Modern Society Isn’t Degenerate At All

“This is it.”

Tor said it with a bit of flair. It came off more like, “this is it”. He gestured around him with his hand and a faint look of disgust. I shared his feelings and knew exactly what he was talking about.

Last night, Tor took me to the trendy hipster part of town in Budapest, on the Pest side. We found the trendy Hipster complex (owned by Jews ofc) where the fashionable Millennials and foreigners spend most of their time. It was packed to the gills, even though it was a Thursday. These people don’t really work so it’s not that surprising.

“We were promised degeneracy at least,” I replied.

We had a chuckle at that. I’m pretty much convinced of the need for White Sharia at this point, and Tor agrees with the concept as well, even though the term ranckles him. But both of us understood the strange situation that we and people our age find themselves in.

All around us are tables full of numales and a smattering of cute European girls, local and foreign. They aren’t having fun. Or maybe they are, but objectively speaking, they aren’t doing anything fun.

There’s only a distinct ‘death of civilization’ feeling in the air.

It is as if having fun, getting drunk and having sex is too passe, not ironic enough or something. Try approaching the girls and running a routine that would have worked 5 years ago and see how far you get. It comes off as too forward, and not “with it” probably.

Tor and I both agreed that “hook-up culture” was a myth. Our generation isn’t having mass orgies or throwing sweaty, sex-sodden American Pie house parties or hitting da club for a night of ‘omg last night was so fuckin’ crazy’ fun.

Our generation is doing this…whatever this is.

But let me set the scene a bit better for you so you know what I mean. Maybe you have experienced something similar yourself.

There are christmas lights adorning the wooden doors and wooden barstands at every single bar in the complex. They are all arranged in a circle around a courtyard where the patrons sit on high stools around small round little tables. There is a second floor with balconies and a super cool bridge that cuts across the courtyard diagonally. Party-goers look down on the people below them while leaning on the railings and sipping their cocktails.

There is the dance section, cordoned off by glass and the music coming out of it is muted. The people there are mostly swaying with the music like zombies do when they shuffle around aimlessly in the post-apocalyptic flicks that were all the rage a couple of years ago. Occasionally one of the few girls there busts a move, her purse swinging as she does…whatever it is that she does. (Fun fact: no one in our generation knows how to dance).

And then she runs back to her friends giggling as if she’s done something naughty. The phones come out as they keep swaying, their faces bathed in tired white light and backs firmly turned to the legions of thirsty, fedora-wearing, scarf-totting numales swaying right behind them.

If only the Boomers could see us now. For all our criticisms of them, they certainly knew how to party. Ripped dudes with long hair playing crazy riffs on electric guitars. Hot girls with flowers in their hair, nice bodies and sexy dresses. At least thats how I imagine it. Maybe I’m confusing the 60s with the 80s. Doesn’t matter really, its all ancient history to me anyway.

But our generation is so…exhausted and ironic that we can’t even do that.

There seems to be a belief among some younger and older members of our movement that we live in “degenerate” times. But that is a misunderstood term.

“If there actually were crazy sex parties going on non-stop with hot girls, I might even understand why people would be liberal,” I told Tor.

He nodded emphatically. “No one is getting laid, none of it is fun, and everyone just pretends!”

“I was promised degeneracy, and I want my degeneracy.” I yelled out and banged on the table. Softly, mind you. We didn’t want to get kicked out. Though there were hundreds of people there, the noise level was akin to a tiny murmur. Music played from all the different bars. But it all sounded like elevator muzak. It was so incredibly bad, and the various electric boops and beeps blended together to weave a symphony of mediocrity that stunk up the whole complex.

“Maybe we’re in the wrong place?” I asked Tor. He shook his head, “this is the place.”

I didn’t argue, because I had basically experienced the same thing in just about every European city that I have visited in the last 3 years.

All of it is identical. The same fashion trends, the same decor, the same atmosphere and even the same physiognomy. It is like everyone is becoming a fish-faced numale hipster everywhere at a frightening speed. And its all so un-erotic, so unsexy, so bland and fuckin’ gay.

