Tucker Carlson Gets Red-Pilled By “Race Matters” Based Negro

Tucker had a black lawyer on his show the other day to talk about the whole Boomerball/#kneelgate controversy.

Now, barring rumors that Tucker is actually secretly red-pilled, this should have been a massive wake-up call for Tucker.

Despite all his protestations to the contrary, the black man insisted that this was a race issue. All the arguments that Tucker made about civic identity were breezily dismissed. Tucker even came close to completely losing his cool and snapping when the black guy claimed racial solidarity with his black brethren. He literally said that it was a bond that transcended social class or how much money he made.

Tucker was apoplectic. “But you live in the same neighborhood as I do!” He insisted. But the black guy didn’t care. He still decided to show solidarity with de brothas. He didn’t condemn them as “black trash” and try to ingratiate himself to Tucker or try to prove that he was better than they were. He was calm as a Hindu cow as he defended his race from de cracka sitting opposite him.

Nothing could shake his confidence that his tribe was in the right, and that Whitey was in the wrong.

He even brought up the First Amendment with such self-assured confidence. He knew that a non-White’s right to criticize Whitey in the USA is sacrosanct. Tucker was left scrambling to make arguments appealing to civic nationalism that fell on dead ears. The well-educated, well-paid and well-treated black lawyer still considered himself to be a nationality within a nation.

The truth is that blacks hate America and White people deep down in their bones.

Gone are the days when platitudes about American values are enough to placate the Gibs-me-dat hordes. In fact, one wonders if those platitudes ever worked on blacks and were not actually intended for skittish Conservatives mortified of being called mean names by the Left. The harder the non-Whites push against America and White people, the harder basic conservatives wrap themselves in the symbols of the republic and bleat that they are race-blind and pro-civil rights.

It is like Antifa chanting “hate has no place here” and beating defenseless White old-timers. There is a cognitive disconnect at work with Antifa, just the same as with the civic nationalists. Everyone seems to be lying about what they really believe and couching their desire to finally end their opponent while chanting non-sequiturs. And in this time of universal deceit, only one group is willing to state what they believe proudly and clearly. Only the Alt-Right tells the truth about what it stands for. We want to foster the same racial solidarity that the black lawyer feels among our own people. One that stretches across zip codes and income levels. A wide, all-encompassing White Identity that will finally allow us to stand up and resist our dispossesion world-wide.

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  • It is getting to where I don’t even want to see a negro anymore….forever. So damn sick of them and their endless bitching and moaning. Nothing is ever enough.

  • This looks like an African team?Why does any American support them?Stop watching,stop going to their games,buying the merchandise.Job done.

  • I’m a vet who is living with a lot of health problems as a result of serving, and this whole kneelgate thing has hit me pretty hard. I’m pissed, but more than that I am profoundly saddened by it. We are losing this country to ungrateful swine. I’m done with the National Felons League, fuck all of them. Ship each one of those thugs and cucks back to whatever country their ancestors came from.

    Tuck, you’re the man. Try to keep your cool and don’t let those fuckers know that they’ve got the best of you…getting a rise out of ‘the man’ is all they’re after, really.

    • Sorry to hear of your difficulties. I wish that we had fought a war against the elements which have been undermining our society instead of useless conflicts to promote Israeli hegemony that benefit those other than ourselves while our own blood is spilt without benefit to us, to the financial and geopolitical profit of those who control our useless shabbos goy politicians.

    • No! It’s a new hope. The slaves in the colluseum just took a piss on the Legionary Imperial Eagles and the Legates Fasces in front of the mob.
      These baboons just screwed up!

  • How many White People like Tucker Carlson might secretly be Gawkers of the Alt-Right??


    Minus the Hitler/Neo-Nazi BORING Alt-Fail…….

    The Alt-Right is the PLACE TO BE for Modern White Identitarianism……..

    The Alt-Right is Full of Angry White Men……..


    Our Anger is Natural, Organic, Contingent…….and ENERGY…….

    We feel ZERO Guilt for being Angry………

    We should be……..

    But, we also contain Very Intelligent, Very Educated, and Highly Skilled Polemicists……..

    And not only do our Enemies know this……

    So, do MANY Whites on the Right…….

    ….who just can’t bring themselves to SPEAK or UTTER our TRUTHS…….

    Even though they know we’re RIGHT deep down inside……


    Keep coming back, Almost There’s…….


