Dallas Mayor Cucks Out As Another Statue Comes Down

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Protests, flyers, and a last minute lawsuit fought to keep the statue of Robert E Lee in its rightful place in Lee Park, Dallas. But the Mayor of Dallas, a little bitch by the name of Mike Rawlings, would stop at nothing to see the statue of this greater man brought low. After all, if you’re an insignificant pile of shit, the best way to make yourself feel better is to tear down the monuments that enshrine greater men’s glory.

“[Removing the statue] was my first inclination after Charlottesville,” Rawlings said. “It wasn’t my first instinct before. My point of view changed.”

 “I’m a marketing person and there is a term called ‘brand association,’” he says. “Fairly or unfairly, when a Robert E. Lee statue gets associated with Nazi sympathizers, that brand regard goes way into the negative.”


Anonymous sources confirm that Rawlings is a homo and posit that he is most likely a pedo as well.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter to him what’s “fair” he just wants some good goy points. And he knows just how to get them.

The glorious statue was over 80 years old and crews had a very difficult time taking it down, as it was not bolted down in the traditional manner. One would think that perhaps, it was not made to come down. As they were in the middle of it, the Sons of Confederate Veterans came to the rescue, delivering a lawsuit saying that this destruction of public property was not in the purview of the Dallas city council or the mayor. This kept the statue safe for about a day. As our terrible courts do not fight for us anymore, it was dismissed. In their federal court complaint, they argued that the City Council had improperly voted on the item on a briefing day and had violated the First Amendment to serve their Orwellian agenda.

“The city’s planned suppression of the monuments’ political speech is a first step in a totalitarian move to determine authorized forms of political communication and to punish unauthorized political speech,” the complaint states.

That is of course, exactly right, but no one cares about White People, so of course the lawsuit was dismissed in about a day. After that of course, we had our protestors try and stop it the desecration. But naturally, U.S. District Judge Sidney Fitzwater lifted the temporary restraining order and allowed the removal to proceed.

One of the protesters includes William Fears, a 30-year-old construction worker from Houston, who also marched in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the planned removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. Huh. I’m beginning to see a pattern here…

This all happened in about a week. We had no recourse, and the moderate centrists moaned and groaned but did nothing to stop it. William Fears, though he has had a rough past of which I will not mention here, said something I think all white people are going to have to get used to. “Nazi is like the N-word for white people…And I just embrace it.”

Cuck republican and southerners may not like it, but if they don’t grow some thick skin, they’re going to have their history removed, their country taken, and their future destroyed.So don’t be a bitch like Mike Rawlings, because it isn’t going to stop here. This was only the first in a long line of names to be scrubbed, statues to be torn down, and faces to spit on.

Whatever you think of Charlottesville, the game has changed. It’s being used by our enemies to destroy our history. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but we need to make a fuss, we need to use it to mark out and discover cucks like Mike. If you’re in Dallas, start campaigning against him. Vote everyone out of the Dallas council that you can. Save the lone “Yes” vote. Get the knowledge out to the people.

In the words of our eternal enemy, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

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  • Southerners better start paying attention to some of the more cucked European countries……that’s your fate if you don’t grow a pair

  • I live here, and the only surprising thing is that it didn’t happen sooner. The DFW area in general is a mestizo filled craphole.

    Dallas is less than 30% white as of 2010, the public schools less than 5% white as of last year.

  • “Anonymous sources confirm that Rawlings is a homo and posit that he is most likely a pedo as well.”

    A Pedomo.

  • What’s the point of going ‘undercover’ with the Alt Right when their taboo-views are spoken so honestly and directly?

    Some groups say one thing but do another. This is why James O’Keefe has been effective in spilling the beans on big media and the like.

    But what Alt Right says ‘undercover’ is what they say above-cover. Alt Right has nothing to hide. The whole movement is based on forthright discussion of taboo subjects.

  • “The more inferior new revolutionary movements are, the more will they try to denigrate the old forms.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  • The Confederacy was bullsht.

    The current prestige given to fukking Islam is the same as was given to the Confederacy after the war.

    The reason is that on a very very base level, force and violence works in getting people’s respect.

    Especially among the dumber people in the room.

    We need some distinctions here. The alt-right is not white supremacy. But the Confederacy was about white supremacy.

    But also the fukking Left of today is like the Left back in the post-civil war period. They sympathize with the enemy to be interesting and to get away from themselves. Every time the fukking Left says that Islam is peace and tolerance and anti racism and all that BS is exactly the same as the Lost Cause retards arguing that the Confederacy was not racist.

  • “After all, if you’re an insignificant pile of shit, the best way to make
    yourself feel better is to tear down the monuments that enshrine
    greater men’s glory.”–Best line in the whole article.

  • The South surrendered, but it got to put up statues of its heroes as if it had actually won something. It did impress the North with its ability to put up a fight, and the statues served as a consolation prize. Now it is clear that consolations prizes don’t mean much once you have conceded that the other side was right.

    I don’t think the North was right, but I also think the South made a mistake in getting into a shooting war.

    • The only mistake made was not invading the North. ( That would have made it an actual civil war ) The South would’ve won handedly had we marched on DC when the opportunity existed. The Union was being smoked early in the war. The statues are not a consolation prize… They are what they are, a memorial to men willing to fight for self determination. Unlike the pussies of today. The consolation prize was reconstruction and diversity.

      • Of course, Lee did invade the North. Perhaps he waited too long. It is speculated that the South could have captured DC after one of the battles of Manassas, probably the first one.

        I think that the leaders of the South were being manipulated behind the scenes. Perhaps the international bankers wanted the South to fight, but they didn’t want the South to win. This is how the bankers bring about radical change. They convince two sides to fight, and then they take advantage of the aftermath to implement the change they want.

        Suppose you get into a fight and get beaten. Do you put up a statue of yourself, or do you keep fighting?

  • Traitor will be dealt with when We The People finally rise uP.. The Wicked Tricks who have seized power over us would have NEVER been able to get into their current position, without the help of TRAITORS such as this mayor, along with Suck-uPs and $ELLOUT$ of all stripes who took the Tribe’s bribe~

  • It means that it will be very difficult for lefties to win office. Unless they suspect the secret ballot at least.

  • Query:

    Without the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville…….

    Would all these Confederate Statues/Monuments be coming down so soon???


    The Enemy White Cucks are Virtue Signal Trolling on where they think our Heart lies…….

    They think they’ve located our Heart and they’re Spearing it hoping to DRAIN us…….

    I’ll stop criticizing Charlottesville Strategy…….for now……..

    But, what the Alt-Right encountered in Charlottesville……

    ….is how much WE ARE KNOWN…….


    …….and FEARED………

    That was a wake up call because most of us didn’t think we were that RELEVANT……..

    But, we ARE………

    And we have POWER……….

    And that’s why we need LEADERSHIP……..

    While many of us thought we were just Shitposters………

    The Establishment took us MUCH more seriously…….

    And sent in the StormTroopers……..

    Are we ready to GROW UP??

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