Bashar Al-Assad Never Called Me Goyim

Recently, in a publication called The Intercept, Mariam Elba pondered the question, “Why do White nationalists love Bashar Al-Assad?” She arrived at some interesting conclusions. Ultimately, I’d say she was close but no cigar. She gave it the ole college try though. This goes out to all you Fake News media outlets out there, maybe the next time you have a question about the Alt Right, why not just ask us why we believe what we believe? It seems like that would be a lot easier than attempting to construct a narrative based on sources who do not have a clue what is going on but I digress… Let’s examine her preconceived notions about what she thinks we believe, shall we?

We are brain-washed by the Syrian government

The first explanation that Elba offers up to her readership is that the Alt Right has been duped by Syrian propaganda:

There’s a simple explanation for how the American far-right became curiously infatuated with the Arab totalitarian leader: Their hearts were won over by the Assad family’s years-old propaganda campaign at home in Syria. Assad’s authoritarianism uses the same buzzwords as the far-right to describe the society he’s trying to build in his own country — a pure, monolithic society of devotees to his own power. American neo-Nazis see Assad as a hero.

Now I don’t know about you fellow reader but I can only speak for myself, I have never seen any Syrian propaganda before in my life (though now I’m curious). However, I have seen endless amounts of anti-Assad propaganda from the Fake News mainstream media here in the United States. Where to begin?

“Assad has weapons of mass destruction!”

“Assad is a threat to democracy!”

“Assad is literally gassing his own people!”

I could go on but the message is clear: Assad is a big evil Bogeyman and the United States has to take him out. Where have we heard this narrative before? Iraq. After the Iraq War, let’s just say I am a little skeptical of this narrative. Also, how do we know that replacing Assad will be better for Syria? Look at Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Arguably, these countries are now worse off than before our intervention and nation-building.

Based on what we are seeing, we see that Russia and Syria are trying to fight ISIS and that sounds like a noble mission to me.

We are not brain-washed by Syrian propaganda, we are burnt out on Fake News propaganda.

We want a “healthy” and “homogenous” society

Notice the scare quotes from Elba.

Assad’s vision of creating a “healthy” and “homogenous” society is what white nationalists have aspired to create for themselves. We don’t need to look as far back as Hitler’s Third Reich to see what their world vision could be. We only need to look at Syria today.

“Healthy” and “homogenous” sounds scary. I know when I think of “healthy” functioning democracies, I think of multicultural “paradises” like South Africa, Afghanistan, and Brazil. She’s not wrong in saying that we want those things. We in the Alt Right do want ethnically homogenous and healthy societies. However, to want such a thing means that you are literally Hitler which is a nice way of saying you are pure evil.

We do want a healthy and homogenous society but we could really care less if that’s what Bashar Al-Assad wants for Syria. Wanting to preserve your own ethnic group is not evil either. It’s a perfectly normal thing to want.

We are puppets of the Russians

You can’t have an article kvetching about the ascendant American right-wing without invoking that it is all some secret Russian conspiracy.

Alexander Reid Ross, a lecturer of geography at Portland State University and author of the new book, “Against the Fascist Creep,” said Assad is a figure that is central to a realization of “Eurasianism.” The notion “holds that Russia will lead the world out of a dark age of materialism and toward an ultranationalist rebirth of homogenous ethno-states federated under a heterogeneous spiritual empire,” Reid Ross said.

In other words, the Assad dynasty, with the strong backing of Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian state in Russia, is the Middle East’s leading force toward creating a society that is spiritually, socially, and politically “pure.” Cosmopolitanism, with diversity in political thought and social identity, is an obstacle for those aiming to realize this vision.

Not wanting to have your countrymen killed off in war means that you are a Eurasianist shill and tool of the Kremlin. OF COURSE! While the works of Alexander Dugin do make their rounds in our circles, I can confidently say that the Russians are not paying us to undermine the US government. For anyone who has read Dugin, to be a “Eurasianist” means to belong to this global coalition of both left-wing and right-wing forces who are opposed to “Atlanticism” which is what Dugin calls globalism. So whether you are an ally of the Russian government or you wish to remain neutral or isolationist in regards to globalist interventions, you are a de facto member of this Eurasianist coalition. So that means folks like Assad, Hezbollah, North Korea, Russia, Syriza and Golden Dawn in Greece, Vlaams Belang in Belgium, le Front Nationale and le Nouvelle Droite in France, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan and the Alt Right are all part of this Eurasianist coalition because we are all opposed to globalism in some way or another. Globalists are just so drunk on their own Kool-Aid that they cannot possibly imagine that there are people who are opposed to their deracinated, morally degenerate, multicultural Hellish vision for the future of the world.

Here’s the real reason why we support Bashar Al-Assad

The Alt Right believes in the sovereignty of peoples and we recognize that Syria is a sovereign nation and that Bashar Al-Assad is their rightful ruler. We do not have the authority to tell other people in other nations how to live their lives. We believe in a multipolar world and do not want to see the “McDonaldization” of the entire planet to make the rest of world look like New York City. Most White Americans do not even want their own country to be a multicultural degenerate Hellhole so why would we wish that on the rest of the world?

Most of the Alt Right used to be in the Ron Paul movement back during his campaigns in 2008 and 2012. One of the key elements of Ron Paul’s campaign was a foreign policy of non-interventionism meaning we should only go to war in self-defense and we should mind our own business. Many in the Alt Right are also veterans who served in those wars and now see what has become of our reckless foreign policy.

After the failed wars and beginning to examine the racial issues back home, many of us decided to do some research about what the heck is happening to our country. We began to look closer at American foreign policy and began to notice one too many coincidences. We all read the brilliant work of Kevin MacDonald. We began to see that this globalist foreign policy was not in the interest of White Americans. All these neoconservative wars overseas were to advance the geopolitical interests of Israel and Zionism.

We want a foreign policy that represents the interests of our people. The best foreign policy for White Americans, and for the rest of the world, is a policy of America First – not neocon globalist wars and nation-building. We can co-exist in a multipolar world with people who we disagree with as long as they live on their side of the planet and mind their own business. If they can mind their own business and we can mind our own business, then we can have peace. The Alt Right is the religion of peace. So long as our government is trying to destroy the lives of people all across this world, we will protest their actions.

Charles Lyons
the authorCharles Lyons
Charles Lyons is the Chief Administrative Officer of Arktos Media.


  • All these scam sick liberal organizations want child brides and pedophilia to be viewed as normal , sick sick sick

  • You guys (well not so much you, but you never challenged the libtard on this point) make the mistake thinking Assad wants an ethnically homogeneous country. He doesn’t. He wants Syrian unity among all the different native ethnic and religious groups.

  • Bashar Al-Assad is the kind of ruler I want to be in charge of Arab countries. He is unpopular and incompetent, but cunning enough to stay in power.

    In the Arab world I fear the emergence of a charismatic political leader who is also a military genius. Men like that have risen in troubled times and changed the course of history. Think of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

    A dictator like Assad would recognize the presence of such a man, know that the man was a threat to his own power, and have him killed.

