5 Steps to Become a Real Man

The deconstruction of the European male has been an important element in – and in fact a prerequisite for – the Left’s project of destruction.

Their methods have been too numerous to summarise in a short chapter of a brief book, but among the most important steps which they have taken would be the reduction of the military’s role in society (in the case of Sweden, the abolishing of the general draft, which thus depriving young Swedish men of an essential rite of passage), ‘affirmative’ action to drag women into every occupation that it is possible or impossible for them to fill, and the elimination of strong, traditional male role models from modern popular culture. The very latest innovation is the ridiculous pseudoscience of ‘gender studies’, the sole and express purpose of which is to deconstruct gender roles. It all amounts to a sheer attack against all forms of traditional gender roles which, under the cover of ‘justice’ and ‘equality’, aims to create an atrophied human being who is dependent on neutered academics for his or her value system.

The result of all this is confused gender identities; a society where young men achieve less and less in education, suffer from completely irrational insecurities and even have reduced testosterone levels – far lower than have been normal since they began to be measured.

Europe is enveloped in twilight – an utterly grave situation that demands real men for its solution, men who are willing to accept their traditional roles as defenders of family, folk, and civilisation. It is your responsibility to become such a man.

What follows is concrete advice on how to take the first steps to transform yourself into the kind of man Europe needs and deserves:

1) Assess your physical state and your capacity for self-defence. Unless you already do, make sure to start training physically – and I am not referring to golf, badminton, or African dance, but actual weightlifting. Furthermore, take up some form of martial arts, preferably MMA, kickboxing, or whatever else that suits your interests, provided that it includes proper sparring. In this way, you get used to the idea of defending yourself against and inflicting violence. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are forced to use these skills, which you very well might if you live in the decaying civilisation once known as the West, this may very well prove to be the difference between life and death for you, your friends and family, and perhaps even your community itself. It is your responsibility as a man to keep yourself in shape and to be capable of defending your family and community.

2) Free yourself from the false worldview of the Left. Do not even consider it as anything other than a product of insane people who want to hurt you. And do not, under any circumstances, refer to yourself as a ‘men’s rights activist’. Doing so signals weakness, and also lacks any logical basis. Any such ‘rights’ are myths and rank alongside the rest of the Leftist ideological debris. Once again: if you do not have a special proclivity for deconstructing nonsense or some perverse interest in dumb political ideologies, do not even waste your time thinking about the ideas of the Left.

3) Learn basic gentlemanly virtues. This is especially important for those of us who live in the decadent postmodern West, for two reasons: firstly, because these virtues are worth preserving and passing on to coming generations; and secondly, because internalising these virtues will give you a massive competitive advantage over other modern men – spoiled and feminised as they are.

4) Develop a healthy attitude to women in our segment of the political sphere. Realise that, in general, they do constitute the ‘weaker sex’, that they are in need of protection, and that they do not have the same responsibility which you do in the struggle that lies before Europe. European men, conservative nationalists being no exception, are unfortunately products of our corrupted modern culture and the Leftist indoctrination which we were subjected to during our upbringing. As a consequence, we often make the mistake of viewing women as absolute equals, with the same responsibilities and abilities as men. From this point of departure, many are shocked when faced with the low percentage of women who are active in our circles, and believe this to be a problem which could be solved if only we were to ‘adapt our message’, ‘convey a softer image’, or something similar, whereupon women would flock to us and eventually come to constitute half of our ranks. These are of course erroneous conclusions, founded on completely maniacal premises, and the sooner you dispense with this delusion, the better. Women have as a rule always been underrepresented in political matters, with feminism as the sole exception. This exception not only proves the rule but also demonstrates that the rule is probably both natural and desirable. Given the character of the political sphere, especially of its Right-wing elements, it is an inescapable fact that women are and always will be underrepresented. Because of this, the few women who not only attach themselves to our cause but also prove themselves competent, sometimes become the objects of exaggerated degrees of appreciation and attention and are put on a pedestal. This is a mistake to be avoided, since it is undignified as well as impractical, and benefits neither the men nor the women involved.