  • This is the most brilliant strategy that got revealed here. Europeans do everything in their power to appease them.and they still fucking hate us. And they say it clearly out loud: ITS BECAUSE OF RACE. This is how we win. We really shouldnt do rallies. Except perhaps to agitate them. This is what we need.

  • “And in this time of universal deceit, only one group is willing to state what they believe proudly and clearly. Only the Alt-Right tells the truth about what it stands for.”


    Got the chills on that one…..

  • These attacks on the traditional symbols of America, that treat them as symbols of “Whiteness” or some sh!t, are actually a good thing for our side. The civic nationalist will attempt to stand up for some “ideal” of America, muh Stars and Stripes, muh Constitution, muh proposition nation, etc., only to be attacked as an ebil White supreeemist not-see, just chock-full of hatred for the color of the skin, oppressing the Black man by preventing him from pissing on (what they perceive to be) the symbols of Whiteness.

    To the other side, whether Overseas Israelis, nogs, or whatever, civic nationalism is White nationalism. There’s no difference. If they make that clear enough to the cucks, it might just sink in.

  • I agree with the black guy. Tucker’s response should have included something along these lines instead of DR3.

    >”Well you’ve never been discriminated against”.
    >”What do you think happens if I walk through Bed Stuy at nigh?”

  • I watched Tucker Carlson last night and that highfalutin Negro was going on about white guilt, and white privilege and all this other nonsense. Meanwhile, he’s rich as hell and live the good life, but he’s acting like he’s put upon by all these mean KKK individuals. If he so unhappy here with us, why don’t all the blacks simply go back to Africa and they won’t have to put up with us anymore? Can anyone tell me why they don’t want to do that, I’ve got time to listen…

  • Tucker should work at uniting the White tribe. The self hating whites(SHW) need to wake up. Embrace your white privilege. Your descendants left you their legacy of accomplishments to carry forward. It wont get SHW anywhere to grovel a the feet of the black privileged class. Watching NFL ‘Kneelers” is a waste of White time.

  • Solidarity shows strength and when the West was at its peak it was most feared and admired because of its solidarity. With solidarity comes a vision that’s nearly unstoppable so long as the will provides it the means to continue. We impressed the world, we conquered the world, the world wanted to be like us. Now people are shocked at how quickly that reversal happened in just under 50 years with the self-immolation going on throughout the West and why they look down on, piss on and spit on us. Some believe it’s due to jealousy, but personally I think it’s because they know our greatness better than we do.

    When you’re blessed with the talents that we possess and you’re not using those, or using them improperly, then everyone around you is going to react appropriately until you pull your head out of your ass.

    • If you watch Japanese anime like Attack on Titan or Berserk, you will see the Japanese’s impression of us and our history. How they envision us is as courageous heroes with an eye for beauty and a warrior’s spiritual nature. Attack on Titan is interesting in that it depicts an entire society of essentially Medieval Germans, and each character is given a clear purpose and rank within the traditionally ordered organic military State of peasants, warriors, and the priestly Aristocratic class. Within each caste the heirarchy is just as clear, with each individual person recognized for their specific quality.

      Cowboy Bebop in contrast depicts a cast of down-on-their-luck but exceptional Western-looking vagabonds who are overcoming spiritual tragedies with their own unique sense of style. Despite their absolutely wretched and lonely conditions, they still manage to maintain a sense of warrior’s honour, family, and romantic hope for the future.

      Even Dragonball Z depicts Goku as a Chinese-raised young man who discovers his warrior ancestry and ascends to a higher racial level, depicted as an idealized Aryan with Golden hair and blue eyes.

      Hell, even fucking Super Mario is the caricature of a masculine Italian working man on a quest to save his princess from the jealous Toad army.

      The Japanese see us through the lens of our great history having encountered us on the most profound level in mortal combat and alliance during World War 2.

  • @5:30 It is not that this country has been “imperfect for black and brown people.” Rather then black and brown people are the least perfect for this country.

  • Vincent, you’re killin it! Of course this nfl bull is ALL about race! This has been festering since 2014, when the black and leftist population decided to begin a long-term war against the white establishment. It was kicked into hyper-drive once Trump was elected, and further manifests itself with crapping on pur flag by the NFL.

    The war is coming. Make no mistake. I just wonder if the forces we think are for good, ie U.S. military and police, will be on the side of the left. Personally, I think there will be factions that break off and join either side.