    For at least a generation the Muslims in the Mid East are going to be in a lethal mood. I want them to direct their lethal energies against each other. I want the civil war in Syria to continue indefinitely.

  • lol Monolithic society… Lets ask this chick if she’d have a problem if everyone in her street turned up at her family reunions uninvited…

  • Dear Charles Lyons ,i couldn’t agree more with you ,with your opinion in this article,but give me the permission to correct you as far as political parties in Greece.Golden Dawn is indeed a patriotic party against globalism that is accused of being Neonazi and fasist and all the good thing coming from main stream media.On the other hand ,syriza is a party of internationalist communist that they are in government right now(and in direct link with the antifa forces) with another lets say in your terms,republican cucks that sold their souls for the shake of having an office in the government,and prove them self both siriza and anel(independent greeks) to be the puppet of george soros and all his company ,letting unaccountable masses of so called refugees in the country giving them food shelter(even using the army to build those camps) money and even considering to give them land to cultivate!!! So please don’t put syriza and Golden Dawn in the same sentence and correct your fine article.With greetings from Hellas(as is Greece’s actual name)

  • “Assad is a big evil Bogeyman and the United States has to take him out. Where have we heard this narrative before?”

    Didn’t we hear it already 1917? Again in 1941?

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  • No mention here on Assad’s elephant in the room. His family, his tribe are Alawites. As you all probably know by now, the Sunni muzzies think every other type of muzzies are heretics deserving death and they, the Sunni, were put on this earth to deliver it wholesale.
    If Assad loses power, it will be a slaughterfest for the Alawites (they are muzzies!). This is a movie we have seen in extended reruns.
    So, just one more reason to hope he stays in power. These people are not capable of governing themselves, so the dictator that does the least harm overall, ON AVERAGE, to quote JT, will just have to do.

  • It’s increasingly obvious, embarrassingly obvious even that the neoconservative/progressive philosophy of the universal equality of all human beings has run into a wall. Is it because nothing can be equal, not automobiles nor race horses, not cultures nor art objects nor even, as quantum physics teaches, sub-atomic particles? As to human races, nothing could be more preposterous than the required belief that black and white people are in any meaningful way equal. Not even black people believe that certain Australasian aborigines with their average I.Q. of 60 are equal to garden-variety American jigaboos.
    The truth has a way of taking revenge. That’s why I see the progressive/neoconservative mindset as a wasting resource, one that eventually will restore our default white racism to a position required for white survival. I shan’t be here to rejoice in its restoration but will, I hope, be allowed to revel in the spectacle from my home in the clouds.
    tito perdue
    Alt Right

  • syria under assad is 80% sunni and the rest are shia, christian and druze minorities. assad himself is of the alawi sect, a tiny shia offshoot minority. what he means by ‘homogeneous’, is not ‘religiously homogeneous’ because that would mean the extermination of the 80% sunni syria. by homogeneous, he means ‘having the same loyalty to syria’, a nationalism that supplants religion and sect. the US-sponsored ‘rebels’ who want to replace assad, are sunni fundamentalists. we saw how they burned the churches, desecrated monateries, blew up archeological sites, etc. these people do not want democracy, but they DO want a homogeneous society where no christians, shiaa, druzes or alawis exist. hell, they dont even want moderate sunnis to exist. the replacement of assad is a caliphate, but this doesnt seem to worry the anti-christian US nor syria’s immediate neighbor, israel. a middle east with no christians and with divided warring sunni fundie tribes is the perfect state of lawlessness the zionist and its US stooge are dreaming of, for the expansion of their control over the vast resources of the levant.

    • About 60%, not 80%, at least so I read. Probably even less now.

      Alawites are more than just a Shia offshoot, they are the better Syrian group.

  • I’ve seen Christians, Alawites, Muslims and others all show their gratefulness towards Assad for protecting them, while the Jewish and American backed terrorists (ISIS and other groups) will murder every last one of these people if Assad is overthrown. Assad was democratically elected.

    My question to Mariam Elba is why does she want another bloodbath in the middle east? We’ve seen it in Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories repeatedly and Syria. According to The Intercept, Marian Elba “is a freelance writer and researcher based in New York”. I would suggest that if she is not Jewish herself (and I would not even trust her to tell the truth about that), then she might be influenced by the total Jewish dominance of the New York City area and beyond.

    As someone that grew up there and lived there for over 30 years I can attest to it, as have numerous other people. From the large anti-German rallies for war organized by Jews immediately upon Hitler taking power, to the decades of anti-Arab hatred in the New York media, to the anti-Christian hatred by Jews that has seen Christianity in the US destroyed in the last 45 years, to Kurt Waldheim (head of the UN, driven out of office by Jews in the 1980’s when Israel was under fire, for serving in the German army) who commented on the “east coast mentality” if I remember the wording correctly, Jews define the narrative in New York as much as anywhere and then spread it to the rest of the country.

    If Elba really is an Arab and not a Jew, then she needs to consider that the personal benefits to her career and bank account by supporting another Zionist backed bloodbath might be having an affect on her objectivity, because she might as well be an Arab traitor secretly embedded in one of their governments for the good she does.

  • Wasn’t everyone okay with Antifa’s “Peace through violence,” at first? That’s all assad is doing. If there is some stability in that region, maybe they can get their shit together and stop being a problem.

  • Assad wants peace, by any means necessary. The only reason we are attacking him is because Obama/Hillary/Dems/Rinos hate Russia. If Assad had Israels backing, the U.S. would be helping him.

    • Russia is the number one target. Think about this; the Kabbalah teaches (the Jews) that all evil emanates from the North thus their historical hatred of Europe and Whites and especially Russians.

      • While they are infected with communism, i still feel that russians are white. They probably feel like we’re infected with capitalism.

        • What are you talking about? Communism died there over 20 years ago. The West is more infected by communism than they are by far.

          • Yep. But, this guy hasn’t shaken off the Reagan Conservative anti Russian Rambo 80s nonsense.

            The Bolshevik Coup, the mass starvation of Ukrainian Christian Peasants was done by Soviets based in Moscow Russia, but they’re weren’t ethnic, racial Russians any more than the jackals in Hollywood CA media pornographers are Anglo White Americans.

            It’s really hard to deprogram 80s Reagan anti Russian Conservatives. It might be best to just leave these old people alone and concentrate education on young people.

          • Seems they jerk off to that retard Rush Limbaugh and his protege Alex Jones. It’s dem damn communist coming to take our liberties and bla, bla, f..king bla.

  • ‘Atlanticism'(Commonwealth)=Talmudicism
    The protestant golem steered by its jew overlords.

    Eurasianism=a mishmash of Continental European interests, former/current Communists and Shiite Islamic forces. The only way for Europeans ethnoChristian reactionaries to ever truly unite with Russia is if Russia turns Catholic (Sacred Greek Tradition). Otherwise they may end up being duped into some new kind of materialist dialectic.
    This is why ZOG is promoting and financing Nazism in Ukraine, because of its anti-east tradition. Hitler was continually deluded that England (‘Atlanticism’) was more willing to cooperate than they actually were, he was unwilling to crush the British at Dunkirk and even go for London immediately, contrary to the advice of his generals, due to some sort of twisted sense of racial brotherhood. English secret service was busy at work sending false signals to Germany that there is a possibility of peace so they could gain enough time to finance Communist Russia. Though their real and main goal was the destruction of a sovereign Continental Europe (Axis) with its Catholic sense and character and eventual merger with Communist countries for the total deracination of peoples and global exploitation of labor. This is why Scandinavians were so strongly inclined towards ‘Atlanticism’, they are protestant thus anti-Roman. Today Swedes are the running joke of that very system.

