Trump’s Olive Branch Of Peace Over DACA Is Slapped Down By Democrats

Trump has been all over the place with DACA.

On one hand, we on the Alt-Right admire creativity and dislike conventional conservative politics.  For that reason, Trump’s surprise agreement with the Democrat leadership to fund the government and get some disaster relief to the hurricane victims in Houston is an interesting development. It also has the added benefit of annoying House Speaker Paul Ryan.

On the other hand, Trump seems to be falling into the trap of thinking that cooperation and concessions will be met in kind by the Cultural Marxist opposition, especially in regards to DACA.  There, I’m afraid, he is sorely mistaken.  If he did not yet realize that we are in a dire cultural war, perhaps he will soon find out.

Trump is trying to be “reasonable” with regards to DACA. This won’t win him any points with either side.

If we are to give any credit to the left, we will have to admit that they are right in claiming that there is no coherent line of thinking from Trump on DACA.

It is disappointing.

To state the obvious, however magnanimous Trump shows himself to be, he will be met with nothing but insults and derision from the left.  If you care for a sample, I refer you to the archetypal eternally aggrieved Black man, Charles Blow.  From his op-ed, ominously titled, “Inner Racism Revealed”:

Donald Trump continues to say in every way possible that power and privilege in America is primarily the provenance of people who are white, male, Christian and straight, and that all others should be targeted for denial, oppression or removal.

He has sought to ban Muslims.

He has defamed Black Lives Matter and encouraged the police to physically assault suspects under arrest.

His justice department wants to bring back the disastrous war on drugs […]

Blow goes on to list Trump’s transgressions against POC in a manner that echoes the complaints against King George III in the Declaration of Independence.  Blow surely has delusions of grandeur, but he isn’t necessarily out of step with the mainstream media.  After all, he’s writing for the flagship of American shitlibery, the New York Times.  And this is the kind of press that Trump gets after he shows himself to be so amenable to helping all those precious dreamers.

The cosmopolitan elites in the media are playing a win/lose, zero-sum game.  When Trump struck a deal with Senator Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Nany Pelosi on raising the debt limit and providing aid to Houston, one might regard that as an interesting novelty, even a promising development, insofar as it would seem to transcend normal, predictable politics.

Yet the leftist hive-mind smelled blood and took it as a sign of weakness it seems. Moving forward, they are utterly uninterested in any type of “deal” wherein Trump tries to be flexible on DACA and in return gets at least some of the Wall.  Instead, any compromise with the Democrats is going to be interpreted as a “defeat,” and the MSM will gloat accordingly.

Tell that to the 4d chess cult.

Even if we were inclined to meet the left halfway, the favor will not be returned. This isn’t a debate, it’s a war. We’re being backed into a corner by implacable foes.  There is only one question left to contemplate, one asked by a different man in a different, but also eerily similar context…

Do you want total war?

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  • Total War begins Sept, 26th. Roy Moore needs electing in Alabama. I suck at making memes, but I’m great at spreading them. If anyone is interested please create/spread some good ones about him. We need someone making a list of Alt-Right “approved” people running for congress next year as well, so we can have memes ready to help them like we did with trump. Memetics FTW. Sieg Heil

  • Did something material happen since the olive branch or is this an opinion piece? Title makes it sound like Pelosi and Schumer renigged.

    Regardless, while I don’t think Trump has always been playing chess, and if he has he wasn’t always good, this move on DACA compromise was clearly a backhand to Paul Ryan and McConnell, and nothing besides.

  • Trump gave the issue of DACA back to the branch where it belongs. Obama, by his own admission, superceded his own authority and even he knew better than to use his pen and phone to amnesty them. There are two many people in both parties who are violently opposed to another blanket amnesty. Next year is an election year, so I think that Congress will simply forego amnesty in favor or extending DACA indefinitely. It will be up to the “Dreamers” to find Americans who will sponsor them to citizenship the conventional way.

