America Will Never Be The Same Again

Unless you have your head in the sand (and your ass in the air), it has become impossible to not notice the changes that have occurred in the United States in recent years. I say recent years because the trend has accelerated to such a degree and the results are so staggering that it feels like it has happened all at once.

But the truth is that this has been an ongoing process since the 60’s and now the seeds that were planted are finally bearing full harvest.

Let’s leave the rhetoric behind for a moment though and just look at the cold hard statistical reality of Weimerica. A study was done recently by PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute) which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to conducting independent research at the intersection of religion, culture, and public policy.

You will want to take a look at each one of these points.

Key findings from the survey:

  1. White Christians now account for fewer than half of the public. Today, only 43% of Americans identify as white and Christian, and only 30% as white and Protestant. In 1976, roughly eight in ten (81%) Americans identified as white and identified with a Christian denomination, and a majority (55%) were white Protestants.
  2. White evangelical Protestants are in decline—along with white mainline Protestants and white Catholics. White evangelical Protestants were once thought to be bucking a longer trend, but over the past decade their numbers have dropped substantially. Fewer than one in five (17%) Americans are white evangelical Protestant, but they accounted for nearly one-quarter (23%) in 2006. Over the same period, white Catholics dropped five percentage points from 16% to 11%, as have white mainline Protestants, from 18% to 13%.
  3. Non-Christian religious groups are growing, but they still represent less than one in ten Americans combined. Jewish Americans constitute 2% of the public while Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus each constitute only 1% of the public. All other non-Christian religions constitute an additional 1%.
  4. America’s youngest religious groups are all non-Christian. Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists are all far younger than white Christian groups. At least one-third of Muslims (42%), Hindus (36%), and Buddhists (35%) are under the age of 30. Roughly one-third (34%) of religiously unaffiliated Americans are also under 30. In contrast, white Christian groups are aging. Slightly more than one in ten white Catholics (11%), white evangelical Protestants (11%), and white mainline Protestants (14%) are under 30. Approximately six in ten white evangelical Protestants (62%), white Catholics (62%), and white mainline Protestants (59%) are at least 50 years old.
  5. The Catholic Church is experiencing an ethnic transformation. Twenty-five years ago, nearly nine in ten (87%) Catholics were white, non-Hispanic, compared to 55% today. Fewer than four in ten (36%) Catholics under the age of 30 are white, non-Hispanic; 52% are Hispanic.
  6. Atheists and agnostics account for a minority of all religiously unaffiliated. Most are secular. Atheists and agnostics account for only about one-quarter (27%) of all religiously unaffiliated Americans. Nearly six in ten (58%) religiously unaffiliated Americans identify as secular, someone who is not religious; 16% of religiously unaffiliated Americans nonetheless report that they identify as a “religious person.”
  7. There are 20 states in which no religious group comprises a greater share of residents than the religiously unaffiliated. These states tend to be more concentrated in the Western U.S., although they include a couple of New England states, as well. More than four in ten (41%) residents of Vermont and approximately one-third of Americans in Oregon (36%), Washington (35%), Hawaii (34%), Colorado (33%), and New Hampshire (33%) are religiously unaffiliated.
  8. No state is less religiously diverse than Mississippi. The state is heavily Protestant and dominated by a single denomination: Baptist. Six in ten (60%) Protestants in Mississippi are Baptist. No state has a greater degree of religious diversity than New York. 
  9. The cultural center of the Catholic Church is shifting south. The Northeast is no longer the epicenter of American Catholicism—although at 41% Catholic, Rhode Island remains the most Catholic state in the country. Immigration from predominantly Catholic countries in Latin America means new Catholic populations are settling in the Southwest. In 1972, roughly seven in ten Catholics lived in either the Northeast (41%) or the Midwest (28%). Only about one-third of Catholics lived in the South (13%) or West (18%). Today, a majority of Catholics now reside in the South (29%) or West (25%). Currently, only about one-quarter (26%) of the U.S. Catholic population lives in the Northeast, and 20% live in the Midwest.
  10. Jews, Hindus, and Unitarian-Universalists stand out as the most educated groups in the American religious landscape. More than one-third of Jews (34%), Hindus (38%), and Unitarian-Universalists (43%) hold post-graduate degrees. Notably, Muslims are significantly more likely than white evangelical Protestants to have at least a four-year college degree (33% vs. 25%, respectively).
  11. Asian or Pacific-Islander Americans have a significantly different religious profile than other racial or ethnic groups. There are as many Asian or Pacific-Islander Americans affiliated with non-Christian religions as with Christian religious groups. And one-third (34%) are religiously unaffiliated.
  12. Nearly half of LGBT Americans are religiously unaffiliated. Nearly half (46%) of Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) are religiously unaffiliated. This is roughly twice the number of Americans overall (24%) who are religiously unaffiliated.
  13. White Christians have become a minority in the Democratic Party. Fewer than one in three (29%) Democrats today are white Christian, compared to half (50%) one decade earlier. Only 14% of young Democrats (age 18 to 29) identify as white Christian. Forty percent identify as religiously unaffiliated.
  14. White evangelical Protestants remain the dominant religious force in the GOP. More than one-third (35%) of all Republicans identify as white evangelical Protestant, a proportion that has remained roughly stable over the past decade. Roughly three-quarters (73%) of Republicans belong to a white Christian religious group.