Nowadays, there is almost no benefit to being a generic libshit, fashionable numale. Literally no benefit that I can discern at all. And yet they still do it. Maybe they just can’t help themselves anymore. Too much soy or chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay perhaps.

The thought occurred to me later in the night that we were in the exact same sort of venue as Bataclan. No bomb went off though because we were in Hungary and although there are brown people, they aren’t the allahu akbar kind. So Budapest has that going for it. The hipsters can sway to their elevator music in peace.

And really, isn’t that what we’re fighting for?

Ha, no. I’m kidding. We honestly need some sort of total overhaul of the spiritual kind. Some sort of revitalization of the life instinct that many White people seem to have lost. Otherwise, what’s the point of stopping the next bomb?

These people are already dead anyway.

Vincent Law
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  • Very depressing, at least in the early 00’s being degenerate was fun. Sounds like even that has been ruined.

    • It’s degenerate, in the sense that it’s bad for you, but people aren’t having as much fun as the media likes to claim

      What’s that statistic about the percent of women being treated for mental illness?

      • That statistic? It’s that psychiatrized women have a 0% chance of escaping their abusers or bringing them to justice. Psychiatry is just another form of domestic violence because, at it’s core, it’s an extension of the pathogenic family. Observe it up close, if you dare. Everyone of its perpetrators is a #fakescience incarnation of the power players in toxic families – The backbiting and enabling siblings are replaced by psychiatry’s other captives; The Munchausen mom is replaced by a gang of quacks – the social worker, nurse, and psychologist; And, of course, the dictator dad is replaced by the psychiatrist. Our system of wrecking women is at least as barbaric as Sharia Law. Women have made tremendous strides in securing their rights, but they’ve definitely dropped the ball on bringing psychiatry to heel. As soon as they can, they must turn their focus on gutting that #fakescience .

          • Hey! Gentiles quack out too! No group has a monopoly on #fakescience, pathogenesis, sexism, and domestic tyranny.

          • Yes, because all (or any) women would give a man “50 lashes for every fat pound” on his body. #sarcasm

          • Women’s baby and menopause weight is “tyranny”? Wow. How on earth did you develop so much hatred for 50% of your species?

          • Did I say something about babies and menopause? Old women are free to get fat. But it was better in the olden times when they covered up too so we didn’t have to see it. Pregnant women get a pass too.

          • Baby weight is very difficult to lose, and, often, women never return to their pre-baby size. And regardless of the circumstances, it is viscerally cruel of a “man” to tell his girlfriend or spouse that she’s too ugly to be seen. You KNOW it’s morbidly hateful to treat your woman that way.

          • Those were just the norms of society for millennia, old women (and young) wore clothes that did not expose too much body. You prove the point, with your female hysterics, that we need Tradition that tells women what to do, how to dress and how to behave because they are too feeble minded to figure it out on their own and end up being led around by people with bad intentions and getting hysterical.

            No one wants to look at an old fat, sagging skinned sow in a bikini. Not even other women. But if you wear modest clothes we will accept and appreciate you and the value you add to our societies; as diaper changers, cow milkers, garden keepers, dish washers, cooks, seamstresses and so on. We love women young and old when they know their place.

          • Women are also veterans, scholars, and CEOs. And, you’re not saying that society should shroud “sagging skinned sow” *men*. Not many people want to look at them, either! They should also be “placed” deep in society’s ghetto of “uglies”.

          • You’re too easy to rile up. Yea I’ve met those female scholars, hahahaha, very funny joke.

            For the record only females are sows. Enjoy your Sunday. I’m not taking up anymore space on this with you.

            But on that spanking, if you had a man to dominate you in the proper way I think it would help with your neurosis. You just give ole Craicher a call.

        • Good to see you are waking up. Now take some more red pills and go see who is responsible for the quack science. The kings of hucksterism themselves. Now go on further down the rabbit hole and soon you will be on our side. You will see it all before you; the race mixing, the feminism, the internationalism, all of it. They have been poisoning our wells for millennia. Take the cure!

          Whenever you get ready for that spanking you call ole Craicher up.

          • Sexism, classism, racism, ableism, ageism, homo/trans phobia, and xenophobia, are all no less oppressive than psychiatry. Each of those scourges are built on lies, vicious forms of violence, and totally intolerable to live around. You need to take a “red pill” and start to question the alt-ideology.

