The Alt-Right Must Close Ranks And Not Back Down

As our movement faces inevitable challenges, there will be certain individuals who back away and even betray. The Hailgate incident was the first of these moments, and was only topped when Charlottesville came round. Charlottesville showed many people’s true colors. We shed a lot of unnecessary baggage as a movement as a result of that day.

It has been one month since the Unite The Right rally and the beginning of the new paradigm of explicit censorship and repression. But Charlottesville also represents a turning point for us. It represents a benchmark and proves how quickly we have grown, outstripping any previous timetables or expectations. Our membership rosters continue to grow. Our donor bases continue to grow. And the President of the United States acknowledged and even defended the Alt-Right publically.

Who would have thought that we’d come so far, so fast?

Richard Spencer likes to say that revolutionary change occurs when individuals are forced into a binary choice of ‘resist or cuck’. And if we want to win, there is no path to victory where we do not enter the real world of unmasked political action. No one said this would be easy and our team of amateurs continues to learn and grow together into a professional White activism movement.

We deeply empathize with the various Alt-Right activists who have had their lives significantly affected over the past month. In fact, I have personally had to go through the same ordeal in the past.  When faced with the crucible of doxing and the subsequent employment and familial issues, an activist has two choices: double-down, or cuck. Everyone in our movement must be prepared to stand tall and double-down.

Regardless of the circumstances, turning tail never quite seems to work out. Your family, friends, colleagues, and former “brand” will lose respect for your convictions, consciously or not. Moreover, leaving will alienate your relationships with the movement. There are already plenty of examples of former activists trying to disavow and cuck that failed miserably. Don’t repeat their mistakes.

Despite this advice, there is, in fact, an excellent method to insulate yourself and step away from the Alt-Right.

The only acceptable way to back away is through silence. Save yourself, and your friends, from undue scrutiny and don’t offer internal critiques to the media. No matter how valid, beginning public tirades against the movement only serves as an example to our opponents that their methods are working.

At the end of the day, we all know that there’s no real quitting. We all know what the data looks like, and those that leave us rarely do so because of ideological interventions, but personal considerations. This is why we are thrilled to see organic friendships and networks arising to assist Alt-Right activists who are feeling the heat and not backing down. We need to do even more to protect our members and activists going forward.

Protecting our own encourages new people to come forward.

In general, as new obstacles present themselves, we encourage those with internal concerns to join us. Our movement is what we create of it. Pouting on the sidelines should not be mistaken for making a principled stand. If you have critiques and suggestions, be the change you want to see. The Alt-Right is still an incredibly new movement with plenty of room for improvement. Let’s get to work and fix what can be fixed, improve in areas where we can improve and keep up our movement’s momentum.

Eli Mosley
the authorEli Mosley
Eli Mosley is the leader of the identitarian movement Identity Evropa, and a movement veteran and organizer.


  • What if the Alt-Right brand is simply broken and in need to be tossed? hat’s in a name, after all? If this identitarian movement wants to survive, then it needs to rebrand. And extend an olive branch towards the dissidents it has offended. Beggars are not choosers. And yes, you are beggars. Your image is that of a movement mostly made up of YouTube trendies who think they have it figured out and mock other figures of the dissidence, when it should work on gathering behind a common banner. You know what? Let it be the Star Spangled Banner. This is a banner which will gather many behind a cause which is not a lost one. Oh, they don’t agree with out core beliefs, say you? Then build your movement as a fraternity, a network, I don’t know, a secret society? And make your core beliefs, the one not shared with the teabaggers, three percenters, patriots and other freepers, make these beliefs a final step in their initiation. It takes making people understand. You can’t skip steps in the demonstration.

    • You’ll be rebranding every 6 months. Pick a label and defend it instead of letting enemies chase you from label to label. People that argue for rebranding are typically cowards who want a safe white nationalism with training wheels. I’m sorry that no such thing exists. Grow nuts.

  • The movement needs to be consolidated and make what it stands for a lot clearer. We also need closer relations between American and European organizations.

  • I agree ,but if there’s anything we can learn from C Ville is that we can’t trust the local governments that are liberal strongholds, and letting our enemies know when and where we’re going to be is a foolish strategy .Never let ANTIFA know exactly when or where our rallies will be ,we should take a lesson from Roosh V when he did his manhood conference in Toronto with the aid of the the internet he led ANTIFA on a wild goose chase. And fed ANTIFA a phony hotel address ,they never got near the conference LOL. And 2 more points I’m going to make. Why are we holding rallies in liberal strongholds in the first place? If we know ANTIFA is going to show up and cause problems? Shouldn’t we hold our rallies in cities and counties where we have the homefield advantage? And how come we can’t use political flashmob’s? There effective ,when its comes to getting out our message.