5) On relationships. Since the so-called ‘manosphere’ is already bristling with articles on this subject, I will be brief and offer only three pieces of advice, which will make your life far better and simple, should you choose to apply them.

5.1) Never make finding a woman your primary goal, consuming all your time and attention. Access to worthy female companionship is rather a bonus and secondary effect of having succeeded in other areas of life. In short: focus on becoming a better man in terms of how your education, career, and other efforts can best serve Europe, and women will appear in your life of their own volition. When you find the right woman, make sure to start a family, preferably as early in life as possible. When you eventually find yourself on your deathbed, your sons and daughters will carry your heritage within them. The more carriers Europe has, the better.

5.2) Think of your male circle of friends as a Männerbund, where certain principles of honour pertain. One important such principle is to avoid competition over the same women, and not least staying away from friends’ daughters and former girlfriends. Such issues are constant sources of conflict in male circles, and in the long run, it is never worth it.

5.3) Do not fall for the myth of equality. This cannot be stressed enough. Men and women are fundamentally different and have different roles to play, in society as well as in a relationship. As a man, it falls on you to lead the family. Never give up an inch of this leadership role – it is undignified, counter-productive, and will have catastrophic effects on both your lives, not least on your intimate relations.

Always strive to improve yourself within the framework of your naturally given gender role, and thus your natural role in society and the community. You may live in a depraved, undignified age, and a certain degree of adaptation may be necessary, but it is you and people like you who will form the vanguard in the reformation of European societies, and the restoration of our ancient, traditional ideals. These ideas once built the great civilisation of Europe, and they will rebuild it when this age of darkness ends.

(The above text is an excerpt from chapter 5: “Brief Advice on Gender Roles”, in my latest book, The Real Right Returns. If you enjoyed this brief article, get the book to read the full text.)

Daniel Friberg
the authorDaniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg is a co-founder and editor of He is furthermore an economist from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University who has conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Arktos, 2015). (Official Facebook page)


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  • Adding complexity to the issue as a question to the author: What if you married a women who once was attracted by your male attitude, but along with the mounting mental drift of the public opinion has been increasingly spoiled with the anti-male-gender-SJW poison? Imagine a situation in which hard lining your own position neither helps on a logic (no wonder) nor intuitional level, since the environment pushes fallacy and deception as being unquestionable truths. What do you do if this set up tears apart your relationship (no way to ‘convince’ by argument or action)? What if you feel responsible for the mental health of your kids? How can you escape this trap if there is no supporting environment?

    I think this is a typicall case for many married fathers in the western sphere: They feel and maybe even know that something is wrong, but acting against the feminism terror requires to solve a huge public prisioner dilemma: You may lower your damage rate if many/all men co-operate, but if not, your first mover disadvantage ends up in losing your children, social network and maybe even job.

  • One of the things I see young white males doing in todays society is DRUGS…like heroin which weakens them. This is also the plan of the anti white sentiment going on in the world today…to take our youth and destroy them from within….Don’t do drugs, stay vigilant and keep your heads.

  • Stay out of debt. Don’t finance crap. Just own one credit card. Stockpile foodstuffs that can last you for one year. This will not only keep you more economically free but will also give you peace of mind.

  • You may want to include vacationing in your own country and in other European countries like the Central and East. We should be supporting Hungary and Czech as much as possible.

  • Interesting thoughts, Daniel. However, you left out the two most important points that one needs to follow to be a “real man.”

    1) Become financially independent, so you do NOT have to be somebody’s employee to get money.
    2) Do, NOT go into debt.

    If you follow these two rules (in addition to Dan’s other fine suggestions) you will never have to cry like a baby about being “oppressed” or snivel about being a “slave of the Jews.”

    • Good advice for your son maybe but not at all realialistic for a society or nation. Nations need everyone. The farmer, the worker, the plumber, the scientist, the doctor…not just people who make piles of money then drop out of society. If everyone was to live like you propose, who would grow your food or administer to you when you are sick?

      That’s bankrupt drop out advice. Good on you if you can manage it but bad advice for an entire society. Sounds very jewy.

      • One does NOT have to be rich to be or well educated to be “financially independent.” Here in Pennsylvania, nearly every Amish farmer is financially independent, although he “grows food” and does “manual labor” every day. Moreover, the Amish do NOT go to school beyond the 8th grade.

