Ukraine Is About To Experience Yet Another Maidan

I just got back from Crimea. It’s a really nice place to relax and catch some surf and some sunrays. I felt like the permafrost in my bones that had accumulated over ~3 years in icy, overcast St. Petersburg started to thaw away…

In general, Crimea was a different Russia from the one I am used to seeing in the major metropolises. Yalta and Sevastopol feel like little villages where everyone knows one another, even though they are cities awash with tourists.

And the tourists are mostly aging pensioners with massive bellies and open shirts that don’t try to hide the fact. If you want to really just relax and aren’t looking to chase hot girls, then Crimea is your best bet.

But speaking of fat aging tourists, Michael Saakashvili made a big show of returning to Ukraine last week.

He illegally crossed the border, pushing his way past border guards and then launched a tour of the country. He came into Kiev, hitched his wagon to a protest already underway, and then headed south to start campaigning.

Why bother mentioning this? Well, because it looks like Ukraine is headed straight towards another Maidan.

And who is Saakashvili?

Saakashvili’s story is a crazy one to say the least. He studied at Columbia and at GW in the ’90s. See, there were these programs set up by the United States following the USSR collapse to convert the new cadres of these countries to American value$. Along the way, he met Sandra Roelofs— his wife—who is almost certainly a CIA asset.

He came to power in Georgia as a “reformer” following the Rose Revolution (yet another colored revolution), and using American money started paying the police force of Georgia massive salaries. This eliminated the need for corruption and cemented his reputation as a great Liberal reformer in the West. His drug problem and blatant womanizing was swept under the carpet.

Fast-forward to 2008 and Saakashvili made a fatal error. Thinking either that NATO would back him up, or that Russia would back down, he invaded South Ossetia, attacking Russian peacekeeper forces and triggering a short and catastrophic war with Russia that he quickly lost.

After getting kicked out of Georgia for being a corrupt anti-corruption politician, he eventually made it to Ukraine and another resort town, Odessa (where I hope to spend my next vacation).

There he became governor, after becoming good friends with the Ukrainian President Poroshenko. The Jew quickly found out that the Georgian was taking too much out of the till even by Ukrainian standards, so he clamped down and the relationship soured. Saakashvili went on the offensive and accused Poro of being part of a corrupt clan of Donbass oligarchs ruling the country for their own self-enrichment. For stating the obvious, Saakashvili was stripped of his gifted Ukrainian citizenship and sent packing.

Without any documents, he became a drifter and only the Neocons running Poland would take him in. In general, the Poles seem to always have a soft spot for rabble-rousers immediately East of their borders, don’t they?

And now that Poroshenko is in the United States, begging for money, Saakashvili has a chance to raise some rabble and go to Kiev. He is being helped by Yulia Timoshenko, yet another crafty oligarch Jew from the Donbas.

(She faked being injured when in prison, just like she faked having blond hair and being a goy.)

Timoshenko never lets a good crisis go to waste, and is now throwing her support behind Saakashvili’s bizarre berserk charge at Poroshenko.

Meanwhile, another important Jewish oligarch is the important kingmaker in this situation. Where he throws his support next decides the direction of Saakashvili’s gamble. Saakashvili met with him a day ago, according to some sources.

Yes, I’m talking about Kholomoisky.

Kholomoisky has a lot of armed nationalist muscle at his disposal and a lot of clout. Following Maidan, he has practically defeated the only other Jewish oligarch that was a match for him, Akhmetov, who pretty much owned Lugansk (still sort of does) in the East.

What does that mean going forward?

Well, if he throws in with Saakashvili, then we have another Maidan. What does another Maidan lead to? Well, believe it or not, Poroshenko is a bit like General Meade in that he doesn’t want to fight the rebels. Why is Saakashvili being let off his leash? Well, perhaps someone wants a new general that is willing to take up the fight in the east. Not Saakashvili, of course, but someone who will fill the vaccum that he creates.

