Alt-Right Politics — September 25, 2017

Mike Enoch and Reinhard Wolff join Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter for America’s most beloved political podcast.

Issue 1: Cuckball Collapse

Black NFL players aren’t standing for the anthem. Clearly Trump is to blame. In a speech in Alabama Friday, Trump encouraging football fans to “just pick up and leave.” The fallout has been as hysterical as usual. But wait… do normie NFL fans agree?

Issue 2: The Merkel Miracle

Angela Merkel’s CDU wins again. Get ready for an eternity of immivasion and EU bureaucratization. But there is some good news. Ultra-rightwing Alternative für Deutschland took 14% of the vote. That’s 6 million votes, fam!

Issue 3: Fromage To Catalonia

Where is Catalonia? Why do they want to leave? What do they want to leave? Where do they want to go? Mike, Richard, Greg and Eli Mosley ponder this mystery.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • “it’s about putting it like issjust about puttin those idenidees in their priorities where issabout like people get confused like by sayin like oh you like when richard says like he wants to have this like overarching idea of like europeanism and protecting our people n things like that….”

    Oh good, here comes the 14yr old Valley Girl Nietzschean to make good Europeans of us all. Like hurr durr like you can like keep your like Estonian like idenidee and stuff?

    Fucking imbeciles. Burgerism is death.

  • Excellent talk, first one of these I’ve listened to. I too have been thinking a lot lately about how secessionism is a dead end. People want a quick and easy escape from their problems and that seems an obvious solution until you think about how the geo-politics of a divided continent would develop.
    The observation that the nation-state is no longer the right sort of political unit for modern needs and that we are impelled towards tribal units as well has had me thinking about what a 4th generation sovereignty might look like for some time.

  • Richard talks about whites as one united family with many parts, and I’m with him on this. I consider myself a Germanic nationalist and an English nationalist foremost, but I do think there should be white unity for both pragmatic and ideological reasons. But why oppose Catalan independence? I can understand opposing it pragmatically if an independent Catalonia would take in more non-whites than a Spanish Catalonia, but why oppose it in principle? Catalan is part of the Gallic branch of the Romance family, whereas Spanish is part of the Iberian branch. It’s not a dialect of Spanish.

  • The problem with having skiing as our sport is that it’s more recreational than competeive, and fatasses can do it as well as chads.

    • Does no one else see Baseball coming back?
      The normie Whites near me like the sport and the pro league is still majority White.

      • I could see that. But as soon as it becomes popular again, there will be a concerted effort from the ((usual suspects)) to pozz it.

  • Hi all…, on a lighter note, anyone know the artist of that awesome music that was played as an interlude from about 27:00 mins to 30:00 mins? Thanks! B

  • The worst nationalist movement is the Quebcois movement. They want to free themselves from the rest of Canada just so that they flood their province with black French speaking Senegalese and Haitians.

  • To all the people who countersignal European nationalism by saying that Germans, French, Swedes, etc. would never want to live together, these are the same people who have no problem bringing niggers and Muslims into their homelands by the millions. And you’re saying they can’t live with other Europeans? Give me a break.

  • Are you going to keep this web site up or is it going to go the way of White Lives Matter website? As we all know the Southern Poverty Law Centers calls the shots. They know all.

  • The Poles, Germans, Czechs, and so on do not want to live together in a mass society. If you know them you know this. Possibly they can live together in some sort of union but with more autonomy than now. The people just don’t like each other. There should be no mass movement of populations across national/tribal boundaries. Yes, some academics, some businessmen and so forth. But peasants from Eastern Europe picking fruit in Sweden is no long term solution. Swedes can pick their own fruit (it’s good for kids to do these types of jobs and they earn money). And it all just encourages hatred between the tribes (formerly called races). Familiarity breeds contempt. All of us who had to live around Blacks know this.

  • And you don’t need to defend Germans and Germanic people just because they are Germanic. German mercenaries though they may be admired for their marshal spirit were not always acting in the interest of White people, the American Civil War being a great example. All the people, tribes and nations need their own space. Germany for German, Poland for Poles, Ireland for the Irish and so on. Anything else ends in tribal warfare. When was the last time you heard of the Cherokees and Choctaws at war now that they both are secure and a long way away in their own living space?

