectly willing to hate the white man, but are not too proud to take his money. Same with the American Indians.

  • Its aint gonna work with me. Unless these rotten f’s stand at attention with their hands perfectly placed on their heart, the whole league is dead to me.

    Rugby, anyone?

    • No. No rugby. No other sports. Buy a rifle. Buy several thousand rounds. Go train. If you already have, do it again. Then again. Find some GenZ who needs to gear up and train and help them. Don’t spend one more fucking day on your ass watching other men earn their money, fame, and power.

      • I agree on training. Regarding whats happening from between cville to now the NFL — this is a huge opportunity for recruiting awakened spirits. However, wordpress, google, et al, have vanquished many groups/message boards off the web in order to squash this opportunity.

        • Good. Then the only place we have to go is out into the real world to kill this lisping, latte sipping, HIV+ dragon. Enough talk. We already know what needs to be done.

          • I like the use of flash mob tactics. I believe Vanguard is starting to do this.

            When the hell is a strong leader going to arise that can have all our guys coalesce and concentrate our energy?

          • I’m involved in a group right now.

            We just seem to have many different factions right now — foak, vanguard, IE, PB, III%, MAGA groups, etc etc. If we could somehow join all of these people together, that would be fucking magnificent. Something like this NFL bullshit would be a perfect opportunity to bring EVERYONE out for protests. America and the hatred of people who shit on our Country can truly bring us all together, IMO.

          • I am working on it. I have to build my cult following first though! The more upvotes I get the stronger my desire to dominate all life becomes.

        • I’ve been banned from facebook, Twitter, and blogger. The EU tells me it doesn’t like my ideology. They have threatened to fine me.

          • The EU is where individual freedom goes to die. Western civilization needs a mass revolt against the powers that be.

        • We’ve all played kill the man when we were younger. Any athletics, even soccer (eyeroll), does a body and mind good.

        • So is actual military training. Find some vets in our community and have them start building a fireteam. Grow to squad size. Grow to platoon size. Don’t stop. Anything you can do is more valuable than sports.

      • I thought when Trump got elected, he’d come out with guns blazing. He’d throw the crooks in California in jail, would take out George Soros and Obama. It is quite clear that unless our men take up arms, we will never take the country back from the criminal cartel. The stuff that is happening in California gives me nightmares especially when so few others see it.

        • Sister, might I suggest that you move to Tennessee if you have not already. You should be safe here so long as you avoid any heretical churches. It is safer among motorcycle clubs than police stations if you are White. Looks like the outlaws were right about the system not being for us despite it being of us.

          • Yeah, I’ll just take a few hundred dollars out of my bank account and head for a place I know nothi8ng about and nobody there. Sounds like a plan.

          • I may go to New Orleans and help Tia Villalobos from Pitbulls and Parolees after I get my inheritance. Then again, I may be too old for that stuff anymore.

    • No one wants to be that first guy who starts the violence. That guys IS going to jail forever. The next 10 million that follow will fight the war that orange pajamas started. This is why we are all thrilled that Antifa is using weapons and getting increasingly violent. We all hope they will do something so evil that we can open up with both barrels.

  • I wish it were true, “the cats out of the bag”… Judging from reports of TNF the stadium was packed with dumbasses endorsing degeneracy that is sportball.

    Our nationalism has been usurped by jew brain manipulation and “canards”
    Replaced with rediculous displays of diversion and further degradation of our living space.

  • When a review of the Negro supremacist Ta-Nehisi Coates book “We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy” about how Obama was not the real thing…


  • Wrap yourselves in the flag and do a field invasion this weekend.

    Watch the dindu security staff chase around fans wrapped in the national flag as the Games are finally ruined.

    It’s gotta be this weekend and make it a spectacle.

    • Yea, just think how many leftists are saying that right back at you. This conservative thinks both of you deserve each other. Everytime you people you open those hate filled mouths you hurt your own cause. How long can you be so stupid? You think most people in the middle are gonna fall to your side? Most people just wanna raise their kids and dont want any of this shit. And as far you guys being the product of the left, last time I checked you people were burning crosses a long time ago and paved the way for where it is now. So now rational people are gonna have to suffer because of your fucked up shit. You both deserve each other, in hell

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