Those are some stark findings indeed. Things look grim. But I say, bring it on. The doom and gloom and end of the world that is.

I’m tired of being a soft, coddled and domesticated White lab rat and now I don’t have the luxury of looking the other way. Literally every single group and institution that was supposed to prevent this from happening FAILED. And now we are the last line of resistance. Our backs are against the wall, so to speak. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at those 14 points again.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. This only gets solved when Whites close ranks. And not just prole Whites who are already in the trenches of multi-kulti, forced to bear the brunt of Elite largesse towards the brown Other. Unless middle-class and upper-class Whites throw their weight behind the effort, we will flounder and fail.

It’s time to become a tribe again. A White tribe willing to help one another instead of tearing each other down.

It’s time to replace those 14 points spelling out our collective doom with the 14 words- We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children- and build from there.

Vincent Law
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  • I am first White, then German, then a Vet, then . My house is upper middle class and solidly alt-right, not sure how to break into the majority of middle and upper class whites, I am not so sure it is a factor of being comfortable as it is more not perceiving the value of being a cosmopolitan.

  • Freedom isn’t free

    That’s how it use to be

    Equality is just a myth

    Something to fixate with

    Diversity is just another word

    Every punch bowl has a turd

    Acceptance still keeps them out

    That’s what segregation is about

    Inclusion is a political game

    Another lie, by another name

    Tolerance is resistance doubled

    Made to fit the poor and troubled

    Forced Integration never works

    It’s the invention of liberal jerks

  • 1. You must concentrate your numbers in an area that has the resources to be self sustaining.

    2. You must build self-sufficient autonomous communities within that geographic area.

    it’s really that simple…

    You are not going to turn this thing around by voting or supporting Trump or protesting in a manner which feeds the media narrative. A win for us is simply survival, see above. Eventually all things end, and this government will fall through balkanization, economic collapse or it’s own corruption, if you’ve done items 1 and 2 then you now have a state without firing a shot, be it in 5 years or 500. All you have to do to have a ethnic community is just build it (quietly). There is nothing more that needs to be said.

  • Actually thank god. Its a good thing that whites are becoming a minority. Unless you’re being a little bitch and whining. I suggest you do something about it. But youre not because your a fat lazy fuck. Lol little bitch.

  • One of the narratives amongst Alt-right is survival of the fittest, no? If whites are indeed the superior genetic specimens then why are they “losing ground”? All that high IQ, and “muh Rome/Europe” doesn’t matter if whites are losing the war of culture and genetics, now does it? If whites fight back now but lose “the war, does that not mean they were, in actuality, not “superior” according to history?

    • Don’t worry, Jew, you will be put in your proper place again soon, and this time there will be no liberation from the ghettoes.

  • The stats of people who call themselves Christians are depressing, but its far worse. Most Christians unknowingly commit heresy. The worst case is that 56% of Christians in this country believe in pluralism (More than one way to Heaven).

  • America used to be all brownish. It’ll be easier this time and we will be starting over with a lot more to work with

  • Christianity is doing just fine.

    Just because devout Christians are dropping their memberships in apostate churches that promote gay marriage, homosexuality, and miscegenation does NOT mean Christianity is weakening.

    Actually, it means that Christians are taking their faith more seriously.

  • Sadly our only hope for not being permanently erased from the earth is if the us government collapses, but it’s beyond foolish to even think about using violence to make that happen. But don’t worry we have two friends : North Korea and the national debt. If they nuke a small village in Alaska half the country will want to surrender so imagine if they hit a big city like LA. Our country would be crippled even if we were homogeneous and nationalist.