  • To close the ranks again the leadership needs to work on its own message. The two greatest setbacks were directly due to the use or allowance of Nazi imagery (Hailgate and Charlottesville). People are right to expect a learning curve here.

    Disallowing unwanted symbols on public events is not really difficult. You set out what you don’t want to see in the event announcement (weapons, dogs, imagery etc.) and hire security to police these conditions. PEGIDA has been doing this with complete success for three years now.

  • What attracts me to the Alt-Right is white/European identity and nationalism, the understanding that race is not a social construct, as statists would have us believe, but real and important. Not in the way racial supremacists believe it is, but for any deep and meaningful sense of both personal and group identity.

    However, we all have acquaintances, friends, or even family members, who are not white, which presents a huge challenge when it comes to asserting one’s sense of white identity. It’s a challenge we need to rise to for personal reasons, but also in order to silence those who equate white identity with white supremacism.

    Whites are still by far the the most powerful racial/ethnic group on the planet, but have fallen prey to an ideology of white racial self-denial, self-contempt and self-hatred, the origins of which lie in an understandable, but pathological overreaction to the evil of Nazism and the Holocaust, which the state quickly exploited in its age-old strategy of divide and rule, whereby society is divided into a morally superior, now supposedly unprejudiced, non-tribal, “colour-blind” and xenophilic elite, on the one hand, and the morally inferior, naturally (evolved human nature being what it is) tribal, prejudiced, not colour-blind, but xenophobically-inclined masses, on the other, who must submit to the authority of and domination by their “moral superiors”.

    Post-racial multiculturalism is the exact but equally extreme and insane opposite of Nazi racial ideology, so that by definition, anyone opposed to it is a Nazi or white supremacist.

    We cannot win this civil war, which is what it is, just as white identitarians/nationalists, but only in alliance with other races and people of mixed race. Our common enemy is the STATE, which demands that we subordinate any sense of tribal/racial loyalty to loyalty to itself. It seeks to suppress, by demonising, white identity altogether, because there is nothing it fears more than the rise of white nationalism, because as the racial majority it poses an existential threat to the state and its spurious claim to nationhood.

    The state may be our enemy, but we can’t destroy it, because we depend on it. We can only reform it. But the kind of radical reform required meets with massive resistance from all the vested interests there are in the state and status quo. There is, I believe, a way to overcome this resistance, but it entails a multi-racial/multi-ethnic alliance.

    I elaborate on these ideas in my blog:

    • So, you’d shun a loving and loyal friend or relative, just because they’re non-White or non-Christian? You aren’t “attracted” to the alt-right. This cult has sucked you in!!! Any legitimate social group would honor your other relationships.

      • I meant to imply that I would not shun a friend or acquaintance for not being white, anymore than most Jews would shun non-Jews for not being Jewish. However, one’s identity does have implications for those who do not share it. It’s a challenge we need to face up to, rather than seeking to deny and avoid it.

        • No! I’m talking about meaningful ties to the people we cherish and dedicate our lives to!!! Would you really ostracize your friends, your mom, or your step-siblings, at the behest of the alt-right? Come on! Nobody deserves to be treated like that!

          • My red-pilling almost destroyed my marriage.

            But I kept at her with the subtle pink-pilling; and now, she, too, has come around.

            Anyone, ANYONE- who is not white or who will not respect our rights to be sovereign IN OUR OWN NATION can fuck off, with prejudice.

            No other people in the history of the world would allow or excuse someone coming into their house (built for you by your grandparents) and being told they must give it up because it is sad other people’s homes aren’t as nice, and then if you object, being eternally gaslit and told that the house isn’t yours because someone was mean to someone hundreds of years ago.

            You better pick a side. I have no place in my life for assholes who tell me I have no right to exist, or who tell me “white genocide” is a tinfoil conspiracy in one breath and then in the next crow about the wonders and justice of my demographic displacement.

            Those people can fucking die, because that’s what they want for me and my kids.

            No quarter, or fucks, asked or given for the enemy at this point.

          • I bet this “movement” has fractured a lot of average or above-average families. Just look at all the aggravation Spencer caused his wife and child. If not for your skill and stamina at manipulating your spouse, she would surely have left you by now. And she may still leave you. What will you do, if she develops a relationship, a career, or a knowledge base that breaks your influence on her? How would you treat her, if she tried to bring those ideas or people into the home you share? Would you ever consider your wife “the enemy”? Would your kids have to “choose” between their parents? You seem to have a real life, Blank. Ponder those complications, if you think you’ll want to hold onto it.

          • Participants in our movement, as in any other radical movement have personal and professional challenges. Redpilling someone is actually the opposite of manipulation. It is the awakening of our friends and family members from the decades of manipulation of the current Church of the Left that denies scientific facts (e.g. race differences in I.Q.) and manipulates millions of Whites to hate themselves.

