Alt-Right Politics – Sex Machina!

Alt-Right Politics, now America’s MOST HATED political talk show, returns with . . .

ISSUE 1: Rohingya Removal

Burma is cracking down on its illegal Bengali immigrants. But wait . . . isn’t Burma’s head-of-government, Aung San Suu Kyi, a darling of the Western media and a Nobel Peace Prize winner to boot?

ISSUE 2: Trump Harangues the UN

President Donald Trump laid it on thick and hard to representatives of nations around the world. The liberal press was definitely triggered. But was this anything new, or was Trump just channeling the neocons?

ISSUE 3: Alt-Lite Flops

Ben Shapiro, Berkeley, MOAR of the same.

ISSUE 4: Sex Machina

The sexbots are here, and they have come to steal your seed. Will they destroy feminism, or will they sate enough beta angst to forestall revolution for another few decades?

This week’s roundtable includes Humble Book Publisher Richard Spencer, Censored Radix Editor Hannibal Bateman, Frenchman Don Camillo, and as always, Greg Ritter, all-round cool guy.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • If you think that polygamy will be eugenic you are just plain wrong. Just take a look at blacks, where long-term monogamous relationships are rare. In the ghetto (they were talking about this on The Daily Shoah) men drift from women to women having lots of children. The men who have the most children would, to be blunt, be sterilised in a eugenic society. Sure, some of the best men might get lots of women, but so would a lot of the worst men. And the hyper-intelligent autists would be bred out of the population altogether.

    Europeans have also been monogamous for thousands of years. The Germanic peoples have practiced monogamy for as long as their history has been recorded. Do you really want to deconstruct thousands of years of Indo-European sexual morals to replace it with Semitic-tier polygamy?

  • 3 free, childless guys browbeating people about buying into liberal Time magazine propaganda that says kids will take up all your time .. /altright 😛

  • The sexbot part was interesting. I think a foot soldier, like myself, will never turn to a sexbot. Some might, but most won’t be able to afford it.

  • I enjoy this show. It’s a good show. Greg Ritter is a good host. Very underappreciated.

    Btw hey Ritter if you are reading this, on you old Red Dawn podcast you always played this one German metal song, I think the lyrics were “Volk ans Gewehr” but I’m not sure. Can you tell me the name?

  • Sexbots will drive a bigger wedge btw western men and women.
    Demographic extinction just accelerated by a few notches

    • I watch MGTOW videos all the time and Turd Flinging Monkey talks about this a lot. Sexbots and the artificial womb might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Once women realize to their horror that they are no longer indispensable they’ll stop acting like treacherous skanks. The harsh reality is we’re not only stronger than women we’re smarter. So if they’re going to wise up they better do it quick. Because once these are up and running smoothly, why on earth would be ever want to have a daughter on purpose?!

  • So what do sex robots have in common with our futurist nerds’ other fantasies about self-driving cars, robots making human labor obsolete, virtual worlds better than the real world, AI’s telling us how to live and so forth?

    All of these notions share the assumption that we should use technology to shield people from having to deal with the real world and acquire skills in the process. These developments would rob us of self-reliance and agency and leave us with diminished lives.

  • Except woman’s sexual choices are not Eugenic at all. Especially not in a welfare state. MEN’S sexual choices are Eugenic.

  • A cursory Internet search most definitely does not reveal that they are Indo Europeans. Take a look at them. Speaking a related language does not make ones race and ethnicity. In that case Black African Americans are Indo Europeans.

    • I think indo-european is technically a language group while Caucasian would be the actual race. Im also saying this after seeing some hardcore (((liberal))) obfuscation so don’t quote me.

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