The Destruction Of White America From The Perspective of a Rural White Man

Submitted by Rick Gesetze


Growing up in a small town in the North Carolina, my early experiences with diversity were somewhat limited.  Born to a middle-class family in 1990, the first few years of my life I knew little of the struggle that would come.  My hometown was full of prosperity and still maintained a unified feeling of the Christian Protestant spirit.  My mother worked in a sewing factory for a clothing company and my father worked as a woodworker for a local furniture company.  For their generation, there existed many entry-level employment opportunities for Americans with limited skills and education.  Most of the locals would end up in one of the many factories, which provided full-time employment, a living wage, and many opportunities for career advancement.  Little did I know that everything was going to radically change for rural Americans of my generation and these opportunities would not be available for much longer.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed in 1994 would come into full effect by the dawn of the millennium, leading to all local factories in my hometown closing doors by the year 2001, save for one. The one that remained would lower wages due to a large supply of workers, high demand for employment, and migration of peoples mostly from Latin American countries. The small town that I grew up in would be radically altered and I would experience much change in my personal life as a result of these globalist policies.  The company for which my mother worked would move south of the border to Mexico.  The company for which my father worked would see its doors close permanently.  My reasonably prosperous family in rural America would eventually fall into destitution and dissolve. My parents would split up (in part due to these financial struggles) and I would move in with my grandmother. The one factory that remained, a meat packaging factory, was not an ideal place of employment. Wages in this plant would stagnate and become filled with foreigners, mostly of Hispanic origin.

These events lead to many of my childhood friends having to leave their hometown (many of whom I assume had ancestral history there, like myself, dating back hundreds of years) as their parents sought employment.  Immigrants began migrating in droves. Increasingly, stores started appearing without a single word in English on the signs, a sign of the “Multicultural America” to come. The traditional southern culture and spirit of the people would eventually erode almost entirely.  Even to this day, there are no signs of economic prosperity returning to its former glory and I fear the people and cultural changes are permanent.  Although there are remnants of my people and our spirit remain, I’m afraid the leftists are at least partially correct when they say, “you have been replaced”. Not only have we been replaced, we’ve been demoralized and virtually destroyed.

As many others in the Alt-Right, I came from a Ron Paul-esque libertarian background.  As someone who really believed in the principles of libertarianism, the insanity of the left (for example the push for an infinite number of gender identities that is largely infecting the minds of children) really started making me question my assumptions of “live and let live”. It is no secret that the libertarian movement was composed almost exclusively of white people of European descent, mostly men with a traditional American political perspective.

The Republican Party, which is also composed almost exclusively of White People of European Descent, is also on its way out if demographic trends continue.  Understanding the demographic changes occurring as a result of “multiculturalism” would mean that the America I envisioned, believed in, and grew up with was destined to wither away, I knew something new was needed.  It is considered taboo for White people of European Descent to form identity groups (despite many existing for people with a nonwhite identity like La Raza and the NAACP). Discovering the Alt-Right and key figures like Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch of TRS (Sven not so much), Nathan Damigo and Eli Mosley of Identity Evropa (to name a few) was a breath of fresh air and it became clear that the future of the American people, if we are to survive, lies with White tribalism.

The Alt-Right will be the movement that finally pushes White Identity onto a new generation of White men and prepares them for the struggle that lies ahead. Because this isn’t just happening in rural America. It is happening all over the White world.

And we will have to come together to face the new threat of demographic replacement from an internal foe. From internal traitor politicians. From a Tribe that hates us, from corporations that want to outsource us, and policemen that want to suppress us. They will all be set against us.

But we will rise up and defeat them all.

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  • What is being done to England is criminal on so many levels. Pisses me off even more as I am 24% English. I am much more black pilled about their future as I do not see any resistance too speak of occurring their. Sweeden at least has Nordic Front, France National Front and Germany AfD.

  • NAFTA is a fraud, as is globalism. It’s also high-time we stop spending our money on policing the world and fighting other countries’ wars (i.e. Saudi/Israeli regimes).

