The Alt-Right Is The Resistance, Not The Evil Empire

Special thanks to Alexander Zusammenbau for his collaboration on this piece

The portrayal of the Alt-Right in mainstream media is still, and will remain for the foreseeable future akin to a black and white photograph of an ex-convict with a Swastika tattoo on his chest, seig heiling for the camera. The Alt-Right at this point has no means to change this narrative, with conservacucks and Leftists alike banding together to condemn us and wish that we would just disappear. These factors are out of our control, but lest we get discouraged, we should remember where our true strengths lie.

Our hometurf is the internet. We were born in it, moulded by it. We didn’t see the light of public political discourse until we were grown men and by then it was simply sickening…

We need to get back to our roots and control our image on the internet.

Allow me to expound on my assertion here, as I can already feel the George Lincoln Rockwell quotes being copy-pasted. If the Alt-Right is to become viable as a true Political entity, it must respect the culture of America when it comes to public perception. Culture as I mean it is not determined by the quantity/quality of a nation’s classical music symphonies or even of historical moment density in the historic downtown, but rather the common attitude and morals that are held by the core of the country. When one watches American movies, you can clearly identify the patterns of how America likes to see itself portrayed. The ragtag motley underdog archetype is everywhere. Think for a moment how the media and the movies portray the good guys.

Are they uniform and cohesive? No, of course not. America sees herself as the ragtag group who makes jokes at their friend’s expense yet considers them family. America loves to be counted out, to face overwhelming odds from a uniform and cohesive authority structure.

If we can agree on this premise, then why is it that the Alt-Right strives to be the archetypical bad guy that all Americans have been conditioned to hate? I mean, we are the ragtag motley group of rebels when we are on the internet. We are the stuff of stories and movies, whether we like it or not.

So why then do Alt-Right street activists insist on shouting, “fuck niggers and kikes!” for the cameras IRL?

Think of it this way. What if we said this instead: “I march because I have no other choice, because my back is against the wall and the government has gone too far. There won’t be a future for me and my children if this continues.” One is a message of hard-edge authoritarianism, the other a message of resistance.

See, the Alt-Right is a group of people with very different ideologies, but the right wing authoritarian archetype that many seem to want to espouse will never fly with the people who we claim we fight for. Boiled down to its most simply form, our movement is White Nationalist. We believe that America was founded and intended to be an ethnostate and that the Founding Fathers fought tooth and nail against the Crown because they saw no future for themselves under a system of foreign control that denied them the rights to shape their own destiny.

The Alt-Right has the opportunity to present itself as an ideology which desperately does not want to see the heart and soul of their country changed, and which is going up against a coalition of anti-Whites the likes the world has never seen arrayed against the White race like this ever in its history.

I understand the pure rage that is felt by many in the movement, because if you are not angry it is easy to fall into despair. But there is no need for all that. Listen, the facts are on our side, the Founding Fathers are on our side, every single one of our shared European ancestors would be on our side in this fight as well, so why do is it that we continue to portray ourselves as a fringe minority?

Here’s what Thomas Jefferson had to say on Blacks if you don’t believe me:


They seem to require less sleep. A black, after hard labour through the day, will be induced by the slightest amusements to sit up till midnight, or later, though knowing he must be out with the first dawn of the morning. They are at least as brave, and more adventuresome. But this may perhaps proceed from a want of forethought, which prevents their seeing a danger till it be present. When present, they do not go through it with more coolness or steadiness than the whites. They are more ardent after their female: but love seems with them to be more an eager desire, than a tender delicate mixture of sentiment and sensation….

… It will probably be asked, Why not retain and incorporate the blacks into the state, and thus save the expence of supplying, by importation of white settlers, the vacancies they will leave? Deep rooted prejudices entertained by the whites; ten thousand recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have sustained; new provocations; the real distinctions which nature has made; and many other circumstances, will divide us into parties, and produce convulsions which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race.

 –Thomas Jefferson (Notes on the State of Virginia


And Voltaire:

The Negro race is a species of men different from ours as the breed of spaniels is from that of greyhounds. The mucous membrane, or network, which Nature has spread between the muscles and the skin, is white in us and black or copper-colored in them. –Voltaire (The Works of Voltaire, Vol. XIX)

The Alt-Right must become the party of reason, the party of American Reaction to the subversion of our democracy and the voice of the disenfranchised White class. There is no need to resort to Nazi flags, the Betsy Ross flag will do just fine because the meaning is the same, America for the White man. Give the American people the motley underdogs that they want to root for, be the voice they are waiting to hear, not a call to oppress minorities but rather the voice of #resistance to the oppressive governent that espouses love for one’s own race and family against the iron boot of race-mixing state Totalitarianism.

Tap into that archetype, don’t fight it.

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  • Agreed. I think Anglin and Spectre are spot-on. We need to encourage the left when they say Patriotism and the American Flag are White Nationalists. Norms support 80% of our ideas already. Their is a candidate for senate in a southern state whose campaign ad was 70% of our ideals, but wrapped in your typical white-American feel-good patriotism. We can and must use this to hammer home our points. Once we are mainstream and have taken over the GOP, as the anti-whites have done to the Democrat party, we can then push the remaining 20-30% of our ideological planks with no party resistance.

