Trump Delivers Righteous Smackdown Of Negro Felon League

The NFL sucks and its not because of a few uppity Blacks refusing to say the pledge of allegiance. All those White lower middle-class proles slurping up the prole-feed makes me sick. Sportsball in all its current incarnations is a terrible cancer and blight upon our people.

All the major primetime sports reach levels of circus that put the Romans to shame.

Trump calling those negroes “sons of bitches” was a step in the right direction I think we can all admit though. Naturally, Lefties interpreted this as a racist dog-whistle. As much as I wish that it was, in actual fact I am almost certain that it was nothing of the kind. Trump no doubt actually legitimately believes in the Boomer ideal of a color-blind nation united by sportsmanship, makin’ dem business deals, and protecting Israel.

Love him for it or hate him for it, that is the state of Conservatism and for all his force of personality, Trump’s internal memeplex still belongs in the parameters of this basic assumption of Americana civic nationalism.

Meanwhile, basic conservatives aren’t mad at those negroes for being Black as the Leftists claim. Oh, if only it were true. Those pure Americana natural conservatives in the stands want the negroes to keep playing pretend that they too are Americans and get upset when they refuse to pretend anymore.

But they’re right.

America is not their nation, it was built by the White man for the White man and they rightly feel little attachment to it, despite all that the nation has given to them. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. The Sportsball fans are mad that the Negroes won’t drink the equalist Kool-Aid they themselves swill.

Here, rape our daughters, mug our sons, bleed us dry financially and castrate us emotionally, but please pretend that we’re the same and that you don’t see race either!

They scream with fury at the few negroes like Malcolm X and Muhammed Ali who wisely decided that for Blacks to maintain their identity they must go their own separate way. They don’t like straight-talking Negroes, only the magic ones that promise them hopes and dreams and pleasant platitudes.

To be a basic American patriot nowadays means sticking your head in the sand and just wishing things could go back to the way they were in…jeez when was the last time race didn’t matter?

World War II probably.

Yes! We were all united against those demon White Nazis as a nation, dem’s de good ol’ times!

Trump’s verbal smackdown of the Negro Felon League is a ballsy move though and I am not going to play it down. No other president would have the guts to touch the sacred Black cow and then give it a good hard pimpslap across the face like that.

Naturally, the NFL owners are livid.

The scum care only for their pockets and nothing for their country or god forbid their race.

The NFL appears to be digging in and preparing for a war with President Donald Trump.

During a rally in Alabama on Friday, President Donald Trump criticized NFL players who protest the national anthem, saying he wished NFL owners would “fire” the players and say “Get that son of a b—- off the field right now.”

On Saturday, several NFL teams released official statements condemning the comments, backing their players, and seemingly prepping for a drawn-out social media battle with Trump.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responded first, saying Trump’s comments showed an “unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.”

Trump did what Trump does best. He doubled-down and fired back even harder. Say what you will about the man, but if you get him mad, he goes for blood.

President Trump on Sunday extended his attack on NFL players who kneel during the national anthem, and suggested fans boycott games as he continued his call for team owners to “fire or suspend” the offenders.

“If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast,” Trump tweeted. “Fire or suspend!”

And he just keeps the attacks coming.

If Trump slays the NFL, it will be the greatest shining moment of his presidency. His Jacksonian moment would Trump literally anything that a US president has done for White people in my lifetime.

A low bar, but one that I at least have some hope that Trump will deliver on.


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  • Vegas shifted attention away from the NFL but attn needs to return too it, taking down the bread and circuses is a vital step

  • The NFL is a cancer to the United States. I do feel that people are finally waking up and seeing that it is a big waste of time. I cringe at the thought that people plan their Sundays around a football game.

  • “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.” Trump, TV, Statues, News, Sports, Politics, they’re coming after all our normies favorite distractions, waking them up one by one.

  • There are a million important problems Trump should be concerned with, disrespect for the flag or the national anthem is not on the list.

    • It is not just disrespecting the flag. These black players are spitting in the faces of the fans (mostly white) who adore them and pay to see them play. They are being paid millions to play a sport yet complain about “racial injustice” that allows them the opportunity to do something that is not possible in any other nation. Though Trump does not mention it overtly, this issue is all about race…

      • “It is not just disrespecting the flag. These black players are spitting in the faces of the fans (mostly white) who adore them and pay to see them play.”

        Adore them??? What is wrong with whites? Why would they adore blacks who accomplish nothing except play useless sports. Whites are actually giving their money to worthless blacks.

        Trump is using this silly situation to divert from his failures.

