Trump’s Globalist Nationalism

Richard Spencer reacts to Donald Trumps speech before the United Nations’s General Assermbly on September 19, 2017.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • The Alt-Right should stand for open-minded,White-European Nationalism; we should accept ALL the world’s peoples rights to a wholesome life & free expression: but,at the sametime,remain commited to safeguarding the God-given rights of ALL European peoples THROUGHOUT the world-PLAIN & SIMPLE!!!

      • Meaning the Alt-Right should oppose mindless exploitation of the world’s people by “our” Banker/Capitalist elites; a fair trade,(NOT “free” trade!?!),situation should come into existence.

    • The alt-right doesn’t stand for anything. It’s an internet meme. It has zero political power. There’s no need to even read the articles and engage with the autistic comment section. The only thing they do is shit post on the internet. Go out and enjoy your life because a decade from now they’ll still be doing the same thing with zero results. Do you want to spend another decade reading articles and commenting? And yes, I’m going to enjoy my tendies before I’m tossed in the oven (which I’ve been told over 6 million times now).

      • Being open-minded & standing up for SOMETHING of valve is NOT a waste of time; though I agree with you we should all try to get the MOST out of life–ALL WE CAN,IN FACT! as for being “tossed in the oven”,that tired old motif must be an absurd illusion to that RIDICULOUS,OUTRAGEOUS,fantasy,(spread by a mentally-ill ingroup),that 6 million people of a certain deranged religion perished in a certain,(highly regrettable!?!),conflict of the last,DISMAL,century: sorry to see that you buy into such silly-ass claptrap…

  • It’s nice seeing Richard embrace his new role as a Kremlin propagandist. Apparently he doesn’t think he’s done enough damage to the alt right yet.

      • I already commented on it below.

        The point is, before 2014, Spencer promoted the ethnostate. When the Ukrainian rebellion happened- financed by the US State Department and jews- Spencer suddenly started opposing ethnonationalism and supporting imperialism, particularly Russian imperialism. He’s said he wants Europe united with Russia even though Russia has never been a part of Europe.

        The fact that the Ukrainian rebellion was a phony color revolution obviously was not the reason for Spencer’s sudden change of heart, it was simply because Ukrainians- and most Eastern Europeans- really hate Russia for what they did in WW2, which is bringing jewish tyranny to them, and to this day, Russians refuse to admit they ever harmed their neighbors.

        Spencer has also ragged on Balts and I believe Poles, even though they are by far the most right wing people in Europe. And of course we know that he’s married to a Kremlin mouthpiece who denies the crimes of the bolsheviks.

        Someone on /pol/ wrote of how Russian money was funding opposition parties in Europe, particularly “right wing” ones. Invariably these movements were driven into the ground and didn’t amount to anything. This seems to be happening to Spencer’s brand of “alt rightism.”

        I won’t flat-out say Spencer is a Russian shill, but his behavior is bizarre and erratic. He’s vague on almost every issue apart from opposing anything critical of Russia. That should tell us something.

        • I think he still supports a white ethnostate on the North American continent, doesn’t he? But it should be a stepping stone to something greater, not just a reservation for a defeated people.

          Ethnonationalism in the US is a radical position, because it challenges the (((American empire))). But promoting ethnonationalism in Europe is not necessarily all that radical.

          Ultimately, European descended people need to rule and exercise power again, to challenge the Jew World Order with a European World Order that will do good stuff instead of bad stuff (even if that good stuff is leaving well enough alone). It’s not realistic to imagine a world where nobody exercises power.

          A vision of Estonian nationalism where you peacefully sit in Estonia, keep to yourself, impose the JUCHE IDEAL and build up the best Estonia possible… is probably not a vision that leads to Europeans taking power. Neither is the vision where Estonia finally beats their Latvian rivals and forms the GREATER ESTONIAN REICH.

          Ultimately, if we want a WHITE WORLD, Whites need to be able to work together to exercise power over the world. That doesn’t mean they have to give up their individual identities and become burgers. They should not do that. But it does probably mean thinking beyond petty nationalism.

          As for Polish Nationalism, it’s a normie meme, and you should do your research on the actual situation in Poland, and their attitudes towards the ZOG regime, before you model your society on them.

          Anyway, it’s reasonable to be somewhat suspicious of his attitude towards Russia, but I do think he is usually pretty solid on foreign policy and personally, I appreciate his critique of petty nationalism.

          • There’s very little in the way of “petty nationalism,” as Spencer describes it, in Europe. Poland for example hates Russia just as much as Ukraine does, yet these “petty nationalist” Poles have taken in thousands of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the violence there. That violence, BTW, is just as much Moscow’s fault as it is Washington’s.

            Spencer has created a petty nationalist boogeyman so he can sell Duginism to Westerners and funnel White Nationalist energy into supporting Kremlin goals. If you disagree, why does Spencer spend so much time (rightfully) calling out American warmongering and meddling but not Russia’s, which has been just as bad? What right did the Soviets ever have to invade Afghanistan, for example?

            Russia shills invariably say stupid shit like, “Well at least Russia is opposing ZOG’s power.” Except they aren’t. Russia is also ZOG and is engaged in the same nation-building/nation-wrecking mass mongrelization project America is, only from a different capital. In spite of what Spencer and others have chanted, Russia is NOT our friend. If we were in Russia we’d all be thrown in jail for being fascists and racists.