  • This was the plan, break the back of rural America. Force the younger generation into the megacities, water our people’s culture down and hope we slip off silently into the night.

  • For the elites (most of whom are white Gentiles) globalism means professional and investment opportunities, and inexpensive servants. For the rest of us globalism means that jobs are harder to find, harder to keep, and that they pay less while they last.

    Since its founding the Republican Party has been dominated by the business community. Republican politicians only care about advancing the economic interests of the richest ten percent of the population. I hope those reading this understand that tax cuts for the rich do not do them any good. Neither do cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    The Democrat Party has come to be dominated by well educated, well paid bi-coastal professionals. Many of these have more sympathy for a poor ghetto black man with several felony convictions and several illegitimate children than with a lower income white man who works hard at a job he does not like to support his wife and legitimate children.

    • “Many of these have more sympathy for a poor ghetto black man with
      several felony convictions and several illegitimate children than with a
      lower income white man who works hard at a job he does not like to
      support his wife and legitimate children.”

      I live in NC not too far from Duke & UNC and have witnessed this phenomenon more times than I can remember. It’s the norm for well educated liberal whites to hold working class whites in contempt while they pander to the lowest elements the black race has to offer. The scorn seems particularly sharp among the younger ones. I can only assume it has something to do with them viewing working class whites as “hurdles to progress”. Here in NC, the blacks vote democrat 95%+ of the time but working class whites have been trending Republican for decades. From my experiences, whites from wealthier Republican areas do not have this attitude. They may not want to be your buddy but they don’t display the contempt the “liberal elite” types do. I really get the impression that the liberal elites would like for working class whites to simply disappear.

      • I am a Democrat, but I understand and sympathize with the majority of working class whites who made the exodus from the Democrat Party to the GOP, beginning with the election of 1968.

        I have also come reluctantly to suspect that in states with large black populations Jim Crow legislation was based on sound instinct.

        The Democrat Party that I really feel loyalty to is the party that existed from the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt to the assassination of John Kennedy – thirty years in all.

        The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was followed by five years of black ghetto rioting, and more enduring increases in black social pathology. Blacks still perform as poorly in school as they always have done. This substantiates arguments presented against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

        I have known blacks I have liked, and still do like. They are credits to their race, but not typical examples of it.

        Unfortunately, what I have just posted can be dangerous.

  • Please, a lot more of these sorts of articles. This is so much more interesting than seeing egomaniacs fapping to pictures of themselves in their writing. I am inspired to read the stories of other people like me who care more for the preservation of their race than they do with scoring points against social media rivals and protecting their online turf and brand.

  • Don’t give up hope, Guest Writer. Remember, a thousand retards can’t outthink one guy who is sharp. And in terms of mental capacity the Aryan race is second to no one.

  • Ok — So, serious question. How do we fight this? Where do we start? We know how we got here. The causation can be traced back in almost every aspect to infiltration and subversion by a foreign tribe whose interests are opposed to our own. Is it possible to take back what is ours by fighting the Jews using their own tactics? Why can’t we organize the way they do, and make long term plans? They did it by getting their feet in the door in politics, media, academia, judiciary, banking, etc. Then they spread their influence like a virus through nepotism. They spread their influence in Russia over 100 years ago by sending their kids to college to become lawyers, doctors, etc. We need to organize at local levels, brainstorm, and make damn sure the brightest among us are sent to great schools and become powerful lawyers and politicians. We need to eradicate sh*tlibs from local politics, and take over our school boards so WE make the decisions on what our kids are taught at schools. Sitting around being depressed and waiting for someone else to come save us will only ensure we’re all dead in 70 years.


  • Drive through small town Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, all the same story. Once profitable factories, empty and dead. Eery how the buildings and homes of yesteryear provide proof that there were indeed better times.

    Back when things were made to last a life time. Now all shit is made in chine, made to replace every couple years.

  • I’ve experienced this same thing in SC. All the jobs went, the drugs took over, and whitey is completely overcome with degeneracy. My farther is now a truck driver with shit benefits, while my mother struggles to walk due to her RA. In the early 90s my dad was a factory worker with excellent benefits, retirement package, etc. More likely my pop will work till he can’t anymore. It’s a fucking shame.