  • Sorry Richard but Irish Nationalism was, emphasis was, a conservative Nationalism and similar to all the other Nationalisms and Fascisms in Europe at the time. They succeeded in throwing off the Empire of Merchants and creating the most homogeneous nation in Europe until that fateful day they joined the EU. Abortion and divorce were illegal until just a few decades ago as was contraception and pornography.

    What is it now is absolutely ridiculous and I am sure the men who fought and died for Ireland are rolling in their graves. Unfortunately it went from being a nativist, populist movement to being part of the aggrieved internationalist minority syndrome movement.

  • Exercise in your own way…do sport instead of passively watching. And yes; baseball has become beanerball
    insofar as MLB goes…fuck the kneeling niggers…to Afrika with them!

  • pick a week and boycott the nfl. no fans in the stands at any of the week’s games. the optics would be powerful, and indisputable.

  • German Nationalism is of Rule and Resentment. That is the problem.

    Bismarck was Rule. Hitler was Rule and Resentment. He was like a German Irish. No wonder Brits couldn’t stand him.

  • Trump has fucked football up with politics to help make sure lazy ass Americans in Alabama go vote tomorrow. We need Roy Moore to win tomorrow.

  • What is NFL? It is Negroes F*** Lilies(lily white girls).

    Why would anyone want to associate such a game with Americanism? It is total cuckery. Black athletes beat white boys who are reduced to bench-warmers and waterboys, and the blacks hump white women and colonize white wombs.

    THAT should be why whites should tune out of football.

    Also, I totally support Negroes acting uppity and crap. Why should blacks respect White America that cucks out to them? Would wolves respect servile dogs? Imagine wolves that beat up male dogs and hump female dogs. Would these wolves feel any respect for Dog Patriotism?

    In the past, blacks feared white folks and even hated white folks. But they felt respect for white folks because whites were proud and fearsome. IF blacks got out of line, whites got together and kicked black ass and even hung some from trees. Blacks thought, “white boys be badass and shi*”. So, blacks tried prove that they are worthy to live up to white standards.

    But once Western culture got junglized and whites worshiped everything black, blacks see white boys as cuck maggots and see white women as their plaything. They are rapping bling thugs and don’t give a shi* about some Old Glory crap.

    Sports is about biological discrimination. It favors blacks because they have more fast-twitch muscles, more aggression, denser bones, and more rhythm.

    What whites need is a White League. Whites should say NFL and NBA are biologically discriminatory and whites simply cannot compete with blacks. So, whites need their own sports leagues just like other non-blacks need their own sports to get to play.

    Negroes had Negro League in the past due to social discrimination.

    Now, whites need White League due to biological discrimination.
    Biology says ‘No whites allowed in running back positions’.

    Also, why do we need anthem before sports games? Are there anthems before operas, rock concerts, theatre, classical concerts, and etc?

    I haven’t seen football since the late 80s. Any whitey who still watches that stuff is a cucky wuck.

  • Serbs were trying to keep Yugoslavia together so they could own more land, not to “unite” people. if anything, they did more to divide people than to unite them. At least, during that time.

    Yugo wasn’t a bad idea in of itself, but your take on it is false. Nobody wanted to be in it anymore because it was built on a failed platform (communism) and people realized that they were actually WEAKER and more prone to turmoil if they stayed together. So they decided to split and things have cooled down since.

    Also, you guys are pro-Serb? Haha, there’s a lot of anti-USA sentiment in Serbia. They aren’t very keen on you guys last time I checked. But supporting them is fine.

    • They got it all backwards! They are pushing the narrative of that Serbian Canadian Jew called Boris Malagurski, as see in his anti USA documentary (The Weight Of Chains). You gotta be pretty stupid to not see the connection between the Yugoslavian experiment and the EU experiment.

      The “Serbs were a wall against Muslim invasions” is the biggest joke. People should read a book about the battle of Nicopolis and how the Serbs were buddy buddy with Bayazid against the Hungarians…read about the Serbo-Bulgarian war…read about Stephen Tomasevic of Bosnia and despotism. This MO of playing both sides and betraying everyone for their own selfish gains happened in WW2 as well.