    There also exists a third way Dugin does not consider or perhaps want to consider at all. Pax Romana. The restoration of Latin language and the Roman sense, Romanitas, with its traditional capacity to integrate local organic communities without wiping out their local sense and way of life. Otherwise known as Christendom.

    • As Yockney pointed out, once an Empire is gone it never comes back; thus there will be no new Pax Romana. That idea is ludicrous. As though the present day Romans could do much of anything besides bicker and chase women. The Aryan element that made Rome is gone.

      And the idea of Russia turning Catholic is even more insane. Though Russia creating a new Eurasian Empire on the ashes of the Soviet Empire is something to consider. Let’s hope that if they do they enact racially based marriage laws to ensure that this is a White Aryan run empire and that it stays that way.

  • I support Assad because he is obviously such a reasonable decent guy trying to do his best for his country. The mild-mannered opthamologist is nothing like Saddam Hussein or your typical psycho dictator (Gadaffi, Mugabe etc etc) – probably if he has a weakness it’s that he’s not ruthless enough, and he failed to take the necessary measures to suppress the rebellion when it started. He comes across extremely well in interviews; a decent intelligent patriotic man with a good-looking wife and a clear view of what’s really going on. And the contrast with the insane screeching & blatant lies of our Western Media is striking, as you say.

    • Yes well put. This is the impression I’ve gotten over the years as well. Have developed a solid admiration for the man. The bravery he and his people have shown is inspiring. Looking forward to visiting the country after the war is over.

      • Bravery – yes, in the dark time before the Russian intervention, things looked really grim. It seemed like almost the whole world was against Syria, backing the foul Al Qaeda & Islamic State. He and the Syrian people never gave in, they kept on fighting against seemingly hopeless odds. Now it looks like they will prevail.
        It was inspirational – for all the Hell many of us are going through in our own societies, it’s still nothing compared to what Christian, Alawi, Druze and non-crazy Sunni Muslim Syrians faced at the hands of AQ/IS. Of course we have treacherous leaders, and they had a leader who stood by them. But it certainly gives hope.

  • All of the cool guys like Assad. It’s hip, it’s counter-cultural, and it’ll piss mom and dad off. C’mon bro, don’t you wanna be one of the cool guys? Just take a little hit of this Assad, man. End the war. Peace and love.

  • It’s not even clear whether this sort of speculation in the legacy media is so far wrong because they’re actually high on their own supply, or because they’re consciously attempting to construct a false narrative that will fit within the larger Narrative.

    1. Assad has been a primary target for the Tribe for several years, and has been (so far) resisting with some success.
    2. He has been routinely demonized by the (((legacy media))), and presented as a leading Literally Hitlah™ over the same period of time.

    Anyone who draws that much mindless hatred from the Overseas Israelis/ the legacy media must be doing something right, and (more importantly) makes a good meme/ symbol for resistance to their agenda. It’s probably difficult for anyone inside the media bubble to appreciate this, because of their sense of self-righteousness, and their failure to understand just how much they’re hated by even normie Republicans, let alone the alt right.

  • OMG, this piece is completely on point. The arrogance of those who criticize the Alt Right. Exactly! They should ask us why we think the way we do. But they are too busy figuring it all out on their own.

  • If Elba loves diversity, why didn’t she move to Brazil or South Africa? Why do most immigrants seek out white or white-majority nations?

    Immigration patterns are ‘white supremacist’ because non-whites prefer and seek out white or white-majority nations as superior.

    A question that non-white immigrants must answer. Why do they run from own people & culture to live in white nation?

    Alt Right prefers Assad because he’s a secular modern leader at war with terrorists funded and armed by Jewish globalists

    Alt Right doesn’t see Syria as some ‘homogeneous’ paradise. If anything, Syria blew up because of its tribal and religious diversity.

    Syria is a good example of why diversity is dangerous. Various groups hate one another and end up fighting in absence of iron rule.

    If Syria were homogeneous, the war wouldn’t have happened. Globalists exploited the diversity in the game of divide and rule.

    Elba is North African, right? North Africa is diverse and mixed. So, why didn’t she stay there? Her family ran from non-white diversity for white majority nation.

    Hmm. She must like ‘healthy’ and ‘homogeneous’ white-majority nations.

  • Who is the consigliere of the Alt Right?

    In THE GODFATHER, Sonny had toughness and boldness but was too rash. Hagen urged caution, but he was maybe TOO cautious and even timid, too conciliatory with the other side.

    Current Alt Right leaders might be too much like Sonny. Over-confident and rash. Figures like Ramzpaul are cautious and give some good advice but lacking in boldness and vision. Vox Day too. They are like Hagen.

    Andrew Anglin is like Fredo. The class clown.

    Maybe one day, there will be a Michael who has elements of boldness and caution.

    It is like in EXCALIBUR, Uther failed. It took Arthur to succeed… before he failed too in the end.
    Merlin was like the consigliere to them.

    • Good Analogies. Sonny, Michael, Fredo and Hagen. Great Archetypes. We need Michael. Spencer dancing wth Jews is like Fredoish.

  • Conservatism Inc is like a Big Tree but old and dying. Alt Right is like a young sapling, fragile and tender.. but growing. Bet on a young child than old giant. Latter is bigger and stronger but fading. The young child will grow ever stronger… like David who would eventually become king.

  • Dear Assad, please gas the enemy of mankind in Israel. We will love you forever. And if you have Putin’s ear please in the interest of goodness, peace and love of man have him take out the dark evil of Telaviv with a massive nuclear strike.

  • ZOG’s biggest achievement in the 21st century has been redirecting the anger of Moslem masses from the Palestinian issue against the West and Whites in particular. It was a brilliant operation starting from 9/11. They eliminated all independent thinking strong leaders in the islamic world such as Saddam, Qadafi to keep this direction of moslem masses under control. But they hit a snag in Syria. Obviously, this snag is the Assad regime. The sooner the Islamic world finds its new leader and returns to the roots of the main injustice done, the better it is for the White world and for Altright.

  • Why I prefer Assad to others? Because he damn straight looks like me unlike other leaders in the region.

    Assad represents defiance, albeit in its own settings, to the marching degeneracy and globalization /brownization. He seems to prefer good old tradition, the stuff that I saw when growing up.

    Assad is a Syrian legitimacy to the Golan Heights. I sure do not want Israel to de juro grab this territory.

    Assad is the only force in the area to keep Islamic radical medieval fundamentals at bay.

  • It’s really simple. A stable middle east means no paki refugees in Europe and North America. It’s a nice yarn being spun by the MSM though.