            You cannot call yourself a White Nationalist and simultaneously demand that certain Whites be ruled over by others.

          • Poles regularly beat up those poor refugees of violence for the simple reason of lowering working wages. I guess it`s their magnanimous polish blood speaking through oh so loving fists, putting their returning kholops to rights in the most un-petty fashion. Ask them about Lvov for bonus points.

            >le ebil russian meddling oy vey
            Surprise, any state will exert influence where it can, especially if it concerns security.

            And Dugin is already forgotten.

          • As an American who is currently being exterminated by the (((American System))), I am naturally more concerned with the threat it presents, than with some other system halfway around the world that has little potential to threaten me.

            And while I certainly admire and am jealous of many aspects of Polish society, I am ultimately concerned that their reliance on and positive attitudes towards the (((American system))) will make them vulnerable in the future.

            And for this reason they cannot be considered a truly independent nexus of resistance unless and until they become more capable of defying / willing to defy America’s ZOG.

            I am much more skeptical of the Russians than Spencer is, and I think you can legitimately criticize him as being “somewhat too pro-Russian”. But I do think that at minimum they have an “enemy of my enemy” thing going on. Same deal with the NORKs or the Syrians.

            Despite listening to a fair amount of media on the subject, I don’t really understand Duginism. But my impression is that Spencer is kind of riffing on Duginism, coming up with his own take that incorporates a better understanding of race, rather than somehow trying to succeed in a persuasion check and get us to agree to become diplo-vassals of the Russian Empire.

            After all, If Europe WAS going to become an independent power rather than a vassal of Russia or the US, it would probably involve some kind of… political entity that enabled cooperation between the European nations, to give it enough military and economic power to stand independently.

        • >muh austrian-made ragul can speak for the whole Ukraine

          >dey all haet dem russkies in dem eastern jewrope
          Try each other.

          >balt “states”
          >anything but neocohen puppets always ready to execute any heeb command
          Oh so rightwing.

          • What is Vladimir Putin if not the Russian version of a neocon?

            -Completely devoted to multiculturalism.
            -Started off as a communist then became “conservative.”
            -Surrounded and enthusiastically supported by rich jews.
            -Staunch supporter of Israel.
            -Constantly meddling in the affairs of foreign lands.
            -Bases his fake “patriotism” solely on anti-fascism, anti-racism, and the WW2 victory cult.

            You know it is possible to oppose both the jew tools in Washington/Kiev and the ones in Moscow, right? In fact it’s pretty necessary for any serious White Nationalist.

          • Where did I say a single word in favor of Putin?

            Anyway, his staunch support of Israel led to russian missile splattering joo “advisors” in Syria, so good on him.

  • Spencer is right in that Trump’s speech was indeed typical Americanist bullshit. It was fun to see a dark horse pseudo-populist shit talk his way to the top of the republicuck ticket and beat that pantsuit wearing cunt, if only for the lulz of witnessing the true believers of her dysgenic electoral base squirm. But now that it’s time to MAGA, its back to towing the line with the same old jewish foreign policy. Who would have thought that the US was going to stay in Afghanistan forever to control the cheap opium supply? Oh, and how is that border wall with Mexico thing going? They still paying for it? Those lazy spics must still be passing around the sombrero, muchos pesos to pay for the thing since it’s going to be all solar powered and shieeet. Hail Trump, hail victory. LOL! Now lets cut through the bullshit of Melania’s sugar daddy’s talking points.

    North Korea. As much as the Clown in Chief talks shit about destroying little Kim, for obvious reasons the Norks are now practically untouchable. Kim will grow into his role of bad cop to China’s good cop, who are slowly working on their own version of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Rocket man can pretty much thumb his nose at these cucks forever. Zog’s fucking scarecrow, the lisping Lap Dog Mattith doesn’t scare those guys. In that part of the world they eat his kind for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Literally.

    Venezuela on the other hand could be taken care of with the quickness and rally the lowbrow ‘murrikan patriotards. Kind of like what Grenada was for Ronnie boy. The (((establishment))) would love a quick little victory which would enable them to pump their dollars back in there on the cheap. Little risk, big reward. Will piss off the Russians who loaned Maduro a good chunk of money for shares in Venezuela’s state owned oil firms.

    Iran should obviously have some cause for concern. As per the nuclear deal they are letting inspectors crawl around their facilities, diligently marking future targets as we speak. Supposedly the Iranians are keeping these rats from sniffing around some of their sensitive military bases, so if push comes to shove hopefully they have a surprise or two up their sleeve to make the Evil Empire bleed and possibly even hit that shitty little country and the Saudis. Right now the US military is in no condition to physically occupy Iran, but Donnie did at one point say that nation building is so Bush II. A little false flag with (((MSM))) help linking the Iranians to something or other will turn the swamp drainer into abu Ivanka al Amriki all over again.

    The Ukraine is a corrupt and debt ridden commodity that the Euros now want no part of, except for maybe the Polack farm owners who want cheap labor to replace their own EU traveling gastarbeiters. Arming them with US weapons just might give Putin a reason to stop playing fuck-fuck games and put that abomination of a country out of it’s misery. As it stands right now, that little passive-aggressive shitbird Vlad will make sure to just keep them hemorrhaging, loosening and tightening the tourniquet as needed to see how long the IMF loans can keep them afloat. Poroshenko is at West Point right now, kissing dirty US Army officer ass for the honor of taking a selfie with a Javelin mock-up. In the Ukies’ childlike little minds this thing is a wunderwaffe that will surely help them overrun the separatist territories so they can stop importing Pennsyltucky coal. I am biased in this case though, I was born and raised to hate and disrespect all things “ukrainian”. For where a ukrainian has passed even a jew won’t find a crumb.