      Go to Serbia and try to promote “Nazism” or say that Hitler did nothing wrong and see what happens.

      The whole justification for attacking Croatians and Muslim Bosniaks (Geneticaly less mixed then Serbs) and denying their independence was based on “Croats are Nazis and they gassed 700 billion Serbs in Jasenovac”. Why do you think Israel armed and backed Serbia in the 90s war? Why was Hezbollah on the side of Bosniaks? Use your damn brain people.

      Dont like the Bosniaks?

      Ok, thats fine! Now go check these crime stats and see that the Serbs are the ones acting like niggers.

      Serbs are Jewing so many dumb Muricans through Soviet styled propaganda that its becoming comical.

      The only kebab these traitors ever removed was 100% white and when they tried to do it to the actual shit skin mercenaries they got beheaded.

      “Yugoslavia, as far as its Serbian core was concerned,
      had been our enemy in the World War. Yes,
      the World War began in Belgrade. In spite of this,
      the German Volk, which is not resentful by nature,
      did not harbor any hatred.

      The German Volk can be told today:
      the Serbian coup de main against Germany
      took place not only under the English,
      but essentially under the Soviet, flag.
      Since we remained silent on this matter as well,
      the Soviet leadership went a step further.
      Not only did it organize the Serb putsch but also,
      only a few days later, it concluded the well-known Friendship
      Pact with its new subservient creatures. This was intended
      to encourage the Serbs in their resistance to a pacification
      of the Balkans and to goad them on against Germany.

      Since I still believed that it was better not to speak,
      the ruling powers in the Kremlin went a step further:
      the German Reich government today possesses documents
      which prove that Russia, in order to get Serbia finally
      to fight, promised to deliver weapons, planes, ammunition,
      and other war materiel via Salonika. And this occurred
      almost exactly at the same moment when I gave the Japanese
      foreign minister, Matsuoka, advice to seek a detente with
      Russia, always in the hope of rendering peace a service.
      Only the rapid breakthrough to Skopje and the taking of
      Salonika by our peerless divisions have prevented the
      ambitions of this Soviet-Anglo-Saxon conspiracy. The
      Serbian air-force officers escaped to Russia and were
      welcomed there immediately as allies.”

      Adolf Hitler


      Order your kebabs from

  • Greetings from almost extinct Greece! Some decades left before we disappear completely.
    Only a miracle can wake up the remaining White Europeans…..

  • Professional cycling is the ideal sport to turn to. The athletes are predominantly European, it is far more of a gentleman’s game, and it generally stays out of politics.

  • Richard, “Our own population [the proletariat] has degenerated and declined…” is a communist argument. But the point still stands.

  • Disgusting discussion by the americans about European issues that they simply know nothing about. You would do away with identities that are thousands of years old as a matter of mere convenience?
    Who do you people think you are?

    • White Europeans……..

      For some reason, many of our Ancestors decided Immigrate…….

      To New Lands…….

      I wonder why??

          • Well, internet discussions are what they are. Im talking to a screenname. Normally jews have a type of cirular way of arguing, or they argue in a certain way. Noav Morium is obnoxious but I have not yet discovered that type of argument in him.

          • Imho, you should be removed from this board. Your last comment for example, it is merely designed to provoke. Which is typical troll behaviour. It also puts your other comments in perspective. Its all trolling, trying to aggrevate, to get a rise out of people to make us into lol-cows. So, I guess, thank you for demonstrating why moderation really is necessary for a discussion board. But I would settle for an ignore button.

          • I’m European……

            You’re LOST and CUCKED…..

            That’s what separates our Gene Pools…….

            I’m sure that’s why my Ancestors decided to Find New Lands……


          • As I said, all your comments are just playing games. You attempt to get a rise out of people. I guess it is understandable that some people have such behaviours, we are creatures of emotion after all. However, in this context, it is trolling. You should simply be removed.

          • WRONG…

            I’m European……..

            The ROOT……..

            Here in America……..

            We Fight and Battle Hispanics and Blacks on the Streets……

            And SURVIVE and OVERCOME…….

            You must be descended from the Gay White Aristocracy……..

