Cucks Gather To Promote Abortion And Appease Feminists On Social Media

Yesterday, Leftist foundation and major Hillary Clinton sponsor NARAL Pro-Choice America rustled up their legion of thirsty cucks into a pro-abortion social media campaign titled #MenForChoice.

Progressive actors like Mark Ruffalo led the tide of Tweets, proclaiming:

While assorted cucks and Jews followed his example:

NARAL furthermore chose Sex and the City actor David Eigenberg to star in a short PSA video on how it’s manly to let women have abortions. Walking in a peaceful (dare I say: white?) neighborhood with a sunlit American flag gently waving in the breeze to generic emotional music, Eigenberg claims: “Let’s go. You just have to pick up the phone, take a minute and tell your representative and your senator I’m a man, and I believe in a woman’s right to access legal abortion. It’s a human right.”

That suggestion is one of the least manly things I can imagine doing, barely above letting your wife sleep around with minorities or literally cutting your balls off.

Another amusing aspect of the PSA video is the sentimental depiction of a glowing American flag. Of course, when the goal is to get men to accept abortions on demand, the Left slather on the patriotic symbolism, but feel no shame in simultaneously endorsing the #TakeAKnee campaign and churning out increasingly neurotic articles on the subject, ranting against Donald Trump, white supremacy, even going so far as to claim patriotism is a white invention used to oppress minorities and that “the anthem and the flag are symbols of white hegemony.”

I suppose NARAL’s video can avoid being labelled racist and oppressive since it is advocating for people to kill their own offspring for reasons as irresponsible as forgetting to take a pill, or “just not wanting to have” a baby. The article I just linked in the previous sentence was shared by NARAL’s director Anna Burger, on Twitter, by the way. Welcome to the new patriotism, folks, with free abortions and female hormone injections for all.

In conclusion, it’s worth reiterating that cucks (AKA ‘male feminists’) are a major detriment to society for they feed the delusions of today’s feminists and aid their relentless hunger for control. Cucks and their orbiting behavior also risk giving impressionable young women an exaggerated sense of self-worth and have them end up thinking they are goddesses and can do as they please, without consequence, under the assumption there will always be some male simp to pick up the pieces in the end. This fantasy sadly usually works — until these women hit the wall at age 42 and realize they’re living off disability checks in a run-down condo with twenty cats and the only men who dare touch them are illegal African migrants.

Still, the worst part of this situation is that cucks prostrate themselves before women and adopt their leftist political campaigns in hopes that they will receive praise and sex, and perhaps a relationship, in return. These are cowardly yet selfish men with usually high-pitched nasally voices who would rather give up defending truth, normalcy, and future generations in order to bed unreliable, erratic women, and be used as tools by groups like NARAL or Antifa.

A perfect example of a cuck is this man. Appearing in the video at 0:14, the starved-looking creature is spurred on by Antifa member Yvette Felarca to mindlessly chant in his weak, ineffectual voice: “Milo had to run away, immigrants are here to stay!”

Men have a God-given right and duty to stand strong against women who have been led astray by the enemy. Cucks are weak men who prefer joining feminists in destroying their civilization and future rather than building it. In a way, both are genetic dead-ends made for each other, locked in a perpetual love-hate relationship, leeching off each other’s desire for attention and validation. If only they would leave functional society alone and die off in peace.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • This is not belonging here. Except for catholics no one cared about abortion until falwell and his cuckservative movement coopted it as a wedge issue for poor cuckservatives in the 1970s.
    Also since american women hate kids non americans are impacted more by abortion

  • Two problems with article: lack of awareness of own irony and no concern for reality.

    The list of Ironies:

    1) “Men have a God-given right and duty to stand strong against women who have been led astray by the enemy.” Men-of-Choice are obviously doing this (from their point of view).

    2) The female author seems to love “manly” men. But a society of manly men, as history demonstrates, would tell the author to sit down, shut up, and tend the hearth. Be careful what you wish for.