  • A nation in a nation, is precisely what the jews did that landed them an alienated force that needed to be culled from a forward moving society. The jews of Germany- even before Hitler, politicized their identity, just as the blacks have been programmed to do here.

  • a transcendent bond which pervades social class or financial strata must then be based upon something. if that something is race, as this person alleges, this is the epitome of racism.

    fighting racism through racism has become the black man’s mantra.

  • How do the US military forces position themselves in case of home frontier battle? Are they all ‘cuckers’? If you look at history (Rome etc) it has always been a question of who owned more legions.

    • The American people ARE a legion. Our military is a minute fraction of our power used to handle foreign wars and tribes. In a civil war today, our standing military would disappear overnight. This would happen either through intense conflict or fracturing allegiances. This is why we love the 2nd amendment. We know the first is all fluff.

    • Yes, but you do not get legions on your side by using force. You get legions by using rhetoric, persuasion, finding a way to get them to like you, and giving them a reason to help you.

      • I am with you. But at the end of the day it might be of interest if you have to fight with or against armed forces, including police.

  • It’s pathetic watching White people outright refuse to defend their race. It is obvious that basketball Americans hate White people. Time to address the situation head on, no more desperate cucking… the muh Constitution and muh freedoms arguments matter to exactly no one at this point.

  • “The truth is that blacks hate America and White people deep down in their bones.”

    Very true for very many blacks, and probably a higher percentage of hispanics. Maybe not all, but it appears certainly to be enough.

    I think am starting to get you guys. I think I am beginning to understand. It is unfortunate. I truly believe that for the first time in the history of the World, we had a chance. My Texas neighborhood has whites, blacks, asians, arabs, and hispanics. We were friends. We were truly neighbors in the sense of every connotation of that word. I thought it was great. Then, Obama came (though with many hispanics it started before Obama).

    Now, we rarely speak to anyone other the same race. Ironically, only the whites try to reach out to the other races. (I say ironically, because we are supposed to be the racists.) We try bringing up the good times we had before Obama. It falls on deaf ears. The mistrust and hatred from the other races is evident, palpable. I am beginning to think it is a waste of time.

      • Maybe not entirely. I still believe an individual can be virtuous, honest, principled, and truthful, even if 100% of every other person in that person’s race is not. So I will still approach individuals with that presumption — well, individually — until their actions, character, etc. demonstrate otherwise. I have for many years believed the biggest racial problem in America is not racism. Rather, it is the presumption of racism.

        • well said
          “racism” is a marxist construct
          made to divide a once united states
          it’s on steroids now, what with obama & soros and company funding it to the hilt

          • I totally agree. You said I had been redpilled. I didn’t say that. Maybe that is not my goal.

            I just want to live in a world where white people are equal and not hated. Just for once in my gd’d life I would like to be treated equally.

            I think the argument of the altright is that is not possible, or at best it is only posssible through separate but equal.

          • Yes, nature, especially the animal kingdom, shows us that equality is not natural. But isn’t that one of the things that separates humans from animals. And I am not talking about being treated equally by others. I just want to be treated equally by the government. My mother was denied welfare becasue she was white. I was denied entrance to at least one college because I was white. When I went to higher college I had to pay higher tuition because I am white. My wife did too. I was not allowed to use college resources available to blacks, because I am white. I have been denied jobs, scholarships, and other opportunities because I am white. I have even been taken into police custody solely because of my white skin. So don’t get me wrong. I know the Left hates white people, and I know as well as anyone that their goal is to enslave us, imprison us, or kill us. I have heard that my whole life. Many deny I have heard that or claim such statements are only anecdotal . They can kiss my anectodal ash. I see white people regularly being pummeled, tortured, and even killed by leftist gangs. When a white man defends himself, the Left says he should not have, but instead should have allowed himself to be killed. I could go on.

          • Why can’t I be a lib realist, not a race realist? Libs are the ones who hate white people. I truly believe, deep in my soul, that Ben Carson does not hate white people. It is not a race thing. It is liberals.

          • The reality of race isn’t going to go away, and much as I admire Ben Carson (I think he would have made an excellent VP choice) he is in the top 1% of his race whereas most white doctors of his equivalent skill level would be in the top 3% of their race (or possibly lower).

            When it reduces to the mean, blacks aren’t all that. It is sad, but that is the reality and that is why the jews wanted to end the segregation which enhanced the opportunity of maximum development for both races and let their very best blossom.