  • There is also the fact that the establishment propaganda is so blatantly easy to spot. They call us ignorant, brainwashed by Putin or just plain evil, but only the truly stupid can sincerely believe that the propaganda pumped out by the deep state and faithfully reinforced by the loyal mainstream media is the truth.

    Then there is also the very obvious reason that we don’t want Israel to run the foreign policy.

  • One for the normies. Good to see. We need people to know what we are about and if I was good enough with computers inwould be trying to make a website for that.

    • Syrians from the western part of the country, and Lebanese, tend to be very white in my experience. They look lighter than most southern Italians (who are also white, but more tanned). In general ‘Arabs’ from the Levant look more like Europeans than like Gulf Arabs IME.

      • I have known extremely white looking people from Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco as well. There is little doubt in my mind that the whole Mediterranean was more or less a Caucasoid lake prior to heavy mixing with Asiatics and Negroids.

  • It’d be harder for these cunts to accuse of being Russian propagandists if certain alt right leaders stopped spewing Kremlin propaganda and shilling for the White-hating bolshevik Dugin.

    Just saying.

    As for Assad, I only like him because he’s a thorn in ZOG’s side. Beyond that, Syria isn’t my problem.

    • Hey Riopel – you’re only like 50 years out of date. White, racially conscious, culturally conscious White Russian Slavs took back near total control of Russia/The Soviet union at least by 1965. Ethnic Jews, Tartars (Lenin) weren’t allowed in the top ranks of the Russian Soviet KGB/Russian Military, Russian media by 1965. When the drunk Boris Yeltsin turned over so much of Soviet State enterprises to Jewish Oligarchs, then yeah, the J tribe came back for a brief while and misruled Holy Mother Russia. Vladimir Putin came to power and put the worst Yid Oligarch in a public cage then sentenced him to hard labor in Siberia. .So I would say Riopel that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      jewish Bolsheviks, Jewish media Mafias, Hollywood J tribe oligarchs ain’t running anything in Mother Russia. Why do you think the “American” media hates Russia so much, blames Russian plots for electing Trump?

      It’s the Jews stupid – stop being a dumb goy.

      • According the Kabbalah (a distortion of ancient Aryan thought like everything they touch) all evil emanates from the North thus Russia and also Europe are always evil.

      • lolwut.

        Putin put a few jews out of business but let the majority continue operating. He’s surrounded by jew oligarchs, one of which married his daughter. Sound familiar?

        Russia is practically the only country in Eastern Europe that doesn’t have constant stories of “anti-semitism” coming out of it. Why is that?

        Because Putin brought the hammer down on the nationalist movement.

        You really think a nation that still promotes bolshevism is a friend to Whites? If Richard Spencer were to go to Russia to promote White identity they’d throw him in the gulag.

      • No, goyim, Rasha is your greatest enemy! Putin is an Eurasianist just like Dugin and Elliot Rodger, he must be stopped for the good of Human Democracy!

        • Yeah right buddy. And sexy Russian tennis players like Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are all secret KGB spies trying to seduce American men to not like feminist American women like Hillary.

          You see any of these KGB agents like Anna or Maria please give these pretty Russian gals my telephone #.

    • One can joke about this as being simple minded and unsophisticated, but they have have something that whites don’t have, they have the will to fight and more importantly they know who they have to fight against.

  • Alt Right movement is a Particle Accelerator of History.

    Like the Fermi Lab, it makes ‘history’ go faster and faster and makes it collide with the Power.

    And from the collision, pieces of the power is shattered and exposed.

    Charlottesville Collision revealed so much about the way of power in the US. The state, the media, the narrative, the banks, the platforms, and etc.

    The most important experiment in Political Physics in the 21st century. It has to be studied,and a definite book about it has to be written. The Charlottesville Statement.

  • Just an observation: since Trump was elected, the left really doesn’t care about “muh Syrian refugees” or Assad anymore. I mean, Im not saying he’s completely been sidelined, but since BO left office, Syria has been put to the back burner. I dont watch the MSM propaganda stream anymore, but it seems like all of that was relegated to the leftist matrix of “important social matters”…just my observation….muh “Syrian refugee crisis” must not be “cool” anymore.

  • BASED Assad is actually a religious and ethnic minority who is in a mixed marriage with a Sunni QT.

    And arguably he’s not really a traditionalist or a devotee a “pure” homogenous state. I remember reading that in an effort to decrease ethnoreligious tensions he actually promoted a policy of watering down the traditions of his Allawite people and moving them closer to the Sunni customs to promote a more harmonious society.

    So, maybe he’s kind of a cuck, maybe this was the best strategy available, I dunno. He did manage to keep a lot of Sunnis loyal. But I can’t say that I really see him as much of a model to emulate.

    He’s basically just the good (less bad) guy, for the reasons already articulated.

    It’s just unfortunate that BASED Qadaffi didn’t hang on long enough for us to start memeing on his behalf. Maybe we could convince people we were buying into the teachings of the green book.

        • Iranian help didn’t arrive until 2013 and Russian air power and Spetznaz didn’t show up until 2015. The situation for Assad has looked bleak multiple times during the Syrian Civil War. In fact, Assad’s sister and her family did flee the country several years ago.

          • Yes, it’s a pretty amazing story.

            What I meant to say was that he didn’t really fit neatly into our “ideological box”, as much as we might want him to.

            But I shouldn’t have used that term even with a “maybe” in front of it.

          • He does, the SSNP and Assad are extreme Syrian nationalists, up to the point of giving up their lives.

          • Assad really has no desire to create a clean ethno-state. The Alawi are essentially a closed off ethno-religious group analogous to Jews or Druze. Assad doesn’t care if a Syrian is Druze, Kurdish, Alawi, Syrian Arab Christian, Sunni Arab, so long as his ciitzens are loyal to him.

          • Civic Nationalism, yes. The Alt Right doesn’t believe in civic nationalism. That’s not to say the Alt Right condemns Assad. Clearly, a civilized, educated dictator is the best alternative for a fucked up Middle Eastern country.

          • Yeah, that man and his family were willing to die for nationalism in Damascus. It’s far more than you or me ever faced. In a multiethnic society, that is great start.

          • I’m pretty sure he never had a choice but still a very heroic feat and deserving of our respect. Putin and Russia going in against all odds to pull his feet from the fire and save the day (and send a bunch of sandnaggas to hell in the process) also deserve our admiration. When it is all said and done it would be a great honor to be in Damascus for the victory parades.

          • I’m sorry brother, I am a nationalist, I want Poland for the Poles, Germany for the Germans, to me, that is Alt-Right.

          • That’s ethno nationalism and generally what the Alt Right believes.

            Although I do agree with Spencer, Europeans might need some EU like structure to wield power and create a homeland for Europeans. Petty nationalism of the Jobbik variety accomplishes nothing.

          • Wow, Hungarian Jobbik probably isn’t bad. I know the arguements, a confederation of European states. Right now, that’s, not good enough.

          • Jobbik is full of stupid petty nationalist rhetoric trying to create a Greater Hungary that antagonizes Slovaks, Serbs, and Romanians.