      • This comes up in the search engine: Women were more likely to be diagnosed with mental illness than men (23 percent of women versus 16.9 percent of men), and the rate of mental illness was more than twice as likely in young adults (18 to 25) than people older than 50.

        So that means the bs narrative that men’s rights activists like to use “all the poor young males are emasculated and being misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD and forced to take muh Ritalin” is a lie?

  • Says there is a lack of degeneracy among whites… then turns around and says there’s a need for a white version of Sharia Law. That (((echoes))).

  • Vincent, were you by any chance in one of the famouse “ruin bars” of Budapest. Which, for some reason, are mostly located in the old Jewish neighbourhood ?
    For those who’ve never been to Budapest, “ruin bars” are run down places who haven’t been renovated since Communist times. Paint peeling off facades, bare brick and cement inside, cheap furniture straight from a garage sale, you get the picture. Of course, those are where “cool and hip” Hungarians, expats and tourists go to have their drinks.
    The whole concept of finding a ruin or an inadequately maintained place “cool” and “hip” and worthy of being patronized is typical of a degenerate society, imho. A degenerate culture is usually attracted to decay and putrefaction more than to beauty and greatness.

    • Ruin bars or ruin pubs an hipsters are a liberal micro-community mostly in the capital (Budapest) it’s absolutely not representative for the whole country. But these places are advertised for tourist therefore they exaggerate this small phenomenon. If you want to see Hungary come to the counbtryside, visit Eger, Sopron, Tokaj, Szarvas, Balaton, etc Hungary is famous for vine, castles, village culture, food also.

  • I don’t know about Hungary but in the West it is dating apps that are behind much of this. Women can just sit at home and shop for a date online. He then takes her out, pays for everything and hopes to at least get some sex out of the transaction. Or she just comes straight to his house. Friend of mine does that all the time. He just finds one on tinder and she comes over. But he will be the first to admit he has never, ever met a sane woman that way. The few I met with him were complete mental cases. If you heard some of his stories he is lucky he is not in prison. A crazy woman can get you in trouble fast.

    • Misogyny is among the most pathogenic social constructs. Men who perpetrate it can ruin ANY woman – even the happy, confident, smart, and productive ones. And, according to the DOJ, men commit domestic violence MUCH more than women do. You two brutes have destroyed more women than either of you can count.

      • You haven’t lived much have you? Women strike men, throw things at them and even worse play severe mental games with men FAR more than men do. You cannot rely on statistics because when women attack men (again it is far more likely that women attack men both mentally and physically) the men don’t report it.

        And another thing. If you could count it there are FAR more men out there who have been destroyed by women. I mean totally destroyed.

        But you are a women and genetically predisposed to play the victim. On this site, we know.

        • Yeah? Most of the complaints I hear are of the “kissless virgin” and “deadbeat dad” variety: “She left me.” “She’s forcing me to pay for our brats.” “She gained weight.” “She ‘neglected’ me when she returned to work.” “She’s too PC.”. If you call that “domestic violence”, I have a see-through wall to sell you!

          • Becoming a disgusting fat hog after marriage is one of the most severe forms of abuse men suffer in today’s west.

            50 lashes for each fat pound should keep them in line.

          • You are so cute you inspired me. Enjoy:

            “Craiced One Open”

            When this little ole Craicher

            He came up in the world

            He took a look around

            Noted the stud gets the girl

            He remembered ole Pappi’s words

            So wise and so dear

            Young Craicher,

            “When you finally craic one open

            Spank her pink rear

            She’ll be your loyal mate

            On into the years.”

  • This plays so much like Neocon vs Populism.

    No wonder homomania and pornification were promoted to break social norms.

    It has something to do with personality.

    This is LOL.

  • “owned by Jews ofc”. really. During WW2 400,000 left for the fertilizer factories in Poland. More got out after WW2 to Israel and the US. Who are these Jews who own all this stuff in Hungary? And if there is no sex occuring, why the continuing growth in STDs especially AIDS? Your narrative is not consistent with facts. Perhaps it is that you feel strongly that all bad can be traced back to Jews. But feelings are not facts. Try to get a few next time your want to write an article.