There is also the chance that the nationalists might finally follow through on their threats and take Kiev at last. There are problems with this scenario, though. They have practically no support in the city (SWPL metropolises are the same the world over) and then the Liberal fig-leaf that the current Rada and establishment provides for the Kiev government would be gone and the U.S.+Poland would suddenly be in a position where they are openly supporting Nationalists, some of who are actual SS LARPers.

That’s where Saakashvili comes in. He can act as a sort of safety valve, a controlled opposition figure to rally around, and a Georgian to boot, so that Ukraine can brag about having their very own Stalin finally.

Long story short, it seems like Ukraine is another powder keg ready to blow. And when it does, the fallout will land in the East in a possible escalation of the war there.

Most importantly of all, I believe that Saakashvili sets a dangerous precedent for allowing brown refugees to waltz across Ukraine’s sovereign borders. I hope the authorities (whoever they end up being) quickly realize the need to strengthen the borders and start firing on sight.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • It’s good to speculate about all this but no one seems to know exactly who to support. Personally I wish Putin would go into western Europe, take over and clean the muzrats out. Not sure if he would invade or would clean it up if he did. Just a thought.
    My own thinking is that given that there don’t seem to be that many white nationalists we could start our own white nations. There are so many empty islands and so many places where islands are being flooded and the natives don’t know what to do about it.
    I’m a hobbyist inventor and I was looking at this stuff a German scientist came up with in the 80’s. It’s used to build coral reefs up with. The way it works is it grows limestone on metal submerged in sea water under low voltage . The guy who invented it used it to repair rotting pilings on piers. Eventually he dreamed about building cities in the sea with it. Around a lot of islands such as Tuvalu there is shallow sea bed that it might be possible to reclaim using this technology. I’m thinking of something like Holland has been doing over the years with polders. Were it possible to save some of these islands I wager we would leverage a lot of influence in the aria. Some Islands are just empty and no one much cares about them. With the right technology, such as solar panels, wind generators diesel generators etc it would be possible to get some crops growing and some buildings up, maybe some hydroponic farms if the soil is poor. Desalination is another option.
    The point is, we sink a plough into the earth of a white nation right away however small it starts out. A place free of Jews, blacks any verity of people we prefer to be separate from. Schools that don’t teach communist ideas, neighborhoods free of Islam and communist perversion. Young white children growing up strong and healthy without some pedophile or communist after them. I put my ideas up on wordpress here if anyone wants a look.

  • Sorry but can somebody explain to me what a ‘maiden’ is?
    also, great article, I wish you could set up an AltRight Russian division to stop out slavic allies from killing each other

  • And what is this Alt-Right cannibalism displayed? The article accuses Ukrainian nationalists of being “SS LARPers” when that’s precisely one of the accusations repeatedly leveled against the Alt-Right. This is cognitive dissonance. Either supports all European peoples in their bid for self-determination and homogenous nation-states, includng the white Christian people of Ukraine (which is a far more ethnically homogenous country than Russia), or it’s going to be perceived as a Kremlin propaganda arm.

    • >Either supports all European peoples in their bid for self-determination and homogenous nation-states
      Here’s the thing tho, do you actually believe Ukraine would be sovereign if the vipers like Saakashvil get their way? Do you think nationalist Poland is sovereign? Do you think nationalist sentiment in the modern world is some sort silver bullet that will kill the NWO? Even the proto-Axis members eventually understood they had to form a cohesive block in order to counter the global American corporate revolution. One guy will always have to be the leader of the group, that’s how it goes.
      And one more thing, why would anyone in the AR actually and honestly form a 21 century SS the actual very same SS battalion unless he was intent on making the movement seem ridiculous? Ukrainians have that tradition at least but even then it’s made to further provoke Russia and give a blatant obvious excuse for them to be crushed once American democracy takes the seat of power in Ukraine. And then no one will care that they shed their blood for the country because ‘nobody cares about nazis’. They’ll be dead or in prison having served their purpose.

      It won’t pay for the patriotic Ukrainians to get duped into having a huge enemy on their front door, caring for them I would tell them to patiently suffer Russia however nasty they may seem and are, turn the wolf into a lamb from within, take up your cross, don’t be a useful idiot revolutionary.

