Generation Z Will Form The Backbone Of The Coming Populist Right Revival

My generation is totally screwed. The Millennials are a lost cause for the most part. There doesn’t seem to be the necessary number of Millennials that are red-pilled to create the right-wing populist movement that the Alt-Right has the potential to be. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to throw up our hands and give up, not now when we are so close to success. It is our job to continue to lay down the foundation for Generation Z and a vast youth movement that is right around the bend.

Check out this story.

A group of homophobic high school students chanted ‘Make America straight again’ and threw candy and dirt at classmates during a homecoming parade in Kansas, it was reported on Saturday.

A parent of one member of the Gay-Straight Alliance at Olathe Northwest High School in Olathe, Kansas says that her daughter came home saddened on Thursday and that a number of teens were crying as a result of the taunting, according to KMBC-TV.

Most of the hard work has been done by Generation X and the Millennials to lay down the foundations for the far-right populist groundswell, I won’t deny that. In fact, I take pride in the work that we have done. We have created the barebones structure that will serve in the future. Like a dry sponge, we will fill up with water and expand. The memes, hijinks and crude humor that the keyboard intellectuals scoff at have worked wonders. Stories of Gen Z’s no-fucks-given attitude abound.

We should be ramping up our youth appeal, not toning it down. Furthermore, the debate over the direction that the Alt-Right should go is over now. The answer is clear: we should take the populist route, only if because it is easily within our reach. Every day that the Left runs amok in the streets is another opportunity to become the populist-nationalist movement preaching stability, a return to tradition and advocating for White rights that many Americans will welcome and support.

I even have some hard numbers to back this claim up:

About 70 percent of respondents strongly agreed that people of different races should be “free to live wherever they choose” and that “all races are equal,” and 89 percent agreed that all races should be treated equally. At the same time, 31 percent of respondents said they strongly or somewhat agreed that the country needs to “protect and preserve its White European heritage,” while 34 percent strongly or somewhat disagreed and 29 percent said they neither agreed nor disagreed. Nearly a third of respondents failed to express support of interracial marriage—with 16 percent agreeing outright that “marriage should only be allowed between two people of the same race,” 14 percent neither agreeing nor disagreeing and four percent saying they didn’t know.

The poll also revealed disparities in which groups Americans believe are “under attack.” More than a third—39 percent—of respondents strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement that “white people are currently under attack in this country.” There were significant differences in responses depending on race and political affiliation—29 percent of white respondents disagreed with the statement compared to 54 percent of non-white respondents, while 21 percent of Democrats agreed compared to 63 percent of Republicans. Conversely, 55 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement that “racial minorities are currently under attack in this country,” with just 13 percent of racial minorities disagreeing and 27 percent of white respondents disagreeing.

Those are incredible numbers. Numbers that we can work with. And judging from how conservative Gen Z is compared to the Millennials, we stand to inherit a veritable groundswell of support in the months and years to come.

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  • I wouldn’t put much stock in z changing the general diminishing functionality aflicting us since boomers has followed them linerally. I left an otherwise excellent teaching position to go back to the private sector because the lack of student functionality was a threat to my livelihood.

    Also hate to break the narrative but the guy who invented the polio vaccine was joo and gave the tech away for free

  • Mass 3rd World Migration + Force Integration = Genocide

    Diversity + Force Integration = Genocide

    Diversity is a code word for white/European genocide.

    “Multiculturalism” is really a euphemism for multiracialism

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY!

    Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

    When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

    Genocide against any group is a Crime

  • Nope, generation Zyklon won’t do nothing. They’re finished. Communism and slow extinction for them. Keep watching your Ariana Grande pop videos instead of saving for a gun and get practice…

  • Gen Z are hooked on their electronics and social media. It is just as bad as being on hard drugs. On top of that they are receiving 24/7 propaganda via their new electronic addictions. I am sorry, but they are going to be nice little consumers, as those before them. Their masters had a plan well before any of us were born. When men are so cowardly as to choosing sex bots over real women, not to menittion staying silent with regards to the most vital issues of the day, how do you really think these kids are going to fare any better? Western
    Civ is on a terminal decline, and
    I don’t think a bunch of spoiled brats are going to stop it. If anything, they will be nothing more than amoral minions for the enemy.

  • Well i got into the movement like 1 year before the election circus began ,im european ,and like many of us it statred slowly on a day on 4chan.

  • As Jim from “The Fatherland put it;” “These kids are gonna gas us for being cucks. I’m gonna be on my knees in front of a mass-grave with a 15-year-old behind me – a fidget spinner in one hand, a .45 in the other…”

    The thought is both terrifying and uplifting:-)

  • when the author says the route the alt-right needs to take is populism and then he quotes some numbers from a poll I’ve no idea what he’s trying to say I mean what does populism mean and what do those poll numbers mean it all seems kind of random to me arbitrary things

  • A little GenXplication is necessary.