            You could NEVER SURVIVE this, Fag……

            Move along now……

          • You claim to be alot of things. If they are true or not noone can know.
            But from your behaviour on these boards everyone know you to be a troll.
            So that much we can say for certain. Your obsession with your own ego also makes me believe you are a rather young person.
            You also seem desperate for human reactions so I trolled you a bit back 🙂

          • My Real Name is…….

            Baruch Schisreal Schmacovv…….

            But, I still support Ethno-Nationalism for White Europeans……

            I just haven’t found any Comment Boards on Mainstream Sites that allow this Stuff…….

            Can I stay???

        • And somehow HERE…….

          We have PLENTY of GUNS………

          Relative FREE SPEECH……..

          And a ZERO White Guilt Movement is RISING…..


          • Thank you for conceding my original point. You americans simply do not know what you are talking about when you are discussing Europe.

          • Thank you for conceding my original point that americans really do not understand Europe and european identities.

      • Our ancestors? Big nose.

        The British mostly settled or conquered. The Yids migrated when the getting was good.

      • And the soloution is to make burger out of us?
        And as for nationalism. Next week us swedes will bring 1000 people to a nationalist march that is far more radical than Charlottesville. And the social and career punishment for marching for such things is much harder in sweden. And we do not have free speech. And the MSM in sweden is the most hateful and propagandistic in the western world. And we have a population that is one 30th of the population of the US. And still we can bring almost as many people as american nationalism can bring to Charlottesville. And you people think ethnic nationalism is petty? You think the soloution is to dilute identity even more? You people think empire is the answer? Empire solves none of our problems. Secession for Catalunia will strengthen Catalunian identity. And increase their defences against the globalists.

        • Klas2 – You make some very good points. I think Americans tend to forget that going on a march, for example, has very serious consequences for many Europeans who do not have free speech.

          • Most of the leadership of the NMR (that organize the demonstration) have been in jail for either breach of free speech or on trumped up charges.
            For example, Fredrik Vejdeland was put in jail for being editor in chief for the main propaganda outlet of NMR. He was even sentenced for old articles that were written before he was editor in chief because they had been republished for technical reasons, such as changing server or domainname or somesuch.
            For example, 30 activists of NMR were put in jail for coming to a ANTIFA demonstration to protest. ANTIFA attacked them immidiately (they were several hundered). One of the activists was stabbed in the back and injured quite seriously. All the activists got jail sentences, even the journalist that was only there with a camera. The photage was destroyed by the police.

            Another thing is the behaviour of ANTIFA here in Europe. They will literally come to your home at night, throw rocks through your window, acid, teargas, through your mailbox, destroy your car, spray slurs on the outside of your building, put an axe in your door. The media is silent, the police often do not investigate. This does not happen to members in NMR anymore but it happes to all other nationalists, they concentrate on new activists or women that they hope are easier to break. This has been going on for decades here.

            Or, 2013 or somesuch, ANTIFA hacked the disqus commenting system and got hold of the email adresses commenters had used when commenting on alternative media sites. The biggest daily in Sweden, Expressen, then sent home TV teams to private citizens that showed up unannounced at the door and confronted them with what they had written anonoumously on the internet. In order to shame them and silence dissidents. The ANTIFA activists involved in the hack got the highest award for journalists in Sweden, the “guldspaden” (golden shovel). Their main hacker, Martin Fredriksson, was getting money from the secret police at the time, purportedly as an informer against ANTIFA. But quite probably he was more of a secret police proxy rather than hacker, being fed the exploit used by ANTIFA to hack Disqus.

            One of the people shamed in this way, Jim Olsson, a retired professor in chemistry, cooperated with alternative media site Friatider, to sue the tabloid that did this for defamation. They had claimed that he had written things that he had not written. We all collected money for the case to go forward since its very risky to sue people in sweden, especially media. The thing took forever to get resolved. But was then not even tried in court but thrown out by a council of politicians. Who kept the reason they would not let a court touch it secret. Resulting in this private citizen that had been defamed had to pay his own lawyering fees and the fees of the tabloid, 200 000 dollars or somesuch. And saving money is alot harder here due to the high taxes.