          • 1.) You probably don’t know about the fact, that 3 million Hungarians live over the actual border in Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Serbia, therefore the parent state has to care about them.
            2.) If there is an issue of greater importance than nationalism, e.g the European civilization and identity is threatened, Hungary cooperates with others and overcomes the nationalist considerations, for example there is the Visegradi 4 alliance with Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary.
            3.) No one knows what Jobbik is currently: In Hungary, the western sponsored leftist, liberal, and marxist political side was destroyed after 2006, the 2 main parties became: Fidesz and Jobbik that are both considered far-right by MSM. But since then Jobbik started to lean left to reach out to those abandoned voters while trying to keep far-right voters also. Even if they win the support of leftist voters, probably Jobbik will not turn into a liberal-marxist party, they might become national and socialist or social democratic, but we don’t know this yet. I myself preferred the original Jobbik.

          • A nation are a people not a piece of land therefore if the Hungarians who were placed over the border want to be a part of the Hungarian nation as it is now, then Jobbik should encourage them to migrate back to their people.

          • “who were placed over the border”
            You know nothing about Hungarian history: No one placed them over the border, they have lived there for 1.100 years. After WW1 borders were altered, and territories taken away from Hungary. Two-third of its original territory was taken away, Europe is full of unjust historical events and outcomes.
            Contrary to this, just as I’ve said, Hungary is capable of overcoming historical debates for a greater good, but no one can tell us that we should not care about ethnic Hungarians over the borders or that they should migrate.

          • I did not say not to care and I am aware of how you lost territory. The history of every nation (people) is about losing and gaining territory. Hungarians are not special in this regard. I was just saying that a possible solution is the ethnic Hungarians joining their nation in the present day Hungary if they feel aggrieved.

            Are you saying that the ethnic Hungarians in say Serbia are not treated well? I just talked to one in Belgrade whose mother is Hungarian and he was a Serbian nationalist and said they (in the Vovjovina) are perfectly happy to live in Serbia with Serbs. One man’s opinion but still.

            We don’t need another ridiculous Soros brother war.

          • “Are you saying that the ethnic Hungarians in say Serbia are not treated well”
            There are often problems, for example ethnic Hungarian children are often denied to learn in their own language in schools,in Romania, Ukraine, etc, therefore support of the parent state is needed. But territorial disputes are pointless, considering that all European nations’ native populations are decreasing. From an Alt-Right point of view, we have to overcome this, as the existence of European Civilisation is threatened.

          • Agreed and I don’t want to get into tribal conflicts like the Hungarian/Serbian/Slovakian one but I do hope you can get it all together and see the bigger picture.

            In the end I believe the more homogeneous the nation the better. So if either way, the Hungarians annexed the territory where their people live or the people migrated to Hungarian controlled territory.

            But on Hungarians having a right to learn in their native language when they live in a another host nation I just cannot agree. I do understand that they were put there by circumstance but still. Turks in Bulgaria for example also should not have a “right” to learn in Turkish (in fact Turkish should be eradicated). Hungarians that feel that strongly should probably migrate to their tribe.

          • “when they live in a another host nation I just cannot agree.”
            Look: Hungary sided with Germans In WW1 and in WW2 also. After losing the war ethnic Hungarian territories were given to the victors as booty or reparations. There were territories populated by e.g. Romanians or Slovakians that were detached but also 100% ethnic Hungarian territorries were detached, where Hungarians lived for 1.100 years and no one lived there before, so you talking about “host nations” is absolutely nonsense. You should rather call it occupied territories because that’s closer to the truth. We are not like arabs expanding and occupying territories.
            “Turks in Bulgaria for example also should not have a “right” to learn in Turkish”
            Yes I agree with that but the Hungarian story is different, it is like stating that Estonians under Soviet occupation should not have the right to learn Estonian because they live on Soviet territory.

          • Understand what you are saying but then we have to deal with the reality of how it is today. Are these regions 100% Hungarian today? No. Is New Mexico 100% Mexican? Is Skane in Sweden 100% Danish? Is Northern Ireland 100% British? Is Lapland 100% Sami? I mean this goes on and on and never ends.

          • There is no 100% homogeneous nation today. I just wanted to state that a Turk that only speaks turkis in Berlin is different from a Hungarian, who speaks Hungarian (and Slovak) in Kassa.

          • For the situation of how the world is today I think the Hungarians in Slovakia, Serbia or Romania need to get used to their lives there or migrate home to Hungary. I’m pretty sure they are not abused in those nations. Everything else is Soros and company stirring up civil war amongst our own peoples.

            Ideally 100% homogeneous nations but that is a future ideal. For now don’t be an ignorant tool like the Ukranians and Poles.

          • You basically agree with me then, no irredentist movements and Brothers’ wars amongst White nations.

          • I do know about the Treaty of Trianon but it was over 100 years ago and the borders are a fait accompli. For the same reason, Helmut Kohl recognized the Oder-Neisse Eastern border with Poland after German Reunification despite East Prussia being a German heimat for over 500 years.

            Hungary is a model, pro European society under Orban’s leadership but I just can not endorse Jobbik’s dream of a Greater Hungary that causes problems with peaceful European neighbors.

          • “Europeans might need some EU like structure”
            I believe there is no need for that kind of super structure. It is fine the way it is with many different (European) cultures and countries, Italy should remain Italian, Germany German, etc. The problem is with the identity of people of West-Europe (East-Europe is basically doing fine). A country like Germany or England or the US just needs to wake up and realize that multi-culturalism leads to its own destruction.

          • The problem is that Europe has to deal with Great Powers. Europe itself should be a Great Power free from Russian influence, American suzerainty, Chinese economic meddling, and Jewish power. The only way for Europe to become a Great Power that challenges and replaces the United States is to unite.

            Perhaps a European Great Power state would have more common cause with the Russians and Chinese than America, hastening America’s decline and leaving the USA with no allies.

          • Currently the best chance for Europe to become free is to maneuver between the US and China but don’t let too close any of them. Russia is a European country so it deserves some influence despite it’s Soviet past, but I doubt Europeans would accept the leadership of either Germany or Russia. Therefore what is needed is to develope a common pan-european identity which consists of being part of the European civilization, being white but also consists of having our different but unmistakably Eureopean cultures.

          • I don’t see China as a problem for Europe. They’re very similar to the Japanese in their global outlook. The Chinese don’t like anything in the world order to upset their ability to make money. That is why the Chinese supported Assad in Syria and vetoed any UN Security Council Resolutions against Assad along with Russia. China correctly foresaw that ISIS would take root in the Middle East, causing a spike in oil price and hurting the Chinese economy. What Europe must do is unite on an economic footing to deal with the Chinese strongly. The Chinese respect strength and should meet the Europeans halfway on economic matters.

            Russia is a multi ethnic Eurasian empire with a European core and culture. Russia’s interests are different from Europe. Europe should respect Russia’s interests in Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, but not allow Russian influence in Central and Western Europe. Like the Chinese, I believe Putin would actually respect a strong Europe and be able to make deals in the interests of both parties should a pro White Europe emerge.