          • I believe different races explore different aspects of humanity. We can learn about our own humanity by learning more about them. Racism hinders that exploration. Now I admit that their different explorations are not a function of their different races. It is a function of their different culture. We can learn more about ourselves by studying the culture of white Frenchman just as we can learn more about ourselves by studying the culture of female Asians. It just so happens that often different races equal different cultures. If, and to the extent, racism prevents us from learning about them, we are only hurting ourselves. For example, the Chinese Boxers would have been better off had they learned more about Western culture.

          • Can you explain what’s so Worth of exploring in other races? Sharia? Voodoo? Drinking gentile blood?

          • You are a fool, corrupted by foolishness. There is very little chance you will come to any meaningful conclusions. Truth be told – you may as well join the other side.

        • Stereotype accuracy is one of the most reproducible findings in all of social science. It takes a very educated person to be this deliberately ignorant. Do you approach every tiger with the presumption that it is “virtuous, honest, principled,” and won’t eat you? It wouldn’t be fair to be “prejudiced” against all tigers, you know.

      • Good question. I don’t think Obama changed their minds — certainly not the minds of every black person in the country. I think instead that by having a black president who was openly racist the blacks felt more comfortable expressing their hatred against white people. So in that way Obama helped white people by bringing the truth to the light. When Pat Buchanan said there is a race war in this county people laughed. They didn’t believe him. Now only the most stupid and willfully ignoran — or obviously lying for their agenda — libshits doubt we have a race war. We can thank Obama for teaching more Americans just how broadly and deeply black people hate whites.

      • Probably a tipping point / watershed moment where it became apparent how things were going to go, resulting in things that were once outside the Overton window becoming acceptable topics for public discourse.

        IE: proving that the white man was not at all invincible and that his defeat really could be contemplated and that it was time to start thinking about dividing the spoils.

        I remember my sister telling me how her Muslim classmates acted totally different prior to 9/11, like they were somehow “under the white man’s spell”.

        • 9/11 was, and always will be seen to be, a great victory for Muslims against European Christians. It has been so effective in this that I no longer doubt that the whole exercise was planned and run by Israel.

    • Listen to all the whining coming from Puerto Rico that Trump is not doing enough to rescue them from their self imposed misery. Like Nagin in New Orleans, the local govt did nothing to prepare for the inevitable disaster.
      Seems like white privilege is welcomed where cash payments are involved.
      How much aid has hateful hispanic La Raza (The Race) sent to the island?

    • That’s exactly how I felt, I can relate to your post more than anything. I am in texas, myself and my wife have been red pilled, and it was a very strange experience, and I still watch her struggle with the reality, but it all started with my kids racist Hispanic teacher, then came a new section 8 apartment complex just around the corner. I am convinced now that it is only going to be the ethno-masochist whites who just hate their skin to get approval from POC groups that will never wake up. And if people think these other groups of Mexicans, and Blacks and whatever else are not teaching their children that us whites are complete shit, then they are absolutely crazy and oblivious to whats going on. Glad to have you as a neighbor.

    • I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the only people who have EVER played the Tolerance Game were whites.

      Those “friends” those “true neighbors in every sense of every connotation” weren’t playing tolerance. They were playing YOU.

      Obama didn’t change them – he revealed them. So it has always been. So it will always be.

      • I totally agree with you. Those neighbors were lying and hiding their hatred. Obama emboldened them by giving them the audacity to hate. And by that I mean the audacity to express the hate they already hate.

    • It’s also a symptom of how the jews are setting us against each other. It’s tragic, indeed, but if only the whites are prepared to be Christian then it isn’t going to work. Civic nationalism in a multiracial society requires a suspension of disbelief in order to work. Obama was sent to destroy that suspension and attack the very basis of America (White Americans).

  • The black guy is right and white people need to start understanding that. Blacks and other minorities groups are a nation within a nation. Civic Nationalism is fantasy that will never become real. The conflicts we’re seeing now are the natural end results of multiculturalism and diversity. You end up with a multitude of different interest groups in conflict and competition with each other. You either join the fight or die because you’re not going to convince the opposition to put aside their own group interests.

  • Feels good to see some normal people in the fucking comment section again. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, go look at the recent homosexuality articles. It’s a warzone over there.

  • Agreed. The Civic Nationalism was once tried in White ruled Rhodesia. Some Blacks and most Whites went for it, in the end race ruled and White civilization ended.

