Merkel To Fully Destroy Germany After Election

I’ll forego the psychological analysis merely to note that Angela Merkel appears poised to deliver the final blow to the deutschen Volk — after the election.

The sociopathic persecutor of the German people, who also happens to be chancellor, perhaps senses that she needs to dial back the crazy a little bit before the upcoming election against SPD candidate Martin Schulz.

Of course, Schulz doesn’t offer any real alternative for German voters anyway. Regardless, once the pesky democratic process is out of the way, prepare for Merkel to really take the gloves off.

According to Junge Freiheit:

The next immigration wave is already heading for us. Of course only after the election, when the chancellor sits in the saddle again.

German journalist Michael Paulwitz predicts that a sturm of another million Rapefugees is on the way, spurred on by a family unification scheme.

He further makes the rather ironic point that if these migratory waves are driven by war, as is implied by the term “refugee,” one would expect a return “wave” of migrants back to Syria, as the civil war has calmed down over there. Alas, the very notion of a “wave” of Middle Easterners leaving Europe to go back to their own shitty countries is nothing more than a good joke at this point:

So the next million can already pack the bags. If the so far admitted were actually “war refugees”, one should rather expect a return wave: after all, the “Islamic state” is being pushed out in Syria, in many parts of the country there is already peace, the reconstruction could start. But neither in Berlin nor in Brussels is a distinction made between genuine refugees to be granted temporary protection and permanent immigration.

Similar to the stratagems of the tricksters who seem to run our entire government, in Germany the public is manipulated with propaganda claiming that there is a dire need for these rapey-migrants:

To prepare the German public for the next “alternative” immigration wave, the media, business and lobbyists are already working hard to protect their flank. A report from the Federal Government once again prophesies a dramatic “deficit of experts” for the near future, and the Institute of German Economy is posting, as ordered, “more labor-market-oriented immigration”.

I assume if you’re reading us here, you already realize that this notorious “deficit of experts” is a complete fabrication.  Leave aside for a moment the fact that these “refugees” don’t seem to be experts at anything, and that we’re lucky if they can read and write in their own language. What of the situation in regards to European countries importing non-White white-collar workers?  I refer you to Andrew Joyce’s piece on what exactly foreigner doctors are up to once they have done England the favor of ameliorating their labor “deficits.” Trigger warning: it’s triggering.  You definitely don’t want these doctors taking care of your wife or daughter.

But the nature of Germany’s migrant woes is more exclusively in the category of completely useless people from North Africa and the Middle East. They don’t even claim to have any skills.

I know the cynical response that this subject elicits: “The Germans are choosing this, they’re done, this is their fault.” This may be true, but we have to keep plugging away at exposing the problem, and calling it as it is, just like our adversaries are tireless in pumping out their propaganda.

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  • I find it hard to muster any sympathy when I see AfD only at 10-12%, I understand the effect of gas lighting, but Merkel should be getting obliterated at least by (((Schultz))), the fact that she is almost for sure going to be winning a FOURTH term makes me wonder if my cousins in the Fatherland really are upset over what she is doing

  • Well, the rapefugees aren’t completely useless or the EU and Germany never would have spent the money to bring and keep them there.

    The one use that a bunch of illiterate in their own native language, predominantly fighting age males that obviously cannot integrate into the host economy which would economically justify the government cost is building an EU army that can compete with the US as a global superpower with the reward as being the new global reserve currency currently fulfilled by the US Dollar.

    Germany would be the new Texas that recruits the most “boots on the ground” and Sweden as the new California defense contractors.

    • Yes, Germany has been downsizing its army for years now, because they secretly plan world conquest (because that just what they do, you know), by recruiting completely incompetent and illoyal Arabs.
      I can’t believe how often I already had to read that drivel.

        • Actually, your own article confirms what I said, the German army is so underfunded that they have to team up with Romania to fill the gaps. Hardly a strategy for military supremacy.
          But for some people Germans will always conspire for world domination, no matter what the facts on the ground say.

          • So the German government says. Forcing other far weaker governments to “collaborate” and eventually merge their military with Germany at the top of most key structures needs to be achieved first before mass size expansion. Expanding quantitatively first for all EU members would only encourage more secession.

            Some Germans including their own government are always conspiring. They resent not being a world superpower for over a century. The EU is their vehicle and path to it. That is the reason for Brexit and the hostility with Presidents Trump and Putin.

            I guess France has given up on seeing a path to the same goal and is settling for influence.

          • Holy hell, the whole Western world is going up in flames, and you obsess about some anti-German narrative that sounds like it was taken out of a H. G. Wells novel from over a hundred years ago.

            Yeah, believe in the eternal Nazi and that Angela Merkel of all people is playing some super complex 5D chess, if that is what floats your boat. And they say projection is a Jewish trait …

          • I am looking for the one answer that justifies the economic cost of flooding a continent will predominantly fighting age males far too useless to integrate into the economy as cheap labor since global elites don’t do anything unless they believe it will eventually turn a profit and military explanation is the only one I can think of.

            Not saying the western world isn’t going up in flames but someone must be trying to profit off the destruction.

            Projecting projection. Now that is interesting.

          • Building up a military sure helps with that. It certainly speeds it up and might be necessary to fully succeed.