    If either side has a lick of sense, though, they will put teeth into any bill where it comes to law enforcement. The “Dreamers” should have to toe a thin, tight line and be model squatters. Any violation, even a misdemeanor should involve immediate and permanent deportation. An indefinite extension of DACA should be joined to building the wall and terminating any birthright citizenship to children of people who come here illegally.

    It’s not everything a White Nationalist would want, but it would appease most reasonable Americans.

  • Guys, expect huge mobilizations of FEMA trains to put you into their camps “for your own safety” after all these man made hurricanes. Internet, tv, every kind of communication will be down and blamed on the “weather”. Don’t take this warning lightly.

  • Barbuda has been completely evacuated of its 1,800 residents.

    Perhaps an advanced force of WN should be landed to claim the place. Plane loads of settlers could follow on in the next week.

    Posing as Aidworkers of course.

  • The President is in a position that none of us are in, and under tremendous pressure from our enemies. Yet he has done more than anyone else to help our cause. Cut him some slack. We don’t see his endgame.

      • He’s done more for us than any President thus far. He’s not perfect. But it s easy for you to criticize when you don’t have the weight of the world on your shoulders and are attacked 24/7 by nearly everyone, both nationally and internationally.

  • This could just be background static but why was this professional photographer focusing in on James Fields all day? I’m not buying the idea that he looked unusual among the rest of the white shirts. He even said they all looked the same. Haha. White Boys all look the same. Why is a professional photographer concentrating on a completely anonymous member of the crowd? Paid to I’d guess.

    • The tape of negrow explaining his fasch-ination with the patsys haircut reminds me of all the 911 crisis actors eyewitness acounts of 911 event..

    • Please do not spread wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories – the bane of the American Right Wing. It’s frankly surprising that only one person died that weekend – with virtually the entire focus of the American Left, Antifa, Virginia system cops and soldiers, the fake news lying media and cuckservatives all focused on inciting violence to make the Alt Right look bad.

      Remember the truth is the best propaganda, only deal with true facts which will support us in at least 95% of the time.

      • This isn’t wild theory.

        Someone has to explain why the photos of Fields are so centered on him. Turns out a coon was stalking him all day. A nog stalker? That’s very interesting stuff.

        Personally I think the nog was primarily there to find isolated white boys to call in the posse later on. To follow him to his car.

        • Don’t spread these wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory #*$&#. It’s the bane of the American Right wing.

          The events in Charlottesville VA weren’t something weird, unexplainable, not orchestrated by all powerful, secret occult forces, aliens from outer space.

          The Mayor Charlottesville VA (White hating Jews) deputy mayor (Blackliesmatter White hating Nig) and the NY carpet bagger Left Democrat of Virginia pretty much openly denied the UniteTheRight folks their legal 1st Amendment rights of public demonstration and they set up our people to be attacked by the worst Antifa, BlackLiesmatter Communist mobs.

          OK, that’s what happened..

          The Lugenpresse, fake news, Libs, Leftists and worse Cuckservatives all followed up and supported the lying meme that all the violence was caused by “White Supremacists, NAZIs”.

          Ok that’s what happened.

          It’s not really hard to understand -nothing weird, nothing super secret false flag operations, nothing like that at all.

          Stop spreading this conspiracy mongering SH&$&#. If you continue to do so you will be banned from posting comments.

          • You are reading too much into what I’ve said. The photographer, perhaps lucked out however I think he was part of Antifas information gathering system.

  • Please stop freaking out about DACA. Either they all go back, or the people who allow them to stay will be voted out. We can then reverse this decision. Win/Win/Win, without Trump being the bad guy.

    • We’re quickly becoming outnumbered. If the course isn’t changed drastically soon, our votes won’t be enough to correct the current trends.

  • Steve Bannon epically trolled the Catholic Church into publicly stating that, “steal thy neighbor’s food to feed the hungry stranger” is church doctrine and not just their political agenda. The Southern Baptist Church isn’t any better denouncing the alt-right while trying to cuck the country by embracing Soros and the globalist population replacement scheme.

    The Cucktians are indeed worse and more dangerous than Soros.

