Hackers Tried To Destroy Red Ice

“We’re almost ready to go live.”

A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to be able to resume normal operations. He also gives an update and ETA on the launch of the brand new website. We’re almost ready to go live.

It’s clear that the hackers tried to destroy everything that Red Ice has done over the last decade and they permanently wanted to ruin our ability to ever produce media again.

Please help us by signing up for a membership when the new members’ website goes live. If you donate to us, you are not only a life saver but you will help ensure that we can come back even stronger:

With your help we can kick into high gear and show the bastard that did this to us why they never will destroy us.

Thank you for all your support guys! Lots of love to all our friends, supporters and those who have stood behind us in this difficult time.

Red Ice
the authorRed Ice
Red Ice delivers news, TV and online radio, including Red Ice Radio and Radio 3Fourteen. Founded by Henrik Palmgren in 2003, Red Ice reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month seeking an alternative to the mainstream, covering politics and social issues from a pro-European perspective. Truly independent and supported by members, Red Ice remains commercial and ad free. Red Ice is based in Sweden and North America.


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  • Absolutely love Red Ice, sent them another donation today and cannot wait for the member’s site to come back up. They need to pursue all legal ends available to them to press charges against those responsible for this.

  • The snowflakes are programmed to be outraged, the get triggered the way a mine gets triggered. They’re indoctrinated over days,months, years to feel violated, cheated until they have a seething anger just underneath waiting to come out.

  • The Red Ice hack/shutdown has been the most under reported crime since The Shuttening began after C’ville. DS getting deleted from their domains has overshadowed Red Ice’s situation, but unlike DS, Red Ice was illegally attacked. The is no cryptic Terms of Service violation that these hackers can site which justify their actions to destroy private property and potentially endanger peoples lives and livelihoods.

    I sincerely hope our people are working diligently to discover who exactly was behind these attacks, this story needs to shared with as many Normies as possible, and unlike DS is it much easier to defend Red Ice’s professional and clean content. I wish Henrik and Lana the best and will be renewing my membership as soon as the site is back up.

    • From listening to Henrik, it sounds like they have multiple servers running on their own computers. I’m assuming they use the linux operating system. If they are running Windows servers than that might explain why they got hacked. Either way, the hackers needed shell command line access to do what they did. The common method is ssh (secure shell) which is, as the name implies, very secure. Snowden hinted that the NSA could break the encryption of a ssh connection. I’m not too sure about that. At any rate, your average hacker does not have what it takes to break into a ssh session. Add the cellphone hack into the mess and we are talking about something that… well… we really don’t want to talk about.

        • Definitely imo
          It was a concerted effort targeting several sites.
          The Daily Stormer was hounded across several jurisdictions incl. the .ru domain
          Russia complied and deleted the site.
          Only a state player can pull such strings

      • I am surprised they did not have offline backups. If you run your own servers, including file and database servers, make sure you have some sort of backup on tape, disks or a drive placed offsite. What if they just had a flipping fire? A Molotov cocktail would have been just as efficient to take down Red Ice.

  • Anyone doing anything like Henrik should have everything backed up on external drives. I’m surprised he did not. No way to hack an external drive.

  • bad news

    “Tech giants told to remove extremist
    content much faster”

    September 20,

    Tech giants are once again being urged to do more to tackle the
    spread of online extremism on their platforms. Leaders of the UK, France and
    Italy are taking time out at a UN summit today to meet with Google, Facebook and

    This follows an agreement in May for G7 nations to take joint
    action on online extremism.

    The possibility of fining social media firms which fail to meet
    collective targets for illegal content takedowns has also been floated by the
    heads of state. Earlier this year the German
    government proposed a regime of fines for social media firms that fail to meet
    local takedown targets for illegal content.

    The Guardian reports today that the UK
    government would like to see the time it takes for online extremist content to
    be removed to be greatly speeded up — from an average of 36 hours down to just

  • I’m a hackercaust denier. The part about the cellphone getting wiped and then using their newborn baby as a prop was just too much for me. There’s something else going on here folks.

      • What parent would use their baby as a prop in a video when they are supposedly under attack? The baby thing is my conspiracy deal. No one else talks about that. The cellphone deal has been discussed by more than a few. Do a little research on what — or who it would take to hack a cellphone. That little detail got people going wtf as soon as it was mentioned. Only once. You won’t hear them talk about that again. Count on it.

        • I’m certain this attack came from a high level organization. There’s no way some ANTIFA scrubs managed to pull this off.
          As far as the baby is concerned I think she included him/her in the video to prove that they are authentic White nationalists. One of the criticisms AltRighters get hit with is that we don’t have kids therefor we are frauds. This was obviously just Lana and Henrik wanting to prove their credentials. And it also helped add some weight to their donation drive. I’m not accusing them of shilling, just making an observation.

          They are a lovely little family and are far more worthy of our support than many other “AltRight” commentators who talk the talk but never walk the walk.

          • That’s the problem. The level is too much to take in. We are totally fucked. Why them? Henrik is very talented with the technical side of video production… but… fuck it. This is way too crazy. Why them?

          • They were going to give an independent media perspective on Cville, but were shut down so they could not do so. They routinely report live from these events.

            It was part of a coordinated effort to prevent us getting our side of the story out there.

            MAYBE we got lucky that Faith Goldy happened to be filming when the car accident happened, otherwise they could have lied more about it.

            (not sure about the last part, other explanations possible)

          • It’s been over a month now. Henrik was there but claims his cellphone was hacked so guess we will not see anything from his side. I’m assuming Lana was home guarding the fort that day. I had this vision of her smashing all their cameras and equipment in a violent rage. She’s a bad ass for sure… gotta love that girl.

            Did you ever have to make up your mind? Yep that other girl; Faith Goldy. It’s like she has vanished after Rebel Media kicked her to the curb. Does she have her own youtube channel now?

          • Faith is on twitter, tweeting a lot.

            She got fired for hanging out with Nazis so she may be having trouble finding a new job.

            I will be honest, I have not followed the red ice hack details closely enough to nit pick the details

          • They say it was because of that interview where she talked about free bacon. Sounded like she was just messing around trying to have a little fun. If she’s having trouble finding a job it’s not because of the Nazi thing; it’s because she worked for Rebel Media.

    • Henrik and Lana are the most trustworthy people in the Alt-Right as far as I am concerned. Fuck off with your conspiritard bullshit.

      What would be their motivation for faking this?

    • Hmm, maybe you’re right (((Sir Dirtbag)))… maybe we shouldn’t trust any Alt Right media figures! They’re all lying shills, we might as well just give up!

  • I would love to sign up but i do not trust paypal anymore since they shut down defend europe. Is there an redice hatreon comming?

  • I recommend you guys to download all red ice videos by using a software like like Gihosoft Tubeget, which allows you to download all videos from a specific youtube channel. Then, you should share the Whole folder on torrent sites. If you have a super fast connection, please do it!

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