The NFL Scandal Only Escalates The Situation In Our Favor

Submitted by Alexander Zusammenbau
The shit storm of the week is the NFL’s protests of… Trump? Police shootings? America? Whitey? One would think, that the creator of this “movement” Colin Kaepernick, would be well aware of the issues facing the black community, as he is the result of a black father who ran away from an unwed white teenage mother. But blaming Whitey is easier, so he decided to do that instead.
But we are getting off track, this article isn’t about the stupidity of the man who created the kneeling trend, but rather about the implications that this will have on NFL fans. After yesterday’s Packers game, where in the days leading up to it, quarterback and alleged homosexual Aaron Rodgers begged for fans to link arms in support; the fans instead decided to salute, put their hand over their heart, and chant “USA”. White men over the age of 35 make up a majority 68% of the NFL fanbase and have shown through burning apparel and refusing to watch/go to games that they are not happy, and the NFL is beginning to get the message and back off. This is good, right? Wrong.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.


Many of the younger people of this movement, myself included, likely would’ve never discovered an interest in politics if it were not for the now infamous Gamergate phenomenon. In many ways, though the hatred for boomers is very prevalent, “gamer culture” is very similar to boomer culture. The 18-year-old gamer before Gamegate did not care about abstract political movements, and were happy to jerk off to anime and play video games all day. They lived in a kind of stupor of pathetic contentment, using video games as a form of escapism to dive into worlds where they mattered.
These lazy gamers have been radicalized though. The left attempted to clamp down on their form of escapism and inject anti-white left wing rhetoric into the circus that kept them pacified and entertained. And now another mostly docile group of complacent lemmings are also having their method of escapism taken away from them. Boomers have been happy to sit and watch TV as their country turns into a nice mocha hue, but luckily for us, a bunch of stupid millionaire criminals decided to maul the hand that fed them.
As expertly said in a similar article by Malcolm Jaggers, the media elite believe everyone is as outraged as they are. But looking at the replies by normal people which are usually overwhelmed by leftist shitposting accounts, you see a different picture:

Good, good. Give in to your anger.
The problem so far is that the anger of these normal people is not directed at the ideology which is causing this, which is why it is imperative that the flames of this fire continue to be fanned. The longer the controversy continues and the more radical action the NFL takes to attempt to counter Trump is good. Accelerationism all the way!
Not acting on an opportunity like this is something which a serious movement really cannot afford to do. Whether Trump is playing 8D quadrilateral upside down underwater interdimensional Jeson Mor, or he just got pissed and acted without thinking, every White man from over the age of 35 is being confronted with anti-White hatred now everywhere they turn. The middle-class White man isn’t being allowed to watch black criminals play with balls and so there will be hell to pay.
So what can you do?
If you’re living in America, chances are your father knows even more about this than you do, all you need to do is water the seed in his mind that this is a symptom of a much larger problem that the White world is currently facing.
I do not know if boomers or other older generations can be awoken from their slumber, but the next few months will be very telling, perhaps some will come to our aid in activism and outright support, but a much larger percentage of them may simply tune out, shut up and turtle up. Which is good for us and our army of Gen X legionaires and Millenial centurions just waiting to storm the stadium.
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  • The Negro Felon League controversy is one of the best things that could have happened to our movement. We need to get this back in the spotlight.

  • You’re not wrong, but I’m not sure how wise it is to post articles like this. It seems like they figured this out and someone has now put a stop to the kneeling.

  • This is a golden opportunity to red pill normie whites, go on every NFL youtube vid discussing the crisis and spam the shit out of them about how the NFL is anti-white and is radically anti-2nd amendment. Take advantage of this, we’re in a culture war !

