Conservatives Must Champion Anti-Porn Industry Measures

Nobody has any idea what “conservatism” conserves anymore. It seems it is incapable of preserving traditional culture and values (which is supposed to be its primary purpose) even when there is a clear public need for these values.

Submitted by Emmanuel Spraguer


Worst of all, the conservative politicians aren’t proactive at all. It’s as if they all live in the 1980s with their understanding of modern-day social concerns and woes. They are incredibly out of touch.

Not to worry though, that’s what the Alt-Right exists for. We are the Think Tank that Gotham needs, if not perhaps the one it deserves.

Porn is an epidemic and a difficult topic to legislate away, especially when you consider the sexual market forces at play. But there are ways of fighting the porn industry, and mitigating the damage. If supposed conservatives want to do something genuinely useful, they should raise the age of consent for those (foolishly) wanting to enter the porn industry to 22 or 23. They might also seek to restrict the distribution of pornography involving actors and actresses under that age.

I’m just putting this great idea out there for free, no consulting fees like Heritage Foundation would charge…yet.

These are sensible and frankly realizable goals on the federal level. There is also a glaring public need for such legislation/reform. A bill of this nature might even get substantial bipartisan support. To see the seemingly endless supply of impressionable, vulnerable and horribly confused young women exposing themselves to the dangers of this extremely profitable but even more parasitic industry, is genuinely disturbing, even for the occasionally guilty pervert like me.

These young women are, by and large, not mature enough to be entering this industry, especially given its rather extreme demands today. Modern psychology will tell you that an 18-year-old person is not fully mentally developed or ready to make life-altering decisions, like entering porn (or joining the armed forces for that matter). And make no mistake about it, entering the porn industry is not like having sex with your high school boyfriend. It’s just not. It’s something else altogether. It is a life-altering choice, some might even say a life-destroying choice, not some minor error in judgment or just another aspect of “female liberation”, as some would have you believe.

Does anyone in their right mind really think a jobless and cash-strapped 18-year-old girl, studying for a bullshit degree with essentially zero life experience and no daddy in the picture is qualified to enter this deviant and exploitative industry teeming with illicit drugs, ruinous diseases and stacks of greenbacks so high they’re frankly coercive? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? The regularity with which misguided and vulnerable young girls are being exploited by this industry in America is both a disgrace and a failure on the part of our government.

Now, this is the part where the Libertardians start kvetching about “muh consent”. Sorry, but the fact of the matter is that the state has a role to play in intervening when market forces are destructive to the well-being of the citizens. Like when young girls are bribed into porn. I don’t think any normal person has a problem with this concept, either. This idea would be very popular.

The implications of entering the porn industry are vast. There are physical health implications, mental health implications, life-long professional and employment implications, there are implications upon implications, most of them quite bad.

It should be noted that conservatives in Congress might be branded with trying to control women or police their sexual conduct or whatever, if they attempt to pass such legislation, but this would be a lot harder to do if Congress also raised the age for entering the armed forces to 20 or 21 at the same time, which they should do regardless by the way. Furthermore, there is a very potent and shrewd retort to this charge either way. Conservatives can argue that they are not waging a war on women, they are instead protecting children and the most vulnerable amongst us, which they are. It also turns Democrat talking points around on the Democrats themselves. After all, aren’t Democrats supposed to be champions of the poor and the vulnerable?

Our conservative leaders can’t seem to find anything to preserve and protect other than the exorbitant incomes of the wealthiest Americans. Not our borders, not essential choice in the marketplace, not freedom of association, nothing meaningful apart from as far as I can tell. In Ted Cruz’s case, and I’m afraid in the case of many other conservative politicians, the thing they most need to do something about has been staring them right in the face all this time, misguided and defenseless.

Seeing as most of our conservative politicians are not-so-secret homos and pedos though, it might be difficult to find much support among their ranks for such a straightforward and popular idea.

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  • Porn needs to be one of our main issues. The amount of would be wives and mother’s, our women, it destroys, is truly breathtaking. Not to mention, if porn were not EVERYWHERE, it might motivate our young men to improve themselves to attract a potential mate.

  • You can’t do it for just women. You’d have to raise the age for everyone. Otherwise it will be struck down under 14th Amendment scrutiny for being sexually discriminatory.

  • Good article! I like the practical suggestions in it. Whether these will ultimately be feasible or not, it’s good to have a proposal to start discussion, and encourage action.

