White Identity Threatens The Existence Of The State

Submitted by Emmanuel Spraguer


Being a White nationalist, or a White advocate, or a White person who doesn’t want to suicide himself or his civilization, is something like being a Muslim or a Jew in 16th Century Christendom. It means holding beliefs that the state considers a threat to itself and its very existence.

I distinctly recall mulling over the writings of Sam Francis in my formative years, and I remember thinking repeatedly that this concept of “anarcho-tyranny” he was so fond of always seemed a tad abstruse. More than a decade later though, if I was forced to describe the anarcho-tyrannical state model, it would be to say that such a state is one that is no longer premised upon protecting basic rights, permitting essential freedoms and safeguarding the interests of its subjects, and is instead premised or primarily focused on protecting its ideology and ensuring its own survival. In that sense, the US Government is not wrong to think, given the demographics of the nation and the distribution of armaments, that White identity/nationalism/separatism is indeed a very real threat to the state itself and the state religion of diversity that animates and justifies it. Indeed our very existence is in some sense an act of revolutionary defiance.

As a society fractures and fractures again along predictable lines, power structures will often step in to bind the people together through bromides, state propaganda and enforced modes of behavior that simulate natural, free and rational bonds. The state seeks to become the culture where the culture has collapsed in other words. This is an integral facet of the anarcho-tyrannical state. Any state that begins to push the legitimate bounds of state authority by entering the realm of thought control and social engineering is almost invariably teetering on the brink of illegitimacy. Governments do not do this and will not do this unless they need to because it is really never proper for any government to be enforcing a kind of state religion/ideology. It is inherently statist/totalitarian. For decades the power structure in America was able to maintain order through mainstream media propaganda. However, where a people’s natural bonds dissolve further and softer methods of control like media propaganda begin to falter, force naturally fills the void. Of course, Cultural Marxism has always depended upon state violence and coercion. After all, you don’t get “integration” and “desegregation” without the use of state force. One very prominent item of sheer propaganda the mainstream media has used to great effect over the last few decades has been to persuade Americans not simply to unite (whatever that means) but to deny racial divisions and differences ever existed, or to claim that they were power structure engendered and artificial originally to the extent they did, rather than perfectly natural and healthy, which they, in fact, were. Of course, racial differences and divisions always existed and likely always will exist, but grand, pleasant illusions, really big lies as it were, work wonders for governments of marginal legitimacy.

These phenomena are of course not unique to American politics. Consider governments that rely on harder forms of totalitarianism than do Western governments, like North Korea. The North Korean regime was founded as a pretty hard-line communist state, but in recent decades its ideological orientation has been harder and harder to pin down, and this is no accident. The North Korean government is first and foremost concerned with its own survival, and although a strictly enforced ideology is useful to ensuring that survival we mustn’t think that the ideology comes first. Generally speaking, it does not and ideologies will often evolve over time in ways that best serve the government and secure its power. This evolution is not passive either. Indeed, over time governments improve their ability to weaponize ideas and they actively use their ability to shape or control public opinion in ways that cement their own power, especially when crises arise. Thus, totalitarian governments, with fewer limits on their wielding of power and with little concern about violent revolt or democratic uprising always become essentially pseudo-ideological. The state ideology is only the state ideology insofar as it works for the state. Thus, the only real ideology is the ideology of state interest. The people come to believe whatever the state wants or needs them to believe to ensure the state maintains control.

The same principles hold, by and large, in America. Ideology is generally useful to serve the state, but if need be it can be cast aside to serve the overarching purpose of the US Government, which is protecting the US Government. However, this can really only happen one click at a time in a quasi-democratic society. Where the state religion becomes symbolic of the state, or the justification for the state’s very existence, the state ideology and the goal of state survival can become effectively inseparable, even as the survival of the state can sometimes still override ideology when the need arises. If we see the ascendancy of Cultural Marxism in America as a replacement for culture and the organic social structures and hierarchies that once punctuated American life, and also as a vehicle to justify state power, the state religion and the state itself become in some sense inextricable, even as we may still see the state religion of diversity as being essentially consequent to state power, rather than antecedent to it.

This is how “White nationalism” and like worldviews become not just heretical but essentially treasonous because the state religion becomes permanently or semi-permanently fused to the state itself. As such the rejection of the state religion/ideology is effectively the rejection of the state itself and its legitimacy. However, frequently in such scenarios, the state becomes partially dependent upon the state religion/ideology rather than vice versa and may ultimately have difficulty standing on its own should the church collapse or defectors multiply. Thus, in this way, when our despicable leaders apologize for Islam in the aftermath of a terror attack or deny bail to “Nazis” and “racists” accused of low-level crimes, like Christopher Cantwell, it is not mere virtue signaling at work or the reflection of fools in power holding misguided ideals, but constitutes the reinforcement of the rigid, rogue Marxist ideology that predominates in the West, which constitutes the foundation for governmental legitimacy in the West.

