Alt-Right Politics — September 25, 2017

Mike Enoch and Reinhard Wolff join Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter for America’s most beloved political podcast.

Issue 1: Cuckball Collapse

Black NFL players aren’t standing for the anthem. Clearly Trump is to blame. In a speech in Alabama Friday, Trump encouraging football fans to “just pick up and leave.” The fallout has been as hysterical as usual. But wait… do normie NFL fans agree?

Issue 2: The Merkel Miracle

Angela Merkel’s CDU wins again. Get ready for an eternity of immivasion and EU bureaucratization. But there is some good news. Ultra-rightwing Alternative für Deutschland took 14% of the vote. That’s 6 million votes, fam!

Issue 3: Fromage To Catalonia

Where is Catalonia? Why do they want to leave? What do they want to leave? Where do they want to go? Mike, Richard, Greg and Eli Mosley ponder this mystery.

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