“Right-Wing Activism Always Fails” — Operation Reinhard

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  • Activism is worthless without policy to back it up.

    Your naysayers make a great point. It’s said the biggest reason the altright is a psyop is that any other movement that gained this much traction organically would have come up with some policy by now. your groups have not.

    Can’t eat a protest

  • Michigan historical reenactment group that does WWII reenactments to reassess having German reenactors particpate on account of them getting photographed with a WWII German flag.

    America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? Or a thought prison run by Jewry?

    Organizers of the annual River of Time living history encampment in Bay City say they are going to “take a long, hard look” at including German soldiers for future events after a social media firestorm over a photo showing re-enactors posing with a Nazi flag.

    One resident was quoted as saying “They had no business being there.”

    On the contrary, they had every business being there and have been there the last three years. The group that hosted them says they do WWII reenactments:

    • This re-enactment stuff (multiple eras) has been going on for decades, at least since the 1970s. Yet now we’re supposed to be triggered?

  • Good comments – but maybe there is another group we can learn more from than our leftist enemies.

    I hate to say it, but stop and think for a moment which group has made the biggest strides in influence and power over the past few years. It’s Islam.

    Leftists mock Christians – but not Islam. Why? Islam will kill you.
    They endlessly attack a toothless KKK – but not Islam. Why? Islam will kill you.
    They ridicule and lie about everything we do – but not Islam. Why? You know why.

    Now to what he says about needing some sort of sympathy on the inside of the existing power structure – that’s nice if you can get it. And Islam has that because it is seen by those in the elite as a weapon that can be used against us. Even so, Islam is an imperfect weapon because it isn’t as controllable as they’d like it to be.

    Perhaps there is a line we can find where we are more dangerous than we currently are without going over into becoming a terrorist organization.

  • I agree. We need to kick the hornets nest just enough for the left to try and shut us down so we can radicalize people but not enough to get the government to step in and come after us.

  • Absolutely right. At this moment due to the mentioned media and elite hostility, right wing activism largely exists to expand the public profile of the movement and attract new blood. At the same time, being /too/ bombastic, as you put it, does indeed harm us.

    I think a great example of this is the Unite the Right rally as a whole. Going by twitter and facebook posts about it, the pre-rally torch march was an absolute success and I saw very, very few negative things about it. The second that people showed up with swastikas and confederate flags and kkk hoods the following day, the people who had offered tepid to proud support for the pre-rally did a complete 180. Optics matter. Is it really “punching right” to ask people to stop counter-productive practices that actually hurt us? We’re not the left, we should be looking at FACTS, and facts are that swastikas and other symbols of failed losers hurt us. Do you really, really believe in national socialism? Do you think Mussolini was a swell guy? If the answer is yes, the next question is what really matters to you more: showing everyone that you believe these things, or actually advancing your political cause? Because at this point, they’re mutually exclusive. Communists didn’t close up shop after McCarthy went after them, they just rebranded themselves and kept at it. It’s why the IDENTITARIAN movement and ones like it are so valuable. In the same way that antifa and other violent leftist radicals are just Communism(tm) repackaged for a new audience, so too must we learn from our mistakes.

    I can shout from the rooftops that CNN is largely staffed and run by jews and that most of their articles are antagonistic towards white and white interests while waving a flag with the fasces on it. It won’t matter whether I’m right or wrong, no one will listen to me. Or I can have a quiet conversation or give a polite, peaceful speech dressed like a normal guy about how the media is anti-american and corrupt, with blatant liberal bias. The result is the same, but the latter will actually get listened to.

    Moving on to the second point of working within the system, there is no doubt that this is crucial as well. We need activism to expand our profile, but we need to get people high up in government and in places like police departments and other civil service organizations (judges, lawyers, etc are also vastly in demand for our side) so that when we have the feet on the ground, we have the political muscle to enforce it.

    Whether that involves taking over the republican party or burning it to the ground is still an open question.

    • We also need to work on creating well trained and equipped security teams that can protect our rallies and prevent violence and, if necessary, remove agent provocateurs who are there to harm our image, as well extract our leaders if things go south.

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