      • Worst part is that the Poles helped set it up. When the fighting in the East dies down, they will have a casus belli to take clay in the West of Ukraine. “Gotta fight de ebil Nazis”. And it will work. And then the Ukrainian Nationalist will remember that the Poles were never their friends after all.

    • Ukraine doesn’t support self determination for it’s European ethnic minorities and instead seeks assimilation. You shouldn’t be surprised that countries on your borders are rightfully upset about this.

    • You do know that Richard Spencer is married to a literal Kremlin propagandist, right? He’s been turning his alt right brand into an outlet for Russian propaganda since 2014.

    • Go build your Ukrainian nation state within the Lviv city borders and leave Russian Kiev, Yuzovka (Donetsk), Yekaterinoslav (“Dnipropetrovs’k”) and Kharkov alone.

      • I agree. supports the cantonization of Ukraine. We oppose the Russification of western Ukraine and the Ukrainianization of eastern Ukraine. If you want to name your cities after Bolshevik Holodomor organizers who genocided white Christians (Grigory Petrovskiy), then you should be able to do so. But western Ukraine should have autonomy from you.

        • Ukrainians were more than willing to join the Bolsheviks and betrayed the White movement during the civil war.

          Remember that it was Ukrainian Nationalists who fought the struggling White Army in Kiev.

          They then willingly sided with the Bolsheviks after doing the knifework for them.

          Pawns for the Jews, yet again.

  • I have found valuable information on this website yet this article contains so many inaccuracies that it raises doubts about the verity of all the information posted here. Akhemtov is a Jew? The guy built a mosque in Donetsk. Poroshenko a Jew? He served as a deacon in the Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate. Saakashvili “invaded” South Ossetia? How can you invade territory that belongs to your own nation-state? The conflict was a lot more nuanced than that. The notion that there is going to be another Maidan is ridiculous. There is a war currently being fought in Donbas and everyone knows that a Maidan would give Putin the needed pretext to send his troops into Kiev. For that reason, all the Ukrainians, and even the West, are terrified about the prospects of another Maidan. Dude, I know Putin is Europe’s bulwark against globalism and it’s worth allying with him. Yet you have to get the facts straight, at least, unless this is just going be an English-language website of Kremlin propaganda..

    Does this really seem like the worst thing imaginable? I’d pick brave Aryan warriors cleaning the streets and preventing drug use, prostitution, political corruption, and Judaizing in the capital over this (((Maidan))) crap any day!

  • If you really wish to know what the Jews have in store for us here in the United States, look to the TRUE history behind the Jewish commissars of the Soviet Union, who ruled the Ukrainian Christian people before the outbreak of this Second World War, and before the Holocaust, even happened, which is always being showcased by Hollywood and the liberal media in the United States. You will be amazed at the hypocrisy that has been practiced by Jews toward their Christian brethren, when you read the Wikipedia entry on a Jewish commissar that ruled over Ukraine during one of the Soviet Union’s great collectivization’s.

    Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda (Russian: Ге́нрих Григо́рьевич Яго́да; IPA: [ˈɡʲenrʲɪx ɡrʲɪˈɡorʲjɪvʲɪt͡ç jɪˈɡodə]; 7 November 1891 – 15 March 1938), born Yenokh Gershevich Iyeguda (Russian: Енох Гершевич Иегуда) was a secret police official who served as director of the NKVD, the Soviet Union’s security and intelligence agency, from 1934 to 1936. Appointed by Joseph Stalin, Yagoda supervised the arrest, show trial, and execution of the Old Bolsheviks Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev, events that initiated the Great Purge. Yagoda also supervised the construction of the White Sea–Baltic Canal with Naftaly Frenkel, using slave labor from the GULAG system, during which many laborers died.

    Yagoda was born in Rybinsk into a Jewish family. The son of a jeweller, trained as a statistician, who worked as a chemist’s assistant,[1] he claimed that he was an active revolutionary from the age of 14, when he worked as a compositor on an underground printing press in Nizhni-Novgorod, and that at the age of 15 he was a member of a fighting squad in the Sormovo district of Nizhi-Novgorod, during the violent suppression of the 1905 revolution…

    • Pictured on page 79 of Nobel Prize winner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s, “the Gulag Archipelago II” are the leading administrators of the greatest killing machine in the history of the world, “the gulags.” They are Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Genrikh Yagoda, and Naftaly Frenkel. All six are Jews.