    • It only takes a few jews to own everything. I saw a big synagogue in Budapest as well as in Sofia, Bulgaria right next to the mosque. .They are only 2% of the population in the USA and were in the same in Wiemar Germany.

  • Phenomenon I call “Diarrhea of Conscience”. When you’re forced by the “culture” to second-guess yourself all the time, and *think* about sex (sexism, implicit power-relations, all that University shit) you end up not *doing* it. A horde of childless degenerate cucks talking about sex all the time and jerking off to porn. The Sternization of society. (((Howard Stern))) has three children though.

  • One reason, two words. Birth control.

    Studies have shown that contraceptive chemicals are polluting our water, weakening our population, and will ultimately destroy humanity’s ability to reproduce. In the 60s, when the
    Christians said this was dangerous, that nobody knew what these chemicals would do, the libs just laughed and mocked them. After all, the libs had been born, and had learned more in their few years of academia than all of humanity could for 1000s of years. They had arrived, and they were smarter. Well, now they are destroying the human race, and without the promised degeneracy.

    • That is the main reason that male sperm count in down 50% in the West yet not at all in the rest of the world; the women don’t use the pill. So us men can get poisoned so the women can practice hypergamy and have consequence free sick. Well that is just sickening.

      • Hypergamy. Good word. I had to look it up. I am not sure it is entirely accurate here. I think here is more related to the common saying that 80% of women want to have sex with 20% of men. Call it the hookup culture, one night stands, or whatever you want. Is there a word for that similar to hypergamy? Whatever you call it, the human race is dying so about 16% of the population can get a nut, I mean, can potentially have consequence-free sexual intercourse.

  • I don’t get the point here… bars always sucked for hooking up unless you were very good looking, doesnt matter if it was 2017 or 1937… I guess now it’s worse cause women have tinder/online dating but that’s the March of Technology, it was unavailable, the gender that’s got the higher sexual value (women) is going to benefit more (on avg) from connectivity and communications

  • Man, no offense, but you just haven’t gone to the right places….if you want to see REAL degeneracy, and I mean the worst of the worst, go to Marbella España. People are literally having sex in the streets in broad day light and one girl got caught giving 30+ degenerate scum BJs in for a free $5 USD drink….This stuff MUST end.

    I also agree with your sentiment concerning a need for some sort of systme to control the social interactions and culture of our nations, although I really hate the term ‘sharia’ as it reeks of Semitism. There are better terms we could use for the concept, like Aryan law or something like that.

  • Self-righteous moral radicals rarely abide by what they preach. Victorians were notoriously raunchy in private, makes sense that their opposite would be outer sluts and inner prudes.

  • Fight for the right to partee. Gee that’s so ghey. All you suckers wanted sluts, but sluts ain’t hot, they’re skanks. Look at Miami Vice. Those aren’t hookers. Those are models playing hookers.
    In reality, skanks are what you find at orgies. Hamburgers and fries. Steak isn’t served to the hoi polloi. Some people say I’m old fashioned or stuck up. That’s what you call Class.

  • It is better to find girls outside of the bar/lounge/club scene and invite those girls to go out with you. It is difficult enough to start a conversation with loud music playing. Should you choose you can do the club thing or something else with the girl you met at the library/bookstore/tea or coffee shop/grocery story/whatever. Also, the people you go out with will strongly affect whether you end up having a good time or not.

    • I agree. If you look in a sewer all you will find is turds. It is best to look for a potential mate in a church or some place like that.

  • Amazing article. You perfectly capture the “spirit” (or rather, the absence of a spirit) of these people.

    This could be any trendy bar or club in America. The scenery, the music, the people. It’s like you copy pasted it from the same scene I saw replay half a dozen times before I decided such idiocy was pointless.

    It seems like the only degeneracy I ever got to encounter were frat parties, and only at one select fraternity. That was it. The rest of the college campus experience was incredibly dull, nothing wild or degenerate about it. Ditto for bars, clubs, etc. Maybe I’m not going to the right ones, but it seems like the easiest way to get your degenerate hookup is and always was smartphone aps like tindr and those like it.