  • It is curious as to why once great Europeans have turned into lemmings?I really don’t ‘get’ suicide,I particularly don’t ‘get’ collective suicide?Surely the masses are awakened to their impending doom by now?

    • I’m not all certain how you can have such a question, if you have been even vaguely aware of what is been going on in the world.

      Now people can be charged with “Hate Crimes” (à la 1984) simply by stating opinions that are deemed to be contrary to the ‘public good and peace’.

      In the United States, you can still speak your mind, but there is a strong attempt to curtail people’s right to talk in any fashion may choose.

      It’s becoming quite worrisome, because who decides what is or is not offensive in this world?

      We know that certain groups will stifle dissent irrespective of the content.

      • It is quite simple? Nationalists predicted the chaos now engulfing us decades ago.I think you will find that I am acutely aware of everything that is going on.I am also fully aware of the new Orwellian age that we have entered.

        As to ‘who decides’ what is offensive I am amazed that you ask such a question?The hidden hand has been at work for centuries.Here in the UK the group of people that I mentioned brought in the Race Relations Act 1965 which effectively rendered the indigenous impotent.
        “… teaching hatred of the human race, of refusing to sit down at the table of strangers and showing no good-will towards them.”

        Why oh why have the lemmings consistently voted for their own destruction?I didn’t and I know many others who did not!17.4 million voted for Brexit in this country yet still voted for the current traitors in Westminster in the last election?Go figure!

  • Don’t blame the Germans more than anyone else, including ourselves. They have no opportunity to vote these people out. Whenever a good political party starts to get traction, it is banned. They will simply have to deal with this in the next war, since they have no democracy. Same as us.

  • “Merkel, who has a special talent for calibrating her policies to public opinion, has found the perfect combination: she has changed her policies (the open door has partly shut again) but not her rhetoric (on Germany’s moral duty of asylum).” – from the (((other))) media.

    If they vote for her again then Germans can go f themselves. No sympathy for them. Nation of morons.

  • This whole thing going on across the world, is to push us into what they know will happen. This way the governments aren’t to blame.

  • imagine if gentiles attacked Israel in such a fashion, flooding them with millions of savages. of course the Jews would nip it in the bud while decrying persecution….. incredibly, the individual jews all know their part, just as they do with their “holocaust” lies. the entire race is groomed to lie to the goyim from birth.

  • The AfD currently has the right approach. Be proud of your German soldiers and heritage from WW1 and WW2 they fought and died for their country

    • Glad to see someone else besides me reads the German news.

      Wait until these Roman Catholic-Jewish clowns who squat on altrigth realize that the AfD is in everything, but, in name a Protestant Party, and is attempting to take patriotic German Protestant voters away from the SPD, FPD and even those in the CDU.

      I believe there still is a barracks in Germany named after rightwinger/Nazi(?) Lettow von Vorbeck? The Roman Catholics and the Jews really hate Lettow von Vorbeck for some reason.

      • The AfD is exactly the same as Merkel regime, goyim, just wait for an explicit National-Socialist party to come along!

  • White people need a place to go. The question is where? Germany, Sweden and the UK have been handed over by collaborators and they’re not going to be handed back. The blacks and browns can’t wait to get their hands on all the levers of power in these nations, eliminate traces of white culture and vilify our history.
    The whites who remain will presumably be bred-out, raped, murdered, disenfranchised and pushed to the margins even as they tell each other that they’ve “brought this on themselves” by their racism, imperialism, etc, etc. White collaborators have simply staked too much intellectually and emotionally on denying racial conflict to admit that they are doomed.
    Those of us who do not want to stick around in these countries for the eventual South-African-style genocidal persecution need somewhere to go, a sympathetic country that will offer true refuge. Orban has made encouraging noises and Putin has offered land for sale although the infrastructure is virtually non-existent Where else is possible?

  • The Germans are total morons:
    1.) All the other countries invite educated people with skills, not illiterate monkeys from Africa and Middle-Eastern savages.
    2.) Most immigrants are between 15-24 years, German age structure 15-24 years: 8,248,744 people (10,22% of the population). Of the 8 million, many are already Turks and other POC. But if you invite 1,5 million people, the majority of whom are between 15-24 years plus another 3-5 million after family reunification and all this with a higher fertility than Germans, then POC will be majority in Germany very fast.
    Germany pensioners don’t count no matter how numerous they are as they will not have children.

    • “1.) All the other countries invite educated people with skills, not illiterate monkeys from Africa and Middle-Eastern savages”

      And now those other countries are going to end up just like Germany when those “educated people” invite their friends and families.

    • Orban tried to get this point across to Germans in 2015, but in vain.

      The Germans will wake up. The German psyche does everything with thoroughness, be it aristocratic warrior rule, fascism, Stalinism, and now Multicultural democracy. Once there are 10 million Muslims fucking up Germany, the Germans will take upon themselves to expel the invaders.

      • So why have they yet to expel the Turks? Wishful thinking and I hope you are right but I doubt it. Only war will save any of us. A great cleansing war.

          • I thought you meant there will be a mass awakening (without an elite leadership) of the man in the street German. And that I don’t believe will ever happen. Only a small group of dedicated men, such as the Easter Uprising nationalists, can change anything of significance in any nation.