            It just goes on and on. Americans truly have no idea what they are talking about. And as we heard from this show, neihter does americans, by and large, understand euroepan identity. All people like spencer can think to do is to recreate Europe in their own image. Which is an utter horror to most of us Europeans.

        • No, the solution is an alliance of all Europeans on the basis of White Nationalism.

          Ethnic nationalism won’t work because

          A.) It’ll be co-opted by jews a la WW1 and WW2
          B.) There aren’t enough Europeans relative to non-Europeans to fill the ranks
          C.) A unified White race is tougher for our enemies to defeat than small ethnostates

          The Greeks hated one another but when they were faced with non-Greek invasions, they unified to defeat them. Europeans must do the same.

          And yes ZOG (not America) is a problem, that’s why we voted for Trump, to throw a wrench into the works.

          • Ook. So. The greek city states. Who shared a language and an origion story. And were more politically fractured than even the Iberian peninsula would be even if all the provinces down to Extremadura got independence. Joined together and defeated a military aggressor. Thank you very much for proving my point.

        • Spot on. This podcast has been completely pathetic. These are just a bunch of charlatan wealthy kids. So far, my European Country is 98% white. Swallow that, Alt-right.

      • American nationalism is good and proper for Americans. However, their wish to make the entire white world into burger is unacceptable.

    • These people have absolutely no idea of European politics.
      Race, race, blablabla, refugees, muslims, race…

  • Alt-Right White Man/Woman……..

    You’re not going to Take over Hollywood…..

    You’re not going to Take over the Media……….

    You’re not going to Take over Academia…………..

    You did Take over the Internet……..

    And, in the Last Year we’ve been experiencing the Shellshock…….

    From the White Uprising…….

    Now, you want to Give Up on Politics………

    Because, our Enemies SWAMPED us……………

    Not a Good Look for So-Called WARRIORS……….

  • White Man/Woman……

    What has caused this INSANITY since Nov. 8th 2106??

    White People decided to Vote EN MASSE for their Survival…….

    This is the Distilled TRUTH………

    Now, you want to follow Pseudo-AltRight Pied Pipers off a CLIFF?

    Because, you’re Disappointed in the Outcome???


    What do you think your Anti-White Enemies want most from you??


    Don’t show up to Vote……

    It’s Pointless and Worthless……….


    Then, why do Millions of Illegal Aliens/Undocumented show up to Vote for Democrats???

    Maybe, they’re Smarter than You??


  • And some in the Alt-Right……

    Disillusioned with Trump………

    Don’t want to Vote anymore……..


    Just a reminder who wants to Defeat YOU…….

    Anti-White Blacks……..

    White Men/Women………

    WAKE UP………

    This is not a Political Game………

    It’s not a Game AT ALL……..

    This is a Matter of Life/Death………..


    Stay a Suicidal Ideological Narcissist……..

    NOT ME……

    Too Wise for that…….

  • A few points. Cue Vivaldi

    Catalan is a language. Catalunya was not a part of the Kingdom of Spain up until the 18th Century until it was taken by force end img on September 11th with siege of Barcelona.

    While I agree with you guys that provincialism and secessionism isn’t going to solve the demographic problem, you guys are projecting your issues onto it which no one in Catalunya is really talking about even if we wish they would.

    But it’s worth bearing in mind that, the Catalan independence movement was dead until Mariano Rajoy got into power and breathed life into it by a series of heavy handed blunders that were in the beginning unnecessary and ill advised but he can’t help himself it seems and he keeps pushing it further and further along as we can see by calling in the military.

    If Merkel is a crypto-nationalist then Rajoy is definitely a Catalan secessionist because he made it happen. Had he been more pragmatic the Catalan independence movement would still be irrelevant today. They wouldn’t have passed a referendum 2 or 3 years ago if Rajoy had the set to let them do it, now it’s looking like a real possibility of them potentially leaving or serious civil disorder in Spain’s most economically important region.

    Also I read Orwells book, it’s a nonsense that anything useful was being built by the anarchists. They had their own little bubble in the middle of a war zone, they were sitting ducks between the Francoists and the Communists. Funnily enough it was the communists that were their undoing not Franco.

    • It was not Rajoy. Rajoy has inhereted this issue from Aznar and Partido Popular back then. It was Aznar’s failure to negotiate on the tax issue that reinvigorated the independence movement.