    I’ve had mixed feelings about the website Daily Stormer, but before it was initially banished from the Internet, it did have an excellent series of articles in it about the heavy Jewish involvement in the “Sexual Revolution.” The evidence presented in it of Jewish subversion was overwhelming. It was written by Benjamin Garland, I think. I wish I had printed out copies, because I haven’t been able to find it since the Daily Stormer lost its initial web address. Hopefully they’ll make it available again.

  • Everyone knows the 14 words, but does anyone know the words that follow?

    “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth”


    If you are using internet pornography start a plan to stop now.

    Find an accountability partner and help each other stay Chaste and Virtuous.

    Develop respect for the Virtue and Chastity of Women.

    Some resources for filtering and accountability software. Set up filters and safe guards to aid your willpower. You and a friend can sign up and your sponsor is notified any time you view pornography:

    Pornography and masturbation are a plague.


  • The “chosen” run that industry even more than they do Hollywood. That’s saying something.
    If the drinking age is 21, then certainly the age of consent for performers in that industry should be at least 21.

    • Triple-exthnics. Jewish Professor Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry.”

      Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. Astyr remembers having ‘to run or fight for it in grammar school because I was a Jew. It could very well be that part of my porn career is an “up yours” to these people’. Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said (on, ‘The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.’ Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged.

    • I’m not even sure what that means… better than nothing? Meaning you don’t have a wife or THOT so you think you should have porn?

        • Sorry, I don’t mean to come off as preachy, but porn is much worse than nothing. It kills a guy’s drive to find a good woman, it lowers his imagination, it makes him complacent, and it even has physiologically harmful effects in the brain after regular use.

          I know it’s not easy to deal with. As others have said, try to find another guy to be accountable to. There are various organizations out there to help.

  • Unraveling the Jewish influence on obscenity law is paramount.

    Step 1. Reform the Catholic Legion of Decency which stood as a bulwark against Jewish indecency in film.

    Step 2. The following rulings MUST BE OVERTURNED:

    United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc

    Joseph Burstyn, Inc. v. Wilson

    Roth v. United States

    We MUST return to the 1915 ruling in Mutual Film Corp. v. Industrial Commission of Ohio!

  • The reason its difficult to stop the porn industry is because the Jew courts have ruled over and over again in the past decades. That porn is protected free speech. So no matter what laws we pass the courts will always over rule it. We need to work to un-Jew our courts before passing pro white legislation.

    • The problem is the fact that the Jews are the ones who control porn anyway. They’re (probably) paying the courts to rule in their favor. No links or anything, just a hunch.

    • Rule was clearly thought up specifically to withstand Constitutional objections. The Congress has the commerce power to regulate. 3-1 says it would survive scrutiny from the high court. Plenty of age based restrictions in federal law.

    • The rule set out in this article was specifically crafted to pass Constitutional muster. It would almost certainly survive High Court scrutiny.

  • If we ever did get significant amounts of political power, but couldn’t ban porn entirely, it would only make sense to do everything we could to make pornography an unprofitable industry that it is just a pain to be involved in.

    Think about what was done to the tobacco industry or what was they tried to do to the gun industry.

    Conservatives are sadly too dumb to fight dirty.

  • We’re not conservative. The only conservatives left, are those trying to hang on to the post modernist degenerate society we’ve come to. We are the new subjugate movement that may be the last stand for a future in mankind of all races and cultures.

  • First of all, we are not “conservatives” on the alt-right. Next, I would say that we do not want to make peace with the pornography industry by “regulating” it. It is important to speak out against it, but we need to take a long term view of things. The people responsible for pushing porn on our societies are not people we want to be included in the white communities of the future. We need to create communities in which pornography and other harmful practices are discouraged. These include miscegenation, for instance, which is a bigger problem than pornography because it destroys the very genetic essence of our people. In our own white communities, our primary means for discouraging destructive things like pornography and miscegenation is through social pressure. It is all well and good to talk about regulating pornography, but this doesn’t get at the heart of the problem. Miscegenation is a bigger problem, but no one should be seriously talking about trying to outlaw that in our present political system.

    I think we should only take the legislative approach to our current predicament (e.g., the racial dispossession of whites) insofar as it promotes explicit white solidarity. For instance, I would not be for an anti-pornography crusade if it were on a race-neutral basis. The same goes for immigration and government-mandated anti-white discrimination. We need to be advocates for our people on an explicitly pro-white basis.