  • You can’t blame Germans for this when they literally fought to the death by the million in WW2 to prevent this. Those to blame are entirely jews and their slave-soldiers from Russia, America, and Britain. Germans have no constitution and no freedom at all, the only have laws imposed by their enemies. That. combined with the reality of the psychological torture of “de-Nazification,” makes it absurd to blame Germans for their predicament.

    • that’s not an excuse. every other Western European nation is basically in the same predicament. Sweden didn’t fight at all in WWII, or frankly, hardly at all for the past few hundred years.

      yes, the worst part for Europeans is that they have no equivalent of a First Amendment so they can’t even really distribute true information between one another.

      • Oh, europeans are more than capable of censure circumvention, books and pamphlets on the continent have started in many ways as a tool for this. It`s the question of willingness to act, and I don`t mean this in a sense of blowing something up, but at least voting in the right candidate for example.

        • This is why the West is losing. Those who would destroy it – enemies both internal, external, and imported among us – are more than willing to “blow something up” and get blood on their hands.

          The West’s defenders – almost to a man – are willing only to “vote in the right candidate” even as they know most of those right candidates will betray them in the end.

          • I think we are nearing that point.I ask myself where are the fathers and brothers of the children that have been defiled by the savages?There is a seething hatred and it is beginning to show.

          • A ball-busting recession/depression is all it is going to take- when fathers see their children starving while the (((.01%))) has everything in abundance

        • Voting used to work. but now the candidates are all part of the problem. I am afraid this will end up in the streets.

    • Nah, most of the Red Army members weren’t commies, and Germans also mentioned some lebensraum stuff. Not to mention that ww2 USA was far more “racist” than NSDAP Germany. So stop speaking nonsense. They also had Mitteleuropa plan suring second reich which also had elements of displacement, except it included replacement with other Europeans, not MENA people.

      • “most of the Red Army members weren’t commies,”

        Right, that’s why I said they were slaves of the commies, meaning the Jews. Russians were used as cannon fodder and anyone who refused to fight or retreated was shot by the (((NKVD.)))

        “Not to mention that ww2 USA was far more “racist” than NSDAP Germany.”

        America was already completely owned by jews and Americans were heavy into negrophilia (jazz, etc.) by the time WW2 started, so no, they weren’t as racist as Germany. Hollywood and the US government were already churning out communist and anti-racist propaganda by then.

          • Russians didn’t know anything about “lebensraum.” If you’re insinuating that Russians fought for the survival of their people, why didn’t they use the opportunity to take up arms against the bolsheviks?

          • Because when enemy comes to take your land and your life, you get busy fighting, not making excuses. Muh lebensraum shit is just a cherry on top of the giant cake of shit that was hitlerian eastern policy.

          • I have great respect for the White Army, but I’m not talking about the bolshevik takeover, I’m talking about WW2. When the Germans invaded the USSR the Russians should have used the opportunity to overthrow the jews.

          • Yea that is what the chosenites would have us believe. In fact jazz was BANNED in many American cities.

    • Nah. It’s always a small elite who rules all societies. Once the fascist elite was killed off then the liberal elite took over and took the German sheople to where they are today. No need to talk about the “German people” as though they have or ever had a mind or will of their own.

  • Are “Amurkans” any different? Consider the removal of R. E. Lee in Dallas yesterday. What does that tell you? Tells me white murkins are no better (also have ZERO testacles) than the Germans…who at least have the excuse that the US govt. and military strangled that nation to death – almost totally physically and TOTALLY…psychologically. Not so the weak, spineless, brainless 90% WHITES in this totally-going-to-hell…”country.”

    • No, Americans are just as bad, if not Worse, than Europeans, because this crazy anti-White shit started in America with the Civil War (half a million Whites murdered to give niggers dey freedumb) and it was exported to Europe in WW2 when we saved communism. Europe is dying because Amerikwan-style politics was enforced on it through hundreds of thousands of dumbfuck GIs.

      • no, Americans are not as bad as Western Europeans. the average American is still significantly less culturally degenerate and less liberal than Western Europeans and Canadians. this is probably in part because most Americans are still culturally religious.

        • True, but in a generation or two that might not be the case. Surveys say that younger Christiansare becoming more conservative, but from my young teenager/adult nieces and nephews I really can’t tell if that is the case as of yet. I know they aren’t liberal, but not sure they are right wing either.

      • “this crazy anti-White shit started in America with the Civil War (half a million Whites murdered to give niggers dey freedumb)”

        That is objectively false. It started in England at Exeter Hall where the Liberal Christians took to a moral crusade, and I quote Charles Dickens (yes, that Charles Dickens who wrote “Bleak House”, “Great Expectations”, “David Copperfield”, and “A Christmas Carol” among others):

        “The Jamaica insurrection is another hopeful piece of business. That platform sympathy with the Black—or the Native, or the Devil—afar off, and that platform indifference to our own countrymen at enormous odds in the midst of bloodshed and savagery makes me stark wild.”

