The West’s Greatest Sin Is Betraying Ourselves

Written by Carolyn Emerick and published on her website on 08/19/2017


These are dark days. Thousands of people are being caught up in mob mentality and literally attacking people for thoughts that they find “abhorrent.” Whether these mobs are using internet bullying, harsh words, or literal physical assault, the effect is the same. We are being told that there is an institutionally approved narrative and those who don’t get in line will singled out to be ruined by the mob. We have been here before. So, let us take a peek at what we can learn from history, shall we?

A Look at Population Shifts Through Top-Down Coercion

The telling of history has ALWAYS been done with an agenda.

I have observed many people scoffing at the idea that there is something contrived going on here. They call it a “conspiracy theory.” They say that anyone believing that we are being manipulated is a tin-foil hat wearing nutcase. And, because the folklore/pagan community is so heavily dominated by people who identify is left-wing liberals, there is an especially great logical disconnect in the community whom I originally set out to write for.

I am finding it inconceivable that people in the pagan and folklore community can all nod their heads in unison when we’re talking about the Christian Church’s campaign against indigenous European culture, and how it can be understood that the entire landscape of belief was changed from the top down through means of political persuasion, conversion, and even military campaigns during the conversion process, but they fail to even entertain that the exact same process could be happening to us now.

​Are we so different now than human beings ever were in the past? How could we be immune to processes that have been used before?

Historians had long said that indigenous European belief was dead by the time of the witch trials. But, as we have been discussing for years now on my website, and through the work of scholars making major headway in witch trial analysis, we now know that this is not true. Historians once said that the notion that the witch trials were a crack down on native European spirituality was laughable. We now know that this is not true. ​

Scholars like Emma Wilby, Carlo Ginzburg, Eva Pocs, and others, have demonstrated quite incontrovertibly that in many instances throughout Europe that the witch trials were, indeed, a campaign against individuals holding beliefs and engaging in practices that local church leaders condemned.


In the Middle Ages and up until the advent of the printing press, the Church and elites controlled virtually all education and written records.

​Churches were used as our mass media is today, to get the right messaging out to the rabble. And, anyone deviating from proper church prescribed behavior could be subjected to persecution. People were persecuted for what amounts to thought crimes.

The tactics then are the same as now. This is always institutionalized at the top. Those who have vast wealth are the nobility of our current epoch. And they are able to influence politicians through campaign contributions, they own virtually all of the mainstream media, and they also influence academia through both donations and media pressure.

So we have a populace who largely now rejects church indoctrination. Does that mean we are not indoctrinated? We are sending our children to educational institutions who have an active agenda. We are watching media that is pushing that same agenda. Our news sources are all owned by multi-billionaires. And our politicians are all bought off by those same billionaires and their multi-national corporations. This is not conspiracy theory; this is verifiable fact.

Elites Have Always Used Strategic Population Displacement

If we look to the Roman Empire, we see that Roman citizens were brought to settle in newly conquered Roman territories. This happened more recently in the Soviet Union. For those who don’t know, the Soviets moved large numbers of ethnic-Russians into Soviet satellite states, and the remnants of these communities have faced difficulty in their predicament after the fall of the U.S.S.R.

Dispersion of ethnic-Russians settled in Soviet controlled nations.

Elites shift population for several reasons. It helps them retain power and control the masses if a larger percentage of the population is on their side. But, sometimes population shift is used before a takeover. Interestingly, I happened to watch British television documentary series last night that discussed this very notion.

The historical series “Fact or Fiction: Episode 03 – King Harald” makes mention of the political maneuvering taking place before the Norman invasion of 1066.

It is explained that Normans had been brought into England well before the invasion, some of which had key positions of influence, such as the high status of bishop. Nobles had also been brought in and given land.

What is interestingly revealed in this episode is that the English king, Edward the Confessor, seemed very naive to the consequences of this. Because he had lived in exile in Normandy for some time before returning to assume the English crown, he thought he was surrounding himself by allied friends. But, it turns out that letting foreigners into his nation in key strategic positions was a disastrous mistake that all of the English would pay for, and arguably still pay for today. Watch the video linked here to see how bringing in the foreign Normans set the English up for disaster.

Had the English not been so naive, the Norman Invasion may have ended differently.

Today, population shift is being used to elicit broadscale changes that will benefit only those at the very top, the globalist elites. And the media that they control, as well as the politicians who are in their pocket, are all telling us that the only reason to oppose massive population shifts is due to racism.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a strawman argument and a logical fallacy. Racism is completely irrelevant to the discussion. In fact, the real racism is the seething hate-speech hurled at any ethnic-European who opposes their demographic displacement in their own nations.

The Ethno-State is the Norm in Non-European Nations

I have brought this up before, but it is important to keep talking about it. We are being told that the idea of an ethno-state is racist white supremacy. But, I ask you, have you ever actually looked at any other parts of the world? There is not one East Asian nation that I can think of that is not an ethno-state. Israel is an ethno-state. Most of the Arab nations are similar to ethno-states in terms of preservation of culture by theocracy.

I recently saw a mainstream news piece about Japan, “‘CBSN: On Assignment’ explores Japan’s future of humanoid robots.

When I first saw this video, I was initially excited to see them discussing Japanese animism, as that is closer to the topic I started this website to discuss. Despite the assumptions that are being made about me, I actually quite love world cultures and have always had a deep interest in them. But, as the documentary unfolded, there was something else very crucial being said that nobody seems to be paying attention to.

Journalist Adam Yamaguchi says very plainly in this video that the Japanese face a declining population, but they refuse to take in mass numbers of immigrants. Why? Because the Japanese fear bringing in large numbers of people who do not understand their culture and way of life.