    As I see it, Spencer is naive if he believes in some sort of silly White Internationalism. He is absolutely right though when he says that RIGHT NOW French and German nationalists have common interests, particularly the removal of financial middlemen and hordes of unassimilable negroid and semitic interlopers. Remember when the Germans took down the wall in ’89? They need to do it again, but this time take the sledgehammers to Eisenman’s entartete kunst in the center of Berlin. I bet my fucking house that they get fired on by NATO troops if they tried.

    Unfortunately America is still global top dog bathing in it’s own ugly ass exceptionalism. The good ol’ US of A is a business not a nation, and it has been playing god and reshaping others in her own retarded image for way too long, practically begging for a proper kick in the teeth. As painful as it may sound, for White nations to live – America must die.

    Zero. Sum. Game.

  • Richard Spencer, I appreciate the critical analysis. However, bear in mind that the fact alone that nationalist rhetoric was introduced is an achievement in itself. Illegal immigration has dropped by 70% and this is solely due to the President’s tough rhetorics. I disagree with your stance on North Korea. It is a leftover Bolshevist fossil. Bolshevism is a cancer like Islam and North Korea could easily destroy the West in a David vs. Goliath scenario. Globalism can only be dismantled gradually and the President is at least taking a step in the right direction.

    • Bolshie trotskyists are nudging you towards this destruction right from the Washington, and yet you focus on the little asian shut-in.

    • Bolshevism may be a cancer but North Korea is not, there is little evidence to suggest that we are in danger of a domino effect where the East adopts the JUCHE IDEAL.

      North Korea has a right to exist and to remain independant of the (((globalist world system)))

  • No matter how superior the white man is, firearms and explosives are the great equalizer, and the rest of the world has them. And nukes above all else.

    Lord of the Rings glorified medieval combat with swords and axes because those weapon systems require real skill and strength and bravery. Semiautomatic weapons, explosives, etc don’t take much any skill.

    We can’t retreat into narrow nationalism for this reason. Pandora’s box has been opened.

    • Alexander the Great conquered half of the known world and then broke
      down in tears because he couldn’t have the other half. We are miserable
      fallen creatures.
      Nationalist chauvinism is petty, duplicitous and sectarian by default due to greed and envy. Back then nationalism was the end-game, a socialist national bureaucracy that sought to maximize riches by theft because, as the excuse goes, we have to because otherwise the other nation will get it and then they’ll come to take our stuff, so you see, you are actually a traitor if you don’t support this rampage of theft.
      Nationalism is simply the larvae stage of globalism. The way people were duped into new socialist republics to abandon organic Christian communities the same way now people are being duped to abandon nations, uprooted godless people are weak to fight back. The southern gentleman was uprooted because the republic took issue with his peculiar traditional character, his way of life.
      Create a problem, force a ‘solution’, one reason for the solution is ostensible the other is real. We know the ostensible reason for the Civil war is one thing, the real reason another.

      See this. Stoke the British/French nationalist empires, both masonic, kill all the remaining monarchs, slaughter and set the old world on fire in total war then say, oh you see how bad nationalism is better let the world government take over. You don’t trust your neighbor? Then better trust us to keep you safe goyim! Nvm that we are creating your bad neighbor. The US is fine with stirring nationalism as long as it fits into the overall ballgame, we see this in Poland. Even the USSR was basically nationalist, communist China, again nationalism. The way to keep these entities trading debt is to make their economies not independent but interdependent, that’s why US manufacturing was shot to bits.
      The new order has now recruited these global corporate elements, implanted in them the spirit of satanism, as a small international clique they sees themselves as eugenic masterminds, as fit, even demigods that despise mankind (you may as well go see that ‘virus’ speech by Agent Smith in Matrix). These are the ‘world citizens’.

      The limitation of nationalism was eventually obvious, it became obsolete as once combatants had exhausted themselves of the bravest stock, combat down the pike would result in nuclear annihilation, so now the tune’s been flipped, war avoidance, national entities are set to be dismantled from the inside through continual divisions and micro-aggressions. Not national-scale but terrorist-scale, culture wars, pornography, race wars, wars of sexes, inflation, continual revolutions, drug trafficking, human trafficking etc, the war is on your doorstep it’s there when you turn on TV or take a walk down the street. Play every side against every side, promote degeneracy to manipulate humanity into being culled of what they purport are the ‘undesirables’, make a new breed of drugged unquestioning people to serve them, pack the rest into slums, base their lives on energy, robotics and technology.
      This may all seem insane but that’s because it is. The end game is the end of the world, humanism and the global religion of earth worship, the Godman will then come rattling his keys; closing time! General judgment.

  • The Westphalian Nation State died with the defeat of Germany and Japan in 1945. The United Nations was designed to administer nationalism under a global monetary system, with the expressed purpose of preventing the rise of real nationalism ever again.

    Globalism, as most imagine it, was never the goal. No one at Bretton Woods stated they wanted to eliminate borders. No one writing in the 1950s and 1960s imagined this kind of globalism. Indeed, libertarianism as a propaganda exercise was designed specifically to advocate for “smaller units of government”.

