Israeli-Based Company Producing “Sex Tape” Reality TV Show

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I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Israel seems to be the #1 exporter of White Civilization destroying media.

Entertainment One has partnered with Israel-based Armoza Formats to co-produce Sex Tape, a provocative new hour-long social experiment reality series for the U.S. market. As the title suggest, it will feature couples making sex tapes.

Per the producers, Sex Tape showcases real couples confronting their issues head on by filming their most intimate moments. Each episode features three couples who self-shoot their lives for an entire week — the ups, the downs, and yes, the sex. The couples then meet with a relationship expert to watch the footage…together (all three couples) — and then discuss and debate each other’s various relationship issues.

When I first saw this article, I read it as though they were swapping partners and then filming sex tapes.  They’re probably saving that for Season 2.  I mean, you’ve got to leave yourself room to grow.

The format, launched by Armoza at MipTV earlier this year, is somewhat reminiscent of Sex Box, which featured couples who have private sex in a large box onstage and then discuss sex and their relationship.

Is it really “private” if it’s on a stage in front of strangers?

The project from Armoza Formats is being actively developed in Germany, Spain, the UK and several other territories.

Hmmm… I wonder if those “other territories” happen to be filled with people of European descent…

At eOne, Sex Tape is being spearheaded by Tara Long, EVP Alternative Programming.

“Alternative Programming” is an interesting phrase.  Alternative to what, exactly?  It’s certainly alternative to what an Israeli-based company would be releasing inside of Israel.

I think I can be of some assistance to these folks.  Their first issue is that they’re destroying any semblance of intimacy by inviting the entire world into their relationship.  Privacy and exclusivity are two key ingredients inachieving romantic intimacy.  Secondly, putting themselves on a TV show to be exploited is cheap and narcissistic.  I could go on like this for hours, but you get the idea.

We really need to start creating our own shows.  I know we don’t have anywhere near the money that the establishment does, but our people are starving for more wholesome entertainment and I’m sure they would look past the lower production values to get it.  There is even a certain charm in lower production value because, as white people know, necessity is the mother of all invention.

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