The NFL Scandal Only Escalates The Situation In Our Favor

Submitted by Alexander Zusammenbau
The shit storm of the week is the NFL’s protests of… Trump? Police shootings? America? Whitey? One would think, that the creator of this “movement” Colin Kaepernick, would be well aware of the issues facing the black community, as he is the result of a black father who ran away from an unwed white teenage mother. But blaming Whitey is easier, so he decided to do that instead.
But we are getting off track, this article isn’t about the stupidity of the man who created the kneeling trend, but rather about the implications that this will have on NFL fans. After yesterday’s Packers game, where in the days leading up to it, quarterback and alleged homosexual Aaron Rodgers begged for fans to link arms in support; the fans instead decided to salute, put their hand over their heart, and chant “USA”. White men over the age of 35 make up a majority 68% of the NFL fanbase and have shown through burning apparel and refusing to watch/go to games that they are not happy, and the NFL is beginning to get the message and back off. This is good, right? Wrong.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.


Many of the younger people of this movement, myself included, likely would’ve never discovered an interest in politics if it were not for the now infamous Gamergate phenomenon. In many ways, though the hatred for boomers is very prevalent, “gamer culture” is very similar to boomer culture. The 18-year-old gamer before Gamegate did not care about abstract political movements, and were happy to jerk off to anime and play video games all day. They lived in a kind of stupor of pathetic contentment, using video games as a form of escapism to dive into worlds where they mattered.
These lazy gamers have been radicalized though. The left attempted to clamp down on their form of escapism and inject anti-white left wing rhetoric into the circus that kept them pacified and entertained. And now another mostly docile group of complacent lemmings are also having their method of escapism taken away from them. Boomers have been happy to sit and watch TV as their country turns into a nice mocha hue, but luckily for us, a bunch of stupid millionaire criminals decided to maul the hand that fed them.
As expertly said in a similar article by Malcolm Jaggers, the media elite believe everyone is as outraged as they are. But looking at the replies by normal people which are usually overwhelmed by leftist shitposting accounts, you see a different picture:

Good, good. Give in to your anger.
The problem so far is that the anger of these normal people is not directed at the ideology which is causing this, which is why it is imperative that the flames of this fire continue to be fanned. The longer the controversy continues and the more radical action the NFL takes to attempt to counter Trump is good. Accelerationism all the way!
Not acting on an opportunity like this is something which a serious movement really cannot afford to do. Whether Trump is playing 8D quadrilateral upside down underwater interdimensional Jeson Mor, or he just got pissed and acted without thinking, every White man from over the age of 35 is being confronted with anti-White hatred now everywhere they turn. The middle-class White man isn’t being allowed to watch black criminals play with balls and so there will be hell to pay.
So what can you do?
If you’re living in America, chances are your father knows even more about this than you do, all you need to do is water the seed in his mind that this is a symptom of a much larger problem that the White world is currently facing.
I do not know if boomers or other older generations can be awoken from their slumber, but the next few months will be very telling, perhaps some will come to our aid in activism and outright support, but a much larger percentage of them may simply tune out, shut up and turtle up. Which is good for us and our army of Gen X legionaires and Millenial centurions just waiting to storm the stadium.
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