    • The Jew Genrikh Yagoda was the People’s Commissar for Internal Affairs (NKVD) from 10 July 1934 – 26 September 1936.

      Below quotes taken from the Israeli ynet article: “Stalin’s Jews: We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish”,7340,L-3342999,00.html

      ♦ In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin.

      ♦ An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.

      • I need a source for the 10 million claim. Don’t tell me its Solzhenitsyn, please.

        Funny how the yids disappeared under Stalin’s reign.

        • Stalin saw the corruption of jewish commissars in the war, how they pushed forward almost-barehanded-and-barehanded non-jews while themselves standing behind beech trees and taking for themselves all the supply-line positions and racketeering food and supplies to the impoverished local populace.

          This taught him not to trust them as he figured they would eventually cost him his head. That he was perhaps a yid himself didn’t factor into this I figure when you’re thinking about staying alive it doesn’t.

          • Yeah Stalin killed like 12 Jews after he was done murdering tens of millions of Whites and destroying Eastern and Central Europe.

            It’s fitting that the Jews poisoned him after he was done doing their bidding.

          • NKVD records opened in the 90’s listed about 1.7 killings under Stalin’s purges.

            I don’t buy the 100 million that Solzhenitsyn lists, that’s why I mentioned him.

            Although I suppose that 1.7 doesn’t count the entire nations like the Crimean Tatars that Stalin sent to Siberia…which was the right thing to do tbh.

          • I recall seeing a similar figure for the purges in Getty’s book, The Road to Terror. A very thorough but boring read. A must read if you really want to know about the inner workings of Stalin’s regime.

          • The 100 million figure is so ridiculous that it defies belief. What also defies belief is how people who don’t believe the 6 million are so willing to believe in the 100 million that Cold War proganda by Trotskyite Jews in Hollywood spread during the Cold War.

          • This is true. Those figures were based on disingenuous statistical projections made plausible by career crafting academic because there was no statistical data.

            The communists were a real global movement. The idea that it’s a joo conspiracy is absurd was a propaganda tool of anti worker Germany during the war. and prevents anyone taking the site seriously.

        • Maybe because Stalin just purged comissars? Yids were simply the top layer and thus were killed off in the first wave.

  • It is probably too soon to say that Ukraine will experience another maidan but sooner or later that artificial state will fall apart, unless of course they re-join Russia and Belarus. That doesn’t look likely.

    Also, Akhmetov is a Tatar and sunni muslim, not a jew. As for Timoshenko, it has not been conclusively proved that she is a jew, but it does not matter cause she is still a c*nt.

    • I don’t think there are any real NS or Identitarian movements left that hate Slavs. Sucks for you and your pet grudge.

      • Ukraine is boring and all played out anyway. I`m under impression that Washington never really wanted it as some kind of a real power base – ethnic composition, geography and character of the elites are all wrong for that. What they wanted is to create another point of instability close to the adversary instead, and boy have they got it, for a time at least.
        It will end up as Georgia did, slowly drifting back to the old orbit, because ties are just too strong. And whomever will be in power then will “forgive” them, but shorten the leash somewhat.

        Now back to the slav and intra-slav hate, I wish somebody wrote a long piece on Balkans. Now that is a clusterfuck for ages.

        • Well, if you take the Serbs and Croats, it’s the same Russia/Ukraine thing. Even the heroes/symbols are nigh identical (compare UPA and Ustase).

          • Yes, I agree that Ukraine is a modern-day Yugoslavia. Orthodox Serbia is like Orthodox Southeast Ukraine. Catholic Croatia is like Catholic western Ukraine. The mixed central territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina is like central Ukraine, where there is a mix of Russian-speaking malorosy and nationalist Ukrainians. supports Ukraine’s cantonization to ensure peace, propserity and the self-determination of Ukraine’s different ethnic and linguistic groups.