      • Vox and Anglin just had an hourlong debate. It should be on Youtube.

        Basically Vox and Weird Mike Cernovich sperged out and started attacking Anglin out of nowhere. Weird Mike even accused Anglin of getting $200K from the SPLC so Anglin could sue himself (WTF!).

        Then Vox reached Peak Autism on Gab, had a meltdown and threatened to sue Andrew Torba and Gab because people called him a pedophile. Why did people call Vox a pedo? Because Vox told people to call leftists “pedos” if they call you racist. So people trolled Vox relentlessly with the Pedo slur when he went after Anglin. Vox lost his marbles and is now saying he will sue Torba and Gab for defamation.

        At the end of the debate, Vox even admitted he should have never said to call people Pedos baselessly. He got straight up destroyed. I don’t see how he comes back from this.

        • I’m tired of hearing about Vox’s high IQ when he’s punching right and acting like a fucking faggot. He’s acting like winning an internet debate with Anglin is important, when really they should just get on radio and talk about strategies and moving forward.

          It’s kind of ridiculous that the infamous Anglin has come across as way more humble and serious than Vox who can’t stop telling everybody about how brilliant he is.

          I like Vox and check his blog often enough, but his recent behaviour is embarassing.
          And why is he siding with Cernovitch to gang up on Anglin?

          • Many people with high IQs are total Spergs, case in point, Vox and his Lord of the Rings fan fiction. Most leaders are not high IQ geniuses, they’re intelligent but can relate to the average person.

  • M’thinks the Alt Right needs to do some standardizations in most all things that count.

    Standardize dress for conference and street demos (different dress when Antifa violence is expected)
    Standardization of domain accounts – safer, more private countries web access.
    Standarization of blog type – WordPress seems to be the preferred.
    Standardization of payments – Paypal is going out, what will work, be accepted and not be taken away from us or anyone else that isn’t doing anything illegal?

    J Ryan
    Occidental Dissent

    • J RYAN:
      I have been harping on this. Maybe NPI does not have any ideas OR they are working on it. ….
      …If so, Communicate this with us. (hint hint)
      We need INTERNET CONSOLIDATION for Monies, and Communication and yes, Standardization.

      -Courtesy of The Dept of Useful Information

  • Alt Right needs to write its own Novel of Ideas like The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged. Love or hate Ayn Rand, her ideas survived because she turned into them into heroic myth in literature. If she had just written books on ideas, she would have been forgotten like Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy.

    Ayn Rand turned her ideas into something akin to Gone With the Wind or Doctor Zhivago.

    People are interested in ideas but they really become engaged with characters. In novels, ideas are attached to the heroic deeds of characters.

    It’s like the power of Christianity owes to its ideas being embodied in the story of Jesus.

    We need to attach ideas and visions to heroes and stories.

    • Rand (Rosenbaum) was a Hebe who the Communists even thought was insane and disliked. She offers a Utopian Economic Dream (where there are no cheaters and all is well). Utopian Jew Dream. Not for me. I believe in Law and Order. Free Market is fine until the first cheat i.e. the first Hebe shows up…..then what? THE STICK! That said, I can appreciate some of her writings. I get the dream but life is not a dream. It is a nightmare with some good parts to egg you on to the next. Stay Awake.

    • We have lots of good novels. HA Covington’s NorthWest Independence novels (except the last one) are very good. The Brigade is the best. HAC has a lot of personality “Issues” he’s spreads gossip, lies against other nationalists, he’s a bad businessman, but he’s a great writer.

      • No one read Mein Kampf because it was all ideas and ideas and opinion and opinions. Granted, it was told in biographical format, but Hitler was better orator than writer. I mean no one wants a book that rants at you.

  • Sheer Daca-dence.

    This term ‘dreamers’ give moral high-ground to the traitors.

    No, the True Dreamers are those we dream of Rule of Law, Secure Borders, Responsibility, and Patriotism.

    Illegal Dream is a Nightmare for Patriotic Dream.

    In Dream vs Dream, choose patriotic dream vs illegal dream.