    3) The author bashes feminism, but is a feminist herself. Feminists believe their opinions are the equal of men’s. If she were not a feminist, her opinion would not be the equal of even a feminist male. A non-feminist would have the notion that her opinion is worth nothing in a man’s world, would be quiet and tend the hearth as Richard Spencer thinks it should be (see his CNN interview). Feminism allows a woman to bash males (who regard women as their equals). Face the glaring, ironic fact, Meszaros, you’re a feminist.

    4) Abortion has a long European tradition (see the wiki on abortion). As such, tt makes more sense for altrighters to support abortion rights.

    The reality of procreation is that men are not accountable for its potential outcome: a child. Sure, in the USA women can sue for child support. But we all know well enough that men evade this responsibility. From a cultural stand point, men who cut and run are frowned upon, but not ostracized or even penalized (even by other women!). Thus, having to face the prospect of raising a child alone, the woman must be prudent when choosing sex partners. Men, lacking such motivation, are more casual about their partners and sex, in general. As a result, a supply/demand dynamic evolves. This dynamic allows women to trade on sex. To forever end abortions and kill this dysfunctional dynamic, culture and law must fully support men taking their share of responsibility for their own children. Were this miracle come to pass, then men would be just as circumspect about having sex as women (because they would be on the hook for raising the child), which would cause the sex trade and sex bartering to fall off and abortions to all but disappear (women, of course, are much more willing to bear children when the full support of their partner exists). In the mean time, women will get abortions whether it is legal or not — the advantage of having legal abortion is, of course, that women will not try to scrape their own wombs with a hanger, ingest toxic chemicals, or acutely injure their abdomen — all of which may have lethal consequences.

    IMO, a woman who willy-nilly decides to abort is rare like a unicorn. The vast majority of women only decide to abort after significant deliberation and even then only proceed reluctantly.

    The style of this author is to insult and belittle her intended target. This type of persuasion only works on the weakest of minds. Is that who you’re trying to sway

  • estrogen blockers would solve this problem. civilization is awash in estrogen: from plastics which mimic the effects of estrogen to unfiltered estrogen in drinking water.

    you can’t think like a man if your brain thinks it’s a woman.

  • Right now it is most practical, in the United States at least, to keep abortion because it keeps the population of blacks down. Europe is another animal.

  • Haven’t we gone over this already? Abortion is good because it reduces black births most of all.

    Contraception bans would get the high iq childless to reproduce.

  • Outlawing abortion would create a social revolution (or a simple return) back to Tradition, family, marriage and conservative traditional values. Parents would protect the dignity of their daughters and young women would become much less promiscuous and much more selective when choosing partners.

    I am sure that deep down the left knows that this one thing would go a long way towards burying their sick ideology and thus will fight to the death over the right of a woman to kill.

  • What has feminism done to woman? In her natural state a woman can make one, permanent sexual transaction in her life and that is marriage. Unless she is a prostitute the ability to use her sex to her advantage; to tempt men with it, to blackmail men with, to control men with,to gain advantage with it; is severely limited.

    What we have today with the sexual liberation of woman is her being able to use her sex (just like a prostitute) in endless sexual transactions (or prospect of a sex) at her whim and disposal to curry favor and gain power (over men). This is a most unnatural and historically unprecedented state for woman to find herself in and she knows not how to handle herself. Many women (and men) are destroyed by this assault upon Nature (or God’s order, however you want to see it).

  • The whole point of the feminist movement is to provide endless numbers of females for zipless sex with men. Abortion on demand is an important part of allowing feminists to provide women as sex objects for men, without demanding any kind of serious commitment from the man. How dare you demean this decades-old tradition! Any thinking and caring male should welcome the feminists’ goal of wide-spread vagina freedom for men everywhere.

  • Does anyone know the %’s by race of abortions each year? I feel if abortion was illegal, there would be millions upon millions more non-whites in USA. i wonder how differently USA would look if abortion was banned.

      • We’d also be absolutely swamped in White people and the competition of mothers protecting their brood would work in our favor. We are already swamped in Black and Brown people so no difference there. Also with Black women going back to having 15 children each they would become so utterly desperate and dysfunctional and such a burden on society that no one would be eating the blue pill and we could finally attain the Final Solution to the race problem, that is total and complete geographic segregation. Segregation now, Segregation tomorrow, Segregation forever.