  • Russians would all have to be lobotomized in order to accept an independent Ukraine. That’s what this is all about. Yanukovich was a Russian thief and Putin’s puppet. Meanwhile America arranged to have Ukraine’s nukes removed and offered to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty. Ukraine was rewarded by Russia re-invading their country. As a Ukrainian-American, Russia and the US are both run by their own mafia governments and Ukraine is just one of their ‘playgrounds’…

      • Ukrainian nationalism is petty and characterized by hate of Russians and Poles, and some anti-semitism that isn’t really unique to the region.

        It’s hard to talk to these people, god knows I’ve given up trying.

          • Ukrainian nationalist chicks are pretty hardcore though. Gotten the opportunity to speak to tons of them, and they are hardcore about the 14 words, being mums, fit etc. Certainly beat modern American women by long shot.

        • I never approved of the “but Yanukovich was the LEGITIMATE ruler!” narrative… Let’s be fucking honest – Yanukovich was neck-deep in corruption! He had to fucking go down!!! That doesn’t minimalise the fact that (((YOU-KNOW-WHO))) was able to seize the opportunity and take power, but you can’t make excuses for Yanukovich…

          My only hope is that AZOV would finally be able to seize power in Ukraine and then it would NOT have all been for naught.

          Also – we (the Alt-Right), should keep ourselves somewhat distanced from the Ukraine and in particular – from the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine. Why? Well, you pointed out correctly that the Nationalists in the Kiev side are SS LARPers, but the guys on the pro-Russian/separatists side are hammer and sickle/red USSR flag LARPers. Would it really look good for us to side with actual commies?!

          • I agree with most of what you said, with one caveat – You shouldn’t denigrate your brothers. Those ‘LARPers’ have taken up arms and risked their lives to promote National Socialism and the fight against Judaism in all of it’s filthy forms.

          • Ukrainian nationalist chicks are pretty hardcore too. Gotten the opportunity to speak to tons of them, and they are hardcore about the 14 words, being mums, fit etc. Certainly beat modern American women by long shot tbh.

          • Aren’t these Ukrainian bns (Aidar, Azov, Dnepr) funded by Kolomoyskyy (Jewish)?

            They seem to be fighting for Jewish interests, not against them.

          • Soviet symbols resonate with Russian Nationalist. They are not communists. On the other side, the Ukrainian nationalist are useful idiots. Russia is right to defend its near abroad security interests. If petty nationalist in East or Central Europe want to be the sock puppets of D.C and London then they get what they deserve.

          • Not all are hammer and sickle LARPers. I just met with the Russian Imperial Movement who has sent ~100 fighters to the Donbas. They use pre-Bolshevik symbols and are pan-slavists.

            The Cossaks that participated didn’t fly the hammer and sickle and were also pan-slavists.

            Lots of volunteers on the Eastern side were literally WNs. Read “Freedom Fighter” by a White Nationalist by the name of “Afrikaner” who fought on the eastern side.

            But lots are hammer and sickle flag wavers, its true. What of it? They’re not International Communists, their understanding of Communism is “anti-Fascism” which they concieve of as being pro-LGBT, anti-Nationalist, pro-Bank, pro-Jew, pro-Capitalism etc.

            While my sympathies are with the rebellion, I ultimately want the war to stop and the bloodletting to stop. And I have to admit if Ukrainian nationalists took power, that would be hilarious to see all the Liberals in Kiev squirm and run for cover.

          • The panslavist Imperial Movement you speak of, how do they stand on the issue of Putin’s stance against Panslavism? Is Putin’s plan for a Eurasian Union, with the -stan nations with free movement modeled after the EU, compatible with their ideas? Putin views all colonies from USSR, even if asians, as “russian”. I am not taking sides, the Ukies were used by jew criminals and neocons. But their argument that Russia is a multiracial empire is not entirely wrong either.

          • He sees non-Russians living in Russia as Rossiyans. It’s a non-ethnic designator.

            Russia is indeed multi-ethnic.