    We’ve never been allowed to put up a candidate. Obama is a late boomer for example. We don’t have the numbers of the boomers and the boomers are dying off. They’ve tried their own they tried their pet nog.

    GenX remembers a better world in the 1990s and even a little of the 1980s before the Cultural Revolution.

    Give it five years and the GenX crowd is going to produce the Fuhrer we’ve been waiting for.

    • “Give it five years and the GenX crowd is going to produce the Fuhrer we’ve been waiting for…. ”

      As long as he is wearing a nice khaki pant and white shirt…

      “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

    • That is what scares me. We are still in the boomer era. If GenX is equally fucktarded, we will have to deal with their era of political power for the next 40 years until they go the McCain route and shit their diaper to death.

      • Gen X IS equally fucktarded, but they will produce no President due to their smaller numbers. It’s funny you cite McCain, he was A Silent, and the Silents produced No Presidents.

    • Gen X will never produce an American President or Leader.

      After Trump and perhaps Pence, we’ll go straight into a Millenial President.

  • Personally I do not think millennials are lost. I think we can still pull a significant amount of them. The more and more they feel and see diversity the less and less they will like it which ultimately drives them to us

  • All generations are mixed bags, I think Gen Z seems more nationalistic because nationalism as a whole is on the rise (thanks to Gen Xers and Millenials as the article says). Baby boomers may have been the only generation that really dropped the ball, the few nationalists among them usually also being degenerates, which hurt the cause.

  • Yup. Gearing our message towards Gen X and Boomers is a waste of time. They aren’t going to change. We really need the youth on our side if we hope to gain power at some point. Those saying that the Gen Z are degenerate need to give them time. Their still young. The important thing is that they have the right instincts at this point. The tendency in youth is to rebel against the lemmings, which will naturally push them into radical right wing politics.

    • I’m a 24 year old Canadian who’s been a nationalist for 8 years. I’d say that the vast majority of millennials who will ever wake up (at least without the bubbles they live in being utterly destroyed) already have.

      • I agree, but those bubbles ARE going to be destroyed. The vipers that they like to handle will bite them sooner or later.

      • I’m 30 and I’ve only been a “nationalist” for 3 years so you’re ahead of me. Not that I would really describe myself as a “Canadian Nationalist” at all. I think this country needs to be balklanized badly. There are legit regional cultures that need to be preserved, but no national culture, and Toronto where I live doesn’t even have a regional culture. It really is just a third world dumping ground.

        • I’d put more emphasis on re-Europeanization than preserving anything distinctly Canadian, to be honest. We should go back to the old flag, and change our name to New Britain.

    • Lay my generation the foundation and we’ll save the white race and usher in a golden age. Trust me on that.

    • I didn’t become red pilled until around three years ago. I’ll be 40 in December, so I’m clearly Gen X.

      It’s possible I’m an outlier.

      • Yeah I was 27 when I got “red-pilled” before that I was an anarchist/libertarian. But I was never an anti-racist/pro-lgbt type. Truth be told my actual values haven’t really changed all that much, the left just became more about identity politics than anything else, and purged all white people who weren’t going to apologize for the colour of their skin.

      • I’m almost 40 myself and I’ve been an actual Nazi since the early 90’s. Gen-X isn’t as cucked as people think.

  • As a member of this generation I can agree with some of the comments here. My generation is the most degenerate, yet also the most radically inclined. Most of the guys on the right my age (18) or younger fully believe in the coming civil war. On top of that, we have already been arming ourselves, and every one in my group has bought Ar15s for our birthdays, and spent the last year stockpiling, and training. My generation is the rift in which fate will be decided.

        • GenZ women, when they are a bit older, may be the ones to awaken the masculine heart of millennial men. Millennial women do not know how to do that and their younger sisters may just push them aside.

    • I’m 17…I can confirm our Generation is ready to save the white race. You adults set us up as best you can and we’ll take it from there.

      • Why do I get the feeling that Millennials are going to be like NPCs that supply bullets, bandaids, and beans to roving bands of GenZ adventurers out to hunt degenerates?

        • It’s not really a secret. Everyone older than that age group sees it pretty clearly. Adolescence, for many men has been extended well into the 30s. I’m not quite sure how it was done – but it couldn’t have happened by accident.

          I recall having a complaint about my oldest son – who is a few years older than you. My wife’s response? “You were a grown man at 19. He’s not like you.” I wasn’t anything special. I was just an ordinary guy of my era.

          It’s worth figuring out exactly how things changed – so we can change them back.

          • The weird thing is, I was starting businesses at 19. Most of my generation was still playing World of Warcraft and grinding for loot and xp. Something has altered the spirit of my generation and I do believe it was intentional.