    Real globalism is a world of autonomous states like Catalonia. In time, they will cede all sovereignty that matters to the United Nations – monetary, defense, and overarching law in the form of human rights. A small state with no nuclear weapons, no control over their money, and inundated with UN regulations against helicopter rides.

    We are rapidly moving away from a USD dominated global financial system. The IMF is being ramped up to fulfill its original purpose as a mediator of something like Keynes’ Bancor.

    The BRICS nations have already met last week about using a supranational reserve currency between them.

    China has already started issuing sovereign debt denominated in IMF special drawing rights, a supranational reserve currency similar to Keynes’ Bancor.

    There is discussion of Germany reverting to the Deutschemark. We will see the Euro transform into a reserve currency like Keynes’ Bancor, probably around the same time Catalonia secedes and adopts a domestic currency.

    All of this is beyond the understanding of most on the alt right, primarily because they are all libertarians and do not understand that their ideology was designed specifically to prevent them from understanding globalism.

    • Got any articles or books to suggest? This sounds interesting but I don’t understand the big picture of what you’ve said here.

      • There is a lot of information out there if you google the topics I discussed. I encourage everyone to read about the Bretton Woods conference where the United Nations was founded. The best, current information about the global transitions I am discussing is mostly published by the arch-globalist, libertarian think tank known as the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The Battle of Bretton Woods is a great place to start.

        • The author of The battle of Bretton Woods was Dr Benn Steil and it was published by Princeton University.A must read for those who wish to understand the workings of the monetary system ( world wide)and it,s implication on the lives of every human being.Having said that i do not think the majority of people from this site will be able to comprehend the content.

      • Never forget. Globalism has one, and one purpose alone. Never again can countries like Germany and Japan be allowed to rise again. Everything else is a distraction.

  • Sorry, but this silly talk does no good. If you want your freedom, you are going to have to beat the police in a street fight. Antifa and blm had the balls, and you guys sucked police cock. You will have to ally with minorities who want to overthrow the system. Why?? Because we want the dollar to collapse so that we can free ourselves from paying salaries and pensions to government employees, both local (think the Charlottesville PD you guys) and global. You need ALL the allies you can get, and ideological differences are meaningless in this fight. For fucks sake, you can piggyback of even BLM, and you don’t see that. Look at what happens to you guys when you lose your jobs. Grow some smarts. Grow some balls. Return the favor!

      • You must like sucking Richard Spencer’s cock, faggot.

        Fucking debate me, loser. Really, post something meaningful.

        I’ve posted for years. I was right about Trump. What about you. Give me your little bitch cheer…rah rah rah, sis boom bah. What is it about the government that serves our interests?? I mean really. Answer a question, bitch.

      • It’s apparent you don’t really have any arguments, you’re just here to call people names and to disrupt. Why do you even post on here if you’re not really an alt right guy ??

    • I agree with you totally. Somehow or another white people who wish to remain exclusively white are going to have to find a way to take back OUR COUNTRIES from people who are nothing but invading us and taking our identity. The question is, how do you do that ??

      • By attacking the police and jew businesses like jew owned Starbucks just like the left does. Did Howard Schulz do us a favor when he pledged to hire refugees? Do you want to pay the salaries and pensions of Charlottesville PD or Berkeley PD or Nancy Pelosi for that matter.

        If not, then PAIN yourself to think like the left does. It was the stupidest thing I ever saw when some of us joined in with Blue Lives Matter. If the dollar dies, the banks die and every oppressor we have loses their financial well being. Antifa and BLM attack a system that funds them. We get NOTHING from the system. Fucking nothing. We pay into it as it steals from us. We want chaos in this fight. We should be fighting the police, not antifa or BLM. How does that do anything for us except get us thrown in jail anyway. Cover your faces like antifa and blend in and fucking destroy!!!!!

        • I see what you’re talking about, and I completely sympathize with what you’re saying ! However, a lot of us are worried about our jobs and about the fact that we could get arrested and suffer imprisonment.

          I understand what you’re saying, but we need to in some fashion or another seize political power and reverse the course this country is taking. For example, why is there, Hate Speech laws on the books of the United States ? Hate speech is nothing more than speech that state you don’t agree with what your enemy is expounding upon.

          If you criticize Jews your called an anti-Semite, and that’s an extremely unfair charge to lay upon anyone simply because you don’t want Jews to dictate every aspect of our lives. We need to change the laws of this country so that the Jews don’t monopolize every aspect of our existence.

          • I don’t see voting as something that will work for us. I’ve been a member of the American Freedom Party, but they really are not trying to gain ballot access, because they really don’t have the funds or the numbers. Deep down everybody knows we will not win elections, and I think that’s why everybody went all in with Trump. People thought it was our last chance within the system.

            There is no reward with no risk, and I don’t encourage anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with. What I am saying is that we must use what we can, and in the sense that there is already an anonymous shit stirring group of mostly white people causing problems, why use them as a shield to cause problems ourselves by blending in with them against the police or destroying jew businesses. I am trying to impress upon people STRATEGY and not ideology in this fight. We are dissenters, and it makes strategic sense to join dissent.

          • ‘Destroy Jew Businesses’…..

            Hey, FBI……

            Are you guys/gals listening??……..

            Check this Nutcase out…..

            He’s an Alt-Right Imposter…….

          • You still can’t answer a question, faggot. What interests of ours does the government serve?? Answer that question, faggot.