Likewise, when they attack Alt-Righters for acts that may very well have been acts of self-defense, our leaders are not just serving an ideology, they are also protecting a government of the vaguest legitimacy. And that actually makes some sense because the US power structure, whether it admits it or not, is terrified of the Alt-Right. We are the intellectual vanguard of a mass-scale defection from the state religion of diversity, a religion/ideology erected on falsehoods and absurdities of epic magnitude, and no less destructive than Islam, Nazism, or traditional Marxism.

Moreover, you can see with the utmost clarity in such instances how the basic purpose of government, to protect its citizens and even the essential rights that we like to think protect us all, like the right not to be denied bail for holding the “wrong” ideas, are all in fact subordinate to the state religion, which is itself arguably subordinate to but also bound to the interests and survival of the state itself in an anarcho-tyrannical system. All the ideals you hear about on television concerning America and its character and its nature, and all the noble principles of the Founders, are demonstrated to be nothing more than idle chatter. The primary purpose behind the laws and the exercise of power in America is to protect the government, not the people. That is abundantly clear.

Now, our overlords can be thankful that there is no conflict yet between the state religion of diversity and the interests of the state, but if such a conflict should arise, the state will in all likelihood side with itself over ideology. That is typically the most promising path to state survival and the one North Korea has chosen. Some states do not do this, like Venezuela, which has clung for the most part to ideology, which is partially why the Venezuelan government is so utterly unstable. On the other hand, going the other route poses its own risks. Consider the Soviet Union, which in its later years began to adopt some Western features, norms, and values. By going this route and deviating significantly (or drastically) from the state religion/ideology the state has theretofore enforced, a government may inadvertently undermine its own legitimacy.

That can be a big problem as well.

It so happens that in some core realms the US power structure cannot do what it would like to do to people such as us, in the Alt-Right. It can not control defection and dissent as North Korea does. It would like to put us in camps or just kill us, but it can not. Nor can it directly prosecute us for our words or our ideas because the Constitution won’t let it. Thus it is relegated to cutting legal corners to jail us, not protecting us when mobs descend upon universities or city centers, punishing us when we protect ourselves, deliberately failing to prosecute those who assault us, shaming us through joint resolutions, slandering us in the media, censoring us on the web, and sidelining us by soft totalitarian means rather than hard ones. The very notion of a government trying to essentially crush ideas should disturb any right-thinking person, but since most Americans have adopted the state religion, most Americans are ipso facto not right thinking people. Upholding the state and the state religion of diversity are not only lamentable features of Western governments today, they are the defining features of those governments.

Thomas Fleming described anarcho-tyranny as “law without order: a constant busybodying about behavior that does not at all derive from a shared moral consensus”, and that is basically accurate. Indeed, that “constant busybodying” seems to have picked up steam in the modern age, since cameras are everywhere, the internet renders us all interconnected and PC culture has run amok to a degree that seems outside even the range of customary cases of collective hysteria. Also, “moral consensus” seems a pipe-dream in an era as politically polarized as ours. Likewise, Sam Francis once wrote that anarcho-tyranny could be summed up in this way: “we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).” And that seems largely accurate as well in an age where Christian bakers are vilified (and lose their businesses due to fines and state persecution) and violent thugs like Michael Brown are glorified.

But if you’re interested in finding out if you live in an anarcho-tyrannical state or a constitutional republic, just observe how your government operates. Does the intelligence community exist to protect the American people or the American government? Does it investigate criminals or does it pay for dossiers on democratic candidates who are a threat to the established order? Is the law used to protect basic rights or is it basically a weapon in the hands of a quasi-feudalistic power class guiding us to dhimmitude and determined to crush those among us not so ready or willing to lie down like dogs before Muhammad’s army of nutjobs? Do you get the truth about Charlottesville or Baltimore or Ferguson or Berkeley from the US media organs or do you get Orwellian level propaganda? Observe how your government operates.

The answer is staring you right in the face.


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  • Before anyone can expect white identity – there must be segregation. A new generation of uninfected white people need to be groomed to lead before anything remotely substantive can ever hope to be accomplished. Today’s current generation is generally severally brain damaged with the liberal propaganda they have already been forced feed for the past 53 years . Many are hopelessly lost in the false premises of equality,diversity, acceptance ,inclusion and tolerance- that they will find it impossible to actually work their way through the labyrinth of multicultural/forced integration BS they have devoured over a life time. The first step to recovery of the white race.

  • Is it believable that the media, academia, and elites in general promote and enforce anti-whiteness because they are part of a government power structure? I don’t think so. There is a loose but pervasive network of control. This is not a government network. These people are not thinking “I have to suppress white solidarity for the good of the government.” They are thinking “it is virtuous to suppress white solidarity” or “it is good for my [Jewish or nonwhite] people to suppress white solidarity.”

    In the latter case, people are looking out for their group interests. In the former case, they are going against their group interests. Is this because they are serving the government power structure? No. They are responding to peer pressure. I think it must be primarily the Jews who are keeping this in place.

  • This article is missing part of the picture. It is not just an accident that the state became anti-white. North Korea is not trying to bring about the slow genocide of its people through the importation of non-Koreans. There is something specifically anti-white about the current situation. Why are all historically white countries outside of Eastern Europe now ruled by anti-white regimes? This bespeaks a global anti-white conspiracy. The people at the top who are behind this must know what they are doing.