            The key for Europe is to come together in order to subvert American and Jewish influence on the continent. Obviously, languages and culture should be preserved for all the European nations.

          • Yeah I’ve been using the term Mediterranean supremacist to describe my views on race lately too. It’s more accurate than “white nationalist” which I view as a smaller tent civic nationalism. That’s not to say I have an axe to grind against other European groups.

          • Ok but remember, the conventional wisdom is that modern Syria is an artificial multi-ethnic, multiple religion state due to weird lines drawn on a map, and has ethnoreligious conflict baked into the cake.

            The natural impulse for an ethno-nationalist movement might be to favor balkanization or secessionism to create homogenous states.

            However, Assad is a civic nationalist fighting to keep Syria together, and arguably owes his victory to his ability to work with other, different groups that are in some ways the natural rivals of his people.

            So, depending on your beliefs, he might challenge rather than reinforce your ideology in some ways. But regardless, it turns out he’s the least bad option available, out of the options that rose to prominence.

          • Very well put. For one to understand the Middle East, one must also understand the Empirical conditions drawn upon a tribal people. Still, Assad is unambiguously a beacon for nationalism, and for that reason, he should have our support.

          • Poland is full of Poles and only Poles (for most part, I know you have small minorities). Russia has Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Chechens, Buryats, Nenentsi, Tuvans, and so many others. None of these people are immigrants. Infact they live on their ancestral homeland that we conquered long ago as I am sure you are smart enough to know. Your country used to be one of those conquered peoples. So in order for them to have a stake in our society and be loyal citizens we must adopt civic nationalism.
            As a Russian I am a proud civic nationalist because I realize if we do the pure ethnic route we will have widespread civil strife. If I were in Western Europe I would be aligned much closer to your worldview.

          • Well technically Putin is much closer to to civ nat than an ethno one and he’s our guy. I guess it’s more how they come to civ nat. A Euro/American cuckservative is a civic nationalist because he’s a coward, a liar or deluded — or a Jew in the Diaspora worried about the Goyim knowing too much obviously.

            Putin and Assad’s form of Nationalism, IMO, is the best of a lot of bad options for their situation given the patchwork of ethno/religious groups they have to deal with.

          • Syria is a different country with different solutions. I think that is a major point everyone here recognizes. That every sovereign people has a right to figure things out on their own.

            I mean wtf do alt-righters care about how Syria is run as long as it isn’t aggressive. We stay out of their business like we want them to stay out of ours.

    • The idea of Assad wanting a “pure” “homogenous” society in Syria is insane of course, the best he can do is defend and maintain Civilisation against Barbarism. He’s a civic national socialist.

        • No. The migrants are created by our politicians refusal to defend our borders and by the wellfare system. It has nothing to do with the ME.

  • Ashad’s fight is similar to our fight: He simply tries to retain as much sovereignty for his state as he can. We fight for sovereignty. The globalists want the elimination of any sovereign or semi-sovereign state, especially if it retains even a weak ability to self-regulate, meaning that its society is not an open one. Russia is hated for being a sovereign state, that cannot be controlled for the time, we are hated for wanting to achieve the same thing here, something that would de facto destroy globalism.

    So of course we are victims of Syrian propaganda and on the Russkies’s payroll! It makes far too much sense! Or at least for the propaganda effort that is aimed at the normies for making hating the idea of sovereignty…

    Ah! Before I forget, as I delve into the darkness of our enemies heart in an effort to troll them, here is a Syrian propaganda song I found:

    The Horror… the Horror… the Horror…

    I am pretty sure they’d be triggered by it!

  • Remember when they found the crematorium ovens in the same block as some refugee camp and immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was ovening them?

    Good times.

  • The Alt Right Nazis are Anti Semitic, privileged spolied brats just like Bashar Assad! Of course they love him. Israel is correct to attack the Assad regime so democracy can prevail in the Middle East.

          • Samaritans are the real Israelites. You’re just a bunch of Babylonian-influenced heretics. Sad.

          • Just like theres no such thing as a white country and Europeans have no culture. Fuck off k!ke.

          • Herodotus’ “Histories” was written in about 400BC or so. He mentions Palestine multiple times. Yet not one mention of Jews, Judeans, Hebrews, Solomon, David, Israel, Jerusalem, Moses, Parting Seas, Commandments etc. Given the volume of info and details he wrote about the region (going back some 1000+ years earlier) one would have expected some mention of the those chain of names if they were even a minute bit of importance. But NOTHING. That really says something, doesn’t it?

          • Perhaps the reason they receive so little mention is because the tales and legends of the Jews are not their own. In nearly every case the Jews have “adopted” them from their masters or their neighbours:

            Thus the first eight chapters of Genesis were made from fragments adapted from the writings of Babylonia. The stories of the Creation, the Garden of Eden, Lilith, Adam and Eve, the Tree of Life, the Serpent, the Temptation, the Fall of the Cheru- bim, the ten Antediluvian patriarchs, the Tower of Babel, Noah, the Flood, the Ark, the Dove, the Olive branch, the Raven, Noah’s sacrifice, the Rainbow, the Covenant, etc. etc., were all “adopted” from the Babylonians. All these stories had been cast into poetic form and written down in Babylonian thousands of years before the Jews appeared.

            Speaking of Palestine, the truth is that it was never in possession of the Jews. They were never masters of even the country west of the Jordan, nor of the sea coast. Many Phoenicians and other Canaanitish cities were impregnable to Jewish strategy. The Jews occupied portions of the country only, and even these they had to share with the Canaanites. In addition, far many more wandering Jews left Palestine of their own accord, than stayed, never to return.

            In fact Palestine was never a desirable place in which to live, until Great Britain, at the expense of many British lives and much British treasure, made it so. And even now, though British citizens are taxed to maintain and British soldiers die to guard this Zionist toy, it fails to attract the Jews.

            From this interesting read on the real mythology of Jews:


          • And promoting this sort of genocidal Deir Yassing denialism, too? Wow, you’re just chock-full of rabid, ignorant hatred and impotent rage, aren’t you?

    • Very sad to see this sort of ignorant, toxic, hate-filled semitism so openly promulgated in the current year. Very problematic. Educate yourself. Try to be more tolerant.

    • Have fun with your Democratic Al Qaeda & Islamic State.
      As you well know, Democracy will never be a common mode of government in the Middle East.

  • “Assad has weapons of mass destruction!”
    Er…China? The Wests biggest trading partner?

    “Assad is a threat to democracy!”
    Er…China has banned democracy entirely, Saudi Arabia too.

    “Assad is literally gassing his own people!”
    China committed genocide against Tibetans & has killed millions of their own.

    The reason the “alt-right” backs Assad, is because they compare how it was before their was war & compare the countries like Iraq & Libya & see the consequences.

    I can’t see how a “study” is needed, it’s utter common sense.

  • I was totally “red pilled” about the Neo Conservative, Con job takeover of American foreign policy in ~1991 when I led a one man America First opposition to the first of many Neo Con interventions against secular, nationalist Arab regimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria.

    I took out full page anti war adverts in the Nashville Tennessean, Chattanooga times and did lots of local talk radio, local cable television. I was generally treated fairly, but I was just one guy along with a small Populist Party group.

