Four Antifa Poofs Facing Five Years for Wearing Masks

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Wow, some cities actually enforce their mask laws.

Three college students and one former student were arraigned Tuesday and Wednesday and face five years in prison each for wearing masks while protesting a Richmond, Va., Confederate rally Saturday.

As much as I hate Antifa, five years in prison is a long time just for wearing a mask at a protest.

The four individuals, who were either current or former Virginia Commonwealth University students, violated a 1952 Virginia law created to unmask Ku Klux Klan members in the state, according to Richmond Times-Dispatch.

I wonder if they get the irony that they’re being charged for violating a law that was created to unmask their arch nemesis.  I’m guessing not.

“I was wearing the mask to protect myself from people who I was told were filming and photographing us with the intent of doxxing us,” said Caroline Hill, the former student.

That’s not an unreasonable notion given the far-reaching effects that doxxing can have on one’s life.  We Alt-Righters know all about it.

She said she took part in the Saturday counter-protest to oppose Richmond’s Confederate monuments and “people running around Richmond with Confederate flags intimidating people.”

Police arrested Hill, along with VCU students Ian M. Gerson, Corissa C. Duffey, and Thomas W. Rockett for wearing masks, a couple of which appeared to be Halloween masks. Police had announced prior to the rally that they would be rigorously enforcing the mask law.

Is it just me or is it kind of absurd that you can wear a mask on Halloween, but that same mask magically becomes illegal when you are at a protest?

“For your safety, I strongly encourage all members of the VCU community to avoid this area Saturday,” said Michael Rao, Virginia Commonwealth University president, in an email sent to the school community before the rally and obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. “There is precedence for violence at this kind of demonstration…”


“…and your safety is my paramount concern.”

Rao said that the school took free speech seriously, but that “we also have the autonomy of sound judgment, and we recognize that difficult or contentious debates can be productive only when the threat of violence will not drown out our voices.”

Tracy Thorne-Begland, Richmond’s general district judge, assigned the four individuals an Oct. 31 trial.

“For a charge of wearing a mask?” said Thorne-Begland regarding the Halloween trial date. “That [date] is available.”

Get this, the trial date is set for Halloween. The irony.

I’m going to take a position on this that will be unpopular in the more authoritarian circles of the Alt-Right.  I feel for these four college students.  They’re young, gullible and their professors have told them that they are “on the right side of history” in hating white people and wanting to destroy America and all that it stands for. The possibility of facing five years in prison with violent criminals just for wearing a mask at a protest is excessive and unjust. The punishment does not fit the “crime.” The (((establishment))) is indoctrinating these young kids, many of whom are white, to do their bidding and then throwing them to the wolves when there are repercussions.

The government at every level has used Charlottesville as an impetus to become more tyrannical.  Despotism seems like a good idea when your group is in charge, but the levers of power will inevitably switch hands.  Then your group will be subject to the excessive and cruel policies that you helped to enact.  This situation is a perfect example of this.  The left undoubtedly had a hand in creating this very specific, arbitrary law to unmask the Klan in an attempt to diminish their power, which ultimately worked. Now, they’re being subjected to the same law. I know that we want to see our political enemies harshly punished, but allowing the government to continue to amass and wield such excessive power is a threat to all citizens and the principles of objectivity, reason, and justice that we are fighting to preserve.

If we really wanted to blow some minds, we could come to the defense of these kids under the premise that these poor kids are only getting this harsh punishment because they are White. They will be put in a difficult position of having to disown their own supporters, which will be lulzy if nothing else. I believe that these clever culture-jamming tricks will do wonders. The cognitive disconnect in these young kids’ minds when they see the Alt-Right supporting them, the government prosecuting them and (when liberals find out the Alt-Right supports them) their own people turning against them will be simply epic.

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  • Disagree. I LOVE how they are facing five years. Hope they somehow get more. Fuck the left and fuck Antifa. If they get caught up in the system, GOOD. Fuck the left and fuck (((Our enemies))).

  • Whether this piece was served up sincerely or disingenuously, (I took it sincerely), put this grandmother in the “authoritarian,” camp. I hope they serve a full five years, (they won’t).
    That said, I agree, of course, this is just another sign of a tyrannical local government out of control & that it would make for interesting cognitive dissonance to defend these brainwashed young dolts.
    The idea makes me want to barf, but I get the desire.

  • The law, whatever one thinks of it as such, here is being applied in a “blind” manner, so I don’t see the rationale of defending someone who broke it. And even more so I don’t see the rationale of coming to the defense of people who likely would have been, at the least, throwing urine and spitting upon White Nationalists at that protest.