          • That’s a dumb idea, because somebody will eventually be caught and will only provide ass-cover for ANTIFA. See? They’ll all exclaim. It’s not really radical SJWs, its a bunch of KKKlowns, oh, me and Neo-Nazis, oh my – trying to discredit SJWs.

            We don’t need to join the loony-left even as undercover disrupters. All we need to do is relax and sit on our hands while the left eats its own and it’s been happening since BLM forced the Democrats to say that only Black lives matter. It’s happening when arrogant DACA brats shout down Nancy Pelosi. We don’t have to do a damned thing but let the radical left chew up moderate leftist ass and chortle, “we told you so.”

            How about instead of staying stuck on stupid, we do something different? Like focusing on ousting and RINOs during the primaries and replacing them with people who will sign on to the original Trump agenda. And don’t say that millions of the average man’s vote can’t trump millions of dollars. We proved otherwise with Trump.

            Trump is only one man. If we want to get what he promised, we need to put in people who will back him up. Otherwise, fuggedaboutit.

          • I am sorry but you are so incredibly alt light it’s pathetic. Your solution is to elect good republicans and re elect Trump. LOL It sounds like you are a jew infiltrator.

            I am wrong because you want to re elect Trump.LOL I read your other comments and you offer nothing but diversions.

            I said Trump was jew compromised all along. You didn’t.

          • Nonsense. YOU sound like an FBI agent provocateur: Do something, anything, as long as its loud, splashy and stupid as hell so that any pro White movement ends up with one stinking hot sticky mess on its hands and its further discredited.

            I grew up watching WNs step on their own dicks. I was dismayed that Richard Spencer and David Duke wasted no time acting out once Trump got the nomination no thanks to them. I’d give a monkey to know how they support themselves. Bet dollar to donuts YOU would know. They never seem to learn, largely in part, thanks to YOUR AGENCY.

            Furthermore, I will never regret voting for Trump the first time. My only regret is that people didn’t look at changing the guard in Congress from the RINOs in charge to real civic nationalists.

            Since my primary goal was and is to keep La Clinton from parking her broom at the White House again, I intend to vote Trump in again, because the Democrats strike me as batshit crazy evil.

            For all you newbies who are unfamiliar with the foibles of WN. Let me give you some highlights:

            George Lincoln Rockwell was initially financed by the ADL (Big Jew scaring Little Jew to cough up his butter and egg money).

            David Lane was influenced to rob banks by some guy who conveniently died in a fire.

            Frank Collin was crypto Jew Francis Joseph Cohen (probably financed by the SPLC) once again to shake down Little Jew for more shekels.

            Hal Turner was a paid, undercover FBI informant.

            The organizer of the Unite the Right Debacle, Jason Kessler, voted for Hillary Clinton and was an Operation Wall Street protestor.

            It seems to me that anytime a leader steps up for WNism in a time when even CEOs get doxed and lose their jobs for uttering an inconvenient truth, he has no visible means of support and no history of wealth in the family that would make him an open, free independent agent.

            No, joining established organizations, running and voting for the candidates that best reflect your interests does not sound glamorous or exciting for men who want to brawl in the street. But the rare times White men are patient and work the system THEY CREATED, they are successful. Donald Trump and David Brat won against great odds and defeated Hillary Clinton and Eric Cantor respectively.

            Furthermore, politically organizing, vetting and running candidates that best reflect one’s interests works like gangbusters for Jews, Blacks, and most recently Mestizos.

            You want to fight? Fine. Join the military and work off your steam in basic training and go fight the Muslims in the Middle East. At least your will pick up some much needed military skills in any future SHTF apocalyptic Mad Max Scenario.

            Otherwise, wage war in the ballot box. The ballot is still secret, so you don’t have to worry about dressing up in skinny black Jeans as some Ninja Warrior Dufus with a mask to that your FBI handler can get you unmasked to further cover leftist asses.

          • You argued with me intelligently and respectfully, so I’ll do the same in return.

            At this point with Trump, all I can surmise is that most of you needed a messiah so badly that you won’t admit that you’ve voted in Zog with Trump. I am not going to repeat myself any further here.

            I feel sabotage is valid strategy. Who wants to be the next Chris Cantwell? The police are afraid of antifa because they know the jew masters are behind them. All I’m saying is to use this to our advantage.

            The whole reason we’ve never had a third party win in this country is because the dems and repubs are jew financed with unlimited money.

          • Pat, if you are the WN you claim to be, I apologize for jumping to conclusions. You are probably young and full of testosterone (which is not a bad thing if it is used creatively and constructively).

            I never saw Trump as a Messiah but as the best way to keep a Bush or a Clinton out of the White House. Knowing what I know about separation of powers and how entrenched those swamp critters are, I didn’t expect some kind of Glorious Leader in Trump.

            That said, the election of Trump against the combined forces of establishment Republicans and Democrats alike was a wondrous demonstration of what Whites can accomplish even as minority voters (if you believe that all of those who cast ballots for Clinton were legitimate voters, which I don’t).

            The reason I came down on your Antifa Infiltration Idea is that I am one of those dreaded Baby Boomers who was a reluctant front row spectator to every time White activism blew up in its own face, because it was blasted on every news outlet all over hell’s half acre. There is sabotage and then there is stupidity.