    Now the debt, we are already 20 Trillion in debt, and going another Trillion every year, but that’s assuming human equality, whites are the net tax payers and as we get older and retire, that will be less tax$ while the rising tide of color gets on welfare that’ll be even more money going out as less money comes in. And the lefty politicians will enact stupid economic policies that will only drive us further into debt. All of that is of course discounting the enormous amount of money that will have to be spent keeping the brown hordes in order.
    How can you help this speed up? Get a government job and waste money while your white wife goes on welfare and becomes a baby factory pumping out white kids. Get a garden so the government gets less sales tax$, don’t eat out so much, when buying something go to a place you suspect of dodging sales tax, (Mexican auto body shops), use Bitcoin when possible, and advocate for more economic policies that would piss off Milton Friedman.
    Keep shit posting, recruit normies and DON’T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL!!!!!! Can’t put enough emphasis on that last point because the last thing we need is a “white supremacist terrorist”

  • Christianity may be on its death bed but the Left has managed to absorb and deform some of the more pestiferous doctrine of the Bedouin religion into its twisted ideology. I am sure that everyone here is familiar with the similarities between Communism and Modern Christianity, they are essentially two peas in a pod, which should not surprise us since they are both manifests of the Jewish psyche.

    My point is that the Left today is essentially congruous with Modern Christianity and therefore more Americans identifying as secular probably just means they dumped the Christianity and Joined Antifa and have become a virulent leftist. Yes, Christianity may have been fundamental to the founding this country but it is also fundamental to the current destruction of this country.

    All of the proselytizing our Christian ancestors did whether it be turning their slaves into Christians or going to Guatemala to convert savages has really come back to bite the original paradigm of Christianity in the West right in its ass. Christianity destroyed our racial homogeneity by inviting in outside groups that were supposedly “SAVED”. Most niggers and spics are Christians and they are ardently anti-white simultaneously.

    Fuck God, Fuck Christ.

    Hail Odin.

    • How dare you disparage “Yaweh” like that.


      I would give you 100 upvotes if I could. I’ll see ya in Valhalla…a MUCH better sounding place than some boring gay-ass eternity where I sit around in clouds “praising” the grand sky-jew.

    • In other words, you want to be a nature worshiper — SAD.
      Have fun in the sweat lodge, partying with all the other nature worshiping losers..

  • Good riddance to Cucktianity. They are a bigger reason that this country isn’t as white than Soros zombies. When white people can disengage from the mythical Jew conceived from an act of cuckoldry cult, they will be better able to defend themselves without this racial cognitive dissonance holding them back.

      • May not have been originally designed for that purpose but was most certainly appropriated for that purpose by no later than the reign of Emperor Constantine.

    • So what alternative do you suggest? Environmentalism as a religion?
      Environmentalism as a religion is what has made Europe too weak to repel Islam.
      You would be far better off with the KKK version of Christianity.

        • Don’t try to weasel out of it.
          You claim that Christianity is making Europe weak.
          FACT: Europe didn’t start getting weak until it turned away from Christianity and embraced environmentalism as a religion.
          Charles Martel was a devout Christian. How did he handle the Muslims when they came into France in his day? He crushed their heads with a gigantic war mace, as he rode through their ranks on his stallion.
          How do today’s green religionist Frenchmen deal with Muslims? They dress up in girl’s clothes and dance for them.
          That is the difference between Christianity and green-religionist, nature-worshiping environmentalism. And “paganism” is just another from of nature worship.

          • Emperor Constantine convened the First Council of Nicaea in 325 but it was Emperor Theodosius I that first decreed that “all Romans should be Christian” and he didn’t rule the Western half of the empire until 392. A continental white empire whose origins went back to 753 BC lasted less than two decades under Christian spiritual authority when the Pagan Visigoth King, Alarac sacked it in 410.

            It wasn’t until the Renaissance and Reformation 1,000 years later that white people started breaking away from it were they able to rebuild as great white nations again and not until the Enlightenment which disengaged white people further from Xtianity in the 18th century were they able to reemerge as the globally dominate race.

            Regardless of what the religion once was historically, it no longer is that since Vatican II — even Protestants.

          • That’s an interesting spin, but I don’t buy it — probably because I view the world largely from an American perspective. Vatican? Who in his right mind cares about the opinions of those child molesters?

            When my ancestors arrived in Virginia, in the 1640s, they were able to displace Indian tribes that had long occupied North America, because Indian societies had been weakened by a belief system that kept them from being able to effectively use natural resources.

            My ancestors believed that the Creator had put the natural environment here so that man could use it — not so that man could worship it. This belief system gave them freedom of action. They could access natural resources as they pleased, without having to beg for permission from a hierarchy of priests and government officials. So they prospered and multiplied.

            However, the Powhatan tribesmen of Virginia worshiped the natural environment by worshiping totem animals, rather than by worshiping the Creator who had created everything. Their reverence for nature put the tribesman at a disadvantage. Typically, they could not access critical natural resources without obtaining permission from shamans or from leaders of totemic clans. As a result, the Powhatans often suffered from protein-deficiency malnutrition in villages that were surrounded by wild game.