          • And how do the men of Imperial Movement stand on this issue and the plan of Putin for a Eurasian Union with the -stan Nations?

          • This is an economic/geo-political plan driven be necessity. Russia has been effectively ostracized from Europe, where else are they supposed to turn for investment, markets and geo-political allies?

            To support this project, Russian politicians pretend that they ackshully have more in common with asia than Europeans.

            Its not true, but you gotta play-pretend and play nice. Besides, China is competing for access to central asia, and Russia needs to reassert its influence there or lose out to china.

            This doesn’t mean that Russia wants to racemix with Uzbeks and Chinese to usher in a global golden horde 2.0 scenario lol.

          • it’s not like this explanation was anywhere publsihed, it is plausible but an assumption on your part. Thanks for answering. I think you may be right and certainly hope so. The part about free movement of people in Eurasian Union plans is certainly troubling though. Hopefully Russia will correct this.

          • Yes, it is troubling indeed. The visa-free regime with the stans must end. They are causing problems and frankly everyone is sick of seeing their sallow leering faces every day.

            Try The Saker. He’s a delusional old Soviet Boomer. But then, the people running Russia are delusional old Soviet Boomers (in the best of cases). If you understand what he thinks, you understand what the higher-ups think.

          • good old Saker, I was tired of his 10 page articles as soon as I tried to read my first one. My theory: jews are propping up hyper-nazidom in Russia or with antirussian hate to shield Russians off race loyalty. They support these groups to make racial ideas unthinkable. Same strategy as why they send jews like weev to call for terrorism here in our scene.

          • Previous comment was marked as spam…

            Concerning the Visa freedom with the -stans, I read some awful
            reasoning from the russian side, amounting to “muh economy”, same
            arguments as here in the west to introduce it.

            Putin’s friendship
            with mass immigrationist ex-chancelor of Germany Gerhard Schröder, wo
            opened up laws of germany citizenship for everyone, is questionable.
            Then Putin sent his firend (((Moshe Kantor))) to the EU leading efforts
            to outlaw any criticism of mass immigration. The guy is worst of the
            worst. K. MacDonald has a good article on this Kantor guy, who proposes
            “education camps” for non-compliant europeans. Russia’s envoy to the UN
            was the instigator to a calling by the UN against Germany to prosecute
            politician Thilo Sarrazin, who wrote “Germany does away with itself”
            (“Deutschland schafft sich ab”). A factual and researched book along the
            lines of maybe Ann Coulter.

            And if one looks closely Putin is
            close with quite some Rothschild affiliates (Gerhard Schröder was
            working for Rothschild as an advisor before coming to Russia). Now
            Russia just announced they recognize Jerusalem as capital of the jews, a
            big turn. I just think we should remain a bit skeptic about them as
            well. There is quite some worrying actions on the part of Russia here.

          • I am well aware that not all of them are “intentional communists”, as I myself am originally from Bulgaria, but now live in the UK.

            And yes – you are correct in asserting that for them “Communism” basically means deep conservatism; you could even say a form of Russian Fascism.

            Those people generally view Communism as a Russian ideology with which to take over all Slavic countries, as well as take back all former Soviet territories (including those that weren’t Slavic). They don’t have any respect for national sovereignty.

            I myself am Pan-European, not just Pan-Slavic, so I somewhat agree with them, but these are also the same people who disrupt the marches of the Baltic SS veterans, for example…

        • Dude, that’s exactly the accusation leveled against the Alt Right. You are accusing the Ukrainians of what the normes accuse you of being (“full of hate”). doesn’t need to be a Kremlin propaganda outlet to defend the interests of white people. Ukrainians are white people who deserve the ability to preserve their ethnically homogenous nation-state without being smeared, particularly from the AltRight.

          • 2 things.

            Ukraine is teetering on failed state status. Whatever the Jews in Kiev are doing isn’t working. It is always worth critiquing failed NeoCohen policy and Jew nepotism. That isn’t “Kremlin Propaganda”. The Kremlin has its own Jews that wouldn’t approve of this rhetoric.