            THIS is NOT White Power:

            This IS White Power:

            Police are “afraid” of Antifa, because Antifa is an unofficial arm of Leftist politicians. Yes, the police are paid through your taxes, but they are forced to give their allegiance to which ever politician cut their paychecks, no matter how sympathetic they may be to any cause.

            That is why, in blue states like California and Virginia, the police stand back and allow WNs and conservatives to get beaten or even push these people into violent BLM and Antifa protestors. That is also why, in red states like Alabama and Arizona, the police protect WNs and conservatives and throw Antifa into jail if they get out of line.

            Please re-read the previous two paragraphs, Pat. You want to be either the guy who cuts the paychecks of various law enforcement agencies or be the guy who controls the guy who cuts their paycheck. The best way to do that is get involved in various elections and run for office to be that guy or elect that guy if your resume or your paper trail compromises you as a White Nationalist.

            The reason why Heirloom White American males like you have lost your country is that you only get involved in elections – if you get involved at all – when they go national and by then they are already owned by special interests, whether they be wealthy corporatists or bloc-voting minorities. Usually both.

            You need to take an “immigrant approach” to elections. You need to put YOUR man in every office possible and NO seat should be considered too small or unimportant for you to fill with YOUR man. Every Senator and every House Representative started somewhere. Many of them started even on a local school board.
            The way you do that is to network with like-minded people in bowling allies, at charities, at business seminars, at every venue you can think of. Be sure to keep the issues to immigration jobs, education and economics, but always push an implicitly White agenda. That way you don’t scare off “respectable conservatives” and you will attract more conservative people of color, as well. Believe it or not, there are so-called people of color who will never sign onto overt or explicit White supremacy but love the amenities of a White-run society.

            Millions of votes still trump millions of dollars. If you are the guy a politician knows is going to deliver the votes to put him in office, you have as much if not more clout with that politician as a billionaire. Be the man who can deliver any politician in the United States the number of votes he needs to either obtain or remain in office. That should be your goal.
            White Nationalists’ biggest mistake is that they all want to be Glorious Leader or King. In western democracies, kings come and go. Our presidents leave office every four to eight years. Those who make them presidents get to pick their successors. It is better to be kingmaker than king. That should be your goal to be the kingmaker.

          • And I guess I am trying to make it real clear that I want anyone to fully cover their faces and wear similar attire to antifa. USE THEM!!!

          • Fuhgedaboutit.

            I strongly advise the owners of this board to report this guy to the FBI for inciting acts of domestic terrorism to cover their own bases. But I suspect they already know who he is since they probably cut him a paycheck.

          • OMG!!!! So clever and original. Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer are also on the FBI payroll.

      • Is Jarod another faggot jew who cannot respond to perspective and questions.

        Gas yourself, JEW!! I mean what I say.

        Just answer the question. What is it about the government that serves our interests? Why don’t you want to see the dollar fail? Are you jewish?

        • Oh you wanna gas me? You’re a real internet tough guy! In reality of course, you’re just a middle aged loser.
          Go shoot a cop if you want to, but stop trying to goad others into throwing away their lives, you useless sack of shit.

          • Jarod the jew and his inflitraitor friends cannot answer a question. They want to show faces and see people like Chris Cantwell held without bail.

  • Richard Spencer will continue to be the Best Leader of the Alt-Right/New Right………

    Plenty of Ideas and Energy will Infuse from Elsewhere…….

    But, it’s obvious from my POV that there is no one else capable of reaching out to Whites……

    … Richard Spencer can……..

    • OK, I’ll bite ! Since you think that he is so WONDERFUL explain to us why you think that he is the best man for the job ? What makes Richard Spencer the go to guy for the alt right ?

      • He’s very Well Educated……

        Well Spoken……


        A Great Orator……

        He’s Older than most in the Alt-Right…….

        He’s Experienced……..

        He understands all the Relevant Issues……..

        And this is the Movement that he Created……..

        I’m sure he has Plenty of Flaws like we all do………

        But, I’m not looking for a Messiah…….

        Just a Leader……

        • Well all I can say to what you said is this is not exactly a job that you can post on the Internet and ask for applicants for the position !! So I’m not actually really certain that you can say that he is the TOP rated guy for this admittedly very delicate type of job.
          When you say that he is able to understand all the Relevant Issues.

          I have to reply that in that video above , I honestly didn’t get what he was saying concerning Trump speech at the UN. Richard Spencer went on about something to do with other nations getting nuclear weapons and we needed to defend ourselves or something. That’s what I’m talking about ,. He’s not really clear and just for your information , Spencer did not actually create the Movement as you like to say . There were a lot of other people involved

          • What you don’t seem to ever understand is that the Global Entanglements are the product of the Jewish behind-the-scenes involvement. If we throw off the Jewish Masters stranglehold on us, monetarily, socially, in every way we can then we can get out of the insanity. Everything that’s going on is because of what the Jews have been plotting for years against the global world order

  • I’ve heard over and over again plenty of Richard Spencer’s speeches, and I have to say that every time I hear him talk, he leaves me in a bit greater confusion, then I was previously. I think he tries to be a bit more intellectual than he needs to be to get his point across, I believe he wants to be the new Fuhrer and the leader of the alt right party exclusively, but you got to say what you mean, so that people can follow you.
    All I can say is that speaking for myself, all I would like to see is white countries to get back to becoming EXCLUSIVELY white countries and expel all the neggas from within their borders. Additionally, I would love to see all the white nationalist in each of the white countries gather around their Jewish Masters and beat them around the head and the neck until the Jews squeal, Stop it !!, Stop it !! And finally, they agreed to vacate the country back to Israel. That’s basically the only dreams, I have for white people everywhere

      • Just to let you know, I don’t want to be your Leader (or your Fuhrer, or whatever you wish to call the head guy). I wouldn’t want to job, even if it was offered to me. But, Richard Spencer is a confusing person in my view, and in your view, what is he actually saying?

