America’s Orphans

Much of who we are is decided before we are born.

We spend the rest of our lives filling in the gaps. For some it’s easier than others; you fill the gaps in with family, church, heritage or in our deracinated age, brands. Fitting in is easier for some of us than others, but as long as we stick to the script, keep our heads down and recite “all men are created equal,” we do just fine as good Americans.

For White people, buying into American identity is easy. It’s the default setting; it’s your pre-packaged default. You’re not “White,” but American, and anyone can be an American as long as they recite the pledge of Allegiance, for them the only colors they’ll see are Red, White, and Blue. At least, that’s what so many White Americans are desperate to believe.

White America deludes itself so much that it’s hard to know where to begin untangling the multitude of delusions. It puts its faith in institutions that have long since devoted themselves to their dispossession. Yet they cling on, born ceaselessly into the past, ever more endangered of becoming it. So they while away the hours, identifying with trivia instead of trials. Nowhere is this more evident than White America’s, and especially White American Men’s, devotion to the National Football League (NFL) and other ubiquitous “sportsball” related enthusiasms.


Football, especially in its professional form, has come to be a crux of American identity, and more importantly, White identity. The NFL’s audience is 83 percent White and over 64 percent male, while Blacks make up more than 70 percent of its players. But players and fans alike all stand up before every game to sing the national anthem and take their oaths to America.

The America represented by the NFL is usually nothing more than a sterile shopping mall. Just a quick look at the last Super Bowl is more than enough to confirm this. But to many of its fans, it represents something more: it is an identity. One in which America isn’t divided by black or White, but by Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys, who still come together every week to reaffirm their “American” identity at the beginning of each game. To its White fans, professional football is the outward celebration of the American creed, that all people are created equal and that the American dream as enunciated by “Dr.” King has come to pass.

Many have likened the NFL to the gladiator games of ancient Rome.

In some ways that’s fair, but for White America, their meaning is more than that. The average White American male probably identifies more with his favorite NFL team than he ever has his race, or even his religion or family. The NFL is an outward celebration of the America he’s been told to believe in. He worships the strength of others because he’s been told that his own strength is evil. He cheers for others because he’s been told cheering for his people is “problematic” or “oppressive”. Finally, he worships and adores some ragtag team of convicts and thugs because it’s the only avenue for an identity he has.

We still spend Sundays in Church, only now the church comes in through our screens every Sunday night. And just as in Church, sacrilege and heresy will not be tolerated.


Colin Kaepernick was born to a mother that didn’t want him and a father he would never know.

He was adopted by a nice White Midwestern family from Wisconsin who lost two of their previous children. Kaepernick excelled at sports, achieving notoriety in baseball and American football. I’m sure his adopted parents were at almost every game, beaming with pride at how well their “son” was doing. In addition to his prowess on the field, Kaepernick was a “devoted Christian” who made numerous references to his “faith” and offered a mocha-shaded version of “Tebowing” after a touchdown, to Russell Moore’s delight no doubt.

Kaepernick has probably gone his whole life trying to “fit in” and figure out who he is. Lucky for him, his athletic ability fetches top dollar in today’s America, and being a pro-athlete, especially a Black or mulatto pro-athlete, is about as close to deification as we come in secular America. But I’m sure he never really fit in with his “family” or the doughy Midwestern identity they represent. Of course, it wasn’t the only card he was dealt.

Being a mulatto in America gives you a lot of options. Just ask Barack Obama.

Blackness has come to be the standard of masculinity and coolness in today’s America . Her sons grow up worshipping Black athleticism while her daughters grow up lusting for it. More than that, to be Black in America is to have a grievance, to be a victim. In the Current Year, there is no more powerful moral narrative than that of the victim.

Despite being raised in White America, and achieving relative affluence, Kaepernick chooses to identify with lower class Blacks rather than the effete American elite or his slovenly White fans, who one surmises he despises. Like Barack Obama, or Roger “Too” White II in Tom Wolfe’s A Man In Full, Kaepernick has discovered the power of Blackness to shape narratives in today’s America.