        • Ha! Don’t ask me why whites adore blacks, but it is evident when you look at the nature of sports like the NFL and NBA and how whites are obsessed with these black athletes…I am criticizing this obviously…

  • I quit watching vicarious sports events decades ago. It’s all about cash cows, product endorsements and trophy wives. Overpaid nitwits fathering a generation of mixed race offspring in which none of them couldn’t make is as shoe salesmen in the real world.

  • NFL has been low-key political for years with their colored helmet bands for fags, politicised commercials, the channels that follows it, and what not. So when the league, who fines players for dancing, now claim that this odd ultimate subjugation that is kneeling thing is a form of free speech… I don’t know. Somebody messed up by making it clear like this.

  • I just want to point out a meta issue here.

    The US is on a crash course with China for Hegemony. We now know that Blacks (especially Muslims among them) will side against whites in North America. We know that the Jews will hedge bets and infiltrate the high offices of China and potentially side with them as they switch assets. We don’t know what the brown Muslims will do exactly but they are chomping at the bit to kill whitey at the moment. A nuclear armed France is now an armed camp awaiting the new Arab overlords.

    America has some big problems looming.

    • It is the opposite.

      America needs an enemy.

      The Chinese if they were smarter would simply pretend to be fortune cookie nerdy idiots. America without a defining enemy descends into civil war from black anger and bitterness.

      And then China can pick up the pieces.

      You can see the elites in Washington just itching for a war with Russia or China. Something so they don’t have to deal with black lives matter.

      What’s even more lulzy is seeing whites write about how racist China is against blacks. Projection of their folibles onto the Chinese.

      I occasionally see pious Muslims mugging about how racist America is against blacks. Makes me want to sock those fkers in the face. They aren’t sincere in the slightest. It is just a cheap tactic to use against America.

      • >America without a defining enemy descends into civil war from black anger and bitterness.
        That’s kind of the point tho, USA will be brought down with internal wars to be fitted in with the NWO. This is the push side.

        The pull side of this mechanism created ISIS, wherever ISIS is America is excused for going in and we all know ISIS can end up in all sorts of places. It’s war-on-demand, war without solutions, war without end. This entity could end up disappearing tomorrow just like Al-Qaeda. Then there’s the Russia-mongering even tho both are intermingled below the surface. Russia is portrayed as a super competent super-enemy and the Protestanteocondemocrat-Saudi-Israel gravy train keeps going. That’s why they there was so much screaming about impeaching Trump, he didn’t care about that stuff, his focus was on China, on manufacturing.

        Why did Clintons force Pope Benedict XVI into hiding with threats? He was trying to establish closer ties with Russia and he was calling Islam “a religion spread by the sword”, this would’ve given Europe a new image, more Continental, more heartland, one that’s more cohesively integrated with its backyard. This spells doom for the ZOG machine. In order to break it all up Ukraine was to be the wedge ZOG would seek to drive into Europe, a continually unsolved situation souring relations. Poland also is being used and financed for this purpose.

    • Too late. China already won, we’re just running on fumes. Western countries will fracture along racial lines at the first hint of major trouble.

  • So 90% jew ownership of negro footballers.Sounds like slavery to me .Maybe the disobedient nigga,s would stand if we all sang Jerusalem ,Jerusalem or The camptown race track five miles long doo da doo da.

  • Somehow I doubt Trump was playing “8888-degree, 12th dimensional, underwater chess” what he criticized negro-tards who decided not to stand for the National Anthem, due to false perceptions of “injustice and oppression.”

    But I still think it’s great!

    Trump may have just unleashed the beginning-of-the-end for the Negro Felons League.

    Personally I was hoping that every black NFL player would kneel and hold up their stupid, clenched, fist in a “brave and courageous act of afro-solidarity.”

  • watching negro-ball as a white man is the ultimate cuck lifestyle. we must stop supporting those who wish to destroy us. 90% of NFL team owners are jewish. 90% of players are black. none of these people care for whites. they would rather us extinct; but will take our $$ while they seek to end our control of our own lands. support NHL. it’s the last sport we’ve created that isn’t over run by non-whites.

    • Had the goyim in Mississippi or some such place did something like this the ADL, SPLC ect. would be demanding AG Sessions launch a civil rights investigation or resign. CNN would send reporters there. The more I see of these people the madder I get. Everything that was ever been said about them is 100% true.

  • All of this horrible bullshit – the NFL, the Republican establishment, the MSM, Israel, etc. – is all propped up by white boomers. In 20 years, when they’re all dead, all of this crap will disappear overnight.

  • This is quite possibly the greatest thing Trump can do.

    He’s inadvertently igniting a culture war that will kill sportsball Negrophilia.