            Thus, the sickly, weak Powhatan’s were easy to displace. This is how Christianity has trumped nature worship, all throughout American history.

          • And it was Virginian Cucktian settlers that legalized slavery that cucked their Virginian and other states’ descendants with knee grows more than a dozen generations later thanks to your Cucktian ancestors but I guess the cheap tobbacco profits were worth the price of mulatto descendants some conceived via white rape to them.

            The history of the Roman Empire is what it is as is the Medieval period millennium in between it and the Renaissance whether or not you buy it.

            Keep thinking worshipping a mythical Jew conceived via an act of divine cuckoldry ever benefited white people let alone still does.

            Oh, and the Southern Baptist Convention denounced the alt-right and its leader, Russell Moore, is tied to Soros but hey, that is just what white people need to restore power.

          • Your theory that White men have to rape negresses is amusing. Black women literally BEG for sex with White men — always have, always will.
            So what do you propose as an alternate, if you hate Christianity?

            Nature worship? Are you going to join the Sierra Club?

            Neo-paganism? It is nothing but nature worship in ancient clothing.

            Atheism? That’s a real winner. Ask any former Soviet citizen.

            Secular humanism? (Like the liberal judges.)
            So what do you propose?

          • I never implied that black men “have” to rape white woman but they sure do according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. A good analysis of them is linked below. 2008 is the last year interracial crime statistics were reported because Obama Swede cucked it after.

            Rape/sexual assault 2003-2008

            Total over six conservative years:

            White on Black: 0
            Black on White: 135,206
            Black on Black: 148,380

            Average over six consecutive years:

            White on Black: 0
            Black on White: 22,534
            Black on Black: 24,730

            (Links to BJS stats for each year available in PDF format available from this link)

            The race will have to be defended first throughout the 2020s and its society rebuilt in the 2030s so white religion is a question for future generations not even born yet to figure out in the 2040s at the earliest. Current generations don’t have that luxury since they need to focus on secular race threats.

          • Before commenting, READ what I said. What I said is, “Your theory that White men have to rape negresses is amusing. Black women literally BEG for sex with White men — always have, always will.
            I didn’t say anything about Negro males and White women.
            As for religion, it is a psychological weapon that has to be prepared PRIOR TO a conflict, not something that is left to be thought about after a conflict.

          • White men did rape negresses before abolition simply because they could. In the Antebellum south, Black New Orleans prostitutes cost more than whites. Supply and demand fluctuates throughout history.

            Not everyone needs religion to battle. There are Atheists in foxholes. And Pagans to for that matter. If you need religion, find something that isn’t cucked like worshipping a mythical Jew.

            White women can and do have careers and breed but not if they can’t afford it. Good luck competing against the horde of Asians whose educated women work with an idle gender that just breeds.

          • Polar Girl says, “White men did rape negresses before abolition simply because they could.”

            You are repeating absurd leftist propaganda. As I said, in the real world, negresses literally BEG White men to have sex with them. I have personally experienced this phenomenon too many times to count. it is pitiful. On antebellum plantations, negresses often had to be beaten as a punishment for exposing themselves to the master or his sons. Negresses deeply crave to be penetrated by White men, and they have little self control.

          • Look it up. It is a statistical fact that the more education a White woman has the less likely she is to bear children. It is an almost perfect linear function.

  • and it won’t be solved as there is no possibility of political resolution, and certainly not of war. We could have formed our own IRA, but instead we have a collapsing internet presence and people still worried about muh FBI.

    all you can do is run for the hills, kill whoever tries to kill you if it comes to that, and watch the slide of this shithole into turd-world status for turd-world turders.

  • never be the same?

    Coalition of the Fringes without a common hate object will just rip itself to shreds. I’m smug about the future tbh.

  • The republican party is increasingly becoming the White Party. Will they make the shift completely either by infiltration or necessity, or will they fall and be replaced by groups like ours?

    It remains to be seen.

  • So let me get this straight, because the allies won WW2, we get a world of faggots and brown people lorded over by the Jews. I wonder if allied soldiers ever considered the thought that this would happen if they won the war.

  • A world of faggots and brown people lorded over and orchestrated by Jews. Our ancestors are turning over in their graves.

  • I’m not surprised the Rapture Doofus Patriotards peaked in 06 during the Bush years.

    This article reinforces what I’ve said before. Christianity is in terminal decline in the West.

  • America’s youngest religious groups are all non-Christian.

    Which is pretty irrelevant since you just pointed out in the paragraph above that other non-christian religions constitute only 4% of the total population. So that 4% of the population has an average younger than the 95% Christian and non-religious is not really note-worthy. Most hispanics are christian and this is the biggest group that has been pouring into the US. They aren’t white, but they are Christian. And they are the ones that pose the biggest threat to our demographics.