            When our friends and families come to our side, we take pride in saving them from the manipulation that people like you Form succumb to.

    • My idea of the fight is to get rid of as many nonwhite immigrants both legal and illegal as we can and keep them out. As I see it, immigration is what is killing us. If I could keep blacks out of my neighborhood, I’d be all for it. But I think the most important thing at the moment is to get rid of the DACA freeloaders. They stand to replace our kids, not the MS-13 gang members. They tend to kill people in their own neighborhoods. Trump is a traitor. According to Breitbart News, more than 100,00 freeloaders have gained DACA status since he was inaugurated. I hate him.

  • What is accomplished by staging rallies in public to fight with Antifa? People have their livelihoods ruined, some go to jail (whether or not they’re guilty the process is often the punishment and costly to boot), some get injured and the entire thing looks like a clown show at best and a complete disaster at worst.

    Trolling the left alone does not offer a path to success. Antifa are nobodies and wasting good people on them is pointless. The real power behind them is untouched by this and delights in being able to pick naive right-wingers off.

    It’s time the Alt-Right refocused, IMO. Focus should be less about what we’re against and more about what we’re for.

    As far as course corrections are concerned, the first thing you have to do is admit when you’ve fucked up and implement changes to make it less likely again in the future. I don’t see that happening but I hope it’s going on behind the scenes. If you guys are just doubling down you won’t have learned a thing and will continue to make missteps until anyone with a shred of common sense leaves the movement.

      • Yeah and this is a problem. People are going to have to get over their bullshit and a solid ideology by people much smarter than most of us needs to be hammered out.

        • I’m in my 30s. As cathartic as street fighting with a bunch of nasty commie LARPers might be, the reality of our situation is that in the decades to come we are going to be without political representation. We don’t have it now. We don’t have any coherent right-wing voices out there offering an alternative to people.

          • We have political representation at the state and local level. I called virtually every single (R) Virginia state representative and shared my views about the Charlottesville VA violence and my request not to promote the destruction and desecration of Confederate statues and Confederate graves. Virtually every single state rep agreed with me.

            It’s reality that the higher you go in politics, tax exempt churches and media – the more anti White, anti Southern it gets. At State and local level we do have support so that’s where we should focus our efforts.

            F Washington – F Hollywood F the Vatican

        • We’re never going to indoctrinate everyone into believing in the same ideology.

          But we naturally agree on a few main things; pro-white, counter-Semitic, anti-degeneracy

          Seems like we can work together on the basis of the core issues, and after those are dealt with people can go off on their own and play around with all sorts of ideologies in their own separate areas.

    • “What is accomplished by staging rallies in public to fight with Antifa?”

      There’s only a point to it when you have some support from the local government/ police, so that you only have the media against you. Somewhere like C-ville, which voted something like 77% for Hillary, and has a (((mayor))), a Black Panther/ BLM vice mayor, in a state with a Clinton minion as governor, was probably not a good choice in retrospect.

      • The Governor was a Clinton bagman. Which should have been factored in. I’d guess the real boss in Charlottesville is the President of the University there btw.

    • “and the entire thing looks like a clown show at best and a complete disaster at worst.”

      I respond:

      That’s only if you get your news and information from the fake news, lying press, Media Mafia monopoly. We have talented video producers that show are side doing well, looking good and coming out on top in these street fights. There comes a time to fight and we have some good fighters – Whites have dominated the middle and heavy weight boxing divisions for ~ 15 years. It’s just anti White media lies that White boys can’t fight – we can and do fight and we are fighting to win. Central and Eastern Europe are ours. Mother Russia is once again Mother Russia and Russia has a strong man leader Vladimir Putin the Great.

  • Yea, be open to critiques but dont give people license to publicly announce them. If they are invalid then it is as if you lied to damage us, the effect being much the same.

    And we do need to improve. Charlottesville didn’t go poorly for reasons that were under out control. Granted. But some unforced errors compounded it. Namely the optical ones.

    Nothing wrong with being nntsoc and using it online but irl we need to project an image tailored to our nation (as fascists themselves would and did say). Otherwise people’s brains switch off, they see as losers worshiping a defeated foe, and they care much less what Antifa does against us. And it makes it more likely for capricious tech moguls to try and shut us down.

    I understand there was an optics code at CVille but it wasnt enforced, everyone was keyed up for showtime. That’s understandable but cant happen again.

    • Nothing wrong with being natsoc, but we need to project an image (to the public) tailored to out nation. As the fascists themselves did.

      And you know what, just say your national socialism is the New Deal Plus. FDR even put away minorities.