  • When Spencer started talking about turning Europe into burgerland I was so disgusted I had to turn it off. Set us back 50 years? ARE YOU INSANE? You would sacrifice our peoples for just the gains made in 50 years? Are you a child?

  • Many european leftist and green groups and parties oppose tourism. AirBnB in particular receives much hatred. The same groups demand more refugees. And they are pro-EU, against secessionism and part of local governments. Catalan leftist, secessionist anarchists are no more or less crazy.

  • The European Court of Human Rights (technically part of the Council of Europe, not the EU) ruled in 2013 that Greece is unsafe for deportation: JUDGMENT OF THE COURT (Grand Chamber) 14 November 2013

    They ruled in 2015 that Hungary is unsafe too. And they ruled against Hungary deporting to Greece this year, which Hungary has appealed.

    The ECJ ruled (C-490/16 AS and C-646/16) this July that Merkel’s actions of 2015 were legal and that member states must accept resettlement quotas. Basically, any state can decide to voluntarily accept asylum seekers outside of Dublin requirements because human rights and all other states must subsequently accept the redistribution of these asylum seekers, again because human rights.

    Trust me, the EHCR and the European Court of Justice (ECJ, part of EU)
    have ruled time and again in favor of migrants and asylum seekers. There are tons of such cases that take years to resolve and effectively tie the hands national deportation efforts.

    Richard Spencer lives in an alternate bizarro universe in which Merkel was somehow an anti-EU rogue actor whereas Orban was the champion and protector of EU regulations. All pro-EU forces supported Merkel and the courts have mostly judged in line with her rather than with Orban before and after 2015. Orban was universally perceived as the anti-european villan.

    Hungary and Orban are comparable to Arizona SB 1070 and Jan Brewer in 2010. Arizona argued that they just want to apply federal law. The US establishment and the Feds made perfectly clear that they want all illegals to stay and there is a ton of jurisprudence and red tape to make sure that enforcement is effectively impossible and none of Arizona’s business anyway.

  • “Villanueva was born on Naval Air Station Meridian in Meridian, Mississippi to Ignacio Villanueva, a Spanish Naval officer who worked for NATO, and his Spanish wife Matilda Martin. Both his mother and father are over 6 feet (1.8 m) tall.”

    Sounds huwhite to me.

  • Holy shit what a lineup.
    also, all the guys that came over from red dawn/atavistic intelligentsia are like, super duper, based and stuff. This is possibly, dare I say it, now a better podcast than Fash the Nation when it comes to mostly political discussion.

    • Just one other thing, I’d like to ask Greg if the old podcasts he did are available anywhere since the soundcloud is now down. And also, whatever happened to that Singh guy? I always found him interesting.

      • The AI crew appreciates the love. I have Episodes 1-23 on a stick. I also have a couple of the later ones in the cloud. It may be more difficult to recover some of our later episodes. I do want to find a way to re-post them for collectors. Unfortunately a lot of our material is a bit too edgy for, haha

        • Well I would very much appreciate it if at some point you or Vincent could upload them somewhere. So far I’ve only come across a handful of episodes. I just finished listening to the one where you had Natt on as a guest. But I’d love to revisit the rest of the episodes. I also enjoyed the Atavistic Intelligentsia show you did, and all the interviews with various guest.s

          I’m sure there are others who would appreciate it also. Doesn’t necessarily have to be hosted on here of course, maybe just something along the lines of a megaupload link for a zip file with all available episodes.

          If you happen to do so in the future, could you perhaps let us know? Like with a post on here or something? Thx m8 top lad innit bruv

  • I think the EU is shady. It’s a way for Germany and France to bully the other nations. In theory it can be a great thing, but overall it’s bad.

    • After WWII Oswald Mosleys Europe a Nation project aimed to unite Europe as one integral nation, but the idea never caught on, and instead Europeans got the anti-European/Jewish EU. It’s too bad. I don’t think the EU can be reformed, it needs to be destroyed and then perhaps something similar, but with elevating Europe as it’s goal rather than destroying it, can be formed.

  • Why all the discussion of a white imperium in Europe?