        • “All I can say is that speaking for myself, all I would like to see is white countries to get back to becoming EXCLUSIVELY white countries and expel all the neggas from within their borders. Additionally, I would love to see all the white nationalist in each of the white countries gather around their Jewish Masters and beat them around the head and the neck until the Jews squeal, Stop it !!, Stop it !! And finally, they agreed to vacate the country back to Israel. That’s basically the only dreams, I have for white people everywhere”

          Thanks for Sharing!!

  • I didn’t know what the ‘Alt-Right’ was when I voted for Donald Trump for President…….

    And after almost a year……..

    I don’t regret my Vote……

    President Trump is what he is………

    Am I disappointed……


    I’m old enough to realize how American Politics/Government works…..

    I never looked to him as a Savior…….

    I looked to him as a Bulldozer……..

    And a Bulldozer he was……

    And ‘sometimes’ still is………

    The Left still hates him…….

    The Mainstream Media still hates him…….

    The Neocons still hate him…….

    The GOP Establishment remains as Worthless as they’ve always been……….

    And the Democrats are still Pro-Antifa/BLM……

    And the Soil is still Fertile……




  • Is there anyway can release transcripts for these video replies? Can’t really broadcast Spencer while sitting in the family room…

  • I hope the people of the alt right remembers what Trump is before he cons them again before his re-election. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • I think most of the alt-right is well aware, painfully so unfortunately. It’s the masses who voted for him who only pay attention to politics every few years that worry me. Because they will go out to the polls and say “well what choice do I have, the other guy is going to be worse!” and we repeat the cycle all over again. Even if you show them reams of proof of Trump’s treachery, they will revert to that stale old argument of “I have no choice but to vote for Trump again.”

    • And that’s exactly what Antifa, BLM, SPLC, ADL, and the Neocons want you to do…….

      Understand the Game…….

      It’s actually a Game…….

      And you not Voting while Millions of Illegal Hispanic Aliens vote for Democrats…….

      That’s the GREATEST Present you could give to your Enemies……


      • It doesn’t matter, dummy. There is no real difference between republicans and democrats. The fact that a bunch of Hispanics vote democrat is probably the weakest argument one can roll out to argue against mass immigration because it implies that voting republican is somehow better when it’s not and has proved over and over again not to make any real difference. People only use that argument because they think it’ll make the cucks in the GOP change and start supporting whites but it hasn’t worked and will not work because the cucks in the GOP like being cucks and slaves to jews. Whether you vote democrat or republican you are essentially voting for the same thing.

        • Yeap. Nova punk is probably a jew troll who wants to kosherize the alt right. The little jew faggot wouldn’t answer any of my questions or debate the points I made.

    • We expected at least 1 year of fighting the good fight. At least Reagan was shot before he chucked in the towel.

      • Winning the Cuck of the Year Award by the Coudenhove-Kalergi Society against even European competition is more than just throwing in the towel. That is one hell of an accomplishment that no other American has achieved.

    • what is Trump doin praying to the Jewish Moloch? The usa needs to only have jesus and mary for religion, all these rosh sha hanas are stinking the states up, literally

    • You mean some type of Jew lover? I often wondered why would a guy who is a billionaire want the stinking job of president anyway; I suspect it’s his ego talking

      • I believe it is sacrilege to wear a skullcap and pray at the wall unless a man is religiously Jewish himself. Ivanka probably wasn’t the only Trump who converted.

        Reagan won the 1992 Cuck of the Year Award from the Coudenhove-Kalergi Society. Interesting list of “winners” if you ever care to visit that page.

          • True but this one would be a sacrilegious international incident coming from POTUS unless of course Ivanka wasn’t the only Trump that converted.

            Imagine if Hillary Clinton was president and decided to do her drag king act wearing a turban in Saudi Arabia rather than cross-dressing for the Chairman Mao look she is copying from Kim Jong Un.

    • I think there was an expectation that he would.High expectations,perhaps inflated,unrealistic expectations.The actions do not parallel the rhetoric and therefore we are all disappointed at present.Is he playing their game?Is he a master of the Jewish game?He must tear down carefully,I still have some faith though it fades daily.

    • every alt right i ever met was exgtremely retarded

      “It’s gonna end with the expulsion of the majority of the migrants, including [Muslim] citizens,” Jorjani told an undercover Hermansson at a pub near the Empire State Building in New York City. “It’s gonna end with concentration camps and expulsions and war at the cost of a few hundred million people.”

      “We will have a Europe, in 2050, where the bank notes have Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great,” he continued. “And Hitler will be seen like that: like Napoleon, like Alexander, not like some weird monster who is unique in his own category — no, he is just going to be seen as a great European leader.”

  • Nationalism does not imply hatred of your neighbors. Why are you buying into this jewish lie? French, American, and English nationalists did not want war against Germany in 1939, in fact they were the ones who most energetically opposed war. The only people in these countries who wanted war were jews and internationalists. They led those countries into war.