      • Self-identified NatSocs are either mentally unstable people or unserious. Either way, they should not be associated with.

      • What is National Socialism? How is it better than just socialism? If it is different from socialism then why not just call it nationalism? I challenge anyone who believes in socialism to email me their phone number and bank account details. I will take over their spending and financial planning for them. A socialist doesn’t need to own his own money. Someone else can surely plan and spend that money better. Anyone who wants to keep their own paycheck needs to go ahead and call themselves a capitalist.

        • Hitler used the term because it was popular at the time. Many of the early NSDAP members were former communists. He says this himself. If you want info on NatSoc you should probably go to the source.

          • Agreed. We’ve publish a concise 44 page presentation of Hitler’s views on important economic, labor, nature, politics – the Essentials of Mein Kampf the philosophy of Adolf Hitler $12 domestic postage and handling included contact

          • This is true. But reading both volumes of Mein Kampf takes a lot of time, so we have put together a concise 44 page book on the most important parts of Mein Kampf Hitler’s views on things like education, workers’ rights vs the best interest of the nation as a whole, natural law, the corrupt Lib marxist media, communism, international finance capitalism with usury etc. We included positive comments on Hitler by John F Kennedy. $12 contact

        • “What is National Socialism? How is it better than just socialism?”

          I respond:

          National Socialism is very different than other forms of socialism. National Socialism before the invasions of Poland and the invasion of the Soviet Union worked. Most everything worked. Mass inflation and mass unemployment were ended – there was full employment and this form of Socialism – National Socialism didn’t include state nationalization of productive, patriotic private enterprises like Krupp Steel or Mercedes Benz.

          Mercedes Benz strongly backed the National Socialists and the leader of the National Socialists purchased a great Mercedes Benz convertible – Hitler personally owned this great car and he was able to purchase the car from the private enterprise royalties he earned as best selling author of the book Mein Kampf.

          There was indeed a much more “Socialist version of National Socialism” promoted by the likes of the Strasser Brothers, Ernst Rohm and the SA army. It was part of the deal Hitler and the top of the NS made with Conservative elements in the traditional Prussian Army and German industrialists to take down the Socialists National Socialists which included the homosexual top of the SA army.

          You can learn most of the true history of the National Socialist movement by reading our 44 page book – the Essentials of Mein Kampf the Philosophy of Adolf HItler $12 domestic postage included contact at:

          • That is a good answer and I will look into your publication. It seems that what things are called doesn’t always match with what they are. The autist in me is bothered by that.

          • ” It seems that what things are called doesn’t always match with what they are.”

            I respond:

            This is true. But names have some importance. One of my favorite extreme nationalist leaders in recent times was the Russian Nationalist leader Vladimir Zhironovsky. he named his extreme Russian Nationalist party the Russian equivalent of:

            “The Liberal Democrat party”

            So that way people could just tell Lib reporters “Hey, I’m a liberal Democrat” when they were really voting for a pro Russian Nazi party.


    • People who run from Nazis won’t be any good to the alt-right. We wouldn’t even need an alt-right, if not for the Jews. They’re behind every anti-white screed, Jews push White Guilt and multi-cults on every western nation. The only people who hate Nazis are those who still believe the Holocaust went down the way Jews say it did, and Jews themselves.

      Jews will call you Nazi anyway. The alt-right needs courageous people who can stand against that.

      • No one is suggesting we run from Nazis. We are suggesting “Nazis” be team players, set aside individual preferences and come in for the big win. Anyone who cannot do that is useless.

  • Excellent. This is the right perspective. Sooner or later, the mountain will come to us, because whites will be faced with the choice of survival or not. We must make the moral case for the unapologetic self-preservation of white people and Western civilization so that mass decision comes quicker.

  • Thank you, Eli…..

    “And if we want to win, there is no path to victory where we do not enter the real world of unmasked political action.”

    And you need PLENTY of Masked Donors……..

    I’m Older than most in the Alt-Right……

    And, I’ve already been through Hell……..

    And have plenty of charges on My Record……….

    I don’t need any more…….

    I actually was going to come to Charlottesville but had to work that Saturday………

    In some ways, I wish I would have come to Fight…….

    But, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been arrested (knowing me) and probably lost my job……..

    And so it’s good I didn’t come…….

    I’ll remain a Stedfast Supporter and Donor……….

    And maybe/hopefully sometime in the Future when Antifa gets distracted…….

    …..I’ll be able to attend an Event and meet my People……


    • You know, you’re probably the smartest guy on this comments page. Despite Eli’s promises to replace his minions’ pre-alt lives, you KNEW that he’d do no such thing, and so resigned yourself to alt-obscurity. Good on you!

      If Cantwell were as bright as you, he’d be a free man today. Come to think of it, are any of your comrades paying for his mammoth legal bills?