When Kaepernick refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance he wasn’t rejecting America, but attempting to claim it. Already, the usual suspects in the press are going into overdrive to defend him, to wrap his actions up as his right as an “American.” We’re already hearing the comparisons to Muhammad Ali who has gone from a pariah to a patriot in just a few decades.

Sure, White America was shocked by Kaepernick. That’s because his refusal to salute the flag makes him take a pause from his Bud Light-fueled soma-coma long enough to make him feel something. He feels an anger, though it’s misplaced. Conservative media are already crowing about how anti-American this is, or how ungrateful Kaepernick is to Our Great Country^tm.

The truth is, Kaepernick and others like him make these demands because they can. Because they have an identity made up of more than cheap beer and chicken wings. Kaepernick’s fiancée is a member of the Black Lives Matter movement and a vehement Black nationalist. Also, if reports are to be believed, Kaepernick has renounced his feel-good Christianity in favor of Islam.

It’s useful to be in the rising tide of color.


Kaepernick was born as close to a blank slate as any liberal could hope for. He even got the all-American smiling happy family in the Midwest. But for him, it was not enough. The call of blood is stronger than any adopted bond. By embracing his Blackness, he has become more of who he is than he’s probably felt at any other time in his life. That’s why “losing endorsements” or other pecuniary repercussions do not matter to him as long as he has an identity.

White Americans are in many ways orphans themselves. America is one big foster home where they bounce from surrogate family to surrogate family, hoping to find the one that will take them in. The truth is, they either gave it up or were tricked into giving it up generations ago. Today they just grope and yawp for anything that reminds them of what they had, be it star spangled beer commercials or negro athletes decked out as Captain America.

White America is angry about Kaepernick.

But really he’s just ahead of the curve. He’s found his tribe, and it ain’t the San Fransisco 49ers, but something more real, something based on blood.

White Americans are willful orphans to their identity. It’s time for them to come home.


  • Suppose the black players kneeling were all White ; and that they were holding a Confederate flag protesting the destruction of their Confederate statues, monuments and removal of their flag of southern pride and heritage . What would happen then??

  • Good article. Hopefully the recent dustup with the Negro Felon League will set it firmly in the tier of obsolete institutions.

  • A while back a high school classmate of mine died. The very first column of the obituary mentioned the NFL team that he followed and that his (second) wife cheered for a different team. Hannibal’s right–when white people are denied real identities, they adopt surrogate ones. I’ll bet black nationalists respect the Alt-Right more than the cuckservatives–we speak the same language, albeit with different emphases.

    I have read that NFL viewership is declining, which may be healthy sign, although I wonder whether market saturation is a substantial factor.

  • White America destroyed its prestige in the Vietnam war. And later the Iraq war.

    Black America will have its prestige destroyed when they start and lose a war.

    At this rate, they will be claiming more power in the coming decades. There will be another black president.

    What will happen will be a black president will send US troops to do some peacekeeping in Africa. The casualties will then de-legitimize black nationalism.

    • Lol black population is falling as fast as whites. The Mexican and MS-13 gangs won’t be as welcoming to you as whites were.

        • There are plenty of blacks who can be nice to you, you just have to go live with them in Africa. Why do you choose to live in a white supremacist country that oppresses you?

          • If I was a citizen of Japan, I still wouldn’t be Japanese, and I’d much rather live with my own people in Europe than Japan, despite Japan being a very rich country. In fact, I’d rather live in the most impoverished European state than live in Japan.

          • if you were making that argument for a European nation, fine. But the USA is different. Created with white ideas, sure, but in the land and backs of others. Do you not find it strange that with very similar settings, France, England or Germany have never reached the h peaks the U.S. has achieved? This country is different even than other white nations. You can disagree, but you are not leaving…and if you are a European pretending to be an American for the sake of this argument, that’s just another sad piece of proof. Our contributions are immeasurable and that entitles us to follow you where ever you wish to move the bank….not your selves.

          • On the back of blacks? The only things blacks “built” were what whites told them to build. Which means that it doesn’t matter if I use a hammer or a black slave, both are tools. All blacks did was make it cheaper. Not a huge contribution. Look at the great wonders of architecture of Europe, no blacks were needed, which is precisely why they weren’t needed in America either. They kept the cost down, nothing more. No European nation has reached the height of America? America has never reached the height of Great Britain, which directly ruled most of the world. Most scientists came from Europe. Without the Nazi scientists captured in World War Two, we wouldn’t have even been able to make the rockets needed to go to the moon. I somehow doubt that the black achievements of peanut butter and rap music are the secrets to American success.