    Where’s the discussion of the white imperium spanning all of North America? kthnxbai

  • I don’t know which side I’m actually listening to anymore, is this the Jewish Breitbart site, which plays both ends to the middle and says that everything’s fine, while it’s falling apart and the Jews, and liberals know it.

    These people in the podcast go on and on about how the Germans are not seeing any particular change and that everything hunky-dory in Germany. Meanwhile, the underlying rot of nonwhites continues on and on and eventually in the background, they will conquer the German nation as they will conquer Europe.

    Whites better wake up – and soon, are there won’t be any of us left !!

  • Interesting discussion regarding secession albeit all the participants were essentially in agreement. It is a question that deserves considerable attention despite its potential to sow division. As I see it there isn’t an easy answer.

    The issue of pan-racialism vs. regional ethno-nationalism lies on the horns of a dilemma. On one hand the enemies of our race operate globally and if we are to effectively counter them and much less than defeat them will require fighting them globally and in every arena in which they operate. But on the other hand our race currently does not possess an identity based on race. Identity is a multi-faceted construct based on either ethnicity (primarily in Europe) and race (in colonial societies) along with culture, language, history, religion, and tradition.

    Regional ethno-nationalists argue that identity in order to be resilient must embrace all aspects of our humanity. One that encompasses our biology, spirit, and mind. And that the removal or lessening of any weakens that identity and can eventually lead to universalism. And moving from having ethnicity to race as forming part of an identity is a step from the concrete to the abstract. Additionally regional ethno-nationalists argue that it Is western super-states such as the United States that are the driving force of anti-White globalism. Furthermore the regional ethno-nationalists argue that at least their position has an actionable strategy as opposed to pan-racialists.

    In the alternative as discussed in the podcast an isolated small White state whether a newly created one through secession or one of long duration such as the former Rhodesia and NP ruled South Africa cannot provide any effective resistance against the globalist system that operates globally. And this is almost certainly true.

    In my opinion both positions and criticisms of the opposing viewpoint are correct. What is the solution? That can be answered I think by looking at the enemies strategy. It has after all been an effective one.

    The enemy’s strategy has been to operate both regionally, nationally, and internationally/globally. The current system is based primarily on nation-states albeit super-national organizations have taken increasingly larger roles in politics mostly in trade. The enemy does not hesitate to operate at a local level or national level despite being able to operate internationally. Nor do they hesitate to break up larger states when it advances their interests. Additionally the enemy has its own ethno-state and enclaves in every other nation they operate. So must we.

    Where we can operate internationally then by all means we should do so. But the focus on our entire race can not allow us to ignore opportunities at the national, regional or local level. Having one of our people become mayor of a small town will not change circumstances for the race but it will make a difference in that town. Likewise if there is no prospect of gaining power at the national level such as Whites in Brazil then by all means we must advocate secession of those states in Southern Brazil in which our people can gain power. If we can create one White ethno-state particularly one having a significant deterrence to invasion then that state can form a basis of support and inspiration for additional White ethno-states. Eventually an alliance of these states could work in co-operation to liberate the remaining traditionally White states or at a minimum serve as a refuge for those states that are written off whether temporarily or permanently. Of course our enemy is provided cohesion through a unified culture and ethnicity. Both of which we posses to a much lesser extent. Cohesion for us may have to be found elsewhere. The enemy has an effective strategy. It will work for us as well.

    How do you eat an elephant? The obvious answer one bite at a time. It will be a long hard slog but every incremental step is necessary.

    • How do you eat an elephant ? You get a bunch of tribes together, gang up on the elephant, slaughter it, and cut up the spoils. That’s what white nations have to do is gang up on the Jewish/nonwhite elephant and ultimately overpower it, and dispose of it in the final manner (before anybody jumps on me about killing or some damn thing, realize I mean that you have to expel mud people). See my comment above and you will see what I have to say concerning Germany (and by extension all of Western Europe) and see what you think

    • When I bring my Dog to a Dog Kennel……..

      For Vacation……

      That’s his Peak Happiness…..

      Somehow he recognizes his People……

      And when he comes Home……

      That’s his Peak Depression……..