            I think it begins and ends with our fathers. My dad was always there for me. He worked, he was faithful to mom, he was never abusive or degenerate. The problem was that he never engaged with me. His free time belonged to him and him alone.

            The man is a talented musician, a trained plumber, electrician, carpenter, and several other things. It didn’t hit me until I was in my late 20s that my dad never once tried to show me how to do any of that. My father passed on 0 skills or knowledge to me. It was just expected that I would get what I needed in school and that I would get a job and have a family automagically. Now he is in his mid 50s and is asking me where the grandkids are.

          • I think the “blame it on Dad” concept is part of the problem. I’m not entirely faulting you – that idea has been drilled into people younger than me by popular culture and as with most pop culture driven ideas it is destructive.

            My wife talks about her own father working extra shifts at Caterpillar and getting his own construction company going at the same time. She and her siblings understood what he was doing and they knew it was for them. She says they did their best not to wake him when he was home sleeping – and felt guilty if they did.

            There was no “Dad wasn’t there for me” among them – and there isn’t to this day.

            In my case, my mother and father split up when I was an infant. I had a grandfather that filled in admirably – but the things I know aren’t because he decided to teach me. They’re because I decided to learn them. Granted, that was easier when I was a kid because parents weren’t constantly obsessing over safety and if you showed up in school with a cut or a bruise, nobody’s first thought was “child abuse.”

            I’ve been using power tools unsupervised since I was about 6 years old (still got all 10 digits) because we had them and because I wanted to cut wood and build stuff. The first time I was old enough to ride my bike away from the house, Grandad gave me this advice, “Remember, the graveyard is full of people that had the right of way.”

            At 14 I was certified to scuba dive – so when my friends and I skipped class, that’s where we were.

            Over the years I picked up enough construction to build a house from scratch. I’ve built wooden boats, and learned enough auto mechanics to handle my own for the past 30 years.

            None of these things happened because someone was right there wanting to teach me. It’s a matter of “want to” and willingness to try.

          • I see your point but I was not allowed to do those things. Both of my Grandfathers died when my parents were preteens. I was raised mostly by women. There was no riding my bike away from home. I was not allowed to leave eyesight. Add to this that I grew up in Memphis, TN and you will understand why going outside wasn’t a thing that was done.

          • I love your comment! You hit the nail on the head! Those of us in our 30s & 40s had parents that made sure we were fed & had what we needed but they never passed down skills! I use to ask my mom if I could cook with her. She always said no, that she will get it done quicker without me in the way. Our mothers also looked at motherhood as a curse. They never really wanted their daughters to have children. Fathers just wanted to be left alone. They thought that as long as they provided that they didn’t need to do anymore than that. I am sure there were a few parents that were involved but for the most part we were just mouths to feed. They loved us but really didn’t understand that we needed to learn how to be adults.

  • Over here in continental Europe, Gen Z is probably the most degenerate ever witnessed. Resolutely multiracial, adopting the slang, “music” and clothing habits of black and Muslim thugs (even in remote, white parts of the continent), constantly glued to their smartphones were they keep watching the dumbest videos on Jewtube, incapable of clearly uttering a coherent sentence…
    I know of a very liberal history high-school teacher who got so desperate with the general level of stupidity of the students that his class now mostly consists in showing exerpts of films about historical events (and those videos “should not exceed 8mn, after which the teenagers cannot concentrate any longer”).
    Not too great a material to rebuild our civilisation with, I’m afraid.

    • Yes that’s the point. Gen z is so fucked up and so degenerate, so pro feminist, so pro lgbt+, so obviously anti white that more and more youths from that generation are getting disillusioned with all of it. Those are the ones that will start looking for answers on the internet and before you know it they are roman salutting while watching Hitler videos, gen z is probably going to be the most divided generation of all times, and you know what? Day in day out there are former liberals turning alt right while there is not a single alt righter turning liberal. It may be a slow process, bit the tide is turning.

  • Those on the Right have vastly higher birthrates than those on the Left. As we all know, political and social views are at least partly heritable. It therefore makes no sense that each generation would become more left wing than the one before indefinitely. At some point, there has to be an evolutionary tipping point in favor of the Right. Hopefully we are seeing it with Generation Z.

  • Reminds me of Israel.

    All of the two state solution guys were in their teens and twenties in the first intifada

    They vote for Herzog and cry at Palestinian suffering.

    All the young kids in Israel today grew up with the second intifada and the rocket attacks.

    They have fuk-all patience with the Palestinians.

  • The funny part about seeing Jewnalist scamper about in daily hit pieces boasting of their success in “shutting it down” when it comes to getting alt-right rhetoric off the mainstream projector, facebook, twitter, google, and various websites, is the fact they hadn’t even discovered the gaming world is a massive multi-player redpill factory of generation zyklon.

    An hour in any MMORPG game released recently chat is an hour deep into the belly of what the movement has created.

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