  • Maybe Jews in the Alt Right can make all-white porn.

    The main danger of porn and pop music in general is they promote jungle fever. Black men and white women. It is cucky.

    • I know people like to go on about producing culture, but pornography is the opposite of culture.

      That said, I understand ‘Jim Slip’ has been accused of being alt right (he is slightly to the right of traitors like Cernovich, Beale, etc), for preferring that immigrants to Britain are attractive young Eastern European women than orcs. Pity the guy’s a literal cuck.

      • Never heard of him until now, but his twitter is full of anti-immigration retweets. Shame the man’s a complete degenerate.

    • While that would be an improvement, we ultimately want to bring down porn culture, not just whiten it.

  • I propose regulating pornography as follows: On the first offense, pornographers are put in the stocks. Second, they are castrated. Third: mandatory sex change operation. Fourth: Loss of citizenship and deportation to Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Draw in feminists and the Left to support measures destructive of the porn industry, like changing the law so that porn imagery cannot be “alienated” from the person featured in it by a one-off transaction. Allow each porn slut to keep the copyright of her nudie images for each specific use of them, thus making it an unmanageable bureaucratic nightmare and civil action sue-fest for the porn industry.

  • I think you’re a wee bit stuck in the 80s yourself. The money has completely gone out of it. Girls are lucky to get 500 now for what was 5k twenty years ago.

  • Great article. Also, tax the sale of it like we do cigarettes. Require federal permits for filming and shooting. Essentially require more and more compliance that costs them financially.

    • I’m glad the altright is finally addressing this issue. Before now, the only people talking about it were Christians as far as I could tell ( it was only the far right ones at that).

  • Get the Money……

    Get the Money……..

    Get the Things…….

    Get the Power………

    Get the Attention………

    Get the Status…….


    That’s all fine for Men, in some Past Traditional Society, in order to Attract a Female Partner and Build a Family……

    But, this a Third Wave Feminist Cultural Marxist Society………

    And so we have a MESS now……..

    And it’s not just the Females Fault……

    Many times, it’s Boyfriends who push/assent/work with the Female in making Money through Prostitution or Porn……..

    Like a Bonnie and Clyde Team…….

    Sounds Sick……

    But, it’s REALITY……..

      • Nonsense. Lock up any and all white manufacturers/distributors and deport all non whites who are in the business in any way, shape, or form (especially Jews!) and seize all their ill gotten gains and use it to fund anti-porn/sex addiction therapy programs as well as anti-degeneracy propaganda.

        As for the actors? If they are young, as in under the age of 23, it can only be assumed that they are still developing mentally and they should be re-educated.

        • If we execute the manufacturers and producers we won’t have to feed and house them in jail, or worry about if they will continue once released from jail. Plus their deaths will serve as a strong deterrent for others, while jail and deportation won’t be even half the deterrent

      • Self discipline is key, brother. In the writings of Tacitus you can read about how the ancient Germans considered men who engaged in sex before the age of 21 and self pleasure as cowards and weaklings who were unfit for marriage and society in general. The Celts had similar beliefs, as did the Latins and Greeks in their earlier and uncorrupted stages. Our ancestors were able to control their lusts and master their baser instincts. Why should it not be the same for us?

        • Encouraging people to develop self-control again is crucial. Civilization was built partly because people were able to tame their biological urges. The Victorians are often mocked today, but they accomplished so many great things, partly because they channeled themselves into good endeavors, and they encouraged strong families.

          Self-control was then relentlessly mocked and otherwise attacked by our enemies. Freud, so-called Sexologists, the Frankfurt School, Alfred Kinsey and others attacked it and promoted the Sexual Revolution in its place, which had the effect of profoundly weakening our society and culture.

          • “19. Thus it is that the German women live in a chastity that is impregnable, uncorrupted by the temptations of public shows or the excitements of banquets. Clandestine love-letters are unknown to men and women alike. Adultery in that populous nation is rare in the extreme, and punishment is summary and left to the husband. He shaves off his wife’s hair, strips her in the presence of kinsmen, thrusts her from his house and flogs her through the whole village. They have, in fact, no mercy on a woman who prostitutes her chastity. Neither beauty, youth nor wealth can find the sinner a husband. No one in Germany finds vice amusing, or calls it ‘up-to-date’ to debauch and be debauched. It is still better with those states in which only virgins marry, and the hopes and prayers of a wife are settled once and for all. They take one husband, like the one body or life that they possess. No thought or desire must stray beyond him. They must not love the husband so much as the married state. To restrict the number of children or to put to death any born after the heir is considered criminal. Good morality is more effective in Germany than good laws in some places that we know.