        • Not nearly swamped in case of whites. The higher the agency, the less accidental pregnancies. Besides, you don`t want accidental children, because it`s a perfect receipt for creating misfits and damaged people who will only drain from society.

    • It probably wouldn’t change that much, black women and coal sharks would change their behavior, they get abortions like we get mcdonalds drive through, making abortion illegal would create a bigger wave of social change in this country then expelling the jews! Believe me.

  • “In conclusion, it’s worth reiterating that cucks (AKA ‘male feminists’) are a major detriment to society for they feed the delusions of today’s feminists and aid their relentless hunger for control. Cucks and their orbiting behavior also risk giving impressionable young women an exaggerated sense of self-worth and have them end up thinking they are goddesses and can do as they please, without consequence, under the assumption there will always be some male simp to pick up the pieces in the end. This fantasy sadly usually works — until these women hit the wall at age 42 and realize they’re living off disability checks in a run-down condo with twenty cats and the only men who dare touch them are illegal African migrants.”



  • “That suggestion is one of the least manly things I can imagine doing, barely above letting your wife sleep around with minorities or literally cutting your balls off.”



  • Everyone is so outraged about abortion but no one wants to deal with screaming fucking babies at 4am and all your disposable income going bye bye. It’s easy and cheap to signal online, we should know that by now, right?
    Even Spencer is realistic about abortion. Or maybe especially Spencer. Besides, it sucks for the kid being raised by parents/a parent that don’t want them. Leave it to spergs to punish people by making them “face the consequences of their actions” ie who cares that the kid will have potentially a fucked up life in a broken home, he’s just a tool to discourage people from engaging in “degeneracy” ie sex. Great idea, im sure it will work.

    • Are you a woman? Because women take care of screaming babies.

      How terrible for women not to be able to have consequence free sex or consequence free lives. Princesses have a right to run amok over this world with their beast Behemoth at their side.

      • lol.. doesn’t matter who is taking care of it when it’s in the next room screaming bloody murder at 4 am. And it’s not like you can completely separate yourself from the dirty stuff just cause you’re a man, even in your nostalgic feudal age ideal the man still had to help out

        but that’s my point.. no one wants any of that shit. Guys don’t want sex with consequences either, not even guys here… ESPECIALLY not here lol. That’s probably cause lots of people attracted to reactionary politics can’t get laid and think going back to 1959 will devirginize them, but even if they could , they would use protection, because children would SERIOUSLY cut in to shitposting time. I bet if you actually got some stats apolitical or left leaning normie whites probably have more kids on average than WNs who spend all their day about muh white genocide online , just from being well adjusted to society lol

        • At least we know you are a woman pretending to me a man now. Now the question is; are you a chosenite?

          I btw have children, so I know a little bit about this. No working man should have to get up in the night with a screaming baby, that’s why the women stay home; at least when the children are young.

          • that’s great. You’re in the distinct minority. Most people here who have girlfriends or access to girls counter signal abortion because they have the agency to use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy in the first place cause they know kids would fuck up their whole lives – ie Spencer, Enoch, Anglin, ie 95% of the “leadership” and personalities on the alt right. Then there’s the basement dwelling hardcore natsoc sperg shitposters who will never touch a woman without paying anyway so their position (of course) is that any white person using a condom or any form of birth control at all should get ovened – including you, because I’m guessing you only had a couple of kids and not 15. If you can’t see the inherent irony and hypocrisy in this I don’t know what to tell you lol

          • Lots of hypocrisy and irony in life darling. Unmarried women should not be allowed to have birth control period. And abortion with some exceptions should be illegal, period. It’s about women being forced to make responsible sexual choices which will cause them, and the pressure from family and society, back into the traditional roll where they belong. It’s pretty simple. Maybe you can grasp it.