    With that somewhat unpleasant fact in mind, we’re looking to educate White Americans in US and Canada about our most important race realists on the White side. One guy was (drum roll……)

    Adolf Hitler

    For better or worse, for good and evil and a lot of both. Adolf Hitler is the dominant political leader of the first half of the 20th century. Along with Kemal Ataturk (founder of the Turkish Secular Republic) Adolf Hitler is clearly the most important 20th century nationalist leader. Hitler spent his entire life in his own country of Germany/Austria and only travelled to some allied European countries in the final years of his life. In contrast, Jewish communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky/Lev Bronstein lived in over 11 countries – pushing internationalist, permanent revolutionary programs that were strongly resisted by patriotic locals. Trotsky/Lev Bronstein changed countries as often as regular people change clothes.

    Turkish Nationalist Leader Kemal Ataturk

    Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf as a prisoner in Landsberg prison in 1925 – 20 years before the worst WWII events happened in Eastern Europe. Mein Kampf is the second highest, best selling book in Europe, USA after the Christian Bible since 1945. We feel it’s important to study the most important historical figures, including Adolf Hitler.

    We’re working with the great artist Farstar to publish a high quality, graphic arts book ~ 50 pages presenting Hitler’s Mein Kampf views on the most important subjects. This Farstar illustrated book should be available in 2018. We have investors who are going to commit serious $s to market this book in international markets such as Japan and India; marketing and distribution in the USA and Western Europe, UK will be difficult.

    We have a text only version now available for $12 (including domestic postage and handling) and we would like to get this book in the hands of serious American readers to get their feedback on additions/omissions etc.

    We’re not interested in trying to get Americans to dress and act in 1930s German NS/SA costumes – as successful Germans in the 1930s didn’t dress and act like French Napoleonic soldiers – that wouldn’t have worked.

    But much of what Hitler and the National Socialists did up until the invasion of Poland and the invasion of the Soviet Union did work and similar, though unique American/North American versions of these policies can work in our state and local communities. There appears to be no way to reform the Washington Deep State or the Hollywood/New York media mafia monopolies.

    To order ($12) contact

  • Tucker, as an ideological “race doesn’t matterist”, just can’t wrap his head around the fact that race truly matters to black people and that they see everything through a racial lens. Black power Bolden keeps screeching about Tucker’s false premises but it’s he and black America that keep protesting based on false premises. More whites are killed by police (or is it PO-lees?) than blacks and there are more poor whites than blacks. And interracial rape statistics are entirely black on white.

    If anyone should be raising hell about social inequality and justice it’s whites, not black power Bolden and his negro hordes.

  • As Zeiger once said in an article (not quoting him by the word) – The (Liberal) System itself is its own problem. These white liberals want to convince the non-whites that we can all live together in kumbaya harmony, while not realising that Liberalism wouldn’t have existed without white people and that it almost certainly will NOT exist if whites completely disappear from America. Tucker Carlson is a prime example of that naivness. Yes – race fucking matters! Race is real!

  • Ask any teacher you know who works in a multicult public school how many blacks stand for the pledge each morning. Almost none. Only the White kids stand and many or most of them halfheartedly (which I get) but the Black kids piss on the whole things with a smug, hateful look on their face. And this goes back to right at 9/11 when the pledge was instituted as a daily ritual.

    America and Americans are White. It is our nation and the Blacks know it and hate it. What would one expect; that they be good Uncle Toms? I say good. They will be happy when we send them home.

    Ain’t nothing new under the sun.

      • I used to be a public school teacher (went on to better things) and know it first hand. I also have many teacher friends and we all know the same old story. If you talk to older teachers, especially the retired ones who come into the schools to substitute teach you are more likely to get the unfiltered version and people who can compare how it was before the Cultural Revolution. Teachers in multicultural schools (as well as White students) are among the most red pilled people you will find because they have to live it.

        I even have an ultra liberal, Trump hating teacher friend who left America to work in Asia because he worked in a Black school where the students would threaten to kill him and the Black principal would tell him it was his fault because he was not sensitive to Black issues. Amazingly he is still ultra liberal but he at least now knows what Blacks are all about. He now teaches Asians chemistry which he says is like teaching Blacks how to play basketball.

  • Only minorities incubate crime ridden, impoverished communities? Does that mean trailer parks and white slums do not exist in the United States? Places where the majority of white people are uneducated, and benefit from welfare.