  • The numbers are grim, but I will not lament the end of white Christians, all the main Christian groups preach anti white politics now. I am not even talking about the usual “lets treat others with love” and other such things, they are openly talking the standard SJW anti white language now. I can’t even tell the difference to what the Pope says these days to what the Economist or NYT editorial staff says anymore.

    I can understand the part of white Christians having bigger families, but having children only for them to end up race mixing does not benefit white people in any way. Christianity is not going to save us from extinction.

  • This was not a “black pill”…it was the “only” pill.

    To all christcucks in this movement, you better start praying harder to your “all-loving deity”, it doesnt seem to be working that well lol.

    I’ll be over here polishing my idol to Tyr…he has the only answer now.

  • Hitler once said he regrets that the muslims were kicked out of Europe in 732, because islam would have helped to avoid transforming the European people into own guilt worshipping cucks. Just food for thought…

  • But keep in mind, the ONLY minorities with agency are Jews and blacks.

    Jews got chutzpah, and blacks got thug.

    All other groups are dogs who follow the power.

  • to the point about Indians and the moslen having better education – much of these invaders are here because they bought their way here, they are rich, they own property in their homelands and it is simply more safe and more profitable for them to reside here for a time, they can afford the cost of the education more easily because they get more grants and/or they are inherently rich as I have just said. The paper degree that they purchase might signify something but coming out of a university today doesnt mean someone knows anything beyond how to virtue signal their liberal political allegiances.

    • and the fact that their politics are always surely leftist cannot hurt them in the marxist socialist university cespool

  • The survey relies on how people see themselves. A person baptized as a Catholic and coming from a Catholic family may claim to be Atheist, Agnostic or religiously unaffiliated. I doubt if a survey simply includes the faith of a person marked on a birth certificate though that was a practice a while ago.

    As for Hispanics and Catholicism they are also one of the most conservative groups. Unlike Whites they do not carry some kind of collective “guilt” over issues like slavery or “multiculturalism” which includes other faiths, that the left uses to control and subdue Christian whites.

    As for “But the truth is that this has been an ongoing process since the 60’s and now the seeds that were planted are finally bearing full harvest.”
    The Anti Defamation League strongly supported the anti European pro non European changes put into the 1965 immigration laws. From those changes to Obama’s open border policies destroyed our immigration regulations.

    A good deal of the damage can be undone if Conservative Christian values prevail. Those who dislike them tend to come from non European, non Christian nations and would prefer to return than to convert and accept. Most non European immigrants and illegals prefer to live in liberal states and even then prefer to live cloistered lives among their own.

    The cloistered life of non Europeans serves to insulate them from the American Christian culture and gives opportunities to become wealthy that are not there if they assimilated, but it is a double edged sword. That kind of self ghettoization also exposes them to the rise of nationalism which many non European communities cannot cope.

    • if Conservative Christian values prevail.

      Tolerance, anti-racism, pro-Israeli…those values?

      Can you name one major denomination that would support the values of the Alt-Right, that wouldn’t squirm at the 14 words?

      • Reformed calvinists. There’s still pozzed people but most pastors are autistic about the bible. these guys are kinists.

  • ”White evangelical Protestants are in decline”
    ”Only 14% of young Democrats (age 18 to 29) identify as white Christian”

    Nietzsche, the famous German philosopher said in 1883: “God is dead.”
    Then God said in 1900: “Nietzsche is dead.”

  • I couldn’t care less about the decline of Christianity, what I do care about is the decline of whites. Modern Christianity sold out to globalism, zionism, and became pro-third world immigration. Catholicism especially is essentially a third world religion now.

    • In other words, I’ll take a white atheist over a brainwashed white zionist “Christian”. At least one of the two isn’t brainwashed to take the orders of Jews.

      • We aren’t talking about ‘traditional’ Christianity.

        We are talking about the world as it is.

        Traditional Christianity may or may not be salvageable, but the fight is today, not 30 or 50 years from now.

        If someone were to raise the banners today, the Christian denominations would line up with the enemy.

          • Exactly Chippy. I am a Traditional Catholic and attend an SSPX church. Mass is in Latin and done the traditional way before the errors of Vatican II. Traditional Catholic all share the views of the Alt-Right

          • Right On! I am ROCOR and we are also very Right. Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. Along with my Catholic friends (Traditional non Vat II) are quintessential Traditional Liturgical Christians and do not support Liberal Agendas. by Hebrew Nationals. We know who is who.

    • I’d say that evangelical protestantism is worse that Catholicism. Evangelicals worship jews and Israel and they’d literally do anything Israel orders them to do.