  • I wonder if these towns could start their own economies, deal with each other even barter with each other. I was thinking , I have a tractor, if I were to do some work at a business and the owner were to buy say 300 dollars worth of dehydrated food (could be anything else I was planing to buy , just an example) and just give it to me, then that’s my payment instead of me going online and buying it. We bypassed all the taxes, all the bull shit right there and no ones the wiser. They can’t even defeat this system by getting rid of cash. Anyone asks questions, I’m just using my tractor to help out a friend, nothing more. The thing is, we get proactive about it, set up networks among ourselves. The ones who want to use dope and act like degenerates get frozen out of the network and end up in jail when they start to steal etc. We purge them out of our midst this way.

  • honestly I am thinking about moving back to Hungary where the politicians don’t hate their people and want to replace them with foreigners. will have no choice when the entire country is 99% niggers in a couple of decades

  • I grew up a child o’ Reagan in next door TN.

    We had 14 factories in my hometown, good paying jobs for high school grads and young adults. They went buh-bye.

    None of you goys under a certain age even understand how badly you’ve been cheated.

    The article is very good, it just misses out that what replaced the factories were meth dens. Having lived all over muh Bible belt, it’s the same thing in every small town. Jobs went away, drugs came home.

    The government loves you.

    Was looking at relocating back to my hometown, but the crime rate is extraordinary. The more prosperous the town/locale before the diversity onslaught, the more degenerate it is in vibrancy’s aftermath.

    Idiots and normies (same deal) really have no clue just how big the U.S. really is. They blab about loving nature and wanting to be more close to it, but white fucktards are constantly signaling. Empty ghosts. They care nothing for the fact that real people used to live closer to nature everyday in communities where people knew each other.

    What the writer experienced, I did a couple of decades before. Whites don’t wake up, they just drug out on meth, alcohol and porn. That’s our race. Oh, and they vote for Lamar Alexander and Lindsey Graham.

    The writer is too young to even understand what it was like when Southern women — yeah, the fat ones — were slender. Google stories explaining why Southerners are so fucking obese now and you hear shit about the “heat, humidity and lack of walk-able areas.” Because hot summers didn’t exist thirty or forty years ago, when girls were your friends and they were very slender.

    Looking at white women now in public is rape for a man. Rape by ugly.

    Keep drinking, keep wearing the hoods and Nazi uniforms is all I can say. That is our path to victory.

    Hail victory!

    • I also experienced and saw the exact same thing in the Deep South. I wonder if the government didn’t just let the drugs take over as a way to pacify the people. But this is mostly true for the entire White world. The only places I have been who seem to have resisted this are in Central and Eastern Europe. For example, years ago when I first visited Sweden as a young man I was amazed at all the beautiful women and lack of hogs, except for those over 50. The diet is very rich and fatty too. Now, except for Stockholm where the gold diggers descend from all over Sweden to market their product (their bodies), it is fat city in Sweden. Particularly in the small towns and villages. If you go from Sweden to Lithuania you will see. I was on a ferry this summer from Sweden with Lithuanian workers (these are the bottom of the barrel fruit pickers and such) and it was like I went from a hog farm to a boat full of models. But it wasn’t always that way. It seems stuffing your face with sugary drinks, chips and candy is a form of escapism. It’s probably less harmful use the traditional form of Swedish escapism and down a bottle of vodka a day than gorging yourself. That’s just one example of this playing out all over the White Western world.

    • Don’t want to be negative but all those factories were northeastern concerns that outsourced to the south after unionization. In fact all those japanese plants in Nashville owe their existence to the auto quota limits for foreign vehicles and the governers handouts to keep the non unionized plants in state. The Jackson plant recently voted down the union while nissan japanese workers have guaranteed employment pensions and copious holidays.
      We’ve been feeling the bleeding longer.

  • I took a trip into a neighboring county the other day and was disappointed to find myself surrounded by turd worlders. It’s just as bad there as it is here, where I live. Time, tide, and genocide wait for no man.