      • Cantwell is cleverly spinning his incarceration into celebrity.

        The only problem is when or if he turns.

  • For the alt-right to have any chance of success it must first examine itself honestly. In other words, stop pretending Charlottesville was anything other than a bunch of idiots overreaching and giving the left its most convenient straw man on a silver platter. Alt-right must also weed out sabotaging idiots whether they intend to do harm or not. This “don’t punch right” bullshit has to stop. It’s nothing but a free pass to moles and also makes it hard to get rid of self-defeating LARPers.

    An excerpt from Truppenführung, the German Army field manual in 1933:

    “Officers are divided into four groups. There are intelligent, stupid, eager, and lazy officers. Usually two characteristics are combined.

    Intelligent and Eager — their place is the General Staff.

    Stupid and Lazy — they make up 90 percent of every army and are suited to routine duties.

    Intelligent and Lazy — they are qualified for the highest leadership duties, because they possesses the intellectual clarity and the composure necessary for difficult decisions.

    Stupid and Eager — they must be got rid of. This type must not be entrusted with any responsibility because they always cause only harm.”

    …Assuming Anglin isn’t a mole, which he very well may be, he and his LARPing millennial crew fall decidedly into the fourth category. That clown and his useful idiots will get every right-wing site shut down if you let them, and if you try to stop them they’ll show their ass and call you a cuck.

    Associating with them is like being in the trenches with a retard and planning your next move when all the sudden he starts yelling “your mom” jokes at the opponent and gives away your position… then calls you a pussy for complaining as enemy shells are raining down on your heads.

    Most of the DS types are too young to know better but the damage they do is real. As for that assclown Anglin, he’s either the perfect embodiment of Truppenführung’s fourth category or he’s quite an effective mole. His “high traffic” site basically served as the perfect straw man for the corporate left to point to and justify deplatforming the right under the guise of “stemming the rising tide of American Nazism”. His comments are often of little value other than to help the left set up their next straw man against the right.

    Even if I were to ignore my ideological differences with him and his herd, their eager/stupid combo is poison for any movement. I’d rather have a few savvy people on my side than a whole bunch of stooges who act as fifth column without even realizing it.

    Now cue the shrieks of 20 year old “activists” who confuse principles with playacting and diving head-first into traps.

    • The Alt-Right isn’t some exclusive intellectual geek bookclub despite your desires.

      Charlottesville had every media outlet covering the movement which is more than you or your well crafted arguments have ever accomplished.

      You don’t win by hiding in the closet and you aren’t going to win with autistic arguments.

      Don’t punch right means that you shouldn’t attack those who support white nationalism. The leftists manage this and there is no reason you can’t unless you are more concerned with your self-image and your ‘brand’ than you are with building a movement.

      You sound like a typical conservative. Don’t upset the left or they will be mean to us and call us names. This cringing fear has never worked and it never will, yet you people never seem to learn.

      • “Charlottesville had every media outlet covering the movement which is more than you or your well crafted arguments have ever accomplished.”

        Oh they covered it alright! No fucking argument there buddy! They covered it with glee, creaming in their pants as they received the latest gift from Spencer/Anglin allowing them to start a purge of right-wing thought from the internet. That you guys STILL think that shitfest was a success speaks volumes.

        Those “typical conservatives” you’re referring to are pussies who don’t know how to fight back. The alt-right was supposed to be the much needed anti-dote to them, but instead it’s filled with dopes who fight back in the dumbest way possible!

        Being a Gen-Xer stuck between boomers and Anglin’s pubescent LARPers is like being in the trenches with an old geezer who wants to surrender without firing a shot and another clown who thinks fighting means running unarmed uphill against the enemy while their machine guns are pointed straight at you. Not that you’ll ever get it though. Keep getting played by that Anglin twat and make sure to never “punch right”. That leftard doofus from Sweden who spent the past year undercover in America sends you his thanks. I can only imagine how many people raised red flags about that douche only to get shouted down for “punching right”. Fucking idiots.

        • Bro……

          I hear you and feel what you’re saying to a Large Degree………

          But, Charlottesville wasn’t a Complete Failure……

          It was a Failure of Strategy……..

          It was a Red Pill we hadn’t swallowed yet……..

          It was a Failure to Understand how badly things could go Wrong…….

          It was a Failure to realize that the Police can be Corrupt and Brutal…….

          ……the Government Lawless, Corrupt, and Criminal……..

          ……and the Establishment actually siding with Antifa Terrorists…….

          It’s Learning Experience……….

          It’s LIFE……

          I can guarantee you that the Alt-Right will NEVER make those mistakes again…..


        • Nova Morium is an admitted jew trying to cuck the whole movement. He doesn’t have to try very hard. I flagged and blocked him.