    Did non-Jewish whites just happen to stumble into a self-destructive thought pattern globally? Is it just a coincidence that this serves the interests of Jews, a group with a higher average IQ and a long history of moving from one host to another while remaining separate? I don’t think so.

    One reason the anti-white system is not going to collapse without serious encouragement is because it serves nonwhite and Jewish interests. The Soviet Union was not like that. It is true that the Soviet regime served its own interests, but that alone was not enough to keep it in place. A government is vehicle for ethnic group interests. Groups that do not consciously use the government this way will get wiped out over time.

    Finally, it is a mistake to assume that in politics people are saying things for disingenuous reasons. When white liberals say that they want to look out for the interests of nonwhites, you have to take them at their word and not assume that they have ulterior motives involving their own well being. This argument also applies by extension to the state. The idea that white liberal bureaucrats want to expand programs so they can have their own public sector empires just doesn’t make sense. They want to expand programs because they truly want to help people.

  • I wish y’all wouldn’t write polemic – it makes your pieces easy to dismiss and less worth reading, frankly. And it’s a shame because I think we probably are, actually, a little bit of a threat to the state, especially with that recent poll that said that 31% (I think) think whites are under attack, and 7% identify as alt-right. (Now it occurs to me that that probably includes the Milo version, ie alt-lite, but these are still decent numbers to work with.)

  • “White Identity Threatens The Existence Of The State”

    No – White Identity threatens the Jewish hegemony of the world ; . That’s the real origin behind this attempt to annihilate white people everywhere …

    • I agree to some extent, although there are few Jews who consciously realize that this is what is at stake.

      Jews instinctively see explicit white (by which I mean non-Jewish white) identity politics as a threat. There are good reasons for this, and it is not because they supposedly have been “persecuted.” It is because Jews and whites have different group interests. Jews have been living among other peoples while remaining biologically separate for thousands of years. No other group is like them in this regard. The Gypsies come close, but they are at the opposite end of the IQ scale. A group of people with the proven record of moving from one host to another for so long, and who have high IQs that allow them to take the best of what any society has to offer, cannot possibly have the same group interests as their hosts. It is in their interests to keep the host from asserting its own distinct group interests, or from even coming close to forming such thoughts.

      • if you take a few minutes, that’s all it takes really, I’m maybe an hour or two, almost every alt-right ”opposition ” leader is either Jewish or jew funded. Take Me Richard Spencer. What type of “white nationalist goes to commie hotbed university of Chicago, have a Jewish mentor (Paul Gottfried), has been on college speaking four w/a man called Mike Enoch but who’s REAL name is Mike Peinovitch, who hosted an ”anti-Semitic ” show called The Daily Shoah because his public siding revealed his wife was a jewess? Milo Yianoppolis is a queer. Alex Jones/Infowars? Married to a News as and has proven ties to Tavistock. in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion the jews say that ir there is going to be opposition, we will cntrok it. They push the’s fakes on their medid a or alt-media and voila you have a moveKent that is guaranted to embarrass itself (see Jones tirades foaming at the mouth while threatening revolnotion. ijn Piers Morgsn CNN. See imedia completely cointrolled by zjews, a Non-Adamic or someone espousing anti-Jewish sentiments will not be given any air time period. See Ron Paul 2012 campaign. He was 2nd in race but invisible, even in ”conservative” channels like FOX. Donald Drumpf is a great example of the Jewish mind, reverse psychology, pretend to hate a pro Jewish canidate while giving him airtime any other candidate would die for. W/a surname changed and every child dating married to and if a converters Jew, the zjew Don Drin if has Christians leading their pants w/glee when it should in fear. His job? Get every country o hate America ,not hard, and every on-site American hate whites. Collapse the economy and reset the playing field while wiping out white Christians and giving their wealth to immigrants and Jew banks.

        • Jones has been associated with the alt-right, but his career goes back to the 90s, and he has never been explicitly pro-white. I think he is owned and operated by one or more intelligence agency(ies). He claims to be about 10 years younger than he looks.

          The association between Spencer and Gottfried doesn’t mean anything. Gottfried is a paleo-conservative. Spencer was involved in that early-on, but now he is more of a white nationalist. People’s views can change. I followed Lawrence Auster for a while, but that doesn’t mean I am doing the bidding of the Jews.

          The situation with Mike Enoch is unclear, but we should give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

          • while you cannot tell as much when hes speaking , listen to an interview of Spencer, if hes doesn’t sound like a dicksuckr, they dont exist. Photos w/the Bush family? Enoch, retreating w/tail between his legs after he was a exposed? Yianopolis? just stop already. Jews high IQ? what are you JIDF or something? either that or seriously lost.
            NOBODY the establishment, and by that i mean the JEWS, who own banking, media, hollyweird, Congress, etc etc, doesn’t forward people that aren’t useful to them If he was a threat he wouldn’t get his mug near a tv. See Ron Paul 2012 Campaign, 2nd place thrnoughout, never memtioned, never covered, never on tv.
            Oh wait let me guess are you a Donnie Drumpf supporter too? Wrong comment section kod, the ADL homepage was a few clicks back

    • “White Boy….there’s something you need to know”
      WHY, do the Luciferian Joos hate the white Christian west? Many racially aware whites know how Jews change names and breed w/the host peoples to take on an alternate identity to make their takeover incognito, BUT besides the Hollowhoax there is actually a bigger lie and it’s actually for ALL the marbles. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if 99.9% of whites weren’t suckered into believing it. please share !!!

