Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa’s DACA Protest

So many happenings, so little time.

Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa held a flash mob in front of the White House. Their message to Trump was simple.


Richard gave a short speech about how the real “dreamers” are the millions of disenfranchised young Whites who are growing up in a country that is hostile to them and salts the earth from which their dwindling posterity must grow.

The event drew attention from bystanders, who quickly formed a crescent around /ourguys/. Since it was held in the Chocolate city, there were a lot of blacks and minorities in the crowd. Amusingly, from hearing the first-hand account of Greg Ritter- who helped plan the event- it is clear that the people causing trouble were not the minorities in the crowd, but the Whites that came over to take a principled stand against White identity.

They screeched at the Identitarians and tried to stare them down with those vacuous banshee-eyes typical of Leftist supporters who have long taken leave of their critical faculties and fallen back on boiler-plate platitudes and moral shaming to inform their views on the world. Most amusingly, they tried to whip up their non-White auxillaries in the crowd into a righteous frenzy. It didn’t work. Blacks and browns hate shitlibs almost as much as we do. That’s why they bomb, rape and murder them with such frequency and light-hearted disregard for their equalist bromides.

All in all, it was a successful event and a good practice run for the bigger, more dangerous events we have planned in upcoming weeks. The small group guerilla flash mob appears to be the most effective strategy for dealing with the current anti-White status quo that we have come up with to date.

Expect to see many more guerrilla street actions very soon. Just like the founders and first American Revolutionaries, we will use hit and run tactics on the enemy until we are ready to meet them in the field.

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  • Richard Spencer recently did an interview that appeared on a YouTube channel called “The Culture Report.” The interviewer on the channel looks computer generated. His facial details and expressions do not look real. I wonder if Richard noticed this.

    There is now software that can take a video of a person talking and generate a different face to go with the voice in real time.

    Here is the video I find questionable:

  • Is there a longer video anywhere?

    This is definitely the type of activism the Alt-Right should be do more of. Large, static rallies are easily-infiltrated and not as engaging as smaller, flash mob-style activism. I’d also like to see more torch rallies (organised in secret, of course) and counter-protests to leftist events.

    The aesthetics for this were great by the way.

  • Great. I don’t think Trump has caved yet on DACA, but he is looking more and more wobbly. Keep up
    the pressure, make it hurt. All of the DACA dirtbags need to be deported; they are ungrateful, unnecessary
    for our economy, and unwelcome.

    • They seem to be signing their own ticket back to Mexico. I suppose you saw Pelosi’s press conference, And a dreamer in San Diego went to her representative’s office with a morning cup of coffee and told him to wake up and support DACA. He was an older, white-haired guy and I’ll be he loved having a Mexican snot treat him like that. I’ve written extensively to Trump about how the dreamers really are and how they tormente4d my daughter in school. If he reads any of his mail, he’ll have a clue.

    • We need to work toward holding a World Congress of the Alt-Right, a week or two in duration, around two years hence. We need to hammer out long-term strategies, a simple program which all factions can adhere and explore ways of raising serious funds to plant us solidly in the mainstream and keep us there.

      • Throwing the hats was a little over the top, IMO. We need to keep in mind that The State has been working at destroying America for a LONG time. We’re not going to get this all turned around in under a year. Lets see what more can be done after 2018 elections. And as long as GDP continues to grow and good Americans have a robust job market, while aninals like those in the NFL continue to act like bums, POTUS will remain for a 2nd term.

    • Controlled opposition is part of the problem. It gives its base the illusion of representation while the facts on the ground keep getting worse.

    • I’ve noticed that the minorities harbor more hatred for whites and are more passive-aggressive towards us as well. On the other hand, shitlib whites are more militant.

      • Over the years in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, I naively believed America was a nation that was on the brink of overcoming racial animosity. I really believed that the vast majority of Americans were “colorblind,” and judged people on their character and not based on their race. Then Obama changed everything. He both divided us more than ever since the Civil Was and emboldened minorities to reveal just how much they hate us. I guess the truth was they were just being quiet about it pre-Obama.

          • Yes. It is clear now just how much the radical Left hid their hatred until they gained the power of the federal guns and abused it to promote their abject immorality and perversions. In the 18th century it was widely accepted in just about every country on earth that the forceful taking the fruits of one’s labors was immoral and unconscionable. Articles and essays were written on the subject. Today even moderate liberals see it as a virtue. They are hateful, immoral, and perverse.

          • The Indians would trade trinkets for land and after settlers grew their crops, the Indians came back to steal the harvest. I’ll bet your pink-haired, face-pierced, lesbian, transgender, feminist history teacher didn’t teach you that. They also scalped our children, those peace-loving, oppressed, casino-owning billionaires.

        • I agree. I think the biggest problem is that Obama allowed too many nonwhite immigrants in with no intention of assimilating; in fact, they are planning to take over. Every time one pisses me off, I send another $20 to Identity Evropa.

  • Mass 3rd World Migration + Force Integration = Genocide

    Diversity + Force Integration = Genocide

    Diversity is a code word for white/European genocide.

    “Multiculturalism” is really a euphemism for multiracialism

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY!

    Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

    When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

    Genocide against any group is a Crime

  • Indeed. It is so frustrating that Trump cares even a little about appeasing those who hate him. I actually wish he did do what the Media always complains about – CATER JUST TO HIS BASE! If he simply fulfills the promises that got him elected and that his HUGE base aligns with, he will succeed and help our cause. Regardless of how far he cucks, the Left will STILL hate him and try to have him removed…

    • If he just threw the illegals out, he’d win in 2020 because we’ve lied to about that so many times and have seen our state of California go to hell. We’re helpless and only 38 percent of the population now.

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