      • “Charlottesville had every media outlet covering the movement which is more than you or your well crafted arguments have ever accomplished.”

        There is such a thing as bad publicity.

        • That is actually the exact the opposite of the truth, ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ is a very well known precept. I’m not sure if you were trying to be disingenuous. I have talked to numerous people that have only came into the Alt-Right after seeing that something just didn’t line up, so drop the hysteria. You need to remember just how bad the media looks now to most of the population. The people we will reach are not as stupid as you think, that’s your first mistake.

        • Only in showbiz. In politics and culture there absolutely is. Why do you think campaigns spend large chunks of their budgets on negative ads?…

      • Agreed and very well said. Our people who did the demos in Charlottesville VA showed courage and on balance good discipline and good organization against intense system persecution and Antifa, BlackLiesMatter mob violence. I know of one very beautiful, intelligent woman that drove activists all the way from Chicago and back and she risked her body in the street, whereas most of these keyboard nay sayers are too cowardly even make a phone call to Virginia state reps.

    • ” stop pretending Charlottesville was anything other than a bunch of idiots overreaching and giving the left its most convenient straw man on a silver platter.”

      But it WAS most definitely something other. It was an extremely successful op by the would-be rulers of the world to hijack what would have been a peaceful and productive demonstration and convert it to a symbol of murderous racism that served as an excuse for shutting down Internet platforms, toppling statues, etc., and probably scared off many Whites who were considering standing up for themselves against the program of White genocide.

      Why isn’t anyone on this site looking at the “car attack”, which furnished the alleged dead body to fuel the ubiquitous “deadly white nationalist rally” and “murderous white supremacists” sound bites? The op didn’t stop with planting swastikas and KKK “members” at the rally and forcing the UTR demonstrators into the arms of the Antifa in order to produce scenes of violence to be blamed on “White Supremacists”. There is plenty of evidence the “car attack” was fake, if you take the trouble to look.

      I assume I’ll get flack for this, especially by those who believe that all talk of “crisis actors” is lunacy; nevertheless, all you have to do is go to YouTube to find plenty of convincing videos showing the problems with the Charlottesville “car attack” as a real event. Here is one:

      Rather than refusing to consider this important evidence, a more useful response would be to get a professional investigator on the case.

      • Why can’t people like you just deal with REALITY as it is??

        Instead of creating Fake Conspiracy Theories to explain away the MUDDY MESS of Human Existence??

        • Yeah, I expected this. I assume you have NOT looked at the evidence. I suggest a professional investigator – which you obviously are not – be hired by someone with the money to do so. This incident was totally fishy, and for the people who are most affected by it to refuse to do the research necessary to establish its truth or falsity is counterproductive.

          • I also need to do research on why when I dropped an Egg……

            It fell to the Ground and Broke and Splattered…….


          • Huh? Not exactly the same thing, is it? For one thing, no one cares whether you broke an egg or not.

            However, if your allegedly breaking an egg had had the same far-reaching and detrimental effect as the Charlottesville “car attack”, it would behoove those whom it negatively affected to launch a serious investigation into whether or not your claim was true.

        • I agree weird conspiracy theories are a huge problem in American Conservative, Right wing politics.

          Events like Charlottesville VA have real, evidence supported facts that are good for our side. The demonstrators had legal rights to protest the removal of the Statue of Robert E Lee – the police and other law enforcement groups took away our legal right to protest and deliberately forced out people in to places where they would be attacked by Antifa/BlackLiesmatter mobs.

          We don’t need weird conspiracy SH*# to shot that just as we don’t need weird conspiracy SH#* to explain 9-11-01. 9-11-01 is what happens when White Western countries welcome hateful, nasty Arab/Islamic terrorists in to our countries – it’s nothing weird, conspiracy sh. If your thing is opposing White hating Jews, then just note the FACT that virtually all Jewish American Senators and Congressman have F immigration grades from NUmbersUSA and these White hating Jewish Americans all support mass Muslim immigration to the USA/Europe, Australia the West. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just the way it is proven by facts.

          C’mon join us in the real world.

          • ” weird conspiracy SH*#”

            You are the one not living in the real world. So you don’t think Israel was behind 9/11? I guess you believe in the “Holocaust” too.

            I’m not talking about what is convenient or expedient to believe, but about getting at the truth. Why don’t you watch the 3-minute video instead of just trotting out your opinions as “facts”? If you don’t have some questions after watching it I’ll be surprised.

            What I’m suggesting is that a professional investigator be hired to look into this.

    • I don’t know if you label yourself Alt-Right……

      But, this is one of the best posts I’ve read in a while……

    • Charlottesville was well organized and took a stand that large parts of the public is sympathetic to. Wether it actually was successful or not is not important. Because to move forward you have to try try and try again. The event looked good and had everything going for it.