  • Minorities have “hijacked” football. It used to be an athletic and sportsmanlike expression of healthy inter-city and inter-state rivalries – men representing their communities used to play. But football has since degenerated into circenses of the worst kind – there’s absolutely NO point in cheering for “athletes” who have NOTHING in common with you except for some distant biological link. At that point, you might as well put robots on the field or play VR games. The fact that Americans of European ancestry would cheer blatantly African-looking players is one of the great misteries of this universe… (The only partial excuse is that they can’t see their heads under the helmets…)

  • Not sure where you have been, but a majority of Trump groups and pages on Fb are Baby Boomers, or contain a majority percentage on them. They are getting woke. A couple of years ago the word Taqiyya was being introduced, now it is in the lexicon. Civilization jihad is forth coming. They do know that the US culture is being attacked: statues yesterday> flag & anthem today > but many don’t realize yet it is the constitution tomorrow – and that is the main goal of these IslamoMarxists, shred the constitution – if only that would happen on a ball field to galvanize right thinking people. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ~-Napoleon

  • hopefully the people put of by this will start supporting a team with real meaning and purpose. its the greatest team theirs ever been. they all wear the same colour. white.

  • NFL will now forever be viewed through the prism of racial identity politics. Excellent. The left are doing our work for us. Meanwhile, I’ll stick to following the World Chess Championship. Go Magnus Carlsen!

  • BAMMAMA or blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. Why allow a stronger & more savage people into your nation?

    In the video, white guys are afraid to intervene because they know blacks are tougher and will kick their butts.

    BAMMAMA leads to ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. As blacks beat white guys, white women lose respect for white men and lust after black thugs. White manhood cannot co-exist with black thuggery.

    I fully support the KNEE-GROES. Make them antagonize whites. There is no reason white males should be watching NFL that is about BAMMAMA and ACOWW.

    It is anti-white, and whites need to wake up. So, I support Negro hostility that wakens whites.

  • Choose 6/13 over 14/88:

    I am the only true race-ist. Ism means belief, and race-ism means belief in racial reality and racial differences.

    If we come to own race-ism as sound idea, we win.

  • The thing we have to understand about blacks is their reactions and responses are very elemental. They evolved with wild animals, and their mode of being is survival than existence. Blacks don’t think, “To be or not to be, that is the question” or “I think, therefore I am.” They think “I be if I run from a hippo, I not be if it done stomp me upside my head.” They feel, “I run, therefore I be.”

    For 1000s of yrs, white folks evolved in an environment without constant direct dangers. So, there was room for thinking and pondering. Blacks evolved in a world of survival against lions, hyenas, baboons, buffaloes, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, warthogs, leopards, gorillas, cobras, mambas, gophers, and etc. And because this mode of survival made blacks savage and wild, it was a chore to survive against other Negroes.

    So, black emotions and responses are very elemental and not suited for reflection, contemplation, or introspection.
    Imagine an antelope in Africa. Suppose it sees something strange, which could be danger. If it ‘thinks’ about it, it could be dead, killed by the predator. So, its survival depends on the immediate response of flight, not curiosity. And blacks developed the same responses. If they saw a lion or hippo, it was fight or flight. Chuck a spear or chuck yourself outta there. There was no time for safari shi*.

    So, there is a kind of elemental ‘wisdom’ in black emotional reactions. It’s like Beavis and Butthead are savant-ish ‘wise’ because they are so dumb. Having no intellect and reflection, they go for the occam’s razor of what seems most obvious, like ‘boing’. And they are right half the time.

    Likewise, there’s an elemental truth about how blacks see the world. It may not be deep or profound, but it has elemental truth… like ‘run like a mothafuc*a’ when they see danger. Don’t think about it. Just run to save your ass. Or “ni**a’s craaaazy.” No need to psychoanalyze the Negro. Just notice his craziness and either run from it or blow his ass away with a piece.

    So, blacks are very adept at elemental survival… but when it comes to complex issues of history, society, ethics, morality, and such, their elemental reactions and responses fall way short. Their responses to such matters are overly fight-or-flight.

    This habit of yelling ‘racist, racist, racist’, is just a verbal form of spear-chucking. It’s not thought. It’s “Here’s a spear for your ass, whitey. I wants more gibs-me-dat.” It’s a form of hunting.
    The entire world and morality is a b/w stark struggle of fight or flight according to blacks. It’s “If we don’t chuck at a spear at the big white elephant, it will stomp our ass and turn us into slaves again.”
    The world is either a threat or a gibs-me-dat.