    I quoted President Washington’s Farewell address to the Nation warning about Foreign wars for Foreign Interests (Revolutionary France), Used “America First” named the Israeli Lobby, but also noticed that Saudi Sunni Wahabists and the Emir of Kuwait were using us – also what was all that talk about

    The United Nations, A “New World Order”?

    Regular Red State Tennesseans who watched, me called in to the show were hostile and skeptical at first thinking that any any war protesters were the hated 1960s Hanoi Jane Fonda Leftists. But, when regular Tennesseans heard my arguments, most, including some Tennessean General of the Tennessee national guard agreed I made good points.

    But, our enemies who control our media/politics are always able to find some popular, folk artists to spout their lying nonsense. In this case it was Country & Western Pop star Hank Williams Jr. who cranked out some dreadful “Let’s kicked Saddam’s Ass” war mongering song:

    “Don’t give us a Reason”

    Hank Williams Jr. really took the 30 pieces of silver in this one and he was rewarded, for awhile for getting $ millions to open up the Monday Night Football Negro Felon League Game. He lost this gig when he said some negative things about President Obama.

    In Neo Con job Iraq War II, the Powers that Be got another C&W pop star fagot Tobey Keith to do an even worst war mongering song:

    American solider – telling Southern good ol boys, White working class folks to just, enlist, bow your head, obey your orders and don’t ask any questions.


    I wrote about this at Occidental Dissent
    Hank Williams Jr. Worst Cuckservative Neo Con ZOG song
    By Jack Ryan

    So the moral of my comment/story is that sweet reason only goes so far in opposing these Neo Conservative, Zionist, Cuckservative US wars in the ME, against Serbia, Russian, European Nationalists. Our enemies have $ trillions, control the media and can pay some popular folksy singer, actor like Hank Williams Jr. Toby Keith or some Great Conservative actor in Hollywood like Clint Eastwood to be their spokesman for these fake patriot wars.

    We have to somehow acquire, well liked celebrities to be our spokesman – Donald Trump is a good example as regular Americans recognized him and liked him – they want to be like him. Some policy wonk like Ron Paul is pretty much useless in reaching the hearts and minds of regular White Americans. Plus Ron Paul doesn’t have a set of balls or a working penis and he backed down and did a St. Peter and denied he ever wrote, said or even read anything racist.

      • Thanks. But, getting red pilled, or more likely black pilled on the JQ isn’t usually good for one’s personal life. Those who go with the flow like Hank Wililams Jr. and Tobey Keith tend to do real, real well. Those of us who speak the truth to power…..

        Getting Tough Steve Earle

    • Not gonna lie: I don’t give a flying fuck about the belligerent Scots-Irish Good Ol’ Boy white trash who never met a fight or a war they didn’t like. I don’t care how many of them die for Israel. I just don’t wanna pay for it.

  • It turns out that one of the famous lessons of the Holocaust, which we are all obliged to heed, is that we must not be “indifferent,” and that a good way to show that we are not “indifferent” is to attack Syria. This is what the Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer has said.

    For the Israel-Firsters who influence our foreign policy, of course, there is also a political interest in harming Syria, as a longtime adversary of the State of Israel.

    For non-Zionists, however, a good reason for “indifference” to the accusations against Bashar al-Assad is that the alternative to Assad, even if every horror story about him were true, is clearly worse. Assad’s opponents include men who are notorious for eating the liver of their slain opponents, destroying important ancient cultural monuments, enslaving non-Muslim women, and committing mass-murders based on religious sectarianism.

    • Short memories for how we finally had a good thing going with Gaddafi & then look what happened. Who’s f*cking idea was that?? Oh, yeah, Obama. What a clusterf*ck.

    • Hey, I remember you from the international Jew study hour with Carolyn yeager. I’d recommend it. Also you should look up Dr. “Karl radl” (pseudonym), a brilliant professor who has done a lot of work on Jewish issues such as the protocols. Semiticcontroversies is his blog I think.

    • I’ve heard countless Jews actually make the argument that indifference, not resistance mind you, to Jewish concerns is actually virulently anti-Semitic. There’s no fair dealing with these people.

      • Just make sure you always do the opposite that they wish and make their lives as difficult as possible. The other day in Montreal (actually 25 years ago), a car loaded Chabad Lubavitcher Hassidic Jews were lost and asked for directions to their enclave in Outremont so naturally I sent them to St-Henri(Black anglophone neighborhood) just to spite them.

        Now black neighborhoods (in Canada) are not dangerous or scary at all but I wanted them to feel like they never left their home in Crown Heights Brooklyn. They wouldn’t be harmed but It would waste a lot of their gasoline and time of course.

        Just doing my small part for the race.

  • Assad is the best deal that country is ever getting.

    Arab and Muslim isn’t a good combination. You give the people a voice in a country like that and you get ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Taliban.

    The Israeli’s, the US and their Gulf State allies are trying to topple Assad and they are the same group who have done damage to Libya, Iraq and elsewhere. Millions of refugees flooding into Europe thanks to that clown car. The sooner the globalists get a bloody nose internationally the better for us domestically.

    We have the same enemies.

  • This is what is going to happen. Please, don’t take this warning lightly

    Huge mobilization of FEMA trains will claim you need to be rounded into
    their camps “for your own safety” after all these man-made hurricanes.
    Internet, tv and every kind of communication will be down and blamed on
    the “weather”. Get out of the USA now, or it means jews won again, since
    not even those who are supposed to be “aware” of them could escape the
    second bolshevik slaughter (1917-2017).

    • I think their goal is to normalize incest before pedophilia. Media is working on it slowly some time already. And now certain popular show has two queens “doing” relatives.

      • pedophilia is last, after tranny everything, it’s either necrophilia or bestiality, public masturbation ( easy to make a classical liberal argument for) then pedos

        • Bestiality is already legal in Canada thanks to our degenerate current year prime minister. Also in Ontario the provincial government has the right to take away your children if you don’t allow them to identify as whatever gender they want to identify as. We legalized gay marriage about a decade before you guys did in the US. It’s coming…

      • Good point about GoT. Yes incest is likely to be pushed, they seem to be prepping the ground. However I would point out that many cultural Marxists are themselves pedophiles so they have more personal reason to push that than incest, many of them don’t even have siblings.
        Official legal recognition for polyamory is only hindered by the association with Mormonism; they are keen on African & Muslim polygamy.
        Not sure about necrophilia or bestiality, they seem more interested in stuff involving live humans. Forcing recognition of Furries/Otherkin – so they can wear their animal suits to work and people are legally forced to refer to them as animals – seems likely though.

        • Gay marriages enabling gay adoptions and normalizing it in the media allows them to corrupt our children, and further their cause and movement by infecting future generations. Continuity is their weakness, It needs to be exploited. Gays don’t make children.