    I thought we were supposed to get one last party as Zion crumbled down around us.

    • It’s always even the same decor:
      – Edison bulbs
      – walls painted black
      – artificially distressed furniture

      All hipster places look like this, apparently no matter where you go.

  • Check this one out……

    The problem is definitely SPIRITUAL……

    And I say this as an Atheist…….

    It’s infected all of us to more or less of an extent…….

    To Sacrifice the Egoic Goals for something Greater………

    A Family, A Community, A People, An Identitarian/Nationalistic Vision and Dream……..

    Or maybe not Sacrifice……..

    But, Transmute somehow……….

    Transcend without Detachment……..

    Broaden the Ego…….

    “Some sort of revitalization of the life instinct that many White people seem to have lost. “

  • Haha! Finally, the truth comes out – you’re bitter because you can’t get laid by “Hot girls with flowers in their hair, nice bodies, and sexy dresses.” Once again, you’ve proven the National Review correct – You’re in this “movement”, because, within it, you can strike back at people for treating you a beta-male. Without an alt-mob, you’d never be able to scapegoat “society” for your low domestic capital.

  • I’m barely old enough to have caught the tail end of the bar/club scene when they were genuinely fun to go to. Some time between 2005 and 2010 is when that scene collapsed and I don’t think it will ever recover, at least not for men with an ounce of testosterone coursing through their veins who are more likely to be arrested than get laid at these places. The only people at bars/clubs now are faggy dudes and girls who think they are 9s and 10s when in fact they are 4s, 5s, and 6s.

  • Vince. Bro. You’ve outdone yourself. This article matches my own experience with exactitude. The worst sin of hipsters on that they’re boring. And they revel in it.

  • >Otherwise, what’s the point of stopping the next bomb? These people are already dead anyway.

    For sure you’d think degeneracy would look something like this:

    Death before death, that is the life in sin. People sell their souls for peanuts, that’s the sad reality. The devil knows he doesn’t have to give them more than that, he can extract more misery this way. It’s just a gulag of alienation.
    Because at the end of the day the life of sin isn’t some game of sensuality, some continual spectacle one after another, no, it’s just growing deader and colder with each passing day, the multiplication of evil internal acts, envy, sloth, impurity, avarice, vanity, obscene language… becoming fatter and fatter for the flame.
    The love of self corrupts everything, even the naturally pleasurable things of life are deformed by vice (music, food, architecture, clothing, decor etc). Either modern man will liberate his body but crucify his soul or he’ll crucify his body but liberate his soul.

  • “I was promised degeneracy, and I want my degeneracy.”

    That would be a great conversation starter with one of the bar chicks! Or some variant of that.

  • I am hoping that the death of hefner frees the western spirit from the demonic possession of a degenerate sexuality

    • Last I heard that cretin was still a complete slave to his lusts, had to take lots of pharmaceuticals no indulge it, plus watch lots of gay porn in the way to it. His life was actually hellish. Of course the Jews won’t point this up.

    • It’s miraculous that he was of Puritan stock, but in every other sense Hefner was highly infected with the “distilled Jewish spirit.”

      • The Puritan ‘movement’ had it’s roots in Calvinist theology and Calvin’s real name was Jean Cohen so their little group was thoroughly jewified. I also suspect the ‘movement’ was full of crypto-Jews. My guess is Hefner’s ancestors were among those crypto-Jews.

          • I agree. There are plenty of reasons to criticize Jews, but seeing a Jew behind every rock is ridiculous. They are not to blame for all of the ills of the modern world. For example, Hugh Hefner came from a Methodist family.

          • Calvin is a major world historical figure whose life has been examined at length for 400+ years. This idea that he was Jewish is from some guy on the internet, like, yesterday.

          • Nope, the ‘idea’ Calvin was Jewish is a fact. There is a reason why he went to the Netherlands, which had the world’s largest Jew infestation at that time, and made the allowance of usury one of his primary doctrines.

  • Great article. Yeah, I seldom ever go out to the bars anymore. Articles like this remind me that nothing has changed and I’m not missing anything. Salut.

