Can We All Finally Admit That Charlottesville Was A Success?

Since Charlottesville, there has been a lot of loose talk about what we should have done differently, what went wrong, what mistakes could easily have been avoided, and so on.

I would use the term “Monday Morning Quarterback” if I ever watched sportsball in my life, but “Armchair General” might be a better term.

Much of this talk is coming from so-called leaders and internet personalities who were not even present, even after they urged all their followers to attend, yet now believe they have the right to impudently criticize.

And there is a note of anxious desperation in other quarters, especially about “optics,” which is unmanly at best, and Wehrkraftzersetzung at worst.

I’m going to make a few critical points about Charlottesville and future movement activism that I want everyone to get through their heads.

I speak not only as a veteran of the movement, of both mainstream electoral politics and radical protest activism but also as a student of sales and marketing as well as a student of history.

Charlottesville, in spite of all setbacks, was a total and spectacular success.

We accomplished the most important goal of a rising movement or idea:  we captured the attention of the world.

As I’ve written before, the first step of the AIDA sales process is to get the attention.  Without attention, we will never grow.  Without attention, we will never win.  There is truly no such thing as bad publicity, for the simple reason that once you have their attention, you can convert negative feelings into positive feelings.  But if you don’t have their attention in the first place, you can’t even get started.

Getting the attention of our friends, neutrals, and above all our enemies is the prerequisite for all the steps which follow.

This is what brought the crackdown.  The attention we were winning is why our enemies finally used naked police force to shut down our basic First Amendment right to assemble, and the attention we won is why they felt it necessary to finally slam shut the iron portals of the internet.

Of all the political movements in the world, they exclusively targeted us, only six short years after the establishment press universally sang the praises of Twitter and social media, during the “Arab Spring,” as the new global force for free speech and the airing of banned and censored opinions.

We forced the President of the United States to weigh in on our side, we literally altered the course of history, and we rapidly accelerated the culture wars which must be brought to a head for our movement to win.  We must continue to brazenly provoke the enemy.  Not provoking will be easier on us, yes, but it will also get us zero media coverage and will do nothing to polarize the nation or radicalize the masses.

We must never, ever bring guns to rallies or marches. We must instead train in self-defense and martial arts. 

The War on Terrorism brought many restrictions on civil liberties and set many new precedents.  Civil libertarians on both the right and left warned how those precedents might be used to rob the rights of American citizens, but they didn’t grasp against whom those precedents would be used, and why.

During the George W. Bush era, GOP partisanship and hysteria about Muslim terrorism allowed the Jews to consolidate a massive national security apparatus, a powerful network of spies and secret police the likes of which our country has never seen.

Under Obama, this leviathan was increased and expanded, with even graver violations of basic civil liberties, without so much as a peep from the Magic Negro-worshipping hypocrites on the left.

Now the full weight of this terrifying, Orwellian machine is slowly being aimed at the Alt-Right, and it awaits only a word from a President Elizabeth Warren or Corey Booker to set the whole monstrous thing in motion against us.

Our ideas are growing in popularity.  Since Charlottesville, the vomitous overreaction of the left has set formerly apolitical workplace water coolers and lunchrooms all over white America abuzz with our talking points.  Mainstream media figures are giving a voice to our views.  Hatred of the left is building.

The system is threatened.  The one direct means it has at its disposal of crushing us once and for all is the “anti-terrorism” terror apparatus which was meticulously constructed by the Neocohens for just such an eventuality as our movement.

So we must now and always swear off any use of armed force as the one thing which will bring this monstrosity down on us.  There must be zero tolerance on this point.

Anyone who brings a gun to an Alt Right rally, who is not a member of trained and designated security personnel, must in future be treated as an enemy infiltrator or agent provocateur.  They are endangering not only themselves, but all of their comrades, and the cause for which they fight.

But we must, on the other hand, all get trained in coordinated street action and physical strength, so that we can resist the assaults of the enemy and so we are hardened inside and out.

No leader is too important to not occasionally risk his person. 

Courage and the will to sacrifice, not a big brain on the internet, is the mark of the true leader.

Of course, not everyone is going to be a street fighter.

Of course, we need to be smart and not take stupid risks.

Of course, we need to protect our leading men and not allow them to become the easy targets of mob violence.

But anyone who thinks himself too important of a brain not to stand shoulder to shoulder with his comrades when they are mobilizing for the most critical fight of their lives has lost his right to criticize along with his mantle of leadership.

He can be a commentator, an entertainer, or a pundit.  But he must not be considered a leader.  I do not need to expand on this point.

We must have a real political vehicle. 

There is a lot of confusion about “activism” in our camp, what its purpose is, and what it means.

We have a lot of 501(c)(3) groups, “educational” organizations which are by law expressly forbidden from participating in politics, but very few 527s.  This has to change.

We need to take our message into our communities, door to door.  All politics is local.  A movement not grounded in actual neighborhoods, families, and communities is not a real movement, it’s something like a music band subculture.

We need to be able to take advantage of the myriad laws and protections against voter intimidation and coercion of political activity.

This doesn’t mean we are simply going to vote our way into power.  But it is an angle of attack, a vulnerable exposed flank of the enemy, which is presently wide open.  It is one of the most powerful platforms, and it must be developed so that in future we can hold our events and speeches not merely as protests or stunts intended to shock, but as exercises of our basic political voting rights.

We need to shock and provoke, yes, but also build the political base.

We can no longer continue to cede right-wing electioneering to various shades of establishment cucks and boomer patriotards.  We need direct contact with the people, through which we can hone our message and build a base of our support.

This will be difficult, but it must be done.  Every area where the enemy is forced to fight us, weakens their overall position and wears them down.

In place of civil disobedience, we must have iron discipline.

We are never going to make it in this struggle by playing Gandhi.

I say this as one who pushed back against the police wall at Charlottesville, got maced, and was prepared to be arrested.

Watching the aftermath, I realized the hysterical masses of brainwashed lemmings on social media would have cheered our destruction even if the police had opened fire and murdered us all in cold blood.

The people worship strength and despise weakness, and they are not going to hand us the keys of power out of pity by watching us be crushed by the police state.

When confronted with leftists and Antifa, we must always hold our ground.  And we did, at Charlottesville.  But when it comes to confronting the police, we must scrupulously comply with the law, even if it offends us.

That takes discipline, much more discipline than we’ve been able to muster at this point.  Our men need to learn to march and to follow orders.  We need to get the honored military vets in our ranks to teach the rest of us to hold a formation and operate in units.

But when provoked by the government, we must never take the bait.

While campaigning in early 1932, a highly successful European right-wing politician was once set to speak before a throng of thousands at the Sportspalast in Berlin.  At the last moment, the police ordered the meeting closed.  The politician, who a year later would become one of the most powerful members of the new government, that night proudly wrote in his diary:

“The crowd was seething with fanaticism….  The audience, 15,000 strong, stormed and raged.  It was a crisis any moment of which might have issued in tragedy.  But we managed to master it.  No amount of provocation was going to get the better of us.  In twenty minutes the hall was empty.”