The Japanese would rather create robots to do menial labor than bring in foreigners. Straight up. There is no argument. This is a reality. The Japanese will tell you this.

And, today, I came upon this lovely little gem, a right nugget of a truth bomb you might say…

Carola Binney reports the following:

“The history of China is also the history of proud isolationism: it has been keeping outsiders outside for generations. China was long the most developed country in Asia, and just as the Greeks stigmatised their neighbours as barbarians, the Chinese scorned theirs. The turn of the 20th century brought the grudging acknowledgement of western technological superiority, and with it a shift from the general policy of viewing all foreigners as inferior: an exception was made for westerners.”

“China’s government says it is ‘a unified multi-ethnic country’. It is not. To a British visitor, China appears astonishingly ethnically homogeneous: the Han ethnic group make up 92 per cent of the population, but walk the streets of almost any city and you’ll wonder where the other 8 per cent are hiding. The answer is: in ethnic minority enclaves on the fringes of some of the country’s poorest provinces. China has almost no citizens of non-Chinese descent: it is extremely difficult for expats to secure Chinese citizenship, so most are forced to leave as soon as their employment visas expire.”

You mean, the Chinese are protectionist isolationists who wish to preserve their ethno-cultural integrity?! They must be white supremacists! Or… something.

And then, if you will, watch this 30-minute Vice documentary on European Jews immigrating to Israel. Several important points will be said, but ignored by the journalists.

1) Population displacement is discussed: the movement of Arab Muslims who commit violence against Jews in Europe is mentioned.

An Israeli immigration official says, very plainly, that the Muslim influx into Europe has been good for Israel. The movement of one population into Europe is pushing another population, European Jews, into Israel. ​Oh, but they very honestly give us some other very important context.

2) The Israel immigration official very plainly says (paraphrase) “well, we must keep a Jewish majority if we wish to remain a democracy.”

What that sentence means is that the immigration official understands very well that demographics are how you control democracy. Politicians failing to address it? They are encouraging it! Why?

So let’s rewind up to the top about historical reasons for population shifts. Why would they be purposely trying to shift our demographics, you ask. This sounds like a conspiracy theory, you might scoff.

Well, watch the Vice documentary linked above which clearly lays out two demographic shifts going on right now, how an ethno-state is benefiting by gaining large numbers of the ethnic group they want to populate their nation, and how they want only this one specific ethnic group coming in large numbers and remaining the majority “if they are to remain a democracy.”

If you can’t see how importing people from non-traditionally Western demographics is done with a political agenda, look at voting statistics. The Leftist politicians are not bringing in foreigners from incompatible cultures out of benevolent compassion. They are doing it because they will then pander to them and increase their voting block.

It is All Smoke and Mirrors, Trickery with Agenda

“The Slave Market” by Otto Pliny depicts the Arab sex slave market where European women were sold as sex slaves for over 1,000 years.

Now, for a long time the West has been under complete assault by left wingers who have been disparaging our cultural heritage. An entire book could be written about the exaggerations, misrepresentations, missing contextual background, and even outright lies that are being told to our impressionable young people to make them hate their own heritage.

We can give countless examples of non-European, non-white, empires who engaged in colonization of others, of slave traders who were non-white, of how non-white slave traders, namely Arab and Africans, were trading in slaves long before and well after Europeans got in and out of that market.

​We can talk about how Arab ships stormed European shores for hundreds of years to kidnap European women to bring home as sex slaves. We can even talk about the white Irish slaves who worked side by side with the black slaves in the Caribbean. And, believe me, we are going to talk about these things soon.

What we see before our very eyes is an entire generation being programmed to hate themselves. They are programmed to hate anyone who loves their European heritage. They are programmed to operate without logical consistency on which rules apply to which ethnic groups. They are programmed to believe the rest of the world did not engage in the inherently human behaviors that Europeans have.


The bottom line is this. In 50 years, African nations will still be African. Asian nations will still be Asian. Arab nations will still be Arab. But we in the West are being told that “we live in a multicultural world.” Tell me how this makes any sense whatsoever? Multiculturalism only exists in ethnic-European countries. Ask yourself why is that?

The desire to preserve our unique ethno-cultures does not stem from racial superiority or hatred. That is a complete lie. Why, then, are the Japanese, Chinese, and Israelis not accused of ethnic-superiority? they still have their ethno-states.

​The kind of “multiculturalism” being forced in the West is ethno-cultural suicide. This does not preserve diversity. This is killing diversity. The ethno-states such as seen in Japan, China, Israel, and virtually all non-Western regions of the world, those are the people preserving their cultural diversity.

​And do I hate those people? No! I respect them. I respect their desire for self-preservation. I respect their love of their own heritage. I respect that they are asserting the right to protect and preserve themselves.

Our Future, or Our Collective Extinction, is in Our Own Hands

Folks, the bottom line is, we need to wake the hell up. We’ve got thousands of little girls being raped all across Europe because we’re too afraid to call a spade a spade.

Are we really going to let our children be raped, let our cultures be wiped away, and let our own ethnic group be wiped away from the nations we have built because we’re afraid of being called silly words? A word’s only power is the meaning you give it. And I, for one, made the conscious choice to no longer be ruled by words when I woke up to the realities we are now faced with.

Will they call you a “white supremacist?” Yes. Absolutely they will. Does that mean you are one? Absolutely not. These are the tactics that they employ to make us cower and go silent like sheep to our own slaughter.

[Carolyn Emerick writes about the history and culture of Northwestern Europe. The original article can be found here. Follow her on Twitter ]

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