      • Evangelicals are slightly less bad on immigration though

        They have to rationalize it in absolutely absurd ways but they did support Drumpf, even leaders were split.

        Catholic leadership pretty bad on immigration right now.

    • Russian Orthodox Church NEVER sold out. That is why Zion fears it. We know who the Jews really are and what they are doing and have done. No Sell Out. Know your History.

      • They did. In Russia anyway.

        They actually supported the overthrow of the tsar because they thought that they would become the leaders then.

        Then they were co-opted and infiltrated by the KGB.

        Then in the 90s, they were basically bandits in robes.

        Fast forward to today and the church is still filled with agents and moles. But there are still good priests out there who care about their people and the true faith. At least, so I’ve heard.

        • I understand your perspective. What happened in 1917 is The Church supported the Tsar and Traditional Russia. When the Jew Communists came to power they could not take out The Church immediately. They started to threaten imprison and then exterminate Clergy. They eventually killed 300,000 Clergy. Some capitulated and DID sell out but not the Patriarch and main Bishops. They split to Germany and then the USA (Jordanville, NY and San Francisco, CA), and that branch up to today is called ROCOR. Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. It was due to the Jewish Persecution”Holy Caust” pun intended. Jews are killers of the worst kind. Only recently has ROCOR unified with ROC because of the KGB stuff and Jewish infiltration. The heart of the Church either left or was killed, few were left unmolested by Jew Killers. I am ROCOR. We know who is who….but you have a point there.

          • The state founded, state funded, Soviet League of Militant Atheists had about 96,000 offices across the Soviet Union. The League aimed at exterminating religion in all its manifestations.

            The Soviet League of Militant Atheists aided the Soviet government in killing clergy and committed believers.

        • There has always been a battle between ecclesiastial and royal or state power. The religious function must been knee to the state. See Evola on that.

        • Yes. I am distrustful of older Russian Clergy including The Patriarch of Moscow. The American Metropolitan of ROCOR is good. He is a family friend actually. Canadian.

    • True , but modern Ch. is a synagogue of satan. It¨s even possible that AR will be the force behind the ressurection of true original Christianity .. a religion of White race , and a religion about the White race .. because all others are nothing but Beasts of the field and Jews are children of Satan

      • AR and NS allows for good values to flourish including Traditional Christianity before some folks started making up their own stuff calling it Christianity with No Authority. Clean Law Abiding Society is Stable and Healthy. This is hated by the Non Gentiles, the Skypes who parasitize Gentiles since Egypt.

  • Most Christian denominations are on the side of the enemy and want to see western civilization destroyed. Christianity has become feminized and it’s all about the feelz now. Maybe that can change as society returns to sanity and something can be salvaged from the trainwreck.

    One thing is clear. It won’t be Christianity leading the way back. A lot of Christians will be vital to any victory, but the Church leadership is worthless.

  • “America” will never be the same, but White America is still here, and it will be able to create a future for itself once a critical mass of whites become consciously pro-white.

  • The decline of Christianity isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Behind the pious Christian bigot facade perhaps the genocidal Darwinian lurks and he about to party hard.

  • On the other hand, the decline in the numbers of white evangelical and fundamentalist Christians means that fewer Americans will believe the nonsense that the state of Israel somehow fulfills “bible prophecy,” instead of showing the nonspooky reality that people get ideas from books. Jews have exploited this silliness to play American Christians for suckers, yet the supply of these suckers has started to shrink.

    I especially want to see the delusion about the rapture to go away. Generations of charlatans in the pulpit like Tim LaHaye have promoted this fantasy, yet they continue to die on schedule like everyone else. The actuarial tables still have the far superior track record in predicting the future over any version of bible prophecy.

      • The Catholic Church tends to exert more quality control over its teaching than Protestant churches, however. Any halfwit with a bible can start a Protestant church and teach anything he wants based on contrived interpretations of a few scriptural verses. We got Dispensationalism that way.

        • Yes, the Church has historically had the structure in place to exert control, but the Vatican II Council in the 60s radically altered its relationship with the Jews, as with the document “Nostra Aetate”, which was drafted with the participation of rabbis. This alteration in approach has drifted even further from tradition under the leadership of Bergoglio as Pope, who has taught that Jews need no longer accept the sovereignty of Christ for salvation, but are guaranteed salvation under the auspices of their original covenant. This is a change in discipline which has further alienated Traditionalists.

  • >Approximately six in ten white evangelical Protestants (62%), white
    Catholics (62%), and white mainline Protestants (59%) are at least 50
    years old.
    These groups are all but dead in a few years.