    I shitpost on Daily Caller. There’s still a few “DR3 Cucks”, but most of the posters there are enraged at these black athletes.

  • Give me a break, Vincent! After the summer you clowns have had, you have no right to criticize ANYBODY’S protest. And for Christ’s sake, this one was PEACEFUL!!!!!

  • What’s really great is $200 million down 15 percent viewership loss and a 27 percent loss in attendance because of this shit keep it up maybe try it in NBA and MLB let’s ruin those sports also.

    • It’s the same reason no one pays any attention to all your alt right bullshit. There are too many things to do in today’s world. There are about a thousand channels, video games, cell phones, etc. This isn’t 1975. Don’t read things into it that aren’t there.

      • Curious your saying the decline in the NFL isn’t because of the boycott because Facebook has whole groups dedicated to boycotting the NFL.

        • My normiesphere is all pro Trump. I just spent like one hour scrolling and it’s all anti NFL and pro Trump. The dude is a pro.

      • As a black person what do you think about slavery in Africa? Because of slavery Africa never advanced. Did you ever think of that?

        • You’re going to come into a white identity safe space with that shit? Hers the thing, I’m speaking for myself, slaverly sucked, not going to argue it, but I’m sick and tired of not being allowed or dealing with some cognitive resonance that I’m inherently evil because I’m a white guy who was born in the decade of Beverly Hills cop. Why do you feel it’s nec to continue bringing up slavery when you and you’re black identity now have easier access to college, home loans (HUD) and preferential treatment most of the time (there are the times people don’t listen to the cops and get shot) and yet you’re still oppressed. What do you think the alt right is? I know we don’t want to put you in shackles and make you pick cotton. I also know, I don’t want my kid growing up experiencing some kind of institutional blow back and suffer because he’s white and black people are more openly now spewing hatred towards whites. I mean, if we were to take all the entitlement programs that are given to solely blacks and reverse it to whites, you’d have the Jim Crow laws. Let that sink in when bringing up slavery. Hypocrite.

      • Nobody pays attention to alt right bullshit? Well, if that’s true, then what the hell are you doing here, making your asinine, cockamamie comment? Dingbat.

          • Trump’s attack on the NFL is straight out of Fash the Nation.

            We’ve been waiting for a pol to attack the Monkeyballers. Trump listened.

      • Golf doesn’t cost as much as the other sports. Golf doesn’t pay huge salaries to criminals to disrespect our military. Golf doesn’t spend millions upon millions to advertise it golf doesn’t have huge stadiums that are solely for the athletes to use that costs millions to build and maintain. So golf is safe. But the NFL NBA and MLB will easily fold with these record losses.

      • Golf is a huge market. Tons of money in equipment and accessories. Attracts all sorts of people. And yes, it’s a filler on TV. It’s very cheap and it attracts a rich audience.

    • I don’t think it’s political. I think it’s generational. The generation that watches “foozeball” is dieing fast. It’s difficult to know what the exact numbers are but about 800,000 boomers die every year. This has been going on for about 5 years now. That’s 4 million dead boomers. At the height of the boomer die off (2035-2045) it will be 2-3 million every year. “Foozeball” dies with the boomers.

      • If that were true then you wouldn’t see burning jerseys even burning entire team logos memorabilia. Also you wouldn’t see all over social media people boycotting NFL games on tv or in the stands. Lastly there wouldn’t be a significant loss in viewership every time teams kneel. Moral of the story is America has Americas back before they have the backs of spoiled rich athletes backs.

  • I’m glad to see Donald Trump unload on the NFL but I think that the real scandal is at the college football level. Negro thugs are recruited as “student-athletes” commit shocking levels of crime, and seduce young white co-eds, yet college alumnae support football programs financially and attend games. (The NFL at least pays its players.) Alumnae have got to wake up and realize that the hired Negroes on the field have absolutely nothing to do with the college or university for which they (ostensibly) play. Withdraw your support!

      • I used the word seduce because, according to my reading, mostly of Steve Sailer, a rape episode often begins by a genuine seduction–some coed gets drunk and consents to sex with an individual black athlete, who then makes the affair a team building event.

      • I’d like to see the “student-athletes” form unions and strike for higher pay. The college football system is basically the farm league for the NFL. In minor league ballplayers are paid, why not minor league football players? Ideally, colleges and universities would just license the use of their names to semi-pro teams and we could end the patent fiction of the student-athlete, at least insofar as football and basketball are concerned

  • Vincent Law, who’s wearing the blackface in your avatar? You know that’s illegal in your beloved Russia, right?

    What do you know about Russia anyway? Have you read Tolstoy, Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Gogol, Bulgakov? Or even contemporary writers like Akunin? Do you enjoy Russian films like Enjoy Your Bath or Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears?