  • Atomized Individuals…….





    Snow Leopards………

    But, somehow they SURVIVE………..

    They sense each other out and know when to BREED……….

  • “Sam Francis once wrote that anarcho-tyranny could be summed up in this way: “we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).” And that seems largely accurate as well in an age where Christian bakers are vilified (and lose their businesses due to fines and state persecution) and violent thugs like Michael Brown are glorified.

    Described in Acts 17:5 in a nutshell is everything from the Revolutions of 1848 to the Paris Commune to the Bolshevik Coup d’ Tat to the ‘Civil Rights’ movement of the 1960s to the modern rent-a-mobs Antifa that endlessly torment PRO-WHITE.

    This model is custom tailored to the unique political needs of the permanent minority that desires to rule supreme as the 2% majority. They cannot afford allies larger or as cohesive as themselves. That’s because this ally would rule and not them. Consequently they must always operate with the dregs. That’s why they reach out to ‘minorities’ and dysgenic members of the majority such as feminists, homosexuals, criminals.

    Whenever ZOG achieves success It finds itself in a position of permanent instability. It’s allies by deliberate selection are self-extinguishing rather than self-propagating. This, and not just the natural rebelliousness of Jews, is why societies subjected to ZOG rule find themselves in a state of perpetual upheaval.

  • How quickly does watching a Video like this…….

    ……arouse the same/shared Collective Identitarian Reaction/Feeling………

    …….in the Ocean of Atomized White Individuals……….

    …….spread out in the Right???

    Then, the discussions about the Jewish Question, Racial Differences, Ethno-Nationalism, Identity Politics…….

    ……Disintegrate us again…….

    But, there is HUGE Potential and Power underneath the Surface…….

    ……for a MASSIVE AWAKENING in the Future…….


    Which is why our Enemies fear the Alt-Right so much…….

    We are the Tip of the Spear………

  • GREAT Piece…….

    And all Very True………

    I just still see Grays………..

    In some respect, even FOX News, Breitbart, and the Alt-Lite are at times still useful for us……..

    I routinely spend time searching Twitter to look for Alt-Right Resonance………

    And it actually abounds……..

    And who are we??

    A Bunch of Different Factions……..

    Sometimes agreeing and sometimes Fighting/Competing…….

    Unite the Right??

    Under One Umbrella??

    One Name……

    One Target…….

    Make it easier for the State to dispatch of us??

    Or Supersede the Double Slit……..


    And continue to Awaken the White European Diaspora………

    • Valid argument against big tent party and its corresponding organization for now…..but mass is a principle of politics and warfare is merely its extension. To expand and go granular on your tactical stance.I suggest “we” use the very same tactics that are proven by popular organizations targeted by the USG and by POC thugs. To whit: leaderless resistance with a spiritual/philosophical playbook as macro guidance everyone already knows (Mien Kampf,The Turner diaries,Sun Tzu) and is available in public libraries. Use online RPG games, paste bin,social media apps, for sensitive real time communications that can coordinate flash mobbing like the POC use to rob stores with surging crowds and than disperse immediately to own space’s. Neighborhood and close friend cells that are highly resistant to false flag penetration.Hybrid resistance to globalism via asymmetric tactics. We should take a cue from the environment, current events (struggles) we know and the lessons learned that are publicly available.
      We are not Asians and Gandhi tactics is not our saving grace.The 3% solution is the only proven whether you are active or passively tacit in support of it.Russian academic Igor Panarin predicts break up of USA. The racial strife will only escalate into LIC low intensity conflict in all of our cities.Google it.
      Preparation for your own timeline for when events fall into a timeline that would trigger your own, not another individuals organizations call for action.

      • ‘Ghandi Tactics is (are) NOT our Saving Grace’……

        You can be SURE of that……

        White People have been Bludgeoned, Killed, and Raped for Decades by Non-Whites…..

        White People are LOST……

        I don’t know how to more Succinctly Distill a TRUTH……..


        Expanding upon that to Solutions is where all the Insane Fault Lines EMERGE…….

        …..which reveals the 1000 Mile Peak we must Climb to SALVATION……..

        But, certain Warriors NEVER Quit……..

        There remains HOPE…….

        An Inextinguishable FLAME…….


  • The interests of globalist corporations are also important. The companies seek open borders for two reasons.

    First, immigrants provide a cheap labor pool that can be exploited.

    Second, a “refugee”, illegal alien, or menial labor immigrant consumes more in a first world nation than he would in his second or third world hovel.

    The advocacy for open borders by multinational corporations is classic rent seeking behavior where wealth is transferred from white taxpayers to immigrants, with the rents ultimately winding up in the hands of corporate giants selling crap like processed foods and smartphones.