          • yeah, because sex is all about being responsible and thinking ahead.. because there aren’t millions upon millions of future single moms all around the world , including whites, who got knocked up TODAY cause they didn’t have access to birth control or they just didn’t bother .. any more great ideas? Yeah, lots of hypocrisy and irony in life, as well as lots of people who had their fun back in the day and now that they’re old and ugly they’re all about no sex before marriage lol.

          • Right, I’m not old or ugly. But yea, spoken like a woman who will fight tooth and nail for a woman’s right to inconsequential sex including her right to kill her unborn child. You want the right to use and sell and barter your sex or the possibility of it to your advantage. We will take your “right” to be a whore away.

            I know exactly what you are all about and that is why women should have no say in this matter. The men take over and make the rules like we have always done. Get ready darling because it is coming.

          • How am I a woman? What would a woman be doing with a disqus account on ? Do any of my writing make me seem female? rofl

            You’re not really saying anything interesting. At least you admitted that everyone’s a fucking hypocrite bullshitter. Spencer and most of the leaders (and normal followers) on the alt-right are happy running around free and childless, you think they’re practicing abstinence? You think they’re following your “rules”?? Then you finish off with “watch out girls, we’re gon’ put you in your place” lol I’m sure Stacy is trembling in her trendy little boots.

          • It will be back to whores and Madonnas. There will always be whores so that men don’t have to practice abstinence. Like I said, back to the traditional order.

            I think you are sorely confused. I am talking about the sexual purity of women not men. The only kind of purity that has ever counted.

            Maybe we will let the whores practice birth control. Sterilization would probably be best.

            You are definitely a woman.

          • So that men can, at their core, respect them as good women and wives. Are you retarded? This is basic human nature.

          • Your not even a good troll. We don’t answer those kinds of questions here. Go back to your temple and pray to Baal.

          • It’s just a random name lol, I didn’t even know the religious references, I just thought it meant “giant” etc… you people need to calm down

            Answer the question… why do men need wives..? I’m not talking about birds. btw not all birds “pair up” :p

          • Why does the sun set in the West? Why do birds sing? I’m sorry these things confuse you. Consult mother nature and her laws.

          • rofl. You’re squirming. You know that my point stands – marriage is for children, yet so many people in the alt right, including leadership, have no intention of getting married any time soon or having a bunch of brats running around cause they know it would ruin their comfy lifestyles.. so you can stick your preachy counter signalling of birth control up your ass …

          • I know you a bundle of female indecision and contradiction. Let a man handle you right, give you that spanking we talked about and all will be well.

          • lol.. like I told you already, if you think my writing style makes me seem like a woman in any way, I don’t know what to tell you.. retardation lol

  • I propose capital punishment for white women who abort white fetuses. I don’t have the right to tell other races what to do with their unborn.

  • “Feminism will become our death. Feminism creates crazy women and irresponsible men.” Quote Lena Holfve, swedish author and blogger. Supposedly coined in the early 80’s when people laughed at her. She says people has stopped laughing now. Some people are just clarsighted ahead of their time. Like Lena and Enoch Powell for instance.

  • This kosher genocide propaganda continuously leaves out the interests of fathers.

    When a woman has merged with me to the extent that she has my child inside her, she’s no longer a separate being and it’s longer simply “her body.”

    What kind of father is happy to have his woman “disopose” of his child “any way she lists.” The idea is basically inhuman.

  • The price for women entering academia and the professions was to join the perpetual fever of “egalitarian” minorities agitating to turn White men’s countries into piggy banks and piñatas. The Jews, being feminine by nature, well understood how to manipulate the aspirations of women toward motherhood and community into instead caring for various rapists, murderers, and savages as their new “children.” They erected this edifice of “all the things these (White men) took which you deserve instead” and sounded the call for all non-White men to grasp it for themselves, never noting that what they received were mere tablescraps, and that neither they nor their Jewish sirens had ever shown the slightest ability or inclination to join White men in creating the modern world, and thus have been and will be unable to even sustain it, much less “progress” past it. Rather than being grateful to White men for creating the highest living standard in history, women surrounded by lightbulbs, multi-story buildings, computers, automobiles, etc., all created by White men, simply took them for granted and demanded more in the way that an undisciplined child takes for granted that which it is born into, and demands more until a firm hand says “no.”