        All of this occurred more than 30 years before the American Civil War. More importantly, Dickens correctly describes Whites abandoning their own race, who were literally starving in the streets of London, to “save” Negroes and other non-Whites a world away. In “Bleak House” Dickens introduces Mrs. Jellyby who is characteristic of these people. The dumbshit Whites today call it “satire” when in reality she’s a traitorous White cuck who abandons her family to aid Negroes. Dickens was describing what actually happened in his lifetime, and the self-righteous cuckfags responsible.

      • “because this crazy anti-White shit started in America with the Civil War “half a million Whites murdered to give niggers dey freedumb”

        I don’t think the average Union soldier really gave a shit about the welfare of negros. Plenty of Northerners opposed slavery for very good reasons that had nothing to do with beliefs about racial equality. It’s kind of hard to compete with a man who doesn’t get paid. The Southern elites wanted to spread slavery into new states and Northern White workers and farmers were strongly opposed to this. This was a great source of tension.

      • Actually the “toll” was 620,000. And that is just the tally for the soldiers. Many thousands more innocents. Otherwise what you say is a FACT…of memory-holed history.

    • American Whites are the best of all Europeans, currently.

      Take Trump’s victory: no European nation would be independent-thinking and clear-headed enough to elect a candidate that’s demonized by MSM & academia.

      Look also at the intelligence, creativity and industriousness of the Alt-Right. Their understanding of the situation in all its aspects is far more complete than that of nationalist movements in Europe.

      • ->Take Trump’s victory: no European nation would be independent-thinking
        and clear-headed enough to elect a candidate that’s demonized by MSM
        & academia.

        Orban (though he is more NATO oriented than Russia oriented because muh MiddleEurope)

  • I would the Germans a bit of a slack: Merkel and Schultz are the same thing entirely, hence the reason he’s losing. Now the AfD remained sadly leaderless due to Frauke Petry’s new pregnancy… and by the way in Greece we had a surge of migrants coming at the start of September… I do not consider this last a coincidence.

    • There is a very good article on zero hedge about the forced sale of Greek real estate and the destruction of the Greek nation by the EU.What happens in Greece is what is about to happen to all the poorer EU members.Everything is not endax in Europe.

      • Surprisingly, I don’t give any attention to such articles, because they make just a tiny assumption wrong: that the EU is primarily and not opportunistically destroying Greece. We vote for 20 years our destruction the last five this happens even openly and all our economy was a bubble, starting way back to the late 70’s, that did come in existence due to over-favourable EU preconditions for loan giving.

        If the EU wants to destroy a country that is Hungary or Poland and any other eastern European one that stands firm against the migrants, Greece simply accepted the situation mostly due to two reasons:

        1) we care only of problems that directly affect us, so people that live in Athens, Thessaloniki or the afflicted islands want a stop to the problem, and not even all of them, which leads to

        2) Regionalism as long as our region is not afflicted and we can earn money from the situation nothing will happen.

        A Bonus: Besides there are many parasitic Greeks who want the Jobs that the state makes up in order to somehow manage the situation without countering it.

        As for everything in Greece the mania of the state and of the people, as our nationalism is adamant on the protection of public property, thanks to communist indoctrination, has lost all the most beneficiary investments and right now everything starts to be sold in extremely low prices as our government of leftists is not only incopetent but also sabotages the market, causing prices to decline. This puts Greece in a situation similar to that of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union only more bleak as we lack to a great degree the infrastructure for any future recovery and the anti-market ideology of SYRIZA makes sure to burn what little fertile land remains.

        The Greek nation also suffers a demographic crisis that started to slowly, but steadily, arise from the early 90’s or the late 80’s a result of westernisation, the culmination of the PASOK (Greek socialist) culture worse in the peak of what we call the “time of the fat cows”, which means that the fact of noticing only fairly recently, at 2012 which was the time the crisis was started to be understood as something serious, is a very bad omen. In general our destruction is mostly self made, not that the EU did anything to stop it, but it will take ful advantage of it. Understand that Greece is the only country that never passed a libertarian phase in its life ‘xcept during the Junta of Colonels and you start to get the idea why Socialist, Leninist and Maoist ideas managed later to become so widespread to the point that the right indirectly also adopted.

        With this I ‘ll be a bit controversial: if we had applied the first pack of measures that the IMF had given us, even if they had overestimated the problems of our economy in so giving us harsher than needed measures, we ‘d still have been out of financial ruin today, we did not want to do it because all our parasitism requires the Jobs of the state to function and this is also the lifeblood or our political system, no one CAN go against it, expecting to be re-elected even his current administration will be under serious risk of being taken down from the massive outcry that would follow. This means that we would have had only the migrant crisis to deal with primarily.

        Also one last thing Greece is held as the example of the EU failling and especially this government was so much promoted outside as the last leftist hope and it turns out for it to be not only a bunch of traitors but of buffoons, amateurs and incompetents on top of that. In conclusion, and the realisation only saddens me, we are the ones deserving no sympathy at all. We make more problems and vote for that to happen in order for our kids to have a job at the public sector and refuse to solve our current ones because the most incompetent and lazy state in the world will lose some land it has cleared and done nothing with it for ten years now (if you are interested search on the Elliniko project).