    • The main reason the elites began supporting open borders was to break the unions, which still had great power in North America into the 1970s.

      The right essentially trolled the left- which previously supported the white working class into supporting open borders because it is sad brown people are poor (applied Third Worldism; Anti-colonialism) and whites enjoy unearned privileges/use “too much” of the world’s resources. “It’s not fair”.

      The “right” elites gradually adopted some of the left’s position on this. A reasonably financially independent middle class ALWAYS leads to a bad end for elite hegemony; the fact that America had one for forty years was a historical hiccup and was never intended to last.

      • I wouldn’t say the middle class “was never intended to last”. To me, we simply took it for granted, because it *was* so big and enduring and inclusive and, therefore, successful. And those “brown people” weren’t the only beneficiaries of “first world” largesse. We rebuilt Europe *on our dime* after WWII. We funded – and are still funding – most of NATO. We gave more money to Israel than Germany and Austria did. We did all of this, *on top* of our foolhardy welfare for the rich, enter the union-busting. America’s middle-class decline was a collective failure.

        • Our ACTUAL “middle class” (say, Levittown, 1950) was a product of Empire and the spoils of WW2.

          No, it was never intended to last. History bears this out. A small upper-middle-class management elite is fine, but a prosperous middle class (as THE largest class in a society) is something elites will always seek to suborn, by their very nature, even if they aren’t kikes.

          They recognize it as a threat.

          • 1) Because widespread, diffuse wealth means widespread access to
            political influence. Oligarchs don’t like that. They want to control
            policy & they do.
            2) Because government dependent people are easy to manipulate & control, self-sufficient people are not.
            Because some degree of social equity is essential for a community.
            Great wealth extremes undermine social unity, dividing & polarizing
            the citizenry. A divided people are easier to conquer, exploit, etc.
            Diversity undermines all these things: social trust, social capital,
            general equality, trust in government & civic engagement, etc. etc.
            etc. It is very easy to play different classes & races off against
            one another. That is how our tyrannical elites retain power.

    • WIKILEAKS: *HILLARY CLINTON SAID: *“MY DREAM IS a hemispheric common market, with open trade and OPEN BORDERS, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” ~ [05162013 Remarks to Banco Itau.doc, p. 28]

      Fact Check: Clinton did call TPP ‘the gold standard’

      This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field,” Hillary Clinton said in Australia in 2012.

  • The current system of multiculturalism is unsustainable. The wheels are already starting to fall off, it’s only a matter of time until the state loses control over the narrative. The tide is only going to shift more in our favor as time goes, the truth can’t be suppressed forever.

    • ”the wheels are starting to fall off” as they were intended to. these race war psy0ps are a distraction for the coming Great (rape) Depression Part 2, whereupon the Joo pulls down the house and moves to China and Israel. while the sheep wonder what the heck happened.

  • Multiculturalism is utopia. There has never been a successful multicultural/multiracial society in history that I know of. Multiculturalism is destined to be a failed attempt. Prepare for what comes after it.

  • We need to start making arguments that demonstrate the ‘state’ is more unstable under multiculturalism, multiracialism, equality, egalitarianism, feminism, open border, etc.

    I think this is how we can get the elites on our side. We all know all they think about is money. Let’s show them how their generational wealth is threatened under the current narrative

    • That is to presume the elites are also “victims” of “multiculturalism, multiracialism, equality, egalitarianism, feminism, open border”
      I don’t think they are victims. I believe they orchestrate a good deal of this. Our stability is not the same as their stability and unlike us the Elite are not bound by borders of nations. Their wealth comes from many nations. they prefer less borders.

      • I don’t necessarily disagree with you but surely there are some +9 figure net worth guys out there who are some what patriotic Americans. Patriotic in the sense that America is their country and they don’t want to have to move else where. Switching costs is a business term but I believe the term applies here as well. yes some of ultra rich orchestrate the open borders nonsense but I don’t think 100% of them are on board with it.

        Also, these people only care about money. It is reasonable to assume they have a large part of their assets in American financial assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, private companies, etc.). If we face instability in America because our country is browning as we all know browns and blacks are not like us. What if someone like Julian Castro gets into power and tries to turn America into a 3rd world banana republic? Would it be unreasonable to assume America would face higher borrowing costs, longer recessions, less foreign investment? Would this not hit the rich where it matters to them most? In the pocketbook.

        I think we need a multi prong approach and we cannot leave any stone unturned. We must be willing and able to speak to any group of Americans in order to further our narrative. Let’s speak to those Koch brother types in language that will sway them to our point of view.

        • it’s not an issue of nationalism or moving expenses, these top tier so called elites, I like degenerate pedophile, murdering scum better, are ALL Luciferian. Why else make secret societies and D.U.M.Bs all over the Country? This is so much bigger than economics of politics and the tuning is you or I doing have to believe it, the only important fact is that THEY believe it. Check out the short series Communism by the back door” by Dennis.Wise it’s on YouTube

        • That’s the feeble st attempt at meaningless psychological manipulation that I’ve seen this week. Even a moron like you can do better than that. Sad.

