Mainstream Con’s Countersignal Trumpian Populism on National Anthem

It’s difficult trying to decipher exactly what the limits on free speech are according to the zeitgeist.  The answer seems to be that any criticism of non-Whites is where free speech ends.  Any “free speech” used by minorities to criticize our country or Whites is a noble use of the first amendment; woe to the person who would restrict that kind of speech.

This applies to the ongoing temper tantrum of NFL Blacks.  Even just by implication, Trump has criticized Blacks by deploring the kneeling during the National Anthem at football games.  Apparently, that was a bit too much for our pussified country.

In this case, some of the most virulent critics of Trump have been the cuckservatives, nominal Republicans whose number one goal is to persuade more minorities to come into the Republican fold.  This is, of course, a futile goal which is almost amusing to watch them pursue.  It seems like many of the coaches and owners fall into this category:

The National Football League is about as culturally consonant with Trump as any major American institution. “They’re my friends,” Trump once bragged about the league’s team owners. But this weekend those same owners tried to distance themselves from the President. Robert Kraft, a Trump pal and the owner of the New England Patriots, pronounced himself “deeply disappointed by the tone.” The former Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan, who had introduced Trump at a campaign rally in Buffalo, said he was “deeply pissed off. . . . I never signed up for this.” The league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, denounced the President, too. The White House reflexively assumed a hostile posture, like a cornered skunk.

What a brazen response from these archetypal boomer conservatives!  Sports fanatics and coaches at all levels are usually averse to critical thinking on social issues, and, well, thought in general.  This is confirmed by their knee-jerk reaction here.

Then again, the default mode of corporate movers and shakers is to side with the demands of Cultural Marxism when put in a bind.  This, they perceive, is always the safe route.  Could that be changing?  Market forces (via boycotts) and the changing dynamics of social pressure will determine this. That’s why Trump’s call for a boycott of the NFL is relevant.

Washington Examiner, a mainstream Republican paper, is the first off the ship when Trump wades into these so-called racial controversies.  The media has a funny feedback loop where they assert that “X is being criticized” or “X is controversial” when they are in fact the ones criticizing or calling something controversial.  It’s an insidious use of the passive voice.  They’re not telling you what the actual American people think, they’re telling you what they, the media elites think.  And boomer conservatives are dumb enough to fall for it.

Byron York hypothesizes that Trump simply speaks too much and that perhaps if he said less, he would be less offensive to minorities and Cultural Marxists:

Put aside the merits of what Trump said about the NFL players refusing to stand for the National Anthem—a point on which a majority of Americans agree with the president.  What is striking is that the football remarks, which set off another political/media firestorm for Trump, are in the simplest sense a result of the president just talking too much.

If he just gave shorter speeches, he could stick to the tired conservative talking points with which the Washington Examiner crowd is comfortable. If you think about it, a “gaffe” is really just a White person saying something non-obsequious towards minorities.  One can readily avoid such a faux pas simply by not saying anything!  So goes the logic of risk-averse mainstream conservative.

Across the board, what we get from the conservative opinion is this weak hemming and hawing: sure players shouldn’t kneel during the National Anthem, but Trump shouldn’t have been so mean in denouncing them.  The Wall Street Journal:

Americans don’t begrudge athletes their free-speech rights […] but disrespecting the national anthem puts partisanship above a symbol of nationhood that thousands have died for. Players who chose to kneel shouldn’t be surprised that fans around the country booed them on Sunday. This is the patriotic sentiment that they are helping Mr. Trump exploit for what he no doubt thinks is his own political advantage.

But if our adversaries are engaged in despicable behavior… exploit away!  God forbid our leaders should express the righteous indignation of the people once in a while.

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  • Even with the events that have happened over-shadowing the NFL issue, their ratings continue to drop. This needs to continually get hammered home until the NFL is relegated to WNBA status.

  • Polish American Deplorable here. If we were truly nationalists like my former countrymen are, then you’d see this at games. This is from a soccer game last year, note the soccer team and fans belting it out!

  • I do not think it is a coincidence that Trump chose to bring this issue up at the same time that much of his agenda (reversing DACA, repealing O’Care, cutting taxes) is floundering. This issue (the corrupt, cucking NFL and its fans) has been out there for years. Why bring it up now? Why not much sooner? The questions answer themselves: don’t make the blacks mad unless you really have to. That has been the subtext of American politics since 1945, maybe even 1865.

    If it takes a bunch of Afletes protesting Muh ‘Murican Anthem to wake up the stupid cucks hiding in their mancaves on Sunday afternoons to the ongoing, slow-motion disaster known the ‘Civil Rights Movement’, I guess that’s better than nothing.

    It is sad that we have regressed to this state of affairs. I agree, exploit away, embrace the chaos.

    • I sent him photos of illegal immigrants waving Mexican flags in California. You’d think that maybe he might bring the disrespect of that up. At least the NFL players are Americans.