    Some say blacks fail at dealing with complexity because of lower IQ, but there are blacks with higher IQ, but their attitudes are much the same. Why? Their emotions outrun their intelligence. So, even if they are just as smart as whites or even smarter, their emotions are still stuck in ‘chuck a spear’ or ‘run like mofo’ mentality. This is why even smart blacks like Cornel West and Michael Dyson sound just like rappers.

    It’s like rap is useless for conveying ideas since the emotions always outrun thought. And in black churches, sheer volume counts more than content of what is said.

    White and black history in the US is complex. There was much tragedy for blacks, but there was also much triumph due to contact with white civilization, the most advanced in the world. But blacks don’t have the emotional traits that can deal with this complexity.

    Whites are better adept at dealing with complex issues. But whites also have their own pathologies that prevents them from dealing with reality in a truthful way.
    One is intellectualism. Sometimes, the danger is so obvious and palpable, but many whites prefer intellectual interaction than decisive action to deal with the problem. Intellect can lord over the needs of body’s well-being. This preference for higher intellect has its counterpart in the sense of higher morality or spirituality. This higher morality favors sanctimony over survival. This kind of whites will risk the very survival of West just to atone for ‘racism’.

    Consider the creature in Howard Hawks’ THE THING, the original movie. It is clearly a danger to mankind, but the scientist-guy risks everything to study it than working with others to kill it. And he even turns moralist and believes it is better for man to die at the hands of such ‘higher’ creature.

    See how that foolish ‘liberal’ scientist acts? A Negro would be better off in such a situation: Chuck a spear or run like a mothafuc*a.

    • You’re obviously making some evolutionarily valid points, as well as valid points about many whites’ emasculation (because of technology, virtual entertainment, erotic and non, etc.). Obviously, you know that, historically, the most successful fighters have been European – thanks to a combination of smarts and physical coordination. But if you count the affirmative-action hominin Cornel West as “smart”, then your standard for “smartness” is quite low indeed.

  • LOL.

    Could it just be…?

    Kill two birds with one stone.

    Use Russysteria against Trump… and BLM.

    Even though progs make big noise about justice-for-blacks and invoke KKK, the fact is main problem with blacks is in cities(and there is no more KKK, not even in the south). And if policing got tougher, it was because Libs wanted to revive cities. As cities got safer under tougher policing, Libs lowered their guard and supported BLM.. and bam, things got out of order fast. Progs tried to tame BLM by linking it with homos, but BLM began to attack homos too. And cities are getting more violent and some, like Baltimore, have really sunk.

    But because blacks are so holy to the Dems, progs are loathe to directly attack BLM. But fact remains BLM is the biggest threat to Libs and Progs since most BLM nuttiness is in big cities(run by Democrats) and in college towns(also run by Dems).

    But well, well… by linking BLM with THE RUSSIAN CONNECTION, maybe BLM will come under greater scrutiny and skepticism.

    ‘Russia’ is like all-purpose detergent in dealing with all problems. Trump and BLM… just wipe them with Russysteria.

  • Many are trying to frame this controversy as a “protest against Trump”, but the truth is that owners, coaches and players can speak out against President Trump any time that they want.
    They have huge platforms and the mainstream media would soak up every word.

    The national anthem and the American flag are symbols that represent the entire country. When someone disrespects those symbols, especially millionaire NFL players, they are disrespecting our great land, everyone that lives here including the fans, and everyone that ever fought, bled and died for America.

  • As someone who bounces things off his stereotypical boomer father to try and get an idea on what boomers are currently following, his reaction reminds me of how he felt about muslims after 9/11. Only he seems even madder.

    Amazing what sportsball obsession will do to a person. But then, his generation and the one before that neutered everything else whites believed in, so what do they have left? It’s sad, really.

  • I still don’t know what the hell Gamergate was about, I just know that taking video games, or sports, seriously is fucking retarded.