    • I have only been to actual bar once and it was to play poker with my brother. I don’t drink so I usually have no reason to go to a bar. I’ve been to restaurant/bars but only to eat with friends and family. I stay away from the liquid jew.

      • Yeah, I quit drinking about 6 months ago which is one of the main reasons I’ve been staying away from bars. I’ll still have a drink here or there, but never more than 2 in one sitting. Moderation takes more will power than abstinence though, so it’s best to not start drinking in the first place.

        I wouldn’t call alcohol the liquid jew though. Wine drinking is a big part of Italian and French culture. Beer drinking is a big part of German culture. In moderation it can be great. Binge drinking should be avoided though. It brings out the absolute worst in people.

  • I know Christians and atheists both lied to us when they agreed that abandoning belief in god would do wonders for our sex lives.

    Look at what has actually happened instead. When a sexually unattractive Christian man stops believing in god because he thinks it will improve his ability to get laid, he’ll discover that this strategy doesn’t work; he just becomes a sexually unattractive atheist, probably like the one who tried unsuccessfully to pick up Rebecca Watson, the SkepChick, at an atheist conference a few years ago.

    If anything, I suspect Christianity arose in part because it gave young women a religious excuse to reject the advances of sexually yucky men in a way which spared the men’s feelings: God forbids fornication. The rejects shared these beliefs and they wanted to obey god as well, only they had the consolation that god still loved them if women don’t.

    Now, in our secular age, women can give the real reason for rejection: You don’t make me wet, and you creep me out, so go away and leave me alone (or I’ll call the police).

    Frankly I think we lost something when women stopped using the former kind of rejection.

        • It is not like the church does not promote reproduction, on a superficial level and on a subliminal level too, Mary is the most common female name for a reason.

        • So, again, your “movement” boils down to “You took my jerb!” and “BANG MEEEEE!”. LOL! You snowflakes are pathetic!

          • No one would bang a fat shrew like you except Jamal, which explains your love for the multi culti.

          • First of all, you don’t know what gender I am. And “multi culti” isn’t the reason why you can’t get a nice woman. Blame that on your misogynistic temper tantrums. Now that you’ve outed yourself as a hypocritical wannabe alpha-male, good women WILL avoid you like the plague. No woman wants a man who goes Nazi, whenever she won’t “give” him what he thinks she “owes” him.

          • Yes, of course, because women want effete faggots and weak little simps that can be led around like whipped dogs, right? LOL

            Seriously, get back in the kitchen, nobody wants to hear your sh!t.

          • My opinions aren’t “shit”, and plenty of folks want to hear them. That’s why you’re in the dating doghouse, and the “cucks” are getting the women you want.

          • Yea right, women just love the beta male. Hahahahahaha. You’re not fooling anyone. Now, go serve some men.

          • Misogynists are beta males. And women try to dodge them AT ALL COSTS!!! Bossing me around is not an option for you, and certainly not from a behind a pseudonym! So, you might as well stick your head in the gas and rant through the flames, because no woman will EVER be ordered into service by you!!!

          • Yes, your opinions are shit, you have more comments than upvotes so very few people agree with you, and as far as me being in the ‘dating doghouse’, I have a woman in my life, and even if I didn’t it wouldn’t matter because I supply sound systems to event promotion companies (a business I am in the process of getting out of) in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area and you have no idea how easy it would be for me if I actually showed up to these events and wanted to womanize like a sleazy Jew.

          • Haha! From behind a computer, ANY man can claim to have a woman who’s “cool” with his unbridled misogyny! LOL! Sorry, but I don’t buy it. I think your “woman” is the yearbook pic of that smart girl who refused to take a chance on you. And I think you’d LITERALLY get laughed off the stage, if you *ever* introduced yourself to the women at those events! To them, YOU are the sleazebag, and not the men who bring magic to special occasions. In case you didn’t get the memo, most women consider wrathful misogynists to be “sleazy”. And they LOVE (or soon will) the men who likes to show them a good time. Women commit to men who enjoy making life glam once in a while.

          • LOL You triggered shlomo? You going to cry? Hold on while I grab my cup real quick.