  • I actually sometimes get Sick in the Stomach…..

    When I think about ‘risk-averse mainstream conservatives’…….

    And Byron York??


    George Will??…….


    Relics of the White American Past……..

  • I no longer speak American English; at least I feel like I no longer am able to speak it. For example, can someone help me translate the following sentence that appeared at the beginning of the article:

    “Mainstream Con’s Countersignal Trumpian Populism on National Anthem ”

    for example, what in God’s name does the following words mean in common English vernacular:
    “Con’s”, “Countersignal”, “Populism” ? ? Can somebody please translate that for me, what those words EXACTLY mean in today’s parlance ?

    • We don’t use countersignal like that in England but I gather it means “contradict” or “take an opposite stance on”.

    • Con’s = Conservatives, Countersignal (neologism; origin: The Daily Shoah?) = send contradictory messages, populism = promote policies which appeal to the common man but are opposed by elites. When it comes to a concept word like “populism” though, I don’t even care for an “exact” definition, it’s more of an intuitive feel for the word/concept.

  • The cuck response to the NFL 1. boos not boycott. 2. Buying a villanuevo jersey instead of a kneeler jersey. This really hits the nfl’s pocketbook! 3. Sean Hannity saying he’ll switch to watching football on saturday until the players show respect for the anthem. What a sacrifice!

    • The (((revolutionaries))) hate the moral order so much they work overtime all day to change the deffinition of moral order in the minds of the drastically dumbed down western world.

      Jesus help us in our tribulations against these edomites!

  • >God forbid our leaders should express the righteous indignation of the people once in a while.

    That’s exactly it tho, any genuine bond between the leader and the people must be crushed at the outset otherwise its fascism. You see how this humanist oligarchy thinks, the ‘well trained’, ‘initiated’ and ‘enlightened’ leader ought to hold his own people in contempt especially if they’re not the ‘proper’ sort in proper circles and don’t live in the ‘important’ parts of the country. Not to hold their interests at heart but those of the ‘earth, progress and humanity’. Not to be their father but to be their jailer and executioner. Thus any objective abuse can be excused and rationalized.

    What Trump is doing is channeling the genuine angst of the people, this sense that something is deeply wrong with the world around them, he’s initiating their catharsis. They have seen their thoughts vindicated from a position of authority, they’re emerging out of a thought-gulag in which they themselves stood alone and doubted their own sanity.

    What happens to secretive societies when a fascist leader takes over? They’re purged. Why are they purged? Because they’re bloodsuckers feeding off of the continual strife of the common man. Whoever does evil comes not into the light.

    • I’ve been living on Xanex since he was inaugurated. He’s giving me headaches. Most jackass president ever. Not sure I can support him again in 2020.

      • Stop lying, Moron……

        You have Headaches because you lack the Genetic Capacity for Complex Thought……

        Go support the Democrats, then…….

        You might think they’re Friendly to Hispanics……

        But, you’re Just a Useful Tool to Destroy the White Majority…….

        The Democratic Party is in the Hands of Cultural Marxists……..

        They don’t give a Fk about Traditional Mexican Catholic Family Values…..


        They are Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual, Pro-Transsexual……

        Pro-Degenerate Freak to the CORE……..

        And Donald Trump isn’t a White Nationalist…..

        He’s a Civic Nationalist……..

        Learn to think……

        • I’m not your age. I have a son Richard’s age. I have accomplishments that you won’t have on your best day. Every heard of the deliberate dumbing down of America? Look it up because the three of you qualify.

        • P.S. I am not Hispanic. My husband was Spanish. You would know that if you had the Genetic Capacity for Complex thought.

    • Tactically speaking, Trump is also trolling them, of course– triggering them to double down on an issue where the (((media))) and other elites all support the dindu afleets almost unanimously, but the average American is on the other side. The elites see even civic nationalism as a threat– something that has to be eradicated; the googles (correctly) perceive that they are part of a different nation than we are, and that the flag and the Star-Spangled Banner are therefore symbols of the hated White Devils.

      By doubling down on their attack on the symbols of civic nationalism, they’re leaving the normies with no place to go. Civic nationalism = good. White Nationalism = ebil KKK not-see White supreeemists = bad. But they’re essentially telling the average conservative/ middle of the road American that civic nationalism = White Nationalism. Hmm…

      Kinda reminds me of when Trump used the term “America First.” Only better.

      Sure, it’s obviously meant as a distraction from something else that would otherwise be leading in the news: DACA? Failure of Obamacare repeal (again)? More wall delays? The news about US Special Forces directly assisting ISIS, and the apparent targeted assassination of that Russian general in Syria (though that’s the kind of thing that they can keep out of the US press pretty easily)? Who knows?

      Doesn’t mean it can’t be useful in its own right, though.

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