  • As of now, that part of the alt-right consisting of people who attend events (and aren’t just keyboard warriors) is small and splintered. Eventually the like-minded will have grow, and rally around, one mass movement. Then rhetoric and symbolism can be policed by a group hierarchy, This one dominant mass organization or leader has yet to fully develop, but more and better people are coming into the alt-right framework all the time.
    A “Unite the Right” theme rally is comprised of too many different strands that the enemy media can exploit. When one alt-right group becomes clearly dominant, people can rally around it – it then becomes much easier to police and kick the unhelpful eccentrics and egotists to the curb.

  • I recommend that everyone watch this newly rediscovered Jonathan Bowden speech.

    As Jonathan discusses, our position is that of a radical vanguard for our particular racial interests. As such, it’s our responsibility to present genuinely radical ideas that exist above and beyond those which the mostly unquestioning mass are willing to accept. We certainly should not be trying to cast ourselves as particular Hollywood tropes simply because they are what TV watchers are used to seeing and sympathizing with. When we present everything towards the lowest common denominator we do a disservice to ourselves.
    I personally feel that much of the recent hand-wringing over how we should dress and how we should cast ourselves comes from the fact that the superficial is easier to discuss than actual ideals and positions. People rail against the use of symbols that they think are “tainted” by Jewish opposition in the public consciousness, but what about ideas (eugenics, segregation, inherent hierarchies) that undeniably carry the same taint? Should we stop thinking these things for the sake of Optics? You can say that the Betsy Ross flag “will do just fine”, but I don’t stand for Betsy Ross ideals. I won’t pretend that my beliefs are within the scope of this kind of conservatism.
    What makes someone like Richard Spencer interesting? Is it that he “desperately does not want to see the heart and soul of their country changed”, or is it because he desperately wants to see the very soul of the European man changed, and desperately wants an authoritarian world with an imperial vision in which Betsy Ross flags don’t really have a place.
    I’m beginning to suspect that the author doesn’t have a Faustian spirit at all.

    • Watched it last night. It’s a good ‘un. This lecture on Gabriele D’Annunzio was recently uploaded as well and is great.

  • Why the hell do we always need to look like a bunch of faggots……. Yes yes, optics to le amerigan citizen. But shit, why can’t we be the evil empire?

  • Nice. About time the big picture comes into focus for our survival. I thought the Soros crowd paid people to look and act like skinheads and stereotyped Nazis to destroy all whites.

  • This is a great article. You have the moral high ground, but you abandon it like the Russians abandoned the Pratzen Heights during the Battle of Austerlitz. You have the right to be treated equally. You have the right to self-determination. The attacks on you by governments and the corporate Left are wrong, and everyone knows it when they see it. The problem is they won’t see it if all they see is hatred rather than resistance and dignity.

  • Great and Inspiring Writing…..

    Thank you…..

    This is why the Alt-Right is GREAT……..

    But, America for the White Man is OVER…….

    It’s too Late for that…….

    But, the Seed that is being Germinated here……….

    Is ‘Beyond Kikes’…….


  • When one watches American movies, you can clearly identify the patterns of how America likes to see itself portrayed. The ragtag motley underdog archetype is everywhere.

    Don’t you mean American (((movies)))?

    That aside, keep in mind that government-sponsored white racial replacement is going on everywhere, not just America. It is true that our founding fathers in the U.S. started out as underdogs, but that’s not who we really are. Richard Spencer makes that point. Excessive reverence for the underdog tends to invite anti-whiteness, since there are so many nonwhites who are not as well off as most whites.

  • “We should associate ourselves with a libshit-beloved troop of a multiculti band of miscreants and criminals led by a woman!”
    What is wrong with you?

  • Also via Jefferson in Notes on the State of Virginia …

    Comparing them by their faculties of memory, reason, and imagination, it
    appears to me, that in memory they are equal to the whites; in reason
    much inferior, as I think one could scarcely be found capable of tracing
    and comprehending the investigations of Euclid; and that in imagination
    they are dull, tasteless, and anomalous. It would be unfair to follow
    them to Africa for this investigation. We will consider them here, on
    the same stage with the whites, and where the facts are not apocryphal
    on which a judgment is to be formed.

  • We’re rebels right now but we’re bound to become an empire sooner or later. And I never understood what was so bad about the SW empire anyway, besides the force thing. The rebels seem to be muh democracy proponents with a galactic twist, clueless anarchists addicted to nihilism.

  • Empire embraces order, structure, and advancements. The rebellion settles for heaps of junk, condones chaos, degeneracy, and cut throat capitalism.

