Freak Headbutts Tony Abbott as Aussie Gay Marriage Vote Heats Up

Astro “Funknukl” Labe, described by one of our commenters as a "pozz-mutated Rhesus monkey" LOL

As Australia’s two-month-long postal vote on gay marriage gets under way — it ends on November 7th — passions are rising between the YES and NO sides. This has led to irate Leftists resorting to threats, firing people, and violence to impose their perverse morality on more conservative Australians, who simply think “gay marriage” is a bad move.

The latest incident featured an attack by the weird creature pictured above on former Australian Prime Minister and all-round “fair dinkum bloke” Tony Abbott. The attacker, who goes by the name of Astro “Funknukl” Labe, 38, headbutted Abbot on the waterfront of the city of Hobart in Tasmania, where Abbot was campaigning for the NO vote, causing some damage to the former Premier’s lip.

The assault took place on Thursday (21st Sept.), with Labe being charged with one count of common assault the next day. Since then he has claimed that the attack had nothing to do with the same-sex marriage vote, but this may simply reflect the fact that the YES campaign has overstepped the mark, with the result that their lead in the opinion polls is narrowing.

Many voters are also getting the impression that gay marriage is simply being imposed on them, not only through acts of violence like this, but by a concerted effort by the elites, who have been marching in lockstep on the issue.

Even the main sporting associations have been press-ganged to put out a pro-gay marriage message. Rugby league, cricket, and rugby union have all campaigned for the YES side, and on Wednesday (20th Sept), the governing body of the national sport, Aussie Rules Football fell in line.

The manner of the vote — a two-month-long postal vote — also reflects the establishment’s desire to force the issue. Hard opinion on this issue only involves a minority of the total electorate, as most people don’t really care about this, and have rather vague or soft views at best. Those with hard views will tend to be religious and “post-religious” people, i.e. Leftists and SJWs for whom issues like this have become weird substitute faith systems. For this reason, it is a fair bet that there are more committed NO voters than committed YES voters.

To overcome this, the establishment strategy is clear. It is to gaslight uncommitted voters with “feel good” homosexualist YES propaganda from a variety of sources — sports, news media, celebrities, etc. — and to use leftist guilt-tripping to push them into soft support or acquiescence, while also making it easy for them to vote by simply returning a piece of junk mail.

Tony “Sink the Boats” Abbott

A normal referendum, where people would have to actually go out and queue to vote, would dissuade many of those who have been pushed into soft support, skewing the vote in favour of the more committed and thus leading to a NO decision.

Even the wording of the referendum question — “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex marriages?” followed by two boxes YES and NO — is biased, as it subliminally frames opposition to gay marriage as somehow “negative.”

It would have been fairer to just have two options like “same-sex marriage” and “traditional marriage” next to the boxes, but that would have removed the negative framing around the choice the establishment doesn’t want voters to make.

Still, this strong-arming is starting to breed a reaction, and the NO campaign has been effectively using passive aggressive language, like “It’s OK to vote No,” to subtly highlight the way the YES vote is being pushed on people, while also breeding intolerance and violence.

Although the establishment and freaks like Astro “Funknukl” Labe will probably get their way, there is still a chance that Australians will rebel against being treated like the herds of sheep for which their vast country is famous.

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Goolag Sucks

Dingos, take it from us in Weimerica, you don’t want this Pandora’s box opened up


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Homosexuality really is an elite phenomenon.

As Jonathan Bowden said, it really can only occur in hothouse elite institutions which funnel single sex education for several years.

Something similar happens in Saudi Arabia where sex segregation leads to homosexuality where it would not be otherwise.

Homosexual agenda is like the capitol taking on the mantle of the victim, rather conveniently.

It is like the Hunger Games in this way.

Yehudah Finkelstein
ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™

I prefer the good old days. I like those rules. 😉


That subhuman needs to be gassed.




Holy s***, that creature!

A pozz-mutated Rhesus monkey? It sure ain’t human!


Spot-on description.

From Ohio

Abbott was the best Prime Minister Australia had had in a while, shame he’s been replaced by a totally shameless business shill and cuck extraordinaire Malcolm Turnbull.


Australia’s PM Malcolm Turnbull may be Jewish, but hasn’t given it much thought. Malcolm Turnbull said his mother claimed Jewish ancestry, but is more interested ‘on the here and now’ than researching his roots.


Menachem Mendel Turnbull? – The Australian Jewish News. https://www[DOT]jewishnews[DOT]net[DOT]au/menachem-mendel-turnbull/32186