Reductio Ad Absurdum and the Alt-Right

Some of the clichés which we see repeated in the press coverage of our movement include a blurring of the lines between the Alt-Right and the Alt-lite, associations of us with White Nationalism 1.0, and other half-truths meant to make us odious in the minds of the American public.  Will there ever come a time when we might at least expect the MSM to get their facts straight about who we are and who we are not?

Don’t hold your breath.

The meme that won’t die is that Steve Bannon is part of the Alt-Right, based on his ambiguous statement that Breitbart offers a “platform” for the Alt-Right.  Mr. Bannon I’m sure had an honest misunderstanding of the key tenets of Alt-Right ideology, for a cursory look at the Breitbart comment threads allows one to glimpse peak boomer-conservativism (rabidly pro-Israel, for example).  But by repeatedly misrepresenting Bannon, the media seeks to link Trump to us; all the while they link us to bogeymen such as the KKK.  By this formulation, Trump is aligned with the KKK!

To be fair, the New York Times the other day correctly identified Breitbart as “alt-lite,” which is a fair characterization.  And indeed the idea of Steve Bannon having anything to do with the Alt-Right is transparently absurd and has actually been the subject of ribald satire.  Steve Bannon has more common sense than most with his power and influence, as he demonstrated aptly in his combative 60 Minutes interview with shitty liberal shitlib Charlie Rose.  Bannon’s a sharp guy, but Alt-Right he is not.  And the Alt-Right is not the KKK; which follows that Trump has zero connection to these very scary extremely extremist groups.

Can we expect discerning readers to make such fine distinctions?  To quote someone perhaps closer to the Alt-Right in his heart of hearts than Bannon, Tucker Carlson expounds upon the hypocrisy in our media:

Journalists are supposed to be skeptical because the rest of us don’t have time to be skeptical. ‘We’re going to pre-masticate this information for you.’ And we’ve just stopped doing that—we’re just vomiting on the public.

Alas, we have hostile cosmopolitans posing as journalists who are more interested in persecuting normal Americans than they are in conveying accurate information.  So no, we cannot wait expectantly for even a good faith attempt to portray the Alt-Right accurately in the media.

In this sense, we cannot exactly say that constantly conflating the Alt-Right with “white supremacists” and the KKK is sloppy reporting.  Rather, it’s constant lies and insinuation over fact-based reporting, as we see with the Russian collusion conspiracy theory and so many other fabrications by the media.

The simple difference between us and earnest conservative reporters such as Tucker Carlson is that we choose not to spend our entire day explaining that “we’re not racist,” nor do we claim to loath identity politics.  Both statements would be not just untrue in the sense that these phrases connote.  The point is that identity politics and race are axiomatic facts of life, and to “deny” them is like denying any other branch of science.

Connecting our ideas to the White House is the mission objective of most all reporting on the Alt-Right.  While this makes us pawns in a stupid little game, it can and likely has backfired in that it simply brings us attention, and allows our ideas to stand on their own merits.  From the NY Times:

 […] it’s still important to understand how messages like [Jason Reza Jorjani’s] could travel from the far reaches of right-wing internet and all the way into—or close to, at least—the White House.

Apart from the disingenuous attempt to link us to Trump for petty political purposes, it remains an interesting question the extent to which our ideas, floating in the ether, affect the public discourse so that indeed we do have an indirect influence on the national policy debate.  If this is true, which it appears to be, don’t we have in part our friends in the lying press to thank for this?

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  • “If this is true, which it appears to be, don’t we have in part our friends in the lying press to thank for this?”

    Yes, it is called an unintended consequence(s). They are shooting themselves in the foot as well.

  • “The point is that identity politics and race are axiomatic facts of life, and to “deny” them is like denying any other branch of science.”

    Very well said.

  • Indirectly related: Could you guys, if you’re not already, help shill for Roy Moore in Alabama? Strange is crooked as fuck and regardless on your stance on Christianity, Moore is the perfect ally in the white house. He scares the shit out of the establishment, that alone should tell you something. Mitch McConne’ls superpac has spent 8 million on Strange already, and this isn’t even the primaries….