            “they LOVE (or soon will) the men who likes to show them a good time.” – LOL Yeah, a good time a limp wrist fruitcake like you could never give them hahaha

          • Vincent is spot on and I say this as a man who has had way more than his fair share of women. It is not like I tell them anything that I think unless we get into a relationship. Men should rarely tell women what they really think as women are too feeble minded to handle it.

          • I do deal with it by being deceptive just like they are. Women hate it when you know their game and beat them at it. Or I used to be like that. I’m a one woman kind of guy these days.

            And by the way “dating” is a woman’s game controlled by women. It did not even come about until the 1950’s and 60’s which was about when woman having been given the vote earlier in the century, the seeds being planted for her own destruction as well as that of her children and men, began trying to control aspects of society that she is not genetically predisposed to handle.

    • Sex is sacred as the seed and ground of new life. Materialism cut the connection to supra-sensory functions of the mind (Reason), and thus buried the intellect in the passions. Spiritual aspiration to be related to a higher intelligence provides a reconnection wherewith an individual can control and direct the great forces of the reproductive, multiplicative drive that pushes opposites to merge and bring forth novel forms of life…

      christ fulfilled the law, ie he released us from the code of the jews…not for goys…he released us by forgiving us, because he was perfect in the eyes of the law, and the jews killed him for it…hard to shame someone who worships the guy the jews thought was a devil-pacter…

      having been raised Christian and fallen deep into “the world,” what spurs aspiration and spiritual development (development of the consciousness of the awareness of the Divine intelligence operating in Creation) is the Light of Christ in the Heart.

      The Age of Christianity was the Age of Pisces (age of osiris, the dying god)…we are at the onset of the Age of Aquarius (or, Man), The Aeon of Horus in the Aegyptian – the Child. The Christ-child fled to Egypt in his early days, to escape death and incorporate the hours of Horus. There he learned the wisdom of the temple even before his whip and table days amongst his own, who hated him.

      “Seek and ye shall find.”

      The Pagan connects with the Christian hermetically.

      True the so-called world is not even degenerate. I meet more atheist nihilist straight-edge types who won’t even drink…somehow convince themselves their cowardice is compassion or some such emotion which they have in amounts less than are measurable with present instruments. They’re holding themselves together for this one life they have before the darkkness o the grave. Why not go out blazing, it’s just stupid people at this point who become martyrs for the left but can’t even party properly, can’t even meme…

  • You’re a great writer bro, you should write a book.

    But yeah I experienced something similar at university 15/20 years ago. Nobody was getting laid. Where was all the crazy stuff I was promised? I lived in a dormitory with girls living above and girls living below and yet hardly anybody was screwing. Just girlfriends and boyfriends, normal stuff.

    I guess white people just aren’t as degenerate as the Jews wish we were. It’s biology.

  • So one piece decrying the emptiness of the Godless life immediately following another condemning Christianity? seems confused.

    But this article can really be understood by comparing it with ” Cucksplaining — 1 — Christianity Is For Cucks ”

    As a Christian I don’t seem to have any of this existential angst. My life fits in a continuity of past-present-future. I have purpose and meaning. I have fulfillment and joy through the duties imposed on me be the Christian life. I have the respect of my ancestors for continuing to live as they lived.

    It feels good.

    Through Christianity I found a wife, a conservative traditionalist community, and a school to teach my children in the classical manner.

    Through Christianity many of my close friends have also found a path forward to a life of meaning and purpose.

    Three of my closest friends have all become race aware, nazi Christians and their life is no longer empty and hollow.

    This spiritual awakening you are crying out for won’t come from outside of yourself.

    IT is up to YOU to spiritually awaken YOURSELF using the tools at hand.


      • Glad to hear it and I didn’t detect any such signalling in your piece.

        I simply wanted to juxtapose the anti Christian sentiments expressed in the cucksplaining piece yesterday with what you wrote

        More explicitly put:

        Man is suffering from a lack of purpose and cohesion that has resulted from the abandonment of our ancestors religion.

        The angst of the hipsters you describe is a byproduct of this.

        Thanks for your work !

        • That title was taken from an article on First Things – I didn’t listen to the podcast but I don’t believe they agree with the idea.