    “Is there a race left in England? Has it any will left to survive? You can carry slaughter to Ireland. Will that save you? I doubt it. Nothing can save you, save a purge. Nothing can save you, save an affirmation that you are English. Whore Belisha is NOT. Isaccs is not. No Sassoon is an Englishman, racially. No Rothschild is English, no Strakosch is English, no Roosevelt is English, no Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Khan, Baruch, Schiff, Sieff, or Solomon was ever yet bom Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you have murdered your empire, and it is this filth that elects your politicians.”
    – Ezra Pound

    • The Old European Nationalists implied hatred for your European neighbors, but I think that the new European nationalism should embrace the idea that white people all European nations should be viewed as brothers. At the same time each European country should respect the others cultures and sovereignty. The one thing that is absolutely critical is that ALL European nations should expel their Jewish overlords and send them packing back to Israel. The same thing for all nonwhites that are in Europe; if neither group wants to go in a peaceful manner, then any use of force will be justified to get them out of the respective European countries that they have invaded (and that includes the Jewish populations as well)

      • I think European nationalism is the way forward,no hatred but love for our fellow nationalists.Yes,the expulsion of all that is foreign and harmful to the indigenous.

    • National socialist were fighting a war against the jew and that is a global war that must be fought. If the US were able somehow miraculously to purge all the parasitic jews from its land like Germany did back in the 1930’s, we would not survive in isolation for very long since the jews in Europe and the Jews in the middle east and the jews everywhere would be getting ready to destroy us. The jew must be purged everywhere if there is to be everlasting peace.

      • This is precisely the problem. If the US stripped Jews of civil rights and expelled them to Israel the entire world would be lobbied to crush the US.

        • Exactly and that’s what happened in national socialist Germany. Had the national socialists not invaded anybody it wouldn’t have made a difference. They would have been crushed anyway because their very existence as an ethno nationalists state was in opposition to the type of globalist world run by jewish bankers that was desired.

      • My God that would be difficult because these ticks latch on to anything that’s near power. Purins daughter is marrying a Shylock exactly like Trump’s idiotic daughter did.

        They want total control over us and to guarantee our annihilation. We have got to get away from these vampires.

  • Haven’t listened to the video yet, but I think at this point we need to begin consolidating and founding our own towns and cities. In America, there’s plenty of space to do this. I don’t know about Europeans though.

    • Downside to this is, it’d be like Waco all over again. Better to get some people to run for lower offices and take over that way. Especially Sheriff, but even city/county commission could work too.

      That’s assuming it’s even still worth it to play their game by their rules.

      • The problem with Waco is that it was a very small community of cultists living a confined compound. We’d have to make an actual town. We’ll never win or get voted into anything; we need to go ahead and lay down a foundation for our people. We can then wait for America to collapse around us. There’s no saving America and no point in trying to gain any power within it. Remember, the Roman Empire started as a small town but grew over time.

        • I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m inspired by Orania, South Africa. The problem with Orania is that they’re not actively trying to grow. It’s been around for a while but hasn’t grown very much.

        • But in those days of early Rome, it was much easier to defend a few thousand people, though even then, the early history of the Kingdom was fraught with invasions and defeats.

          But again, I foresee the MSM easily claiming that such a city is just a sex cult or a child pedo ring (though if we wait another 5 years, that will be the new “civil rights movement” so they wouldn’t really be able to use that as an attack like they did with Waco).

          At the very least, you would want to be sure to build such a town in a country where the Sheriff is behind you. While he may not be able to stop the Federal tanks rolling in to destroy you, he can at least warn you it’s coming and maybe even help to prepare against that inevitability. Or if the State allows it, form a City and County of ____ so that you can also elect your own Sheriff.

          • The way I see it. This is our only option for now. We have to make real world progress at some point.

          • We definitely need some real world progress here sooner than later. I’m getting tired of this LARPing going on. Thing is, I’m ready to fight, ready to work, ready to rebuild, and I imagine others are as well. But no one wants to take that first step. No one wants to be another dead “Nazi” who the government and the media will paint as some sort of crazed monster.

            If the US founders thought like that, we’d still be British.

            That said, say you build this American Orania, then the Feds descend on it. Obviously you’ll fight to defend it, but say you have a population like Orania (less than 1000 people) what could that population do against the full force of the Federal government? That population will be entirely on their own. The media will be against them (and thus the braindead masses who listen to it). Anyone who supports them will be seen as crackpots or conspiracy theorists as they face down the Feds.

            Look to just a year or so ago with those folks who took over that abandoned national park office up in the NW somewhere, or the Ted Bundy Ranch fiasco.

            Maybe people want to fight back, but they will always be painted as monsters and crazy lunatics, which discourages many people from bothering.

    • The problem is that to do something like that you have to be willing to go all the way. That means living in poverty if you have to. That means not having the latest iPhone.

      Spencer has all the latest i-crap. Even has an Apple Watch.

      Because you would be poor.

    • Something like that seems very vulnerable, and weak to economic, legal and military pressure.

      Right now the Alt-Right is dispersed, hard to attack, hard to hurt.

      Owning something like Elohim City seems more like a liability than an asset.

      It still seems like the best model is smaller, independent, local groups that blend into their area

      And the best strategy probably still to try and influence the national conversation, rather than dropping out and hoping your 100 guys or whatever will be able to hold off the division that FEDGOV eventually sends for you.

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