          • Yeah? Then explain why NONE of these commenters are getting their way by passing legislation, fighting for their clients in court, or funding philanthropic/humanitarian projects. Only the impotent rant, N0 0ne. I swear, you couldn’t have picked a more appropriate screen name!

  • A nation is based either on a proposition or a people. America was founded by white nationalists to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” It was founded for a people. The first immigration act of 1790 allowed only whites to be naturalized. White nationalism is no threat to such a state. In a state based on a people, the interests of the state and the interests of the people are one and the same.

    To see how this works, look at pretty much the entire non-white world. Japan for Japanese. Liberia for blacks. Mexico for mestizos.

    Conflict between state and identity is not inevitable. It is only inevitable in a state based on a proposition (set of words) like all men are created equal, everyone can be an America, it’s our values that matter, any adherent of [pick a religion] is welcome, etc.

    What we have in most of the white world today, countries based on propositions, magic dirt theory (anyone that steps on the soil is miraculously transformed) is not normal. It is not normal across the globe today (most countries even today are based on a people) and it is not normal historically in the white world. It’s a temporary anomaly which we will rectify as soon as enough pro-whites get on message and start winning the propaganda war, deprogramming brainwashed white people and controlling public opinion.

  • This is a very well thought and well written article.

    I would also add that another of the tools used to enforce the State religion is to constantly change the public’s relationship with the past.

    Let’s face it, there has been a radical departure from every aspect of social organization in the past 60 years, and rather than subject that to review, the State/Media pretends “it has always been this way” to disguise the revolution.

    Suddenly, “we’ve always been a nation of immigrants” is used as a stand in to cover how radically different the immigration policy has been since 1965 Hart-Cellar combined with the policy of non-enforcement of illegal immigration.

    White population replacement is the goal and the State religion has to act like this has been a foundational value from inception and that all adherents have to do their part to extend the legacy of this goal.

      • The even funnier thing is the woman idealized in all that is a blue-eyed, wavy-haired octoroon, not a head-bobbing, “oh no u dint” sheboon.

        Fucking hilarious. Weave-wearing fact-checkers got us to the moon.

        Notice also they didn’t dare push that shit til after John Glenn was dead.

        • Glenn was treated like a god. And women of color are not, no matter what they achieve. We would never have recognized them, while he lived. He had his time in the sun, and now they have theirs. Considering the fact that they kept Glenn safe in space, I’d say they’ve earned it.

          • LOL fine and dandy, but don’t lie in the process.

            I have NO problem with actual meritocracy (because whites always rise to the top, if you exclude jewish nepotism), and I have NO problems giving credit where credit is due.

            That’s a white thing.

            Fabricating silly narratives about unearned accomplishments, well, that’s a shitlib/nigger thing that is tied in to their narrative that white men never accomplished anything that they didn’t steal, oppress, or somehow cheat more deserving POCs out of somehow; whether it is the wealth of the nation or the space program.

            This narrative is demonstrably bullshit.

            The FACTS are, the women idealized in “Hidden Figures” were 85 percent white, and they didn’t do or accomplish SHIT in contrast to their thousands of white male nameless counterparts, until then were latched onto for propaganda purposes.

            Sheeeeit, I wonder how whitey got into space without niggers. WE WUZ KANGZ..

            Sorry, there is no excuse for these distortions.

          • So, you’re claiming that *all three* of those women were a conspiracy? Ha! I guess they’re on that long list of the alt-right’s pet conspiracy theories – Charlottesville, Newtown, 9/11, the Holocaust, etc. Is denialism a white thing? Nope. Just a #deplorable thing.

          • This sort of ignorant, toxic, bigoted White space program denialism, and feeble attempt at cultural appropriation, is typical of the Far Left’s ignorance, emotionally-based “reasoning,” and near-total historical ignorance, of course. A very clear illustration of these typically-leftist pathologies. Thanks.

          • Yes, yes, the American Space Program would never have got off the ground without three plucky conk-wearing she-boons.

            I know (pats head).


          • Heh. First you make desperate, flailing attempts to retcon Negresses into the space program, now you claim that they invented aluminum foil? Now you’re really losing it. It would probably be easier if you just promoted Negro worship in general terms, without making these specific, easily-falsifiable claims, don’t you think? Might make it easier to disguise your obvious cognitive inadequacy, and to control your intermittent hysteria, you know. Just a helpful suggestion.

            Also, were you ever able to come up with some attempt at a justification for your iemotionally-based support for the importation of millions of 68 IQ Somalian to America? Exactly how were you able to diagnose our critical Somalian shortage again?

          • “Tinfoil” is a euphemism for lunatic. I was calling “Blank Spott’s” Alex Jones moments LUNACY! But, don’t take my word on that. Why don’t YOU go tell NASA that no African-Americans held high-level positions at its agency. And use your REAL NAME!

          • America may have gotten “off the ground” because they took as spoils of war, Werner von Braun and Walter Donrnberger who basically created NASA, as they gave up the V-2 ? rocket. But it would never have gotten to the moon w/out Stanley Kubrick,a Joo.