    White people are the superior race, yet disproportionately benefit from welfare; simultaneously pointing the finger at minorities for taking advantage of the governmental safety net?

    So statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation do not convey that whites lead crime percentages in nearly every category?(including rape; every white supremacy groups crime of choice for debased fear monger tactics)

    But hey, what do these reputable organizations know. I’m sure it will be blamed on some tired Jewish-control related conspiracy. At least it’s entertaining to blame other races for your lack of success…when America is run by white people. But again, I’m probably stepping out of line here by bringing logic and coherence to an already brain-dead discussion. Carry on.

    – Federal Bureau of Investigation 2015 crime in the United States (Table 43)

    – Center on Budget and Policy priorities Analysis on Census Bureau Data

    • “White people are the superior race, yet disproportionately benefit from welfare;”

      What kind of math are you using? Do you even know what the word “disproportionately” means?

      • Lol…since you clearly can’t read the basic chart data conveyed in the pictures I attached it makes sense that I would have to define a word that was not used incorrectly.

        Disproportionate (definition according to google): too large or too small in comparison with something else

        6.2 million white people utilized the governmental safety net programs in 2014

        That number in comparison with the summation of all other racial groups totaling only 5.9 million people.

        Can you comprehend that? Do you see how the word disproportionately would be a fitting adverb?

        • The RATE of white use of welfare is far lower that that of blacks.

          Whites are 67% of the population but only claim 50% of the hand outs. This means that whites do not claim a disproportionate amount. Blacks claim a total that far exceeded their proportion of the general population.

          • The chart that I linked did not reference any “rate” related data…but since you want to go there I would love to see a source for those numbers you just made up.
            The result does not simply reflect the fact that there are more white people in the country. The percentage of otherwise poor whites lifted from poverty by government safety-net programs is higher, at 44 percent, compared to 35 percent of otherwise poor minorities. (This concluded by a study from the Center on Budget and Policy priorities Analysis on Census Bureau Data)

            I’ll wait for your sources.

          • The charts you provided prove my point. You are literally providing proof of overall white underuse of welfare benefits.

          • Great, I’m glad we were able to come to an agreement that white people disproportionately benefit from governmental safety net programs. Even by rate.

          • There are distinct echoes emerging now with Facts. Very Tim Wise like in his last post.

          • This entire fringe-movement that is the “Alt-Right” has already failed. It has been reduced to a mere pitiful pastime for the racist hobbyist. Your movement is just another form of high-profile click bait for opportunistic media outlets. The attempt to unite in Charlottesville made the general population hate you all even more, when a self-identified white nationalist committed an act of domestic terrorism. This website is littered with uninspired articles, based on the archetypal race related generalizations used by preceding white supremacy organizations. It’s nothing inspired or interesting. We’ve all seen this attempted white identity resurgence reoccur throughout history. Your ideal pipe dream of a white ethnostate is genuinely hilarious. It will not happen. Outside of your diminutive fraternal gatherings the majority of the world despises your rhetoric and ideology.

            By the way, I’m a college educated white male.

          • If there’s any justice to be had in the case, he’ll be acquitted on the basis that due to presumptions of guilt expressed by national “leaders,” it will be impossible to find an unbiased jury.

          • The 35%poor minorities lifted up is lower than white lifted up figure mostly because poor minorities like the gibs life… Easier to hang on corner waiting to rob and curb stomp whitey.

            Or as the revolutionaries like to exclaim., “Muh slavery,whitey aint gib us no chance”

          • There is a cultural aversion to taking dole that white exhibit as well. Better to work than take Charity or the Dole. I don’t know it that’s the best strategy in the racial spoils system.

        • According to your little graph whites use 51% of welfare. The US is still over 60% non-hispanic white. I’ll ask again, do you even know what the word “disproportionately” means?

          • I’ll define it again. Too large or too small in comparison with something else.

            White people being only one race accounting for over 51 percent of welfare use…in contrast with 3 other groups combined accounting for the other 49 percent.

            Seems pretty disproportionate to me. There is no simpler way to state that…I have faith that you can comprehend that logic.

          • Whites claim 51% of benefits and whites are 67% of the population.

            Blacks are 13% of the population and claim well over 30% of benefits.

            Therefore a random selection of blacks are far more likely to be on welfare than a random selection of whites.

            You are literally looking at a wealth transfer from whites to blacks in those statistics.