        • Yes and they have a society, nation if you will,that they live in, work in, trade in and so forth that we do not have. Again, it is not realistic that everyone will be his own boss. We live in a society and that is how it always has been and always will be. We all need each other. That is how it works. Like it or not.

          Are you a libertarian?

          • Me a libertarian? I am about as libertarian as James Madison or George Washington. Like them I believe that in general “less government is better government” but that the small government should be supported mostly by tariffs, NOT income taxes. Moreover, I agree with their Naturalization Act of 1790 which limited citizenship to “free white people.”

      • Thanks, for the recognition, Dan. Yes, the youngsters need to remember that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” In other words, a tank needs armor plating as well as a cannon.

  • The alt-right is made of some of the best men our race has to offer, but we are young, inexperienced, and have been without guidance for much of our lives. So listen up brothers, time to be the alphas you are!

  • Didn’t the Cucked Swedes invent a gender neutral pronoun, “Hen”, so the Swedish language could be gender neutral?!

    • Our cultural elite did, yes. It was however a total failure, since the Swedish people rejected it and made jokes about it (and still do). Nowadays only a small minority of radical leftists are still using this term.

      • Yes, the cultural (marxist) eite try this everywhere it is just that the population of Sweden is more prone to respect authority for historical reasons. And even in Sweden (they are trying this gender neutral/trans/singularity stuff everywhere) they failed. It is like telling the kids in school that using the word bog (fag) to slander someone is unacceptable yet if you are ever around Swedish kids you will hear them using this word all the time in a school yard fashion to insult one another.

        I just love it when they fail. In the end Nature will win.

  • Under Step 1. Assessing your physical state… Advice: start your day with a cold shower. A warm shower is a sedative. A cold shower will awaken your body and energize you.

  • Does the Alt-Right have a position on corporal punishment? My father whipped me fairly earnestly with a leather belt, and while I didn’t like it at the time, I think it helped toughen me up. Is there any consensus here?

    • You have to be careful nowadays…..

      If you even take away your Kids Cellphone as Punishment…….

      They might try to Kill you in Bed while you Sleep……


  • Here’re mine:

    1) Reduce periods (increase your continence)
    2) Reduce periods (practice continence, no porn or wanking)
    3) Do your duty; serve
    4) Renew your appreciation for male friendship/brotherhood
    5) Practice continence (stop having so many periods and being a bleeder, it makes you a cowardly grey worm)

    Male courage, strength, brilliance, creativity, daring, charisma — manhood — descend on men based on items 1, 2, and 5 — alone.

    • Apparently some Jews don’t think that Native Swedes have the RIGHT to March in the Streets on a Jewish Holiday…….

      What’s the percentage of Jews in Sweden?

      At MAX…….maybe 20,000……..only 7,000 in Congregations……..

      Culturally Marxist Anti-White Swedish Socially Active??

      Who knows………maybe 10,000……Rough Estimate??

      So, a Population of 10 Million……..

      Has to Surrender to the Demands of 0.1% of the Population?!?



      • Yes. You are absolutely correct in your prior statements and I was wrong. If the White man is being true to himself, these minorities and devil worshipers will not even be dignified with acknowledgement, much less acquiescence.

    • Had a weird dream last year thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of nationalist protesters gathering on one hill above a Swedish city except their flag was a green version of the Librian flag.

  • Now I’m gonna give a little bullet point suggestion of things that you can do and tips that I can offer you to make your life feel a little bit more… robust.

    Part 1 stop jerkin off

    Part 2 get in a fist fight

    Part 3 fist fight your dad

    Part 4 fist fight your dad

    Part 5 OxyContin 80’s in your room for a month

  • Never make finding a woman your primary goal, consuming all your time and attention. Access to worthy female companionship is rather a bonus and secondary effect of having succeeded in other areas
    of life.

    This seems ambiguous. If Dan means “Don’t try to get laid just for the sake of getting laid,” then I would agree. If you don’t have children yet, however, then getting married and having children should be a primary goal, although it might be a good idea to wait until you have a career before you start looking for a wife.