            Ukrainians aren’t a distinct ethnic group. Maybe Galicians are. But Kievians? Odessans? Are you kidding me?

            I want more Slav unity, not less. I consider Belarussians, Ukrainians and even Poles brothers. So I don’t really care about proving one side right or anything like that.

          • Most of the ‘ethnically distinct’ were brutally murdered in the holodomor, the aim was to get rid of the previously, pre-wwII, populous Greek Catholics (‘Greek’ here doesn’t mean Greek ethnicity but the sacred Greek language), they were considered the primary threat to the Communist program while ‘orthodox churches’ were completely always pliant to whatever political system came about, allowing children to be educated by the Communist Party and allowing Party members to clerical positions.

          • I agree that a “Ukrainian” has to be someone who embraces the Ukrainian language and is capable of speaking it. A separate ethnic group exists in Novorossiya (southeastern Ukraine) that utterly rejects the Ukrainian language. I request that adopt the position supporting federalization of Ukraine (as advocated by Putin), or creating Swiss-style cantons in Ukraine. But should not be dminishing or acting against the will of white Christian Ukrainians (as defined as those who embrace the Ukrainian language, which is western Ukraine and some part of central Ukraine) to seek self-determination and to defend their language and culture.

          • We don’t have any official policy. I just wrote an article about it. Altright does not believe in petty nationalism though.

          • Ukraine doesn’t deserve the right to limit the language rights of Russians, Poles, Hungarians and Romanians. If you have a state with multiple European ethnicities, either be a state for all Europeans or give up territories that don’t belong to you.

          • Every nation-state has the right to defend the language and the culture of its majorities. proposes the cantonization of Ukraine. That way, Novorossiya (southeast Ukraine) does not have Ukrainianization imposed and western Ukraine is not forced to undergo Russification.

          • If you side with ZOG we will be against you. We don’t play with this. Ukrainian independence from Russia is a low priority for nationalists in the West. Our fight is against our own governments/establishments, who are now helping Ukrainian nationalists for their own ends. I would advise Ukrainian nationalists to move strongly against ZOG. If you guys are buddies with Saakashvili, don’t expect sympathy.

        • Ukrainian identity is a malignancy induced by Soviets who de-Russified Russia as much as they could. In short, a cancer of Russian people.

          • Actually, Kiev was 90 percent Russian-speaking in 1991. It is now 50% Russian-speaking, thanks to Putin. I respect Putin in the war against globalism. But when he plans to invade a country like Ukraine, he needs to be more efficient and have more foresight. The Poroshenko government is actively Ukrainianizing most spheres of public life, and it’s working because of the Donbas invasion that was so poorly planned. Putin should have taken all of Novorossiya. What a colossal mistake!

          • Putin had nothing to do with the programs of de-russification that started in the 90s or the movement of Western Ukrainians to the capital. Don’t be retarded.

            Putin never wanted to take Novorussia and was arresting nationalists that went to fight there at the beginning. He grudgingly allowed aid to flow only after the situation spiraled out of control.

            Get your facts straight, holy shit.

          • Most of Ukraine’s rural inhabitants speak a mix of Russian and Ukrainian, at minimum. If the Ukrainian language was invented by the Masons, Teutonic occultists, the Bolsheviks or the Jews, then how is it that some form of it is spoken throughout the rural areas? After all those are the autochthonous peoples.

          • Ukrainian identity was a project of the Poles and Germans to pry it away from Russia.

            It backfired on the Poles spectacularly in WW2 though.

            Also, a non-White like you has no opinion on Ukraine worth listening to.

          • And you do, I presume? Look, I respect what you write (and unlike other foreigners you often do get things right). However, if you start telling us who is real ‘white Russian’ and who is not, your stay here will not be too welcome.

          • Living in a city of Russian Liberals, I’m already only welcome when I pretend I’m not pro-Russian lol.

    • “Russians would all have to be lobotomized in order to accept an independent Ukraine.”

      Considering how Russians practically worship the Jewish butchers who destroyed their country and exterminated some 60 million of their people, I’d say they’re already lobotomized.

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