    Isn’t it sad when a black man knows more about Russia than a phony Russophile like you?

  • Most Whites would be cheering the kneeling blacks on if their goal was separation and a nation of their own. However Blacks certainly don’t want financial separation, they need White tax dollars. They want geographical separation, but also want clean safe neighborhoods, which are only found where Whites live. What they really want is to live in a negro habitat. They want their ancestral lifestyle in the jungles of Africa replicated in American cities, but with all the modern conveniences, paid for by Whites. Female negroes in Africa raise their offspring without a mate. The male negroes spend their day impregnating as many females as possible, and fighting over stuff and territory. Most of our major cities have already been converted to negro habitats.

    • Black separation and self-segregation will be the most positive and important development to benefit this country and the world in general. This will open the future for every other human being in this country.

    • Without African-Americans, there wouldn’t be an America. And when are you going to start ranting about Whites with dysfunctional lives? Like all of those low-wage losers who got fired after Charlottesville? Betcha they’re on welfare now, too!

        • What do I base that on? Oh, nothing bust the pesky little fact that America cheated its way to the top. During its first 300+ years, this country sh*t all over its own Constitution. In less than one century, America went from a dumping ground for England’s outcasts to a booming world power. Do you seriously think we’d have done that *without* theft, slavery and genocide?

          • Breathe in and out………

            Look in the Mirror, Human………

            You don’t understand YOURSELF……

          • Since 1965 it’s slipped to secondary status and is about to be eclipsed by China.

          • As if any other empire didn’t commit theft, slavery, or genocide at some point. Large countries are almost always built at the expense of some other tribe. And no tribe has a divine right to any land. Not Whites, not Blacks, not Native Americans, and not Jews. Land belongs to whichever tribe is strong enough to take it or defend it. So it has always been, so it will always be. Stop crying about slavery, it’s fucking pathetic. Whites were enslaved by Turks and Arabs for centuries and we don’t constantly cry about it. Whites actually fought a war to end slavery, while slavery continues in Africa to this day. BTW, most Native Americans died from disease rather than European guns and steel.

          • That’s funny, Zimbabwe and the African National Congress are doing exactly that, and shitting the bed at the same time!

          • “Oh, nothing but the pesky little fact that America cheated its way to the top.”

            Meaningless statement.

            “During its first 300+ years, this country sh*t all over its own Constitution.”

            In what way?

            “In less than one century, America went from a dumping ground for England’s outcasts to a booming world power.”

            I think you’re thinking of Australia. America was never a dumping ground for British outcasts. The pilgrims came here on their own volition.

            ” Do you seriously think we’d have done that *without* theft’

            Conquest isn’t theft. There was no civilization for Whites to steal.


            So according to your logic, Whites build Islamic civilization since millions of Whites were kidnapped by Muslims throughout the Middle Ages.

            “and genocide?”

            Vulnerability to small pox is not genocide. When 1/3 of Europe was wiped out by the plague that came from Asia, was that genocide?

            Try harder.

          • Meaningless statement? Hypocrisy and lies were America’s predominate values for three centuries. All men are created equal? NOPE! Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? Ha! Those 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments? Not if you’re Black, Red, Yellow, or Brown!

            And the pilgrims really DID “self-deport”. Religious freedom doesn’t fly in a land where royalty is divine.

            Of course Europeans didn’t steal the Native American’s civilization. Against all odds, they’ve protected it from them. What Europeans stole was their LAND!

            Europeans, in fact, did help build much of Islamic civilization. A former White supremacist was very impressed by that phenomenon. Google Derek Black.

            Vulnerability, my ass! Europeans took NO steps to quarantine themselves during illness. They perpetrated genocide through willful neglect for their own hygiene!

            Troll harder.

          • That is because the Arabs were savage, illiterate, pedophile camel jockeys. They had to kidnap people from the intelligent and civilized races in Europe and Asia to have any semblance of a civilization. But their Black slaves were nothing but beasts of burden. It would be like say Big Nagga OG rap artist and his illiterate pack of feral subhumans took over a civilization (of course they could never do this) by rapine and plunder and if they wanted said civilization to function (somewhat) they would quickly realize they need da whyte mans magik to make it work. That is pretty much the Arab Muslim story.

          • You tell ’em. Anyone who does not share our blind, toxic, virulent hatred for the (cishetero) White man is not a good progressive in the current year. And 68 IQ Somalian Muslims clearly deserve to inherit America because of their obvious moral superiority and proven ability to construct and maintain stable, functional, peaceful societies. Why can’t people understand that?