    If we let DACA continue, it means ALL THE COUNTLESS PEOPLE WITH YOUNG CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD will realize that if they drag their kids to the US, their kids can serve as anchor.

    It has to end.

    • They’ve been peddling this moral lie for decades. The root of this lie in the average proletarian is pride, for the oligarchy DACA is a matter of power and money.

    • I sometimes wonder if New Yawk Jew Sen. Chuck Schumers is a real person or if he was sent straight out of central casting Hollywood as the bad guy villain, smarmy New Yawk Jew. Whenever I see and hear Chuck Schumer speak I feel like I’ve been pelted with urine and feces by Antifa and I need to take a shower.

      • Yeah he just has one of those faces. I really don’t feel obligated to justify why I hate this motherfucker. Just look at him.

          • I hate the Schumers but that leg cross is a common habit among old men, and that couch is made for Yao Ming sized people. The average sized person would have to choose between slouching, sitting like Pelosi far away from the back of the couch, or putting’s feet up in order to press one’s entire back against the back of the couch.

          • Then he should sit up like Pelosi. At least for the photo-op. He looks like a damn slob.

          • Jordan Peterson does this a lot, and I honestly think it undermines his criticisms of those spooky nahtsees.

          • It’s cool that Jordan Peterson likes to make Trannies cry, but thats where my respect for him stops.

          • He has curiously little to say about the sociological effects of racial and cultural diversity considering how often he invokes his doctoral credentials as a psychologist.

          • Yeah, he’s just a Classical Liberal, but the level of cuckoldry that is the norm in Toronto makes him seem like some kind of Fascist to the normies here, so his lectures get attacked by Antifas. None of his ideas are particularly interesting to me, and his stance on transgenderism is really just common sense to any sane person, who hasn’t dranken the kool aid.

            On an unrelated note Ricardo Duchesne just released a new book called Canada In Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians. I haven’t read it yet, but the table of contents looks pretty good. I’m pretty sure it’s the first book on the subject that is specifically about Canada. You should check it out.

          • Yeah. He’s the founder of the Council of European Canadians. His Red Ice interviews are worth listening to.

  • We need to ignore the left and fix the right. As long as there is one republican legislature that is pro-amnesty, that is one too many. Paul Ryan should be labeled a domestic terrorist by the Alt Right.

  • There are at least 11 million illegals to prioritize deporting ahead of dreamers.

    And I’ve looked at the crime stats. Hispanic crime rates are slightly elevated and it is largely explained by the youth of their population. Black crime rates are off the charts. Like 700% per capita disparity.

    The play Karl Rove was trying to do was get hispanics in the GOP. Because Hispanics suffer from black crime. Black crime is the single best recruiter for GOP (white) membership.

    • It’s probably not going to happen. The various revolts in South America and Central America were Indios overthrowing white Caudillos and Juntas.

      • First of all, Hispanics are still a minority. They threaten blacks most of all. Blacks get so much attention because they are the most numerous minority. Hispanics overtaking them changes the equation in two ways: 1. Hispanics have no white guilt but instead anger at black crime and 2. Will themselves start getting more cultural attention. I definitely welcome the Spanish guitar making a comeback and pushing rap music off of the airwaves.

        Secondly, what needs to be done is to instill them with normal, patriotic, white values. Don’t let the blacks get to them first with their “muh oppression” garbage.

        • Hispanics are 17% of the American population and rapidly rising whereas blacks are 13% and holding steady.

          Instill patriotic white values in Hispanics? Take that to the alt-lite or some other cuckservative movement. It worked real well for Colin Kapraenick’s Cucktian white mom.

          • Exactly. Colin Kilpatrick is half black. The black narrative is so…deeply angry that it results in a guy like Kilpatrick who is successful to hate his own country.

            Black population holds steady while the white population percentage declines. Because the black population grows faster than the white population.

            All of the worst white leftists like the Drexel prof. who says white genocide is a good thing are immersed in black culture. Black culture needs to be the number one enemy.