  • It will be a miracle if we turn this around. The more likely “best case” scenario will be a country in Eastern Europe (or a series of countries) becoming a haven for displaced White people where the White diaspora can flee. Then we can build an ethnostate in our vision.

    • The date needs to be pushed back to the 1840s when the Irish came over en masse. When you give citizenship to the Irish, it logically follows that you then give citizenship to Negroes.

    • I get your point but as late as the 1940s immigration was all but limited to white Europeans. That changed in 1946 (note the date) and in 1965 or thereabouts was when the push to open the floodgates was put into effect. (Apologies for generality and any “ball-parking” here, I’m winging off memory without re-checking references.) Pretty much all the sweeping changes date back to the spell of Nuremberg. Though again, I do get your point and do not disagree with its relevance or validity here. I recently saw a video going into detail about what prominent men in the USA had to say about that before and around the time it happened, and their staunch opposition to it, and very rational reasons for that, came through loud and clear. It’s too bad they did not prevail on the NQ.

      • It didn’t change in 1946. The only change was that a quota of 100 per year was given to Indians and Filipinos. 100.

        The quota in 1965 was initially 170,000, but quadrupled in 1968 to 680,000. Later, it increased to about a million in 1990.

  • White Americans have a long history of religious skepticism, so I don’t see the irreligious trend as some alien Jewish thing that has taken over the country. Robert Ingersoll, for example, packed public venues in the 19th Century when he gave his speeches criticizing Christian beliefs, and he had a reputation as a respectable establishment Republican.

  • From a moral/cultural standpoint, America is worse than virtually any third-world country. Anyone who has traveled to one will probably agree. There is some semblance of tradition and harmony to basic human relationships and values there that is not only absent in the West, but vilified here.

    Even very White areas in Western Europe are full of degenerates who have embraced hedonism and a soulless, meaningless lifestyle.

    • That is a sad point of events, the bad is that it manages to push this to other countries and this has had detrimental effects in the world. But if the U.S. fixes itself, virtually all the damage done would be fixed inside the decade!

      • lol how can the US fix itself? most people don’t want it fixed and even if they did there are no legal options to do so

        • Most people didn’t want independence from Great Britain and there was no electoral or legal way to make that happen.

          Didn’t stop the extremists who we now call the Founding Fathers.

          • independence from Britain did not make America any better. it was just a coup of power. Canada never declared independence and yet both countries all had around the same standard of living because they were composed of the same people racially.

            creating a White ethnostate in America is a thousand times harder than just a mere coup.

          • It really isn’t that hard once you get to the decision to do it. Serbia could have easily depopulated Kosovo in a month or so without NATO intervention.

            Phnom Penh in Cambodia was a city of 2.5 million and was emptied out totally within days.


            People will move on their own if forced to do so and it can be done quickly and easily.

            Building the organization and the will to do it is the hard part. Actually doing it is pretty easy.

          • no, it is hard because the demographics just don’t allow for it. once the boomers are gone, it will be the final nail in the coffin – which is ironic because boomers aren’t even pro-White lol

          • What are you talking about?

            This isn’t going to come to a vote.

            How many Russians did it take to change the course of the Syrian war?

          • as I mentioned in my initial post, modern-day Whites are simply not mentally aware and fit enough to offer real resistance.

            even the South, despite 100% White state governments all in favor of segregation and a pro-White populace couldn’t prevent the federal government from not only desegregating every single institution, but even busing White kids to Black ghetto schools. this all happened within 15 years.

            the only real alternative would be creating some kind of hermit-like state, aka North Korea. however, even the international powers would gang up against it and work to ensure its destruction, or total misery upon the people.

          • And the British didn’t have a massive spy network reporting on the colonists the way America has the NSA, FBI, and an alphabet soup of 3 letter agencies reporting on us. Don’t do anything illegal! Remember how much damage Dylan Roof did to white America?

  • In a high information world, traditional religion appeals most to low IQ people who need the feeling of certainty and structure in their lives. It should be encouraged for them and those of greater mental agency inculcated with other ideas. The question is what those ideas are to be since secularism has failed miserably. Nietzsche understood the problem way before the rest.

    • Yeah, I never understood the anecdotes about people with totally screwed up lives who “found Jesus” or whatever. They have already demonstrated pervasive bad judgment, so why wouldn’t that raise suspicion that they made another dumb decision through their religious conversion?

      It should impress us more if people with a track record of running their lives properly became Christians.

      • It’s a placebo thing. Placebo effect, they say (scientists), is for real. But I suspect it works better when you don’t know for sure that the pill is merely coated sugar. A story helps a lot. Deep down they know that the cure is no better than a sugar pill but they pretend at a higher level of conscience that they believe in the “story”, subconsciously hoping for the placebo effect.