  • The catalan centre-right government has united with the communists to push the referendum. They’re also offering catalan nationality to all foreigners living there for the last 5 years (hundreds of thousands of african and latin americans) and of course all legal foreigners (more than 500k muslims, loads of lati-americans). I don’t know the details of the scottish nationalism, but I can’t imagine a more determined suicidal stupidity than the catalan brand. Richard Spencer’s misgivings are well founded, regionalism is not on par with ethnic nationalism.

  • What Richard wants is to preserve ethnic White nations but unify them into a single political pro-White nation. The problem is not “empire” in and of itself, the problem are bad or predatory empires, which we currently have. If the US was a pro-White government, you would not see this shit in Europe (its vassal continent).

    Imagine an entity that would force Merkel to deport non-White refugees or simply not take them.

  • The System uses group sports to keep white men distracted, so corrupt politicians can “redistribute” taxpayers’ dollars into their own pockets.

    • Chomsky once said that Mickey Mouse and sports are to keep the bewildered masses stupid and pacified so that the important people can get on with their business without interference from the dumb people.

  • secession is good…smaller nations are more cohesive and united in general…which means the majority has better control of their politicians, in general…that means they are more able to stop mass immigration

    • This is pure idealism. The Catalonians are the ones letting Muslims into Spain. Smaller nations (unless they have nukes or natural barriers like Switzerland) are also more vulnerable to invasion or population replacement. These idea that “smaller is always better” is nonsense.

      • I have no idea how Catalans alter the immigration policy managed by Madrid. Madrid is in charge of immigration affairs and Plaza del Sol has just as many Africans as Plaza de Catalunya.

        Spencer may have a utopian view of the cross continental, ocean crossing White nation. I doubt the Whitest Eastern Europeans will succumb to the degenerate Western European culture. I believe the priority is on building a White American nation.

        Whether Catalans succeed THIS TIME AROUND getting out of Madrid’s yoke or Rajoy’s Francolike approach slows down the independence drive remains to be seen. But the status quo is broken. Spain will not be the same in 2018.

        I detest the present EU, particularly, with Germans at the helm. Every time Germans get to rule they totally mismanage everything to the point of no return. Anything to shake this peoples prison is good. I also view Catalunya’s secession in this regard.

      • This is recent history, not idealism. Mass immigration was under control prior the the Schengen, Maastricht and Lisbon treaties and subsequend directives and EU court rulings that dismantled national sovereignty over immigration policy and enforcement. Individual countries made deliberate mistakes of bringing in migrants from various places (UK, France from ex-colonies, Germany from Turkey, etc. … ), but that was their own choice that affected nobody else.

        If, as you say, the Catalonians are to blame for mass migration to Iberia, then shouldn’t you welcome secession such that the problem remains localized?

        All noteworthy anti-imgration forces in Europe are euroskeptic. Small european nation states successfully rejected mass immigration until recently and in the case of Hungary right now. The EU and its supporters are on the other hand facilitators of remplacement.

        A pro-white EU is pure fantasy at this stage and Richard Spencer has yet to explain what on earth the institutions of the EU stand to gain from preserving and promoting white people.

        • I can welcome it for tactical reasons, such as the mass immigration deal, the problem is how the whole thing is happening. I recorded an episode of my podcast (Beyond The Wall at TRS) with a couple of Spaniards discussinf the issue.

          The pro-White EU wouldn’t be this EU but an EU-like entity.

      • What these guiris don’t get is that the Catalans are overwhelming far left and will flush their ‘nation’ down the toilet.

    • Huge states are for creating huge armies. The threats to our existence does not come from any huge army. Unless you count the US army. Smaller more cohesive states, or independent regions, are much more difficult to corrupt for the globalists. Right now its enough to corrupt one powercenter and then gain control of 10 million people. Smaller units have better resistence to the enemies we have now

      Im in this for identity. Because I think that human diversity is an intrinsic good. Spencer wants to sacrifice human diversity for dreams of power and dreams of uniformity.

    • This movement needs to realize that the southern nationalist sect will support the cause until it has a chance to secede. If America became a white ethnostate again, Dixie nationalists would demand secession once the smoke has been cleared. I know y’all want to keep America unified, but Southern whites have been burned so badly by the government that they’d never support it even if it became pro white again.

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