  • I have another “share experience”. Today in “The American Thinker” is an article titled “Germany re-elects Merkel, but hands huge gains to ‘far right’ party”. It is about the phenomenal rise of the right and the fear of European Jews: My comments:

    “Jewish groups in Europe and the United States expressed alarm on Sunday at the far-right Alternative for Germany’s success in Germany’s parliamentary election and urged other parties not to form an alliance with the AfD”
    Why the alarm? Why would European Jews be alarmed of Germans wanting strong borders and an end to Muslim migration? Germans are highly controlled especially on the issue of Nazism. Why the fear?
    As for the definition of a “Nazi” that is enshrined by the Jewish version of history to the point that the monstrous caricature created by the Jewish narrative is bought hook line and sinker by “neo” nazis who do not have a clue to modern day Jews who are terrified of the “Frankenstein’ image they had created.
    One of the pathos of world war two is the distortion in order to create an image. The myth became more important than facts. It served post world war Jews well. Outside of the birth of Israel the wealth and power of the Jewish community saw no parallel in history. The bad side is that they along with the rest get to live with a monstrous take on Nazi Germany.”


    “For my own edification:
    History is not a strong point with Americans. Not our own history and certainly not the history of other nations. But when it comes to Nazi Germany few Americans are ignorant of this chapter. Most I have spoken to or chatted with on the internet become highly emotional.. on this chapter of world history.. but nothing else. Not on any other aspects of death and pain. Not here, not in our own civil war but only about Nazi Germany have I seen so much passion shown by Americans.
    That tells me that those in power (Jews) have managed to indoctrinate this aspect of history far more than 6 thousand years of human history spanning the globe. When so much effort goes to convince generation after generation of only one thin slice of history that spanned less than 25 years not only distortion sets in but extreme emotion.
    The rudimentary aspects of facts, logic, common sense, open debate are driven out…when it comes to this part of history”

  • I like this:
    “Boiled down to its most simply form, our movement is White Nationalist. We believe that America was founded and intended to be an ethnostate and that the Founding Fathers fought tooth and nail against the Crown because they saw no future for themselves under a system of foreign control that denied them the rights to shape their own destiny.”
    “..Listen, the facts are on our side, the Founding Fathers are on our side, every single one of our shared European ancestors would be on our side in this fight as well, so why do is it that we continue to portray ourselves as a fringe minority?”
    Well said.

  • The Democrats are duh real evil empire?
    No, we are. The Empire is a stabilizing force that brings unity to the entire galaxy with a hierarchical government that doesn’t tolerate failure. Most everyone in the empire is more or less fine with being ruled by it except the rag tag terrorist rebels who want to return to the corrupt and incompetent Republic before it.
    You may think that Americans are too individualistic for us to present ourselves as authoritarian, but I’d like to counter that. Who do Americans secretly like more? Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker? Of course everyone “knows” that the rebels are “the good guys” but everyone in reality loves Darth Vader and the Empire, he is the symbol of authority and power and people subconsciously respect and admire that.
    There is no way that presenting ourselves as democracy advocates and individualists will inspire anyone. Coming together as a common people with common interests requires authority which speaks on behalf of the people.
    Our vision has to be great and our message has to be powerful, because the entire purpose of the movement is to protect the European people, not to ask the European people for protection.

    • Grand Moff Tarkin did nothing wrong.

      Although he did blow up the galactic architecture archive in Rogue One. Oh well, no one is perfect.

    • Yeah.
      And notice how the Jedi (jews) are a dirty bunch, everything’s run-down and ill kept there’s no higher virtue except muh liberty, there is a proliferation of vice, smuggling, racketeering, gambling, spectacles, opiates… while the Empire is clean, there is demonstrated a certain nobleness in manners although it is continually forced on the viewer that the Empire is corrupt the same way our Christian Monarchies are continually mocked and slandered in movies and media by these very same elements that seek revisionism of primary sources.
      Even the historical Southern gentry have an imperial nobles lacking in the Unionists.

      We ARE ‘The Empire’ and the jew knows that. Only a ragtag society allows infiltrators to go about unnoticed.

    • Yes. All leftism is a rejection of reality. We are not a political movement, we’re a movement concerned with restoring the natural order.

    • you missed the entire point of the article, we need to present ourselves as the underdogs fighting evil if we want to gain popular support

      • “Good” and “Evil” are meaningless terms that are entirely malleable to whoever controls the narrative, which isn’t us.

      • You need to PR cuck less and listen to more Pierce brah. You will never win the lemmings with kindness and a soft-touch, for they understand and respect only strength.

      • You missed the point of the post. I’m talking about optics as much as you are. The optics of rag tag underdogs is not at all attractive for this movement. We need to project strength and unity, not victimhood and individualism.

    • . The whole structure is against us , we are the rebels metaphorically right now — fighting for a new Dawn, a new hope, a new Empire and endless Anglo babies

    • “The Yuuzhan Vong—”Children of Yun-Yuuzhan”, also called the Chosen Race, known to the Chiss and Ferroans as the Far Outsiders, and sometimes incorrectly abbreviated to Vong (which implied that one was disowned by their family and their gods)—were a sentient species that nearly destroyed the New Republic, and were responsible for the deaths of nearly 365 trillion sentient beings during their invasion of the galaxy.”
      Chosen… Disowned by family and gods… Remind you of anything?

      Palpatine did nothing wrong.

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