          • You don’t mean “we”

            You mean “you”

            The only reason you’re even saying this is because white people were benevolent enough to give you the moral space to say such things.

            Why haven’t we seen a Pakistani civil rights movement in Saudi Arabia? Because the Saudis make it very clear that it is their fking country and that Saudi supremacy is a fact not to be questioned.

            And the pakis accept it.

            Blacks being angry at whites are like kids in their 20’s being mad at their parents. Blacks really are unable to create attractiveness due to inherent cultural characteristics which probably explain the lack of cooperative civilizations in sub-Saharan Africa.

          • Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland. Here are some European nations that never had slaves. Notice how they all have the same types of buildings and culture? America didn’t need slaves, they only made the work they would have done anyway cheaper.
            Any place Europeans move to they will build a country where the rest of the world wants to live in. Funny how nobody wants to move to Africa, despite them being the glorious builders of America they couldn’t replicate it anywhere else for some reason.

          • I share your unreasoning, atavistic hatred for both America and White people. Why do people think that this requires any justification? Shalom.

        • Not likely. Without African-Americans, there would not be any American settlements or civilizations, on this planet or any other. Centuries of slave/Jim Crow labor built the economic foundation for space exploration. If that foundation didn’t exist, then NASA wouldn’t either. But, hey, don’t let the facts tie your simple mind in knots. You keep dreaming about Mars. Maybe someday, you’ll get there, and make the cut for a “master race” in space! LOL!

          • And what about the subsidy to whites in the form of Jim Crow, public aid (yes, whites have used it too), the war machine, and welfare for the rich? That could have funded 20 or 30 Mars missions, with money to spare!

          • Any wealth that slavery generated in the US was torched and incinerated by war by 1865. Since them blacks have been a universal drag. Since 1965 they have become poison.

          • Slave-based economies was a bubble economy, so some of it *did* burst when several Constitutional amendments were passed. But, much of it remained intact, and that capital was seized and put to use by the Union army. It confiscated trainloads of human “property”, food, animals, wagons, crops, and luxury items. Those resources were essential to the Union’s victory. So, the South’s spoils *did* exist, at least long enough to become its undoing.

          • All economies before the industrial revolution were slave based. If not name in fact.

          • Careful. Next you’re going to mention that, while slavery was near-universal feature of past societies, White Europeans were the only people ever to abolish slavery for moral reasons.

          • “War is good because you get to steal stuff from the other side. Besides they’re just goyim, anyway. Cattle, really.”

          • Probably a little too obvious of a self-contradiction, don’t you think? Claiming that the a war fought on our own soil, that killed 700,000 Americans, was a good thing, because at least we got a war machine (and income tax) out of it, then claiming that same war machine is a liability?

            Makes you look confused, of even sanity-challenged. Might want to rethink that one.

          • “Centuries of slave/Jim Crow labor built the economic foundation for space exploration.”

            Right, wealth can only be produced from cotton and tobacco when negroes are the ones who pick it. Where would we be without those magic black fingers? BTW, a lot of that wealth was destroyed in the Civil War, you dumbass. How did the Soviet Union ever manage to have a space program without negroes?


          • The American Civil War was the 19th century version of a “bailout”. The Confederacy had more millionaires per-capita than anywhere else on earth. For retribution and necessity, Lincoln legalized a years-long confiscation of those ill-gotten gains. Our Civil War also created an income tax and MANY new advances in science and medicine. Much wealth was amassed by American Southerners, but that wealth became a liability for them. That’s what’s supposed to happen when you profit from crimes against humanity. And the Civil War was a net gain for our nation’s economy. It intensified the industrial revolution and it obligated America’s citizens to budget for its vital needs. Americans “became what we are”, to use a Spencerism, because of that catastrophic conflict.

          • What did the industrialization of the North have to do with blacks? For that matter what did the industrialization of Britain, France or Germany have to do with blacks? I’d just like to listen to your talking points here. No need to ad hom.

            Witworth, Pasteur, Daimler, Stevenson and a few hundred other tinkerers…what have they to do with blacks?

          • Ever watch Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary? The Civil War created a high demand for new and more powerful technology. The Union needed weapons and health care that could sustain its mammoth army – an army that included hundreds of thousands of emancipated slaves.

          • What did that war between whites have to do with positive contributions by blacks? As pointed out the wealth generated by cotton was largely destroyed by 1865. What did blacks contribute apart from a cassus beli?

          • The only reason that slavery ended was because there were no plantations left for the blacks to return to. The so called Civil war was not about ending slavery. It would have ended with modern equipment. The negroes joined whatever side there was that could feed them.