    • I actually…sympathize with the gamer gate women. Games got really out of whack for a while. They became violence porn and degenerate. The women were trying to restore a sense of decency in the games.

      The difference between aryan women and other women is the strength and independence of the aryan women. They would knife their men if they fled battle.

  • The stadium was full though.

    Looking at these disgusting white cucks, particularly that old fool saluting at the beginning of the video

    makes me want to puke. Fat, decadent, soft, when someone spits in their face they always try to pretend their cowardly reaction is virtue so their comfort and entertainment won’t be put into jeopardy.

    The old America is dead and starting to rot. There’s no point in trying to maintain its symbols. Young people should infiltrate the left and encourage attacks on old white racists like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Rub these morons faces into the reality of their total dispossession. For decades white conservatism has been pushing the idiotic idea that you can replace the people of a country and yet still, somehow, magically, remain the same country. No, it means the destruction of your culture, your political system , and your symbols. That’s been obvious for decades, from the shenanigans and crimes of blacks, to the racial voting of immigrant groups, and racial legal decisions of non-white judges, etc. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these saluting cucks are acting in an implicitly pro-white way, they’re not, they’re voting to continue the present system and to keep PRETENDING that it’s all right.

    • If I could sing and write lyrics, I would do a parody “Beautiful Losers” to the tune of Stephen Foster’s song “Beautiful Dreamer.”

    • I’m a boomer and you’re right. The reaction I’ve seen from boomers I know is to cling ever more desperately to the armed forces, “our fighting men and women,” as if they are the ultimate embodiment of American virtue, and not the giant, politically correct, affirmative action machine for minorities and women they have become over the past 50 years. Better stop before I burst an artery.

      • Been going on since Vietnam War. Senior officers are maximum ‘cucks’ today in the Middle East and that goes for USMC also.

    • Exactly,the stadiums need to be half empty, the tv ratings need to plummet, and anyone of childbearing age needs to be home making white babies instead of watching sportsball.

  • Mass popular team sport has been a war substitute since beginning of TV age. At least in the conquered European countries, but it might not be wrong for the US as well. So it is no wonder, that the declaration of civil war took place in a football arena.

    My suggestion to NFL fans is to shop up like this (German soccer fans from the healthy east part of the country):

  • Guys, I suppose you know about the 4th november commie march and the “anti-communist” one. Don’t go at the latter, they will bring guns. Anyway, if someone can doxx these terrorist the 4th november…

  • Third comment on the sudden media support of Kurdistan:

    ‘Here is another way of stating this sudden support of Kurdistan in our media
    What if Arab powers supported the formation of “Freedonia” made up of parts of Mexico the Confederate States and a part of Canada.
    The Arab world welcomes it while America, Canada and Mexico denounce the formation of “Freedonia” for it would be breaking up Mexico, America and Canada.


    “It is not bizarre if the birth of this nation causes the collapse of the region. the goal is the collapse of regional powers as I see it, not the birth of Kurdistan.
    Think of Kurdistan as a kind of a bomb in the making. The moment it is formed it detonates.”
    (reply to a commenter. My opinion is Israel is using the issue of Kurdistan to destabilize the Middle East and is working to get us involved)

  • Second comment on Media support of Kurdistan:

    Our support of Kurdistan now encouraged by our media could have devastating effects eerily similar to world war 1. In this case I see the hand of Israel. let me explain:
    Of all the nations that face her lands being taken to form Kurdistan is Turkey. Turkey is not only a NATO member but her soldiers are 2nd only to the US in NATO.

    Under NATO nuclear weapons sharing, the United States has provided nuclear weapons for Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey to deploy and store. (Turkey was part of the Cuban missile Crisis showdown between the Soviets and the US).


    Bombers and ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons were intended as a deterrent against a Soviet invasion of Germany and other NATO countries. Nuclear missiles were placed in Turkey, a NATO member that shared a border with two Soviet republics, because of its proximity to the Soviet Union.