          • Blacks are uselessness and will never amount to anything positive but at least their population percentage should hold steady unlike Hispanics that are flooding the country and will be the majority as early as 2030 at this rate.

            Buenos Aires was called the Paris of the western hemisphere before the 1929 stock market crash when it was predominantly white. The country has a low percentage of blacks but it got overrun with Hispanics from neighboring countries and look at what it is today?

            Being the new Argentina, Brazil or even Mexico isn’t as bad as being the new Zimbabwe but the latter won’t happen whereas the former is on its way to being a reality unless immigration is stopped — legal and illegal.

          • M’thinks Islamic extremist terrorists need to be the #1 enemy. It’s an easy sell, only idiot, total White hating traitors or fools support the mass Muslim migration invasions of the West. Who feels sorry for $ billionaire Islamic extremists like Osama Bin Ladin. Only the worst Jew haters think we can work with these guys.

          • The White population is NOT declining in the USA. It’s holding steady and growing slightly; it’s just that the USA keeps getting flooded with more and more Non-White, Non-Christian groups. That’s why it feels like we are shrinking. Once they get established here, even the Hispanics have fewer children. It’s not lack of births that are hurting us, it’s the endless Non-White immigration.


          • If you read about Colin, he started exploring black identity in college and he got all of the oppression narrative. Blacks are a lost cause because of their history here and because of their African nature.

            Hispanics are different. They can still be reached.

        • I like your way of thinking.

          I’m seeing a lot of very good relationships/marriages between older White Anglo guy and younger Hispanic women – the children are very White, just not blue eyes – kind of like some Italians. M’thinks this is a way to go – after your first bitch feminist Anglo wife divorces you and because a Hillary, Elizabeth Warren groupie, marry a Whiter Hispanic gal.

          So many great White Hispanics – our side won the Spanish civil war. Gen. Pinochet is the best savior in the Western hemisphere ever.

          • Wrong. Once they sense a dash of outsider status they’ll exploit it. Especially the mixed.

    • Hispanics are a greater threat than blacks by 10000000%, they breed like roaches, bring down wages, are a leach on the welfare economy, and they’re brown people replacing white people at a rate of 1-2 generations. If you think hispanics are not a grave threat to whites than I don’t know what to say about (((you))).

      • Have you read any of the East coast media? It is always rich wealthy east coast Jews coddling their angry black writers. There is hardly a Hispanic name in any of those publications. The Atlantic has Ta-Nehasi Coates and Goldberg. Slate has a similar setup.

        • Agreed. The East Coast Lib/Jewish media (Left Coast, Hollywood Jews media is the same) mostly go with the Blacks are victims – so are Muslims, Hispanics, LGBT anybody that’s not White.

          This anti White Lib Left media tries to incite Hispanics against us pretty much the same way this media incited Irish Americans against us and it did work for a long time as Boston Irish supported Ted Kennedy all those years.

          It’s a ticket in to the political Lib elite/Hollywood elite to push the lie that Irish Americans are another oppressed minority, like Blacks, Jews, women – it came out in some Mel Gibson movies like Braveheart and the Patriot. Irish love to remember when the Irish ran cities like Boston, Chicago and John F Kennedy was President and they’ll go along with revisionist Lib spins that JFK was a Liberal, anti racist Camelot prince. He wasn’t.

      • Some Hispanics are White. White Anglos prefer Hispanic workers in Southern CA as opposed to Black AA. Black African Americans are being ethnically cleansed from Southern California. The only people possible more destructive than lower class welfare Black AA are the worst Muslims in places like Rotherham England.

        • [Andrew MacDonald] got it wrong in Turner Diaries. The Beaners are slaughtering the blacks around that area.

      • Something like 5 blacks are born in this country for every two that die in it whereas 9 Hispanics are born in this country for every one that dies in it on top of immigration. Whites are barely at a 1 for 1 replacement level.

        • If you’re gonna deport someone, why deport an illegal who worked his way to owning a home? Why not first get rid of welfare blacks?

          • Because it’s easier to deport ILLEGAL ALIENS than AMERICAN CITIZENS.

