Israeli-Based Company Producing “Sex Tape” Reality TV Show

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I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Israel seems to be the #1 exporter of White Civilization destroying media.

Entertainment One has partnered with Israel-based Armoza Formats to co-produce Sex Tape, a provocative new hour-long social experiment reality series for the U.S. market. As the title suggest, it will feature couples making sex tapes.

Per the producers, Sex Tape showcases real couples confronting their issues head on by filming their most intimate moments. Each episode features three couples who self-shoot their lives for an entire week — the ups, the downs, and yes, the sex. The couples then meet with a relationship expert to watch the footage…together (all three couples) — and then discuss and debate each other’s various relationship issues.

When I first saw this article, I read it as though they were swapping partners and then filming sex tapes.  They’re probably saving that for Season 2.  I mean, you’ve got to leave yourself room to grow.

The format, launched by Armoza at MipTV earlier this year, is somewhat reminiscent of Sex Box, which featured couples who have private sex in a large box onstage and then discuss sex and their relationship.

Is it really “private” if it’s on a stage in front of strangers?

The project from Armoza Formats is being actively developed in Germany, Spain, the UK and several other territories.

Hmmm… I wonder if those “other territories” happen to be filled with people of European descent…

At eOne, Sex Tape is being spearheaded by Tara Long, EVP Alternative Programming.

“Alternative Programming” is an interesting phrase.  Alternative to what, exactly?  It’s certainly alternative to what an Israeli-based company would be releasing inside of Israel.

I think I can be of some assistance to these folks.  Their first issue is that they’re destroying any semblance of intimacy by inviting the entire world into their relationship.  Privacy and exclusivity are two key ingredients inachieving romantic intimacy.  Secondly, putting themselves on a TV show to be exploited is cheap and narcissistic.  I could go on like this for hours, but you get the idea.

We really need to start creating our own shows.  I know we don’t have anywhere near the money that the establishment does, but our people are starving for more wholesome entertainment and I’m sure they would look past the lower production values to get it.  There is even a certain charm in lower production value because, as white people know, necessity is the mother of all invention.

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Goolag Sucks

Imagine my shock

Charley Howard
sung to the song “Everybody Knows” Every Jew knows that the dice are loaded Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed Everybody knows that the war is over Every Jew knows the good white guys lost Everybody knows the fight was fixed The poor stay poor, all the Jews get rich That’s how it goes Every Jew knows Every Jew knows that the boat is leaking Everybody knows that the Jew lied Everybody got this broken feeling Like their father or their dog just died Every Jew’ s talking to their pockets Every Jew wants a box of chocolates And a… Read more »
Arthur Frayn

Aren’t people bored with this garbage yet?


“We really need to start creating our own shows.” There is no “good” TeeVee. It all literally rots your brain.

Patriotic American

“Was there any excrement, any shamelessness in any form, above all in cultural life, in which at least one Jew would not have been involved? As soon as one even carefully cut into such an abscess, one found, like maggots in a decaying body, often blinded by the sudden light, a Jew.” – Adolf Hitler


Typical. Jews gets people to do embarrassing/humiliating things that they later regret and can never forget nor will the be forgotten by others. Then they use them pizzagate style to manipulate & control & disenfranchise them. Never forget you are always redeemable. You just have to repent and ask for forgiveness. It’s that simple.

Charley Howard

that’s the perverted Jew for you …

Ed Edgerton

We really need to start creating our own shows.


If there was such a thing as pro-white crossword puzzles, I would pay for that.

Tragic Comedy

comment image
Suffer not the Jew to live.


I would have known this was Jew-produced without being told.


The jews are unwittingly doing us a favor by encouraging the degenerates among us to unmask themselves. Remember who they are.


Evangelical Christian culture is inherently white this way. Also the guy who funded the Narnia films.

Tragic Comedy

Too bad their worship of a dead rabbi has them going balls deep for these sandrat Israelis.

Clark Kent

Instagram celebrity status and social media fame is the real killshot of debasing this generation’s women if you ask me. The smartphone has utterly warped the dynamics of the sexual marketplace; the ruler of all marketplaces.


I wonder if BM/WF couples will be overrepresented on this show while there are no WM/AF pairs.

Frank Puskas

“‘Alternative Programming’ is an interesting phrase. Alternative to what, exactly? It’s certainly alternative to what an Israeli-based company would be releasing inside of Israel.”

Yup. Some days I dream about subverting Jewish culture the way they subvert ours. They certainly don’t subvert theirs they way their subvert ours, so someone has to do it.

me me

Inherent degeneracy.