            20. The children grow up in every home, naked and dirty, to that strength of limb and size of body which excite our admiration. Every mother feeds her child at the breast and does not depute the task to maids and nurses. The master is not to be distinguished from the slave by any pampering in his upbringing. They grow up together among the same flocks and on the same ground, until maturity sets apart the free and the spirit of valour claims them as her own. The young men are slow to mate, and their powers, therefore, are never exhausted. The girls, too, are not hurried into marriage. As old and full-grown as the men, they match their mates in age and strength, and the children reproduce the might of their parents. The sons of sisters are as highly honoured by their uncles as by their own fathers. Some even go so far as to regard this tie of blood as peculiarly close and sacred, and, in taking hostages, insist on having them of this class; they think that this gives them a firmer grip on men’s hearts and a wider hold on the family. However, a man’s heirs and successors are his own children, and there is no such thing as a will; where there are no children, the next to succeed are, first, brothers, and then uncles, first on the father’s, then on the mother’s side. The larger a man’s kin and the greater the number of his relations by marriage, the stronger is his influence when he is old. Childlessness in Germany is not a paying profession.”

            There is another book I had read, which I cannot seem to remember at this moment for the life of me, that stated that the ancient Germans considered men who engaged in premarital sex as weaklings and looked down on them as not being disciplined and in control of their baser instincts.

          • It doesn’t say anything about the age of twenty-one. The Germanic age of marriage was notable to the Romans and Greeks because men and women were married at the same age, whereas in Greek and Roman society the man was generally older than the woman.

          • I remember reading about the age of 21 somewhere, though. It was definitely 21 as well and this specific passage mentioned that Germans valued men who were chaste until marriage.

      • We don’t need to do anything to those who consume it. Just execute the producers, the crew, and the male actors (mainly Jews or niggers, who cares), and imprison the actresses (again, skewing Jewish, with a seasoning of hapas).

      • Serious answer: there already is terabytes of the stuff already out there. When I beat the fash, I’m not watching porn anyways. I’m conjuring scenarios with various women.

      • Single guys did fine before porn was widely available, when few people laid eyes upon the stuff. And most single guys were probably just as happy imagining the girl next door as single guys are now with porn. Probably happier, since using your imagination doesn’t have the same negative effects as pornography. If your imagination isn’t working well enough, it’s because you’ve been desensitised by porn. That problem would go away once porn was no longer available.

    • This is a good idea, but it might be hard to implement practically. Raising the age would be a good start, and you could use the same slippery slope strategy the left does to eventually get rid of it completely.

      • I thought conservatives were for LESS governmental regulation and interference of business and commerce?

        On another note should we raise the age of drinking, smoking, and military to 23 too since those require mature decisions and cause irreparable damage too?

        • Porn is far more devastating to a young life than casual drinking & smoking. And yes, the age to enter the military should be raised to 20 or 21. That’s sensible regulation to protect young people. 18 year old, vulnerably, clueless young girls should not be entering that industry. 18 year old boys should not be deciding to risk their lives in useless wars overseas either. In the event of a draft or military need in an emergency type situation the age can be reduced from 20 to 19 say, 18 with parental approval, but otherwise no, the age should be 20 or 21. That’s good lawmaking. Conservatives should be for that.

      • Drugs are a problem because people have been propagandized by your Satanic tribe to believe drugs are ‘cool’ and will make them feel better about themselves. People using narcotics has nothing to do with whether or not they are illegal, that is besides the point, as any sensible individual should know. A National Socialist state cannot defeat a spiritual and cultural issue with mere legislation, we also need a propaganda and education campaign to counter the problems that make drug use seem good to our people. Pornography is no different and shall be treated in the exact same manner – education, therapy, and propaganda.

        It being the case that we cannot defeat these subversions against us by simply making them illegal, does that mean we should allow you Jews to continue producing pornography? No, and we will persecute you for doing so and expose you as the ones behind this crime against humanity.

  • Yes. Anything that helps young women make better choices early on is what we should do. As a Traditional Southern Christian Patriarch I believe men in general should do whatever they can to protect girls and women from themselves. Outside threats are one thing, but the most destructive storm rages inside the heart of your Lady.

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