            WTF kind of question is that, we’re not close to being able to deport American citizen blacks.

          • So much for the Overton window.

            You want to be on the vanguard? Challenge the holocaust? Yet you still play by society’s rules regarding blacks.

          • How is anyone supposed to be on the Vanguard challenging the Holocaust when they are championing an illegal’s right to citizenship because they worked hard at taking and keeping a job from some native born white?

          • Because work is work. This is the Protestant value system which best represents white america.

            You guys never challenge the black narrative. Challenging that narrative should be the number one priority because it is black culture, not Jews, which causes the most degeneracy and destruction.

          • The Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs and other (((banking))) is also work but no here is going to praise it. This isn’t an alt-lite neo-cuckservative site.

            As bad as blacks are, they aren’t an existential threat whereas Cucktianity is so don’t be surprised if people here don’t share your Protestant values of open borders and population replacement.

          • They are quite Cucktian however at least the major denominations.

            If someone doesn’t like the politics of their Protestant church, they can always find another Protestant church whose politics are agreeable even if they have the fringiest or outright bizarre political views unlike Catholics who are stuck with the politics of one central church and have to rely on corruption and other forms venality as the bonding glue that overcomes ideological barriers to church wide collaboration.

          • Ever since Vatican II the Catholic Church has been falling into an abyss of degeneracy. I’m not personally practicing at this time, though I’m sympathetic to Sedevacantist arguments.

            Still the loss of a spiritual foundation to guide white people is not something that I celebrate. I see it as one of the many causes of our current predicament. If you were coming at this from a Paganist point of view I would be sympathetic though I’m not a Pagan, but you don’t seem to be. What is to replace Chrisitianity for white people? Consumerism? Materialism? Nihilism? Is a skin tone even worth defending in and of itself? It was the culture that made white people great once. Now all we have is Big Macs and Porn.

          • The race has to survive and eliminate the threat first. After that, new religions can be developed — probably by a younger generation or two.

          • Because there are no other countries welfare blacks are citizens of to deport them to otherwise that would be great. Too bad Lincoln’s assassination ended the deportation process to Liberia.

            I don’t care about your cuckservative fuss over invader papers. Papers are irrelevant when it comes to wage suppression and population replacement.

        • No, Black population in the USA has stabilized. The explosive growth of the Black welfare underclass was the case in the 1970s, it’s gotten a lot better.

  • The GOP hates Trump more than they hate literal communists. What does this tell you about them? The GOP will never fall in line with Trump, because they’re paid not to. And you can’t vote them out of office because they’ll simply be replaced by other bugmen financed by jews.

    We had a false messiah in Trump. I’d like to ask his defenders what exactly they’re expecting him to accomplish by the time he’s out of office, because if it doesn’t include mass deportations of non-Whites and a shutdown of illegal non-White immigration, there’s very little point to any of this.

  • Half measures. Trump lacks the balls and is afraid of the backlash a total repealing could bring.

    Basically, he is putting a band-aid to a tumor.

  • Watching C-SPAN House coverage for a few minutes this morning to find Democrat after Democrat coming out to fillet Trump about DACA and defend the Dreaming Drifters as the “True Face of America”.

    How did the Republican members respond? By shilling for their local businesses and universities in advertisement script like performances, one after another, completely ignoring the all out assault from the Left.

    Congress has been utterly useless since the Republicans took over, total cowards, total shills, and total liars. My resentment towards them is far worse than my resentment of Democrats. At least they fight for their POC agenda and stand up for their supporters. The (((RNC))) must be replaced, if this Republic itself is to survive.

    • Godsdammit, drain that swamp already! What fresh cuckery is this???
      And since when is a flood of f*cking unwanted ILLEGAL immigrants the “true face of America”? On what planet in what fake reality??? I AM the f*cking TRUE FACE of America. I was born here, my parents’ parents’ parents came here when immigration meant Europeans coming to America to build her up stronger not parasitize her resources to send back to third-world sh*tholes.
      This “true face of America” crap HAS to be publicly excoriated, called out, and destroyed. It smells just like the “true face of Europe” crap being floated out there about Muslim incursionists.

