Comey Shouted Down At Howard University

James Comey was poised to receive that most precious commodity: approval from Black people.  Instead, he received a category 4 chimpout.  Such are the ways of the American Black, the most whimsical and petulant creature to exist on this good green Earth.

Comey thought he would be a hero at the historically Black college Howard University.  After all, he’s against Trump, and Blacks hate Trump.  Using the deductive skills he honed as director of the FBI, he thought that the transitive property of hate would guarantee that de brothas would be on his side.

Sadly, it was not to be.

His speech was interrupted by that special brand of Black; the martyred, committed, political Black.  Unfortunately, this type cannot grasp the issues at stake, and therefore tends to make fools of themselves and create an overall embarrassing situation for everyone around them.  This was the case here as they chanted, with fists raised in defiance against an imaginary oppressor, “We shall not be moved.”

Comey naively thought he could explain to the “enthusiastic” Blacks some of the basis for civil dialogue which Whites take for granted.  He gave the following lecture from the stage mid-speech:

I love the enthusiasm of the young folks, I just wish they would understand what a conversation is.  A conversation is when you speak and I listen, and then I speak and you listen, and we go back and forth and back and forth.

He then looked out at his Howard University audience, still chanting, still luxuriating in their victimhood, and ever so slightly nodded his head, as if to say, “This isn’t going to work.”

Other chants included the classic, “No justice, no peace,” and “Get out James Comey, you ain’t our homie.”

Not all the Blacks participated in the chimpout, but the ones who were not actively participating did not seem too distressed by it.  Rather, they just looked on amused, not caring about the humiliation of the former FBI director, not bothering to protect his dignity.

When some university officials finally did try to intervene and tried unsuccessfully to persuade the belligerent Blacks to let Comey speak, the protesters had this ingenious retort: “White supremacy is not a debate.”

The protesters issued the usual convoluted justification:

[Comey] represents an institution diametrically opposed to the interests of black people domestically and abroad. While his tenure at the FBI has finished, his impact on our community remains.

In other words, the FBI has had the gall to hold (some) Black people accountable for their crimes.

Of course, it is hard to feel bad for Comey.  Instead, this is a teachable moment.  Like the illegal immigrants who shouted down Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for daring to meet with Donald Trump, these Blacks prove that they are immune to the usual political alignments.  They either don’t understand or don’t care about Comey’s implicit message—“I’m on your side.”   Certainly, Pelosi thought this sentiment would be understood by her illegal immigrant friends.

But is is simply not understood.

These people want total capitulation.  Call it hyperbole, but there is no other way to interpret these types of events.  What makes them newsworthy, of course, is the irony of these figures of the left (in Comey’s case, perhaps more a “symbol” of the left) getting a lesson in real time on race.  Their deer in the headlights response, as they try to patiently explain to their pets about their good intentions, makes it all the more amusing.


Even the former head of the FBI trembles in fear and bows the knee to the Blacks. Let that sink in. These are the spineless worms running our country.

But they are not to be feared, only endlessly derided and mocked for the weaklings that they are.

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  • “I love the enthusiasm of the young folks, I just wish they would understand what a conversation is.”
    -baboons don’t speak , they yap

    ” A conversation is when you speak and I listen, and then I speak and you listen, and we go back and forth and back and forth.”
    – James you do realize you’re speaking to a room of niggers right? They don’t get that concept. They attend a black college for a reason

  • It must be scary when the housepet you thought was docile suddenly turns on you.

    The Negroes feel that they are winning and no longer need Goodwhite allies.

  • I’m watching a documentary on Ecuador right now.

    They are a functional cultured people.

    This is why I am not bothered by Hispanic/Latino immigration.

    Unless you are seriously going to expel blacks, the best we can do is dilute their influence.

  • This is an example of Howard students having a good time. Notice that the blacks fighting each other are not angry. This is fun for them.

  • “These are the spineless worms running our country”

    Correction, cockroaches like Comey are spineless but they do not run the country. The jews ultimately run the country and they would not hesitate to destroy BLM should it ever become a threat to them (which is currently still useful to them).

    The ADL and the SPLC has way more authority than the FBI could ever muster, think of the ADL as a medieval Pope with the FBI being thugs doing their bidding.

  • Comey said that he is real jiggly with that. They gave him an smack down that he richly deserved, especially after the fact that he pardoned Hillary Clinton, and made us go through an entirely unnecessary election when she was obviously unfit to lead her own prison cell, much less a country

  • “These are the spineless worms running our country. But they are not to be feared, only endlessly derided and mocked for the weaklings that they are.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I constantly tell people our elites in Weimerica are worms and weasels. They are totally unfit to rule anything beyond a flower shop.

  • FBI a ADL front of equality and holocaust,inc. FBI personal and new recruits annual tour of the united states holocaust museum.

  • I am starting to see why Dems switched tactics after KKK thing didnt work out. They were never going to convince conservatives that niggers need to go with rational arguments and logic. So they switched tactics to emotional manipulation. They entitled the retarded blacks and made these Dunning-Kruger idiots do the “reductio ad absurdum” on conservatives. Well done.