  • I’m sick of seeing this….recently I drove through South Carolina’s rural areas in the lowlands and man was it depressing. Every town was poor, every building was dilapidated, every person had these depressed and empty look on their faces, and the atmosphere reeked of sorrow, and it was much the same in Georgia and North Carolina, seemingly every rural area I passed through was destroyed. You could see buildings that just 30-40 years ago were probably beautiful and full of happy and prosperous young Aryans completely falling apart, almost like what you see in video games like Fall out….It made me physically ill to see Aryans living like that under the tyranny of the Jews, without hope, without honor, without the chance to succeed and achieve greatness.

    How long are we going to allow this state of affairs to continue? How long will we sit by and watch our kinsmen, who share our blood, suffer like this? I think we should put our money where our mouths are and try to start a charity drive for helping poor Aryans. Similar to this –

    To anyone who has a platform, PLEASE try and promote an idea like this! Our people are suffering and only we can end, through our strength of will and our own labor!

    • It’s not perfect, but Christian Appalachian Relief fund appears to provide some support too our Volk in white afganastan. I checked their charity efficiency rate and almost 90% of funds received turn around and go back out, it’s not ideal as it is not explicitly for our Volk only, but considering the demographics of the area it’s at least something.

  • The struggle within America will have to continue but if the war cannot be won to preserve White European heritage then seek to dissolve the union with DC. I know the South tried that in 1861 but DC answered the natural right to seek liberty with the gun and won.

    We may have to seek liberty using any means including referendums (as in BREXIT) to getting foreign help in areas of funding to an international voice that takes on the cause of an independent nation free from DC.There are major powers who would support secession.

    Only then can we have control of our borders, our money, our banks, our immigration laws and our history.

    The natural right to liberty (Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness) are greater than any written right as in the Constitution. Natural rights are shared by all mankind. Just a reminder that the sates agreed to join the Union with an understanding it can be dissolved if the “union” is not working.

    • I agree. We cannot continue in this current state of affairs. How long until we are a minority in our own lands, that our fathers rightfully won with their hard work and determination? How long until we are targeted for genocidal violence, like we have seen in Rhodesia and the Boer Republics? Things must change!

      • We need to ask the question what is the benefits we get staying in the Union that we cannot get as an independent nation. What are the reasons to have this union? security? taxes? if we have more problems being with the Union then shouldn’t we dissolve it? We did with England for less reasons.

  • You also do realize that the southerners stole their textile industry from the Yankee North. NYC used to be a textile center before cheap southern labor took away that industry. Right now there is strong anti-union sentiment in the South. A lot of auto makers relocated to the South to get away from Northern unions.

    • Race to the bottom karma for the south. Mexico will get its karma as well when jobs are shifted to even poorer parts of the world like further south for autos or Africa which has a growing textile industry due to having the world’s lowest wages.

      The replacement cheap labor eventually gets replaced themselves by even cheaper labor is how race to the bottom globalism works.

      • Human labor will soon enough be replaced by robots. They don’t eat or sleep. They have no need for salary and can’t think for themselves. So even the third world trash will be unemployed in the next decade or so. Then after that the jews will decide that we no longer need the meat goyim when we have have metal goyim to do the labor for us.

        • Technology has been “replacing” humans since before many humans were wiped out in the Great Plague of 1347.Desperate businesses resorted to technology improvements to compensate for a drastic reduction of workers when they had a huge oversupply beforehand. It ended up being probably the greatest single generation rise of standard of living in recorded human history and get rising for over a century in what is today called the Renaissance Technological Revolution.

          Although technological revolutions do put technologically obsolete workers out of business and many fear nearly everyone will be as well when they do, they do raise standards of living for society as a whole unlike mass immigration which depresses wages by increasing supply of workers without increasing demand as much.

          Both “mass immigration is good for the economy as a whole” and “robots will kill jobs” cannot be true because mass immigration would just be importing more useless eaters to a robot workforce world that would either need to be subsidized or genocided on top of natives.