    • Aren’t you contradicting yourself a bit here? Your last sentence seems to imply that having a career should in fact be the primary goal.

      What Mr. Friberg is saying is that success in life leads to success with women. Only a romantic would argue againts it.

      If you haven’t already, buy his book. It’s great reading.

  • Most women just can’t say two plus two equals four. They’ll ask if two plus two offends five, or if their friends will approve of the use of the plus sign. It’s rare for a women to be a front runner in a political movement. This is as true in Communism or Islam (although you can point to exclusion) as it is in the American revolution when it was happening. It’s interesting to see the consensus change on this, because I still remember the days where vbulletins ruled. In those days I was considered extreme because I was “mean” to women. It’s also true in extreme music that isn’t radio friendly (metal, gangster rap etc.), not just politics.

  • Making men in our culture used to be rather easy because we accepted tradition. But our traditions were not codified, they are orally transferred from one generation to another. Outside of the Christian ethos we do not have a codified system that teaches us the roles of men and women.
    It is easier to tamper with the role of a father, husband, leader etc. when that role is not clearly stated by doctrine. The closest we get are inferred. We understand by tradition these roles. Buddhism does a much better job in codifying the roles of people and society.

    It generally falls under the broad context of Dharma (loosely translated as ‘Law’ which includes codes of ethics, codes of honor, codes of morality, codes of duty and so forth)

    The duty of a father are clearly stated. Once a man becomes a father his duty, his morality, and his ethics dictate that he provide, he lead and guide. There are chapters on every aspect of human behavior including those of a wife, mother sister. to every profession,

    Unlike Christianity Buddhism focused on man and not the divine. It also focused on the duties a state has to the individual . Extensive literature has developed through the centuries that deal with Dharma including;
    Dharmachakra (wheel of law)
    Dharmashastra (Treaties on law)
    Dhammapada (path of law)
    Bhagavad Gita [Hindu bible] (Sermon on the duties of a soldier which then expands to all society)
    Arthashastra (The art of diplomacy) So much for Buddhism. I just wanted to point it out.

    As I have said before the process to make a boy into a man requires society to intercede. Unlike girls where nature makes a girl into a woman, a boy requires a great deal of input from society to make him into a man. Initiation today may include Boy scouts, team games, College degrees, careers, marriage, family, fatherhood, leadership.

  • Everyone in the Alt Right must study amateur journalism, espionage, and propaganda.

    Let a hundred flowers bloom in Alt Right voices and reports.

  • While it goes counter to ‘gentlemanly values’ I found deception is indispensable when dealing with normies. Being straightforward and honest especially in matters of politics will get you fired or worse. Even if your boss is redpilled he’ll still feel the heat if his employee is a known nationalist.

  • You might want to add financial considerations to your list. Live frugally and save up enough cash for a year’s worth of living expenses in a Fuck-You Fund in case your activism causes you to lose your job, and you can’t move back in with parents you might have alienated.

    • Solid advice. And after accomplishing that: Work toward building up a passive income through, for example, smart real estate investments in cheap and upcoming markets like Eastern and Central Europe, or work toward a life situation that in general makes it almost impossible for our enemies to harm you financially.

      • Cryptocurrency mining is another easy way to make extra money. I have been doing that so I can save money towards investing in bigger and better projects. I recently got involved in this stuff and it has netted me over 10k in the past 2 months on a 3k initial investment so it’s a good way to build capital so you can invest in better things.

          • Both, and it’s not as difficult as people make it out to be. Right now I am mining this currency called dash that was recently making about 5g USD a month per machine with an initial investment of 3200 or so USD. The rates have dropped significantly, though, which tends to happen often and at the drop of a dime. The key is to keep up with all the trends and to get in with things at the right moment.

          • Sounds like another version of the stock market or a ponzi scheme or both. I’m skeptical but if you can make money then good on you.

          • I am only using it because it threatens the Jewish money system. Once it has served it’s purpose I will drop it. It’s use isn’t ideological for me, unlike most, it is simply a tool to be used and discarded once it has served it’s purpose.

            I do agree, though, it is more than likely some sort of scam, similar to the tulip craze.