  • A bunch of dindus eeking and ooking without overt threats let alone violence is not a “cat 4 chimpout.” If what happened to Comey was Cat 4 then what do you call the LA riots? The Detroit riots? Zimbabwe? South Africa?

  • What Better Gift could Blacks give to White Europa…….

    …..than to Separate themselves from us??……..

    No more Free Education, Free Housing, Free Food, Free Cellphones, Free Money………

    No more White Tax Dollars distributed by our White Supremacist System to the Oppressed Blacks…….

    None of it…….

    They can Fund themselves…..

    They can Police themselves……

    In fact, give them a Piece of Land……..

    And give us Whites a Piece of Land………

    Strong Borders and Stringent Immigration Control……..

    No Cross Border Migration……..

    We in the Alt-Right are fine with this……..

    Let the Black Man/Woman be free from White Supremacy……….

    We fully support this……..

    • So you think that if they’re not among us, the gibs will stop? How do you explain foreign aid to Africa and everywhere else?

      Our problem is that there are too many bleeding hearts. The bleeding hearts line up in front of their third-world pets, making it a “You’ll have to go through me first” scenario.

      So, we’ll have to go through them. Stitch up the bleeding hearts or cut them out!

  • This story can be re-written quite easily. The alt right had similar expectations of the jew loving Donald Trump. I wouldn’t be cocky here, gentlemen.

  • I love sharing my experiences on other websites when it comes to whites, Christians and Jews. Today in the American Thinker is an article titled “The Rise of Anti-Christian Bigotry in America”. My comment:

    “The rise of anti Christian bigotry is accepted by those who enforce political correctness. I can say or write anything I want against Christians, Christianity, Jesus Christ, the Pope and the Vatican. I can openly rile with frothing mouth of the evils of Europeans and European Christianity.

    Not only will that be alright but some Universities will give me a job as part of their faculty. But what I cannot do is condemn Jews or Judaism for that would condemn me in a manner not reserved even for Jesus Christ. The question is why. Why can I condemn Christianity so openly and not Judaism. Why can I mock and deride Christians but not Jews?

    So what do Christians and Jews have in common here in the US? both are of European ancestry. Both faiths were part of Europe for the last 2 thousand years. Both communities are often seen as one (as in Whites) with Jews actually more prosperous and powerful than their Christian half. Yet one gets complete immunity from open criticism and the other does not get any protection”

    Then I posted another

    “As for Jews they have two ism’s; Judaism and Communism. Both isms have been formed or created by Jews and both get full support by this community. The sooner we understand the link between Jew, Judaism, and Communism the easier it would be to understand the problems coming from this link.

    What does Judaism and Communism have in common? Both are intolerant. Both have an Autocratic form of governance. The Autocratic hierarchy of the old testament finds familiarity in Communism. There are other similarities but these two points are worthy of discussion.”

    an exchange took place and two of my responses were:

    “Jews were strongly part of the Russian Revolution. You need to read “200 Years Together” by Solzhenitsyn. The only English version is in a book named “Crucifixion of Russia”, but that is not it.

    Yesterday there was an article in a Maine website of a substitute Teacher who was fired after he showed some kids the ‘He*l H” salute. The kids were doing it on their own & the Teacher happened to show them how it was actually done.

    I commented using the term “He*l H” and pointed out that “Adolf H” did not invent this and it comes from ancient Rome as in Hail Ceasor where the gesture included arm against the chest and then straight out. I also took the time to comment that we cannot use any term or phrase that is politically incorrect against the Jewish community for our comments are removed, websites end up being banned, people lose jobs or get sued even though no law has been broken. When I hit the post button my comment was blocked so I had to rewrite the comment referring to Adolf h as the “Austrian man”

    “See spark unlike Jews I do not have a powerful term like “antisemite”
    If I called you an “antiwhite” or an “antichristian” you may even be proud. At the minimum you would laugh.”

    • Christianity doesn’t make sense even if you grant its own assumptions, so I don’t see why we have to burden white nationalism with this obsolete doomsday cult.

      For one thing, Christian theology has absolutely no explanation that stands up to scrutiny for why any of God’s creatures can rebel against him. If Satan could do it, as historical orthodox belief holds, then Christians in heaven can rebel as well.

      For all we know, some Christian who reads my post has drawn the short straw in the next stage of God’s plan, where he goes to heaven and becomes the next Satan.

  • He could have gone to Amren and had an enlightening discussion with Jared Taylor. Instead he panders to niggers.

    In my best Taylorism accent

    “James Comey, do you now realize that you ‘ain’t’ their as they say ‘homie’ old chap? Keep a stiff upper lip.”

  • I wonder who told Comey it was a good idea to give a speech in front one enormous barrel of monkeys?

    Baby Boomer elites grew up in a world devoid of niggers; I’ve seen my mothers 1977 yearbook and she only had one mooncricket in her entire highschool! Anyone who thinks blacks are harmless has not been around them long enough. Comey is obviously frightfully naive to how niggers act in the real world. smdh

    • Cracker Enters Monkey Barrel. Lulz. He didn’t even check his unified FBI crime statistics which should have told him what was coming.

    • “I’ve systematically covered up your monkeyshines during my 30 year career at the FBI, the least you could do is listen to me pander to you for 5 minutes.”

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