    • Sorry, but that’s not exactly true. NC’s textile industry was largely home grown. New York & New Jersey produced finished products but the cotton & cloth were products of the south. NC’s textile industry predates the civil war. All of the largest companies that I’m aware of were founded here (Burlington Industries, Cone Mills, Cannon mills ect..). For decades the largest textile manufacture in the world was Burlington Mills. It was founded in Burlington, NC in 1923. Generally speaking, the cotton was grown in the Deep South then transported to the Carolinas were the raw cotton was processed into fabrics before being sent north to be made into finished products. The north did send manufacturing jobs to the south but they were in different industries. I worked at a plant with northern roots that manufactured pneumatic valves until it was closed and the jobs & machinery sent to Mexico. The plant moved from NY to NC in the 60s and then moved to Mexico in 2003. The textile plants of the north were pushed out by southern competition, not by closing and relocating.

  • Yes, the same thing is happening in England. And, although I’m English, I’m just as distressed to read what is happening in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as I don’t like to see any of these related countries being taken over.

    • What we’re witnessing is an international war against the entire white race.
      Got any news re: Brexit??? Are you guys any closer to getting back control of your country?

      • Well, yes, the news is that the prime minister is thinking of paying the EU £30bn as a “divorce bill”, although we are entitled to leave without paying anything (do you quit your gym membership and carry on paying the gym so they can cover their bills without you?). And she may agree to continue implementing some EU regulations and allow a lot of migration from the EU. Of course, the real Europeans aren’t the problem – I would definitely want to exclude the Somalis, Algerians, Moroccans, Turks, Iraqis etc who have passports from EU countries, so this migration thing is a real problem. The Brexit is going to be fudged….

  • Even after NAFTA the factories eventually went from Mexico to China, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in border towns like Juarez unemployed and living in slums, where the only options seem to be to go north, or join the Cartels. And even in China as their production costs go up, they start to outsource to Cambodia and Vietnam.
    Getting angry or reminiscing about the good old days is fun mental masturbation, but can anyone think of one country that went Protectionist and ended up better for it? Even North Korea has to use its vital farmland for narcotics crops to sell internationally – which probably isn’t helping their food problems. I hate to use a cliche, but the march of history seems to be inevitable, we’re not going back to 1950, no matter which LARPy fantasy comes true.

    • Those American factory jobs who you demean, provided millions of good, high wage & benefit paying managerial, administrative, and engineering jobs for American college graduates. These factory jobs also supported our professional class in the USA. The doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. all profited from the lowly factory and its jobs.

      • I never demeaned anything.. I said I don’t see the point in the article beyond nostaliaposting. Even if you forget about outsourcing or 3rd world migrant labor, automation will eventually make a lot of these jobs obsolete.

    • Have you ever seen an undeveloped country become 1st world with open trade and borders? Never happened in history. That is why China protects its domestic economy so that it can eventually become a 1st world nation.

      The global median income is about 5% of US median income so I hope you can accept a 95% wage cut to avoid being “LARPy”. People that can’t will demand at least China level of protectionism and probably more rather than gracefully accept race to the bottom globalism and a 95% wage cut to achieve global equilibrium.

      • Didn’t I say that even Chinese companies are starting to outsource to Vietnam?
        The State has a lot more influence on the economy there but even they aren’t all powerful , at least against market forces

        Let’s be honest, most people here know next to nothing about this stuff, myself included – this is a site for racialists and WNs, not economists. All I’m saying is that there are complicated global trends at work that don’t only apply to the US.

        • Sure, some stuff is being outsourced to Vietnam where it is cheaper than even China. He’ll, textiles and other cheap to ship stuff is being outsourced to Sub-saharan Africa which is cheaper than Vietnam.

          The point was the neoliberal globalist vision of inevitability with or without the delusional libertarian niavety that such mass extraordinary poverty can be maintained indefinitely with a low tax, minimal government that champions individual liberty rather than the traditional neoliberal vision that knows a high tax cost, massive para-military police state with extreme authoritarian censorship is necessary to maintain such gross inequality.