          • When you say “But it would never have gotten to the moon w/out Stanley Kubrick,a Joo” do you mean that he helped them fake it? I think the manned moon landings were faked.

            The German scientists were not essential for our space program. They only helped speed things up.

          • Doubling down on your pathetic ignorance and your delusions? Typical of the Far Left, of course. Sad. Must worship muh Magic Negresses…

          • Well, at least you’ve got a vivid imagination. Doesn’t really make up for your near-total ignorance, and absence of even the most basic of reasoning abilities, though.

          • And women of color are not, no matter what they achieve.

            How do you explain Oprah Winfrey, then?

  • Our elites promote atomized individualism for normal white people, and collectivized identities for everyone else. That explains why American-style libertarians gets a pass for promoting radical individualism, despite their criticism of fiat money and central banking; our elites just don’t consider themselves vulnerable in that area, as we can see from the comfortable life Ron Paul has enjoyed despite what he says and writes about the Federal Reserve.

    By contrast, when white men start to show an identitarian awareness, these elites freak out. And the difference shows what these elites really care about, and what they see as the weakest point of their grip on power.

          • Then why are the Declaration of Independence and the constitution framed in terms of the individual, not the white race or even the country? Going all the way back to those times, Americans thought of themselves as distinct from Europe because of their lack of an institutionalized class system. Every man was allowed to make his own way and got to keep what he earned. That was the idea America was built on, it was built by white people yes but they never formalized it as such.

          • Individual rights inscribed within bounds of the constitution, were designed in such a way to not be an imposition on the collective society, as a whole.

            Individualist in post modernist world, thinks Indivulaism should be forced on the society as a whole, becoming an imposition on the collective.

          • They’re actually framed as a group of people acting together for a common purpose. One man doesn’t rebel against England and neither does he establish a government.

          • …until the American system of class was institutionalized…only white male landed gentry could vote…that means participate in this so called experiment…..the Knights Templar’s boundless treasure was NEVER found by the king of France from black Friday to this very day…..the original banksters ….NWO funds……

          • banksters? let’s cut the crap, the JEWS OWN America because they create the money everyone works for out of thin air. The Money doesn’t exactly exist until you, or the govt, go to the bank and ask for a loan. They write some numbers on a piece of paper and voila, money creation, this is why they will not use real money. What ”bankster” wants to use gold or silver when he can create paper and when you don’t pay it back he takes your house, car, business, and eventually the country?
            There is no need to believe me, they admitted it in court!

          • All banks create money out of thin air when they make loans. The difference with central banks, like the Federal Reserve, is that they do this without any reserves, while banks are required to keep a “fractional reserve” to back up what they lend. It is funny that the “Federal Reserve” is neither “Federal” nor a “Reserve.” It is a private corporation, and it has no reserves.

          • no it’s not funny, it’s criminal and there are 500+ Congressmen/women who need to be executed for treason for allowing it to continue.

          • America has always respected collectivism. That’s why every major city has a German area, Irish area, a Jew area, etc. That’s why many rural towns had cultures,and festive nature generally influences by the majorities background, without cultural Marxist hellbent on destroying it, by sending 20/20, 60 minutes, Jewnalist being social justice on steroids. Only in recent history has America been all about destroying all aspects of identity, related to Europeans.

            Meanwhile, you never see media, Hollywood, govt incentives, out to break up gay communities, like Key West, and places in California, or liberal infested college communities, and even go as far as to cover up black community’s and their acceptance of thug culture as being the norm, that contributes to the vast influences of their crime problems.

            Nah, they just target Lilly white communities, as being too white, and needs diversity. Basically, that roughly translates to, needs weakening.

            The individualism, didn’t start until Marxist brought Emma Goldman style philosophies into the conscious of dregs among society, and has been a black hole creating coalitions of useful idiots that become support veins for the left, because they believe banging their dog, neighbor’s 9 year old, and smoking anything under the sun as a individual right, and are ready to become radicalized foot soldiers to protect that potential that leftist political elite dog whistle as becoming policy in the future as a reward.

            Those same individualist, were of the same dregs in Russian society used to revolutionize and subjugate it. Indivulaism is designed to radicalized, and destroy societies from within.

          • Poor immigrants looked down upon by the WASP natives and forced, either by circumstance or discrimination, to huddle together in certain neighborhoods = respecting collectivism….


          • Under a banner of freedom for all to achieve beyond mere dreams? Many of those collectives booted up, went to work, took their communities to outstanding levels of improvement. Many of which at one time were honored as being the all American cultural societies.

          • And now their descendants are a bunch of atomized individualists, helpless against the next wave of racial/ethnic collectivists

          • Generally, that’s how reactionary works out. A collective comes along to clean up a chaotic mess, individuals created. Even in post Bolshevik Russia, Stalin made an attempt to use national pride as a way to clean up the mess it became after decades of revolutions, and chaotic infighting.