          • I think crypto currency is another Jew invention and a gateway to one world currency! Do you really think they would let you change it into US Dollars if it didn’t benefit (((them))) and (((their))) plan. ”an only realistic competition in terms of currency” i call BS on this!

          • Call BS all you want, I am making money and this has allowed me to become financially independent and not have to worry about getting fired or persecuted for my pro-Aryan beliefs.

            Besides, I am only in this a short amount of time, if all goes according to plan I will have more than enough capital to invest in my end goal – a homestead.

          • i didn’t call you a Jew i said you sound like one – going on about money and how great it is to make so much money. If you can’t see that crypto currency is a precursor to a one world currency then i don’t know what to say to you.

          • And I am one hundred percent calling you a Jew. Not only do you use the same talking points that they do you attack and slander anyone or anything that threatens your tribe’s power.

            I have nothing else to say to you. Go whine to your rebbe.

          • Couple thoughts on this:
            Fiat currency (what we have now) is conjured into existence via nothing but a ledger entry and provided AT INTEREST to our Treasury to allow you to use. That is, there is a LITERAL PRIVATE INSTITUTION that dictates that countries will only use money borrowed from them. THe last country that nationalized its currency was Nazi Germany, the last President that spoke about ditching the Federal Reserve currency was Kennedy (assassinated), before that was James A Garfield (assassinated). The last President that used currency NOT borrowed from the Central Bank was Lincoln (assassinated). The only President to ever pay off the Nat’l Debt was Jackson (attempted assassination)…do you see a pattern?
            Bitcoin is produced via “mining” and documented via worldwide computer network, not on some kosher bankers vault.
            Last, every banker on the planet is afraid of it, Jamie Dimon just said he would fire anyone he caught trading it.
            So it could still be vulnerable, but in its present form, its at least not poison.

          • I Understand what central banking is and how it was created by Jewish elites to benefit the banking industry. What i am trying to say is that if they really was scared of Bitcoin style currency they would not let you change it into US Dollars at the banking level.

      • Or live and work outside the West where they can dox you all they want and the people laugh. That has been my strategy. I had to leave Sweden as I could not take being slapped in the face daily. Though the bad part is having to live in the turd world.

          • I have done that. Various financial reasons and my need to have lots of time off for family reason which I get here. I will probably be back there after this year. I got what I needed from here.

            And living here (East Asia) really brings home what you say about your own ethnosphere. You see it, feel it, taste it, hear it and smell it everyday. You are in a foreign race’s hive. There is nothing better for reaffirming one’s knowledge that the races are distinct and should be separate than living cheek by jowl with a foreign race. And that proximity to foreign races is the main reason why Whites all over the West, Sweden included, are now waking up in droves as the foreign races get closer and closer and our space shrinks and shrinks.

      • What is necessary in the longer run is private associations, networks those purpose is to protect people from being financially harmed.

        “As a man, it falls on you to lead the family. Never give up an inch of this leadership role – it is undignified, counter-productive, and will have catastrophic effects on both your lives, not least on your intimate relations.”
        Just for example, what the wifey supposed to do if you are in prison or a hospital?
        Not to blackpill (on the contrary) but that´s pretty much the bourgeois ideals of a societies that believes there is such thing as peace. A cop-out for normies that wants to feel they are people. Never mind 50 years of feminism, the future is going to be the boot and the face, the only question is if which will be which belongs to Whites.

      • it hard just to get by in many places in America. we have no hope in victory through markets when they control the courts

      • Any more examples to offer us, Daniel? I feel like this is the single biggest factor holding me and many other smart, very capable men in my circle from becoming really politically formidable.

        Especially us early millennials in the United States, many of us are in our mid-30s with high debt, a worthless college degree, and only a dead-end and highly doxxable job to show for it.

      • Making smart real estate investments in places like Eastern Europe usually involve bribing corrupt officials who don’t give a fig about anything but money; and will use whatever means necessary to protect their taste of the action. I haven’t commented on Radix/Alt. Right in years but every time I drop by the comments section there’s always this idea that Eastern/Central Europe are these new pro-White economic cauldrons of possibility. They aren’t.