          The fact that China is going against the neoliberal grain and is far better off economically for it shows that globalism isn’t destiny and can be reversed in the US and Europe.

          • I don’t understand why you’re comparing China to the US etc. America and the EU are mostly 1st world, advanced, tertiary economies… Most of China’s population were peasant farmers as late as the 1980s, after which they underwent rapid industrialization thanks to Western capital. Basically, their economy improved because they had a huge labor force that worked for cheap to sell cheap shit to the West, not because of any ideology.

            I’m not sure what your second paragraph means but the “inevitability” here is that as the standard of living improves in China due to higher wages, the cost of production will invariably go up as well, so most of the factories will move out. That’s just basic economics, you can’t force them to stay without massive subsidies.

            Poorer countries make shit, richer countries have service based economies, and high tech. That’s kind of how it works.

          • Wrong. China has their own Lebensraum program and self sufficiency is part of it. They plan to use all Western tech and businesses as much as they can, steal what they can and be self sufficient in everything (that includes their Lebensraum in Africa and all over the globe).

            Have you been to China? I’m writing from East Asia.

          • That’s not Lebensraum. That’s exerting influence internationally and getting into new resource markets. The US does that too

          • Not that simple with the Chinese. They are literally colonizing the planet, that is planting Chinese colonies. That is why it is more like Lebensraum than simple trade deals. They want to be able to be self sufficient and it will be like before the Opium Wars when the West did not have anything that the Chinese wanted but the Chinese will have things we will want. That is when it is checkmate to China.

            They are going heavy into Africa.

          • They’re not colonies, it’s employees of Chinese companies who work there or train the locals. After their contract is up they go home…

            Anyway, it’s the same thing the US does.. at least the US has military bases all over to protect their interests .

            The only thing the Chinese are colonizing are those shitty little islands in the South Pacific lol

          • Virginia company.. you’re actually comparing a settlement in the 1600s where people took a one way trip by ship for months across the ocean, along with their families to some Nigerian oil facility with a few dozen Chinese nationals on site? Lol

          • Chinese have been immigrating to North America, Europe and other Asian nations for generations.. what’s new about this? There’s no Chinese living space being set up in Africa, as you alluded. Relax

          • I am giving China as an example of not every major nation is going along with a one world, free trade market since you keep posting your cuckertarian belief that a one global trade market is economic destiny. It isn’t for China and doesn’t have to be for any other nation.

          • If it isn’t, then why is China trying to create incentives for their companies to move to the poorer inland Chinese provinces instead of moving to Vietnam? Why can’t they just give them an order? Obviously not everything is under state control

      • The real issue is cost of living. 1 dollar an hour is dirt poor but doable when you live communally with family and don’t expect to live past 60. Even in appalachia a cola costs 50 cents.
        This is why those international trade regimes never punish currency manipulators. That would defeat the point of globalization.

    • What were US tariff/ trade policies in the late 1800s? Economic growth rates? Clearly protectionist trade policies must have destroyed the US economy during that period, right?

  • The Western elite exhibit the Faustian spirit.

    They want a world without limits. But it is the working man who knows all too well the limits of the world, the limits to human endurance, the limits to the things of the world.

    But the Western elite won’t accept those limits. Sometimes that is a good thing. It leads to new discoveries from Newton to Galileo. But oftentimes they take extreme and stupid measures. Prime example is black slavery.

    Multiculturalism imposes alienation of labor. African slavery, slavery in general, was one of the earliest practices of multiculturalism. It reinforces alienation of labor with cultural and linguistic and racial barriers. The elite want alienation from labor. They want labor to be foreign and other so that they can be apart from it and so that they can make motions of noble obligess that are absorbed by the alien workers without criticism.

    • Galileo was just reading about him again. If he’s not written the character Simplisico in his dialog he’d never have lost the patronage of the Pope who by all account liked him.

      • The Pope or the Inquisitor’s Office, now called Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ordered him to stop preaching against the Church and Her Doctrine. All the universities have their pedigree and owe their existence to the Church and Galileo was working in one of them, he was to told to shut up or get lost, that’s what made him write the story.

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