  • These “people” (I use that term loosely for anti-Whites) can hardly wait to see us bankrupt, homeless, raped and ultimately extinct.
    I am simply all out of fucks to give. They deserve far far worse than just prison. Fuck them

  • Yeah, well, you’re NOT going to help these kids. You aren’t even helping your own people, in their time of need. No legal defense fund for Cantwell. No health care fund for Baked Alaska. No job fair for those young wage slaves who got doxxed at Charlottesville, and were promptly fired from their menial jobs. No invite to Thanksgiving dinner for any of those men whose families disowned them this summer. You freaks used your minions, and then hung them out to dry. So, there’s no way you’ll help a group of youth who’s REALLY being persecuted.

  • Let them go to prison and see what wonderfull people the blacks and mexicans are and let them see that their only hope in jail is White people sticking together .Going to jail will do more to red pill them than anything we could say or do.

  • I don’t feel sympathetic for Ian (((GERSON)))……

    Caroline Hill and Corrissa Duffey are most likely Lesbians……

    And Thomas Rockett is most likely Transitioning……


    Antifa is a MESS……

    5yrs. for Wearing a Mask…….


    But, they definitely wouldn’t have Sympathy on us…….

    DO NOT feel ANY Sympathy for what happens to Antifa…….

    ZERO Sympathy……

    Fk them……..

    Maybe when White Antifa go to Jail…….

    Reality will Open their Eyes…….

    To the Truth……

  • “Despotism seems like a good idea when your group is in charge, but the levers of power will inevitably switch hands. Then your group will be subject to the excessive and cruel policies that you helped to enact.”

    It’s what I think about when I’m shaking my head hearing Leftists talk about wanting to punish certain types of speech they don’t like.

  • The whole tone of this article seems rather (deliberately?) disingenuous. The money quote: “Police had announced prior to the rally that they would be rigorously enforcing the mask law.”

    So this was staged. They chose to get arrested.

    The “fear of doxxing” rationalization is BS, of course. The reason they wear masks is so that they will be difficult to identify when they engage in assault, arson, vandalism and other crimes. Though some of the more gullible among the rank and file may actually be so deep into LARPing as “rebels” that they fail to realize that they’re fighting on behalf of the establishment, and thus accept this thin excuse at face value, I suppose.

    “As much as I hate Antifa, five years in prison is a long time just for wearing a mask at a protest.”

    They’re not going to get 5 years.

    “Is it just me or is it kind of absurd that you can wear a mask on Halloween, but that same mask magically becomes illegal when you are at a protest?”

    Displaying a firearm while asking someone for money has different implications than displaying a firearm at the range. By the same token, wearing a mask while rioting, attacking innocent people, and looting has different implications than wearing one to a party, or to go trick-or-treating as a child. Context.

    The masks are critical to antifa rioting tactics. This kind of prosecution has great potential pour encourager les autres.

    Best outcome would be that they get enough of a sentence to be an effective example/ deterrent to the college dilettante faction of antifa, but not enough to make them martyrs.

    For career-track college students/ occasional criminals, like the ones in this case, the punishment is not really critical, and in fact should not be too severe, because martyrs. What matters is the trial, the negative publicity, and (especially) the felony conviction

    Unfortunately, this trial is more likely to be a test case, intended to demonstrate how “unfair” these mask laws are now that they’re being used against the Far Left, and how they need to be dispensed with so that antifa can continue to riot and attack anonymously.

    Note that those charged are all college students, who claim to be “afraid” of being exposed to retaliation from those all-powerful evil naaahtzees who clearly control the levers of power in government and media. I assume they’ll be sympathetic-appearing defendants, with no prior criminal records, etc. Note also that the criminal quoted in the piece is female (always good for a little extra sympathy), and that the linked article continues to “mask” them — no photos.

  • It’s tempting, but I think it’s a mistake to feel sorry for these fools. If they are allowed to carry on do you think they’ll feel sorry for you when you’re arrested and put in a concentration camp, a possible end game of their intolerant philosophy.

    • People in the alt right have had their lives severely impacted from doxing, even if they weren’t initiating violence.

      That said, that sort of social and professional ostracization is something these Leftists know nothing about. They don’t even need the mask; they’re just pussies.

  • Keep in mind that the five year sentence is an absolute maximum. Maximum sentences only occur in incredibly aggravated cases. The media loves bringing them up to make the story juicier, and the audience is inevitably let down when the defendant receives a much, much smaller sentence.

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