          • the BBC is actively shilling for first cousin marriage. trumpeting the benefits of incest and honor-killing will come soon

  • I think that many of us instinctively side with anyone who is maligned by the government and mass media, because the White race is in the same boat. It’s sort of an “enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    • That isn’t necessarily true. Who is the friend and who is the enemy in the “transgender versus Cucktian Churches” struggle? The NYT printed an op-ed blaming Chelsea Manning for the rise of Julian Assange that lead to Trump as well as Bill Maher shading them not to mention anti-trans feminists.

      Logically, even taxpayer funded transitions and all the pronouns their heats desire isn’t an existential threat whereas both the Cucktian Churches and NYT, neoliberal Clintonite, globalist crowds are but I have yet to see anyone in the alt-right side with transgenders over Cucktians or neoliberals. I am not advocating that the alt-right do but just giving a compelling rebuttal to “an enemy of an enemy is a friend” mantra.

      • The only struggle is the trannies are pushing the envelope too quickly for the Churches to have rationalized their acceptance yet.

        • The Churches will never accept them just like gays until they are paid more money to just like with black civil rights and globalist population replacement schemes. Politics is a business to Cucktians and they are having a “going out of business” sale at least in the global north anyway so the price should come down soon for the entire LGBTQwhatever population. Not sure if Vatican II or the 1980s pedo priest scandal was when the sale started but they are having one.

          That still doesn’t explain why neoliberals are so duplicitously trying to wage just are harsh of a war against them while pretending to champion them as a tool to silence the right. You can say that transgenders are to cultural Marxists what heavy labor workers are to economic Marxists. Look at the lives of such workers in communist countries. Sadly, many transgenders themselves believe the fake duplicitous championing themselves. Quite tragic.

          • To the leftists everyone is expendable. Trannies are useful due to their socially destructive narrative. If they become an inconvenience they will be jettisoned. The leadership doesn’t want to go down with the trannies, or Antifa, or any other tool they are using.

          • True on everyone being expendable including superpredators.

            It still doesn’t address the whole point on whose side to take if an enemy of an enemy is a friend in the transgender example. Once ANTIFA is fully thrown under the bus, it will get interesting to see where they land before seeing how the mantra applies to them.

          • Not all of them, I agree though that the genuine anti-establishment ones will. The question is how many of them are. As for the rest they ‘d probably end up dead on the streets or locked away in a prison.

          • A lot of them are in it for the fun and the fights. They don’t really believe much of anything. Many of those would join the winning side just to be able to crack heads. Not a great motive, but pragmatism will win out.

          • Why would you want them? They have antisocial personalities and are a patchwork quilt of poster boys & girls for violent mental illness.

          • I know you all don’t like the Yids but you gotta respect the orthodox. They don’t compromise on that gay & tranny shyte. No women clergy either, not ever.

          • Neither do Muslims but a lot of good either does for white people. Your post is exactly why I always advocate for neutrality on non-race issues like drugs and sexual stuff.

            Suggesting that white nationalists go down such a deep rabbit hole chasing sexual politics to the point that they allying with Yids is precisely why I advocate for ideological discipline sticking to race issues. If the alt-lite neo-cuckservatives or Jesus hates “racists” paleo-cuckservatives want to pursue a Yid political alliance to attack trannies, fine but this kind of mission creep is exactly what the alt-right needs to avoid.

            As Sun-Tsu said, “Never let opportunity change the objective”. Allying with Jews for the purpose of attacking trannies would be an extreme example of just that.

          • I like the way you think.
            I wasn’t talking about alliances. I like White People. I like your social capital, safe neighborhoods, culture etc.
            Your biggest challenge is your demographic decline, though. If you all can’t do something about that then what does any of the rest of it matter? Blacks & muzzies will destroy all you have built in a New York minute. Look what they did in 2 months. I don’t want to live in THAT world & either do you so I guess we do have something in common.
            To be continued (if you like)….

          • I always seen the fail of political mission creep whether it is intersectional feminism or white nationalism taking positions on issues that have nothing to do with their cause. It wasn’t until Nigel Farage overcame all odds and won a successful Brexit vote by not taking positions on issues that had nothing to do with Brexit that I could prove my strategy correct.

            How to address demographics decline is a whole other post. I guess that starts with closing borders.

          • Fences do little to control immigration since most illegals enter legally but overstay illegally with tourist visas being the most common. Unacceptably harsh penalties for businesses that hire illegals or does business with them that is only legal with citizens like real estate purchase in some countries is what deters illegal immigration. It also helps for the host government not to provide any services but that is too obvious of a statement to everyone but these governments.

            Japan will probably keep its borders closed due to robots replacing human workers but I doubt wombs will open because they are already overpopulated and full of anime loving betas that would prefer sex with a doll or robot.

      • “who is the enemy in the “transgender versus Cucktian Churches” struggle?”
        Both. But in case of Assad, he should be neutral by default.

        • So I take it that you reject the “enemy of an enemy is a friend” mantra? That still leaves others like Jihadists versus Zionists for those that won’t answer this question.

          Assad should be neutral only because he is in a non-white nation.

          I would prefer that non race issues like drugs and sexual stuff remain neutral as well only because they are diversionary from race issues and strengthen cucks more than based whites since this is their baby and white nationalists are breaking down in ideological discipline to do so.

          • I know your opinion on this, the example of brexit, etc, it is reasonable. I tend to agree with you that AR in the US should focus on the race issue, on the other hand I would distinguish between focus and support. Giving moral support to Assad in the form of a blog post or AR statement requires minimal effort, costs nothing while drains resources from ZOG that has to spend more time, money, people on propaganda and media manipulation to gain support for actions against Assad.
            The “enemy of an enemy is a friend” tactics can be learned from the Jews. They use it against us, they divide people into 2 groups:
            1.) Normal heterosexual white people
            2.) LMBTQ+ people, feminists, gender idiots, ethnic minorities, drug addicts, anarchists, etc
            They always support the freak show (group nr. 2.) and send them to war against normal white people (group nr. 1.) every day. A black, gay, BLM member is obviously an enemy of the jews by default but considering the context, they regard it as a “friend” and support it against us. It is a well devised, clear cut strategy. So we can learn from this, if AR moderately supports Assad or Palestine, it is a reasonable tactics against ZOG.
            Divide et impera. Probably AR should support some Christian church also, as they divide the freaks of group 2. and tie their resources which otherwise would be used against AR. But again, I agree with the focus on the race issue, it is just complementary strategy

          • Jihadists versus Zionists: Who is the friend and who is the enemy? This belief has its origins in Arab culture which is why Jews are familiar with it.

            If it were one blog and done, sure that Assad wouldn’t be much of a diversion but that won’t be the case. There will be continuous need to give him moral support which is diverting from domestic race political. People can be privately sympathetic with him but a white race movement needs to be neutral on race conflicts not involving white people.

    • Yes but in this case I’d go further. I think Assad is a genuinely appealing person — not least because of his treatment of Christians. He’s actually genuinely on the verge of doing something of major historical importance. He and his allies have nearly triumphed over the proxy army of the US/Israel/Turkish/Saud alliance. That’s important and it’s going to have them thinking twice.

  • “Bashar Al-Assad Never Called Me Goyim.”

    That seems like a parody of Muhammad Ali: “Ain’t no Viet Cong ever called me a knee gir”!

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