        In general Greece is doomed by any way you take a look at it: our army is nearly disbanded and starts to be dysfunctional, a result of democratic politicians having a fear of the army not caring for the probability of an attack coming from Turkey, our economy is ruined and barely existing and our market depreciates itself fast with every passing day, on top of that what most here started to complain about at 2012 has finally started to be realised: The ability of most Greeks to pay their taxes has diminished to the point that is being lost.

        For the future for Europe I suggest to take a look not at you country (I take the assumption you are German) but at France, not even at Sweden, France. The reason is that in France the law exist to make sure that lawlessness continues unabated and property can be easily taken away by a bunch of third-worlders or anarchist youth if you make the great mistake of just going for a week of vacation! surely when our taxing abilities will be diminished then everything would be taken but this is mostly a by-product. The main goal, for me the only goal… well you read this site you know what it is.

        • Thank you for your reply.It is indeed refreshing to see an honest out look on what is happening on the ground in Greece.What happens in Greece will be the same the world over as the populations are indeed ignorant of what is happening .May i add one last thing ,A man with your talent for expressing himself should be writing articles for the cause.You have a gift so share it .
          Yours faithfully Baron von Aus

          • Thank you for your kind words!

            Actually I have written, in the past, some articles, mostly in Greek, in a blog and in the angloshpere I have one in Return of Kings about the situation in Greece, three years ago I stopped due to studies and this year will be sterile as I need to do my military service here. But I ‘ll seriously consider entering again the blogosphere.

          • In my humble opinion i think your upcoming year in the military would be something many people would love to read about.People are sick of main stream journalists who, like politicians have selfish motives in their work.Real people on the ground giving their honest opinion,s that is what is sorely needed.Good luck to you what ever you decide.

  • Author hits the nail on the head with their last paragraph. Personally I feel no sympathy for the German volk who let this continue and seemingly have no desire to fight back against it. Not that we in America are much different at this point. Like Jefferson said, people will put up with abuse while they can and will only fight back when they are left with no other options. Problem is, by that time, it might be too late to effectively fight back.

    When the browns take over the West, they will have no need for us Whites anymore. So they could effectively eradicate us and no one would give a squat. But they will keep us around so long as we stay quiet and don’t rock the boat. If we rise up then, they will slaughter us most likely, but I will take solace in the fact that, once they do that, their “civilization” won’t last more than a couple of generations at most.

    So yeah, short of some massive global awakening, I am betting on Whites being pushed into the point of absolute enslavement (of not only body, but of mind and spirit) if not outright destroyed by our enemies once they have all the browns they need in place to replace us. I hope I am wrong and I hope that SOME spark occurs that gets Whites to collectively fight back against our enemies – but I am not seeing it yet.

    • Moslems are so ruthlessly hateful and genocidal towards non-Moslems that I could potentially see something happening in France and the UK. They can never be appeased under any circumstances. In America, Blacks and Mestizoes dislike Whites, but are relatively pacified so long as they get gibs.

      • I don’t know, after Nice, Stockholm, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, etc etc I don’t think people in Europe (aside from a few small groups) really want to oppose Islam.

        If dead little girls after Manchester, dead kids after Nice didn’t wake up Britain/France, nothing will.

        Europe WILL (aside from VG nations) become Muslim and they don’t seem to give a crap.

          • Nah. The politicians will do nothing. They’re fucking cowards. The architect of apartheid was stabbed to death by a mulatto immigrant. The Jews and Cucks used that opportunity to end Apartheid.

        • Islam will eventually die out, maybe not in our lifetime, but living just south of Dearborn, MI most of my life in Allen Park, I have worked with enough Muslims to know that there are a lot of them that are MINOs, in fact even the majority of them are. My Syrian professor from my undergrad days who taught Middle Eastern Politics said it best in 1990. Before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, there were Arab babes in French bikinis on the beaches of Alexandria(where he went to university) all the time. Guys smoking Marlboros, trying to look cool, etc. Arabs were totally Westernized. Then boom, 1979 hits. Actually, if the Ottoman Empire was left alone, things would be a lot different in the ME. The Young Turks were modernists, and things would be a lot like what Prof Sabki described when he grew up in the 1960s – early 70’s.

        • Not true at all.Many are working tirelessly to awaken the masses but when push comes to shove those who will not join the ‘right’ side will perish by the savage and with the savage.

          • I wish that were true, but France voted for Macron, Germany will vote for Merkel yet again – This is what they WANT, they want genocide, so I see no reason to deny them their wish. If they will not take actions against their destruction, I don’t care about them or their nations. Much as I don’t care about this “America” thing anymore. It’s all lies built on a foundation of shit and perpetuated through the demolished spirit of Our people – And unfortunately Our people have no desire to change this situation.

            There are some of us who do, certainly, I will never deny there are small groups of Whites who seek freedom from the yoke of our enemies. But that minority isn’t enough. Without the masses working for their own liberation, nothing will change.

            We can try to wake up the masses, but they don’t want to wake up. Waking up means making hard choices and reassessing world views, both uncomfortable situations for a people so bred toward their own slavery and subservience. Short of massive large scale overt genocide in Europe and America, nothing will wake them up – and unfortunately perhaps not even that.