          • If anything blacks held back tech advancements in agriculture. Almost immediently after slavery ended we got the first tractors lol

        • During the “Civil Rights era” and the time period immediately thereafter, previous generations of Whites gave blacks a helping hand in a number of ways, and developed somewhat paternalistic attitudes towards them. Boomers etc.

          However these attitudes are less prevalent among the younger generations, and going forward you can that expect whites will increasingly treat blacks as “just another non-white group”, rather than feeling a particular guilt or responsibility towards them due to slavery.

          Frankly, the new dynamic will probably be healthier for both sides, Boomer attitudes were utterly retarded. But you can expect some serious economic pressure from the ascendant hispanic group. And they won’t feel like they owe you anything.

        • I definitely have not! It’s like being nice to cock roaches. What? Seriously? Am I suppose to put out crackers and cheese for any cockroaches and mice that might be living in the alley behind my house? LOLOLOLOLOL 😀

          • That you have an alley behind your house (with cock roaches) tells me that are not mch better off than me….. you just think you are since you believe you are in for piece of that white privilege. Trolling the net calling people names will not get me back to Africa. It will, as soon as I Dox your ass, get you fired by my liberal white friends. Be well.

          • I said *might* be living in the alley behind my house. But I get it. Reading past 8th grade level is hard for you bc your first language is Ooga Boogabonics. I’ve heard subtlety and conjugating verbs is really difficult for yo pipo. Good luck doxing me Fudgey Boi. No one is going to fire me bc of some internet stranger’s butt hurt. I’m not a diversity hire ffs. LOL

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          • Yeah Id say threatening to dox and beat innocent people bc of their race is pretty triggering. Surprised you still on disqus at this point. I got suspended once for pointing out the BOD of ACL all crypto Heebs. Must be your #Jewishprivilege to be allowed to openly threaten people.

          • It’s not the threat, it’s the threatened… the monitor had to choose between silencing a negro, or allowing the negro to teach a douche bag some humility. You lose…loser.

          • Welp sorry. Didnt work. You failed. I always say Negros shouldn’t teach. You can’t repurpose old farm equipment.

          • If that’s true, you are useless. Frank equipment triggers you with ease. I recommend the other crackers and Nazis I that dimly lit basement excommunicate you asap. #blacklivesmatter

          • Of course you don’t understand, as you are a bit of a dummy. I am sure your ancestors did not own slaves… in fact you strike me like the indentured server type. Hey, how’s that job going down at the gas station? I hope you’re able to stay on longer than 2 months this time….meth addiction is a bad thing

          • What’s it like being the same color as shit? Would you call your complexion “cold diarrhea” or “dog poo”?

    • I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to go back to your homeland in Africa. Oh right because its a fucking shit hole. Just don’t complain about your rights if you’re going to live on the tails of white people

        • Problem is, wherever blacks go, they bring their native conditions with them, with every black here we become more like Africa. Look at South Side Chicago, East New York, Haiti. Any place blacks go, they turn it into Africa.

          • Chicago is not Africa. You are beeing dramatic. Long before the black gangster, the city was plagued by the Italian, Irish, Polish and Russian gangster. The got through it, and so will we.

          • Blacks have been living in the US for over 300 years, clocks ticking. They’ve never gotten out of it because they are genetically too different. All white immigrants however have assimilated. Try again.

          • Define assimilated? They have good jobs? Go to church? Married? If they are so assimilated why do you need a new homeland? Why do you hate the liberal variety of whites? Why call successfully assimilated whites that dobt share your hard line stance “CUCKS”? Which is it? You are of two minds…sad.

          • Assimilated: Speak the English language like everyone else. Follow the laws. Attempt to live by unspoken social contracts like: Don’t stab your teacher in the eye when she accidentally disrespeks you by scuffing yo white shoes

          • Nope. I’ve always made enough money to afford shoes. I don’t need Tom to give me shoes like some pipo I know. ?