          • Again…I didn’t bring up the rate you did. The chart simply depicted the total numbers by race. Clearly led by white people.

          • White people use more because there are more white people. I suppose you think it is a horrible state of affairs that women disproportionately use tampons more than men. And don’t try to backtrack by stating you meant disproportionately as less than. Your whole screed is based on how white people are stupid/lazy/evil. You are a fucking retard who doesn’t understand math, or percentages. Really, the basis of all this liberal ideology is a case of people without brains in their head hooked on ideology and a desire to be superior, either morally, intellectually or otherwise. I cannot wait for college educated ‘men’ like you to be dropped off in Africa so you can live with the negroes you love and respect, and why wouldn’t you? Your IQ is probably lower.

          • You’re the one that said “disproportionately.” Without the slightest notion of what it means.

            The facts overwhelmingly supports the notion that you are not White.

      • It’s even worse

        Whites are 67% of the population and 50% of the welfare recipients…the whites are also tax payers while blacks are net spongers.

    • I’ve never been to one trailer park and I have been to many where there were White bruthas hanging on da corna slangin crack and jackin naggas. The only ones that are not safe are the ones that have let the apefricans in.

    • White disproportionately claim welfare benefits?

      Can you read your own statistics?

      Whites have an aversion to taking handouts and blacks can’t go without.

  • The discussion displayed that the abstract idea of a nation based on a constitution is a white man idea, stemming from our mental bias towards decomposing our environment into chunks to improve operational performance. By this, we leave behind the understanding of the glue that held together the parts. Even a right wing conservative falls into this cultural trap, when seriously arguing with a person like the fat one on the civil honor of national symbols. Nope, the bro doesn’t give a sh… for ‘concepts of civilization’. He is singing white songs as long as this allows him to improve his power. That’s all he’s going for.

  • I was reading about fragging in Vietnam a few years ago and last night watched the Ken Burns episode that covered early part of the Nixon era. Ken Burns mentions in passing one fragging incident where his interviewee concludes that the dead officer probably deserved it. It made me go back to Lepre’s academic study of fragging.

    Most of the fragging (500 killings)
    were carried out by Negro privates. That’s 1% of KIA in Nam.

    Let that sink in. I’d guess that NCOs and LTs lived in fear of the surly private Tyrones and has no means of disciplining the dusky “warriors”.

    Never allow blacks near you.

    I couldn’t help thinking that Tucker should watch his back letting filth like that in his studio.

  • The black man bristled with hatred toward Carlson and all he represents.
    Fair enough.
    Whites who think that they will somehow “convince” colored people into a harmonious and peaceful co-existence in America because “we love what it means to be an American” are pissing up a very long rope.
    Don’t waste your breath.
    Instead focus on White identity.
    Understand alt right White talking points and share them with your White family, your children and neighbors.
    And for god’s sake defend your White self.
    Defend your White children.
    Never engage in an ingratiating, apologetic, “reasonable” conversation about Whites with anyone including any Whites.
    And NEVER ever apologize.

    • Did Cucker realize that he just produced a dialectic where the conclusion must be reached that civic nationalism is worthless and dangerous.

    • 110% correct!
      Never apologize or allow yourself to be forced out of a job as in “resign” without a long fight.
      There are worse things we can be called besides “racist”

    • I recently revealed my innermost thoughts on the current world with a long-standing decent white acquaintance. In retrospect I thought that I had gone too far, but he agreed with me. Genuinely.

      Imagine my shock.

      • I wonder what innermost thoughts you revealed.

        When I hit them with direct, hard truth they get mad or silent.
        I’ve had a very direct delivery because I have long ago stopped giving a flying fig what they think about my observations.
        Now I’m trying to dial back a little and am practicing asking the types of questions that end up having them answer with pretty much the same opinion profile that I have.
        All tribes are “racist” and that’s a good thing.
        We prefer our own kind.
        When Whites start thinking in their own best interest, we will have made some progress.
        All the whining and po’ me crap emanating from colored people is getting on every White persons last nerve and that’s also a good thing.
        The long suffering, beleaguered White race is finally starting to scratch itself and pay attention.
        The prospect of genocide kind of has that effect.
        In my HUMBLE opinion, that is.