    I doubt if DC will allow the Kurds to carve out Turkish lands to form Kurdistan, even if Israel would like that.

    Then there is Iran. Unlike Turkey Iran is considered our foe. She is also a Muslim Theocracy born from the Iranian revolution which in importance ranks with the Russian and Chinese Revolutions.

    She is also an emerging nuclear power. At 650 thousand square miles she is larger than Alaska, by a 100 thousand square miles. She has been a major rival power to the West since the time of Alexander the Great. Tehran will not hesitate to liquidate her Kurdish population if she face vivisection of her lands in order for Kurdistan to form. If not liquidation then expulsion.
    In either case if we support the Kurds for a homeland we have to consider the nightmarish journey they face to achieve it. If Iran detonates a nuke to prove her power with Israel and the US then the Arab world will demand the same. Both Pakistan and North Korea would be glad to oblige.

    Between just Turkey who is a NATO member and Iran who is our rival and an emerging nuclear power it is smart to tread carefully regarding the Turks.

    PS: the Jews are at it again to get us in a major war

  • This is a bulletin that cannot wait. I apologize that the comment does not match the article but please read it. There have been a lot of coverage of Kurdistan. 3 websites endorse the formation of Kurdistan including Bloomgerg View, PJ Media and American Spectator:

    I have read 3 articles in 3 websites in the last 2 days supporting Kurdistan. This sudden media love for Kurdistan is eerily Deja vu. Let me explain:

    “Because Kurds are present in large numbers across the Middle East, the region has 3 choices when it comes to Kurdistan

    -Commit acts of genocide in order to remove Kurds from their lands
    -Let Kurdistan form and watch large swaths of their lands from Turkey to Iran be carved up
    -Continue to fight the Kurds as Turkey has done for decades and well before the birth of ISIS.
    The creation of Kurdistan will rip the region apart. That would suit Israel to see nations like Iraq, Syria, Iran eviscerated and watch Saudi Arabia face an unstable (Persian) Iran and a new nation called Kurdistan.

    We were responsible for the fate of the Kurds.
    it begins with World War One. France and England were losing to Germany. They needed America to step in. Before we stepped in our Media was on the side of Germany. A solution was presented by the Rothschild family. They would persuade America to join in if England and France promised to lay the groundwork for the formation of Israel.

    In 1916 the Sykes/ Picot agreement was signed between England and France which laid out the modern lines of the Middle East with plans for the formation of Israel whose lands were under the Ottoman Empire. This agreement did not take the Kurds into consideration but it laid the plans for the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

    Back in the US the media went from friendly to hostile towards Germany. Lies were said of the sinking of the Lusitania among other issues at that time. By March 1917 we joined France and England and Germany was defeated. The Rothschild kept their word and eventually after World War 2 we kept ours in the formation of Israel.

    PS: the media hype in support of Kurdistan reminds of me of the media hype to support England and France against Germany in World war 1.

    -The lie that the Lusitania was only a passenger ship sunk by German subs was proven decades later that she was carrying weapons against Germany. the entire lie about German atrocities against Belgium to the Zimmerman telegraph of Germany trying to get Mexico against the US were used to persuade Americans to join this war against Germany.

  • I don’t get why people enjoy football anyways tbh, it’s boring. You burgers should consider Hockey instead. It’s the only majority white sport left as blacks can’t skate (ain’t no snow in Africa) and sometimes the players all fight each other.

    • Very good point. Hockey is majority white. Some of the differences are: hockey players behave like grown men, very few have criminal records, and when giving interviews, most actually speak in an intelligent manner!

  • The NFL black millionaire racist knee benders are giving the middle finger to the white fans. This has to benefit the Alt-Right movement.

  • Trump totally baited them into this too. The whole thing was dying down until he made his SOB comment. After that they just had to respond by kneeling even more, which is just making it so much worse for them.

  • “The middle-class White Man isn’t being allowed to watch black criminals play with balls and so there will be hell to pay.”–This insane obsession with football is the very reason why I have nothing but burning, passionate hatred for the sport. I’ve lived in Mississippi my whole life, and the sportsball culture has had a large role in neutering the South.