      The amount of pushback it got was from the globalists. And they will use all their power to hurt the alt right no matter what. If the globalists are not attacking it is because they are deeming the Alt Right irrelevant.

    • Anglins guys were not the ones LARPing. They recorded their day and they were not the source of the bad optics.

      Sounds like you’re just grinding an axe against him, without having researched the situation.

      • Anglin’s guys are LARPing all over blogs and social media. That whole site of his was a LARPing shitfest and a gift to the opportunist left.

        • Anglin is tapping into a market that already exists

          see /pol

          Anglin is not solely responsible for the frog / nazi / anime avatar stuff on social media, the kids do it on their own to a significant degree

          Spencer understands this, that’s why he doesn’t fight it.

          • The frog/anime stuff is not the problem. The Nazi/skinhead/Klan associations are a major problem and they must be openly and consistently disavowed otherwise they will be used to systematically shut down everyone to the right of Romney and Rubio. Charlottesville could have been a PR coup for the alt-right if they had clearly stated beforehand that no Klansmen, skinheads or symbols related to those groups would be welcome.

          • You are laying blame at Anglin’s feet when his crew was relatively small and well-behaved.

            The Klan and skinheads came because of an invite from Jason Kessler, not Andrew Anglin.

          • Let’s go with that.

            – Who worked with Kessler despite obvious red flags popping up all over his background?

            – What did Anglin do when one of those “invited by Kessler” ran somebody over and gave the corporate left the martyr they were looking for to commence the purge of alt-right? Did he show an ounce of common sense, or did he write an article celebrating the woman’s death like a mole trying to make sure the left’s case is air tight?

          • That article was gut-wrenchingly funny. You clearly don’t have a sense of humor. That seems to be your biggest problem.

          • It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor. It’s that too many like you don’t have any common sense. Do you honestly think my beef with that article is the quality of humor?? Do you think “funny” excuses the damage done by stupid stunts like that??

            This perfectly illustrates my earlier metaphor. The tool yells Your Mom jokes at the enemy who starts shelling your position — then tells you how funny it was when you tell him it was a stupid idea!

          • You are juvenile and do not understand the concept of “white identity politics” propaganda and communicating a “message” of “big tent” to ALL white folks who are open and willing to join movement that is not tainted by past indiscretion’s, crimes or perceived views that are repugnant to an already propagandized white target populace. The KKK is soiled by history,period. The NSDAP is a historically removed, defunct and discredited political party. The NAZI’s are no more,period. The NSDAP
            is a revolutionary movement that for the first time in modernity represented Pan European political and socio-economical identity based on NORDICISM (you must understand the POWER and worldview the SS wielded in NSDAP) with the other white tribes of Europe being grafted in by blood (DNA). The FLAW in this model was the tribalism that lead to the exclusion and denigration of many white tribes ie. Slavic, Dinaric and Mediterranean sub race’s. None the less these fatal flaws do not detract from the epochal and eternal “template” forged by the European radicals of the 1920’s. Finally, the 21st century reemergence of the vision forged in the fires of WWII are the need for a NEW Pan European political,cultural and economic identity that is VISIONARY and crystal clear in its promised outcomes for 9% of the GLOBAL population.

          • I’m all for that. I am not a Neonazi or KKK and understand that all those movements are cancer.

            But Anglin’s article about HH was hilarious and he literally dindu nuffin wrong.

  • Wouldn’t you rather just be BASED patriots like Jack Posobiec?
    Isn’t it wonderful that so many BASED minorities came out to MOAR? Even BLM spoke at the event, it was truly amazing to see patriots of every color coming together! Ignore the fact that the BLM leader led anti-white violence at Charlottesville, it’s more important that me and the great folks at the GOP get more voters by pandering to the “wonderful young people” of DACA and our friends in Black Lives Matter!
    Think about how many important taxes we could cut with a super majority!

  • Spencer Sunshine is the de facto national leader of Antifa. Google him. He was @ Charlottesville in the shadows directing his minions to attack. Sunshine attends right wing rallies blending in the crowd pretending he belongs while taking pics of participants & writing about his experiences with Political Research Associates. Keep an eye out for this domestic terrorist @ future events & rallies.

  • Great article Mosley and the “enemy” is taken on the form of the weakest, vilest, corrupt, debased, angry and chaotic form it could take. The Left including Antifa, BAMN, BLM, are the new face against Whites. Unlike other forms this is probably the weakest and most ignorant form white nationalists face.

    If there is a reason to stay united it is now. To give up in the face of angry ignorant mobs is not worth it. Outside of the fact that the Altright has gained so much since Charlottesville the left has lost so much since the 2016 elections. The entire Obama legacy is dying. Europe is awakening to similar failures from the left.