        • “The practical, on the ground reality is that the US government is
          presently looking for an excuse to get in a shootout with White
          Nationalists, to kill a bunch of our guys and declare the entire
          Alt-Right a domestic terrorist organization. You saw the response to the
          Charlottesville rally, after a man crashed his car after being attacked
          with bats and an obese woman had a heart attack. They claimed that this
          car crash was a “premeditated terrorist attack.” DS

      • I doubt it is a set-up. There are many people who probably want to assemble that we do not see on these boards. The troll consensus is not to show our faces, but there are plenty of non-cucked boomers who are pissed about everything, there used to be ethno-rallies back in the day and no one stopped them, they did this stuff in the 80s and 90s, now there is nothing and the police shut down everything, and some people do not care they want to have a physical presence attached to all the ideas… that being said I think that these armed people are crazy and I would not tell anyone to go armed to a rally for white nationalism because at this point the government is at war with nationalism and will kill for victory.

    • I’m going to have research this a bit more before passing judgement. If it’s legit, it’s a ballsy move. Not only is Charlotte a white minority city, most of the whites who do live there are left wingers. This is the city that went to bat for allowing men into ladies rooms. Staunch enemy territory. It’s tempting for me, though. It’s a fairly short distance.

      • Commando operations only.

        Infiltrate the meetings they have and do opposition research. Then Roll Commando the public meetings they organize and embarrass them.

        Cancel the official rally at last minute leaving them with their dicks in their hands.

  • A left-wing black lawyer and professional grievance-monger gets on TV and spouts predictable black identity politics rhetoric, and the conclusion you reach is a collective broadside against an entire demographic: “The truth is that blacks hate America and White people deep down in their bones.”

    This isn’t even skilled demagoguery. Try a little harder.

  • Give them their 40 acres & mule and be done with it. Make sure the 40 acres is located in the Congo, Angola or some such place, though. Throw in the boat ride, too. Whatever the total cost would be, it’s bound to be less than keeping them here in perpetuity.

    • Black people aren’t going anywhere. No matter how much they hate white people, deep down they realize that they need white people to live a decent life.

      A nation without white people – compare Rhodesia with Zimbabwe.

      Most non-whites are tribal – they are Indian or Chinese or Egyptian first and foremost, and perhaps only. The US to simply part ATM machine part Wal-Mart. Some dream of taking over at least a portion of the US by their wretched tribe – The Reconquista of the US Southwest or Moslem dawah.

      I don’t know how this is going to play out in the long run. The civic nationalist ideals of Pres. Trump and Steve Sailer only exist among white gentiles.

          • Personally, and sadly, I think that is starting to become inevitable. The U.S. cannot survive like this. We Aryans need to peacefully (hope I know, but still) separate ourselves from the other races and when the time comes we can reconquer the lands that the monkeys stole from us.

        • I wouldn’t say blacks are useless, I have to say that the old minstrel tapdancin’ Coon Hour shows are quite amusing. In terms of any serious contribution, useless indeed, but I have busted many a gut at the antics of shuckin’, jivin’ negroids over the years if I may say so. Nevertheless, of course, they should have never been brought to our shores by Portuguese Jews like Aaron “Lopez,” and should at least have been expelled when they outlived their arguable usefulness in 1865.

        • I can handle a joke, but in seriousness for this instant; Canada is your brother nation. Why can’t we agree to ship them to California? Or africa? What about a North American superstate?

    • 320,000,000 Americans minus 40,000,000 blacks = 280,000,000 Americans

      40,000,000 times $100,000 = $4 trillion

      Pay ALL blacks $100,000 to leave the USA and renounce legal citizenship.

      $4 trillion divided by 280,000,000 Americans = $14,300 per person

      Collect as a $1,000 tax over 15 years.

      Yes, I know. Some are children. Not all pay taxes. This is proof of concept.

      I would gladly pay an extra $15k in taxes over the next 2 decades to get rid of the black problem.

      Those that refuse get removed.

      • Better yet – a first-come-first-served system where the payout is $50,000. When everyone who will move in exchange for $50K is gone… raise it to $75K. When those are all gone raise it to $100K and tell them “now or never.”

        • That may save money potentially but I would rather work it like this:

          First come = $100k
          Hold outs = $10k
          Adamant refusal = .45acp ($1)

    • Not a bad plan but I’d be more comfortable lying to them about the 40 acres until we drop them off on the coast and set sail for home.

    • Ghana actually has a law of free return for blacks, and is pretty much an entirely black nation.

      Lad I’d looked into it, only a few hundred african americans had taken them up on it. Meanwhile, there are over 100,000 blacks from Ghana in the US.

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