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Over the weekend, West Wing rumors emerged that President Trump would be revoking the infamous executive action known as DACA.


This impromptu program was enacted during the Obama administration as a ‘deferral of action’ on young illegal immigrants with opportunities for renewed protective status and work permits. The judicial system prevented the Obama administration from expanding the ‘Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ and the Congress failed to pass the legislative implementation, DREAM Act. DACA currently grants this protective status to 800,000 illegal migrants.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions emerged out of the frenzy to announce that DACA applications are closed but a full revocation will wait until after a six month “winding down” period. As President Trump would soon reiterate in the coming days, Sessions emphasized the lawlessness of the initial DACA program and gave room for Congressional Republicans to legally enshrine the beloved ‘dreamers.’


Now, the 4D chess theory would hold that mid-term facing Republicans would dare not vote to grant amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants after fighting in both the courts against President Obama’s expansion of DACA and in the Congress against the DREAM Act.

Because Republicans are known for sticking to their principles and being tough on immigration, right?

All this begs the question: why does Trump repeatedly take half-hearted measures to fulfill campaign promises?

And if this is a bluff, why encourage Congress to call it so strongly?

After all, we’ve been waiting since Inauguration Day for President Trump to revoke DACA with a stroke of a pen and notify the various federal agencies to begin enforcement of current immigration laws – since that’s pretty much all it would take.

So then is backing off of DACA as an identity issue part of a larger negotiation strategy, for say, the wall as 4D chess theorists proclaim? Perhaps. From here, the questions are endless, but in Trump’s case, why entertain a negotiating strategy if your supporters demand that all of your promises stay on the table.

As per usual, it’s mixed signals all around.

Trump’s instincts were nationalistic and paternalistic towards the traditional American nation throughout the campaign, yet this episode has transformed the deeper appeal of repealing DACA into a semantic debate over legal technicalities and apparently nothing else.

He seems ambivalent about the dreams of American kids, and now has a lot of compassion for our replacements. It brings a tear to my eye, this boundless compassion of all our politicians for the children of brown foreigners.

We’re expected to remain merciful, and not punish the weary (already grown-ass adult) children for the actions of the parents. This is strange, given that the essence of modern American ethnic relations is about placing collective blame on Whites for supposed sins of their ancestors.

In examining Trump, we can observe repeated trips back down the mountain just as we are about to reach the summit on these issues. In the end, maybe this move will pay off…But maybe not. Bottom line: prepare for the very possible legal status of 800,000 young illegal migrants. And the slippery slope to legalizing the parents surely does not exist either, right?

Either way, the justifications and hand-wringing have begun.

See, it’s just an issue of President Obama doing it and not the Congress. That’s all. Gotta make it legal by going through Congress…you know the institution that literally every American hates so much that when a congressman gets shot no one even sniffles.

Since we’re on the topic of slime and deceit, we should also be wary of the various rhetorical attempts to focus on criminality or the quality of the immigration – because in the end it doesn’t matter.

It’s not about attracting top talent to increase our widget production relative to other countries. It is about ensuring the future of our country for all of our posterity, rich and poor, high IQ and average IQ, refined or coarse- it doesn’t matter. These are our people. And we will never allow our politicians to replace them.

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  • (((Masha Gessen))) at the Jew York Times argues:

    Immigrants Shouldn’t Have to Be ‘Talented’ to Be Welcome
    This paves the way to thinking that America should make decisions about immigrants based on whether they benefit the economy.
    “The comity of European peoples went to pieces when, and because, it allowed its weakest member to be excluded and persecuted.”

    ^^^IOW – Take the dregs of the third-world, BECAUSE they’re third-world dregs, or we’re akin to National Socialists (if only!) Because it’s always about Holocaustianity, with Jews.

  • Washington, D.C. hates Americans. Just make sure you and your descendants have your guns ready for when the money runs out and there is rioting in the D.C. area demanding we give them more.

  • Trump is putting this on congress for good reason. This is a highly flammable subject with the world already calling Trump a racist. Removing or keeping Daca now falls on the politicians who will have to answer for their choices, whichever they decide, in re-elections.