  • Judenpresse is more accurate than Lugenpresse.

    Jewish Supremacists hate white liberation, white emancipation, white autonomy, white independence, and white disobedience. Jews demand that whites stick to White Submissivism and serve the likes of Sheldon Adelson who wants to nuke Iran.

    Yep, the Jew-run US bitches about crazy Kim of NK, but half of Congress is filled with stooges of Adelson the Jewish lunatic who wants to nuke Iran, a nation that has no nukes and never invaded anything.

    Judenpresse is mum about nut Adelson who made his money via mass thievery of gambling, a sleazy vice industry.

  • Alt Right is different from ‘white supremacist’ movements of the past.

    Much of WS was based on fantasy in the ‘They Saved Hitlers Brain’ mode.

    And then, there was the Militia Movement. This had some white supremacist elements but it was really about ridiculous paranoia about the Federal Government and Foreign Military Invasion(like in RED DAWN). They had no grounding in reality. People in the Militia Movement were right to be anxious about State Power, but their views tended toward fantastical than real. They treated the Federal government like UFO. Like today’s Progs see ‘KKK’ everywhere, even at Oberlin. Like idiot feminists see Rape Culture where it least exists: among white college males while overlooking the fact that blacks are champion rapists.
    (White Supremacism should really be called White Inferiority Complex as it’s mostly about whites of inferior IQ and ability using supremacism as therapy. It’s like the Black Inferiority Complex of ‘We Wuz Kangz’ BS. Since blacks achieved so little in terms of civilization, Kangzism creates this fantasy of how Egyptians were blacks and had flying pyramids.)

    Since Neo-Nazis/skinheads and Militias were so divorced from reality — Timothy McVeigh with this chip-in-butt theory — , they had no future. They were bound to fade away, like the Black Panthers whose fantasy of Afro-Maoist uprising in the US was pure fantasy.

    In contrast, what the Alt Right stands for is totally in tune with political situation and historical events. Even if the Alt Right did not exist, something like it would come into being because globalism creates all these anxieties and not only in the West. Something has to appear as a counter to crazy globalism dominated by Jewish supremacists and their sicko homo degenerate allies. Also, the internet made it difficult for MSM to define White Politics. Prior to the internet, Jewish & Liberal Media always featured neo-nazi loons and etc as the face of white racial politics. This had a twofold impact. It made ‘anti-racists’ hate White Identity even more, and those who wanted a White Conscious Politics decided against it since the ONLY movements associated with such seemed to be Nazi loons and KKK skinhead morons.
    But thanks to the internet, it has been possible for sane and balanced White Political Voices to come together and make their case. Since these views are so sane and sound(compared to what globalism has to offer), the Jewish supremacists are panicking and trying to tie Alt Right with Neo-Nazis and ‘white supremacism’, which is why every MSM piece on Charlottesville say it was a gathering of ‘violent white supremacists’ and ‘neo-nazi terrorists’.

    In fact, given the demented nature of globalism, Alt Right is most necessary and not just for white nations. All nations are coming under the same pressure.
    There are something like ‘identitarian’ movements popping up all over the world because globalism undermines, debases, devalues, and destroyed so much.

    Whether it’s trashy pop culture, homomania, US neo-imperialism, finance imperialism, or general degradation of heritage, history, and territory, there’s bound to be a reaction that wants to set the world right toward something deeper, stabler, saner, and more balanced.
    This is esp true since the ‘left’ has lost all moorings to its past sense of justice and has become the tool of oligarchs and decadents.

    If not for the Jewish stranglehold of media, Alt Right ideas would easily be the norm for most nations since they make the most sense. Not as ‘extreme’ ideas but sensible ideas of sanity and limitation. Nationalism is about limits. It’s about ‘our nation is our business and your nation is your business’. Globalism says all nations except Israel should be invaded and its people should welcome being replaced and denigrated as the ‘oppressive’ majority. Globalism is about limitless hubris, greed, and dominance. It’s about hegemony.

