Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa’s DACA Protest

So many happenings, so little time.

Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa held a flash mob in front of the White House. Their message to Trump was simple.


Richard gave a short speech about how the real “dreamers” are the millions of disenfranchised young Whites who are growing up in a country that is hostile to them and salts the earth from which their dwindling posterity must grow.

The event drew attention from bystanders, who quickly formed a crescent around /ourguys/. Since it was held in the Chocolate city, there were a lot of blacks and minorities in the crowd. Amusingly, from hearing the first-hand account of Greg Ritter- who helped plan the event- it is clear that the people causing trouble were not the minorities in the crowd, but the Whites that came over to take a principled stand against White identity.

They screeched at the Identitarians and tried to stare them down with those vacuous banshee-eyes typical of Leftist supporters who have long taken leave of their critical faculties and fallen back on boiler-plate platitudes and moral shaming to inform their views on the world. Most amusingly, they tried to whip up their non-White auxillaries in the crowd into a righteous frenzy. It didn’t work. Blacks and browns hate shitlibs almost as much as we do. That’s why they bomb, rape and murder them with such frequency and light-hearted disregard for their equalist bromides.

All in all, it was a successful event and a good practice run for the bigger, more dangerous events we have planned in upcoming weeks. The small group guerilla flash mob appears to be the most effective strategy for dealing with the current anti-White status quo that we have come up with to date.

Expect to see many more guerrilla street actions very soon. Just like the founders and first American Revolutionaries, we will use hit and run tactics on the enemy until we are ready to meet them in the field.

Vincent Law
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