          • cut back on the propaganda m’am. The “nation of immigrants lie” and the “we are not a Christian country” lie are the biggest scams ever inserted into our collective “history” better called propaganda Up until the time we became a colonial holding of INTL Jewry, immigration was set to reflect the makeup of the population as a whole. NO nation, or better described, a UNION of (once upon a time) independent sovereign nation states, can survive w/oit a border, they know this. They are Luciferian and seek, or better yet, have achieved the destruction of America and its posterity whom this govt.and political structure (itself obliterated w/the incorporation of the states and the cities in the 50s+60s ) was created BY and FOR. It was madee by and intended to be a CHRISTIAN WHITE EUROPEAN NATION, NO MORE, NO LESS.E

            Anyone who doubts this look up the meaning of posterity. Africsns, Asians , and Mexicans are NOT part of the posterity and never will be. However, how can one blame them , I blame ourselves for commuting suicide. Any people who as a people respect themselves and their community rally against such destruction. Look at the turnout in Europe against the TTP , it hardly registered

      • In a rational world, where we lived in our own ethnostates, I would tend to agree.

        We don’t live in that world, however.

      • Atomized Individualism and Collective Identitarianism need not be Mutually Exclusive…….

        This is 2017…….

        White People enjoy Atomized Individualism……..

        Having access to Education, Freedom, Comfort, and LOTS of Information tends to bring that about……

        But, Atomized Individualism is Parabolic…….

        It has its Threshold of Utility……..

        As does Collective Identitarianism…….

        I believe the Alt-Right represents a Noble Effort at an Intersection and Merging…….

      • Yes, exactly. Have you ever seen those photos of bus lines in Sweden / Finland? Having just looked at images of ‘bus line in Sweden’ well, many look normalish, but then go to ‘bus line in Finland’ and you’ll see how much Nordics, at least, like to congregate 🙂

      • All people like individualism to some degree. Whites definitely appreciate it more than most. However, atomized individualism is an extreme, unhealthy type of individualism & it is bad for whites in the aggregate. Furthermore, atomized individualism in the particlar form of lacking a group/racial identity, is infinitely destructive to whites & their interests, particularly in a multicultural society where other races are highly tribal & collectivistic. Individualism is killing us. Literally. Everyone else is fighting a war against us & we are an army of individuals fighting against each other.

  • ‘Indeed our very existence is in some sense an act of revolutionary defiance’
    the belief that Whites are an existential threat of a society Whites created is Schizophrenic. A good deal of society is the byproduct of the mind which is shaped by her environment and genetics.

    It is more a product of men than women. The reason being boys need the intervention of Society to become a man. Lacking natures role which turns a girl into a woman, a boy must have initiation rights to become a man. For the rest of his life he maintains his manhood by overcoming challenges. Today those challenges range from College degrees, Jobs, role of husband, father, son to that of Soldiers, Doctors and Scientists.

    Then the development and progress of society happens to a great deal due to the byproducts of men, who need this society to make boys into men. In this one single aspect American Society is linked to European Men. Removing European men will change America’s society to the point it stops being the nation we know today. There are other reasons America is linked to Whites than the example I gave.

    Those who want Whites removed are those who have felt that way for a long time and only the Jewish community comes to mind. Going just by the Talmud the inherent hatred of Christian whites is palpable. The need to have a diverse multicultural society to meet the insecurity Jews feel is another. Jews in Israel are far more Nationalist than those in America or Europe. The problem is not Whites but a powerful minority with figures like Soros to illustrate my point.

    • >the belief that Whites are an existential threat of a society Whites created is Schizophrenic.

      ‘Whites’ didn’t lead the society down the revolutionary hole because the oligarchy doesn’t care about White camaraderie, about saving white skins that did in fact help them yesterday, they view society in time, in generations not races. And guess what, they consider the White race to be entitled, altogether consuming too much, difficult to manipulate, difficult to exploit and unwilling or too slow to leave behind traditional Christian moral views on communal life, family life and work. Thus 9/10ths of the White race is marked for extinction in the name of humanism, eugenics and environmentalism.

      What he says is correct, your existence is seen as a threat because you don’t fit in the plan of building the new Babel.

      • I understand that my existence is “seen as a treat because I do not fit the plan of building the new babel” but the moment I cease to exist the society which was founded by my kind changes to such a degree no one has an idea what it will become

        based on history the collapse of civilizations is also the collapse of an identity. It can be Egyptian, Sumerian, Persian, Roman, Mayan, Aztec. the personality and the identity of those civilizations are linked to those who created them.

        My point is those whites who want to end their own people are calling for the end of their civilization babel or not. What replaces it could be stronger and more alien as in Islam for example or Communism.

        It would be easier for those who do not identity with American culture to want the end of White Americans as a way to change that culture.

  • the u.s. government lost its legitimacy in 1861. a forced union is not a union, but the subjugation, solely for the benefit of the subjugator, of a people, or peoples, with no vested interest in mutual association.

  • >Likewise, Sam Francis once wrote that anarcho-tyranny could be summed up
    in this way: “we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy)
    so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).” And that seems largely
    accurate as well in an age where Christian bakers are vilified (and
    lose their businesses due to fines and state persecution) and violent
    thugs like Michael Brown are glorified.

  • When the state no longer hides the fact that it doesn’t hold the peoples best interests at heart, it loses any point in existing.

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