  • “The simple difference between us and earnest conservative reporters such as Tucker Carlson is that we choose not to spend our entire day explaining that “we’re not racist,” nor do we claim to loath identity politics. Both statements would be not just untrue in the sense that these phrases connote. The point is that identity politics and race are axiomatic facts of life, and to “deny” them is like denying any other branch of science.”

    MIC DROP………

  • Why are some people in the Alt-Right getting all bent out of shape over this NYTimes Article??

    It’s written by a Liberal Jew……..

    And It’s BORING……


    I saw it days ago as I browsed this Far Left Website…………..

    Didn’t click on it……..

    I knew exactly what I’d read……

    And days later……..



    What kind of press do my fellow Alt-Righters think we’re going to get from the Jewish NYTimes???




    The Worst Thing about the Article is the Gay Cucked Swede exposing his Castration and Self-Hate……

    ……while thinking he’s doing something Morally Noble and Courageous…….


  • Kim Jong Un just trolled American forces in South Korea. Very amusing. Just a subtle little nudge that if ZOG’merica decides to mix it up with this strange angry nation they created through the Korean War, his people can get to the families of their people stationed in South Korea.

    Army counterintelligence officials in South Korea are investigating fake mobile alerts and social media messages warning American military families and Defense Department personnel of orders to evacuate the volatile peninsula on Thursday.

    U.S. Forces Korea “did NOT send this message,” officials said in a subsequent Facebook post. They warned that Americans living in South Korea with U.S. troops and Defense Department employees should confirm that any evacuation-related communications are legitimate before acting.

    “Anyone receiving this false message should not click any links or open any attachments included in the correspondence,” the Facebook message said.

  • We aren’t linked to the kkk? They were anti brown and anti jew before sock puppets on the Internet so they put socks over their faces but we are the same aren’t we?

    • They bravely took a stand against black and Jew predation, just like Hitler did and just like we must in order to survive.

      • If you believe every story about the KKK then you probably believe that Putin is both a Nazi and a Communist.

        • Not really. The KKK were pro-WASP not pro “white” just like the “white nationalist” founding fathers. I don’t care for any of them, and their my enemies just as much as any Jew. My only loyalty is to my bloodline.

          • Actually, really. The KKK had Jews, and not just one or two. The KKK had Jews at the highest levels, just like the Confederacy. FFS,quit believing the Jewish narrative. It’s all bullshit.

          • Actually it has nothing to do with Jewish narrative. The KKK were anti-immigrant at a time when the vast majority of immigration was European. This included Jews from Eastern Europe as well as Catholics. And yes, they didn’t care for blacks either. In 2017 their irrelevant and non-existant so it’s not a big deal to me, but I don’t see them as some kind of example to follow, or some group that deserves an ounce of my respect. Fuck them.

          • They were right about Eastern European immigration because those same immigrants dragged America into two foreign wars in a few decades only to open the flood gates and ruin America forever.

            Fuck you.

          • LOL. I don’t give a shit about the Jews. Pretending like they didn’t give Catholics the same treatment is just being deceptive though. The Alt-Right is turning into BLM for white people. There is no need to be so touchy.

            Jews AND wealthy WASPs are responsible for the two world wars btw. Stop trying to re-write history in ways that are more advantageous to you, the way Jews do.

    • The KKK wasn’t anti-Semitic you dope. Woodrow Wilson’s Jewish cabinet were KKK members and leaders. The same (((Hollywood))) that lumps Jews and blacks together with their bogus slave narrative is the same (((Hollywood))) that makes a move about a Jew and a black pilot saving the world. It’s so absurd only a cultist would believe it. In reality, Jews were central to slavery and there wouldn’t be slavery without Jews. Not to mention, Jews were far more prominent in the Confederacy than in the Union. Judah P. Benjamin was the Vice President of the South, not the North. I suppose you believe that Concentration Camps were turning Jews into lampshades, shrunken heads, and bars of soap. It’s all been debunked but there are still cultists who believe it.

      Quit peddling the Big Lie, Saul.

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