  • Years ago John Derbyshire said that the biggest single question facing America was whether whites would get tribal again. If we do, there’s at least some hope. If we don’t our fate will be along the lines of white South Africans.

    • (Because Amren has banned me from commenting, for some odd reason, I’m forced to respond here to a comment you made for the following Amren article: alive set fire will Mississippi teens family find justice )

      The Color of Crime book shows how much more dangerous Negroes are than whites.

      Taylor’s ”The Color of Crime” book is propagandistic drivel. Taylor attempts to show blacks have a propensity for committing crime. He’s smart enough to not say this explicitly, but he knows his following will come away with that conclusion.

      Taylor “interestingly” uses NYC for his hypothesis research petri dish. Poverty doesn’t cause crime, but check the prisoner profiles of any prison and it will be obvious: most crime (esp. street level variety) is committed by people on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. Most black people in NYC are lower class, most whites are mid to upper class. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict who’s going to win that ‘crimes committed’ race.

      Drop a bunch of mid to upper class blacks into a sea of lower class whites and watch the ‘crimes committed’ ratio shift dramatically. Jared Taylor didn’t prove blacks have a propensity for committing crimes, he confirmed what was already known: lower class people prevail in the commission of crime, esp. the street level variety.

  • America is dead. The Jews killed it, just as they killed every other society they ever infested. And Americans aided them time and again.

    When ZOG forced White American children to go to school with niggers in the 60s at riflepoint, there should have been a full-blown revolt against the government. There wasn’t. All those conservative 2nd amendment types sat on their fat asses and accepted because the conservative mind can’t comprehend that tyranny always comes in the form of moralism.

    America’s fate has been in the hands of a race of terrorists, liars, and mass murderers known as Jews for over a century now, since the founding of the Fed in 1913. After America’s evil deeds in WW2, it’s better the country die than continue existing shamefully as a retarded golem for the synagogue of Satan.

  • I’m waiting for the day that I can look into the eyes of another white man on the street and we acknowledge our alliance without words.
    That is when the real work begins.

      • No, the chaff will have been separated from the wheat. We Whites need a purge because we have suffered through an enormous dysgenic wave due to sugar, video games, too much estrogen in the learning environment, and a Christian church that hates Christ and loves money. As the weak are destroyed or weaponized, the strong will rally together.

    • I look forward to that as well. However I think the real work is getting to that point. Once we get to that point the rest will be easy by comparison.

    • Sadly our only hope for not being erased from the earth is if the us government collapses, but it’s beyond foolish to even think about using violence to make that happen. But don’t worry we have two friends : North Korea and the national debt. If they nuke a small village in Alaska half the country will want to surrender so imagine if they hit a big city like LA. Our country would be crippled even if we were homogeneous and nationalist.

      Now the debt, we are already 20 Trillion in debt, and going another Trillion every year, but that’s assuming human equality, whites are the net tax payers and as we get older and retire, that will be less tax$ while the rising tide of color gets on welfare that’ll be even more money going out as less money comes in. And the lefty politicians will enact stupid economic policies that will only drive us further into debt. All of that is of course discounting the enormous amount of money that will have to be spent keeping the brown hordes in order.
      How can you help this speed up? Get a government job and waste money while your white wife goes on welfare and becomes a baby factory pumping out white kids. Get a garden so the government gets less sales tax$, don’t eat out so much, when buying something go to a place you suspect of dodging sales tax, (Mexican auto body shops), use Bitcoin when possible, and advocate for more economic policies that would piss off Milton Friedman.
      Keep shit posting, recruit normies and DON’T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL!!!!!! Can’t put enough emphasis on that last point because the last thing we need is a “white supremacist terrorist”

      • The term for what you describe is Domestic Expatriate.

        Meaning that your body exists within the borders that the USA claims jurisdiction over you, but you have emigrated spiritually, philosophically, and politically. You do not support the regime and you seek to weaken it when practicable, speeding it (in your own small way) to it’s ultimate demise.

        • good to hear! is there anything that I might have missed in my suggestions? One is that although I personally wouldn’t recommend taking the risk, its possible that espionage for either Russia or China for those who have a security clearance might be the ticket

    • Actually, I already receive that acknowledgement. So, people are at least subconsciously aware. I stand tall, dress well, wear a tight crew cut and am physically fit. More often than not, a white guy nods at me in passing. Some even call me “sir”…and I kid you not.

      • Excellent.
        I’m sure this varies from place to place, as I have yet to experience this.
        But I am in complete agreement that it is our responsibility as men to dress well, carry ourselves with respect, and continue to grow in strength.
        When the time comes, the men will find each other.

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