      • Hold on to this. You need to send it to every pos in the gov ‘t including Trump.
        If you don’t want to do it, I’ll borrow it and send it to them. They need to know that their opinions smell like shit.

    • I saw the latest Waspost YouTube posting. It showed pedo Chucky Schumer almost spitting Trump on the face,(the USA President) scolding him with his lashing index finger…Schumer seemed psychotic, and unhinged. OMG what do these jews think they are?? The jews are responsible for the collapse of the dollar, unpayable $30trilion debt, vanishing middle class, massive loss of manufacturing..etc. BUT the jews will never take responsibility for their destruction of the USA economy and Constitutional order. Prs. Trump should had call the Secret Service and handcuffed Schumer for treason, corruption and child trafficking.

  • I honestly don’t know what to tell the 4D chess types. Maybe they are new to politics and don’t understand that politicians often lie, well pretty much always lie, and screw over their voters. Yet these “true believers” will be the ones to reelect these liars over and over again justifying it via “We have to trust them” or “They know better than we do” etc. I’ve heard it all, and it’s all trite and tiresome. I know they are a lost cause, but unfortunately, they are also the majority of voters, and even if voting is a total sham, it still gives these people legitimacy, even if they win by one vote in a three vote election – they still consider that a legit election.

    • “4D Chess” is basically a way to allow them to maintain faith in the Donald when he disappoints. It’s a way of saying “oh surely he must have something up his sleeve with this,” when he acts in ways that run contrary to what he got elected to do. Most of us past the ripe old age of 35 (LOL) have gotten seasoned enough to not put all our hopes and expectations into one basket, to expect a certain amount of lying and backpeddling, and instead to hedge our bets on percentages and likely outcomes for one choice outweighing those of the other option. At the end of the day, half-baked stabs in the right direction are far better than concerted efforts toward destroying this nation’s entire basis and heritage by just handing it over to fugly low-IQ parasites and laying down and rolling over for them.

  • It all smells bad each and every way you look at it: DACA is part of the replacements demographics and pre-cursor to the general Amnesty.

    • The only good news is that this profoundly rotten system, illuminated in Chuck Schumer’s satanic smile, is totally unsustainable and will likely to break before the replacement demographics take over. As soon as the Chinks pull out from greenbacks, this system is done for good. And the Chinks are watching the degeneracy and replacement demographics’ taking over. Unlike the deluded South Africans, we will just have to carve out a decent piece for ourselves when that happen.

      • And by the time it kicks off, a whooooole lot of whites are going to understand what’s happening and why it happened.

        There will be opportunities.

      • Yeah that’s going to save you, the chinks, the chinks will save you, you don’t have to do anything, sit back and drink a beer.


          In April of 1977, Collin demanded to march with his group through downtown Skokie, the largest enclave of “Holocaust survivors” in America. Oddly enough, for a not-see, he did his best to support the standard narrative of jewish casualties in WW2. One of his standard lines was “Hitler was a disappointment because he only killed 6,000,000, and let a few get away.” His (previously-unknown) group and their legal case received heavy TV coverage from April 1977 through June of 1978, with the narrative (of course) being the evil Naaatzeees wanting to further traumatize the poor Holocaust survivors, and the nobility of the American system in allowing even these evil scum the right of free speech. “Collin” won his case, but then decided, after this long legal battle, that they didn’t need to march in Skokie after all, and decided to march in Chicago instead. Coincidentally (or not) the Holocaust mini-series aired on TV not long after this whole legal case. Frank “Collin,” “Nazi” leader, was actually a Jewish homosexual pedophile and agent provocateur. His father was born Max Simon Cohn in Munich, Germany. A couple of years after the Skokie episode, his fellow Nazis called the cops on Collin when they found him fellating a 10 year old boy. He served only three years in prison for this, then went on to a successful career in publishing.

  • Trump should have Re-enacted the St Bartholomew’s day massacre.

    He missed the main chance in that photo-op.

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