  • “And we will never allow our politicians to replace them.”

    It’s happening right now at breakneck speed my friend.

  • No doubt that Jewess Ivanka has his ear. All she has to do is plead to daddy about the beautiful babies and he’ll bend to her will. This man stood against the world in proud defiance yet he still can’t say no to that Jew seductress.

    • Yeah, Ivanka . . . kinda spoils your “Jews are inherently evil” garbage. After all, she wasn’t born or raised Jewish.

      • I would leave out the word inherently, and using the word evil goes too far. Nonetheless. they clearly discriminate on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, or whatever other term is used to classify who they are. In short, in general, a substantial majority of them discriminate against non-Jews because they are not, well, Jewish. If speaking what is clearly true makes me anti-Semitic, then so be it. Whenever someone can do something, but others are not allowed to say they do that something, you know what that someone is doing is wrong.

      • Pretty White young women usually cause trouble and enjoy men fighting over them – only a rare few have healthy, nationalist, pro White politics and that’s usually after their youth and beauty fade.

        Look at all the trouble Helen of Troy did.

        Look at who Christie Brinkley dated, mated – her daughter with Jew Billy Joel is a really ugly skank.

  • The 800k that will be deported are less than 0.3% of the population. Meanwhile, the country gets more anchor babies every day.

  • Typical Proposition Idea crap…As long as Congress approves it, it’s swell. Nothing to do with Blood and Soil.

  • His actions and policies are at best a day late and a dollar short, at worst no different than what has come before.

    The best thing that Trump could do for the country is to get impeached.

    That would wake up a lot of people and may well spark what we all know is coming.

  • Better to stay cool at this point and worry about our respective parts of the fight. This is a long game and right now the leadup to 2018 midterms is going to determine everything else. It’s been well established GOPe will oppose the president just as much as the opposition party. So Trump is tossing them DACA just daring them to touch it. If gang of 8 was too far a few years ago, it’s political suicide to go there now. And if they do nothing, they’re left looking impotent yet again. The 6 month fuse on that bomb ensures it will go off closer to the elections.

      • Politics is just one method of putting pressure on the elites, not enough in itself, is downstream from culture. If you think it’s worthless, though, look how control of that sphere has worked out for leftists. It has helped them achieve most of their objectives. The process though requires sitting tight and getting small concessions until they reach critical mass.
        Trump tried charging out of the gate and using his executive powers to get stuff done on day 1 but hostile courts soon proved that he is very limited in what he can do until populists have more leverage within the system. 2018 is the first big opportunity to do something about this.

        • Trump didn’t charge out of any gate.

          DACA could have been gone from day one.

          Trump refused to do that and has extended it for another six months.

          Trump could also have ignored the court orders on immigration just like Obama did with rulings he didn’t like.

          Trump put McMaster and Kelly in there. He hired Nikki Haley, Cohn, and all the neocons, bankers and globalists.

          There is a not so subtle clue in there.

          He kept Comey rather than firing him on the first day.

          He refused to prosecute Hillary or investigate anything.

          How many times have we heard the argument from the GOP about the “next election”?
          Just give us the House and we will do wonders!
          Wait…we need the White House as well!
          Gee, we can’t risk losing the house and Executive by enacting anything too risky!
          Send us money for next year!

          I have seen this movie…I know how it ends.

          • I must admit I’ve been disappointed myself on many counts but I also understand he’s trying to hold together a larger coalition and couldn’t even be in power without pentagon backing. 10% now sympathizes with the alt-right, a huge achievement but still not enough to dictate the direction of a party. We just have to keep relentlessly chipping away in politics and in every other realm, just like the left did. If even a majority proves to be impotent in implementing policy, that’s fine. Look how the myth that Obama was holding those guys back from repealing has been exploded. They have been exposed as fools and liars. If getting leverage within the system only demonstrates to everyone it’s all a sham that’s more than worth it.

          • 10% now sympathizes with the alt-right,

            25% according to a HuffAndPuff poll.