          • BS, George. The plantation system became a sharecropping one, and another century of oppression began. Greedy and bigoted people will ALWAYS concoct some “need” for slavery. Without the 13th Amendment, we’d probably be enslaving folks today! And both armies fed their soldiers during the Civil War. These armies took food out of civilians’ mouths and ran up huge debts to do it, but they did get it done. When American armies want to, they always deliver, no matter the cost.

          • And the greedy ones were the reason for the war, not slavery and to free the slaves. It was to centralize power , to bring it all to the federal level, and under the usual greedy bankers control. As for slavery, we are all slaves now, at least the ones that work for a living. Slaves through the currency and debt.

          • Exactly! And the Corwin Amendment was just one of those “canards.” A “blood libel,” even. Just look at all of those other countries where slavery was never abolished without a war that killed 700,000 people. Like Great Britain, and Brazil, and…

          • Clearly, these goyim need to pay more attention to the fine historical efforts of Hollywood. While they’re “reaearching” history in this manner, they should watch “Schindler’s List” as well. Oy vey! The sufferink. Never again.

          • “The American Civil War was the 19th century version of a “bailout”.”

            LOL what?

            “Lincoln legalized a years-long confiscation of those ill-gotten gains.”

            If by confiscation you mean burning to the ground.

            “And the Civil War was a net gain for our nation’s economy.”

            For the North. It completely decimated the other half of the country.

          • Surely you’ve recognized by now that his posts are all “form” and zero substance? Appears to be the reason he chose the name.

          • It is insanity to argue that a destructive war is a good thing. This is what you are reduced to.

          • Obviously, wars are bad. But, in the west, they do boost economies. The North made so much money during the Civil War, that it could and did *immediately* rebuild the South. Thanks to their crushing defeat, they were lifted by the North into the 19th century. Also, you can’t FAIRLY measure the Civil War’s destructiveness, without measuring it against the horror of the Middle Passage and slavery. Qualitatively and quantitatively, more people were killed and savaged by the latter.

          • That is crap. The South lay in ruins for decades and was impoverished well into the 1980’s. And hundreds of thousands of people died in that war and tens of thousands were made homeless.

            Slavery was bad for blacks and it was bad for whites. You shifting goalposts for equivocation of suffering just goes to show that blacks do not want a better future for all, but rather they deep down want vengeance and revenge.

          • Exactly. Any historical event that kills that many goyim can’t be all bad. A point that I’ve often made myself. Shalom.

          • Your claim that killing 700,000 Americans was clearly worthwhile because “Hey, at least we got an income tax out of it!”seems a little too obviously semitic, don’t you think? Might want to rephrase that “argument.”

          • We didn’t just get an income tax, fool! We also got safer medicine, more potent technology, more reliable science, and universal protection from enslavement. The Civil War made America greater. So, now I’ve rephrased my argument, but if you had accurately READ it, I wouldn’t have had to do that.

          • Now you’re just blabbering, in a desperate attempt to disguise your obvious, hand-rubbing glee at the thought of 700,000 dead goyim– and income tax, too! Sad.

          • Why use a 7 syllable phrase to describe blacks, when you can use a 2 syllable word instead, and the word that I have in mind starts with the letter “n”?

          • How did slaves benefit Arabs who were way more heavily involved in slave labor, their civilizations are totally fucked. And if Africans did so much, why is Africa crumbling?

          • Well, Africa and the Middle East *did* endure that century-plus of colonization and other forms of foreign interference. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do what America did – sponge off the master-country until it got strong enough to overthrow it.

          • The Middle Easterners would consider you “abed” dude.

            The only reason why they feign to like blacks is because blacks are a vector to attack white Christian societies.

            But deep down, most Muslims despise blacks as uncultured and unattractive. As, frankly, most people do the world over.

          • Nations in Africa that were never colonized still suck. Africans that were never exposed to the white man still live in grass huts. Stop blaming African failure on the white man. Africa sucks because it’s full of Africans, period.

          • The process of obtaining global power is rigged, Tom. In some cultures, capitalism is not a dangerous game of social and economic Darwinism. In others, it doesn’t exist at all. Throughout most of the world, wars are and have always been last-ditch efforts at meeting urgent local needs. They’re NOT fought for self-righteous ideologies, $$$$$$$$$, or political careers. Even now, the West and Far East are in the minority, when it comes to our (mis)use of education. We can weaponize that tool of progress, ONLY because our targets do not. To them, the goals of education are practical and spiritual, not megalomaniac. These traditions and cultures may not be “complex”, but they certainly aren’t bad, and no civilized nations would EVER purposely exploit them.