            Likewise, those of us who do yearn for freedom are not yet ready to be proactive apparently. We want to play the role of the victim, of the martyr – we want to get attacked so we can point to the normies who don’t give a crap “See! We TOLD you!” meanwhile the media and our government still call US the violent ones and the instigators, the terrorists, and the subversives.

            At what point are we willing to make their nightmares come true?

            Until then, I have no faith in Our people. If they do not wish to fight for their liberation, they will remain forever slaves.

          • I understand your despair,but doing nothing is not an option.I have never been a victim and nor do I intend to be.If the masses do not want to wake up we must lead by example.We must be different,not sheep.Mock the sheep and get pro-active.
            True,the French did vote for Macron,but millions voted Le Pen also.Millions voted for Trump,for Brexit,in spite of all the odds.Merkel will destroy Germany,the floodgates will open and society will grind to a halt.Perhaps things must get very bad before the Germans make a move.

            We must have faith in each other,faith in ourselves.Take every opportunity to further our cause,many of my friends are in denial about white genocide but they are beginning to ask me for advice.

            Not all white people will wake up,not all will come to our side.We must lead the way.

  • As Americans we tend to personalize and overweight the leader, where as in a parliamentary system like Germany has, the party is much more important because the party members elected to the parliament elect their leaders.

    In Germany the Roman Catholic Christian Democratic Union & the Roman Catholic Christian Social(ist) Union (CDU/CSU) have picked Angela Merkel as their leader.

    Prior to WWII the CDU/CSU was called the Zentrum and it to was the Roman Catholic Party In Germany. For you Hitler fans, Hitler’s popularity had collapsed the Zentrum, and Hitler may have banned the Zentrum before WWII? In any case, the Zentrum was seen as a safe, anti-Nazi/non-Nazi Party after WWII and re-established as the CDU/CSU.

    I’m sure Catholic assholes are already puckering at the thought that their party is destroying Germany. But, but, but, Merkel is a Protestant they will say, but, remember the Roman Catholic politicians elected her their leader.

    Just like the Roman Catholic setup that was Charlottesville, I guess McAuliffe, Moran and Sullivan are all three Jews, or even better from the Roman Catholic standpoint, Protestants?

    • The Romish church is so systemically evil that it’s hard to understand how any personally decent RC adherent in the year 2017 can stomach it. Though I’m Protestant, THERE IS NO “church” or potentate (save the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Scriptures) to whom I defer. The Protestant Faith (historically) has always taught that each individual believer must be responsible ultimately to the Word and conscience to determine his course.

          • Sects of Protestantism like Calvinism are far worse than Catholicism. Calvinism is basically Judaism for Goys, the Elect = the Chosen.

            There’s very little difference in theology, liturgy, and the eucharist between Lutherans, Catholics, and Anglicans. But they’re all irredemably cucked.

        • I understand your hostility and there is clearly all the reason in the world for it. However my point was that for Protestantism historically its “cause” was for a return to Scripture as the focus and ground of the Christian Faith. Thus, I am Protestant formally speaking. I expect that this is of no importance to you. But to those with a concern for “the faith once for all delivered to the saints”…it is.

    • The CDU is not Catholic, stupid moron. Most of North Germany is Protestant, and the East is Atheist.

      The CSU is Catholic because it is the Bavarian sister of the CDU and Bavaria is Catholic.

      Merkel herself is the daughter of a Lutheran pastor.

  • the dead have a hard time winning elections. it has happened (see mel carnahan), but some gimp usually ends up serving the term because the dead tend to stink, and because continuously querying them as to their opinion starts to get creepy.

    long story short: park a round in merkel’s head.

  • “The Germans are
    choosing this, they’re done, this is their fault.” That statement is only true to a certain degree. The foundation for Europe’s, and in particular Germany’s destruction was prepared by the victorious allies, and world Jewry in particular, during the war already. It takes some reading and a little digging to see what happened, but not too much. Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer, videos and discussions on the internet about Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, reading about Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi and finally, reading the wartime policies put forth for post war Germany, mostly by Jews like Theodore Kaufman, US Secretary of Treasury Morgenthau and anthropologist Ernest Hooton, who was also Jewish, make their intentions clear. “A plan similar to Kaufman’s was issued during the war years by a
    prominent American anthropologist. In an article headlined “Breed War
    Strain Out of Germans” in the New York daily newspaper P.M., January
    4, 1943, Ernest Hooton laid out an “outbreeding” plan that would
    “destroy German nationalism and aggressive ideology while retaining and
    perpetuating desirable German biological and sociological capacities.”
    (See also: Benjamin Colby, ‘Twas a Famous Victory, 1974, p. 131.)

    At the end of the war the allies continued the mass murder. Millions more Germans were murdered after the war ended. With hundreds of thousands of soldiers dying of exposure or killed in the USSR, Eisenhower killing millions of more German soldiers by starvation in Germany, millions of German women being raped by the allies with the encouragement by the Soviet Jew Ilya Ehrenburg, while German soldiers and officials were being tortured to confess what their often Jewish torturers were demanding, only those willing to do what their allied torturers wanted were left. The allies tore up Germany’s history books and wrote a new history for the once proud Germans and if you wanted to live and work after 1945, you would teach your fellow Germans how evil you are. That is why Germans are what they are today. What the victorious allies didn’t count on was that the Jews would destroy you too.