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    • You can have your own negro communities, with a negro quality of life. Just don’t expect us to pay for anything.

    • I don’t understand, why don’t you want to live with your own people? Do you hate your own people that much that you don’t want to live with them in Africa? Make your own destiny. If you despise Caucasians so much as evidenced by your “meth/opioid addled brains” comment then why do you insist on living with us? Please enlighten me as to why you want to live with those whom you hate and are keeping you down with white supremacy.

      • Hate? You think I hate you? I love you….sorta… Cable TV, helicopters, canned whipped cream, not inventions of the African mind. My issue deals with your superiority issues. Why can’t you people be magnanimous? My peopke have a few talents we share them. Asians have gifts as well they share them. Ask a white to share his talents and you would think you’ve asked for his first born. As far as living “with”, I am in America. You must not be if you think we live together. We work together, but that took a friggin act of congress to accomplish as well. Is this a white supremacy, sure. It’s not so bad as long as you stay in your side of the tracks, but you want this side back dont you? If I just “self deport” you can have more….. WE ARE NOT LEAVING. if you want to live in all white societies, Greenland, Iceland, Russia, Finland, Poland, Switzerland etc await.

        • What about North American partition? Black homeland that can keep out whites. White homeland that can keep out blacks. Rest of North America for people who think somehow the races can get along. Trouble is, wherever white people go, Negroes try to follow. They understand, even implicitly, that white people create a society that Negroes cannot even maintain even when it’s handed to them (e.g., Detroit).

          Negroes perceive white magnanimity (probably correctly) as weakness and demand more. It’s hard to imagine a more self-absorbed and entitlement-oriented group of people than American Negroes. If you’re a Negro and not a troll, you’re a good example.

          • We don’t follow you… trust me, there is plenty of whites only Pennsylvania (my home state). If Detroit was so great, why’d the caucazoids leave? Why’d the jobs leave? Hey, why don’t you move back if everything you touch turns to gold (not shit as I claim)? Self absorbed? You must not have met a Jew….ever. Entitlement oriented? You must have never met a country bumpkin white. Troll? Take look in the mirror….

          • The trillions we’ve spent on welfare that goes to mostly blacks and Hispanics is reason enough to want to separate from you. We could have went to Mars by now if we weren’t spending all this money pretending that a race of 70 average IQ is equal to us. You are holding us back.

          • The trillions you spent on cheese went to whites with 70 IQ as well. The poor and the less intelligent or not leaving. What the phuck is on mars that you care about anyway? Who’s distracted by shiney things now?

          • Very few whites with 70 IQ, whereas for blacks it’s the norm. Big difference.

            “What’s on Mars anyway?”

            This is why your people never amounted to anything.

            “Why build a boat? What’s over there anyway? We don’t need that”

            “Why create the wheel? We can carry our supplies with our hands and walk with our feet”

            “Why make two story buildings? We can live in mud huts”

            No ambition from your people, just waiting for someone to feed you. No thanks.

        • “I love you… Cable TV helicopters, whipped cream, Not inventions of the African mind”
          Two points here, your previous comment shows that you don’t love whites, you love what they GIVE to you. Stuff that you can now have like helicopters because your people would never be able to figure it out on their own. Your issue is with our superiority? So you recognize that we are superior in inventing and creating yet you demand full equality, nay blacks now get affirmative action and are the preferred race for special treatment in a country built by whites. So despite the fact that blacks have contributed barely anything to the world in terms of science and innovation, they should get into universities easier and should be allowed into white countries to live off of our success. Sure every race has their qualities, Asians are quite smart, that doesn’t mean that we should live together. Asian societies are unique because they were separate, now with globalization their societies are all starting to look like the ugly globalism we have here. Ugly skyscrapers, Mcdonalds on every corner, and consumerism rampant. No, I think having Asia be Asian is much better.
          I have news for you, Greenland, Iceland, Russia, Finland, etc. are all being attacked and the globalists will not allow any white state. France, UK, Sweden, Germany were all white, until the globalists decided to make those into multicultural countries. And there they have the same propaganda ” oh yeah, France was built on the back on slaves, French people have no culture.” We’re tired of it, ALL of our countries were built by whites, for whites. If you want all the great things that whites have created, you’re going to have to figure it out yourself.