          • Now you’re just confused again– trying to throw in some of that Old Left rhetoric. Get with the program chump. You’re supposed to to be promoting neoliberal economics and Negro worship (like explaining America’s critical need for millions more 68 IQ Somalian Muslims). This facade of concern for the working man ain’t gonna cut it in the current year, I’m afraid. Sad.

          • My horror and disgust of slavery isn’t “neoliberal economics”. It’s obeying the f*ck*ng law! And, your 68 IQ Somali bogeymen aren’t any more of a drain that your 68 IQ alt-right “leaders”. REAL working people (women work too, chump) resist the people who limit their earning power – a group that does NOT include “68-IQ” anybody. Last time I checked, those folks *aren’t* our politicians or our CEOs.

          • Well, at least you now realize that your pretense of concern for the working man was a mistake. A little too obvious, hmm?

            Your worship of kritarchy is typical of a particular ethny, of course. Your attempt to retcon current standards onto past societies (only White ones, of course) is very intolerant, though. Problematic, even.

            And your continued pathetic failure to even attempt to justify your emotionally-based delusion that America is suffering from a critical shortage of 68 IQ Somalian Muslims, that can only be rectified by importing millions more, is simply comical.

          • Better not mention what happened to the economies (and the population) of Africa while it was “suffering” under da turrible, turrible ebils ob da colonialisms, though.

            Interesting “theory” that da ebil White man somehow forced the Ottomans and the Arabs to enslave millions of White Europeans, though. Are you able to propose any sort of plausible motive for this? Or perhaps a mechanism by which this toxic influence of the White man was transmitted to the sand people?

          • Very sad that you feel this compulsion to project your particularly-malignant version of jewish supremacist onto the innocent goyim. Check your jew privilege, hater.

          • What “supremacy”? Have I accused you of “replacing” me? And how do you know what religion (if any) I adhere to? You “bigly” need to chisel down that alt-chip on your shoulder!

          • Why would you confuse your ethnicity, and your obvious, ignorant, virulent hatred for all who do not belong to it, with a “religion?” Very strange. Check your jew privilege.

          • Judaism is a faith, is it not? Everyone doesn’t consider it to also be an ethnicity. But, then, I’m on an alt-right website, so this crowd obviously does. . . What *was* I thinking???

          • Perhaps I misunderstood. I assumed that you were dissembling, but now it seems clear that you are simply ignorant, or perhaps cognitively-challenged.

            Judaism is a religion. Jews are an ethny. A people. A “tribe,” as they refer to themselves. Do a search for “jewish atheist,” or perhaps “Law of Return” if you’re still having difficulty comprehending this concept. Do try to keep up.

          • Not true. Australia got on fine without black slaves. They are actually very racist those aussies and they can get away with it because there’s nothing to be guilty about.

          • Yep picking cotton for a few weeks a year and spending the rest of the year pouch monkeying around surely did build the foundation for space exploration.

          • A fascinating (and entertaining) example of pure, undiluted, meaningless virtue signaling by the Far Left, completely unsullied by the merest shadow of anything resembling a fact. Every thread needs some comic relief, doncha onow.

          • N0 0ne, The American slave-trade was centuries-long windfall of free money for this country. In contrast to the slave trade elsewhere, the trade here was reinforced by technology and by America’s one-of-a-kind culture and society. I doubt that anyone could imagine a more vicious and effective means of prospering. Slavery, more than anything else, has shaped America’s economic and social trajectory. And the Confederacy was the proof of that. Without the slightest hesitation, it chose to violently secede from its own country. Our Civil War was the ONLY war that Americans fought, to the point of physical and geographical exhaustion. Maybe that was a one-shot deal, but I can’t imagine how any Americans would ever do that again. For your side, slavery wasn’t a “virtue signaling”. It was virtue Armageddon. Don’t believe me? Then hoist yourself out of mom’s basement, and go visit Gettysburg, you stupid #deplorable.

          • Exactly. . Clearly, when Black men sell 400,000 of their Black slaves to jews, who sell them to White men, who treat them humanely, and eventually free them, that is obviously a horrible, unparalleled crime in human history. But when Arabs, North Africans, and Ottomans enslave millions of Whites and Blacks, castrate them, and work them to death, that’s not a problem, because no way to frame it as ebil Whitey, so who cares?

            And who forced the Arabs to give up (openly-practiced) slavery again? Oh yeah, none but ebil Whitey, of course– since no non-White society has ever abolished slavery for moral reasons without outside pressure from Whites.

            The Negro population of the US is 100x the number of slaves originally brought to the country. Where are the descendants of the White (and Black) slaves of the Ottomans, Arabs, and North Africans? Oh yeah– they died.

      • Lol! More than likely they had job offers! We all know how to have a career to fall back on. It’s called being responsible.