      • Vince, you can’t get to know Hungary if you only visit the capital, Budapest. This is a mistake many tourists also make. The capital is not representative for most of Hungary, next time you come please visit Eger, Sopron, Debrecen, Pécs, Tokaj, Szarvas or Balaton if you want to see Hungary in its fullest and real caracteristics of the country.

    • I like to think of it as intellectual diversity on the alt-right. Not everyone’s going to agree on everything.

    • The cucksplaining podcast (which apparently a lot of people didn’t listen to) was not really all that anti-Christian

      Rather it addressed the serious problems with a specific form of trad-cuck Christianity… which you should hate more than anyone, because it is doing incredible damage to your “brand”.

    • Christianity or at least its 20th century practitioners screwed the west over.

      If we want a return to the west that was great we either need a return to the Tribal infused christianity of the pre 20th century or a return to our Nordic pagan roots

      • Christianity instilled moral values regarding sexuality and the family. It promoted the family unit. It was the weakening of Christianity-deliberately promoted and the “sexual revolution” which destroyed the family unit. This led to the demographics we have in the West today, which is the root of all the trouble!

        • It’s become quite typical in this movement to blame women and Christians for the (((things that have been done to them))) by (((people))) that white men allowed to enter our nations centuries ago.

          • *Millennia in fact… White men had (((them))) living among us even BC when whites were still pagans…

      • PAGAN ROOTS! Fuck Jewus along with that peace, love and turn the other cheek bullshit. Christians are killing America. They are like sheep to the slaughter.

      • Europe has been mostly Christian for around 1500 years. It’s definitely something other than authentic Christianity causing problems that only began 100-200 years ago.

  • >Nowadays, there is almost no benefit to being a generic libshit,
    fashionable numale. Literally no benefit that I can discern at all. And
    yet they still do it.

    It’s an excuse to rationalize acting like a pussy and not being ashamed about it. Being manly is hard and tiresome, and humans are naturally lazy beings.

    The problem is that OP only went to middle class places. Working classes in Eastern Europe are FAR more degenerate than their immediate social superiors, who do keep some burgie decorum about them. At least in Romania, plebs are very whore-like. A friend from a third rate town used to tell me about how oral sex acts were performed in the open in that town’s most popular disco, and you basically “had to be the biggest loser not to get your dick wet”. These are the type of places where Romania’s famous prostitutes come from.

    I notice Americans have this conception of the working class being somehow more wholesome than the middle classes. I suspect this has something to do with the evangelicals being mostly working class, tales and videos of wild college sluts, or the fact that most “middle class” Americans aren’t actually middle class material.

    • It’s more difficult to enforce rules when they no longer make practical sense.

      Effective contraceptives dating back to the 19th Century (rubber condoms and diaphragms) and successful medical treatment for venereal disease (1940s) rendered sexual self-restraint unnecessary from an amoral point of view. There has been a collapse of sexual morality worldwide. Probably only the Moslem world is to some degree exempt due to the segregation of the sexes and “honor killings” of women who transgress the rules.

  • You have to go to the beaches not the bars.

    Eastern European (Balkan especially) women are always being watched by the men in the community.

    • The type of women “being watched by the men in their community” are always the biggest cum dumpsters (see my post below). What you should do is befriend the males watching them and they’ll actually send a couple of them your way.

    • It depends on what you want. Buying prostitutes is seen as something quit normal in many Eastern European nations. I personally find it gay the idea of penetrating a woman who has just been penetrated by numerous other men so I don’t indulge. If you want a girlfriend though I would not recommend scouring the beaches or bars while traveling but finding one where you live (Russia) in your city and your community. When traveling just enjoy the new experiences and don’t focus on the women; they are a distraction.

      I say this as someone who travels a lot. I was this summer at a beach called Palanga in Lithuania among other places. There were some of the world’s most beautiful women there (many were Russian) and many were single and open to advances. Did I go in for the kill? No. I was just passing through and because I’m not looking for hook up sex (anymore) there was no use. I don’t live there. I did get drunk with a few of low quality though and managed to keep my pecker in my bitches too.

  • How many tvs did the bar have? That’s what I’ve noticed is these bars line the walls with tvs for no damn reason as everyone is looking at their phone anyway

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