        • Why can’t we be “magnanimous”? As you yourself admitted, we gave you the modern world, civilization. The problem with allowing you to exist in our societies is you create nothing of value and destroy everything of value. You turn First world cities into African hell holes. Even after 400 years and trillions of dollars and affirmative action your people have failed to assimilate because you are incapable, it’s genetic. You know that. Unless there is separation there will be war. I hate the thought but it’s inevitable.

    • and you need to piss off back to ooga booga land. May I suggest Liberia. I hear it’s wonderful there, full of savages just like you.

        • That makes you a paper American. Us blood Americans don’t recognize your paper.

          Don’t even imagine Indians either. They are not Americans because there was no America until we made it. Of course they get to stay and leave us alone on their reservations. You never know, maybe we will be able to give you and yours a reservation somewhere where the climate suites you right here in America. Lots of desert in America you know. But Africa is your homeland and it is best for you to be sent home.

  • Unless Whites get mad because he didn’t salute the Holy Crucifix what difference does it make? Even if the players were all White what kind of example would they be? An example for godless corporate America. Where is the virtue in this? Only noise, bits and jingles, drama without catharsis, athletes as ‘heroes’ without character, without the hero’s journey.

    Even television itself is not morally neutral, even if everything on the telly was angelic it would still be this magic lantern in the middle of the house pulling everyone into unreality, and when people forget reality they don’t do what’s necessary when push comes to shove, they become moral invalids and the outer chaos waiting to devour us creeps in.

    If these sports were shut down tomorrow, you know what would happen, people would go out and talk more, think more, play more, they would be out there building communities, arguing and doing what people do, forming networks and then they would start to be a threat, once the flickering of those violent pixel would cease all these White men would have to face reality — that’s it’s not their country at all, and then the violence that was sooner lived vicariously would be used to some constructive end.

    Even the internet though potentially useful is a hamster wheel for each of us. It’s like Saruman’s palantir, even used with extreme caution it’s still this black thing right in the middle of your life sucking you in.

  • White American men watch negro ball religiously, slobbering with glee every time their favorite buck makes a play yet can’t figure out why their daughters bring home Tyrone and their sons become wiggers.

  • And along these lines then we can talk about sports.
    Sports in the United States was to be changed, in part as a way of
    de-emphasizing nationalism. Soccer, a world-wide sport, was to be
    emphasized and pushed in the United States. This was of interest because
    in this area the game of soccer was virtually unknown at that time. I
    had a few friends who attended an elementary school other than the one I
    attended where they played soccer at their school, and they were a real
    novelty. This was back in the 50’s. So to hear this man speak of soccer
    in this area was kind of surprising. Anyhow, soccer is seen as an
    international sport and would be promoted and the traditional sport of
    American baseball would be de-emphasized and possibly eliminated because
    it might be seen as too American.
    And he discussed eliminating this.
    one’s first reaction would be – well, they pay the players poorly and
    they don’t want to play for poor pay so they give up baseball and go
    into some other sport or some other activity. But he said that’s really
    not how it works. Actually, the way to break down baseball would be to
    make the salaries go very high. The idea behind this was that as the
    salaries got ridiculously high there would be a certain amount of
    discontent and antagonism as people resented the athletes being paid so
    much, and the athletes would begin more and more to resent among
    themselves what other players were paid and would tend to abandon the
    sport. And these high salaries also could break the owners and alienate
    the fans. And then the fans would support soccer and the baseball fields
    could be used as soccer fields.
    It wasn’t said definitely this would
    have to happen, but if the international flavor didn’t come around
    rapidly enough this could be done. There was some comment along the same
    lines about football, although I seem to recall he said football would
    be harder to dismantle because it was so widely played in colleges as
    well as in the professional leagues and would be harder to tear down.
    There was something else also about the violence in football that met a
    psychological need that was perceived, and people have a need for this
    vicarious violence. So football, for that reason, might be left around
    to meet that vicarious need. The same thing is true of hockey. Hockey
    had more of an international flavor and would be emphasized. There was
    some foreseeable international competition about hockey and particularly
    soccer. At that time hockey was international between the United States
    and Canada.

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