    • Don’t forget (((Hollywood))) & the joo tube. Southerners watch far too much TV. It’s as bad an influence as sportsball, IMHO.

      • I was in Oxford (MS) years ago after a niggerball game and outside of a bar three subhumans stood oogling the drunk white girls (no doubt looking for a victim). In the old days of MS those animals would have been putting their life on the line. Brother told me they were niggerball stars for Ole Miss. Funny thing is most Whites in a place like Oxford are still what is today called racist. Just doesn’t make sense they they revolve their lives around niggerball.

        Then when the old White men start reminiscing about so and so and Jim Thorpe or whoever and I makes me fucking sick,.

        • In their defense, Al & MS did have national championship winning football teams prior to integration. The culture originally grew up around all white teams. That being said, the past is the past and we need to move beyond things that may have made sense at one point but are now self-destructive. Blacks of West African descent are ideally evolved for the type of football being played now. The game is all about speed, and Blacks of West African descent are the most explosive sprinters in the world. In addition to that, blacks mature faster than whites. No one who is not a high school standout will ever make it into the NFL. The average 15-16 black boy is closer to being a man than the average 15-16 white boy. Blacks also top out sooner and die younger. Rather than being something to praise, this is further evidence of their innate backwardness, in my opinion.

          • It makes me sick because they are reminiscing about a past that they failed to pass on to their children and grandchildren and take it for granted that much of what they had we did/do not. They blew it!

            In their defense in places like Mississippi most Whites never wanted what they got and voted in populist leaders. White race traitors in the North are responsible for the dispossession of Southern Whites. They should have gone all out Civil War II. Oh well, over and done with now. We go forward.

          • “In their defense in places like Mississippi most Whites never wanted
            what they got and voted in populist leaders. White race traitors in the
            North are responsible for the dispossession of Southern Whites.”

            You don’t have to tell me, brother. As a native of NC, I’m quite aware of racial politics of the South and the nation as a whole. We Southerners certainly did not vote for it. We fought all of these changes, and have been much maligned by the powers that be as a result. I try not to bring it up but so much, though. I don’t want to be accused of being “divisive” by our non-Southern brethren.

          • Don’t want to rehash the past either. The only time it comes up really is when you meet a liberal Northern transplant. Makes my blood boil. There are lots of liberal Southerners too but still. Other than that, we are all in this together. We either win together or we sink divided.

          • Agree. Southerners got dragged kicking and screaming into this. You literally fought a war to stop it. God bless Southern men!

    • Hear! Hear! I used to think I was alone in my hatred of this insanity. Glad to find I’m not alone and that other healthy white males feel the same.

  • I agree. Let the players and owners continue on their current path, which I’m sure they will. It is awakening our righteous anger and fury over what these scumbags are doing to our Nation.

  • I was pretty black pilled on trump recently, but this has been very encouraging.

    I don’t believe it was accidental and I think this play of his is a great example of 4d chess.

    This has been a HUGE PR VICTORY for RACE REALISM

  • I actually used to waste time with escapist entertainment but, about 2-3 years ago, they started cramming this SJW nonsense down my throat so I stopped watching/reading it at all. And you know what I replaced it with? Far right content like TRS, Stormer, Red Ice, Spencer, etc. It’s crazy to admit it but the forced corporate SJW agenda turned me more far right that I ever was before! I do not think my story is an isolated incident either.

    What do you think those former NFL fans are going to fill the void with now that they have a lot more free time?

  • For years I have wondered how sitting your fat ass on a couch drinking beer and eating junk while watching football could be considered so masculine as it is. In reality it is the pass time of pussies

  • Direct action in the stadiums under the flag of the team banners is called for.

    Stage a “Nike Riot”.

    Situation reminds me of football hooliganism in the 1980s too. Players stand a good chance of being directly assualted by irate fans and game interruptions with field invasions.

    The possibility for disruptions are nearly endless.

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