            It doesn’t matter.

            We aren’t voting our way out of this.

          • Should check out Kid Rock’s first campaign speech. Now that GOPe’s impotence has been abundantly demonstrated, open defiance of NAM redistribution has officialy entered the Overton window. There will be more like him because the demand for it is there. Maybe we can’t vote our way out of anything, but why not cause as much chaos in their own system as possible?

  • I’m going to write my senators and urge them not to make the “Dreamers” status legal (my representative is hopeless). But I’ll do so with a sinking feeling and a heavy heart. As Anne Coulter over there on AmRen said: “We elected Donald effing Trump. What more could we do.” It’s obvious to me that not even Trump can bear the stories about little Eduardo and little Rosita being sent packing back to Mexico.

    Put a fork in it–this country is finished.

  • Trump is instinct without intellect. This is precisely why we need fascism. Conservatives are limp noodles who don’t understand the nature of the struggle.

  • Next move: Hammer the point that if it’s wrong to “punish” illegal spawn for their parents wrongdoing, it’s wrong to subject White kids to affirmative action or wealth redistribution because of whatever.

  • Herein lies the fundamental problem with an Empire in decline. The barbarians, goths and “southern” tribes have entered The Senate and have imported their own complicated racial politics. As always, our eternal (((enemies))) insist we need to be fair as they continue to plunder the formerly great people who built the great nation.

    We can NOT allow ourselves to take the path of our South African brothers. We MUST create moral outrage. We MUST create “legitimacy” for Whites to organize.

    When confronted by our enemies tell them “they can’t have it both ways”. Even are most brain washed White brothers understand this argument.

    As Ann Coulter famously said, “why can’t we have a country”

  • Trump should have kept his family far, far away from DC. Then he should have issued orders rescinding DACA and a bunch of his other promises in his first week. He should have fired every bureaucrat the Presidency allows him to fire. Absolutely nobody who’d been in the swamp should have been appointed to anything (exhibit 1: Jeff Sessions). If you’re going to go against all the powers that be, you need to do it so fast they don’t know which way to turn. He might have gotten assassinated but with so much of the country rooting for him, they might not have dared. Now it’s just peeling the bandaid off so slowly it’ll take his first term to even peak at the wound. I don’t think he’ll run again so we’ll be back to the Bush and Clinton types which means America as it was supposed to be is lost.

    • Someone should make a compilation of your greatest comments. From wanting homosexuals in the Alt-Right, to calling others “White trash”, to talking about Based Mexicans. You’ve really been on fire.

      • Just as soon as you get the SoundCloud archive back up on the feed, honey.

        Spencer takes a soft line of tolerance on homos…tolerance. Milo is/was a weapon and a tool used by Breitbart against their enemies, and he worked.

        White trash, what can I say? The fact that this term triggers you goes to show how divisions among whites are more closely felt. Do you get offended at cracker? Where your emotional triggers are are where you are going to direct your efforts.

        Based Mexicans means I would rather live around Mexicans than blacks. black poverty in inner cities is disgusting. Black culture is unappealing. But whites elevate black culture because they feel guilt. Mexicans are conveniently free of white guilt about slavery and so will resist tax money going to blacks as welfare. They won’t get teary-eyes at MLK.

    • And blacks are in Detroit, Houston, LA, and New York.

      We are kind of in the same cities.

      A recipe for doing nothing.

      • What is the alt-right doing about that situation right now? Nothing. Mexicans have physically driven blacks out of neighborhoods.

  • Trump has to deal with the Roman Catholics of both political parties who want DACA for their Roman Catholic co-religionists. The Catholics on here can hold their breath, turn purple, and claim that the Catholic Church has been illegitimate 1492 or 1964, but, that doesn’t change the current political dynamic (no pun intended). Then there are the Roman Catholic’s political allies, the Jews, who for various reasons, some of which are impossible for a White man to understand, want DACA too. So Trump is up against some very strong, well financed, political opposition. He’s attempting to dance around, peel off some of the opposition, and baffle other parts of it.