    • that has nothing to do with it. all Western European nations and Canada are more or less facing the same situation. the average person doesn’t particularly care about history or know of it. Americans are also in a bad state but there is still the first amendment, legal gun ownership, and boundless territory – the importance of the latter two can’t be overstated.

    • it’s a shame that we can’t destroy the jews in such a fashion because no honorable, African savage in his right mind would mate with them.

    • What has probably always been the case….there are a few very smart Germans and the rest are really dumb fucks.

      America has the same problem with the whites here.

      • That doesn’t seem to be the case if you consider they had more Nobel Prizes than any other country in the world for years after WW II still and had more Nobel Prizes than Great Britain and the US combined during the 1930’s. The US didn’t have many.

          • I think my comment does belie your point and I think you just don’t like Germans for your own reasons.. That’s fine with me too.

          • “I think my comment does belie your point and I think you just don’t like Germans for your own reasons..”

            It most certainly doesn’t. The per cent of Germans that won Nobel Prizes is minuscule. My comment included white Americans as well. I do not dislike Germans, I have a a significant per cent of German ancestors. What I don’t like is the fact that over the last 50 years or so a large per cent of white people, regardless of ethnicity, seem to have stuck their head up their butt.

          • I have never seen any white people with their heads up their butt. Eisenhower, probably FDR and probably Einstein (who wrote the letter kicking off the Manhattan Project to have the atomic bomb dropped on Germans) all had some German blood. That’s meaningless, particularly since 99% of people are stupid, brought up on lies about Germans making Jews into soap and lampshades.

            The Germans may appear “stupid”, but being an occupied country, at least until 1990 and the most maligned and insulted people in the world since 1945 and being powerless to strike back has a lot to do with that. With most people being complete ignoramuses (I suspect you’re a leader there), brought up on hatred of Germans with holocaust lies explains a lot. They’ve really had little choice than to accept stupid people talking down to them and insulting them, while stealing 1/3 of their country. And now the Germans and the rest of Europe are letting others commit genocide against them, so these peoples will have been destroyed within 50 years, while no other countries in the world would dream of letting that be done to them.

            Yes, they’re stupid for letting morons like you destroy them.

          • “Yes, they’re stupid for letting morons like you destroy them.”

            Why the ad hominem attack?

            “I have never seen any white people with their heads up their butt.”

            That’s because your head is so far up your butt you can’t see.

            Germans elected Merkel and are allowing millions of scum to over run their country, that’s all you need to know about the stupidity of the majority of Germans.

          • And it is not just about Germany….all ‘white’ countries are letting the lowest IQ scumbags on the planet invade their countries. This speaks poorly for the intelligence of the majority of whites.

          • it is masochism not poor intellect that is the problem. germans are raised from little children to hate themselves and their race.

          • Thank you. He doesn’t see the difference. This has been done by Jews and the focus was the Germans. Only now are some whites in other countries realizing Jews would like to destroy their peoples too. They openly said they would destroy Germany and the German race while murdering on many nights tens of thousands of women and children and they said they would “outbreed” those that weren’t killed. They didn’t say they would do that to the US. In the US, Britain and elsewhere they did it thru legislation and undermining the love people had for their culture and fellow countrymen with the media, education, history books (all whites are evil), banning Christmas trees in public places and in many other ways.

          • That is right Marcus. I hope more will wake up from their dream like stupor and realize where we are, it is the eleventh hour. The western European bloodlines are being destroyed. Pure communist evil doctrine, Call it Racist or whatever. We are in big trouble. I agree the majority is stupid. I recognized this a long time ago.

          • Any parents that raise their kids, or allow their kids to be raised,, to hate themselves are stupid

          • That is an ignorant statement. Read my original statement above. That self hatred was done with years of indoctrination after first murdering millions of German patriots. Similarly, the English and French are now ashamed of being “white” because they had great empires which they are now told were “racist”. If you simplify everything while ignoring some serious truths, including the power of media and education (teaching your kids they’re guilty by forcing even British children to visit Auschwitz, while talking about ‘Christian anti-Semitism”) then you can’t find the answer to things.

            This is a prime example. The British, but most importantly the Jews, say Germans have no right to be proud. They have to be ashamed and German politicians repeat it. German politicians insist Germans have nothing to be proud of and they are evil people that have to be ashamed.


            Stupidity can be taught and Germans and now others too (British, French, all whites) are taught they’re evil and should be ashamed. But for the Germans its gone on since 1945, for others its 20 years old or even less. I also call Germans and other whites “stupid” but its out of frustration. They’ve been taught to be like that and those that resist are imprisoned or fired from their jobs.

          • You need to visit Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer website. They cover much of this is great depth as do other sources.

          • “They’ve been taught to be like that and those that resist are imprisoned or fired from their jobs.”

            You can teach people to be stupid. Either you’re stupid or you’re not. Intelligence is inherent .

          • That is why “stupid” is not an appropriate word. These are the most dynamic and highest achieving nations over the last 500 years. You can indoctrinate the most intelligent people with stupid ideas and you can threaten the rest to not talk about “race”,lies of the “holocaust” and “Jews” or they’ll be fired. I noticed you responded within 3 minutes of me posting my comment and certainly didn’t read the newspaper article I posted in my original comment which really is an excellent example of what I’m talking about.