        • Yeah, because hot dog cooks and pizza delivery men have SUCH a broad and essential skillset! Hahajahajahaja! But, why don’t you check it out for yourself. See how many have NOT closed their social media accounts, in order to hide out from their disgusting alt-antics. Of those folks, count the number that got employed again. *Then* find out how many of them are alt-out at work! Hehe! Good luck!!!

          • Like you’d know so much about their careers & social media accounts. Less likely they closed them more likely they were kicked off. Obviously you don’t know that people can actually fall back on steady well paying careers, which says a lot about what you may do for a living!

          • So, you have no way to know if you’re right, but you’ll still assume that you are? Haha! I bet you “work” as a housewife!

          • We need to impress on these goyim that “housewife,” and “having children,” are outdated concepts that we have left far behind us in the current year. Excellent.

          • Exactly! We need to get rid of these kulaks somehow! I find that I, too, seem to have an instinctive hatred of rural goyim involved in any sort of manual labor, for some reason.

      • Congratulations. This is even more comically delusional than your typical post. Are you attempting to claim that modern America is entirely constructed of cotton? Or are you trying to retcon your beloved 68 IQ Somalians into colonial America?

        In other words, was your post pure, undiluted feelz/ reflexive, unthinking, toxic sh!tlib virtue signalling? Or did you at least put some work, and some omagination, into fleshing out the details of your delusion? Just curious.

        • For hundreds of years, slavery and Jim Crow let America reap every benefit of capitalism, without incurring any of its costs. And it got to painlessly indulge in that financial fraud at the dawn of our world’s big business Renaissance. So, yes, America WAS constructed largely by African-Americans.

          • You really do believe that modern America is constructed of cotton. Heh. I was just kidding, you know. Might want to try to find a better “argument.”

  • Haven’t the fools who are participating in the National Felon League kneeling ritual figured out that they are putting themselves on an “enemies list”? SAD.

  • Keep writing shit like this and the alt right will remain the pipsqueak fringe nazi movement it is.

    You people are too dumb to grow a movement.

  • NFL and NBA have been used as ideological tools to destroy the psychi of a White man. Promote interracial sex and despise a White athlete. Stern has been particular notorious in inciting this despise and promoting Black athletic supremacy. In 2002, he single-handedly decided to nix Sacramento Kings versus LA Lakers in West Conference Finals. The Kings were Divac (Serbian), Stojakovic (Serbian), Bibby (light-skinned), Christy (light-skinned) and Webber (arguably, a weed addict). Stern turned this series in favor of Black stars: Shaq and Koby.

    In the history of the world, there will not be a more retarded generation than Boomer-normies. The iconic question would be: How you could screw up so bad and so fast?

  • Originally, pro football was a contest between bold men that celebrated masculine values.
    Now, pro football is a contest between humanoids who are drugged up on steroids and stimulants.
    How pathetic. The games are not even interesting, anymore.
    So Trump is 100% correct when he calls the games “boring.”

  • White Lives don’t Matter……

    According to our Mainstream Media and Entertainment Complex………

    No White People are going to Riot over this…….

    No White Sportballers are going to make any Public Display of Protest…….

    Antifa doesn’t care…….


    Blacks Rape, Rob, Assault, and Murder Whites daily………

    And SILENCE……..

    Which is why the Alt-Right is NEVER going away……

    And will continue to GROW Stronger………


  • That’s the problem with boomers. They think chimps taking a knee can be shamed and chided into becoming race blind civic nationalists. They always tell me about the “good blacks” who are as abhorred by Colin Kaepernigger as whites are.

    • “I hate politics!

      Why the fuck do they have to bring their stinking politics into my game?? Why does Trump not just ignore this??! Stop taking side, god-damnit! I just want to live my life and provide for my family, I don´t care about the future of this country!”

      • ^this

        The Pavlovian response to lash out at anyone getting ‘political’ by the sportsball crowd is remarkably astounding. Nietzche was absolutely right, Normies don’t want the truth, they want the lies.

        That being said, like the intellectual children they are, the remaining Negro Felon League fans don’t deserve to get what they want. We must continue to give them what they need, the truth. The truth that a harmonious multiracial future is impossible, immoral, and irresponsible.

        Down with the NFL!

        • It’s time to buy some tickets and live stream from the bleachers.

          Imagine a banner NEGRO FELON LEAGUE unfurled and live streamed?

    • Why is this Orange colored guy making me have to take a stand on something? I like watching Black men in spandex chase balls while drinking away my misery.

  • threaten to rescind the nfl’s (mlb, nba, included) anti-trust status, and watch the league pimp-slap every recalcitrant moolie until they start toeing the line.

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