  • Interesting piece. Even as a conservacuck I lost a job over doing the right thing by my country ?? while other more alpha men dipped their heads and kept their jobs (here’s a tip goys, the civil service is full of commies and cowards).

    Outside of my brief and red pilling experience with government service I’ve otherwise sacrificed little and been barely challenged, though I do try to live my values and turn down paying clients if I suspect fraud is a possibility. Which it often is, especially with Muslims.

    I do wish that I had awoken far earlier on the female question, however.

    • As long as they get to feel like manly men, escape the realization that they are cattle bound for the slaughterhouse, they don´t mind kneeling under the ZOG desk.

      Am I being too harsh?

  • Funny how MRA’s and MGTOW seem to side with Cultural Marxism on the issue of men being drafted into the military….0

      • From what I’ve heard from my traveled friends, Eastern Europeans and Russians don’t smile much, and they think that smiling can make you look simple-minded.

        • My family’s Russian and Eastern European, can confirm. Hell I was born and raised in Murica and that’s how I think.

          • Smiling like an idiot in the West has been spread by comedy shows. Older men like my Dad, true hard Southern men, never ever give a fake ass smile. Like the one above said about Russia, they only smile at women to charm them.

            One of his great comments when he passes a stupidly smiling women, “Stop that grinnin and drop them linnins.”

          • Gorbachev is a highly controversial figure in the Soviet history. His ratings today would have probably been negative.

        • Russian saying goes like that: a laugh without a reason is sure sign of a fool. In the Russian society one would only smile to a girl to get her phone number.

    • This is very important, but we also need to stop going out alone and start moving in packs. I would also recommend that we arm ourselves if possible.

      • Yes I agree. However, every member of the pack should be able to deploy lethal defensive action as an individual because as you know, at least in the US, the Bolsheviks use knives and shivs and will sidle up and stab you then melt back into their pack.
        You have to be able to use lethal force at a moment’s notice.
        But definitely, travel in packs….
        Take a look at Nordfront’s optics.
        They look good….attractive, fit men who look like they mean business.
        A pack of heroes.

    • That shit doesn’t work in real life. If you are a man learn western boxing or kickboxing with real sparring (and a little bit of Judo/BJJ, focusing only on throws). If you are a woman learn how to use it and always carry a firearm; if they are verboten in your country, then a good knife.

      • Really?
        How long does it take a person in your techniques to get proficient enough to defend himself and inflict a lethal wound on his attacker?
        We need techniques NOW not in 5-10 years of larping.
        Perfectly fine to go to a studio and become a master kick boxer, MMA or Judo black belt but if you are a White man in the street with or without your brothers you better have some ready skills or you’re dead meat.

        • You clearly don’t know a single thing about martial arts and real life fights.

          1. There is NO magic recipe for instant success. Those fantasy ‘martial arts’ or ‘self defense systems’ or whatever they are called promising ‘to inflict a lethal wound on your attacker’ are just bullshit.

          2. Real training is not LARPing.

          3. The only way to be able to inflict a lethal wound in your attacker is through years of hard training.

          4. Fighting skills are important, but not everything. You need to carry (depending on your local laws) a firearm or at least a good knife (and for Europeans, don’t forget that humble and little things can be lethal, like a screwdriver).

    • Thanks! They do indeed. And then there’s also the effects of female contraceptives (i.e. “the death pill”) on our drinking water, which is likely a major explanatory factor why today’s Western males have about half the t-levels of our grandfathers.

      • And the sperm counts are not down in Asia and Africa and Latin America despite them using more plastic. It has to be the birth control pills and/or the chemicals on the food. You would think anyway.

      • Fluoride? What about the fact that there were far more people doing physical work 3 generations ago than today? Even just 30 years ago both White men and women were physically stronger, more sociable and more active than today.

      • I am from the culture where even a hardly noticeable compromise with the manliness is suicidable. But even I struggle in the modern American society.

  • Great Stuff, Mr. Friberg……

    I just tried to order your New Book on Arktos but it redirected me to Amazon……

    Is that the only option??

  • Intellect, health, mental strength and a pair of balls made out of steel! That’s all one needs to be the Right man.

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