Alt-Right Politics – Sex Machina!

Alt-Right Politics, now America’s MOST HATED political talk show, returns with . . .

ISSUE 1: Rohingya Removal

Burma is cracking down on its illegal Bengali immigrants. But wait . . . isn’t Burma’s head-of-government, Aung San Suu Kyi, a darling of the Western media and a Nobel Peace Prize winner to boot?

ISSUE 2: Trump Harangues the UN

President Donald Trump laid it on thick and hard to representatives of nations around the world. The liberal press was definitely triggered. But was this anything new, or was Trump just channeling the neocons?

ISSUE 3: Alt-Lite Flops

Ben Shapiro, Berkeley, MOAR of the same.

ISSUE 4: Sex Machina

The sexbots are here, and they have come to steal your seed. Will they destroy feminism, or will they sate enough beta angst to forestall revolution for another few decades?

This week’s roundtable includes Humble Book Publisher Richard Spencer, Censored Radix Editor Hannibal Bateman, Frenchman Don Camillo, and as always, Greg Ritter, all-round cool guy.

AltRight Politics
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