          • The Germans have been ridden down hard since WWII. They have no freedom of speech, are mostly disarmed and some have just given up. Over here we are dumb asses as well. We let the media steer us to whatever candidate they want. Really it doesn’t matter, each side brings its bad and further destroys the working class. At this point I think all these political fuckers are traitors. And yet they accuse the upstanding true Americans of being radical. Time for a reset. Time for real people to lead.

          • The media has an effect, there are a lot of people that just will not make their own decisions and go there own way. They are followers, they follow popular trends, they are made up trends. The ones that do not follow are attacked. All this has been planned.

      • Germans are supremely capable sheep. They’ll do an incredible job going in the direction they’re conditioned/instructed to go, good or bad (the direction).

    • Is it possible, is it even conceivable that the Jews, by sheer weight of their influence alone, could unleash a world war? It is probably unbelievable, and yet this is exactly what has happened three times in the course of the last half century, in 1900, with the Transvaal war, in 1917, with the entrance of the Americans into the war on the side of the Allies, and in 1939, with the commencement of the Second World War. In this chapter I am simply going to deal with the case of the entry of the United States into the First World War in 1917 on the side of the Allies, and I will show that this contention rests on solid proof. […] Jewish power, which had been exercised secretly as regards Palestine, became more visible in the course of the peace negotiations which followed the defeat of Germany. […] If the Treaty of Versailles was the work of Masonry, it was also a great Jewish victory. The principal European monarchies had been overthrown. The hated Tsarist regime had been swept away, and all the members of the imperial family who were in Russia at the time had been savagely massacred. Russia had been bled white, bound hand and foot and delivered to the bolshevics whose principal leaders, apart from Lenin (who however was born of a Russian father and Jewish mother) and Stalin, were at that time Jewish. Revolution raged throughout Europe, and without exception all the leaders were Jews. Finally, the Jews had achieved their supreme conquest: Palestine. As Leon Motzkine, president of the Committee of Jewish Delegations, stated in an article entitled “The Jewish minority and the League of Nations”, which appeared in Les Juifs-Temoignages de notre temps (September 1933): “At Versailles, everything had been minutely prepared and nothing had been left to chance. That was a moment of triumph savoured in silence.” The leaders of the three big powers at Versailles, “Wilson, Clemenceau and Lloyd George, were surrounded by Jewish advisers. The preponderance of Jewish influence in the course of the debates made a profound impression on certain observers, and their opinion has been summed up by the English writer, E. J. Dillon: ‘It may seem amazing to some readers, but it is nonetheless a fact that a considerable number of Delegates believed that the real influences behind the Anglo-Saxon peoples were Semitic . . . they concluded that the sequence of expedients framed and enforced in this direction were inspired by the Jews, assembled in Paris for the purpose of realizing their carefully thought-out programme, which they succeeded in having substantially executed. . . . The formula into which this policy was thrown by the members of the Conference, whose countries it affected, and who regarded it as fatal to the peace of Eastern Europe, was this: ‘Henceforth the world will be governed by the Anglo-Saxon peoples who, in turn, are swayed by their Jewish elements.'” (Dr. E. J. Dillon: The Peace Conference, pp. 422, 423). Leon de Poncins, State Secrets – A Documentation of the Secret Revolutionary Mainspring Governing Anglo-American Politics. Translated from the French edition.

      See also Gerry Docherty & Jim MacGregor, The Secret Origins of the First World War.

  • Those kinds of “Government Reports” that suggest an “expert shortage” that the migrants are the only answer to – is why liberal democracy is dead.

    I just hope people realise it before too much more time has passed.

    • But remember, “without multiculturalism, Europe will not survive.” Europeans are told these immigrants will make up for a ‘labor shortage’ all the while they are also told not to reproduce because overpopulation is destroying the planet.

      Germans are among the smartest people in the world, they know what’s going on and they are choosing to genocide themselves. The few who support AfD seem to be their last hope.

      • “they know what’s going on and they are choosing to genocide themselves.”

        When the Berlin Wall came down, why were no communists executed?

        Look at Germany’s government and the EU. That’s where the communists ended up.

      • As long as they seek to prolong their pensions and keep the gravy train going that’s the case, the German “boomer” equivalents called 68-ers in Germany.

        They know the socialist system will implode and collapse if the no provisions are made because it’s all banking on future WORK that cannot be marked as an ‘asset’ yet debt is called asset. That is simply USURY.
        All these gov. social programs used to be the domain of the C.Church through great theft now the socialist system has taken over and seems to be buckling under its own corruption.

        Putting comfort over truth ends up as enslavement and tyranny.

  • Raising all boats demands the ones already afloat get sunk.

    If that means hosing your streets down three times a week with bleach to slow down the hep c and plagues, so be it.
    Some countries that means hosing the blood off your streets a few months a year, schooling your wymins on fending of acod and rape…etc etc etc.

    Turning away from logos brings many disasters, the decievers among us will tell you its delicious peach pie…its actually your ritual murder and replacement you taste…

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