Honoring Our History Episode 11 – The Roman Republic Part 2

Part two of our take on the history of Rome, the republic persists as we cover the wars of Gaius Marius and Sulla, the Mad King of Pontus Mithradetes VI and his struggle against Rome, Spartacus and touch on one third of the First Triumvirate.

Next time, the Republic finally ends!

Honoring Our History
A Fenno-Norwegian attempt at giving a non-Marxist view on world history.


  • Guys, Nov 4th there will be massive Antifa protests calling for the
    removal of Trump. We need to take it these communist fucks in the
    streets. I see them everyday in Chicago passing out their propaganda. I
    am currently in the process of getting some folks together to go raise
    our colors right in their face…

    • Why? Those fuckers are looking for trouble and if “we” decide not to engage, they will turn their shit to the cops. I say, if you aren’t in law enforcement, stand down. Until we are ready to do what is necessary this is not the time to engage. Everyone knows they want war. Ask yourself if you are ready for that. Or do you just want to talk shit? And if you’re not up on the definition of war — it normally has something to do with people killing people. These days I never leave the house without my Glock 23 and I go out of my way to avoid any type of conflict. Anyone that has done the concealed carry routine for awhile knows that you don’t get in wrestling, pushing and shoving matches or even shouting matches when you are carrying a firearm. Now is not the time to go looking for trouble. Now is the time to get prepared and be ready. Don’t worry, they are the ones looking for trouble. It won’t be long.

      • I did not perceive this to be war yet.
        I will do something to oppose them that day, in the shadows, or in the light. Sending in an undercover team of cameramen may do us much good if we can interview them, and record their crimes, and criminal conspiracies.

        • Oh hell no… ain’t war… yet. What I said was “they” want war… and war is about people getting killed. When it starts we will not be asking if the war has started. Everyone will know.

          Going undercover and doing reconnaissance sounds good. This is the time for that. Not sure about trying to do interviews but anything that we can find out is good. Oh and they like to steal cameras and cellphones but you probably already know that.

    • It’s best not to take that bait. Best thing the Alt-Right can do is lightning strikes that get headlines.

      • This has potential to be that lightning strike, but indeed I now agree with you. The approach must be subtle. I must be quiet to be loud.

    • Sorry dude, I aint doing shit for Trump. Let’s Goldman Sachs fight for Trump. Wait until he brings 2-3 million replacement demographics slash welfare recipients to our country by announcing the DACA Amnesty.

      • Im not saying do anything for Trump. It has nothing to do with him. This just has potential to shine light on our movement, and gain us new followers if we go about this right way.
        It may be rash to go in waving flags like I have said, and like others have told me. That approach could only work if we got video footage of us attempting to remain peaceful before engaging. The engagement would likely draw MSM attention, or social media attention, in which case we publish our footage that justifies our actions.

        The second method I was thinking was to go in with a team of undercovers, and interview them, and get them to say their treason on camera for the world to see, and also to record their crimes.

        I will be going, I am just unsure of the method of action.

  • Let’s look at the St Louis Super Cannae shall we. Here we see the PD execute a double envelopment. Fast Forward to the last 4 minutes. 80 Dindus kettled and arrested along with their white Cucks. If only it had ended with the Gladius plunged into the sternum eh?

    • LOL, do they expect the cops to always be on their side like in Charlottesville? How does it feel chumps? At least the alt-right had a legal permit to assemble.
      Interesting that near the end one of them was squealing about getting someone to pick his boyfriend up at the airport. Were these Soros Sturmabteilung who are flown in for protests? There seem to be an awful lot of White progs providing the actual leadership in these actions, even in the middle of ghettoes.

  • People should know about the Roman Republic and Empire, certainly, but the Romans were not ”my people.” It is too bad the Celts and Germans fell under the Roman yoke and I wish I could have been there to cheer when Rome was sacked and burned.

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