    Will he succeed? Heck, some of the smartest young politicians in America walked into a Roman Catholic trap baited with Jews & Blacks in Charlottesville. McAuliffe, Moran and Sullivan get an A for Roman Catholic deviousness for Charlottesville.

    I feel sorry for Fields, Cantwell, and others who are, or will be facing the consequences.

    • > Then there are the Roman Catholic’s political allies, the Jews<

      You mean the Apostolic Church whose dogma and doctrine was the only thing holding the jewish oligarchy from enslaving us all for thousands of years? The Church that says jews are bound for Hell? The Church that forbade jews to hold positions of civil authority and relegated them to ghettos? The Church that called Herself the perfect society, perfect Israel, God's Chosen and the only legitimate heir to the Holy Land? Surely insofar as the Holy CC has been turned protestant She has become impotent against Her enemy #1. Insofar as She has picked up Rhine's enlightenment poison She has become weak and effeminate.

      Are you saying there are no black protestants? Just about every American black is from some protestant strain. Are you saying the Faith is strong in Mexico? Surely it's weaker than ever otherwise they would not be breaking the law and virtue of piety which binds one to repay one's debt to land and folk of birth.
      The jews enslave you? Your Faith is weak.

    • The top of all tax exempt “American” Christian denominations all suck. Look at the wretched woman running the Anglican National Cathedral in Washington D.C. she spends her time scheduling both LGBT degenerate sexual desecrations and Islamic desecrations.

  • Time for normie politics, we have the fun job of calling and writing Trump and congress to stop this bullshit, AGAIN, just like we had to do under openly hostile administrations.

    If this is 4D chess, I’m sick of it, how about a little leadership on the core issue that determines whether we will have a country in the near future?

    It’s hard to read Trump, I don’t understand all the waffling. Really makes you wonder if we’ll manage to elect Trump Republicans in 2018 and they will just screw us like the Tea Party candidates screwed the Tea Party.

    • I love Trump for his obvious positive effects (immigration enforcement, demonization of the media, countering the mainstream narrative, etc.) but his inconsistency and constant straddling the fence to try and please everyone can be frustrating.

      • It is the problem of populism in general… A populist politician tries to please the greatest percentage of people, in general this is disastrous from the start, with Trump the good thing was that he was elected as a pro-American, anti-illegality, candidate from the grassroots. This is good mostly for what it means for the people.

        The problem is that Populists on the right try to also please moderates and lefties… the Left being far more concentrated to its own groups and caring to please only them, this is the reason why we are in this mess worldwide.

        The other reason is, simply put, he has to please his daughter and his groom and with them also the moderate republicans that control the congress and backpedal everything. The first two are highly personal by again a cause of many inconveniences…

        As not an American, besides my trolly and cringe-worthy hype, I wanted Trump to win only for the aversion of a WWIII with Hillary this was a certainty. ‘Till now I haven’t lost. Think him at the most a start for a pro-American position and as this he is not a loss, yet.

    • The media frames everything in such a way that it leaves us at a propaganda disadvantage. They frame the issue as a problem to be fixed. Like how they always parrot the need for immigration reform or how they all agree that our immig system is broken.

    • Yep. Make those calls and e-mails to Congressional Staff. This works, we defeated about 8 mass illegal alien amnesties in the past.

    • Yeah we r going to need real patriots not party patriots to get elected that will actually support the good and oppose the good consistently. Don’t think they would ever allow it peacefully though so it’s gonna be buck up or shut up sooner or later

  • It is impossible for a sane white man to not see that Trump is only different from all the other traitorous pols in that he is not as eager to do the bidding of the lever-pullers as the 16 others he easily dispatched (because he lied all the sweet lies they didn’t dare). He’s another demented traitor. Sure, he very likely would prefer the peace, safety, and order of 1962 America. If he could, with sorcery, cause the 62% of whites of 2017 to live with all the other non-white cretins…AS IF THEY WERE WHITE CHRISTIAN JEFFERSONIANS…he would. Which is mighty white of him in his loving heart. But in the end…he is just another Establishment destroyer of his own kind.

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