    It is said that the first act of war is to know your enemy. I would add that it also includes knowing ones own strengths and weaknesses.The enemy is weak, wounded and angry. The weaknesses that held the White Nationalists in check are failing. The strength of white identity, pride and nationalism are gaining. That is the way I see it.

  • I doubled down when trouble started. And it’s actually been fine. I will continue to be vindicated. You shouldn’t start something like this if you’re not ready for a fight.

  • The current Power is not possible without White Submissivism to Jewish Globalism.

    That’s why Jews freaked out about Charlottesville.
    Charlottesville called for White Liberation/Independence from Globalism.

    Without Whites serving as attack dogs and drone bees, Jewish Power will wilt…. just like British Power in India wilted when the People of Dot pushed for Indian Disobedience.

    Charlottesville was about Ethno-Disobedience against Globalism.

    White Disobedience will be the most revolutionary force in the world. The Uncuckening.

    • The history of Russian Jews before the First World War and of German Jews after the First World War has taught many Jews that they are vulnerable if they are the most visible minority.

      It is good to learn from history, but one may learn the wrong lessons. In the world today Muslims are the most dangerous enemies of Jews. Jews are foolish to welcome Islamic immigration into their countries. Moreover, by welcoming Muslim immigrants, Jews alienate Gentiles who otherwise would not be hostile to them.

    • Yeah, before they were kicked off Discord, Damigo would daily post on their server threatening to blackball anyone that broke their “rules”, FROM THE ENTIRE MOVEMENT. (lulz) I’m pretty sure Damigo was still in prison getting tattoos (among other things) when the Alt Right was already going strong and he thinks he has the power to “blackball” anyone? I know a former member of IE who was banned because he had a convo about “The Man In The High Castle” on the Discord server. I shit you not. But who cares? They have 600 members and the Alt Right is comprised of MILLIONS at this point.

  • “When faced with the crucible of doxing and the subsequent employment and familial issues, an activist has two choices: double-down, or cuck. Everyone in our movement must be prepared to stand tall and double-down.”

    I respond:

    There is another less dishonorable way. Move – kind of drop off the radar. Spend your time in something not political, but is culturally implicitly White. I move in the tennis world – sure there are a couple of successful Black and mixed race tennis players and some (healthy, wealthy) non Whites in the audience. But it’s a very White world and the non Whites are a lot better behave than those around the Negro Felon League.

    I was at Cinci Western and Southern Open tennis tourney (precursor) to US Open last year and a Jewish associate I play tennis with was trying to talk politics talk up Hillary Clinton with some of the very fit, good looking Ohio women at this tourney. They were having none of it and despised Hillary. It wasn’t openly pro White, Alt Right it’s just what regular, healthy White folks like and don’t like.

    One doesn’t have to hang around some Blue State, Lib Left, Antifa University place – if you went to college at such places like Richard Spencer or even Jared Taylor (Yale University) you can keep it on the resume – regular folks in fly over country will give you some grief about it, just change the subject say “I prefer not to talk about politics” – the degree just indicates you are smart.

    Go in to some fun business like the craft beer brewing business – it’s not going to be overrun with Antifa BlackLiesMatter. BlackLiesMatter protests are bad for beer business. When you are in these craft beer places most of your time, don’t try to hammer Alt Right politics, racially reality stuff, instead be subtle. Try to get the sports TV culture to switch away from basketball and Negro Felon League football to sports like hockey or tennis. I draw the line at trying to become a golf fan – a sport for cowardly rich Whites who are all cucks.

    • Running away solves nothing. You can’t run forever, and you’re running out of places to run to.
      Stand and fight.

      • Jaye’s detaching, not running. This is what people sound like when they’re focused on a job they *can* do and a civic life they *can* have. He’s doing what most embittered Whites do – building his own “safe space” for his pathetic prejudices. So, why not commend him for quietly assuming the burden of self-segregating from mainstream society? That choice is keeping him afloat, and it’s easing the stress on whomever he’d otherwise be hurting.

        • AKA white upperclass pursuits. Pursuit of these things to the exclusion of the general wellbeing of others actually do hurt less fortunate whites. They also constitute most of the things nogs kick against.

          • How are you hurt by Ellis’ choice to crawl into his alt-shell? What does he owe “less fortunate whites”??? And don’t tell the Williams sisters that African-Americans “kick against tennis”. As a tennis groupie, I bet Ellis would LOVE to meet them! They’re legends!!!

      • It’s not running away to turn off and tune out the lying press television. Live a healthy life and don’t argue about bad politics. Stay away from BlackLiesMatter, ANtifa riots – support those who can physically fight such mobs.

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