    I would say that it is an unforgivable treason for White women to have turned their coats thus, but obviously it is more a failure of White men to uphold the sort of environment in which White women could sustain healthy mentalities. Women uphold the status quo, and they have long sensed that the status quo is this “niceness” of anti-bullying, equality, etc., which mandates efforts to enforce equality where nature deems it not be so. The selfishness and opportunism coinciding with these motives, in the form of careerism, are the same sort of typical unchecked behaviors of children.

  • Look, I don’t favour the abortion of white foetuses. But you are missing a trick here if you don’t realise abortion keeps the ethnic population down. I would rule this issue too as a divisive one that absorbs energy from the main race issue. you will just end up boosting the Hispanic and Negro birth rate.

    • I didn’t miss that point, but I wanted to keep this article focused solely on this particular news item, which is about cucked white men supporting abortion in order to get praise from their women.
      I do agree that the massively increasing third world populations and minority populations in white countries need to be dealt with some how.

  • There is no lower form of life than these male feminists. The masculinity argument could probably work if they weren’t all brain dead wimps.

  • It is truly astonishing that these idiots consider the murder of an innocent child to be a “human right.” It is a totally warped and counter-intuitive idea

  • Feminism is about turning women against men. Based on this I absolutely disapprove the “MGTOW” phenomenon also, which is the same as feminism in the opposite direction.

  • As long as blacks abort and white women abort halfbreed Foetus’ then abortion is AOK. If it’s used by perfectly health white women to abort white babies it’s a problem.

  • Why do white women get a pass from progressive utopians when they abort mixed-race fetuses? In other contexts wouldn’t that seem racist or white-privilege-y or something?

  • This isn’t simply a matter of race but much more fundamental, it’s murder of the innocent, it’s diabolical. This is a question of life itself. He is a man who is to be a man, the tree is present in the seed.

    A woman that murders her child ought to be convicted for murder it’s that simple in any sane society, indeed the punishment should be GREATER because of who she is, a mother, and who the child is, a completely helpless individual reliant on his mother’s care.
    Women ought to be held accountable for murder and not only that people ought to be held accountable for practicing sexuality contrary to Natural Law. The very definition of sexual perversion is sexuality divorced from reproduction (even jew Freud admitted that). A couple using contraception is in the very same vein as the sodomites, it’s sexuality without reproduction. The natural end of marriage is reproduction and education of children, marriage and sexuality are insuperable.
    What these feminists are fighting against is being held accountable to marry and submit to the rigor of being a wife and a mother.

  • Boys are girls, girls are boys, neggas are Orientals, dogs are cats, etc. etc. etc.

    nothing means what it used to mean anymore; everything is upside down and it makes absolutely no sense what is going on in the world. The Jews have really turned up side down the entire planet and with the way things are going, they’re going to launch a nuclear war somewhere in the world, simply because they HATE the entire world.

    Mark my words, they seek to destroy everything and everyone, if they can’t dominate it.

  • The funniest thing about supporting “reproductive rights” for women is the look on their faces when you say “You’ve already got legal abortion,name a reproductive right that men have.” Their response is the only reason you need to not support them.

    • Indeed, and it’d be great if these celebrities could go fight climate change by telling third worlders in Africa and the Middle East to stop reproducing.

    • Women feel entitled to sex. Otherwise they wouldn’t get so emotional when you bring up the idea that we need to roll back women’s sexual freedom because their degeneracy harms society.

      • In Medieval thought it was the woman who was the lustier of the sexes and she who sought to seduce. Ever since the inversion of Truth under the reign of ZOG this Truth among many others has been buried.

        Women of fertile age very rarely go without sex. How many men can tell you how when the girl leaves that all of a sudden she is with another man or men or a woman or women. Seen it a thousand times. How many men can tell of their countless friends who go years and years without a woman? How many women (not old hags) do the same? Not many.

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